Russia foils 'Chechen plot' to assassinate Vladimir Putin 28 February 2012
By Tom Parfitt

State television in Russia said that special forces had seized two conspirators in Odessa, southern Ukraine, after an explosion in an apartment in January. The Chechen alleged ringleader, Adam


Islam is different

Human Events 28 February 2012
By John Hayward

Afghanistan continues to be torn by violence after the burning of Korans at an American airbase, including more attacks on American and NATO military personnel. A car bomber hit a NATO base on


Debbie Wasserman Schultz Empowers a Radical Muslim Fundraiser

FrontPage Magazine 28 February 2012
By Joe Kaufman and Beila Rabinowitz

A radical Muslim group with ties to the Obama Administration will be featuring the head of the Democratic National Committee, Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz, as the keynote speaker for its annual fundraising banquet this coming April. By agreeing to partake in the event, Wasserman Schultz is helping to further this organization’s nefarious agenda of placing Islamists into positions of American power and influence. It is this stealth jihad which threatens our country not from abroad, but from within.


Video: Just Another Case Of Sharia In America

Family Security Matters 28 February 2012
By Gadi Adelman

Quite frankly, I am getting a little tired of writing about these stories when all I continue to hear is that "Sharia can never happen in America.” I have had more arguments with "liberal” attorneys than I care to remember and each time they all say the same thing… "Give me one case, just one example of Sharia in America.” No matter what cases I cite it’s never good enough or it was overturned so it doesn’t count.


Maldives: Pro-Sharia Islamic supremacist party topples govt with pamphlet accusing it of teaching "good things about the Jews"

Jihad Watch 28 February 2012

Note here again the appeals to Islamic authenticity and frequent quotes from the Qur'an and invocations of Islam. Yet these are the people whom their coreligionists in the West would claim are


Sharia in U.S.? Florida's proposed ban draws attacks from Muslims 28 February 2012
By Jim Kouri

Florida state lawmakers are enduring attacks from an organization many call a "terrorist front group" who oppose legislation aimed at banning the use of Sharia law -- the religious doctrine that's


Video: "Stoning" Attack on Israeli Car

youtube 28 February 2012
By SassVideo


Video: 'Zombie Muhammed' alleges Muslim attack

24 Hours Vancouver 28 February 2012

A Pennsylvania man who says he was attacked during a Halloween parade last October because he was dressed like a zombie Muhammad has released a YouTube video because he says the judge was wrong in his ruling.


British Freedom Party London meeting, Saturday 3rd March

British Freedom 28 February 2012

The British Freedom Party’s next meeting/ open evening takes place on Saturday 3rd March in central London. Paul Weston, fresh from his North American tour, will be there with the rest of the BF team


Nigeria repatriates 11,000 'undesirable' foreigners

Radio Netherlands Worldwide 28 February 2012

Nigeria has repatriated around 11,000 foreigners mainly from Niger and Chad over the past six months to curb a growing Islamist insurgency, the immigration services said on Monday. "The latest


Hamas and Fatah Want a New Intifada

Hudson New York 28 February 2012
By Khaled Abu Toameh

Hamas and Fatah have lately ratcheted up their rhetoric against Israel in a clear bid to distract attention from their failure to end their power struggle.

By backing a "popular resistance" against Israel, Hamas and Fatah are hoping to distract attention from their failure to end their dispute and form a unity government.


Pentagon extends apology at local Mosque 28 February 2012

A senior Pentagon official apologized Friday to Washington-area Muslims for the burning of Qurans at a military base in Afghanistan. The Associated Press reports, Peter Lavoy, acting assistant


Come to Britain and Live Like a Millionaire

British Freedom 28 February 2012

Point 15 of British Freedom’s 20 Point Plan states: "End welfare payments to immigrants; they must pay for their housing and children.” Here’s why: At least 100 families receiving housing


Bank Negara Indonesia to grow Shariah banking

Channel NewsAsia 28 February 2012
By Yvonne Chan

SINGAPORE: Indonesia's fourth largest lender Bank Negara Indonesia (BNI) is actively searching for a partner to further tap growth opportunities in Shariah banking. Its CEO Gatot Suwondo said the


The Rebellion of Muslim Women May Defeat the Third Jihad

Citizen Warrior 27 February 2012

I've been reading an interesting book called How Civilizations Die and have come across some surprising facts. The book was published in 2011 and uses very recent population and birth rate data. Here's the bottom line: Women in Muslim countries are helping the counterjihad by not having many children. They are undermining orthodox Muslims by denying them soldiers. Here are some passages from the book:


Fireman Sam creator detained at airport for veil comment at security gate 27 February 2012
By Jason Lewis

As David Jones arrived at the security gates at Gatwick airport, he was looking forward to getting through swiftly so he could enjoy lunch with his daughters before their flight. Placing his


Obama apologizes as Afghan Quran protests rage 27 February 2012
By Deb Riechmann and Amir Shah

KABUL, Afghanistan - President Obama apologized to Afghans on Thursday for the burning of Qurans at a U.S. military base, trying to assuage rising anti-American sentiment as an Afghan soldier gunned


Video: My Apology to President Karzai on Behalf of Americans

youtube 27 February 2012
By kiradavis422

Wherein I follow the lead of our own President and apologize to President Karzai of Afghanistan on behalf of America


British Freedom Party under attack by far-left and Muslim extremists – your help is needed

British Freedom 27 February 2012

A Statement from the British Freedom Press Office Party Chairman Paul Weston has just returned from a very successful tour of the USA and Canada where he addressed a state legislature and several


Turkish Minister: Jerusalem has to be freed of Israeli occupation

World Bulletin 27 February 2012

Atalay described Jerusalem as "a captive city in the hands of Israel," saying that Israel's policy is aimed at denying Jerusalem's thousands-year-old history with Muslims, Christians and


Korans and Killing

CultureWatch 27 February 2012
By Bill Muehlenberg

An effort by the US military in Afghanistan to curtail terrorism has provoked a furious backlash by Muslims, and simply once again highlights the almost unbridgeable chasm that exists between civilised Western values and blood-soaked Islamic values.


Secret services ramp up online surveillance

The Local 27 February 2012

German secret services have ramped up surveillance of online communications in the fight against terrorism. A new report reveals the authorities accessed 37 million emails and data connections in


Britain Launches War on Multiculturalism

Hudson New York 27 February 2012
By Soeren Kern

"We have even tolerated these segregated communities behaving in ways that run completely counter to our values. ... I believe a genuinely liberal country... believes in certain values and


Video: Krauthammer: How about an apology from the OIC

Jihad Watch 27 February 2012

Skewering the double standard. "Krauthammer: When Will Islamic Nations Apologize To Us…," by Josh Feldman for Mediaite, February 24: Almost everyone in the Obama administration, including President Obama himself, has been apologizing to Muslims all over the world after NATO forces burned copies of the Quran in Afghanistan yesterday.


Why Multiculturalism Is Racism

The Phyllis Chesler Organization 27 February 2012
By Phyllis Chesler

Dr. Salim Mansur's new book Delectable Lie: A Liberal Repudiation of Multiculturalism has been positively reviewed and endorsed by a handful of mainly conservative reviewers and distinguished intellectuals.

In my opinion, the book has been underestimated. It is a real gem. And, despite a recent spate of other important books on this subject, including Ibn Warraq's Why the West Is Best, Mansur's work is unique. Mansur gives us very valuable information about the history of multiculturalism in Canada, which is important because Canada — where Mansur lives, writes, and teaches — may well be the very first Western democracy to have legally enshrined this policy. We learn, up close, what that policy has done.


OIC Caliphate Demands Swift Punishment for Infidels Who Burned Quran

Atlas Shrugs 27 February 2012

The OIC represents 56 countries plus the Palestinian Authority. It claims also to represent Muslim immigrants — the "Diaspora” — in Europe, the Americas, Africa, and Asia. It is pan-Islamic: It seeks


Blasphemy: Arrest Mark Zuckerberg, Fleming Rose, says petitioner

The Express Tribune 27 February 2012

FAISALABAD: A case for the arrest of Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and Cultural Editor of Danish Newspaper Fleming Rose, for allowing ‘blasphemous’ caricatures of Prophet Mohammad (pbuh), was


No One is Safe under Islamist Regimes -- not even Muslims

American Thinker 27 February 2012
By Neil Snyder

President Obama, leaders in his administration, and most Democrats in Congress would have us believe that the Arab Spring is good for Arabs in the Middle East and for the rest of the world because it is a prelude to democracy. They fail to recognize these simple facts:

* A sizeable minority of Arabs in the Middle East and North Africa are Islamists.


Hate preacher Abu Qatada will cost us 5m-a-year... that's 100 times the cost of keeping him in jail 27 February 2012

Mammoth surveillance operation costing L100,000 a week * MI5 and police officers follow him on foot when he leaves home * Phone listener and 24 hour translator on hand to intercept


US troops wounded in Afghan grenade attack

FRANCE 24 27 February 2012

A protester was killed and seven US soldiers were wounded in a grenade attack on their base in a sixth day of anti-American protests Sunday, police said, as President Hamid Karzai called for calm.

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