Saudi Imam: Columbus Sailed to America to Kill all the Muslims

FrontPage Magazine 30 January 2015
By Daniel Greenfield

slamic history is a pretty unique thing. It’s the story of how everyone hates and conspires against Muslims. Saudi Arabia is a totalitarian state. If the authorities found his views


Finances questioned at Islamic Center in Dearborn

Detroit Free Press 30 January 2015
By Niraj Warikoo

Some board members of the Islamic Center of America in Dearborn are accusing the mosque's religious leader of a pattern of financial irregularities, threatening to report


Iranian Revolutionary Guard website calls for assassination of Netanyahu's sons

Elder of Ziyon 30 January 2015

Mashregh News is a news website affiliated with the Iranian Revolutionary Guards. An article published Thursday started off with the obligatory text about how Zionists are cowards. It


Publicity stunt: ISIS’s $200m ransom demand

Money Jihad 30 January 2015

Ransom demands by jihadist groups for the release of Western hostages have been averaging about $8 million per hostage over the last couple years. The $200 million


Abbas: ICC Membership will be Fully Active by April

Arutz Sheva 30 January 2015
By Elad Benari

Palestinian Authority (PA) Chairman Mahmoud Abbas has declared that the PA’s membership of the International Criminal Court (ICC) would be fully active by April, the Ma’an news


Reports: Boko Haram Close in on Regional Capital, Two Million Under Threat

Breitbart 30 January 2015
By Jordan Schachtel

Boko Haram jihadists have reportedly closed in on the Nigerian city of Maiduguri, which has an estimated population of two million, along with another 200,000


Muslims vandalized Hindu areas and business in West Bengal with the help of State Minister

Bengal Spotight 30 January 2015

Massive attack on Hindus went on at several places under Usthi PS, Mandirbazar PS & Diamond Harbour PS in West Bengal since yesterday (28/01/15) night. Hindus are under


Twin Falls Muslims work to educate locals, expand mosque 30 January 2015
By Tetona Dunlap

One recent Friday, men took off their shoes and placed them in a shoe organizer near the entrance of the Islamic Center of Twin Falls. They walked across green carpet into an area no


Article By MEMRI Scholar Tufail Ahmad: 'The Case For Reform Of Islam In India

MEMRI 30 January 2015

"Speaking about the risk of a likely lone wolf attack in India, Maharashtra state police chief Sanjeev Dayal told a newspaper in January: 'we had this case where this man wanted to go to


No women allowed: Saudi Arabia wants MEN-ONLY Olympics with ultra-conservative plan for segregated games

Daily Mail Online 30 January 2015
By Tim Macfarlan

Ultra-conservative Saudi Arabia wants to see men and women compete in separate Olympics with a controversial proposal to joint-host segregated games. An official from the Saudi


Taliban not a terrorist group, White House deputy press secretary says

Washington Times 30 January 2015
By Jessica Chasmar

White House deputy press secretary Eric Schultz argued during Wednesday’s briefing that the United States can negotiate prisoner swaps with Taliban members, because the Taliban is


Watch VIDEO: Hezbollah Brigades convoy transporting American M1 tank

Hezbollah early this morning fired a rocket-propelled grenade at an IDF patrol along the Lebanon border, killing at least two soldiers and wounding seven others. The IDF has confirmed


Afghans arrest commander of group that claimed killing Swedish journalist

Reuters 30 January 2015

Afghanistan's main intelligence agency said on Wednesday it had arrested a commander of a militant group known as the "Suicide Front", that claimed responsibility last year for the


ISIS to Lone Wolves: Kill as Many Westerners as Possible

Breaking Israel News (registration) 30 January 2015
By Raphael Poch

The Islamic State (ISIS) terror group is calling on lone wolves to rise up and wage Jihad on the Western world. In a posting on social media pages affiliated with ISIS, the following


Isis publicly behead man in Syrian town square for 'insulting Allah' as he screams for help

The Independent 30 January 2015
By Lizzie Dearden

A man was held down and beheaded for “insulting Allah” in the middle of a Syrian town by Isis fighters as he screamed for help from the silent crowd. Footage reportedly taken on


Paradise lost: is Christianity doomed in the Middle East?

New Statesman 29 January 2015
By Gerard Russell

The stark cliffs of the Zagros Mountains on the Iran-Iraq border, and the dusty hills and plains that lie between those mountains and the city of Mosul, might seem an unlikely


Muslim woman says police made her remove Islamic scarf

Detroit Free Press 29 January 2015
By Niraj Warikoo

A Muslim woman filed a lawsuit Thursday accusing Dearborn Heights police of violating her constitutional rights by making her remove her Islamic head scarf after they arrested her for


The king and Islam

The Economist 29 January 2015

AS ALWAYS with King Abdullah of Jordan, politics is a bit of a gamble. As part of his war on Islamist extremism he wants to foster a version of the religion that is more submissive to the


35 years in prison for Saudi airman in Vegas child rape case

Fresno Bee 29 January 2015
By Ken Ritter

A Saudi Arabian air force sergeant who arrived in Las Vegas for New Year's Eve two years ago may never get to leave Nevada after being sentenced Wednesday to a minimum of 35 years


Shame and scandal in Saudi Arabia

Toronto Sun 29 January 2015
By Tarek Fatah

There is a disgraceful spectacle unfolding in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in which some of the leading lights of the West are playing the role of medieval court jesters, singing


Islamic Terrorism: The Taboo Topic

Gatestone Institue 28 January 2015
By Uzay Bulut

The political violence of the Koran is eternal and universal. The political violence of the Bible was for that particular historical time and place. This is the vast difference between Islam and


Reminder: The Islamic State Is Islamic and a State

National Review Online 28 January 2015
By Patrick Brennan

Credible reports about the details of the operations of the Islamic State, also known as ISIS, have not been terribly easy to come by, which makes a new piece by Arab analyst Hassan


BBC: Charlie Hebdo Terrorists Are Not "Terrorists"

Diana West 28 January 2015
By Diana West

Long has the sun done set on the enterprise once known as Great Britain -- aka "England, Mother England," as in "Merrie Olde," "sceptered isle" and all that.


Hospital deals with 1,500 cases of Female Genital Mutilation in just five years with doctors seeing six victims a week

Daily Mail Online 28 January 2015
By Richard Spillett

Doctors at one English hospital have dealt with 1,500 cases of Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) in just five years, it emerged today. Figures from Birmingham's Heartlands Hospital


Does Europe Have No-go Zones?

Daniel Pipes 28 January 2015
By Daniel Pipes

Comments by Steven Emerson on Fox News have prompted a heated debate over whether predominantly Muslim "no-go" zones exist in Europe. On Jan. 11, Emerson said they "exist


Muslim leader says A453 should not be renamed after fallen Afghanistan soldiers due to 'unjust' war

Nottingham Post 28 January 2015
By Dan Robinson

An imam in Nottingham believes it would be wrong to rename the A453 in honour of soldiers who died in the Afghanistan war. Dr Musharraf Hussain, chief executive and chief imam at


Swedish police further neutered

The Sweden Report 28 January 2015

The police officers of the future are facing steep challenges, as the criminal gangs continue to gain ground in Swedish society and keep getting better armed by the day. But new recruits


Bosnian Radical Imam Pleads Not Guilty to Terror Charge

Arutz Sheva 28 January 2015

A radical Muslim leader pleaded not guilty in a Bosnian court Monday to charges of inciting terrorism for having encouraged his followers to fight alongside terrorists in Syria and Iraq.


Immigration News 2015: Anti-Islam Movement Spreads To Denmark As Protesters Demand Tougher Immigration Policy

The Christian Times 28 January 2015
By Monica Cantilero

More than one in eight Danish voters want a party more critical of immigration than the already-hardliner Danish People's Party (DF) as the Patriotic Europeans Against the Islamization of the


Gang must have been suffering from Islamophobia when they went "Jew bashing"

Elder of Ziyon 28 January 2015

An Orthodox Jew was beaten up by a gang of teenagers who said the attack was a protest ‘about the Palestinians and the Jewish community’, a court has heard. Balawal Sultan, 18,

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