Full Speech Video: Speech Geert Wilders at Muhammad Cartoon Contest, Garland, Texas, 3 May, 2015

Geert Wilders Weblog 5 May 2015

Dear friends, Thank you all for being here.
It's great to be in Texas, the Lone Star State. The one star in the Texan flag represents all the free Western world needs today:


Here we go: McClatchy suggests limits on free speech after Texas jihad shooting

Jihad Watch 5 May 2015
By Robert Spencer

You knew this was coming. It was inevitable. We have seen it before. When the Obama Administration blamed the Benghazi jihad attack on a video about Muhammad, there were


VIDEO: Pamela Geller on Fox and Friends

pamelageller.com 5 May 2015

In case you missed my interview on Fox and Friends this concerning concerning the jihad attack on our free speech oconference last night in Garland. Pamela Geller


Geert Wilders: I Won’t Stop Warning the West About Islam

FrontPage Mag 5 May 2015
By Matthew Vadum

After two Muslim lawmakers tried to block world-renowned activist Geert Wilders from entering the country, he defiantly vowed his warnings about the existential threat Islam


Texas shooter: "When will the kuffar understand and stop insulting the prophet?”

Jihad Watch 5 May 2015

UPDATE: Apparently Abu Hussain al-Britani is not the gunman, unless someone else has access to his Twitter account, as he is back on Twitter


VIDEO: Pamela Geller Speaks at Free Speech Conference Before Jihad Shooting

pamelageller.com 5 May 2015

Here’s what the enemies of freedom sought to crush last night. Truth and freedom. But they went up against the wrong kuffar, and they were crushed instead. Much thanks to


VIDEO: Robert Spencer Speaks at Free Speech Conference in Garland Texas

pamelageller.com 5 May 2015

Here’s what jihadists sought to snuff out last night. Truth and freedom. This video is about Jihad in Texas. Much thanks to Mark Campbell


Defending Freedom in Garland

Secure Freedom Radio 5 May 2015
By Frank Gaffney, Jr.

Yesterday in Garland, Texas, American freedom fighter Pamela Geller and Dutch parliamentarian Geert Wilders led a celebration and exercise of our most foundational liberty –


Lutfur Rahman Turned East London into a Banana Republic

thedailybeast. 5 May 2015
By James Bloodworth

Political correctness and left-wing myopia helped protect Britain’s first democratically-elected Muslim mayor from corruption charges for years. Eventually justice caught up


Jihad gunmen at AFDI/JW Texas free speech event had more ammo in car

Jihad Watch 5 May 2015
By Robert Spencer

"At a news conference, investigators were uncertain of the identities and motives of the gunmen.” Yes, their motives are a total mystery! "Gunmen at Muhammad cartoon event


Conservative Swedes uprising


There is a grassroots revolution brewing among the conservative Swedes, and it may hit the flashpoint in the immediate future. The result could be a dramatic game changer in


A New Film Takes on the Armenian Genocide

FrontPage Mag 5 May 2015
By Mark Tapson

This year marks the centennial anniversary of the Armenian genocide – or as President Obama euphemistically refers to it, a "dark moment of history.” Dark indeed – nearly 2.5


Both Muslims killed in Texas attack were known to FBI, attended Phoenix mosque

creepingsharia 5 May 2015

Authorities in Texas have identified Nadir Soofi as the second gunman who opened fire on a "Draw Muhammad” art contest in a Dallas suburb on Sunday night. Soofi, authorities


Raymond Ibrahim Interview: Why Islam Will Not Reform and More

Raymond Ibrahim 5 May 2015

I was recently interviewed on Reel Talk with Audrey Russo. Topics included why President Sisi will not reform Islam, the continuity of Christian genocide (whether by Ottomans


Labour stays silent over gender segregation at party rally

The Spectator 5 May 2015

With polling day less than a week away, it was a case of no rest for the wicked this weekend as politicians took part in some last minute campaigning. While Ed Miliband dreamt


For Freedom Copenhagen march May 4 2015

youtube 5 May 2015
By Vlad Tepes

This is the first video edit of some of the march in Copenhagen May 4 2015 where extreme left wing fanatics were determined to stop the for-freedom marchers permanently.


Danish Liberal party: "Islamism is the Nazism of our time”

10News.dk 5 May 2015

Some weeks ago the Danish Conservatives launched their add "Stop Nazi Islamism". Translated from Politiko: "It requires the strongest tools to fight Islamism in


Danes about life in Muslim ghetto: "One is spat upon, thrown stones at or beaten”

10News.dk 5 May 2015

Our leaders and media talk about helping the Muslims in the Middle East and Africa, the Muslims in the Mediteranian and the Muslims in Europe. But nobody talks about helping


Trojan Horse: Headteacher received death threats for speaking out against homophobia

The Independent 5 May 2015

A headteacher has told how she had received death threats for speaking out against homophobia as part of a new campaign of intimidation in the wake of the Birmingham Trojan


NY Times Slanders Victims of Texas Attack

FrontPage Mag 5 May 2015
By Ari Lieberman

Last night, two heavily armed gunmen, equipped with AK-47s and drum-type, high capacity magazines were shot and killed by alert police after they opened fire on an unarmed


Danish editor slams US 'political correctness' on cartoons

AFP 5 May 2015

The Danish editor who commissioned the Mohammed cartoons that triggered deadly protests a decade ago said Monday the failed attack on a Texas cartoon exhibition won't change


At Texas mosque, anger at both shooters and Mohammad exhibit

Reuters 5 May 2015
By Jon Herskovitz

At a small mosque in Texas near the site where two gunmen were shot dead after trying to storm an exhibit of caricatures of the Prophet Mohammad, there was little sympathy for


CAIR Condemns Texas Attack But Lashes Out At Intended Victims

Daily Caller 5 May 2015
By Chuck Ross

Under the auspices of condemning an attack carried out Sunday in Garland, Texas by two men suspected of having ties to radical Islam, the Muslim civil rights group the Council


Garland Shooting: 'Draw Muhammad' Contest Host Pamela Geller Wants More, Similar Events

NBC News 5 May 2015
By William J. Gorta

The host of the Texas "Draw Muhammad' contest that ended with police killing two armed gunman outside called for more, similar events as a defense of free speech. Pamela


How to Radicalize an Entire London Borough

Gatestone Institute 5 May 2015
By Samuel Westrop

Schoolchildren in Tower Hamlets grow up under the shadow of non-violent but extremist ideology, funded by the British government. Meanwhile, the British media and


Threat to bomb new hospital over prayer room

eveningtimes 5 May 2015
By Peter Swindon

The man began shouting and waving his arms when he was told there was no prayer room where he could practice his faith. Police were called to the Southern General in Govan


Turkey: Young Kurdish singer imprisoned

Artsfreedom 5 May 2015

Al Jazeera has published a video by a Turkish-Kurdish filmmaker about the Kurdish singer Nûdem Durak. The singer’s future is uncertain, because the Turkish government allegedly


Armed Islamic State warriors attack Mohammed cartoon contest in Texas

10News 5 May 2015
By Nikolai Sennels

“Two gunmen have been shot and killed in a parking lot outside a venue in Garland, Texas that had been hosting a controversial Mohammed art event dedicated to free speech.


CCTV released after West Brom sexual assault

Kafir Crusaders 5 May 2015

Police in West Bromwich have issued a CCTV image of a man they would like to speak to after a sexual assault on a young woman with learning difficulties. The 19-year-old was

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