Saudi Arabia bans mosque loudspeakers during Ramadan 31 July 2012
By Katerina Nikolas

Riyadh - The distinctive sound of the muezzins call to prayer is about to be curbed, as the Saudi Ministry of Islamic Affairs has banned mosque loudspeakers during Ramadan. Revered as


Islamist Group Executes Two in Northern Mali

Voice of America 31 July 2012

Islamist militants in northern Mali say they have executed a man and a woman for alleged adultery. Sanda ould Bouamama, a spokesman for militant group Ansar Dine, told VOA the


Egypt's Brilliant, Manipulative Muslim Brotherhood

Wall Street Journal 31 July 2012
By Dina Khayat

It was a brilliant and manipulative move. At 4 a.m. on June 18, only six hours after polls closed and well before an initial count had been completed, the Muslim Brotherhood's Mohammed Morsi


The growing voices of extremism and Salafism in Tunisia

The Times of Israel 31 July 2012
By Paul Schemm

Tunic, Tunisia— Thousands of hardcore Muslims chant against Jews. Youths rampage through cities at night in protest of “blasphemous” art. A sit-in by religious students degenerates


Pakistani TV show converts non-Muslims

Deutsche Welle 31 July 2012
By Shamil Shams

The forced conversion of people to Islam is not a new occurrence in Pakistan, but the recent conversion of a Hindu boy on a live TV program has given the issue a new dimension. To the shock


Hindu boy converts to Islam on live tv show in Pak

Press Trust of India 31 July 2012
By Rezaul H Laskar

Islamabad- A young Hindu boy converted to Islam on a live television show hosted by a controversial Pakistani anchor, triggering outrage among liberals and sparking concerns among


Nigerian Islamic city hit by twin blasts 31 July 2012

Nigeria's Boko Haram Islamists, responsible for scores of deadly bombings in recent months, are suspected of having hideouts in Sokoto, but the group has rarely attacked within the city.


Christians Protest Islamic Constitution in Egypt

Washington – International Christian Concern (ICC) has learned that hundreds of Christians will protest outside Egypt’s constitutional court today, demanding the dissolution of an


Chicago: Muslim pleads guilty to misunderstanding Islam, plotting jihad mass murder

Jihad Watch 31 July 2012
By Robert

Yet another Muslim illustrates the high cost of misunderstanding Islam's peaceful teachings -- and still no Muslim organization in the U.S., despite their protestations that anyone who thinks Islam


Too much faith in our money, or vice versa

Herald Sun Andrew Bolt Blog 31 July 2012
By Andrew Bolt

A strange way to represent the Muslim faith in Australia - by ripping off students and taxpayers: AUSTRALIA’S biggest Islamic school has been ordered to pay back $9 million in public funds to the


French police injured in row over burka

Telegraph 31 July 2012
By Henry Samuel

The officers ordered the 18-year-old called Marie-Louise to produce her identity card around midnight outside a mosque in the southern French city of Marseille, which has a large Muslim


Young men launch pro-circumcision petition

The Local 31 July 2012

The pro-circumcision petition, which the three men have called Wir gegen Rechtsbeschneidung meaning “together against snipping off our rights” has garnered more than 300 signatures in just a few


Syria: British Journalist John Cantlie Kidnapped With Jeroen Oerlemans Is Released...

The Huffington Post 30 July 2012
By Felicity Morse

A Dutch and British photojournalist who were kidnapped in Syria by Islamist militants have been freed by members of the Free Syrian Army after a harrowing ordeal. John


Invaders from Outer Space

Canada Free Press 30 July 2012
By Daniel Greenfield

New York City has been invaded, its buildings blown up and its citizens slaughtered hundreds of times. The invaders come every summer, descending from the sky and under the earth. Sometimes they aliens or gods or monsters. They are, however, never Muslims.

Every summer, for 10 dollars you can see a fantasy version of September 11 reenacted with invading enemies who deserve no mercy and receive none. They come in swarms, buildings fall, people run for cover and then they are beaten back and banished.


Video: So No More Street Prayers in France, Right

Islam versus Europe 30 July 2012

Do you remember not long ago the French government gave an assurance that there would be no more Muslim street prayers in France? Well, that was before the election.


Expansion plan for Blackburn mosque

Lancashire Telegraph 30 July 2012

One of Blackburn’s largest and oldest Mosques has applied for a major extension to improve facilities at its school for young Muslims. The Jaame Masjid in Cumberland Street


Olympics Opening Ceremony: Liberty Forgotten

FrontPage Magazine 30 July 2012
By Bruce Bawer

The Olympics hadn’t even started yet when the disgraces began to pile up. First the International Olympic Committee, plainly loath to offend Muslim governments, ruled out a


Introducing Europe to the Jurisdiction of the Shariah State

Gates of Vienna 30 July 2012
By Hinrich Rohbohm

The following article about the Brussels Conference was published recently in the print addition of the German newspaper Junge Freiheit. As far as I am aware, no online version of the piece has been posted.

Many thanks to our Swedish correspondent LN for the translation, and for the scanned image of Junge Freiheit. The links in the article were added by me:


Austria: Half of Chechen Asylum Seekers Go Home for Their Summer Holidays

Islam versus Europe 30 July 2012

According to FPO (Austrian Freedom Party) politician Johann Gudenus, thousands of Chechen asylum seekers in Austria are returning home for their summer holidays each year.


Strangers to hate crimes, Bulgarian Jews reeling from Burgas bombing

JTA 30 July 2012
By Cnaan Liphshiz and Svetlana Guineva

SOFIA, Bulgaria -- Until this week, leaders of Bulgaria’s small, generally placid Jewish community said they felt untouched by hate crimes or terrorism. But after


Muslims protest Jewish [Israel] participation in Olympics

Atlas Shrugs 30 July 2012
By Pamela Geller

Here's the thing: the very existence of the state of Israel is offensive and insulting to the ummah (the Muslim world). Islamic Jew-hatred, it's in quran. The jihad is


Muslim Persecution of Christians: June 2012

FrontPage Magazine 30 July 2012
By Raymond Ibrahim

U.S.-backed rebels are committing Christian genocide in Syria, where they are sacking churches and issuing threats that all Christians will be cleansed from rebel-held territory.  A mass exodus of thousands of Christians is taking place, even as mainstream Western reporters like Robert Fisk demonize those same Christians for being supportive of the secular regime.


Bulgaria Attack: The Victims’ Stories

the Algemeiner 30 July 2012

Funerals were held July 20 for the Israeli victims of the Bulgaria terror attack. The coffins of the five Israelis arrived at Ben-Gurion International Airport on the evening of


Muslim cleric attacks daughter who refused arranged marriage, UK 30 July 2012
By Katerina Nikolas

Manchester - A Muslim cleric who attacked his teenage daughter and threatened to kill her, after she rejected his plans for an arranged marriage, has received a suspended


What the BBC Does Not Know

Gatestone Institute 30 July 2012
By Michael Curtis

The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) has once again displayed its unrelenting bias against the state of Israel. In conjunction with this summer's Olympics in London, it has posted a BBC Olympic website containing basic information about the competing countries, including a map which indicates the capital of each country. In its text of Israel, the site lists Jerusalem as "the seat of government though most foreign embassies are in Tel Aviv," an observation factually correct.


Muslims Who Attacked Police Refused to Recognise French Law

Islam versus Europe 30 July 2012

A couple of days ago, I posted France24's account of the Muslim mob attack on police in Marseilles while they were trying to do an identity check on a burka-wearing


UK probes British Pakistanis’ ‘support’ to Syrian extremists

Pakistan Daily Times 30 July 2012
By Asif Mehmood

LONDON: The British government has started an investigation after the revelation that some British Muslims of Pakistani origin have joined extremist groups in Syria to


UK: Muslim police officer causes major terror alert with bomb threat, now says it was a joke

Jihad Watch 30 July 2012

You'll die laughing! "Police officer caused major terror alert after ringing colleagues with a coded ‘bomb threat’ for a joke," by Ryan Kisiel for the Daily Mail, July 25


Online activists take over Twitter hashtag calling Saudi female athletes "prostitutes” 30 July 2012
By Joseph Mayton

CAIRO: On Friday early afternoon, a hashtag that had been circulating the micro-blogging site Twitter had been taken over by supporters of Saudi Arabia’s female athletes after


Fight over Islam, money and power brings violence to Volga 30 July 2012

KAZAN, RUSSIA - Not far from glitzy boulevards where an oil boom has sent up stadiums and high-rises overlooking the Volga River, women in headscarves wander through Islamic

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