Radical Muslim sect kills 2 Nigerian officials

Houston Chronicle 25 August 2011

MAIDUGURI, Nigeria — Authorities say a radical Muslim sect responsible for bombings and assassinations in northeast Nigeria has killed a pregnant state official and a local politician. Borno


Fresh Mass Graves Found in Sudan by Satellite Project

The Atlantic Wire 25 August 2011
By Adam Martin

A satellite imagery project conceived and partially funded by George Clooney has identified what it says are mass civilian grave sites in the Nuba Mountains of Sudan, and says the country's Red


Growth of Islamistan in Europe means No-Go Zones for Non-Muslims

The Cutting Edge 24 August 2011
By Soeren Kern

Islamic extremists are stepping up the creation of "no-go" areas in European cities that are off-limits to non-Muslims.

Many of the "no-go" zones function as microstates governed by Islamic Sharia law. Host-country authorities effectively have lost control in these areas and in many instances are unable to provide even basic public aid such as police, fire fighting and ambulance services.


Sennels "Behind the Gates of Vienna"

Gates of Vienna 24 August 2011
By Nicolai Sennels

Like so many other writers who oppose Islamization, the Danish psychologist Nicolai Sennels has been lumped together by the media with the mass murdering psychopath of Oslo and Utøya. This is his response.

Behind the Gates of Vienna
by Nicolai Sennels

I am now one of those who are accused of making Anders Breivik into a mass murderer. As Gates of Vienna is also involved, I thought my answer might be of interest and maybe also inspiration for GoV’s readers:

“In his commentary ‘Behind the Gates of Vienna’ in the August 19 edition of Weekend Newspaper, Arne Hardis puts me into the same category as Anders Breivik. The reason for this is that I have called the violent conflict between the Islamic world and everyone else a Third World War. We are not at war with Islam, but Islam is at war with us. The whole thing begins in the Quran, which in reality is a declaration of war against all non-Muslims.


A Blast from the Past: The Upcoming Durban III Conference (September 2011)

Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs 24 August 2011
By Alan Baker

The 2001 Durban World Conference against Racism was abused by Muslim, Arab and other states and anti-Israel non-governmental organizations to single out Israel in what became an anti-Semitic and anti-Israel hate-fest, permanently tainting the name of the Durban conference. As such, the conference failed to deal with the genuine problems of racism.


Ten ways to introduce an EU tax (and why none of them will work)

Open Europe 24 August 2011

Key points:

* With eurozone leaders looking at new ways to enhance ‘economic governance’ of the eurozone and with negotiations on the EU budget expected to gather pace in 2012, the EU’s role in taxation is set to be an important future political and economic battleground. Below, we examine ten of the options for EU taxes up for discussion, with some well developed and others at an early stage.


The Jihad Against the Armenian, Assyrian, and Greek Christians

American Thinker 24 August 2011
By Janet Levy

In Germany, where Holocaust denial is punishable by up to five years in prison, Stuttgart University recently capitulated to pressure from resident Turkish Muslims and canceled an event entitled, "Persecution, Expulsion and Annihilation of Christians in the Ottoman Empire 1912-1922." Ironically, this occurred in a country that was forced to confront its own genocidal past, educate its population and pay restitution to victims.


Why this is the moment Libya's Islamic extremists have prayed for

Daily Mail  24 August 2011
By John R Bradley

As Tripoli fell to anti-Gaddafi rebel forces, the euphoria that erupted in some parts of the city was matched only by that which broke out among Middle East pundits in the West. The fall of the


French woman in Malaysia 'killed for refusing sex'

Yahoo! News 24 August 2011

A Malaysian man was charged Tuesday with the murder of a French tourist, a government prosecutor said, as a report quoted police saying the woman was killed after refusing his sexual


Thinktanks must drop this cold war approach to Islamism

The Guardian 24 August 2011
By David Miller

Conservative thinktanks are in a bit of a bind when it comes to responding to the rise of Islamophobia. On the one hand they want to condemn the BNP and the English Defence League for their racism


Qaradawi and International Union of Muslim Scholars issue fatwa calling Assad regime "heretical" and telling Muslims to sever ti

Jihad Watch 24 August 2011

Presumably, then, Qaradawi and these other scholars think that the regime that follows Assad is likely to be less "heretical" and more Islamic. "Fatwa in the Gulf, Signed by Yousuf Al-Qaradhawi:


Terror Suspect Plotted To Poison Spanish Tourist Water Supply

undhimmi.com 24 August 2011

Guess the Religion™ alert, in al-Andalus: "Kill the enemies in the heart of Europe and the USA … attack their houses, poison their water, set off explosives in their markets and the places


Video: Bob wants to become a Palestinian refugee

youtube 24 August 2011
By Eddanij

The school teacher is explaining why there are not Palestinian Refugees, and how they are used by their leaders to make a lot of money.


Perverse, simply perverse….

Winds of Jihad 24 August 2011
By sheikyermami

The leftist enablers of Islamic conquest and sharia will go to any length to destroy the last remnants of opposition to their socialist one-world utopia. It takes a truly deranged mind to equivocate


Libya: Too Soon to Celebrate

Family Security Matters 24 August 2011
By Adrian Morgan

Yesterday, news reports were trumpeting the imminent fall of Muamar Gaddafi, (also spelled Gadafy, Qadaffi). Rebel troops were surrounding Libya’s capital. Soon, it was reported that two of the


With American Friends Like This, Who Needs Enemies?

FrontPage Magazine  24 August 2011
By Daniel Greenfield

When the former officers of the Holy Land Foundation who had served as Hamas’ fundraising arm went before the US Court of Appeals– there weren’t many organizations willing to file an Amicus brief.


Video: Stakelbeck on Terror

Christian Broadcasting Network 24 August 2011
By Erick Stakelbeck

I'm currently in Israel, gearing up to co-host the pre and post shows for Glenn Beck's Restoring Courage rally in Jerusalem on Wednesday, August 24th (watch it on GBTV.com). In the meantime, check out the latest episode of the Stakelbeck on Terror show, featuring my in-depth interview with a former radical Wahhabi Muslim from Saudi Arabia who is now a Christian, boldly challenging the Koran. Click on the viewer below to watch.


Ukrainian Women Drive Naked Outside Saudi Embassy to Protest Ban

Vladtepesblog 24 August 2011

From the Discovery Institute’s Russia Blog "Since 2008, Ukrainian organization "Femen” has held epatage protests against corrupt government officials, unfair bills, and even Saudi law banning


Rebels' Success 'Makes Mockery' of German Foreign Policy

Spiegel Online 24 August 2011
By David Crossland

The likely success of the rebels in Libya is proving an embarrassment for Germany, which abstained from the UN vote authorizing military action, and Berlin's credibility will probably suffer lasting


Hamas-linked group eats up your taxes

WND.com 24 August 2011
By Pamela Geller

The line between mosque and state continues to blur under the Obama administration. What happened to the foundational principle of separation of religion and state? Do we not even so much as


Video: Gaza Rockets Struck Southern Israeli Cities

youtube 24 August 2011
By idfnadesk

On Thursday, August 18, 2011, eight people were killed and at least 40 others injured in a string of terror attacks on buses, civilian vehicles and soldiers near the Israel-Egypt border. In a premeditated attack, terrorists from Gaza targeted Israeli civilians, who were 20km from reaching Eilat, a popular tourist destination for summer vacations. (...)


Jewish soldier described as 'dirty animal'

The Sydney Morning Herald 24 August 2011
By Miles Godfrey

A Muslim man allegedly describes a Jewish soldier as a "dirty animal" who is "a thousand times worse" than a pig, in letters he sent to politicians and members of the Jewish community. Man Haron


Philippine Muslim rebel leader breaks away

AFP 24 August 2011

MANILA — The Philippines' main Muslim rebel group said a hardline commander blamed for some of the country's deadliest attacks in recent years had gone rogue because he opposed peace talks with the


The View from Syria

FrontPage Magazine  24 August 2011

In scenes reminiscent of the jubilation in Cairo’s Tahrir Square when Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak was overthrown, cheering Libyans, firing gunshots into the air, filled Tripoli’s Green Square on


Why are Muslim leaders not condemning violence in Syria?

Northern Voices Online 24 August 2011
By Shafey Danish

The world, and Muslim world in particular is on a boil. Libya, Egypt, Yemen, Syria, Bahrain, the entire arc of middle east countries are witnessing a revolution. It is a historic moment of assertion


As expected, jihadists violate Gaza "lull" with rocket fire

Jihad Watch 24 August 2011

The jihadists know the double standard that is in place means that while Israel will observe the "lull," the world will indulge Hamas and its fellow travelers a few slip-ups -- in other words, a few


Indonesian mayor seeks to ban church construction

AFP 24 August 2011

JAKARTA, Indonesia — A mayor is trying to ban Christian churches on streets with Islamic names, the latest attempt to block construction of a new parish in the world's largest Muslim-majority


Islamic Jihad operative killed in Gaza blast

Ynetnews 24 August 2011

An Islamic Jihad operative was killed in a car explosion in the Gaza Strip late Wednesday that Palestinians said was the result of an Israeli air strike. The IDF confirmed the report. The

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