FGM is not an Islamic Religion Obligations

somalilandsun.com 6 June 2012
By Yusuf M Hasan

HARGEISA – The practice of Female Genital Mutilation-FGM has been termed as not only abhorrent but a denial of rights. This was said by the minister of Religion &


Tunisia: crusade against anti-Islam intellectual

ANSAmed 6 June 2012

TUNIS - Jelil Brick has been living in France for over twenty years now after escaping the claws of Ben Ali's political police and has always remained faithful to his character:


Civil groups back woman suing an Islamic bank over dress code sacking

The National 6 June 2012
By Suha Philip Ma'ayeh

AMMAN // Civil society groups and human rights organisations in Jordan are backing a woman who is suing an Islamic bank that sacked her because she refused to wear the hijab. Vivian


Muslim girl can marry at 15 if attains puberty

zeenews.com 6 June 2012

New Delhi: Ruling that a Muslim girl can marry as per her choice at the age of 15 years if she has attained puberty, the Delhi High Court has held the marriage of a minor girl valid and


The Fate of Syria's Christian Minority

AINA (press release) 6 June 2012
By Ken Blackwell

Four years ago, Israeli "dove" Avi Primor cooed over the prospects for a comprehensive peace settlement in the Mideast. The "key" to peace, wrote Israel's former ambassador to Germany, lies


Troubling Islamist Associations for NJ Democrat

FrontPage Magazine 6 June 2012
By Joel Mowbray

Because of redistricting, Rep. Bill Pascrell (D-NJ) is running for re-election today against a fellow Democratic incumbent congressman. Pascrell’s slogan: "100% New Jersey


Turkey's support for EU membership drops to 47.2%

ANSAmed 6 June 2012

ISTANBUL - New data shows that Turks have grown less enthusiastic over the past six years over prospects to become the first-ever Muslim member of the European Union. According to a


Morocco: Hizb Ut-Tahrir Trial Begins In Casablanca

Eurasia Review 6 June 2012

The trial of three young men affiliated with the Islamist Hizb ut-Tahrir began May 29th in Ain Sebâa, Casablanca. The National Brigade of the Judicial Police (BNJP) arrested alleged cell


Islamic mosque nearly complete in northern Longview

KETK 6 June 2012

Longview — Construction is nearing completion on a mosque and Muslim community center on the northern tip of Longview. "The mosque is complete,” said Dr. Mohammad Rashad, the imam of the


Islamic Sharia is a threat to Canadian society

Pakistan Christian Post 6 June 2012
By Mark Harding

Last year I stood at Bay and Queen Streets in Toronto on Canada Day, to support Israel. But I also stood there in support of the Hudson Bay Stores whose head office is right there. The


How Two Al-Qaeda Fundraisers Were Set Free

FrontPage Magazine 6 June 2012
By Daniel Greenfield

What do you get for being a terrorist fundraiser? If you’re Emadeddin Z. Muntasser, then you grin after walking away with six months of home confinement. And if you’re, Samir Al-Monla,


Judge releases man accused of firebombing mosque

gazettetimes.com 6 June 2012

A federal judge on Tuesday allowed a man accused of firebombing a mosque in Corvallis to be released to home detention. After two days of arguments and testimony in U.S. District Court


Video: New mosque envisioned for Short Pump

WWBT 6 June 2012
By Andy Jenks

HENRICO, VA ) - Another mosque is in the works for Henrico County, this time in the most densely populated place, yet. Drawings made public by the West End Islamic Center (WEIC) call for the new, roughly 13,000 square foot building to go in a wooded area where Shady Grove and Twin Hickory Roads meet in Short Pump.


Grand Mosque model goes on display in Beijing

gulfnews 6 June 2012
By Iman Sharif

Abu Dhabi People interested in Arabic and Islamic culture can now take in the beauty of the Shaikh Zayed Grand Mosque (SZGM) in Beijing. A scale model of the magnificent mosque was


Two confusing Hadiths about Sex and Islamic Burial

Islam Watch 6 June 2012
By Ibn Kammuna

Please read with me this Sahih Hadith from Bukhari (Book #23, Hadith #374): Narrated Anas bin Malik: We were (in the funeral procession) of one of the daughters of the Prophet and he was


Danish court convicts four men over Muhammed cartoon terror plot

DigitalJournal.com 5 June 2012
By Andrew Moran

Copenhagen - A Danish court has convicted four men over a plot to shoot and kill people at a newspaper over the 2005 Kurt Westergaard cartoon that depicted the Prophet Mohammad, which


The Shape of Islamic Things to Come

Gates of Vienna 5 June 2012

The Austrian city of Salzburg is facing an increasingly Islamic future. The city’s religious makeup will become much more diverse over the next two decades, with some of the changes due the immigration of German Protestants. The largest factor in the current demographic shift, however, is the influx of Turkish immigrants and their descendants.

Many thanks to Hermes for translating this article from Salzburger Fenster:


Mayor has fingers in his ears on mosque

York Region Article 5 June 2012
By John Egsgard

The mosque simply doesn’t comply with the town’s architectural guidelines to be "sympathetic” to the existing buildings in the nearby heritage district — and that is it in a


Anti-semitic acts in France have increased since Toulouse

Elder of Ziyon 5 June 2012

The vicious attack over the weekend by mob of apparent Arabs against three Jews in Lyon is not anomalous: Jewish communal leaders in France say an attack on three Jewish men


Video: Mohammedans Attack Breton Nationalist Meeting

Islam versus Europe 5 June 2012

It was around 7 pm when about 40 islamists started to gather in front of the Mercure hotel in Vannes where Brittany conference on immigration was being held, in which, notably, Jeune Bretagne and ADSAV were participating.


Group escorted away by cops after commotion at mosque

This is South Wales 5 June 2012

POLICE helped escort a small group of Muslims following a commotion at a packed Swansea Mosque. Some 800 people had just finished Friday prayers at the St Helen's Road venue when


Where Are the Moderate Arabs and Palestinians

Gatestone Institute 5 June 2012
By Khaled Abu Toameh

In Israel, there are dozens of organizations and parties that openly advocate peace with the Palestinians and the Arab world.

Some even go as far as calling on the Israeli government to comply with 100% of the Palestinians' demands by fully withdrawing to the pre-1967 lines.

Many of these organizations and parties have also been active in launching protests against Israel's actions in the Palestinian territories, especially the construction of the security barrier and new houses in settlements.


Swedish terror suspects convicted in Denmark

The Local 5 June 2012

Four men from Sweden were convicted by a Danish court on Monday for plotting a terror attack on the Jyllands-Posten daily in Copenhagen in December 2010 that was meant to "kill as many as


Belgian Police Attacked After Arresting Veiled Woman

Huffington Post 5 June 2012
By Ben Deighton

BRUSSELS - Protesters hurled bins and metal barriers at a Brussels police station on Thursday night after a Muslim woman was arrested for refusing to remove a face veil,


Toulouse shooting prompted anti-Semitic attacks

Jerusalem Post 5 June 2012

THE HAGUE - The recent attack at a Jewish school in Toulouse "triggered an explosion” in anti-Semitic attacks across France, according to the French Jewish community's protection


Graphic Video: Muslims Slaughter "Apostate" in Tunisia

Gatestone Institute 5 June 2012
By Raymond Ibrahim

Liberal talk show host Tawfiq Okasha recently appeared on "Egypt Today," airing a video of Muslims slicing off a young man's head off for the crime of apostasy -- in this instance, the crime of converting to Christianity and refusing to renounce it. The video—be warned, it is immensely graphic—can be seen here (the actual execution appears from minute 1:13-4:00). For those who prefer not to view it, a summary follows:

It has been brought to our attention that the beheading also has been reported as taking place in Syria, as posted on this video, which has an earlier posting date than the one from Egyptian television. Thus it is likely that this act of brutality was executed by the Free Syrian Army, not by Tunesians.


Hamas-linked CAIR's Dawud Walid: Jews have incurred Allah's wrath, Muhammad was "correct" to massacre Jews

Jihad Watch 5 June 2012

This is the group that the mainstream media persistently portrays as a neutral civil rights organization. It is unusual to see a representative of Hamas-linked CAIR being this open about


Nazi Propaganda Website Starts Operation in Iran

radicalislam.org 5 June 2012
By Reza Kahlili

A pro-Nazi association now operates a Persian-language website in Iran, promoting anti-Semitism and memorializing Adolf Hitler, apparently with the approval of the Iranian government and


Birmingham mosque attack update: 15-year-old boy arrested

Birmingham Mail 5 June 2012
By Christina Savvas

A SCHOOLBOY has been arrested by detectives investigating an attack outside a Birmingham mosque which left a man fighting for his life. The 15-year-old, who is from the Small Heath area,


Husband 'butchers wife, 30, in front of their six children

Daily Mail 5 June 2012
By Allan Hall

A man is under arrest in Germany after killing his wife in front of his six young children and cutting her into pieces. Orhan Sircasi then ran on to the roof of his apartment building

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