Time of Violence (a Story of Balkan Christians under Ottoman Muslim rule)

youtube 28 May 2015
By Krsto Zrnov Popovic

Time Of Violence (1988; 288 min.) is a MUST WATCH Bulgarian movie based on eyewitness written accounts. In the 17th century, a Bulgarian Christian region is selected by the Ottoman rulers to serve as an example


OSCE in Free Fall - A human rights organisation falling off the cliff

gatesofvienna 28 May 2015
By Henrik Ræder Clausen

Last week four Counterjihad activists representing various NGOs attended two days of an OSCE/ODIHR (Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe/Office for Democratic


Video: All Muslims share the Same Islam

youtube 28 May 2015
By Political Islam

All Muslims share the same Islam. The establishment is always telling us that there are good, moderate Muslims and extremist, jihadist Muslims and that the two different kinds


Horror: ISIS' Surreally Repugnant Treatment of Women

Townhall 28 May 2015
By Guy Benson

Here we have an actual -- non-political -- war on women, via the Washington Post:
Amid all the Islamic State's atrocities - its massacres of civilians, its beheading of


The Islamized West and the Artist's Mirror

dianawest.net 28 May 2015
By Diana West

Below is the syndicated column I wrote to mark the tenth anniversary of 9/11, also adapted from this speech (28:00). From Westergaard, to Wilks, to Fawstin: The artist holds a


Feminist economics


Swedish feminist party FI didn't make it into parliament in the 2014 election, so the threat of mandatory feminism indoctrination camps for all men is postponed for the moment.


French court convicts Salafi for disrupting mosque prayers

Islamist Watch 28 May 2015

A mosque won an unusual court battle on Wednesday against an ultraconservative Salafist member of the congregation regarded as disruptive and, in an apparent first for Muslims,


ISIS: We Thank Allah for Letting Us Rape Non-Muslim Women

FrontPage Magazine 28 May 2015
By Daniel Greenfield

In its latest issue, ISIS defends its Rape Jihad by citing the history and doctrines of Islam in which Mohammed and his followers enslaved and raped non-Muslim women. ISIS


Turkey bulldozes Armenian Christian orphanage

Jihad Watch 28 May 2015
By Raymond Ibrahim

On the same year that millions around the world commemorated the centennial of the Armenian Genocide-or, more fundamentally, the Christian Genocide-Turkish authorities have


German party lifts requirement for Muslim students to visit concentration camps

pamelageller.com 28 May 2015

eriously, who needs it more than young Muslims ... in Germany? Who needs to see and understand the reality of Jew-hatred than those who are taught to hate Jews?


Islamist Radicals 'Recruited Freely' at British University

The Clarion Project 28 May 2015

A senior academic who worked at the University of Westminster said recruits were led "like lambs to the slaughter" while she was there from 2007 to 2012.


UK: City that covered up Muslim rape gangs wants to ban anti-child rape protests

Jihad Watch 28 May 2015

1,400 British non-Muslim children were gang-raped and brutalized by Muslims in Rotherham, and "several staff described their nervousness about identifying the ethnic origins of


Opinion: What Qasim Rashid Doesn't Want You to Know About Islam

Breitbart 28 May 2015
By Pamela Geller

Ahmadi Muslim spokesman Qasim Rashid is a one-man cottage industry of deception and hypocrisy, churning out article after article purporting to prove that the Muslims who are


Turkey's top imam as the 'Muslim world's pope'

Having increased the tone of "Muslim solidarity" in his speeches with 10 days to go until the general elections, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has finally come to the point of


Utrecht Soccer Club to be Penalized for Anti-Semitic Chants

The Dutch football association, KNVB, intends to heavily penalize the Utrecht Soccer Club for anti-Semitic chants which were sung during a game against Ajax in April.


Surge in foreign criminals freed to live openly in Britain

Telegraph.co.uk 28 May 2015
By David Barrett

The total number of foreign offenders released from jail to live openly in this country increased by a fifth last year to top 5,000, official data reveals


French Muslims Say Veil Bans Give Cover to Bias

New York Times 28 May 2015
By Suzanne Daley and Alissa J. Rubin

Malek Layouni was not thinking about her Muslim faith, or her head scarf, as she took her excited 9-year-old son to an amusement site near Paris. But, as it turned out, it was


Bahmani Ahmadi: One of UK's most dangerous paedophiles may have attacked HUNDREDS of children

Daily Mirror 28 May 2015
By Jeremy Armstrong

ONE of the UK's most dangerous paedophiles is facing jail as police warned he may have attacked hundreds of children.
Bahmani Ahmadi, 22, relentlessly pursued girls as young as


Belgian-Moroccan Hate Imam to Speak in Almere

The Belgian-Moroccan iman, Tarik Chadlioui, also known as Tarik ibn Ali, has been invited to speak at a conference in the Omar ibn Al Khattab Mosque in Almere. The imam is


Menu Search After Mercedes, Erdogan Promises Top Turkish Imam a Jet, Too

Bloomberg 28 May 2015
By Onur Ant

Less than a week after Turkey's top cleric got an armored Mercedes, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan says the imam should get a private jet, too.
Erdogan said in a TV interview


UK Muslim who said "there's no life without Jihad" guilty of terror offenses

Jihad Watch 28 May 2015

Ashiq wrote: "There's no life, no life without Jihad" and wanted to do "Ishtishadi (martyrdom) against... all these people." He also declared his allegiance to the Islamic


Amnesty report says Hamas committed war crimes against Palestinians

CNN 28 May 2015
By Don Melvin

Abductions. Beatings. Torture. Summary executions of political opponents.
These are among the allegations made Wednesday against the Palestinian group Hamas in a damning new


Islamist fighters drawn from half the world's countries, says UN

The Guardian 28 May 2015
By Jason Burke

More than half the countries in the world are currently generating Islamist extremist fighters for groups such as al-Qaida and Islamic State, the UN has said.
A report by the


The Islamic prerequisite of Kuwaiti citizenship

Jihad Watch 28 May 2015

n May 11, the Kuwaiti Constitutional Court rejected an appeal by MP Nabil al-Fadl to adjust citizenship laws in order to allow Christians to become citizens.
The current law,


China touts 'success' of crackdown in Muslim region

Al Arabiya News 28 May 2015

China said it has foiled 181 terror plots in the year since it started a crackdown on Islamic separatists in the northwestern region of Xinjiang that was prompted by a surge of


Family shuns Yezidi teen impregnated by ISIS

RUDAW 28 May 2015

Harrowing accounts of the sexual abuse endured by women and girls at the hands of Islamic State fighters are being recorded by a young Swedish-Kurdish activist living in


"You are Christian, you will burn in hell. You will ...have your throat slit"

Herald Sun 28 May 2015

Australia, 2015:
A WOMAN detained in a counterterrorism raid allegedly punched one police officer in the face and told another she would have her throat slit...


Defending Freedom of Speech… in America

Creeping Sharia 28 May 2015

Freedom of speech is under threat today. Not only in Europe, where I come from. But also here, in America. The last time I was in the United States was less than two weeks ago. I was in


41 Muslims from the US have tried to join the Islamic State in 2015

Jihad Watch 28 May 2015
By Robert Spencer

And it’s only May. But not to worry: all the learned analysts tell us that the Islamic State has nothing to do with Islam. “While D.C. Downplays Risk, U.S. Sees Shocking Rise in Terror


LA Times Muslim Attacks Burma’s Leading Monk Over Illegal Bengali Muslims

Winds of Jihad 28 May 2015

More dreck against the brave Buddhist monk Wirathu, who is trying to protect Burma from the jihad and Mohammedan invaders. This comes from a scribbler who’s name is Shashank

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