Hamas, Islamic Jihad urge The Vatican not to recognize

GAZA, Hamas and Islamic Jihad have urged The Vatican not to recognize Israel’s sovereignty over Christian areas and churches in Jerusalem. Hamas expressed concern, in a statement


'The hammer didn’t do it - I had to strangle her'...

Daily Mail 13 June 2012
By Damien Gayle

A failed asylum seeker who strangled his British girlfriend to death after learning he was to be deported was jailed for at least ten-and-a-half years today. Ako Amin, 19, flew into a


Video: Islamic - Muslim Plunder And Brutality Against India

youtube 13 June 2012
By TruthKamanche

1400 years of Islamic genocide against Hindus and Buddhists packed into an 18-minute presentation.


Anarchy in the United Kingdom

AINA (press release) 13 June 2012
By Mark Tapson

Amid the pomp and ceremony of England's recent Diamond Jubilee, marking sixty years of the Queen's reign, a grim truth was being glossed over: England is gradually capitulating to the law


President Obama and the Herr Schultz Syndrome

AINA (press release) 13 June 2012
By Richard Butrick

Berlin, 1931. Despite intimidation and overt acts of violence, Herr Schultz, an aging Jewish fruit vendor, is convinced that the Brown Shirts and Hitler Youth are just extremist aberrations


Ritual slaughter ban rejected again in Dutch Senate

The Dutch Upper House has rejected a ban on ritual slaughter without anaesthetising animals first. The Senate debated a bill by the Animal Rights Party Marianne Thieme for a second time on


American club refuses to host Hizb ut-Tahrir conference in U.S. after protests

Al-Arabiya 13 June 2012

A club hosting an event by the Islamist group, Hizb ut-Tahrir, in Illinois next week has pulled out after a group of Americans expressed concerns, and outrage, about the event. The


St. Anthony City Council rejects Islamic center plan

Minneapolis Star Tribune 13 June 2012

St. Anthony City Council members on Tuesday rejected plans to locate an Islamic center in the basement of the former Medtronic headquarters off Old Hwy. 8. The proposed Abu-Huraira


NBC's Chelsea Clinton: Media Responsible for Ameliorating "Islamophobia"

Diana West 13 June 2012
By Diana West

Almost exactly three years ago, President Obama addressed "Muslims around the world" from Egypt's al-Azhar U in Cairo. He said he "consider[ed] it part of [his] responsibility as President


Planning Commission votes to appeal mosque ruling


The Rutherford County Planning Commission voted Monday night to appeal a recent decision in Chancery Court about the Islamic Center of Murfreesboro. The Planning Commission decided in a


30,000 or 5 Million? The Real Number of Palestinian Refugees

radicalislam.org 13 June 2012
By Arnold Ahlert

On May 24th, the U.S. Senate Appropriations Committee approved a resolution virtually certain to create a controversy in Washington, D.C. The Kirk Amendment, named after its drafter,


Indonesia: Twenty churches face demolition

Adnkronos Security 13 June 2012

Twenty churches in Indonesia's Aceh province have been closed down and are likely to be demolished by the local administration. A lower house lawmaker Eva K. Sundari said her human


Salafi Islamists, police clash in Tunis

Reuters India 13 June 2012
By Tarek Amara and Mohammed Argouby

Hundreds of Salafi Islamists, angered by an art exhibition they say insults Muslims, clashed with police in Tunis on Tuesday, raising religious tensions in the home of the Arab


New kill count in 'eradicating Christianity' campaign

WND.com 13 June 2012
By Michael Carl

A Muslim organization that has dedicated itself to eliminating Christians, and especially eradicating Christianity from its home territory in Africa, has turned in a new kill count of 19


Fjordman’s Suggested Testimony for the Trial of Anders Behring Breivik

Gates of Vienna 12 June 2012
By Fjordman

In 2012 I was subpoenaed as a witness for the trial against the mass murderer Anders Behring Breivik by his defense lawyers. Until the beginning of June I seriously considered saying yes to testifying on the Internet but eventually rejected this.


Turkey- Supreme Court: prison for 'unnatural' video sex

ANSAmed 12 June 2012

ANKARA - As the Turkish press reports today, the Supreme Appeal Court in Ankara has ruled as ''unnatural'' any acts of gay sex, oral, anal or group sex - including that of the


Father of Toulouse killer Mohamed Merah sues for murder

BBC News 12 June 2012

The father of Mohamed Merah, the Islamist gunman killed by French police after shooting seven people, has formally sued over his son's "murder". A lawyer for Mohamed Benalel Merah, who


Turkey: New law requires Islamic prayer rooms in all shopping malls, movie theaters...

Jihad Watch 12 June 2012

And the self-described "liberal Muslim" Mustafa Akyol is just fine with these new developments, which once again manifest Turkey's discarding of secularism and gallop toward Sharia. Akyol


Finland's War on Free Speech

Gatestone Institute 12 June 2012
By Soeren Kern

Finland's Supreme Court has found a prominent politician guilty of defaming Islam for "Islamophobic" comments he made on his personal blog.

The ruling represents a major setback for free speech in a Europe that is becoming increasingly stifled by politically correct restrictions on free speech, particularly on issues related to Islam and Muslim immigration.


Belgium heightens terror alert level

The body that keeps tabs on the terrorist threat in Belgium, the OCAD, has just heightened the country's terror alert level from 2 to 3 across Brussels. The OCAD that analyses the


Ceramic pig watch: Offensive speech in Britain

Hot Air 12 June 2012
By J.E. Dyer

Ever since the case of the offensive ceramic pigs in 1998, the British have been assiduously refining their methods for dealing with offenses to Islam. Earlier this year, Bruce Bawer at


Turkish Words, No Thanks

Islam versus Europe 12 June 2012

As I've reported a few times, part of the multicult indoctrination in Austria and Germany involves teaching the Austrian and German children Turkish "to help integration". One Austrian


Western Critics of Democracy: "Accomplices to Injustice"

Gatestone Institute 12 June 2012
By Michael Curtis

Support for people who criticize their own Western democratic societies is now all too apparent among many Western intellectuals, academics, members of the media, international organizations, and religious groups which, while refusing to challenge cases of injustice, particularly in Muslim countries, instead criticize and condemn the state of Israel at every turn, despite the continuing physical and rhetorical aggression against it.


Four guilty in Danish terror plot against Jyllands-Posten newspaper

IceNews 12 June 2012

Four men have each been sentenced to 12 years in prison after being found guilty of planning a terrorist attack against Danish newspaper Jyllands-Posten. Munir Awad, Zalouti, Mounir ben


Tragedy draws Turkish 'Men Against Violence'

The Local 12 June 2012
By Jessica Ware

The horrendous killing of a mother-of-six by her mentally ill husband in Berlin this week prompted hundreds of men, mostly with a Turkish background, to gather at her house to speak out


Lawyers for Ellicott City teen terrorist ask that he be moved to juvenile facility

baltimoresun.com 12 June 2012

Lawyers for a Maryland teen convicted in a Jihadist terror plot want him moved to a juvenile facility to await sentencing. A federal judge in Philadelphia is considering the request


The Genocide of the Ottoman Greeks: The First Academic Publication on the Greek Genocide

FaithFreedom.org 12 June 2012
By Boutros Hussein and Lee Jay Walker

Book Review by Modern Tokyo Times

The Genocide of the Ottoman Greeks (www.caratzas.com) is a book which digs deep into the deplorable actions of the dying embers of the Ottoman Empire and the foundation of the Turkish Republic which systematically annihilated various Christian communities. These various Christian communities were the indigenous people and suffered such brutality because of their ethnicity and religious affiliation. However, in the vast majority of schools throughout Europe and further abroad, this "hidden genocide” remains "in the dark” because of enormous pressure from modern Turkey and other factors.


Turkish ruling Islamists' zeal worries EU diplomats

The Financial 12 June 2012

European Union diplomats are expressing growing concern at what they see as the increasingly militant stance taken by Turkey's ruling Islamists.


Queen Beatrix to visit Turkey

Queen Beatrix will start a two-day visit to Turkey on Wednesday; the Dutch monarch will visit the capital Ankara as well as Istanbul. The visit is part of the celebrations marking 400 years

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