Internet chats indicate Frankfurt shooting suspect was radicalized long before attack

Washington Post 15 September 2011

A man on trial for killing two U.S. airmen at Frankfurt Airport harbored anti-American feelings and spoke of violence about a year before the attacks, according to evidence presented at his trial


Colonel Gaddafi’s son spent thousands 'cavorting with prostitutes and taking drugs in £11m London mansion'

Daily Mail 15 September 2011
By Hugo Gye

A playboy son of Colonel Gaddafi spent thousands of pounds on drugs and prostitutes while staying in a multi-million-pound London mansion, according to his bodyguard. Saadi Gaddafi, third son of


Erdogan to Arab League: Israel to ‘Pay a Price’

FrontPage Magazine 15 September 2011
By Stephen Brown

Prime Minister Recep Erdogan of Turkey used his visit to Egypt on Monday to further "cement” his position as the new leader of the Sunni Arab world with a blistering attack against Israel. Continuing his anti-Israeli


Seattle: Misunderstander of Islam who tried to drive Marines off road linked to jihad suicide bomb plot at military recr

Jihad Watch 15 September 2011

Michael Jihad is a convert to Islam who somehow picked up the ridiculous Islamophobic idea that as a Muslim he had a responsibility to wage war against unbelievers. How did he get a crazy idea


Woman arrested over suicide bombing

WalesOnline 15 September 2011

The wife of a man who carried out a suicide bombing in Sweden last year has been arrested by police. It is understood Mona Thwany, the wife of Taimour Abdulwahab al-Abdaly who killed himself and


Royal Dutch Medical Association Launches Anti-Circumcision Campaign

IntactNews 15 September 2011

Circumcision of boys is a violation of children's rights. Globally, there is a change in thinking taking place and the surgery is becoming less and less common. The KNMG calls upon politicians,


Al-Shabaab: A Jihadist Threat to America

Right Side News 15 September 2011

The Somali jihadist organization al-Shabaab did not exist a decade ago. Today, its success in recruiting and radicalizing Muslims inside the United States has made al-Shabaab "a direct threat to the U.S. homeland," according to an investigative report by the House Homeland Security Committee.

Al-Shabaab, which is affiliated with al-Qaida, is fighting to oust the Transitional Federal Government (TFG), an "interim" regime that has served as the nominal government of Somalia since 2004. The TFG is supported by the African Union Mission in Somalia (AMISOM) military force, comprised of approximately 8,000 troops from Uganda and Burundi.


Video: Bin Laden’s spy in America

Ban Koran 15 September 2011

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France: Chef fired for preparing halal steak

Islam in Europe 15 September 2011
By 7sur7

A French chef employed by the Avenance Elior catering company and working in the Hewlett-Packard (HP) cafeteria in Ulis (Ile-de-France), was laid off in August for making a halal steak by request of


Detroit underwear bomb jihadist shouts "jihad" in court, demands to be judged by Qur'an only

Jihad Watch 15 September 2011

He doesn't recognize American law, because it was written by human beings. He believes that the Qur'an was written by Allah, and that Muslims should be judged only by it. He doesn't appear


UK: Four life terms for jihad recruiter

Warwick Courier 15 September 2011

A former Taliban fighter who ran a "recruitment centre" for extremist Muslims to go to Afghanistan to kill British troops has been jailed for life. Pakistani-born British citizen Munir Farooqi,


Saudi Prince Denies Rape Allegations

MEMRI 15 September 2011

Kingdom Holding Company, the Riyadh-based investment company controlled by Saudi Prince Walid bin Talal, has denied reports of an alleged encounter between the prince and a woman on the Island of


Student wins terror arrest payout

Ninemsn 15 September 2011

A masters student who was arrested under the Terrorism Act and spent six days in custody before charges were dropped has been awarded STG20,000 ($A30,850) by Nottinghamshire Police. Rizwaan Sabir,


Media blackout on EDL leader’s six day-long hunger strike

European Son 15 September 2011

The BBC reported this week that Shaker Aamer, a "close associate” of Osama bin Laden, and the "remaining British detainee” at Guantanamo Bay prison, is on hunger strike. You might be surprised to


After 10 years, few changes in Saudi extremist textbooks

Catholic News Agency 15 September 2011
By Benjamin Mann

A new report shows that Saudi Arabia, home to 15 of the 19 terrorist hijackers of 9/11, continues to promote a violent form of Islam through its school system and textbooks 10 years after the


Former UK PM Tony Blair says post 9/11 battle is not over

3News NZ 15 September 2011

Tony Blair, the international statesman most closely tied to the response to the September 11 attacks, believes the decade-long struggle to contain the threat from Islamic extremism is far from over,


Video: Muslims and Christians Violently Clash in Indonesia

Catholic Online 15 September 2011
By Michael Terheyden

It seems as if Muslims are at war with Christians throughout the whole world. On the very day that Americans commemorated the 10th anniversary of the worst attack on U.S. soil since Pearl Harbor,


USA: Islamic Hate Goes to School

Right Side News 15 September 2011
By Daniel Greenfield

Ninety years after Columbia University imposed quotas on Jewish students; its president along with other university presidents received a letter from a Jewish civil rights organization reminding them of their legal obligation to ensure a safe educational environment for Jewish students.

The quota system that kept Jonas Salk and Richard Feynman out of major universities has long been abolished, but it has been replaced by student checkpoints, violent confrontations and faculty harassment.


Video: Latest Syrian torture video

Elder of Ziyon 15 September 2011

This video, bouncing today around Syrian opposition websites and Al Arabiya, shows what is said to be a teenager being forced to kneel before and worship a photograph of Bashir Assad. He refuses and


Brotherhood angry at Erdogan call for secular Egypt

Jerusalem Post 15 September 2011

In Cairo, Turkish PM says Egypt ensure secular state in new constitution; Islamists tell Erdogan region’s future will be decided by Arabs alone. Egypt’s most powerful Islamist group warned


Gadhafi's son finds refuge in luxury villa  15 September 2011

NIAMEY, Niger — His father's whereabouts remain unknown, but the third son of Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi has found refuge fitting his playboy image — a luxurious guesthouse next to the


Girl strangled to death in name of honour

Daily Times 15 September 2011

LAHORE: A 15-year-old girl was allegedly strangled to death by her uncle in the name of honour in Shera Kot Police limits on Wednesday. The deceased was identified as Anam, daughter of Ramzan,


Women suicide bombers in Pakistan: a deadly phenomenon

The News International  15 September 2011
By Abdul Zahoor Khan Marwat

A 17-year-old girl recently blew herself up at a police cordon near the Lahori Gate in Peshawar, killing two people. It was perhaps the first such incident in which a woman suicide bomber was used to


Guru Granth Sahib burnt in India by miscreants. Hindu-Sikh protested vehemently.

Struggle for Hindu Existence 15 September 2011

Members of the Sikh community protest in Moradabad after reports of the desecration of Sri Guru Granth Sahib in Pilibhit. Hindu-Sikhs in Moradabad furious over torching of Guru Granth


Islamist sect shoots dead four in northeast Nigeria

defenceWeb 15 September 2011

Gunmen shot dead four people in a bar in the northeastern Nigerian town of Maiduguri in the latest strike by a radical Islamist sect, police said. Boko Haram, whose name translates from the local


Al-Qaeda Collects $5m Monthly in Iraqi City of Mosul

MEMRI 15 September 2011

The Islamic State of Iraq, the Iraqi branch of al-Qaeda, is reported to be collecting $5 million a month in the form of a protection racket for business establishments, pharmacies and jewelers in the


Islamism and America

Family Security Matters 14 September 2011
By Michael Mukasey

My deep thanks to the Manhattan Institute and especially to Judith Miller, for organizing this program, and for giving me the privilege of participating in it. Thanks also to Lawrence Mone for that kind introduction.

The enormity of what was done to us on September 11, 2001, deserves all the solemnity and scholarship being used to mark the tenth anniversary this week, but I think that serious distortions can result from treating 9-11 as a transformative event if doing so suggests that that was Islamism’s first confrontation with the United States, or that the country’s reaction to what happened that day somehow changed in some fundamental way and irrevocably the way our government deals with our adversaries.


My Experiences with a Danish Sharia-Zone

Gates of Vienna 14 September 2011

Below is an article published last Sunday by a former Danish leftist, who writes about sharia-controlled zones in his old neighborhood in Arhus.

Many thanks to Steen for the tip, and to Nemo for the translation.

My Experiences with a Danish Sharia-Zone
by Dan Ritto

On the front page of today’s edition of [Danish newspaper] Ekstra-Bladet you can see the headline ‘Here, sharia law applies’, and a map of the areas of the country where the imams and so-called cultural societies have established an alternative judicial system based on sharia law.


StandWithUs to Demonstrate against UN Durban III Conference 14 September 2011

[Los Angeles] A StandWithUs-sponsored "circus” will expose the shocking hypocrisy of the United Nations when the UN puts on its third "Durban conference” against racism on September 22 in New York City. The circus and clowns StandWithUs is sponsoring will appear in front of UN headquarters on Sept. 22 from noon until 2 PM, just when the three-ring circus known as the Durban III conference is under way. Leading democratic nations have severely denounced the previous two Durban conferences, held in 2001 and 2009, for demonizing Israel and for flagrant anti-Semitism.

"One good way to counter the Durban conference’s hypocritical travesty of human rights is with parody. Sometimes humor reveals the deepest truths. There is no possible rational response to the Durban conference’s perverse distortions. They are too divorced from any reality. In fact, they turn reality upside down. We plan to fight the UN ‘clowns’ with actual clowns that expose their hypocrisy and perversity,” explained Roz Rothstein, CEO of StandWithUs.


Child Abuse as Public Policy in the Palestinian Authority

FrontPage Magazine  14 September 2011
By David Meir-Levi

From Aristotle to Gandhi to Jimmy Carter, world leaders have asserted that one must judge a nation by the way it treats its most vulnerable.  How then should one judge a society whose leaders condemn the most vulnerable, its own children, to a lifetime of sociopathic hatred and to the macabre belief that the highest calling in their precious young lives is to wage unremitting war and die a martyr’s death?

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