"Honor killing" under growing scrutiny in the U.S.

CBS News 5 April 2012
By Julia Dahl

Three years ago, Razan Fayez was working as a family law attorney at the Tahirih Justice Center, a Virginia-based non-profit organization that helps women and children around the world who are


French gay Muslims: Muhammad would approve of our marriage

The Local 5 April 2012

A Muslim who became the first French man to marry his same sex partner in an Islamic religious ceremony has said that if the prophet Muhammad were alive today he would be happy to marry same sex


Islamic Indoctrination in Textbooks

Right Side News 5 April 2012
By Phyllis Schlafly

Political Correctness has a double standard when it comes to teaching about religion in public schools. Drop Christianity down the Memory Hole, but give extensive and mostly favorable coverage to Islam.

Even the mainstream media have provided extensive coverage of the steady stream of court cases and ACLU threatening letters aimed at removing all signs of Judeo-Christianity from public schools.


Gaddafi 'raped countless women during years in power', claims new documentary

Daily Mail 5 April 2012
By Allan Hall

Late Libyan dictator Colonel Muammar Gaddafi raped countless women during his years in power, according to an explosive new documentary. German broadcaster RTL is set to screen the controversial


Egypt jails Christian student for insulting Islam

Jerusalem Post 5 April 2012

CAIRO - An Egyptian court on Wednesday sentenced a 17-year-old Christian boy to three years in jail for publishing cartoons on his Facebook page that mocked Islam and the Prophet Mohammad, actions


Video: Stakelbeck on Terror Show: Islam and the Battle For Our Minds

CBN News 5 April 2012
By Erick Stakelbeck

On this week's episode of the Stakelbeck on Terror show, author Michael Widlanski joins us to discuss his new book, Battle For Our Minds: Western Elites and the Terror Threat.


Terror trial of former Winnipeg man begins before a U.S. court

Vancouver Sun 5 April 2012
By Mike McIntyre

WINNIPEG — He remains one of the world's most wanted fugitives — but a former Winnipeg man is about to take on a prominent role in a New York courtroom as a high-profile terrorism trial


CAIR Angered by Moderate Muslim’s Appointment to Religious Freedom Commission

the Algemeiner 5 April 2012

Dr. Zuhdi Jasser—head of the American Islamic Forum for Democracy (AIFD), an organization that seeks to fight radical Islamic ideology—on Monday was appointed to the U.S. Commission on International


French official: Islamists planned to kidnap judge

Businessweek 5 April 2012

Preliminary charges are being filed against 13 Islamist radicals in France, a prosecutor announced Tuesday, saying some had been calling for Muslim Shariah law in the country, doing weapons training


Muslim Brotherhood's 'Perception Management Team' to Washington, D.C.

Family Security Matters 5 April 2012
By Clare M. Lopez

A Muslim Brotherhood perception management team is coming to Washington, D.C. Georgetown University's Saudi-funded Alwaleed Bin Talal Center for Muslim-Christian Understanding and its Director, John


Radical Islam Finds Fertile Ground In Tropical Paradise Of Maldives

Worldcrunch 5 April 2012
By Frederic Bobin

MALE – A carefully trimmed beard, slicked-backed hair and a suave demeanor: meet the historic leader of the Islamists in the Maldives, the Muslim archipelago in the middle of the Indian Ocean that


Somali Islamist bomb attack leaves six dead

Gulf Times 5 April 2012

At least six people, including two of Somalia’s top sports officials, were killed when a female suicide bomber struck a ceremony at Mogadishu’s national theatre in an attack Islamist rebels said was


Islamists impose sharia law in Timbuktu; 95 percent of Christians flee, as Mali crisis deepens

Newser 5 April 2012

Mali's crisis deepened Wednesday, as officials in the fabled northern city of Timbuktu confirmed that the Islamic rebel faction that seized control of the town over the weekend has announced it will


Pakistan LeT founder goads US over $10 mln bounty

AFP 5 April 2012
By Nasir Jaffry

RAWALPINDI, Pakistan — The founder of the Pakistani militant group blamed for the 2008 Mumbai attacks goaded the United States on Wednesday in a defiant public appearance mocking his $10 million US


The New Anti-Semitism

Hoover Institution 4 April 2012
By Victor Davis Hanson

While it is true that Israeli forces stayed put on neighboring lands after the 1967 war, subsequent governments eventually withdrew from the Sinai, southern Lebanon, and Gaza—areas from which attacks were and are still staged against it. The Economist’s choice of "appealing” is an odd modifying adjective of the noun "enemy,” particularly for Iran, which has both promised to wipe out Israel and is desperately attempting to find the nuclear means to reify that boast.


Man held for setting his wife on fire

The Local 4 April 2012

A man in Malmö in southern Sweden is suspected of having set his wife on fire following a domestic dispute stemming from her request for a divorce.The 38-year-old woman received serious burns in the


Galloway won't go away

American Thinker 4 April 2012
By James Lewis

"All praise to Allah!" yelled George Galloway in his Parliamentary victory celebration last week in London. But Galloway is not a Muslim. He's just a radical leftist of the Eurosocialist kind -- like some famous politicians here in the United States. I won't mention names. They are atheist Marxist pro-Muslims. But mostly they are demagogues.


France: Muslims detained in sweep planned to kidnap Jewish judge

Jihad Watch 4 April 2012

Will the Islamophobia never end? "Official: Islamist radicals detained in French sweep planned to kidnap Jewish magistrate," by Sarah Dilorenzo for The Associated Press, April 3 (thanks to all who


Almost 80% of Social Housing in Paris Goes to Africans

Islam in Europe 4 April 2012
By Cheradenine Zakalwe

A study was carried out among those who had been allocated social housing in the Ile-de-France (Greater Paris) region between 2009 and 2010. A majority of the persons interviewed were born


France's halal market grows despite political polemics

Reuters 4 April 2012
By Tom Heneghan

Some French politicians have seized on the spread of halal food to win votes. Producers selling their wares at Paris's annual Muslim food fair are much more sure it will bring something else:


German trial shows al-Qaida targeted Europe economy

Jerusalem Post 4 April 2012

KOBLENZ, Germany – The third week of hearings to determine if Ahmad Wali Siddiqui, a German-Afghani, participated as a member of the terror groups al-Qaeda and the Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan


Video: Jihad in the West: Ongoing Threat Within

Family Security Matters 4 April 2012
By Diana West

On page 330 of the 2002 book Islam and Dhimmitude, the great historian Bat Ye'or writes:

It was in the early 1970s, with the outbreak of Arab Palestinian terrorism worldwide that dhimmitude erupted on European soil through violence and death deliberately inflicted on one category: the Jews, who were singled out as in the Nazi period by their religion.


Swedish "Youths” at it Again

Gates of Vienna 4 April 2012

This post isn’t officially designated as cultural enrichment news, based as it is on an article from the Swedish MSM. The national media in Sweden are always fastidious about anything that might hint


Islamists "discussed plan to kidnap French magistrate"

Paris - Radical Islamists in France discussed a plan to kidnap a magistrate in the city of Lyon, a top prosecutor confirmed Tuesday. Anti-terrorism prosecutor Francois Molins told reporters


Liberal Austrian Muslims counter radical Islamists

Jerusalem Post 4 April 2012

BERLIN – A group of liberal Austrian Muslims are seeking to counter a recent call by the Saudi grand mufti to "destroy all the churches” in the Gulf region by promoting the construction of a church


UK: Misunderstander of Islam charged over terrorism offenses

Jihad Watch 4 April 2012

He had a document entitled "44 Ways to Support Jihad," and somehow all the peaceful teachings of the Qur'an eluded him, and he didn't realize how the document was a twisting and highjacking of the


Teens' savage attack 'may have been filmed'

The Local 4 April 2012

Video footage may be available of the brutal beating in Gothenburg where a gang of teenage boys are suspected of having beaten a 61-year-old into a coma as bystanders looked on.On Sunday, four of the


The truth about Islam

Ynetnews 4 April 2012
By Manfred Gerstenfeld

The murders committed by Mohammed Merah have not engendered much serious debate in France about the sources of the major Muslim incitement against the West, Israel and the Jews. For that to happen there will apparently have to be many more victims. This cynical statement truthfully expresses the current reality.

What occupied the media, however, were often secondary questions such as whether Merah was mentally sane and what led this one person to kill three soldiers – symbols of France – a Jewish teacher and three children.


Islam group accused of French judge kidnap plot

The Independent 4 April 2012

A group of Islamic radicals have been charged with planning to kidnap a French judge. Prosecutor Francois Molins said that the Forsane Alizza group, or Knights of Pride, did physical training in


'Huge mass' of archive documents on Azerbaijani genocide

News.Az 4 April 2012

News.Az interviews doctor of history Prof. Jamil Hasanli. The date 31 March in Azerbaijan is marked as the Day of Genocide of Azerbaijanis. What documentary evidence is there for this

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