UK: Four misunderstanders of Islam arrested in jihad terror raids

Jihad Watch 16 November 2011

The only hint in this standard politically correct report that these arrests involved Misunderstanders of Islam is the note that they're suspected of "travelling to Pakistan to undertake terrorist


Islamic scholar jailed four years for attempting to sell boy

next 16 November 2011

A self acclaimed Islamic scholar, Adamu Alkali of Paiko in Pakoro local government area of Niger State, has been arraigned before a Minna Chief Magistrates’ Court for allegedly attempting to sell an


Texas Muslim Barry Walter Bujol Convicted on Terrorism Charges

Answering Muslims 16 November 2011

Doesn't this guy watch ABC News? Doesn't he watch TLC? I don't get it. We keep telling Muslims that their religion is peaceful and tolerant, but they just won't listen! It almost seems as if Muslims


The Dangers of Legitimizing Muslim Grievances

Canada Free Press 15 November 2011
By Daniel Greenfield

There is no surer path to Muslim violence than through the legitimization of Muslim grievance. And once you accept the legitimacy of the grievance, then you are also bound to accept the legitimacy of the violence that follows.

Violence begins with grievance. Grievance is the pretext for violence and the narrative for the violence. Liberals make a fetish of separating the grievance from the violence, emphasizing constructive means of resolving the grievance. But what do you do when the grievance and the violence are inseparable?


The Other September 11th

Gates of Vienna 15 November 2011

Last year on September 11th I composed a memorial post, and then went browsing among all the other bloggers who had posted their own memorials. There were some excellent posts and photo essays, notably at Michelle Malkin, Dr. Sanity, and CUANAS, and all so much better than my own.


UK Muslims: New Names, Old Groups

Hudson New York 15 November 2011
By Soeren Kern

The British government has banned "Muslims Against Crusades" (MAC), an Islamic extremist group that recently launched a campaign to turn twelve British cities – including what it referred to as "Londonistan" – into independent Islamic states.

British Home Secretary Theresa May signed an order on November 9 that makes membership or support of MAC – which is closely linked to seven other previously-banned groups – a criminal offense.


How Civilizations Die

FrontPage Magazine 15 November 2011
By Jamie Glazov

Frontpage Interview’s guest today is David P. Goldman, the author of the new book, How Civilizations Die (and Why Islam is Dying, Too), which Regnery brought out this fall. After 9/11, Goldman began writing weekly essays at Asia Times Online under the byline "Spengler.” At the time he directed a research group at Credit Suisse, and afterward ran fixed income research for Bank of America. After joining the masthead of First Things magazine early in 2009, he revealed his identity and devoted himself to writing, mainly on politics and strategy, but also publishing essays on religion, classical music, literature and mathematics. He left First Things early in 2011 to write his book.


UK: Policework on Islamists Backfires

Hudson New York 15 November 2011
By Shiraz Maher

The Islamist-liberal alliance, a traditionally powerful force in parts of British political life, has suffered a significant setback after serious allegations about one of its key figures recently


EU censors own film on Afghan women prisoners

BBC News 15 November 2011
By Orla Guerin

The European Union has blocked the release of a documentary on Afghan women who are in jail for so-called "moral crimes". The EU says it decided to withdraw the film - which it commissioned and


Britain’s Sex Gangs (Dispatches)

English Defence League Blog 15 November 2011

Between 1997 and 2011, 56 men in the UK were found guilty of rape, child abduction, indecent assault and sex with a child. Earlier this year, when the statistics were first revealed, much of the


The Case for Banning Sharia Law in America

American Thinker 15 November 2011
By JanSuzanne Krasner

The incompatibility of Islamic sharia law with secular courts stems from the underpinning of Islamism -- the unyielding union of the laws and punishments of the Qu'ran and Hadiths with the country's


UK Home Secretary Bans Muslim Extremists from Disrupting Armistice Day Ceremonies

International Business Times 15 November 2011
By Palash R. Ghosh

The British Home Secretary Theresa May has banned an Islamic militant group, Muslims Against Crusades (MAC), from protesting Armistice Day ceremonies, which will be held on Friday. Last year,


Pig heads at Swiss mosque site outrage Muslims  15 November 2011

Grenchen - Muslims are outraged by the desecration brought to the site of a planned mosque in Switzerland, as four pigs' heads and 120 litres of pigs blood was found at the site. An anonymous


Video: Firemen in Sweden are attacked by Muslim immigrant youth making 'no go zones'

MRCTV 15 November 2011

This is an older clip, but one of the more important ones I lost with my youtube channel. A lot of work went into the translation and subtitling of this clip and its quite an important look at how modern cities are taken over by Muslims.


Turkey's Armenians Reconsecrate 16th Century Church Building

Christian News 15 November 2011

ISTANBUL – Just hours before a deadly 7.2 earthquake struck Turkey’s southeast on Oct. 23, well over 3,000 visitors crowded into an ancient Armenian cathedral in nearby Diyarbakir for Sunday


Internet: A Muslim Facebook is born in Istanbul 15 November 2011

ANKARA, The website of Turkish newspaper Hurriyet reports that a sort of Muslim Facebook is being created in Istanbul, which aims to attract one hundred million users in


Video: Shaykh al-Huwayni: The Penalty for Apostasy Is Death; Only "Boozers and Druggies" Say Otherwise

Translating Jihad 15 November 2011

How many times have we heard Western so-called 'experts' on Islam as well as politicians cite the Qur'anic verse "there is no compulsion in religion" as an example of Islamic tolerance.


Libyan war casualties arrive in Rotterdam

Expatica 15 November 2011

The first group of Libyans injured in the recent fighting have arrived in the Netherlands for specialist hospital treatment. Last week, a Dutch medical team working with Libya's ministry for war


Honor-killing father said daughters betrayed Islam

Rantburg 15 November 2011

The day before a Montreal man was charged with killing his three daughters and his first wife, he was recorded on a wiretap saying that even if he is sent to the gallows, nothing is more important


Sweden hosting Caucasian terrorist site

The Voice of Russia 15 November 2011

The Swedish authorities have not yet complied with the UN Security Council's decision to terminate the activities of the extremist website "Kavkaz-Center" said Russia's permanent representative to


Bosnia Detains Another Suspect Over U.S. Embassy Attack

Bosnia's state court has said it is detaining for one month a man suspected of assisting a gunman who fired at the U.S. embassy in Sarajevo. The court said Emrah Fojnica, 20, was suspected of a


Erdogan Cites Kemalism on Solving Kurdish Issue

Hudson New York 15 November 2011

Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan on Thursday maintained that Turkey would remain undivided on the path to a brighter future free from terror, as the country commemorated Mustafa Kemal Atatürk,


Family of Al Qaeda's recruiter faces eviction from UK home

The National 15 November 2011
By David Sapsted

LONDON // Three generations of a Muslim family in Britain face eviction from their home because the head of the household has been convicted of being a recruiting sergeant for Al Qaeda. For the


Dhimmitude and Cowardice At Time Magazine

AINA 15 November 2011
By Bruce Bawer

November 2 marked the seventh anniversary of Theo van Gogh’s murder by a pious young Muslim on an Amsterdam street. One of the memorable aspects of that history-making slaughter was the largely


Sydney sheikh stalled

Ismail Al-Wahwah 15 November 2011
By Dylan Welch

A CONTROVERSIAL Australian sheikh has been left stranded in Jordan after authorities confiscated his Australian passport, possibly in relation to his membership of an international group that


America Shuts Down 900 Terror Mosques

The Propagandist 15 November 2011

Did I say America? I meant Algeria. But wait: does this mean Islamist thugs would really use a house of prayer as a base for planning terror attacks? I'm shocked -- and a little confused. After


The Narrative of Perpetual Palestinian Victimhood

Hudson New York 15 November 2011
By Shelby Steele

The following is excerpted from a speech delivered September 22, 2011 in New York City at the conference "The Perils of Global Intolerance: The UN and Durban III," sponsored by the Touro


Anonymous Hackers Target Muslim Brotherhood

eSecurity Planet 15 November 2011

Members of Anonymous recently hit several Web sites belonging to Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood. "According to The Hacker News, four of their main sites were taken down after the hackers used servers


Islam Propaganda in the U.S. of A

Winds of Jihad 15 November 2011
By Daniel Greenfield

Ten years after the worst terrorist attack in American history, the Muslim terrorist is almost entirely absent from movies and television shows. He will show up on the evening news, when there’s no


"Out-of-touch” EU damned by words of praise from Kabul rapist

RAWA News 15 November 2011
By Jerome Starkey

Assadullah Sher Mohammad, who is serving 12 years in Kabul's notorious Pul-e Charkhi jail for raping and making pregnant a 19-year-old relative, said the EU "had done a good thing". Yet his

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