Indonesia: Veiled teen girls send mock bomb to police officer

Jihad Watch 18 July 2011

"Against them make ready your strength to the utmost of your power, including steeds of war, to strike terror into the hearts of the enemies, of Allah and your enemies..." -- Qur'an 8:60 And


All in the Islamic Family

Family Security Matters 18 July 2011
By Edward Cline

Twenty years before 9/11, when Saudi nationals hijacked American passenger planes and used them as suicide bombs, the West was warned by one of our main enemies of things to come. The warning was


Fahour to head global Islamic bank

The Sydney Morning Herald 18 July 2011
By Eric Johnston

FORMER National Australia Bank senior executive Ahmed Fahour is aiming to build the world's first Islamic global investment bank following his appointment to Middle Eastern bank Gulf Finance


Hosni Mubarak reportedly 'in coma following stroke'

Expatica 18 July 2011

OUSTED Egyptian president is in a critical condition in a Sharm El-Sheikh hospital and is not expected to survive, according to his lawyer. Hosni Mubarak, 83, was pushed out of power during the


Afghan Women Fight Back Against Harassment

AlertNet 18 July 2011
By Noorjahan Akbar

KABUL - My mother entered the house and pushed the door closed with anger. After getting a cup of green tea, she sat in front of the television as her children watched her with concern


Hezbollah warns Israel over Med gas

FRANCE 24 18 July 2011

Lebanon's Shiite militant group Hezbollah on Sunday warned Israel against developing "a single metre" of disputed waters in the eastern Mediterranean to search for offshore gas deposits. The


Islamists Kill 92 Iraqi Christians For Their Faith In 2010

Weasel Zippers 18 July 2011

The year 2010 was the worst year to date for the Christian community in Iraq, it has been revealed by the organization for human rights in Iraq, Hammurabi. Many Christians were forced to leave the


No honeymoon period: Muslim girl in danger after marrying Christian

The Express Tribune 18 July 2011

GUJRANWALA: A local teacher has approached police officials, after she began receiving death threats for marrying outside the faith. According to police officials, Khokhar Ki resident Majeeda


Freeing Al Qaeda?

Center for Security Policy July 16 2011
By Frank Gaffney, Jr.

Top Al-Qaeda financier Abdurahman Alamoudi releasedJust when you thought it was not possible for the Holder Justice Department to become any more hostile to the national and homeland security interests of the American people, along comes yet another travesty.  This one threatens both, as it apparently would involve turning loose in America a convicted terrorist known to be a top Muslim Brotherhood (MB or Ikhwan in Arabic) operative and al Qaeda financier: Abdurahman Alamoudi.


Video: Honour Killings

youtube 14 July 2011
By HonourKillings

The following stories are just a few of the 5000 lives lost every year in the name of family "honour".
Please join us in remembrance of the known and unknown victims of honour killings.


Terror again

The Economist 14 July 2011

ON A sodden evening in Dadar, a middle-class neighbourhood in central Mumbai, one end of a bus stop still displays an ad for pro-biotic yoghurt. The other end is blown to bits. A tarpaulin, gathering


Video: 17 killed, 131 injured as 3 blasts maim Mumbai

Times of India 14 July 2011

MUMBAI: No other city in the world has been the tragic target of as many serial terror attacks and bombings as Mumbai, which went through the agony in 1993, 2002, 2003, 2006, 2008 and now July 13,


Video: Mumbai Terror Redux

Gates of Vienna 14 July 2011

Another terror attack was launched in Mumbai today. Several coordinated IED blasts killed at least eighteen people and injured many more in two separate neighborhoods of Mumbai. The attacks occurred in the early evening when the streets were crowded, so the number of casualties is lighter than might otherwise have been expected. The Indian authorities believe that a group called the Indian Mujahideen is responsible for the bombings.


Muslims call for imams in the German military

The 14 July 2011

Muslim leaders have slammed the lack of an Islamic spiritual counsellor in the German armed forces in spite of the fact that an estimated 1,200 Muslims serve in the Bundeswehr.Two of the main


Wilders case gives boost to judiciary

Expatica 14 July 2011

The trial of Freedom Party leader Geert Wilders has given a boost to public confidence in the judiciary. On 23 June, briefly before the Amsterdam court handed down its ruling in the case against


Video: Caroline Glick: Israeli Sovereignty Over Judea and Samaria

youtube 14 July 2011
By securefreedom

Caroline Glick spoke at an event entitled, "Israeli Sovereignty Over Judea and Samaria" on June 20, 2011 in Israel. The event was produced and sponsored by Yoel Meltzer and Ted Belman of Israel Pundit. This footage provided by Paris David Blumenthal.


UK: Breast-Feeding Mother Told to Leave Town Headquarters Because "She Would Offend Muslim Visitors”

Weasel Zippers 14 July 2011

A breast-feeding mother has been ordered out of council offices after staff said it would ‘cause an uproar’ among Muslim visitors, it has been claimed. Emma Mitchell, 32, was about to feed her


No plans to ban full-face Islamic veils at schools - Dagestani leader

RIA Novosti 14 July 2011

The wearing of face-covering Islamic garments by female students will not be banned in Dagestan, the leader of Russia's North Caucasus republic of Dagestan has said. The statement came after two


Ground Zero Mosque Clears Legal Hurdle Paving Way For Construction To Begin

Weasel Zippers 14 July 2011

The backers of the controversial "Ground Zero Mosque” have won a court fight clearing the way for them to build the mosque and community center complex two blocks from the site of the 9/11 terror


Ever Hear of the First Amendment? An Argument to Watch

Christian Post 14 July 2011
By R. Albert Mohler, Jr.

There it was, plain as day. Monday’s edition of USA Today included an opinion column by a Muslim woman that argued–quite straightforwardly–that the United States government should force a


An analysis of "yellow journalism”

ACT! for America 14 July 2011
By Jay Winkler

How biased reporting aids radical Islam: What we can learn from The Tennessean article As we emailed you Monday, on Sunday The Tennessean newspaper ran a story by Bob Smietana that was so laced


CAIR Spokesman Turns Blind Eye to "War on Islam" Rhetoric

Right Side News 14 July 2011

A Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) spokesman demanded Friday that the Investigative Project on Terrorism (IPT) either back up its claim that CAIR officials have repeatedly described the


Sharia Comes to Public Schools in Toronto

AINA (press release) 14 July 2011
By Tasha Kheiriddin

It's rare that I see a photograph that makes my blood boil in anger. Or that leads me to share the opinions of Toronto Star columnist Heather Mallick. But a picture published in Saturday's Star


Turkey: Erdogan's New "Ottoman Region"

Hudson New York 14 July 2011
By Harold Rhode

Erdogan's recent electoral victory speech puts his true intentions regarding Turkey's foreign policy goals in perspective. He said that this victory is as important in Ankara as it is in the capital


Islamic students slip through Indonesian police cordon outside bomb school

GlobalPost 14 July 2011

Indonesian security forces on Wednesday raided an Islamic boarding school suspected of being a bomb factory only to find dozens of armed students they had besieged there had somehow slipped


Priest Fights Fire with Fire Against Islam

Pajamas Media 14 July 2011
By Raymond Ibrahim

When it comes to debating Islam, which is more successful: articulating your position through a secular or religious paradigm? Read about the courageous Father Zakaria Botros—the man al-Qaeda


Video: Egyptian Shaykh: "We still kill him, even if he repents!"

Translating Jihad 14 July 2011

The above clip was taken from an interview given by Shaykh Abu-Ishaq al-Huwayni on the Egyptian satellite television station al-Hikma on 7 July 2011. Al-Huwayni here explains that whoever insults Muhammad, even if he later repents, must be killed.


Terrorists trying to use Google Street View: Report 14 July 2011

London: Al Qaeda is plotting a jihad on the Internet against Britain and the West, and has launched teams to target key computer systems, officials said. Terrorists have even tried to invade


Police End Siege of Barricaded Islamic School

Jakarta Globe 14 July 2011
By Farouk Arnaz

Police finally managed to enter and investigate an Islamic boarding school in Bima, Sumbawa island on Wednesday, two days after a bomb blast killed one man, an officer said. National Police deputy

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