Saudi shame on the Islamic world: "The Organisation of Islamic Cooperation with United States Imperialism " 17 August 2012
By Finian Cunningham

These jihadists, who have gravitated to Syria from Britain, Libya, Tunisia, Egypt, Yemen, Iraq, among other countries, are directed by Washington, London and Paris in


Turkish Jets 'Bomb Kurdish Rebel Targets in Iraq'

AINA (press release) 17 August 2012

Turkish warplanes bombed areas of north Iraq in a bid to target rear bases of the Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK) overnight into Thursday, a spokesman for the rebel group


Samantha Lewthwaite terror cell 'was preparing attack'

Telegraph 17 August 2012
By Mike Pflanz

Anti-terror officers, boosted by reinforcements drafted in around the country, moved on Grant and his Kenyan housemate after five days of covert surveillance in the coastal


Amiens riots thrust 'left-wing Sarkozy' into spotlight

France 24 17 August 2012
By Rachel HOLMAN

Although an uneasy calm has settled over France’s northern city of Amiens after rioting erupted there earlier this week, the violence has thrust the country’s Interior Minister


Muslims warned of Mecca trip scams

MSN Money UK 17 August 2012

Muslims are being warned not to fall for fraudsters who have tricked travellers wanting to go on a pilgrimage to Mecca out of hundreds of thousands of pounds. Bogus tour operators


Video: Pamela Geller on NBC News report on AFDI's "Islamorealism" ads

Atlas Shrugs 17 August 2012
By Pamela Geller

The media is falling all over themselves desperately trying to frame our counter jihad ads as "islamophobic." Here was the statement I submitted to Jonathan Vigliotti of NBC News: The ad is just stating a fact – that there have been over 19,000 jihad attacks since 9/11.


British Muslim convert found with bomb-making manual when he was arrested by Kenyan police with 'white widow' fugitive

Daily Mail 17 August 2012
By Rebecca Evans

The British accomplice of fugitive ‘white widow’ Samantha Lewthwaite was carrying a bomb-making manual when police arrested him. Muslim convert Jermaine Grant was picked up by


Alawites in Syria and Alevis in Turkey: Crucial Differences

Gatestone Institute 17 August 2012
By Stephen Schwartz

Sectarian differences, threatening to ensnare Muslims outside Syria's borders, have emerged as a key aspect of the horrific bloodshed there. Since February 2011 the Syrian protestors,


Video: Inside the Hezbollah 'theme park' where children are taught the glory of martyrdom

Daily Mail 17 August 2012
By Graham Smith

Lebanese militant group Hezbollah has built a multi-million pound theme park designed to indoctrinate its children about the glory of martyrdom against its enemy Israel. The mostly-outdoor museum features barbed wire, tanks, rockets, archive video footage and a lot of guns.


Mosque gets OK for center

Asbury Park Press 17 August 2012
By Kathleen Hopkins

MIDDLETOWN — The Islamic Society of Monmouth County has been given the green light to build a community center on its Red Hill Road property, but its attorney says there are no plans in the


Facebook Gives the Boot to Hezbollah for Hate Speech

Algemeiner 17 August 2012

Facebook pages belonging to Hezbollah and the group’s television network Al-Manar, have been taken down by the social media company, according to a report from Israel Radio. Hezbollah,


Turkey: Is Alcohol Apartheid Coming To Istanbul?

Eurasia Review 17 August 2012

The Muslim holy month of Ramadan, which concludes August 18, can be a time of heightened friction in Istanbul, when the beliefs of the pious clash with the lifestyle preferences of secular-minded


Egypt Jihadis Call for Slaughter of Christians

Radical Islam 17 August 2012
By Raymond Ibrahim

Egyptian media outlet El Fegr reports, "Elements of terrorist, jihadi organizations distributed leaflets today inciting for the killing of Copts in Suez, Ismailia, and Upper Egypt, promising them [Copts]


The Huma Abedin-House of Saud Connection Exposed

FrontPage Magazine 17 August 2012
By Jamie Glazov

Frontpage Interview’s guest today is Walid Shoebat, a former PLO terrorist and Muslim Brotherhood activist who is the author of For God or For Tyranny.


Thailand holds 'peace talks' with Muslim militants

Radio Netherlands 17 August 2012

Thailand said Thursday it was holding peace talks with some Muslim insurgent groups in its violence-wracked south, in a policy reversal which follows a recent surge in militant attacks. Informal


Like Allah, Islamic Revolutions Devour Their Own Children

FrontPage Magazine 17 August 2012
By Daniel Greenfield

“Revolution is like Saturn, it devours its own children,” Danton says in Georg Buchner’s Danton’s Death, a controversial play about the French Revolution. In the modern context that line might be


Lebanon enters a kidnapping frenzy

The Times of Israel 17 August 2012
By Elhanan Miller

A Lebanese family has kidnapped a number of foreign nationals in an attempt to retrieve a relative held in Syria. The developments in Lebanon are leading headlines in Arab news Thursday. “A battle


• Did EU let debt spiral spin out of control to get more power?

EuropeNews 17 August 2012
By Nicolai Sennels

It's hard to believe that a union that knows the exact number of subsidised fallow fields and mountain goats, overlooked the multi-billion debt in her own household until it was too late. Europe's most powerful ever, the unelected EU Commission, was quick to use the debt as an excuse for handing more power over the member states to itself.


Swedish rape-jihad: "police reported an average of five rapes a day in Stockholm"

Jihad Watch 17 August 2012
Translated by Nicolai Sennels

The capital of Sweden is probably also the European capital of rape. Since Swedish police, politicians and media do their best to cover the Muhammad-factor, we have to look at neighbouring Scandinavian countries for a reasonable explanation:


Chairman of the Danish Parliament speaks at Ramadan dinner 17 August 2012
Translated by Nicolai Sennels

"Parliamentary Chairman Lykketoft sends a video greeting tomorrow at the fifth Ramadan dinner inside the Parliamentary canteen Snapstinget to celebrate the end of the Muslim fasting month of Ramadan


Muslims Riot in Northern France

AINA (press release) 16 August 2012
By Lori Hinnant and Milos Krivokapic

AMIENS, France -- Months of tension between police and young people in a troubled district of northern France exploded on Tuesday, with dozens of youths facing off against riot officers in a night of violence. Seventeen officers were injured, a pre-school and public gym were torched, and at least three passing drivers in Amiens were dragged from their cars.


Hamburg signs historic deal with Muslims

The 16 August 2012

Hamburg authorities have signed a deal with the city's Muslim community groups guaranteeing Islamic holidays, school religion lessons, and burial rights. It's the first


Hamburg Recognizes Muslim Religious Holidays

Spiegel Online 16 August 2012
By Anna Reimann

The German city-state of Hamburg plans to officially recognize Muslim holidays and improve Islam courses in schools. Many of the measures are already standard practice, but the


Al Quds Day – the UK agrees to host a racist, Islamist event 16 August 2012

Al Quds (Jerusalem) is allegedly the third most holy site in Islam. Strange, then, that it is not mentioned anywhere in the Qur’an or ahadith. Some background: Before


Al Qaeda in Spain

Gatestone Institute 16 August 2012
By Soeren Kern

Three suspected al Qaeda terrorists arrested in Spain in early August were allegedly plotting an airborne attack on a shopping mall near Gibraltar, the British overseas territory on the southernmost tip of Spain.

In recent weeks, the Obama Administration has claimed that al Qaeda "is on a path of decline that will be difficult to reverse" and the US State Department has even declared that the "war on terror is over." Advisors to President Obama have also boasted of "the end of al Qaeda in any meaningful sense of the word."


30 Islamic extremists leave Germany for Egypt

The Times of Israel 16 August 2012

BERLIN — Officials in Germany say some 30 Islamic extremists have left the country and traveled to Egypt in recent weeks following a call from an influential


Met officers to testify at Kenya trail of Jermaine Grant

The Guardian 16 August 2012
By Clar Ni Chonghaile

Officers from Scotland Yard have been asked to testify at the trial of Briton Jermaine Grant in Mombasa, a Kenyan prosecutor said on Wednesday after another short day in court


The roots of radical Islamist and Nazi collaboration

Police News 16 August 2012
By Lance Eldridge

Discussions of the relationship between radical Islamists and National Socialism typically began with a discussion of Amin Al-Husseini, the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem. During


Muslim Forced Marriages in Spain

Gatestone Institute 16 August 2012
By Soeren Kern

Police in the northeastern Spanish region of Catalonia have intervened to prevent the forced marriage of a 13-year-old girl belonging to a Muslim immigrant family from Morocco.

The girl was one of nine reported victims of forced marriage in Catalonia during the first six months of 2012. Seven of the reported cases involved minors, but in several instances when police were alerted, they were unable to intervene in time to prevent the marriages from taking place.


Kosovo Catholics practice faith openly

MSN Philippines News 16 August 2012

A freshly-painted image of the crucified Christ looked down on seven pews packed with believers, mainly farmers, their faces tanned by the sun after toiling in the

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