Family of Al Qaeda's recruiter faces eviction from UK home

The National 15 November 2011
By David Sapsted

LONDON // Three generations of a Muslim family in Britain face eviction from their home because the head of the household has been convicted of being a recruiting sergeant for Al Qaeda. For the


Dhimmitude and Cowardice At Time Magazine

AINA 15 November 2011
By Bruce Bawer

November 2 marked the seventh anniversary of Theo van Gogh’s murder by a pious young Muslim on an Amsterdam street. One of the memorable aspects of that history-making slaughter was the largely


Sydney sheikh stalled

Ismail Al-Wahwah 15 November 2011
By Dylan Welch

A CONTROVERSIAL Australian sheikh has been left stranded in Jordan after authorities confiscated his Australian passport, possibly in relation to his membership of an international group that


America Shuts Down 900 Terror Mosques

The Propagandist 15 November 2011

Did I say America? I meant Algeria. But wait: does this mean Islamist thugs would really use a house of prayer as a base for planning terror attacks? I'm shocked -- and a little confused. After


The Narrative of Perpetual Palestinian Victimhood

Hudson New York 15 November 2011
By Shelby Steele

The following is excerpted from a speech delivered September 22, 2011 in New York City at the conference "The Perils of Global Intolerance: The UN and Durban III," sponsored by the Touro


Anonymous Hackers Target Muslim Brotherhood

eSecurity Planet 15 November 2011

Members of Anonymous recently hit several Web sites belonging to Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood. "According to The Hacker News, four of their main sites were taken down after the hackers used servers


Islam Propaganda in the U.S. of A

Winds of Jihad 15 November 2011
By Daniel Greenfield

Ten years after the worst terrorist attack in American history, the Muslim terrorist is almost entirely absent from movies and television shows. He will show up on the evening news, when there’s no


"Out-of-touch” EU damned by words of praise from Kabul rapist

RAWA News 15 November 2011
By Jerome Starkey

Assadullah Sher Mohammad, who is serving 12 years in Kabul's notorious Pul-e Charkhi jail for raping and making pregnant a 19-year-old relative, said the EU "had done a good thing". Yet his


U.S. Senator returns contribution from former CAIR official

Act! for America 15 November 2011

File this one under "don’t believe for a moment that our efforts aren’t making a difference.” For over three years ACT! for America has been shouting from the rooftops about who CAIR (Council on


Marina Mahathir: liar and high-profile Malaysian apologist for Islam

Jihad Watch 15 November 2011

Marina Mahathir is a Malaysian social activist and writer. And you may recognize her last name: she is also the oldest daughter of a certain Malaysian former prime minister, the man who is in many


Viagra-munching Muammar Gaddafi bedded five a day

The Australian 15 November 2011
By Marie Colvin

WHEN Prince Andrew and Muammar Gaddafi sat down to dine together at a luxurious villa in Tripoli, the duke would have had no idea that the then Libyan leader had bedded at least four women earlier


Terror role in murder by ‘moral police’ suspected 15 November 2011

The Taliban-model murder of Shahid alias Bava (26) of Kodiyathur in Kerala’s Kozhikode district by a gang with reported extremist connections in an act of moral policing for his alleged relationship


Saudi woman to be flogged for driving car

Emirates 24/7 15 November 2011

A Saudi court has ordered the flogging of a local woman 10 times for driving a car in defiance of a long-standing ban in the Kingdom, a newspaper reported on Monday. Shaima Jastaniya said the


Egyptian blogger stirs controversy with nude photo

Bikya Masr 15 November 2011
By Luiz Sanchez

CAIRO: Last week, the Dubai-based Saudi TV station MBC aired a movie without cutting a scene which revealed a pair of breasts. The company received major criticism from its customers, and MBC issued


Will Afghanistan learn that cross-dressers are not criminals?

The Guardian 15 November 2011
By Nushin Arbabzadah

"Take off your chador," the police officer orders an Afghan cross-dresser in a video that has been shared endlessly on social networking websites. "Take off your wig!" Beneath the shiny black


Rep. West hits nail on the head

Act! for America 14 November 2011
By Rep. Allen West

With Veterans Day tomorrow, we considered it most appropriate to bring you a recent column by the highly decorated retired Army Lt. Colonel, and now U.S. Rep. Allen West. In his op-ed that appeared in Roll Call (highlights added), U.S. Rep. West explains, cogently and concisely, what we must do to win today’s battle against what he terms "Islamic totalitarianism.”:


Islamophobia: A License to Kill

FrontPage Magazine 14 November 2011
By Daniel Greenfield

Once upon a time when newspaper and magazine offices were torched for offending a powerful group, the rest of the press would rally behind them. But when Charlie Hedbo, a French satirical magazine decided to put out an issue dedicated to Islam with a cover of Mohammed declaring, "100 lashes if you don’t die laughing,” and received a very special burning "Letter to the Editor” from the country’s "Religion of Peace,” the American press lined up behind the firebombers.


In This War Against Radical Islam, There Are No Non-Combatants

Citizen Warrior 14 November 2011

In an article entitled, The Other September 11th, you'll find a good description of what happened in Vienna September 11th, 1683.

Islamic warriors had invaded and defeated Greece, Bulgaria, Romania, and Serbia. They plowed their way through Austria to Vienna, and were besieging the city.

But on September 11th, 40,000 soldiers arrived from Poland to save Vienna. That was the beginning of the end of the Islamic military conquest of Europe.


Anti-Defamation League Has Strayed from Its Charter

American Thinker 14 November 2011
By William A. Levinson

The Anti-Defamation League's original charter is simple, straightforward, and honorable:

The immediate object of the League is to stop, by appeals to reason and conscience and, if necessary, by appeals to law, the defamation of the Jewish people. Its ultimate purpose is to secure justice and fair treatment to all citizens alike and to put an end forever to unjust and unfair discrimination against and ridicule of any sect or body of citizens.


Muslims outraged over pig parts dumped at Swiss mosque site

CNN International  14 November 2011
By Brian Walker

Muslims in Switzerland are responding with shock and outrage after a pig carcass and severed swine heads were discovered buried at the site of a proposed mosque. Police in the town of Grenchen


Young women face forced marriage in Germany

The StarPhoenix 14 November 2011

More than 3,000 women and girls in Germany, most from Muslim families and many of them minors, faced forced marriage in the course of a year, official research released this week indicates. The


Freedom Party prone to causing diplomatic spats

Radio Netherlands 14 November 2011
By John Tyler

A diplomatic row has erupted between Egypt and the Netherlands. A delegation of Dutch parliamentarians has cancelled a visit intended to observe preparations for the upcoming elections. The trip was


Turkey unveiled and the dawn of a new energy opportunity for the EU 14 November 2011
By Harris A. Samaras

Why does Turkey resolve to bullying and jingoism? Why Turkey disrespects the rights of its neighbors despite announcing a campaign of "zero problems with its neighbors”? Why does the world allow


Church that housed the Council of Nicea is now a mosque

Catholic Culture 14 November 2011

The historic church where the Council of Nicea was held, which has been a museum for nearly a century, has been converted to a mosque. The Aghia Sophia in Nicea (not to be confused with the Hagia


Anti-Semitic crimes on the rise in Malmö

The Local 14 November 2011

Jews in Malmö in southern Sweden have been the victims of an increased number of hate-crimes in 2011, according to local police.During the first six months of the year there has been the same number


Broken borders, broken promises and the anger of a public betrayed

Daily Mail 14 November 2011
By Max Hastings

The scene at Heathrow has become familiar to millions of British people returning from abroad. We sleep-walk through the Arrivals corridors until hitting the buffers in the Immigration hall, crowded


The Case for Banning Sharia Law in America

American Thinker 14 November 2011
By JanSuzanne Krasner

The incompatibility of Islamic sharia law with secular courts stems from the underpinning of Islamism -- the unyielding union of the laws and punishments of the Qu'ran and Hadiths with the country's


Muslims Against Crusades banned by Theresa May

BBC News 14 November 2011
By Dominic Casciani

The home secretary is banning Muslims Against Crusades (MAC), a group that planned an anti-Armistice Day protest. It had wanted to repeat a demonstration held last year, when it burned poppies


Video: Family Guy - Palestinian Alarm Clock

youtube 14 November 2011
By JerusalemPulseRadio


Poppy-burning and the limits of tolerance

New Statesmen 14 November 2011
By Nelson Jones

Anjem Choudary is the man the tabloids love to hate, but does the government risk turning him into a free speech martyr? So Theresa May has given in to the temptation, so often indulged by her New

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