Russia's Muslim leader wants less coverage of terrorism

RIA Novosti 20 July 2011

Russian TV channels should broadcast less news about terrorism and extremism, the chief mufti of Russia, Talgat Tadzhuddin, said on Tuesday at a meeting with Prime Minister Vladimir Putin. "Once


Allen West: No Tanks to Egypt and the Muslim Brotherhood

Sunshine State News 20 July 2011

U.S. Rep. Allen West says a planned sale of Abrams tanks to Egypt could play into the hands of radicals and further destabilize the region. In a letter to Armed Services Committee Chairman Buck


Mosquebusters: Appeal for volunteers!

Vladtepesblog 20 July 2011

Here is a chance to really fight for Western civilization Appeal for volunteers! Positions to work remotely by internet. We’ll provide the documents. Skills needed: good at email.


Video: Female infanticide persists in Pakistan

Today CNN reported on a continuing trend in Pakistan, the murder and abandoning of female newborn babies in the streets. In their disturbing report, South Pakistan city Karachi's garbage dumps were shown to be the burial grounds for infants killed or left to die, often times being consumed by animals, according to CNN.


Nope, No Sharia Here Part Two

ACT! for America 20 July 2011

The Herald Sun (Australia) story below provides yet ANOTHER example of the forward march of sharia law around the world. Those who dismiss concerns about sharia law, such as Bob Smietana’s recent


Talking turkey 20 July 2011
By Michelle Malkin

President Obama was back in front of the cameras and teleprompter again this afternoon to provide a chirpy update on the debt limit negotiations. He waved his pom-poms for the emerging Gang of Six


The Self-Important Solidarity of Flotilla Narcissists and Useful Idiots

The Propagandist  20 July 2011
By Patrick Ross

After the debacle of the so-called "Freedom Flotilla”, and the sheer comedy of the "Flytilla”, it seems like an entirely fair question to ask: What’s more important to the Flotilla activists and


Video: Totten: Eyeless in Zabibah-stan, Egypt

Family Security Matters 20 July 2011
By Andrew Bostom

Zabibah-Master meets master of clueless Middle East reportage He’s baaack—this time from a trip to Egypt, where itinerant reporter Michael Totten, in his own inimitably vacuous assessment, was "hanging with the Muslim Brotherhood.”


Video: Two charged for whipping Muslim convert in bed

The Australian 20 July 2011
By Sallie Don

A MUSLIM convert was repeatedly whipped with electrical cord during a home invasion allegedly as part of a sharia law punishment for drinking alcohol. Two men have been charged over the incident,


Video: Herman Cain Versus The Mosques

Human Events 20 July 2011
By John Hayward

Appearing on Fox News last Sunday, presidential candidate Herman Cain addressed a controversy in Murfreesboro, Tennessee, in which local residents are attempting to block the construction of a mosque. Cain, the first presidential candidate to visit Murfreesboro in many years, declared himself opposed to the mosque construction.


Video: Muslim Mosque to be Built in Laredo

KGNS 20 July 2011

A new religious center is being built here in Laredo, finally giving people of the Muslim faith their own place to worship. Previously the Islamic group here in Laredo had been renting a location but soon construction will begin on their own mosque. The space will be close to 2,000 sq. feet and will be able to accommodate the school they are currently running. (...)


Allen West Blasts Planned Sale Of M1A1 Abrams Tanks To Egypt Because Of Muslim Brotherhood’s Inclusion In Elections

Weasel Zippers 20 July 2011

U.S. Rep. Allen West says a planned sale of Abrams tanks to Egypt could play into the hands of radicals and further destabilize the region. In a letter to Armed Services Committee Chairman Buck


Video: Cleric say: Jews Were Brought to Palestine for the Great Massacre

youtube 20 July 2011
By muslimwhacker

Yunis al astal, a cleric and religious expert believes that his god WANTS the Jews of the world to congregate in Israel so that muslims can kill them all. Whenever you hear a muslim say "we don't hate the Jews, we just hate the Zionists", refer them to this boiling sack of shit.


Lombard-area mosque plan changed

Chicago Daily Herald 20 July 2011
By Robert Sanchez

A group hoping to build a mosque near Lombard has revised its plan in an effort to eliminate concerns about traffic congestion. DuPage County Board members could vote as soon as next week on


Sharia law at work in Australia

The Australian  20 July 2011
By Chris Merritt

SHARIA law has become a shadow legal system within Australia, endorsing polygamous and underage marriages that are outlawed under the Marriage Act. A system of "legal pluralism" based on sharia


Muslim extremist group claims responsibility over Gaza rocket fire

People's daily online 20 July 2011

An extremist Muslim group said Monday that it was behind recent rocket attacks into Israel from the Hamas-controlled Gaza Strip. The Salafi group, Altawhid wal Jihad ((monotheism and holy war),


Cypriot Protests Occur Outside Turkish Consulate, Melbourne

Greek Reporter 20 July 2011
By Anastasia Chaini

Events for the 27th anniversary of the invasion of "Attila” in Cyprus began last Wednesday. At noon, expatriates protested outside the Turkish Consulate in Melbourne demanding to end the occupation


Rep right to warn of Muslim radicalization

Bloomington Pantagraph  20 July 2011
By Theodore H. Loy

Congressmen take an oath: "I do solemnly swear that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies foreign and domestic ….” Rep. Peter King, R-N.Y., recently held


Somali children recruited for combat by Islamists: Amnesty

AFP 20 July 2011

NAIROBI — Children in drought-struck Somalia are suffering from a range of war crimes including systematic recruitment by Islamist insurgents, Amnesty International said on Wednesday. The


Russian Muslim leader calls for crescent as part of national emblem

RIA Novosti 20 July 2011

A Muslim crescent should be part of Russia's national emblem along with Orthodox crosses, Chief Mufti of Russia Talgat Tadzhuddin said on Friday in an interview with Moskovskiye Novosti


Wilders: 'Jews shouldn't emigrate, Antisemitic Moroccans should'

American Thinker 19 July 2011
By Andrew G. Bostom

Last week Former European Union Commissioner Frits Bolkenstein, in his just-released book on Dutch Judaism, claimed that "recognizable" Jews (those who wear kippahs or payot) were unsafe in the Netherlands due to Moroccan Muslim immigrant Jew-hatred. Bolkenstein added his "recommendation" that these "recognizable" Jews emigrate to the US or Israel, reportedly stating,


Media Palispins a Poll

HonestReporting 19 July 2011
By Simon Plosker

An important press conference took place in Jerusalem last week, with the release of a poll of Palestinian attitudes commissioned by The Israel Project. The findings presented a very mixed bag, some positive and others extremely disturbing.

There were some positives to be taken from the poll such as a majority of Palestinians favoring direct negotiations over violence and a drop in support for Hamas.


Time Favors the Immigrant Criminal in Norway

Gates of Vienna 19 July 2011

We’ve written a lot over the years about the "asylum-seeker” racket, which is particularly popular in Norway, Sweden, and Finland. Nordic societies are traditionally built on a high level of trust and honesty, and these characteristics are routinely abused and exploited by culture-enrichers who migrate northwards to scam the system.


About Q

The Q Society of Australia 19 July 2011

The Q Society of Australia is both vessel and umbrella for a group of dedicated individuals, either formal members or supporters. The Society is incorporated as not-for-profit association in Victoria, but members and supporters hail from all over the Australian Nation. While we come from many ethnic backgrounds and follow different religions, we are first and foremost unhyphenated Australians. Australians, who believe in the equality of men and women, a fair go for everyone and a civil and democratic society based on classical European foundations.

Our members insist the bedrock of this society must remain Judaeo-Christian in ethics and values on which our mainly Western European forefathers have built the Australian Nation. We acknowledge the indigenous people of this continent and surrounding islands and appreciate their long relationship with this land. A unique island continent we now all share as Australians under one law and one flag. We equally acknowledge and appreciate the valuable contribution from those who came from non-European countries to respect, embrace and share Australian values.


What is sharia?

The Sydney Morning Herald 19 July 2011
By Glenda Kwek

Meaning and applications

Sharia means "the clear, well-trodden path to water" in Arabic. While it is the religious law of Islam, there are only a handful of countries - such as Saudi Arabia, Sudan and Iran - where all aspects of sharia, including "hudud" punishments such as the cutting of hands and stoning people to death, for criminal offences, are applied.


Sharia in Toronto: the Muslim Girls on Their Period Have to Sit in the Back

Pajamas Media 19 July 2011
By Bruce Bawer

It never ceases to amaze. Sharia is putting down roots all over the West, in ever more explicit and obvious ways. And bien pensant folks on the Left continue to insist, fiercely and self-righteously,


Poll - Most Palestinians Seek Destruction Of Israel 19 July 2011

San Francisco, CA - In what may come as a shock to some, a just released opinion poll shows that the overwhelming majority of the Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza believe in


Divisive Author Chased Out of Immigrant District

Spiegel Online 19 July 2011

Angry Muslims reportedly drove controversial author Thilo Sarrazin from a Turkish restaurant in Berlin. Though his bestselling book claims Muslims are dumbing down German society, their accusations


Half the Dutch Want to Leave the Eurozone

Dutch News 19 July 2011

THE HAGUE - Half the population of the Netherlands want the Netherlands to leave the eurozone, according to a poll by Maurice de Hond. Of all those polled, 49 percent consider it would

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