The government is exploiting a scandal in the army

The Economist 30 July 2012

HOW does a prostitute make an officer reveal military secrets? Rather easily, according to evidence assembled against a group of Turkish officers who allegedly ran a


Are Iraq and Turkey Models for Democratization

Middle East Quarterly 30 July 2012
By Ofra Bengio

In the wake of the upheavals that have shaken the Arab world since December 2010, activists, politicians, and analysts have all been searching for new, democratic models of


Spanish foreign minister: Mali a ‘platform for terrorism’

Daily News Egypt 30 July 2012
By Rana Muhammad Taha

Spanish Foreign Minister Jose Manuel Garcia-Margallo stated Saturday that Spain is evacuating its aid workers from Saharawi refugee camps in the westernmost province of


Analysis: Why won't EU call Hezbollah terrorists

Jerusalem Post 30 July 2012

BERLIN – Foreign Minister Avigdor Liberman’s diplomatic push last week in Brussels to convince the EU to designate the Lebanese-based Hezbollah group as a terror entity was met


Manchester University installs Pray-O-Mat prayer booth

BBC News 30 July 2012

A multi-faith praying machine called the Pray-O-Mat has been installed at the University of Manchester. The specially converted photo booth offers more than 300 pre-recorded


The al-Qaeda 'fight' club 30 July 2012
By James George

Radicalized Sunni Muslims comprise the heart of al-Qaeda as it was founded by Osama bin Laden to fight the Soviet invaders in Afghanistan. With Osama and the founding leaders


Qatar wants to buy 200 tanks from Germany - report 30 July 2012

Qatar wants to buy up to 200 Leopard tanks from Germany, with a potential value of up to €2bn (US$2.5bn), German magazine Spiegel reported on Sunday, without citing


Anti-torture legislation in Pakistan needed to protect women 30 July 2012

Speech given by Abbasi Nusrat Bano, a member of the Provincial Assembly, at the meeting of Asian Parliamentarians On Sunday afternoon, (July 22), Abbasi Nusrat Bano, a


Huma Abedin’s Brotherhood Ties Are Not Just a Family Affair

Family Security Matters 30 July 2012

Senator John McCain's claim that concerns about Huma Abedin are a smear based on "a few unspecified and unsubstantiated associations" proves more embarrassing by the day. In


Grand Mufti Emanuel's Chicago Values

American Thinker 30 July 2012
By Selwyn Duke

When Rahm Emanuel ascended to the top of Chicago's political heap last year, it was thought to have been the result of a citywide election that won him the mayorship. I had no


Letting The Muslim Brotherhood Off The Hook

FrontPage Magazine 30 July 2012
By Ben Shapiro

This past week, rumors swirled around Capitol Hill that Speaker of the House John Boehner (R-OH) was pushing for the ouster of Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-MN) from the


Don't cross the forces of tolerance

The Orange Country Register 30 July 2012

To modify Lord Acton, power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely, but aldermanic power corrupts all der more manically. Proco "Joe" Moreno is Alderman of the First Ward


The Muslim Brotherhood's American Defenders

AINA (press release) 30 July 2012
By Caroline Glick

On Wednesday, John Brennan, US President Barack Obama's assistant for homeland security and counterterrorism, made a quick trip to Israel to discuss Hezbollah's massacre of Israeli tourists in Burgas, Bulgaria last week.

Hopefully it was an instructive meeting for the senior US official, although his Israeli interlocutors were undoubtedly dumbstruck by how difficult it was to communicate with him. Unlike previous US counterterror officials, Brennan does not share Israel's understanding of Middle Eastern terrorism.


No "Buyer's Remorse" For Voting For Obama

Gatestone Institute 30 July 2012
By Alan M. Dershowitz

Republicans are trying to woo away Jews who voted for Barack Obama in 2008, hoping they have experienced "buyer's remorse." I, for one, have experienced no such remorse. I have


Hundreds of Jacksonville Muslims break fast together at Islamic Center 30 July 2012
By Khristopher J. Brooks

When Shakur Bolden first accepted Islam 30 years ago, he didn’t think much of the fasting during Ramadan. These days, Bolden said he realizes the tradition is much more


Many Republican voters still believe Obama is Muslim 30 July 2012
By Carol Anne Hunt

Four years after winning the election, one in three Republican voters is still convinced US President Barack Obama is a Muslim, a Pew Research Center survey


Armed forces of Syria to launch counter attack after FSA enters Aleppo: Erdogan rattled

Modern Tokyo Times 30 July 2012
By Murad Makhmudov and Lee Jay Walker

The government of Syria is fighting for its survival because of outside forces destabilizing this nation. Therefore, the armed forces of Syria are bracing themselves for an


Jihad in Thailand: Muslim terrorists detonate car bomb in front of school, 5 police dead

Atlas Shrugs 30 July 2012
By Pamela Geller

Thai-language local news outlets are carrying additional details and photos of a car bomb explosion a few hours ago that killed 5 police officers of the Teacher Protection Unit


Ramadan kareem! Muslims murder four soldiers in Thailand

Jihad Watch 30 July 2012

There is a "surge in violence" in Thailand since Ramadan began. Somehow these Misunderstanders of Islam didn't get the memo that Ramadan is a time to "reconcile differences and


Gaza patients in danger because of Hamas/Fatah bickering (UPDATE: First death)

Elder of Ziyon 30 July 2012

A dispute between the two rival Palestinian governments is preventing hundreds of patients in Gaza from receiving urgent medical care abroad, officials said Sunday.

One Gaza man said he has tried unsuccessfully for the past week to get his wife transferred out of Gaza for the removal of a brain tumor. Salman Tawfik said his wife Rasha, 50, lapsed into a coma two days ago, while he was caught in a bureaucratic maze.


Palestinian Financial Crisis Looms

American Thinker 30 July 2012
By Shoshana Bryen

The Palestinians face an economic crisis more severe than the World Bank had anticipated; the Bank fears that the territories may become "ungovernable." This is not actually


‘Bomber argued with my husband before detonating,’ Burgas victim recounts

The Times of Israel 30 July 2012
By Ilan Ben Zion

The suspected culprit in last week’s Burgas bombing allegedly argued with two of the victims before detonating the explosive he placed in the bus’s baggage compartment, Channel


Video: Imam calls for jihad and caliphate, picks up gun during Friday prayers

Jihad Watch 30 July 2012

What are you getting so excited about, you greasy Islamophobe? Don't we hear every day about priests, ministers and rabbis drawing guns during sermons about how the believers must make war against unbelievers and subjugate them? This one's from Syria. Video thanks to Pamela Geller.


Kidnap, forced conversion and marriage of Egyptian Christian women rising 30 July 2012

A new report has found that the cases of Christian girls and women disappearing, being forcibly converted to Islam and married against their will in Egypt have escalated since


Copts in Egypt are worried

Youngstown Vindicator 30 July 2012

Among the biggest losers from the current Arab political upheavals are the Christian minorities of the Middle East. Long before the Arab Spring, Iraq’s historic Christian


Syria's Christians Targetted By Anti-Assad Militants

AINA (press release) 30 July 2012
By Martin Barillas

Radical Islamists are sowing terror among civilians in Syria, which has been embattled for more than a year as various groups vie to push President Bashr Al-Assad from power.


Global travel industry gears up for Muslim tourist boom

From halal spas to prayer rooms at airport terminals, the global tourism industry is gearing up for a projected boom in Muslim travel over the next decade, experts


Three shot dead in restive Thai south

MSN Philippines News 30 July 2012

The violence reflects an annual spike in unrest during the Islamic holy month of Ramadan in the region bordering Malaysia, where thousands have died in a shadowy insurgency


Islamists: Couple in Northern Mali Stoned to Death

ABC News 30 July 2012

A spokesman for the radical Islamic group controlling northern Mali says a couple who had an adulterous relationship was stoned to death this weekend in the town of


Sharia in action in Saudi Arabia: Sri Lankan arrested for praying to Buddha, could be beheaded

Jihad Watch 30 July 2012

I am confident that Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf is jetting his way to Saudi Arabia right now, so as to explain to the authorities there that Sharia is benign and completely

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