Video:Why the West Won't Hear about Persecution

CBN News 10 January 2012
By Paul Strand

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- Hundreds of millions of Christians have suffered discrimination or even persecution in lands as diverse as China and India, but mostly in countries where Islam is the top religion.


Salafis to Hindus & Buddhists: Reconvert Back to Islam 10 January 2012
By Dr. Ashraf Ezzat

EL KOSHARY, Cairo - Editor’s note: ‘Keep out of politics’ ... this used to be the golden advice most Egyptian parents hoped their youngsters would abide by in order to actually stay out of trouble


Washington is playing with Brotherhood fire

Jerusalem Post 10 January 2012

Several days ago The New York Times revealed a historic shift in US foreign policy, saying "the Obama administration has begun to reverse decades of mistrust and hostility as it seeks to forge closer


Tunisia’s Islamists lash out at anti-Semitic comments

Bikya Masr 10 January 2012
By Jonathan Terry

ALGIERS: Tunisia’s Islamic party Ennahda condemned the use of anti-Semitic slogans as a top Hamas official arrived in the country on Monday. The chants left the local Jewish community alarmed, but


The Case for Military Action Against Iran

FrontPage Magazine 10 January 2012
By Bruce Thornton

Iran’s 30-year war against the United States may be reaching its decisive moment. Signs of the worsening crisis abound. Iran just announced it has begun enriching uranium at the Fordo underground


Algeria divided after Prime Minister Ouyahia slams Turkey

Today's Zaman 10 January 2012

Following Algerian Prime Minister Ahmed Ouyahia's remarks in which he rebuked his Turkish counterpart for "capitalizing on Algerian blood” by bringing up the French killings in Algeria in its


Video: Ex-US Soldier Charged with Aiding Al Qaeda Group

ABC News 10 January 2012

A former U.S. Army soldier and recent convert to Islam was charged today with attempting to join an al Qaeda-linked terrorist group in Somalia. The indictment of Craig Baxam, 24, comes just days after the Kenyan and British governments announced they were seeking several British citizens who had allegedly joined the same terror group, al Shabaab, and plotted attacks in Kenya.

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Egypt liberal secular leader to be put on trial for Minnie Mouse in a burka cartoons 10 January 2012
By Richard Spencer

The case against Mr Sawiris, owner of the Orascom business empire and the country's most prominent Christian, was filed originally by a group of lawyers affiliated to the radical Salafi Islamist


Florida Family Association's David Caton protests Muslim speaker's visits to Hillsborough school

Tampa Bay Times 10 January 2012
By Marlene Sokol

TAMPA — A history teacher who sought to broaden her students' horizons got more than she bargained for when she invited a Muslim leader to Steinbrenner High School. Kelly Miliziano now finds


Egyptian Billionaire Naguib Sawiris Faces Trial For Insulting Islam

Forbes 10 January 2012
By Zina Moukheiber

This past June telecom tycoon Naguib Sawiris tweeted a picture of a bearded Mickey Mouse and a veiled Minnie Mouse. It was poor judgment on the part of Sawiris, a Coptic Christian who became heavily


Al Qaeda paper delivered to Pak homes

Faizan Haider 10 January 2012

Al-Qaeda continues to preach jihad or holy war through an Urdu monthly magazine that is delivered to homes in cities across Pakistan by post, according to a media report. The 200-page magazine,


The Land-for-Peace Hoax

Family Security Matters 9 January 2012
By Caroline Glick

The rise of the forces of jihadist Islam in Egypt places the US and other Western powers in an uncomfortable position. The US is the guarantor of Egypt's peace treaty with Israel. That treaty is based on the proposition of land for peace. Israel gave Egypt the Sinai in 1982 and in exchange it received a peace treaty with Egypt. Now that the Islamists are poised to take power, the treaty is effectively null and void.


Muslims Angle for Ownership of German Catholic Churches 9 January 2012

The Catholic Church is planning to close five or six churches in Duisburg, Germany, because of diminishing patronage, and local Muslims wish to buy the churches to use as Islamic worship locations,


Video: Queen Beatrix, princess Maxima don traditional robes for mosque visit 9 January 2012

Queen Beatrix's 50th state visit of her reign began on Sunday in Abu Dhabi with a visit to the biggest mosque in the United Arab Emirates.


Obama Terrorism Advisor’s Book Confuses and Distorts

FrontPage Magazine 9 January 2012
By Raymond Ibrahim

Reading CDR Youssef Aboul-Enein’s book, Militant Islamist Ideology: Understanding the Global Threat, published by the Naval Institute Press (2010), one can see why U.S. leadership is far from


Islam in Norway

Gates of Vienna 9 January 2012
By The Observer

Our Norwegian correspondent The Observer offers the third and final part in his series of essays on the Left in Norway. In the current installment he examines the democratic deficit within the Muslim community, and the political establishment’s unwillingness to address this issue.

Previously: Part 1 and Part 2.

This is the third and final instalment in a three part series in which I examine left-wing media bias in Norway, the Left’s moral support for anti-democratic forces in the Middle East, and Norwegian Muslims, views on democracy and traditional Western values.


On the hunt for Islamic financier’s missing gold

The Globe and Mail 9 January 2012
By Colin Freeze

Omar Kalair is known as Toronto’s trailblazing Islamic financier, an entrepreneur whose life’s calling is to give loans to Muslims. His creditors, however, want to know who he’s been calling, and


Norway’s ‘Beloved’ Terrorist Heads Back to Iraq

FrontPage Magazine 9 January 2012
By Bruce Bawer

How time flies! It seems only yesterday that we folks in Norway first heard the name Mullah Krekar?. The sometime leader of Ansar al-Islam – which narrow-minded individuals insist on calling a


Anti-Islamic websites come under greater scrutiny in Germany

The National 9 January 2012
By David Crossland

BERLIN // German authorities have announced a plan to place anti-Islamic websites under surveillance because of growing concern that they are becoming more radical and fomenting right-wing


Results of Hamas ‘Ceasefires’ in 2011: 680 Aerial Attacks

Israel National News 9 January 2012
By Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu

Terrorists from Hamas-controlled Gaza attacked Israel 680 times last year in the midst of ”ceasefires” and "calm,” but foreign media still report that Hamas has generally maintained a ceasefire.

The IDF reports that 680 rockets, mortars and Grad missiles were fired at southern Israel in 2011, according to data compiled by the Home Front Command.


Why yes, I'm an Islamophobe

altmuslimah 9 January 2012
By Fakhra Hassan

I am an Islamophobe. The phobia stems from a simple reason – my not-so-blind attraction to smart and well-educated women. I wake up each morning with a headache because I am not a heterosexual or


Hezbollah says Ban Ki-moon not welcome in Lebanon

The Daily Star 9 January 2012

BEIRUT: The head of Hezbollah’s Shura Council Sheikh Mohammad Yazbek said over the weekend that U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon, who is scheduled to arrive in Lebanon Friday, is not welcome."The


To VG and Aftenposten: Do the Right Thing and Publish Breivik’s Comments

Gates of Vienna 9 January 2012
By Fjordman

Below is Fjordman’s response to Norwegian media outlets after one of them published falsehoods about him — deliberately or otherwise — in relation to the Anders Behring Breivik case.

On December 23, 2011, the newspaper Verdens Gang (VG) ran an online article entitled "Slik var kontakten mellom ‘Fjordman’ og Breivik” — "This is what the contact was like between ‘Fjordman’ and Breivik.” That same afternoon the public broadcaster NRK also quoted information that came directly from confidential statements I had given to Norwegian police in the fall of 2011.


Smutty DVD sales go up as porn sites go down

The Express Tribune 9 January 2012
By Saad Hasan

KARACHI: A ban on pornographic websites in Pakistan by the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) in November 2011 has led to a surge in the sale of CDs and DVDs of this particular type of


Iranian cleric calls Facebook 'un-Islamic', membership a 'sin'

Haaretz Daily Newspaper 9 January 2012

An Iranian ayatollah has said that the social networking service Facebook was un-Islamic and being a member of it a sin, the ISNA news agency reported Saturday. In Iran, it is common for senior


Iraq's Descent into Ethnic Mayhem

Family Security Matters 9 January 2012
By Victor Sharpe

The challenge for the United States in Iraq was not simply to defeat the Saddam regime and the later coalition of jihadists and terrorists who infested the territory. The challenge should have been


Counterterrorism Tools: How To Report Violent Jihad Videos on YouTube

British Freedom 9 January 2012

Conservative opinions? Be careful what you say… Islamic jihad? That’ll do nicely.

The weekend’s in full swing and so are the jihadi video makers. Time for our regular visit to the Google/ YouTube Hall of Shame, checking out the Islamic terrorist video war porn that the Mountain View gazillionaires allow to proliferate on the world’s number one video sharing site.


Algerian Islamist party backs Turkey over genocide row

Expatica the Netherlands 9 January 2012

An Algerian Islamist party on Sunday sprang to the defence of Turkey's prime minister after Algeria's leader criticised Ankara for exploiting France's oppression of Algerians during the colonial


Queen’s headscarf causes row

Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands, who is in Abu Dhabi, wore a headscarf when she visited the Sheikh Zayed Mosque this morning out of respect for the customs, traditions and conventions of Islam, says


Neoconservatism Is Not Islamophobic, Plus a Thought Experiment

the Algemeiner 9 January 2012
By Gabriel Martindale

Supporters and opponents of Ron Paul’s foreign policy make a number of arguments, some good, some bad, and some, frankly, mad. Since I’m in the position of supporting Ron Paul, whilst having

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