Muslim Firsters and Israel Firsters

Canada Free Press 2 February 2012
By Daniel Greenfield

If you were to suggest in a public forum that just possibly Israel’s failure to reach a peace agreement with a terrorist organization, run by kleptomaniacs and homicidal maniacs, which still continues to applaud the murder of Israeli children, might possibly be due to the terrorists and not because of Israel, then, according to the consensus of the left, you are an Israel Firster.


There is no honour in cheapening tolerance in Islam

The National 2 February 2012
By Muhammad Ayish

When the bodies of four Afghanistan-born Montreal family members were found on June 30, 2009, in a submerged car in a Kingston, Ontario canal, the case initially looked like a tragic fatal accident.


Bomb attack rocks Malmö police station

The Local 2 February 2012

A police station in central Malmö was hit by a powerful explosion early Wednesday morning, leaving a hole in the building."Several people reacted to the powerful explosion and we received a number of


Death threats for singer of burqa song

Radio Netherlands Worldwide 2 February 2012
By Johan van der Tol

Dutch satirist Johan Vlemmix has decided not to perform his latest hit Do the Burqa onstage following death threats. The song, a carnival parody to the music of Van McCoy's Do the Hustle, is a


Video: Homophobic Threats Found at Montclair State 2 February 2012

Students of Montclair State's LGBT community gathered Wednesday after three incidents of threatening messages against gays on campus. Last Thursday, a slur was scrawled on the wall of the LGBT office. On Friday, a note was passed under the office door. And on Monday, a message was written on a bathroom wall saying that on February 7, gays "will die."

Homophobic Threats Found at Montclair State:


Letter: 'Third Jihad' may be wake-up call 2 February 2012
By Vincent Ramirez, Mount Sinai

The New York City Police Department's showing of the documentary "The Third Jihad" has aroused the ire of Muslims throughout the city and beyond, and perhaps a fair share of non-Muslims as well


Shafia wife killed because she was despised by husband, second wife

The Globe and Mail 2 February 2012
By Timothy Appleby

She once overheard one of the murderers refer to her as "that other one,” the honour killings trial was told – as though she were a piece of unwanted baggage. And in a sense she was. The


Documenting Palestinian criminality

Jerusalem Post 2 February 2012

We are told, day after day, that Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas is a genuine moderate committed to achieving a peace settlement with Israel. In addition to the international community, even some Israelis – admittedly a dwindling minority – also chant this mantra.


Muslim woman in Boca Raton accuses Chevron of religious discrimination 2 February 2012
By Juan Ortega

La-Fleur Mohamed, a Muslim for the past 12 years, says a Chevron employee humiliated her by barring her from a gas station because she wouldn't remove her head scarf. "You can't come in here


Indonesia: 10 Islamists imprisoned for attack on police mosque

People of Shambhala 2 February 2012

An Indonesian court has sentenced 10 Islamic militants in relation to a suicide bombing of a mosque attended by police in the West Java town of Cirebon. The attack took place in April 2011 and


Model of India's biggest mosque unveiled

NDTV 2 February 2012

The model of what is billed as India's biggest mosque - accommodating 25,000 in its courtyard - was unveiled recently. The mosque is to come up in a 40 acres near here and the complex will also


Brooke Goldstein Speaking at the Philadelphia Chapter of the Freedom Center, Thursday, Feb. 2

FrontPage Magazine 2 February 2012

Editor’s note: Brooke Goldstein is coming to speak at the Philadelphia Chapter of the Freedom Center tomorrow, Thursday, Feb. 2. To mark this occasion, Frontpage is rerunning below Jacob Laksin’s


Banda Aceh Authorities Arrest Punk Rock Concertgoers for ‘Moral Rehabilitation’

PRI's The World 2 February 2012
By Emily Johnson

In Banda Aceh, a dozen young people are having a ukulele jam session beneath the lights of a basketball court. In Aceh’s capital city, unmarried men and women aren’t supposed to congregate after 9


• The Costly Quest for 'Confidence'

EuropeNews 01 February 2012
By Henrik R. Clausen

It would seem appropriate to praise the leaders of the European Union to finally have found a solution to the financial crisis by means of the new EU fiscal pact, or Treaty. As EU President Herman van Rompuy puts it:

A treaty at 25 is quite an achievement, given that the eurozone itself comprises of only 17 members.

That's a nice display of Strength, Unity and Determination. Well, sort of.


London School of Economics Passes Anti-Blasphemy Law

Stonegate Institute 1 February 2012
By Henry Jackson Society

The London School of Economics [LSE] Student Union has passed a mtion effectivly making it impossible for students on campus to criticize Islam. The LSE has arecently been embroiled in another scandal on campus - notably the shutting down of a union-affiliated "Atheist, Humanist and Secularist Society" for the posting of a cartoon entitled "Jesus and Mo." The cartoon depicts Jesus and the Prophet Muhammed having a drink together in a pub and is a regular cartoon shared within the atheist community.

Contact: Raheem Kassam, director, Student Rights - 07872833322,


Minister Asks for Understanding of Islamic Taboo on Homosexuality

Emancipation Minister Marja van Bijsterveldt has called on the Dutch to be understanding of the fact that acceptance of homosexuality is low in the Islamic community. The Christian democratic


Iran’s Spanish satellite TV channel launches with presidential aplomb

Rapid TV News 1 February 2012

A long promised Spanish language TV channel from Iran's state broadcaster IRIB has been proclaimed live by President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, in a move aimed at tightening Tehran's ties with the anti-US


Denmark: No Christians Wanted in Vollsmose

Gates of Vienna 1 February 2012

Here’s another story about what life is like for infidels in Vollsmose, a culturally enriched neighborhood of Odense on the Island of Funen in Denmark. The article was kindly translated by our Danish


Sweden: Six charged over 'honour' beating with metal rods

The 1 February 2012

Six men in Hallsberg, central Sweden, have been charged with the severe beating of a 19-year-old with metal rods at a gym in central Sweden, in an attack police believe to be honour-related.


More asylum seekers returning home by choice

YLE Finland 1 February 2012

About one tenth of asylum seekers in Finland return to their home countries voluntarily. In the past couple of years, the greatest number of asylum seekers heading home have been Iraqis. The Finnish


Muslim Taxi service launched in Germany

PanARMENIAN.Net 1 February 2012

A German Muslim has introduced the country’s first Muslim taxi website through which Germans can arrange shared car rides of the same sex, The website reported recently. "Many Muslim


Robert Spencer: New York officials apologize for telling the truth

Human Events 1 February 2012
By Robert Spencer

The mainstream media, led by the New York Times, and the Islamic supremacist Hamas-linked hate group the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) are doing all they can to whip up a frenzy about the NYPD’s showing of a relatively tepid but accurate counter-terror film, The Third Jihad, to police officers.

Lost in the hysteria is the question of whether there is anything inaccurate or false in the film – yet those who are demanding apologies and reeducation from the NYPD have demonstrated not one inaccuracy in it. No one who is protesting against this film is going beyond the claim that it is "Islamophobic.”


Miami imams accused of funding terrorists: Hate and redemption

Miami New Times 1 February 2012
By Lisa Rab

Just before 6 a.m. May 14, 2011, FBI agents surrounded a single-story, flat-roofed building that could be mistaken for a private home. Despite its humble appearance, the Flagler Mosque is one of the


The NYPD Caves to CAIR

FrontPageMagazin 1 February 2012

On Monday, the New York Post reported on a website where would-be jihadists have been "meticulously dissecting” convicted terrorist Faisal Shahzad’s failure to detonate a car bomb in Times Square in


Kenya: British Terror Suspect Wants Three-Year Jail Term to Be Reviewed

AllAfrica 1 February 2012
By Maureen Mudi

A BRITISH terror suspect who was jailed for three years by the court for being in the country illegally and lying to immigration officials now wants his sentence reviewed. Through his lawyer


Saudi Arabia to Deport Ethiopian Christians

Saudi Arabia is planning to deport 35 Ethiopian Orthodox Christians from the Muslim kingdom on the charge of "illicit mingling,” according to a report from Human Rights Watch (HRW).


Local websites hacked for Allah

Corvallis Gazette-Times 1 February 2012
By Bennett Hall

A local mom checking the Boys & Girls Club of Corvallis website for information about her daughter’s basketball team was surprised to find herself reading about the Muslim religion instead. "At


Michael Coren and Robert Spencer discuss Islam and the Shafia honor killings

Jihad Watch 1 February 2012

I appeared tonight on the Michael Coren Show on Sun TV and discussed the Shafia honor killings and the media whitewash of Islam's role in them. Video courtesy Blazing Cat Fur.


Turkey launches hijab fash mag

European Son 1 February 2012

Do you remember when one episode of the British comedy Absolutely Fabulous took Patsy and Edina to Morocco? For the two drunken, self-absorbed anti-heroes Morocco was all about smoking "Mary Jane”


Middle East Conference Against Female Genital Mutilation

Stonegate Institute 1 February 2012

On January 19, the first conference on female genital mutilation (FGM) in the Middle East opened in Beirut, Lebanon. The event was called by two non-governmental organizations, the Dutch-based

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