Candlelight Vigil in Stockholm 8 December 2011

10th December

Remembering the victims of the Apostasy Law on the 10th of December, the International Day of Human Rights.

Time: 3-6:00 pm

Location: Downtown Stockholm


Kelek: Islam Responsible for Forced Marriages

Politically Incorrect 8 December 2011
By Michael Stürzenberger

Necla Kelek has joined in with the debate on Welt Online regarding the study about forced marriages in Germany with her article "When scholars deny the fatal role of Islam.” She takes up clear party with Minister of Families Kristina Schröder who actually dared to draw the right conclusions from the bare numbers: Islam is the problem. Women in every islamic country could confirm this if someone would ask them and if they could speak freely without fear of repercussions from their male family members, not to mention the deep-seated fear of Allah’s vengeance what will cast them into islamic hell with draconian methods of torture.


The Conundrum of the Pro-Hamas Peaceniks

FrontPage Magazine 8 December 2011
By David Meir-Levi

The freedom-loving humanitarians who profess to defend the egalitarian values that are the cornerstone of civil society in the West are usually strong proponents of the rights enshrined in the UN’s Universal Declaration of Human Rights, including:

Equality of persons, without distinction of race, color, sex, language, religion, political opinion, national origin, sexual preference.


Why Shocking Muslim School Deal Should be Investigated

Family Security Matters 8 December 2011
By Charles Jacobs, Ilya Feoktistov

It might have been just some local government scandal: A shuttered public school sold in a no-bid contract to a private buyer after officials told other interested buyers the building was not up for sale; residents up in arms and suing. ... Nasty, but it could happen almost anywhere.


How to Eliminate Israel from the Planet: Iran promotes genocidal book by Muslim seminarians, published by Ministry of Islamic...

Jihad Watch 8 December 2011

A book filled with genocidal hate, rooted in the Qur'an, written by aspiring Islamic clerics and published by an Islamic agency. Will the Islamophobia never end? "'How to Eliminate Israel from the


Swedish police give new details about 2010 bomber

San Jose Mercury News 8 December 2011

STOCKHOLM—The suicide bomber who blew himself up amid Christmas shoppers in Stockholm a year ago had also rigged a car bomb but failed to set it off with a walkie-talkie, Swedish authorities said


Muslim Misogyny, Feminist Indifference

Gates of Vienna 8 December 2011

Paul Weston weighs in on the silence of the feminists concerning honor killings, forced marriages, polygamy, female genital mutilation, and sundry other culturally-enriched practices imported into


Plot to Smuggle Gaddafi’s Son into Mexico Exposed

International Business Times 8 December 2011
By Anissa Haddadi

Mexico has uncovered a plot to smuggle Muammar Gaddafi's son, Saadi and his family into the country under false names and false documents. The plan was allegedly set up by an international


Ontario: Cartoon on mosque door has Muslims "stressed and fearful," prompts hate crime investigation

Jihad Watch 8 December 2011

The endless search for hate crimes that will enable Islamic supremacists to portray themselves as victims takes an absurd turn in Ontario: someone taped a cartoon criticizing Qur'an-burning to the


Stakelbeck on Terror Live Video Briefing on December 8th

CBN News 8 December 2011
By Erick Stakelbeck

On Thursday night, December 8th, I'll be taking part in a live video conference on the Islamic terrorist threat along with my friend,Tani Zarelli. Tani is a courageous and committed pro-Israel


Obama Admin. Classifies Fort Hood Islamic Jihad Massacre as "Workplace Violence”

Ironic Surrealism 8 December 2011
By Allen Wes

Sen. Susan Collins on Wednesday blasted the Defense Department for classifying the Fort Hood massacre as workplace violence and suggested political correctness is being placed above the security of


Editorial cartoon posted on mosque door prompts hate crime investigation

TheSpec 8 December 2011

Hamilton Downtown Mosque leaders are saying they are the victims of a hate crime after two copies of a cartoon depicting a caveman dropping a Quran into an open fire were taped to the women’s prayer


British Freedom Established in Witham, Essex

British Freedom 8 December 2011

The British Freedom Party is delighted to announce the appointment of an experienced activist as the Party’s organiser for Witham in Essex. Mark Dunbar will start building a presence for British


Church fury over opening of McDonald's on Christmas Day as Muslim manager is drafted in

Mail Online 8 December 2011

Church leaders have hit out at a branch of McDonald's which is to open on Christmas Day. A Muslim branch manager has been drafted in by the fast food outlet to cover for the usual boss who is


Academic Study Finds Reuters Middle East Coverage Tainted by Propaganda, Violates Company Principles 8 December 2011

Roosevelt University academic study documents systematic use of propaganda by world's largest news agency. A study published in the November/December issue of the Journal of Applied Business


Minister wanted to spy on Wilders

Former foreign minister Maxime Verhagen wanted the secret service to spy on Freedom Party leader Geert Wilders to find out more about his anti-Qur'an film Fitna, says television broadcaster Human in


Two men deny attempting to blow up mosque in poppies burning 'revenge attack' 8 December 2011

Two men accused of attempting to blow up a mosque in a "revenge attack" after poppies were burnt by Muslim extremists have denied any involvement. Ex-soldier Simon Beech and Garreth Foster both


Migrants unfairly blamed in tough economic times: IOM

Expatica the Netherlands 8 December 2011

Migrants are unfairly blamed for unemployment and social problems in tough economic times, the International Organisation for Migration said Tuesday. Describing migration as "one of the most


Nativity scene removed from Montreal-area town hall 8 December 2011
By Christine Bouthillier

MONTREAL - A posh Montreal suburb has decided to remove a nativity scene and menorah from town hall rather than acquiesce to demands from a Muslim group to erect Islamic religious symbols. The


Maldives Muslims Fight for the Right to Flog

FrontPage Magazine 8 December 2011
By Daniel Greenfield

When the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Navi Pillay visited the Maldives, she wasn’t expecting to make much of a splash there. Officially the Republic of Maldives is a Constitutional


Ukraine’s first mosque with minaret inaugurated

World Bulletin 8 December 2011

Available to accommodate three thousand prayers, the mosque was reportedly under construction since 1994 when the first foundation was laid in Tatarka district atop Shchekavitsya hill. Ukraine's


Islamists face the test of incumbency

The Daily Star 8 December 2011
By Rami G. Khouri

The ongoing transformations across the Arab world have already ushered in several unprecedented developments – the birth of the empowered Arab citizen, of open political contestation, and of a


Islamic ascendancy intensifies US appeasement

JPost 8 December 2011

Ironically, US President Barack Obama portrays himself as a friend of Israel while soliciting funds from Jewish donors, but two senior members of his team provided chilling insights to what Israel


Virtual US embassy in Iran is blocked a day after it went online 8 December 2011

Residents of Tehran say that a web-based U.S. "embassy” to Iran has been blocked by the authorities, less than a day after it went online. The English- and Farsi-language website, designed by


Egypt Islamists claim most seats in election runoff 8 December 2011

Cairo -- Egypt's Islamists claimed victory in the first round of parliamentary elections since President Hosni Mubarak was forced out of office in February. The relatively moderate Muslim


The horrific moment suicide bombers at Afghan shrine killed 59 people celebrating religious festival

Mail Online 8 December 2011

At least 59 people have been killed in rare sectarian bombings on civilians in Afghanistan. The two blasts, targeted at Shiite worshippers, occurred during a festival known as Ashoura, and were


Mauritanian Salafists demand 'morality police' 8 December 2011
By Raby Ould Idoumou

A group of protestors last Friday gathered in mid-town Nouakchott to decry what they called "rampant vice" and "infringement of youths' morals" in Mauritanian society. Members of a previously


One Rule for Them, One Rule for Us

Gates of Vienna 7 December 2011
By Paul Weston

Paul Weston’s latest essay concerns the two-tier system of justice in the United Kingdom, as evidenced by the slap on the wrist given to a gang of Muslim girls for viciously assaulting an indigenous English girl.

One Rule for Them, One Rule for Us
by Paul Weston

Someone holding governmental authority badly needs to tell the British public why there appears to be one rule for them, and one rule for us, when it comes to racially aggravated crime and murder.


The Poison of Multiculturalism

FrontPage Magazine 7 December 2011
By Bruce Bawer

If you want a pretty good example of just why multiculturalism is so poisonous, here’s one for you.

I live in Norway.  Here, as elsewhere in Europe, there reside innumerable immigrants from the Muslim world who despise Western values, reject sexual equality, and affirm primitive patriarchal codes and concepts of "honor” that condemn people (mostly females) to death for infractions that neither you nor I would even recognize as infractions.  Nonetheless these individuals enjoy Norwegian residency, and in some cases Norwegian citizenship, which some of them were granted because they claimed asylum (most likely on specious grounds, as demonstrated by the fact that many, if not most, of them return regularly to the countries from which they supposedly "fled”), and which others were granted because they married Norwegian residents (usually their own cousins, whom they married for no other reason than to acquire Western residency).


People Like Fjordman

Gates of Vienna 7 December 2011

Note from the Baron:

A full-court press by the Norwegian media is currently underway to assign Fjordman at least partial responsibility for the Oslo massacre. This process is not limited to Norway: it is going on simultaneously in other countries, including Sweden and the Netherlands.

Please publicize what is described here in as many languages as possible. This must become common knowledge far beyond the borders of Norway.

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