High suicide attempt rate among female Turkish migrants

WRS 8 September 2011

Studying the reasons why people try and take their own lives is an important part of tackling suicide prevention. Research released on Tuesday uncovered some worrying trends in migrant communities. A


The persecution and murder of Christians is epidemic

Calgary Herald 8 September 2011
By Licia Corbella

The following is a disturbing report by Raymond Ibrahim of the Middle East Forum that outlines he outrageous persecution and murders of Christians in Muslim countries by Islamists. The holy month of


Man, 26, ‘held as a slave by Accrington family’

Lancashire Telegraph 8 September 2011

FOUR members of an Accrington family have appeared in court over allegations that a man with learning difficulties was kept as a slave. They appeared at Burnley Crown Court yesterday over


Congressman Allen West says 9/11 lessons unlearned, sees threat from radical Islam

Sun-Sentinel  8 September 2011
By Anthony Man

Congressman Allen West said Wednesday the nation hasn't learned the lessons from the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks largely because political correctness is hobbling political leaders from


Sharia Lobby Shifts into 5th Gear

International Analyst Network  8 September 2011
By Alyssa A. Lappen

Sharia advocates desperately want to convince legislators and the public that Islamic law is plain vanilla — and totally nonthreatening to existing U.S. legal codes. Notwithstanding a nationwide


Calls for Bernardi's scalp over Wilders

Sydney Morning Herald 8 September 2011
By Lisa Martin

Liberal Senator Cory Bernardi is facing an angry backlash and calls for his scalp after he promised to help controversial Dutch politician Geert Wilders visit Australia. Mr Wilders, 48, has faced


France extradites war crimes suspect Momic to Croatia

Croatian Times 8 September 2011

France has extradited Croatian Serb Milorad Momic to Croatia where he is being tried in absence for war crimes. Momic, who has since changed his name to Guy Monier, is suspected of killing one


'Honour killing' - parents remanded

Belfast Telegraph 8 September 2011

The parents of a suspected honour killing victim have appeared in court charged with their daughter's murder. Shafilea Ahmed's decomposed remains were discovered on the banks of a river in Cumbria


Why the Muslim Beard Bodes Trouble

Pajamas Media 8 September 2011
By Raymond Ibrahim

To develop a thorough understanding of Islam, one must learn to "connect the dots.” For instance, Muslims who adhere to non-problematic aspects of Islam, indirectly indicate their acceptance of


Islamic Relief Worldwide & Islamic Relief USA

Money Jihad 8 September 2011

The Obama administration’s Department of Agriculture has gotten in a bit oftrouble lately for touting its relationship with Islamic Relief USA.  IR-USA is the biggest Islamic charity


Video: 2 clips honor killing UK sept 2011

YouTube 8 September 2011
By bankorandotcom


Canadians less tolerant after 9/11: Poll

The Ottawa Citizen 8 September 2011
By Amy Chung

A majority of Canadians say society has become less tolerant of various ethnicities and faiths since the 9/11 terrorist attacks, a new study shows. Over half of Canadians surveyed in an Ipsos Reid


New Delhi bomb blast kills 11 people and injures 59 outside the High Court

Metro  8 September 2011
By Manmohan Singh

The bomb, the deadliest attack in India’s capital in three years, left a deep crater on the road and shook the building, sending lawyers and judges fleeing outside. A Muslim militant group claimed


Palestine, Lies and Videotape

FrontPageMagazine.com 8 September 2011
By Daniel Greenfield

Peace. We go to war in the name of peace. We maintain armies in the name of peace. And we turn a blind eye to murder and terrorism in the name of peace. The promise of peace convinced


US Report Shows Spike in Homegrown Terror Cases, but Intelligence Gaps Remain

FoxNews.com 8 September 2011
By Catherine Herridge

A spike in domestic terrorism and attacks by American citizens directed from overseas are top concerns for police departments across the country, according to a new survey by the Homeland Security


Inevitable: CAIR In Hysterics Over Allen West’s Comments On Islam Having A Violent Streak…

Weasel Zippers  8 September 2011

As expected. (Sun Sentinel) — The South Florida leader of the Council on Islamic-American Relations said Wednesday that Congressman Allen West’s comments about Islam are inaccurate and


‘Islamicism’ Canada’s Biggest Threat: PM

OnIslam 8 September 2011

Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper believes that "Islamic militancy” poses the biggest threat to Canada. "There are a number of threats on a number of levels, but if you are talking about


Jihadist group claims western China attacks

OregonLive.com 8 September 2011

A jihadist group has released a video claiming responsibility for recent attacks in western China that killed at least three dozen people. The SITE Intelligence Group, a U.S.-based organization


Bolkestein: West threat to Islam

DutchNews.nl  8 September 2011

Frits Bolkestein does it again. In a speech called De goede vreemdeling (The good stranger) the often contrary former VVD leader followed in the wake of historians Leo and Jan Lucassen allowing the


''Delhi terror attack reminds Qeada''s commitment to extremism''

MSN India 8 September 2011
By Lalit K Jha

The terror attack at the Delhi High Court is a grim reminder that al-Qaeda and its affiliates remain committed to their extremist activities across the globe, a Republican presidential aspirant


IDF raids prove Hamas growing more active in West Bank

Ha'aretz 8 September 2011
By Amos Harel and Avi Issacharoff

Wednesday's announcement by the Shin Bet security service that it had arrested dozens of Hamas militants from the West Bank, including the terror cell behind the murder in March of a British tourist


ESW: Report From Berlin

Gates of Vienna 7 September 2011
By Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff

Our Austrian correspondent Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff was one of those invited to the Freiheit rally in Berlin on Saturday. The following is her brief account of the day’s events.

Report from Berlin
by Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff

Much has happened since I first met Geert Wilders nearly a year ago.

In the intervening time he was put on trial by his own government for speaking the truth about Islam. So was I.


Remembering Muslim Palestinian Terrorism 1979 Munich Olympic massacre of Jewish Israeli Athletes

Right Side News  7 September 2011
By Eliana Benador

"In Memory of Israeli Victims of Muslim Palestinian Terrorism" 

Thirty-nine years ago, news brought devastating images that entered History as  the Munich Massacre of Jewish Israeli athletes who were victims of a terrorist attack during the 1972 Olympic Games.  

Eight Palestinian terrorists massacred two members of the Israeli Olympic team and then took nine others hostage. The situation ended in a huge gunfight that left all of the nine hostages dead (four hostages were shot by a terrorist and another used his machine gun to kill the remaining five hostages.) Five terrorists were killed then.


Deutschland Becomes Turkland

Gates of Vienna 7 September 2011
By Michael Stürzenberger

The process of Islamization is not uniform across the European continent. In each country, Muslim immigrants traditionally come from certain regions, even from specific countries.

For example, the Netherlands is being Moroccanized. Britain is being Pakistanized. France is being Algerianized.


9/11 Is a Day of Mourning, Not Service

Big Government 7 September 2011
By Pamela Geller

Last week, Barack Obama declared that September 11 is a day of service, and encouraged everyone to get in on it: "There are so many ways to get involved,” he said, "and every American can do


Honor Killings: Moderate Muslims Must Move to "Execute the Executioner"

Family Security Matters 7 September 2011
By Lt. Colonel James Zumwalt, USMC (ret)

It is disheartening to hear a high profile personality make a statement on political issues about which he knows nothing—only giving his outlandish observation visibility due to his celebrity status.


Another Spanish town bans burka in public

Independent 7 September 2011

A small town on the Spanish resort island of Mallorca has banned women from wearing burkas or face-covering Islamic veils in public places, even though only two women living there are known to do


Court allows Dutch school to ban headscarves

Radio Netherlands 7 September 2011

An Amsterdam court has ruled that the Roman Catholic Don Bosco College in Volendam is within its rights to ban one of its students from wearing a headscarf. Imane Mahssan took the school to court


Germany's Solidifying Muslim Subculture a Terrorist Incubator

Arutz Sheva 7 September 2011
By Amiel Ungar

Germany is beginning to experience the British and French malaise of homegrown Muslim radicalism, as a Muslim subculture becomes more entrenched. In this subculture. European converts and


Video: 9/11 ten years on: British families remember

Channel 4 News  7 September 2011

Channel 4 News CATCH UP Programme at 1900 weekdays, weekend timings see listings Search Channel 4 News 9/11 ten years on: British families remember Tuesday 06 September 2011 In a Channel 4 News exclusive, UK families affected by 9/11 and the war on terror tell their stories. As filmmaker Tim Lawton writes, they are united by loss and how they have lived with that loss.

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