Fighting al-Qaeda for a Secular State near Mali

Gatestone Institute 1 August 2012
By Anna Mahjar-Barducci

On April 6, a new state, Azawad, emerged in the heart of the Sahara. A movement almost unknown, called the National Movement for the Liberation of Azawad (MNLA), which defines


Terrorist Attack Thwarted Against English Defence League

AINA (press release) 1 August 2012
By Stephen Brown

With all the excitement and euphoria about the 2012 Summer Olympics, it is somewhat understandable why a suspected Islamist terrorist attack story that appeared a month ago did not receive the media attention or garner the outrage in Great Britain it deserved. It becomes more understandable when one considers the frequency of such occurrences across Europe nowadays has dulled Europeans' sensibilities to the grave, internal danger their countries face from radical Islam, causing the public attention and media life span concerning such stories to be rather short.


Frenchman pays burka ban fines amid US criticism

RFI 1 August 2012

A French businessman, Rachid Nekkaz on Monday paid fines imposed on two women who were wearing face-covering niqab veils on the streets of Belgium. A 19 year old Belgian


French summer camp workers sacked over Ramadan fast

AFP 1 August 2012
By Pauline Froissart

PARIS — Tensions between French authorities and the country's Islamic community resurfaced on Tuesday after it emerged that four summer camp instructors had been sacked for


Women fighters back Saudi hijab decision

Yahoo! News UK1 August 2012
By Michael Holden

LONDON - Top female judo fighters on Tuesday backed the decision to allow a Saudi athlete to compete at the Olympic Games wearing an Islamic headscarf, saying it would not bother them and would


Lawyer says wife of British Muslim terrorism suspect also faces terrorism-related charge

Washington Post 1 August 2012

LONDON — The pregnant wife of a British Muslim convert accused of travelling to Pakistan for terrorism training has also been charged with a terrorism-related offense, her


Turkey's influence in Bosnia

RFI 1 August 2012
By Jan van der Made

The Muslim member of Bosnia's tripartite presidency, Bakir Izetbegovic, is in Turkey for a visit centred on bilateral and regional issues. In recent times, Turkey has played a


US report criticises French Islamic veil ban

France 24 1 August 2012
By Tony Todd

The US on Monday criticised France and Belgium for banning women from wearing face-covering Islamic veils in public, while warning of growing anti-Semitism and hostility


Man abducted, then 'converted' to Islam

Daily Star Online1 August 2012

Jamaat-e-Islami leader Muhammad Kamaruzzaman had forced a Hindu youth to convert to Islam at an Al-Badr camp during the Liberation War, Monowar Hossain Khan, a guard of the camp,


Pregnant wife of Muslim convert 'who went to Pakistan training camp' is charged with terror offence

Daily Mail 1 August 2012
By Anna Edwards

The wife of a white Muslim convert accused of travelling to Pakistan for terrorism training has been charged with a terror offence, a court heard today. Ayan Hadi, 30, who


Male circumcision is an unwarranted breach of a child’s integrity – just like FGM

National Secular Society 1 August 2012
By Kenneth Houston

The Muslim-Jewish alliance of religious 'leaders' who condemned the recent German court ruling in Cologne on male circumcision stands as a testament to the need for secularism. The court had decided that the right of individuals to freely express their religious beliefs did not extend to the 'right' of parents to mutilate their children's genitals.


Radical Islamist cleric rebuffed by 2 judges in bid for release in UK as he fights deportation

Edmonton Journal 1 August 2012

LONDON - Two judges on Tuesday rejected the latest bid by radical Islamist cleric Abu Qatada to be freed from detention in Britain, which has been trying to deport him for


Video: The rest of the show on sexual harassment in Belgium

Vlad Tepes 1 August 2012

The trailer that was translated and posted last week of this show has hit well over fifty thousands views, and that is on my post of it alone. I know it has been moved to various youtube channels where it enjoys robust view counts as well.


English Defence League leader to stand as police commissioner

Telegraph 1 August 2012
By Martin Beckford

Kevin Carroll, who is also a senior figure in the nationalist British Freedom Party, will run in the anti-Islamic group’s stronghold of Bedfordshire. He is promising to end


Bulgaria Bombing Catches Country Unprepared 1 August 2012
By Mariya Petkova

It has been almost two weeks since the bombing in Burgas, Bulgaria, that killed five Israelis and one Bulgarian, and the investigation has still not yielded answers. Foreign security


Sunday Express pays damages to Islamic school

Press Gazette 1 August 2012

A west London school and its director today accepted libel damages over a newspaper claim that it had been infiltrated by Islamic fanatics. The King Fahad Academy and Dr Sumaya Alyusuf


When Criticizing Religion (Read: Islam) Becomes a U.S. Criminal Offense

Radical Islam 1 August 2012
By Meira Svirsky

While testifying to the House Judiciary Committee Subcommittee on the Constitution, U.S. Assistant Attorney General Tom Perez refused to say that the U.S. would never advance a proposal


Video: Stakelbeck on Terror Show: The Coming Middle East War

Christian Broadcasting Network 1 August 2012
By Erick Stakelbeck

On this week's episode of the Stakelbeck on Terror show, we're joined by Bible prophecy expert Bill Salus and White House correspondent Bill Koenig for a look at how current events in the Middle East are fulfilling Bible prophecy—and how Israel's enemies may soon instigate a war with the Jewish state that will see them decisively defeated. Click on the viewer below to watch.


Just Whack the Jewish Piñata

Gatestone Institute 1 August 2012
By Mudar Zahran

Egyptian activists seem to believe that Egyptian actor Adel Imam — possibly the most famous Arab actor — took Mubarak's side amid the Egyptian revolution that toppled him in 2011. As a result


Third intifada, ‘one-state’ solution get traction at confab

Haolam 1 August 2012
By Guy Herschmann

One might have expected the Birzeit Society’s 11th annual convention in Burlingame, with its schedule of family outings and festivities, to be a pleasant family affair. The society, established


Apple, Google remove Hezbollah TV app

CNET 1 August 2012

Google and Apple have both removed an application from their respective app stores that Hezbollah was advertising promoting streaming video from its Al-Manar Lebanon-based satellite


Video: Anti-Christian Paranoia

Ezra Levant 1 August 2012
By Ezra Levant

Why is the main-stream media so opposed to Christians? Ezra Levant exposes the paranoia and asks the hard questions.


A Hundred Police Deployed to Contain Mass Brawl in Munich Mosque

Islam versus Europe 1 August 2012

The peaceniks have been at it again. Last night, shortly after prayers began at the "Islamic Centre for Afghan Exiles in Bavaria" in Munich, a mass brawl broke out among the


The circle of global criminals expands

The Daily Star 1 August 2012
By Rami G. Khouri

A noteworthy but troubling recent development across the Middle East and North Africa has been the quiet resurgence of Al-Qaeda affiliates and Salafist militants confronting established regimes.


Inside France’s Future Muslim-Majority City

FrontPage Magazine 31 July 2012
By Daniel Greenfield

When foreigners think of the French city of Marseille they think of the national anthem, of Renoir sketching the old port in slashes of yellow and blue, and of castles and cafes overlooking the water. But the old port will now be overshadowed by a Grand Mosque.


London's Olympic Park toilets to turn away from Mecca out of respect for Islamic law

Daily Mail 31 July 2012

Toilet facilities are being built at London's Olympic Park so Muslims will not have to face Mecca while sitting on the loo. The Olympic Delivery Authority has said it wants


Germany Tackles Islamic Radicalization

Gatestone Institute 31 July 2012
By Soeren Kern

The German state of Lower Saxony has published a practical guide to extremist Islam to help citizens identify tell-tale signs of Muslims who are becoming radicalized.

Security officials say the objective of the document is to mitigate the threat of home-grown terrorist attacks by educating Germans about radical Islam and encouraging them to refer suspected Islamic extremists to the authorities.


Before Deadly Bulgaria Bombing, Tracks Of A Resurgent Iran-Hezbollah Threat

OPB News 31 July 2012
By Sebastian Rotella

After a decade in which al Qaeda dominated the world stage, the global terror threat from Iran has escalated sharply, generating a swarm of recent plots from Delhi to Mombasa


Spanish Taxpayers Fund Celebration of Muslim Treason

Islam versus Europe 31 July 2012

This is another of those stories that seem almost surreal. In a time of straitened economic circumstances, when local Spanish governments are begging for help from Madrid, and


The Circumcision Debate in Germany, Austria and Switzerland

Gatestone Institute 31 July 2012
By Veli Sirin

A German regional court held at the end of June that circumcision of males, practiced by Jews and Muslims, is a "bodily injury" of the child and punishable as a crime. German political leaders reacted against the opinion, and the probability that it would portray today's Germany in a negative light. The court order will likely be nullified definitively by the German parliament and constitutional court, but anti-circumcision policies have spread to Switzerland and Austria as well.

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