Watch out for Turkish imperialism

Tundra Tabloids 10 October 2011
By Wim Kortenoeven

Remarks by Wim Kortenoeven, Dutch delegation to the OCSE conference in Dubrovnik, 9 October 2011 (meeting on security in the Mediterranean area).

Mister chairman, I am addressing this meeting on behalf of the Dutch Party for Freedom.

As we speak, the peace in the Mediterranean is being threatened, by Turkish imperialism, by dangerous dreams to re-establish the Turkish Caliphate that was abolished in 1923.

We are witnessing the death of Kemalism, the positive ideology that transformed Turkey into a valuable, responsible and respected member of the international community.


Europe's Underestimated Islamists

Right Side News 10 October 2011
By Ian Johnson

Middle East Quarterly Fall 2011, pp. 39-46 

In early 1959, a small West German intelligence operation stumbled over a sensational find: U.S. collusion with the Muslim Brotherhood. According to the West German sources—two ex-Wehrmacht soldiers who were in Washington's pay but still felt loyalty to their old German bosses—Washington was supporting one of the Brotherhood's top men, the Geneva-based Said Ramadan, son-in-law of the movement's founder Hassan al-Banna, in the hope of using him in the global battle against communism. The U.S. double-agents wanted to know if the West Germans would also help support Ramadan.


Video: Leaving Malmö

Gates of Vienna 10 October 2011

Over the last few years we’ve posted a number of times about the accelerating emigration of Jews from Sweden. The exodus is most noticeable in the southern city of Malmö, which has the largest concentration of Muslims in Sweden. Violence and threats against Jews have become so common that more and more of them are leaving, particularly the young people.


Turkey ‘after natural resources’ 10 October 2011

TURKEY IS not out to protect the interests of Turkish Cypriots but to exploit the natural resources and wealth of neighbouring states, Foreign Minister Erato Kozakou-Marcoullis said


Many Dutch asylum seekers jobless

Expatica 10 October 2011

Figures from the Dutch CBS statistics office show that 22 percent of asylum seekers are officially registered as unemployed and looking for work. This is far higher than the percentage of people


Video: Brian Fischer: No Such Thing As Moderate Islam

Winds of Jihad 10 October 2011

"Islamo-realism” is what’s needed: Some highlights: "Christians and Muslims do not believe in the same God.” "I believe it’s important that we have a president who understands that Islam is not a religion of peace, but a religion of war and violence and death.”


'Islamophobia' Defense Succeeds for Shooter of Aussie Cop

Islamist Watch 10 October 2011
By David J. Rusin

An Australian Muslim was acquitted of attempting to kill or grievously injure a police officer, based in part on the judge's decision that a vague and unsubstantiated "anti-Muslim feeling in the


The Price for Refusing to Kill Your Gang Raped Child

FrontPage Magazine 10 October 2011
By Frank Crimi

A Pakistani family is under brutal assault for refusing to murder their daughter for being a victim of rape. The case serves to underscore Pakistan’s malevolent role as the world epicenter of "honor


Some 36,000 illegal immigrants caught in Evros this year 10 October 2011

Some 36,000 illegal immigrants have been caught crossing into Greece via its land border with Turkey, according to figures made public on Friday. This compares to a total of just over 47,000


Florida pastor appealing ban from Michigan mosque

Bradenton Herald  10 October 2011

DETROIT -- The issue of free speech was fiercely debated Thursday in a Detroit courtroom, where a judge said he would decide next month whether it was OK for authorities to have jailed Quran-burning


RATNER: Ending Arab slavery

Washington Times  10 October 2011
By Ellen Ratner

My life has been profoundly changed by a blind teenage boy. His name is Ker Deng. He belongs to the Dinka tribe in southern Sudan. Arab raiders from northern Sudan enslaved Ker in his infancy. His


Message to Turkey: Cyprus will hold EU presidency 10 October 2011

Cyprus will assume the six monthly rotating EU presidency in July 2012 whether some wish it or not, President Christofias said on today. Referring to the Turkish reactions regarding the Cyprus EU


Belgium: Turks sentenced for wedding procession wild ride

Islam in Europe 10 October 2011

Six Turks from Ghent lost their cars and got a five year driving ban after going wild during a wedding procession on the highway. The Turks drove on the E40 from Ghent to Sint-Jans-Molenbeek


200 suicide bombers 'planning attacks in UK' 10 October 2011
By Sean Rayment

A senior intelligence source has revealed that the figure is a "conservative" estimate of the threat facing the country from UK-based Islamist suicide bombers. The would-be killers are among 2,000


Stealth Jihad: FBI chief Mueller says the truth about Islam is "inappropriate and offensive"

Atlas Shrugs 10 October 2011

This move to whitewash anti-terror training at the FBI is a huge victory for the stealth jihad in America. What planet are these clowns on? If it's not jihad, then what is it? Such cowardice is


Bombing Bikinis: Islam on the beach

Atlas Shrugs 10 October 2011

The rise of Islam in Russia. Devout Muslims have taken to bombing beaches to impose the sharia and ban the bikini. Interesting that a woman who lost her leg in a beach bomb lamented that a sharia


Local Islamists draw on British success in bid for sharia law

The Australian 10 October 2011
By Chris Merritt

THE push to recognise sharia law in Australia has entered an ambitious new phase that draws on the tactics that have handed success to Islamists in Britain. The latest move, under the guise of


Islamists attack Tunisian TV station for showing film 'hostile to their beliefs'

The National 10 October 2011

About 50 Islamist demonstrators were arrested yesterday for trying to attack the offices of a TV channel that had shown a controversial movie. The film, Persepolis, is based on Marjane Satrapi's


High libido: Alfa in attempted rape scandal • How he tricks victims for sex 10 October 2011
By Oluwatoyin Malik

BUT for the quick intervention of the police, a self-acclaimed Islamic cleric, who goes about tricking women with messages from Allah in order to sleep with them, would have been mobbed to death on


Turkey:EU criticises fine for womanising sultans on tv

ANSAmed 10 October 2011

ANKARA, - The European Commission has reportedly criticised the limited freedom of expression in Turkey, referring to a well-known Turkish television serial that was fined for depicting the


Drop in terrorist attacks in September 10 October 2011

However, the number of attacks in Jerusalem and Judea and Samaria increased In September 2011, there was a significant drop in the number of terrorist attacks carried out against Israel - 68,


Video: Video and updates of clashes between Copts and cops in Egypt

Elder of Ziyon 10 October 2011

Al Masry al Youm has some additional news from Cairo: 10:45 pm: An eye-witness reports that protesters attempting to move from Abdel Moneim Riad Square to Tahrir Square were charged by a police pick-up truck travelling at high speed. The pick-up truck emerged from behind military police, who were blocking the entrance to Tahrir. Small groups of protesters continue to attempt to re-group in the surrounding streets.


Anti-Gadhafi fighters make gains in Sirte

CBS News 10 October 2011

SIRTE, Libya — Libya's revolutionary forces seized a convention center Sunday that had served as a key base for fighters loyal to Moammar Gadhafi in the fugitive leader's hometown, as they squeezed


"There's no place for Jews in Libya"

Elder of Ziyon 10 October 2011

A few hundred angry protesters gathered in central Tripoli on the eve of Yom Kippur on Friday, calling for the deportation of a Libyan Jew who has been trying to reopen a synagogue sealed since


Uttar Pradesh: Fear drives rapist to marry victim

News India Today 10 October 2011

Amrita Pritam's 1950 novel Pinjar - subsequently turned into a Bollywood flick with Urmila Matondkar and Manoj Bajpai playing the lead roles - portrayed the condition of women in the


Libya's Coming Islamist Government

Huffington Post  10 October 2011
By Daniel Wagner

Like the Tunisian and Egyptian uprisings this year, the Libyan uprising presented a liberal, democratic face to the world, leaving the impression that what will replace the ancien regimes in these


Iranian actress to receive 90 lashes, jail for appearing in Australian co-produced film

The Vine 10 October 2011

Over the weekend, Iranian Actress Marzieh Vafamehr was sentenced to a year in jail and 90 lashes for her role in the 2009 film My Tehran for Sale. The film was written and directed by Granaz


Iran tells Turkey: change tack or face trouble

Reuters India  10 October 2011
By Robin Pomeroy

A key aide to Iran's supreme leader said on Saturday Turkey must radically rethink its policies on Syria, the NATO missile shield and promoting Muslim secularism in the Arab world -- or face trouble


HWF felicitates 100 Meritorious Muslim students of Delhi

Northern Voices Online 10 October 2011

New Delhi: Human Welfare Foundation, PM Foundation Kerala and Fathima Heath Care Group jointly felicitated 100 meritorious students of Muslim minority community of Delhi in an Award Distribution


Women who violate headscarf law should be stripped of passports: Iranian lawmaker 10 October 2011

A member of Iranian parliament’s judicial commission on Sunday demanded the government withdraw passports from women who violate a law requiring them to wear the Muslim headscarf, Fars News Agency

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