Russia shocked by murder of moderate Muslim

FRANCE 24 9 June 2011

A Muslim university professor who criticised radical Islamists was shot dead in Dagestan in a killing that sent a shockwave around the conflict-torn Russian region, officials said


Zawahiri Vows to Continue Bin Laden's Work

Spiegel Online 9 June 2011
By Yassin Musharbash

First he praised Osama bin Laden, and then he issued threats to Pakistan and the United States. One month after the al-Qaida leader was shot dead in Abbottabad, his deputy Ayman al-Zawahiri has


Loughborough student disputes Islamic extremism claims

BBC News  9 June 2011

A group representing Muslim students has challenged the government to prove universities have become "complacent" in tackling Islamic fundamentalism. The Federation of Student Islamic Societies


Beyonce shocked to see woman wearing burka at one of her gigs

National Ledger 9 June 2011
By Isla Harvey

Beyoncé has revealed that she was "shocked” to see a woman in a burka at one of her concerts. The former Destiny’s Child star, who is known for her raunchy dance routines and revealing outfits,


Egypt: Freedom is Islamic fundamentalism’s greatest enemy

Spero News 9 June 2011

Cairo – "Freedom is fundamentalism’s greatest enemy;” hence "I support the right of the Muslim Brotherhood to take part in political life. To exclude them would go against the ideals of civilisation


Kadhafi ordered mass rapes in Libya: ICC

Africasia 9 June 2011

Investigators have evidence Libyan leader Moamer Kadhafi ordered mass rapes and bought containers of sex drugs to encourage troops to attack women, the chief ICC prosecutor said. Luis


Shari‘a and Violence in American Mosques

Middle East Forum 8 June 2011
By Mordechai Kedar and David Yerushalmi

How great is the danger of extremist violence in the name of Islam in the United States? Recent congressional hearings into this question by Rep. Peter King (Republican of New York), chairman of the Committee on Homeland Security, have generated a firestorm of controversy among his colleagues, the press, and the general public.


Video: Robert Spencer in Stuttgart - Demo-speech

Kitman TV 8 June 2011

Robert Spencer, expert in Islamic history and ideology, was invited by Bürgerbewegung Pax Europa and Politically Incorrect for their "Great Islam-critical Weekend June 2nd - 5th 2011. In his lecture, he explains the context for the left wing street battles (Stuttgart June 2nd ) and the Jihad, and how this indicates that the Jihad in Europe is entering a new phase.


I warned about this years ago. Now ministers admit I was right

Daily Mail 8 June 2011
By Melanie Phillips

Now they tell us. Ministers have finally admitted what I revealed in my book, Londonistan, back in 2006 and have written many times since then – that, incredible as it may seem, hundreds of thousands of pounds of public money that was supposed to be spent on countering Islamic extremism has gone to groups or individuals actually promoting Islamic extremism.


A HOUSE BUILT ON SAND? The ECB and the hidden cost of saving the euro

Open Europe 8 June 2011
By Raoul Ruparel, Mats Persson

Executive summary:

The role of the ECB in the ongoing eurozone and banking crisis has been significantly understated. In parallel with the IMF’s and EU’s multi-billion euro interventions, the ECB has engaged in its own bail-out operation, providing cheap credit to insolvent banks and propping up struggling eurozone governments, despite this being against its own rules. The ECB is ultimately underwritten by taxpayers, which means that there is a hidden – and potentially huge – cost of the eurozone crisis to taxpayers buried in the ECB’s books.


Women's Rights and Forced Conversions

Family Security Matters 8 June 2011
By Vin Ienco

Vin’s Notes Part 13 (in pdf format) can be downloaded by clicking here and Part 12 can be downloaded by clicking here.

I have been producing a weekly synopsis and articles on the global encroachment of Islam for about two years. In that time, a week hasn’t passed without certain ‘staples’ of Islam perpetrated on Muslims and non-Muslims alike. One of the traits that are unquestionably unique to Islam is ‘forced conversion’.


Operation Embarrass: British bombed Jewish refugee ships

Elder of Ziyon 8 June 2011

Jewish survivors of the Holocaust, the pitiful remnants of History’s greatest crime, tried to make their way across an often hostile Europe at the end of the Second World War, toward at least a semblance of safety in the Holy Land, they had no shortage of problems with which to contend, including disease and malnutrition, Polish anti-Semitism, Soviet indifference, Allied bureaucracy, and Arab nationalism. Now we discover that they faced yet another peril in the shape of bombs planted on their transport ships by Britain’s Secret Intelligence Service, better known as MI6.


MI6 attacks al-Qaeda in 'Operation Cupcake'  8 June 2011
By Duncan Gardham

The cyber-warfare operation was launched by MI6 and GCHQ in an attempt to disrupt efforts by al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsular to recruit "lone-wolf” terrorists with a new


Mordechai Kedar and David Yerushalmi: New study shows that only 19% of mosques in U.S. don't teach jihad violence and/or Islamic

Jihad Watch 8 June 2011

In 1998, Sheikh Muhammad Hisham Kabbani, a Sufi leader, visited 114 mosques in the United States. Then he gave testimony before a State Department Open Forum in January 1999,


Video: Interview with Hege Storhaug, Norwegian human rights worker

vladtepesblog 8 June 2011

I had the great privilege of filming an interview with Hege Storhaug, a Norwegian human rights activist and close friend of Bruce Bawer, scheduled to speak in Ottawa June 8 2011 for the Free Thinking Film Society.


Fifa's headscarf ban 'inhumane' - Iran

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad described Fifa as "colonialists" on Tuesday for a headscarf ban in football that affect its women's team. Mustafa Musleh Zadeh,


Terrorist: What happens when Allah doesn't answer 8 June 2011
By Michael Carl

Editor's Note: This is the second of a three-part series about Kamal Saleem, a onetime terrorist who abandoned violence for Christianity. Trained from childhood to fight in jihad for the cause of


Video: Plans to curb influence of sharia courts to be unveiled  8 June 2011
By Christopher Hope

The plans come amid increasing concern about the use of sharia courts to adjudicate on family law and criminal matters. Baroness Cox, a cross bench peer, will publish legislation which campaigners hope will tackle the increasing use Islamic law to settle disputes in Muslim communities.


U.K.: Comedy show host threatened over suicide bomber joke

Jihad Watch 8 June 2011

Not surprisingly, we're seeing more outrage about a joke about suicide bombing than actual suicide bombings, and as always, more of an outcry about "Islamophobia" --


Mood in Northern Afghanistan Shifts against German Troops

Spiegel Online 8 June 2011
By Matthias Gebauer, Susanne Koelbl and Christoph Reuter

The situation is in northern Afghanistan is deteriorating. Bomb attacks against German soldiers are increasing in frequency and force, and local ambivalence has turned into hate. The risk for


Video: EDL Attend International Conference In Stuttgart

Liberties Alliance 8 June 2011

The following is an account posted on the EDL website about the EDL attendance of an international Counterjihad conference in the German city of Stuttgart: Antifa Rampage In Stuttgart Against Counterjihad


Iran cleric: Killing Israeli children OK

Ynetnews  8 June 2011
By Dudi Cohen

Iranian Ayatollah endorses evil: Radical religious cleric known as President Ahmadinejad's spiritual mentor says attacks on Israeli civilians permissible, suicide bombings a Muslim duty i


Islamic radicals are in schools, government report says  8 June 2011
By Duncan Gardham

Its new counter-radicalisation strategy, Prevent, warned that some people who are supportive of terrorist groups and ideologies have "sought and sometimes gained positions in schools or in groups


German police say foiled forced-marriage kidnap bid

Expatica 8 June 2011

German police said Tuesday they had foiled a bid by two Turks to kidnap a 17-year-old girl for a forced marriage in Turkey. The attempted abduction of the French teenager of Turkish origin, from


Hamas training next generation of terrorists in Summer camps  8 June 2011
By Jim Kouri

This year Hamas' summer camps in the Gaza Strip again combined political Islamic indoctrination and paramilitary training with social activities. Conspicuous were manifestations of solidarity with


Australian evangelical churches: Muslim ads prompt Christians to share their faith

The NSW Council of Churches has expressed disapproval at the way in which a Muslim group has attempted to spread its message by launching an advertising campaign denigrating Jesus Christ and


Britain's Islamist Split

Wall Street Journal  8 June 2011

In a speech in Munich in February, Prime Minister David Cameron announced that his government would change the rules of the game on home-grown extremism. Having been one of the world's leading


No jail for man who put ham in Muslims' shoes

The West Australian 8 June 2011

30-year-old man who stuffed ham into the shoes of Muslims as they worshipped at a mosque has been spared jail. Jamie Knowlson also draped slices of the meat - which Muslims are banned from eating


Radical Muslim Cleric's Pentagon Lunch: Top DOD Lawyers, Executive Director of CAIR Invited

Fox News 8 June 2011
By Catherine Herridge & Pamela Browne & Cyd Upson & Gregory Johnson

The Pentagon's top lawyers and the executive director of controversial Muslim group Council of American Islamic Relations were invited to lunch with radical cleric Anwar al-Awlaki

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