Virgin Megastore recommends Mein Kampf to its Arab customers

Elder of Ziyon 5 December 2011

Yes, that is Hitler's Mein Kampf prominently displayed as a recommendation for Virgin's Arabic-reading customers! And it is not only in Qatar. This blog post from Bahrain shows that the Virgin


The State Department vs. Free Speech 5 December 2011

Last July in Istanbul, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton co-chaired a "High-Level Meeting on Combating Religious Intolerance" with the Saudi-based Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC). Mrs.


France: Actress hauled to court on racism charges for warning Muslim job applicants that she had a dog

Jihad Watch 5 December 2011

Muhammad, the supreme example of human conduct (cf. Qur'an 33:21), ordered the killing of dogs: "Once Gabriel promised the Prophet (that he would visit him, but Gabriel did not come) and later on


BBC reveals huge scale of honour attacks in Britain, fails to mention the word "Islam"

The Commentator 5 December 2011
By Robin Shepherd

All right. I’m not going to make this difficult. The families giving the orders, as well as the victims, are in all, or almost all, cases Muslim. Surprised? No, of course you’re not. Honour attacks


Harry Potter and the Islamization of America

American Thinker 5 December 2011
By William A. Levinson

The success of J.K. Rowling's Harry Potter series is due largely to the fact that the story contains elements for sophisticated adults as well as teenagers. The latter can enjoy the magical creatures


Video: Kill the white people - we will kill you slowly

UP Pompeii 5 December 2011

This says it all - there is no need for me to make any comment at all:


Jewish teenagers in Belgium quit their schools because of anti-Semitism

EJP 5 December 2011

BRUSSELS---Like every Friday, as part of the day school activities, 13-year-old Oceane Sluijzer goes to the sport training center in Neder-Over-Hembeek, a Brussels suburb, where she plays


Italy, Austria team up against undocumented migrants 5 December 2011

Italy and Austria plan to step up the fight against undocumented migrants and crime along their shared border, their interior ministers said after a meeting in Rome today. "Both ministers agreed


Finland’s Second Invasion

British Freedom 5 December 2011
By George Whale

December 6th is Independence Day in Finland, for it was on that day in 1917 that the Finnish parliament formally adopted the declaration of independence, representing Finland’s secession from the


A French minister of Arab origin says ‘there is no such thing as moderate Islam’

Al Arabiya News 5 December 2011

A French minister said there was no such thing as moderate Islam, calling recent election successes by Islamic parties in Egypt, Morocco and Tunisia "worrying” in an interview published


The Quds force man who inspired the British embassy outrage in Tehran

Telegraph 5 December 2011
By Con Coughlin

His is not a face familiar to many in the West. But members of the rampaging Iranian mob which last week laid siege to the British Embassy in Tehran knew exactly what they were doing when they held


'Honour' crimes rising in UK, says women's group

AFP 5 December 2011

LONDON — More than 2,800 so-called honour attacks -- punishments for bringing shame on the family -- were recorded by Britain's police last year, according to figures released on Saturday. At


Video: Alleged naked photo of Pakistani model ignites national scorn. 5 December 2011

Why has the purported naked image of a naked woman unnerved a nation? Gracing the cover of India’s FHM magazine (a journal dedicated to the pursuit of manly aspirations to say the least) is the Pakistani actress Veena Malik who as a consequence of a moribund Pakistani economy has made neighboring India her bread and butter. Fine you may think except for the problem that India has a secular government where as Pakistan pays strict adherence to Islamic doctrine. Doctrine which forbids the public display of women in the flesh. Never mind centerfolds.


An 'Arab Winter' Chills Christians 5 December 2011

BARTELLA, Iraq—The plight of Iraqi Christians since the fall of Saddam Hussein has been agonizingly personal for Aram Butrus Matti. Hanging on the wall in his parents' home here in northern Iraq


Holiday Travel

The Dry Bones Blog 5 December 2011
By Yaakov Kirschen

Below is from a letter to President Obama written by Dr. John Eibner CEO of Christian Solidarity International: "Dear Mr. President, Today, Christian Solidarity International (CSI)


'Honour' attacks in Britain called 'shocking'

The National 5 December 2011
By David Sapsted

LONDON // Police statistics showing a daily average of eight so-called "honour" attacks on British women last year were released by campaigners yesterday. Figures obtained from three-quarters of


Islamist Tide Re-emerges?

Right Side News 5 December 2011
By Anthony Wile

An initial article of ours on the issue of the Islamic resurgence in the Middle East was entitled, "Western Elites Secretly Still Building Islam." You can see it here. At the time it caused a


One Step Closer to Totalitarianism

British Freedom 5 December 2011
By Sean Gabb

Emma West is a white working class woman who got into an argument with some black people in a South London tram. You can see the video here:


The Toronto Star, Islam, and the Inferior Status of Women

Gates of Vienna 5 December 2011
By Sergei Bourachaga

Sergei Bourachaga’s latest essay looks at the Shafia murder trial now underway in Ontario, and its relationship with the traditional and widespread Islamic practice of "honor killing”.


FBI Investigating Facebook Death Threats on Somali Advocate Read more: FBI Investigating Facebook Death Threats on Somali Advoca 5 December 2011
By Tom Lyden

MINNEAPOLIS - The FBI and local police are investigating death threats against Omar Jamal, a well-known leader in the Minneapolis Somali community. Jamal says he began receiving the threats a few


Fears of vigilantism after rape of young girl

The Copenhagen Post 5 December 2011
By Peter Stanners

Somalian teen arrested for rape of 10-year-old girl after week of fear of reprisals against small town’s immigrant community The rape of a ten-year-old has shocked the residents of a small town in


Tunisian asylum seekers face image problem

swissinfo 5 December 2011
By Clare O'Dea

Newly arrived Tunisian asylum seekers have been dubbed criminals in recent press reports and described as "the worst we have had to deal with” by asylum centre staff. But has this group of


Islamic World intends to bring Islamic Laws in West

Pakistan Christian Post 5 December 2011

Sydney: Robert Spencer has led seminars on Islam and jihad for the United States Central Command, United States Army Command and General Staff College, the U.S. Army's


Video: Cassius Clay on Interracial Marriage

Gates of Vienna 5 December 2011

Listen to the young Cassius Clay (or was he Muhammad Ali by then?) in 1971, speaking on the necessity for marrying within one’s own race. He is witty, intelligent, articulate, and absolutely politically incorrect, even by the standards of his time.

Watch the discomfiture of the BBC interviewer, as if he is thinking: This man is an authentic Afro-American — how can he say such dreadful things?


Row over Pakistan actress Veena Malik nude 'ISI' photo

BBC News 5 December 2011

A row has erupted over an image of Pakistani actress Veena Malik sporting the initials ISI on her arm, with FHM India insisting it is not fake. It has caused a sensation in Pakistan for both the


FIR against Imam for kidnapping girl

IBN Live News 5 December 2011

Bareilly, An FIR was today registered against the Imam of a local mosque for allegedly kidnapping a 18-year-old girl, a senior police official said. The FIR was registered on the


Indian Mujahideen targeting tourist areas

Deccan Chronicle 5 December 2011
By Rajnish Sharma

India’s growing tourism industry is now on the radar of the Indian Mujahideen terror outfit, which appears determined to project India being unsafe for tourists. This was why it targeted German


Afghan gunmen poured acid on faces of three sisters and their parents... because eldest 'didn't want to marry ageing warlord'

Mail Online 5 December 2011

Afghan gunmen burst into a family home - where they poured acid over the father, his wife and their three daughters - because they stopped their eldest from marrying an ageing warlord. They


Girl killed over karo-kari

The Nation 5 December 2011

MIRPURKHAS - A girl who had recently contracted freewill marriage was killed over karo-kari at village Jangi Khan Mewo, taluka Kot Ghulam Muhammad on Saturday. Report said that Samina Rajput, 18,

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