Video: Child Brides

British Freedom 26 January 2012

Girls Not Brides is an international partnership of organisations working to end child marriage throughout the world. They aim to give a voice to girls at risk of child marriage, to defend their rights to health and education, and to give them the opportunities they need to fulfil their potential.


Muslim cleric banned from Britain claims Al Qaeda poised to launch sucide attacks in Syria 26 January 2012
By Ruth Sherlock

Bakri, once nicknamed the 'Tottenham Ayatollah', said hard line Salafi Muslim groups, including al Qaeda, and his own Al-Ghuraba group, also proscribed in the UK, are ready to help their 'Muslim


Liam Neeson Says He Thought About Becoming Muslim

Huffington Post 26 January 2012

Will the Yedi be lost to the dark side of the Force?

Cat Stevens, Muhammad Ali, Snoop Dogg and... Liam Neeson?

The veteran Irish actor could join the list of famous faces who have converted to Islam. (The "Wild World" singer adopted the name YusafIslam in 1978 and Ali rose to fame after he changed his name from Cassius Clay. No word about a new moniker for Snoop though).


Multiculturalism and Hypocrisy

Gates of Vienna 26 January 2012
By Fjordman

The national Norwegian newspaper Dagsavisenrecently smeared Fjordman on more than one occasion. They accused him of promoting an ideology of hatred, likened him to a Nazi, and published quotes attributed to him which in fact he never spoke or wrote.

Fjordman then sent a response to the newspaper, which it refused to publish.


Turkish Women Victims of "Permitted" Rape

Hudson New York 26 January 2012
By Veli Sirin

At the beginning of the New Year, as reported in the daily newspaper Haber Türk (Turkish News) of January 6, 2012, E.D., a 25-year old man in the northwestern Turkish city of Bolu, took his 11-year


Member of Saudi royal family entourage, 60, 'raped barmaid in his room at New York's Plaza Hotel'

Daily Mail 26 January 2012
By Rachel Quigley

A member of the Saudi Royal Family entourage has been accused of luring two young women back to his room at the Plaza Hotel and raping one of them. Canadian businessman Mustapha Ouanes, 60, who


Egyptian Nuclear Power Plant Ransacked

Family Security Matters 26 January 2012
By Daniel Pipes

Egypt Independent reports on vandalizing, looting, and fighting at the nuclear power plant being built at El-Dabaa, a town in the desert to the west of Alexandria. The account draws on an unnamed


Islamic body criticises French genocide bill

Expatica the Netherlands 26 January 2012

The world's largest Muslim body criticised on Tuesday a bill passed by the French Senate making denial of the Armenian genocide a crime, according to an official statement.

The bill, approved Monday by 127 votes to 86, makes it an offence punishable by jail in France to deny that the 1915 massacre of Armenians by Ottoman Turk forces amounted to genocide.


Video: Third Jihad row: Muslims want NY top cop to quit

Firstpost 26 January 2012
By Uttara Choudhury

New York: New York City’s Muslims called on Wednesday for Ray Kelly, commissioner of the New York Police Department (NYPD), to step down after he admitted he cooperated with filmmakers of The Third Jihad, a documentary film on the rise of radical Islam, which was screened for 1,500 police officers during counter-terrorism training.


Video: Coalition wants Muslim group banned from schools 26 January 2012
By Chris Martinez

Much of what parents lined up to tell the Hillsborough County School Board Tuesday night had already been said in thousands of angry emails. "They have a right to say what they want to say, but in the right place and I don't believe that's the classroom," said Dr. Becky Pearce.


Turkish Women's Magazine Targets the Chaste

Spiegel Online 26 January 2012
By Daniel Steinvorth

It wasn't the usual images -- those of long shapely legs and deep cleavage -- that outraged Ibrahim Burak Birer, 31. Rather, it was pictures of penises and of fake, strap-on breasts which convinced


Muslim Brotherhood repeats: No talks with Israel

Jerusalem Post 26 January 2012
By Oren Kessler

Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood categorically rejects dialogue with Israel, the group’s spokesman told an Arabic newspaper in an interview published Wednesday. Mahmoud Ghazlan told London’s Asharq


Muslim raped women for being out late

London Evening Standard 26 January 2012
By Paul Cheston

A Muslim who raped women to "teach them a lesson" for being on the streets at night was jailed indefinitely today because of the danger he poses. Sunny Islam, 23, who comes from a strictly


Muslims burn Copt homes and shops before Egyptian elections

Worthy Christian News 26 January 2012
By Joseph DeCaro

CAIRO, EGYPT – Chanting "Allahu Akbar" a Muslim mob attacked the Coptic community of Kebly-Rahmaniya last week, burning down Christian houses, shops and businesses. According to the


Fighting Back Against Lawfare

FrontPage Magazine 26 January 2012
By Jacob Laksin

FrontPage Interview’s guest today is Brooke Goldstein, a New York City-based human rights attorney, author and award-winning filmmaker. She serves as director of The Lawfare Project, a nonprofit organization dedicated to raising awareness about and facilitating a response to the abuse of Western legal systems and human rights law. Her award-winning documentary film, The Making of a Martyr, uncovers the illegal, state-sponsored indoctrination and recruitment of Palestinian children for suicide-homicide attacks. To view the trailer, click here. Goldstein is the co-author, with Aaron Eitan Meyer, of the recently published Lawfare: The War Against Free Speech: A First Amendment Guide for Reporting in an Age of Islamist Lawfare


Hamas' Haniyeh to visit Iran next week

Ynetnews 26 January 2012
By Elior Levy

Hamas Prime Minister in Gaza Ismail Haniyeh will embark on an overseas tour as of January 30 which will include visits to Iran and Kuwait. Haniyeh said that an overseas tour he held two weeks


Tunisian students on hunger strike over right to wear niqab in class

The National 26 January 2012

MANOUBA, TUNISIA // At half past noon on Tuesday, at the university in this Tunis suburb, a young protester emerged from an impromptu sit-in at the main administration building, cupped his hands to


Man admits to burning down mosque 26 January 2012

POWDER SPRINGS, Ga. — A 26-year-old man has pleaded guilty to burning down a mosque in Powder Springs, but congregation members are still struggling to rebuild. "Our heart's at the mosque. We


Increased discrimination against Bosnian nuns

Catholic Culture 26 January 2012

The provincial superior of the Franciscan Sisters of Christ the King in Bosnia and Herzegovina is reporting increased hostility towards nuns. Sister Ivanka Mihaljevic told Aid to the Church in Need


Former cricket star tweets Muslim slur 26 January 2012

Former Test cricketer Rodney Hogg has apologised for tweeting that he had written "Allah is a s---" on his Australian flag. The former international pace bowler, now a media commentator, made the


Obedient Wives Club invites controversy again 26 January 2012

THE Obedient Wives Club (OWC) is courting controversy with its unusual campaign to honour the Prophet Muhammad's birthday on Feb 5, or 12th Rabiul Awal in the Islamic calendar. The campaign


Video: Muslim extremists storm Irshad's book launch in Amsterdam 25 January 2012

In Amsterdam, 22 jihadis stormed my book launch, ordered my execution and threatened to break my neck. Police arrested two men and found a third with a loaded machine gun at home. They're members of "Sharia4Belgium," an international network with cells in most of the countries I'll be visiting in the next 6 months.


'Despicable' police officer who raped girl, seven, is jailed for 18 years

Daily Mail 25 January 2012
By Ted Thornhill

A policeman was starting an 18-year jail sentence today for sex abuse which a judge described as one of the ‘most despicable’ cases he had ever heard.


Will An International Blasphemy Law Hurt The Interests Of Muslim Minorities In The United Kingdom?

Liberties Alliance 25 January 2012

In a world that is contemplating international blasphemy laws that will lead to the suppression of free speech cries of ‘heretic’ (and even allusions to it) are very alarming.  We have had our share of that sort of thing historically in the West and it would be unacceptable for our societies to move back in that direction.


Law to ban burkas highly criticised by government advisors 25 January 2012

Draft legislation aimed at banning burkas in the Netherlands has been heavily criticised by the government’s most important advisory body and needs significant amendments, news agency ANP reports,


Muslim airline pilot 'sacked because of religion'

Asian Image 25 January 2012

A Muslim airline pilot who was sacked after links were discovered to two suspected terrorists told an employment tribunal today that an "air of suspicion" had been created around him because of his


Germany /Islam-Finance: Deutsche Bank awarded for its Islamic Finance business

IINA 25 January 2012

BERLIN - Deutsche Bank has won Islamic Finance news "Best Islamic Trustee/Custodian 2011” Award. In addition, Deutsche Bank received the awards for "Project Finance Deal of the


France ignores Turk threats, vows genocide law in two weeks

Expatica the Netherlands 25 January 2012

France on Tuesday brushed off angry threats of retaliation by Turkey and vowed to enforce within a fortnight a new law banning denial of the Armenian genocide.

The French Senate on Monday approved the measure which threatens with jail anyone in France who denies that the 1915 massacre of Armenians by Ottoman Turk forces amounted to genocide.


Bin Laden's 'right-hand man' Abu Qatada could be free to walk streets of Britain in days

Daily Mail 25 January 2012
By David Richards

A radical Muslim cleric accused of posing a grave threat to Britain's national security could walk free in days, a tribunal has heard. Abu Qatada, once described as 'Osama bin Laden's right-hand


Video: Islam - The Religion Of Perverted Sex

Right Side News 25 January 2012
By Barry Shaw

Engaging in their own form of Stockholm Syndrome, most Muslim women publicly defend the very laws that enslave them. They actually justify the evil misogynistic rules of Islam and say it is for the betterment of the Muslim women. Many Muslims claim that "Islam honors women,” just as they claim that Islam is a "Religion of Peace.” The truth however, is just the opposite.

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