Full Speech Video: Speech Geert Wilders at Muhammad Cartoon Contest, Garland, Texas, 3 May, 2015

Geert Wilders Weblog 4 May 2015

Dear friends, Thank you all for being here.
It's great to be in Texas, the Lone Star State. The one star in the Texan flag represents all the free Western world needs today:


Eleven Reasons to Reject Sharia Law in Any Form

Citizen Warrior 4 May 2015

The following list was posted at the Infidel Blogger's Alliance and has been attributed to Larry Houle. It is a countdown of the top eleven reasons to reject Shari'a. Shari'a


Full Video: Muhammad Art Exhibit and Contest in Garland, Texas

youtube. 4 May 2015
By Vlad Tepes

The first annual Muhammad Art Exhibit and Contest will be held on Sunday, May 3, at the Curtis Culwell Center, 5-7 pm, CENTRAL TIME, in the Dallas suburb of Garland, Texas.


Shots fired and building on lock down at Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer’s Draw Mohamed event in Texas-bottom is newest

Vlad Tepes 4 May 2015

Details are being withheld with they are confirmed but watch the stream!!! UPDATE People are being moved into secure parts of the building for concern over possible


"Allahu Akbar!!!!! 2 of our brothers just opened fire at the Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w) art exhibition in texas!”

Jihad Watch 4 May 2015
By Robert Spencer

What the world has witnessed in Paris and Copenhagen is now in the U.S. The freedom of speech is under violent attack. It now remains to be seen whether American authorities


Flemming Rose: "Do We Want to Live in ‘A Fear’ Society, Or in ‘A Free’ Society?”

American Center for Democracy 4 May 2015
By Emerson Vermaat

"My kids generation and even mine took our freedoms for granted growing up. But now we are challenged to make choices, ” says Flemming Rose, foreign affairs editor at the


How Democracies Decay

Gatestone Institute 4 May 2015
By Burak Bekdil

Turkey's stealth Islamism and authoritarian practices are no longer stealth. It is a powerful analogy showing how theoretically "democratic" Turkey is moving in


The Erosion of Free Speech

Gatestone Institute 4 May 2015
By Denis MacEoin

"If PEN as a free speech organization can't defend and celebrate people who have been murdered for drawing pictures, then frankly the organization is not worth the


Counter-Extremism and the 2015 British Elections

Gatestone Institute 4 May 2015
By Samuel Westrop

The [Conservative] Government has drafted legislation designed to give the Charity Commission greater powers to shut down charities linked to terrorism. Some critics


Heartstopping video shows the terrifying moment jealous boyfriend leapt over minicab office counter and stabbed love rival to de

Daily Mail 4 May 2015
By Gemma Mullin

This is the terrifying moment a jealous boyfriend jumped over the counter at a minicab office and stabbed his love rival to death while chanting verses from the Koran. Gulam


U.K. Taxpayers Funding Terror Play Based On Hamas Words

Tundra Tabloids 4 May 2015

Arts Council England is handing over £15,000 to producers of a unashamedly one-sided drama based on accounts from the gunmen and bombers of Hamas (file picture shown) and the


Spain looks to close gaps on hawala

Money Jihad 4 May 2015

Almost alone among EU countries, the U.S. State Department singled out Spain as facing "significant gaps” in identifying unlicensed hawala dealers in its annual


George Whale, Honor Oak hustings, 30 April 2015

4 May 2015
By Liberty GB

Liberty GB's general election candidate for Lewisham West and Penge makes his opening speech at the hustings event held at the Honor Oak pub on 30 April 2015


Possible shooter at AFDI/JW event: "May Allah accept us as mujahideen”

Jihad Watch 4 May 2015
By Robert Spencer

Note that he doesn’t just say, "May Allah accept us as mujahedeen,” but adds the hashtag, #texasattack, strongly suggesting that he expected to become a mujahid at our


Freedom Party: Groningen Should Forbid Hate-Imam from Preaching

The Saudi hate-Imam, Sheikh Adel al-Kalbani, is scheduled to hold a sermon on May 5th, on Dutch National Liberation Day, in Groningen. He has been invited to speak by the


Turkey's Armenian Genocide: A 20th-century Islamic Holocaust

islam-watch 4 May 2015

April 24, 2015 will be the 100th anniversary of one of the worst human massacres in history: The genocide of the Armenian Christians by the Islamic Ottoman Empire. Much will


Rabbi in France shortly after the Charlie Hebdo-Kosher deli attack documents European suicide and suggests Jews leave Europe

Vlad Tepes 4 May 2015

Thank you Oz-Rita for putting in a great deal of effort and time into translating this document by this French Rabbi. He makes a pretty strong case.


Cowardly Daily Mail blacks out Muhammad cartoons in story on shooting

pamelageller.com 4 May 2015

The cowardice of the enemedia has reached monstrous proportions. They will stop at nothing to appease bloodthirsty jihad terrorists. They are not journalists. They are


UN guilt and Hamas war crimes

Blazingcatfur 4 May 2015

Even the UN has now admitted that its buildings and schools were used by Hamas to fire rockets at Israeli civilians during last year’s Gaza operation. But the mainstream media


Britain: Total national Muslim population of a mere 4.4% could decide 25% of political seats

muslimstatistics 4 May 2015

Note: Islam is the second largest religion with results from the United Kingdom Census 2011 giving the UK Muslim population in 2011 as 2,786,635, 4.4% of the total population.


Sweden’s solution to mediterranean deaths


Imagine a Danish person who is unhappy with his current life. Then he hears about Canada being this swell place to live. So he sets out in a rowboat from the Danish coast to


Living Descendent Of Mohammed Tells Muslims To Vote Azhar Ali In Pendle

kafircrusaders 4 May 2015

Another Muslim voting scandal. It appears that Allah is a Labour Party supporter and thinks Muslims should vote Azhar Ali in the heavily Islamized area Pendle. Religious


Palestinian Preacher Issam Amira: We Should Launch a Decisive Storm to Topple Arab Regimes

youtube 4 May 2015

In a sermon delivered in Jerusalem, Palestinian preacher Sheik Issam Amira said: "It is a duty incumbent upon us to lead a pure, loyal, honest, and serious Islamic decisive


U.S. Lets American Pastor Saeed Abedini Rot in Iran's Prison

Gatestone Institute 4 May 2015
By Uzay Bulut

"Recently, prison guards have threatened that even if he serves the full eight years, he will not be released, and that they will find new grounds to continue to hold


Devout Muslim Twitter Account Tweets ‘#TexasAttack’ Minutes Before Mohammad Art Contest Shooting

Atlas Shrugs 4 May 2015
By Pamela Geller

Yet the “This Has Nothing To Do with Islam” machine is already swinging into high gear. One of those attending the event


Largest counterfeit currency manufacturing unit in WB unearthed within an ISO 9001 Company owned by Muslims.

Bengal Spotlight 4 May 2015

Finally the Special Task Force (STF) on Monday uncovered a racket in fake currency notes and seized counterfeit Indian currency notes with face value of more than Rs 10 crore, which


Newest intrafada watch: Salafists vs. Hamas

Elder of Ziyon 4 May 2015

A Salafist group based in the Gaza Strip has accused Hamas of torturing its supporters in prison and closely watching other supporters in cities and refugee camps across the coastal


Final Verdict: Five to Seven Years for Facebook Users in Iran

Mohabat News 4 May 2015

These are the final verdicts for a group of eight Facebook users arrested in 2014, and represent a reduction from sentences that originally ranged as high as 20 years for their posting of


Al Qaeda in the Indian Subcontinent leader says attacks on ‘blasphemers’ ordered by Zawahiri

The Long War Journal 4 May 2015
By Thomas Joscelyn

The leader of al Qaeda in the Indian Subcontinent (AQIS), Asim Umar, has claimed responsibility for the murders of six people who were supposedly “blasphemers,” including Avijit Roy, a

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