Evolution is haram!

Discover Magazine 29 November 2011
By Razib Khan

Ruchira Paul points me to this peculiar article, Muslim medical students boycotting lectures on evolution… because it ‘clashes with the Koran’: Muslim students, including trainee doctors on


Ban sharia law

Calgary Herald 29 November 2011
By Nancy Mereska

Polygamous cultures produce fatherless societies that are subject to poverty and little hope for the future. The "race" riots of France in 2010 were largely due to problems with Muslim polygamy; as


Time to limit Muslim immigration

WND 29 November 2011
By Joseph Farah

In the most recent GOP presidential debate, former Sen. Rick Santorum raised controversy by suggesting it is perfectly appropriate and sensible to consider what kind of people hijack airliners and


How Moderate Muslims Get Trapped

Hudson New York 29 November 2011
By Mohshin Habib

After a holy war on the Jews and the Christians, the Islamic Extremists try to destroy Muslims not to their liking. After the hatred of the Jews, the Ahmadiyyans, or Qadiani, one of the Muslim


'Swedish society forces 'immigrants' to emigrate'

The Local 29 November 2011

Swedish society is failing its "immigrants", many of whom, such as football star Zlatan Ibrahimovic, are forced to look elsewhere to build successful careers, social commentator and author Tove


British Freedom Group Set up in Cheshire!

British Freedom 29 November 2011

British Freedom is pleased to announce the formation of a group in Hale, Cheshire. Steve Mills has very kindly stepped up to the mark and offered his assistance to the party there. With his help we


A book on Radical Islam—for our youth!

Act for America 29 November 2011
By Brigitte Gabriel

For months, I have been anxiously looking forward to the day I could send you this email. It’s because I am so excited to be able to announce the completion of a new ACT! for America book for our


Apology for Massacre Sparks Debate in Turkey

Rudaw in English 29 November 2011

ERBIL, Iraqi Kurdistan -- Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s apology for the massacre in Dersim has created new tensions between Erdogen’s Justice and Development Party (AKP) and the main


‘Homeland’ Beats ‘All-American Muslim’

FrontPage Magazine 29 November 2011
By Daniel Greenfield

Several weeks ago All-American Muslim debuted on TLC to a storm of publicity and high ratings, but the publicity has vanished and the ratings are dribbling away. The series had premiered to a 1.7


Iran moves to expel British ambassador; legislators chant "Death to England"

Jihad Watch 29 November 2011

Britain is now also officially "worse than the devil," according to the resolution that legislators passed, with some lawmakers threatening a reprise of the 1979 hostage crisis. "Tehran votes to


Israel: Lion or Lamb?

FrontPage Magazine 29 November 2011
By Mark Tapson

As military analyst Yaakov Katz wrote recently in The Jerusalem Post, "Something has changed in Israel.” Once, it was renowned for daring military operations like the 1972 capture of five Syrian


‘US Democracy’ Set to Elect Second Mideast Terrorist Party

Israel National News 29 November 2011
By Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu

For the second time in six years, the United States has urged Mideast elections, and for the second time, a terrorist party is likely to win. In 2005, then-U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice


Six-kilo baby born in Germany, named Jihad

Yahoo!7 29 November 2011

A woman in Germany has given birth to the country's heaviest baby and has gone ahead and named him Jihad, local media has reported. According to the doctors at Berlin’s Charité hospital, the baby


Moroccan sheep in wolf’s clothing

JPost 29 November 2011

The Justice and Development Party (Hizb Al-Adala Wa At-tanmia), which is identified with the Muslim Brotherhood, has won the elections in Morocco held on November 26, 2011. The party won 107 of


Rise and fall of Headley: From LeT to Chicago jail

Rediff.com News 29 November 2011

In the fourth and concluding part of the series ProPublica's Sebastian Rotella talks about how Laskar-e-Tayiba operative David Coleman Headley was finally nabbed by United States law enforcement


Egyptians Go to the Polls

FrontPage Magazine 29 November 2011
By Rick Moran

Egyptians will go to the polls on Monday to take the first of several steps in voting for a new parliament. Up to 30 million of the nation’s 50 million eligible voters may take part in what one


Hardline Islamists interrupt Tunisian university

Taiwan News Online 29 November 2011

Tunisia's Ministry of Higher Education says some 50 ultraconservative Muslims have disrupted exams at a university with calls for greater religiosity. The ministry said bearded students wearing


Jilted Muslim Love Jihadists in West Bengal increasing Cruelty upon Hindu Girls terribly.

Hindu Existence 29 November 2011

KAKINARA | WEST BENGAL: The non satiated Love Jehadists are getting more violent in West Bengal. The Muslim Romeos are very much interested to use them against the consent of the Hindu


UN: Syrian forces killed, tortured 256 children

Yahoo! News 29 November 2011

BEIRUT — A U.N. investigation has concluded that Syrian forces committed crimes against humanity by killing and torturing hundreds of children, including a 2-year-old girl reportedly shot to


• 50.000 x EuropeNews & ”No Tolerance for Intolerance”

EuropeNews 28 November 2011

EuropeNews has now reached 50.000 posts, marking more than four years of uninterrupted service in basically the same form as we started

The fundamental aim of EuropeNews remains the same as well, namely providing a compact overview of news that matter. Also unchanged is our slogan:

"No Tolerance for Intolerance – No Apology for Being Free”.

The Paradox of Tolerance

The first part of our slogan derives from the Paradox of Tolerance, that a person or a group taking pride in his supreme tolerance might in fact be profoundly intolerant, not least against those he judges to be "intolerant”, be it in the form of "bigoted”, "discriminating” or even "racist”. The classical notion that discriminating is wisdom and a virtue, not a sin, seems all but forgotten.


The Brown Legacy of Socialism

Gates of Vienna 28 November 2011
By Freya Klier

"Is there a right-radical program? Those who are pursuing one today are the extreme Left.”

The following article from Die Welt is a left-wing perspective on a historical fact that has been swept under the rug: the remnants of National Socialist ideology were kept alive by Communists and Socialists in postwar Europe.


The Totalitarian EU Tightens Its Grip

British Freedom 28 November 2011
By Paul Weston

The increasingly dictatorial behaviour of the unelected EU Commissioners rather proves the point made by Soviet dissident Vladimir Bukovsky, who way back in 2006 stated that the political structure of the European Union was similar to that of the Supreme Soviet and the Politburo, and that the similarity was intentional.


Surviving Islamism ... And Right/Left Politics: Churchill's Principle - Part II: Right v. Left

The Brussels Journal 28 November 2011
By Peter Carl

In this, his second in his series of six essays, Peter Carl looks into some research that suggests why continued "Left”/”Right” polemical infighting is highly unlikely to create greater acceptance or success for the Counter-Jihad Movement. Instead, he argues, it is far more likely to contribute to greater damage and increased resistance to the Movement in an ever worsening future.


Video: England now has rational liberal political party.

Winds of Jihad 28 November 2011
By Sheikyermami

Here is a video that not only shows Paul Weston’s values and views, but exposes the leftist bias in UK media. Paul makes short work of him though. This party looks like it might actually be able to represent British values, history and traditions and be a viable opponent to Islam in the UK. Let’s watch and see. If they enjoy some success, then maybe a similar party can work in the rest of the Commonwealth nations.


OBAMA - Failing to Deal, Dealing to Fail

The Terror Finance Blog 28 November 2011
By Rachel Ehrenfeld & K.D.M. Jensen

The past few days have seen yet another round in the "last straw" dithering about Iran.  This time the huffing seems heavier. The IAEA  has suddenly woken up and finds that Stuxnet wasn't much of a setback to the Iranian nuclear program, and it is finally prepared to recognize Ahmadinejad’s weaponization effort.


Israel a Burden on its Allies, Turkish President Says

Hudson New York 28 November 2011

President Abdullah Gül criticized Israel on Wednesday, saying its "insincere" commitment to peace in the Middle East has alienated even allies of the Jewish state. Gül, speaking at a British



The Dry Bones Blog 28 November 2011
By Yaakov Kirschen

You've probably heard the ridiculous idea that because the Mayan calendar supposedly ends in 2012, some people believe that the world will end in 2012. If not: check this idiocy out by clicking here.


Muslim Brotherhood Under Attack by Anonymous Activists

The Westminster Journal 28 November 2011
By A Millar

The Muslim Brotherhood has received a video warning from the internet activist movement, "Anonymous.” In a video posted on YouTube by The AnonMessage, and titled "Operation Brotherhood Takedown,” a


Changing Britain From the Ground Up

British Freedom 28 November 2011
By Martin Blackburn

We always think things have got worse from one generation to the next in terms of morality, work ethics and respect for the law; however from the recent riots, the ghetto communities that have


Video: EDL - The English Defence League and the British Freedom Party

youtube 28 November 2011
By melanoma321

The EDL has stated that it fully endorses 'The British Freedom Party' The following quote is from 'English Defence League EDL' : Tommy has no intentions of leaving the EDL not now or in the future, he has stated he would work with the British Freedom Party and that he has been offered a place on their committee.

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