Al-Qaida expands its reach to 'like-minded' groups in Africa

Stars and Stripes 20 April 2012
By Oren Dorell

The Nigerian religious sect Boko Haram had been sporadically attacking police stations and people for years with machetes and sometimes guns to create an Islamic state in its corner of


Guilty of Insulting Islam

FrontPage Magazine 20 April 2012
By Jacob Laksin

Last October, Ernest Perce was marching in a Halloween parade in Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania, dressed up as a zombie version of the prophet Mohammed when he was physically confronted by


Syrian Christians ethnically cleansed by "militants linked to al-Qaeda"

People of Shambhala 20 April 2012

Approximately 50,000 Christians are believed to have been forcibly expelled from the city of Homs, Syria. Hundreds more — including women and children — have reportedly been


Mali: Timbuktu refugee influx to Mauritania, says MSF

BBC News 20 April 2012

There has been more than a seven-fold increase in the number of Malians fleeing to Mauritania, the aid group Medecins Sans Frontieres has said. In the last fortnight, the number has


Yemen: Sharia Supporters Behead ‘Sorceress’

Jihad Watch 20 April 2012
By Raymond Ibrahim

According to the Arabic website Al Shorfa, an al-Qaeda affiliated group in Yemen, called Ansar al-Sharia (or the "Supporters of Sharia Law") beheaded a woman on April 11 for "practicing


Turkey – a hostage to Cyprus

New Europe 19 April 2012
By Robert Ellis

After the Turkish invasion of Cyprus in 1974, British Foreign Secretary James Callaghan warned: "Today the Republic of Cyprus is the prisoner of the Turkish army. Tomorrow the Turkish army will find itself the prisoner of the Republic of Cyprus.”

A fornight ago the House of Commons Foreign Affairs Committee in its report on UK-Turkey relations agreed. "Turkey’s EU accession process is stuck, effectively hostage to the Cyprus dispute.”


Exclusive: Turks to get same rights in Europe's economy as EU residents

The Slog 19 April 2012
By Commission decision taken last week

Commission decision taken last week.

Brussels bringing Turkey into EU under the radar.

Detailed plans to extend the same rights to Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia, Croatia, the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia and Israel.


Main source for Norway mass murderer Breivik's twisted worldview: Wikipedia

Jihad Watch 19 April 2012
By Robert Spencer

What? Not that hateful mass-murdering wannabe Spencer? "Norway killer Anders Behring Breivik trial: day two live," from the Telegraph, April 18 (thanks to Anne Crockett):

The questioning resumes. What was the greatest influence on Breivik's ideology? What was the main source for his worldview? His answer is emphatic: "Wikipedia".


German printer of Quran hints at stop amid controversy

Deseret News 19 April 2012
By Ozlem Yilmazer, Kristina Dunz and Jean-Baptiste Piggin

ULM, Germany — A company that is printing German translations of the Quran to be given away by a fundamentalist Muslim group hinted Thursday, April 12, that it wanted to stop after a


Father gets 17 years for killing daughter with axe

The Local 19 April 2012
By Lyssandra Sears

The 53-year-old Pakistani man who killed his 16-year-old daughter, Swera, at their home in Zurich-Höngg in 2010 has been sentenced to 17 years imprisonment. The Zurich District Court


The destruction of free speech: Europe's auto-immune disease

Daily Mail 19 April 2012
By Melanie Phillips

In decadent Europe, freedom of speech is dying. Loudly trumpeted as a ‘human right’ for any attacks on America, Israel, Christians or on the core values of the west, it is swiftly


Video: Country of Concern: Turkey Suppressing Christian Worship

CBN News 19 April 2012
By Gary Lane

ISTANBUL, Turkey -- On April 18, 2007, three Christians were bound to their chairs, tortured, and stabbed repeatedly at a Bible print shop in Malatya -- their throats slit. Five years have now passed since the Malatya murders, an incident that was perhaps the most tragic and brutal murder of Christians in modern-day Turkey.


Norwegian killer, Breivik says he was inspired by Al-Qaeda

TruthDive 19 April 2012
By Kanchana Devi

Oslo: Anders Behring Breivik, the extremist who was behind Norway massacres said on Tuesday that al-Qaeda was the inspiration to him and added that he desires to repeat the killings if it could be possible for him.

Breivik told these words on the 2nd day of trial. He said he has killed 77 people in the twin attacks and they were pointed at preserving "ethnic Norwegians culture and indigenous people” on rising multiculturalism.


Cyprus say Turkish Cypriots try to politicize mosque fire

Famagusta Gazette 19 April 2012

The Government of Cyprus rejects and denounces Turkish Cypriot side's attempt to politicize fire that was set to the Haji Ibrahim Aga mosque, in Limassol, Government Spokesman Stephanos


Abu Qatada’s Deportation Blocked After 'Home Office Blunder'

International Business Times 19 April 2012
By Ewan Palmer

Abu Qatada's deportation to Jordan has been put on hold after the European Court of Human Rights said it had received an 11th hour appeal from his lawyers. The Home Office believed the


AP Interview: Le Pen defends anti-Islam fight

Huffington Post 19 April 2012

NANTERRE, France — She calls herself the "voice of the people," the anti-system candidate who will ensure social justice for the have-nots and purify a France she says is losing its voice


British Government Embarrassed As Islamist Eludes Deportation

Israel National News 19 April 2012
By Amiel Ungar

The British government has suffered a series of embarrassments recently and is lagging way behind the opposition Labour Party in the polls (despite the lackluster Labour leadership). It


Hamas Calls on Palestinians to Abduct Israelis

RIA Novosti 19 April 2012

A senior Hamas official called on Palestinian militants on Tuesday to kidnap Israeli soldiers in order to exchange them for Palestinians captured by Israel. Izzat al-Rishq’s statement


Scratch "Palestine” Anywhere and You’ll Find Israel

Family Security Matters 19 April 2012
By Victor Sharpe

In Rolf Hochuth’s play, The Representative, there is a line in Act 1, Scene 1, which goes as follows: "Cursed are the peacemakers.”

Peace is a reality between states that are friendly towards each other. They, after all, do not need to make peace; it already exists through the certainty of mutual friendship.


UK Wants Deal To Limit Human Rights Court Powers

Sky News 19 April 2012

Representatives from 47 countries are meeting today to decide if the European Court of Human Rights has too much power. It comes as the deportation of radical


Why David Cameron is Wrong About ‘Islamist Extremism’

English Defence League 19 April 2012

You have to be very careful when talking about extremism. It’s a sensitive but also incredibly important issue. It has the potential to provoke positive change, but also to demonise or


Glasgow: Muslim leaders offer ‘no compromise’ equal marriage opposition 19 April 2012
By Stephen Gray

A group of Muslim leaders in Scotland has said marriage equality would be an "attack” on the faith and recommended voters do not back candidates who favour such a move in upcoming local


The Racism and Slavery of Islam

Islam Watch 19 April 2012
By Jake Neuman

Racism is one of the greatest criminal acts practiced by man against man. And Islam is the most racist, bigoted, discriminatory ideology ever created by man.

Racism is the belief that inherent different traits in human racial groups justify discrimination. It is applied especially to the practice or advocacy of racial discrimination of a pernicious nature (i.e. which harms particular groups of people). Modern usage often equates "racism" and "racial discrimination" and defines the latter term only as applying to pernicious practices.


American seeks political asylum in Sweden, alleging torture, FBI coercion 19 April 2012
By Kari Huus

An American citizen who alleges that he was detained and tortured overseas at the behest of the U.S. government — and is now marooned as a result of the U.S. no-fly list — has filed for


NYC subway plotter: We wanted to spread panic

Poughkeepsie Journal 19 April 2012

NEW YORK — An admitted al-Qaida recruit testified Wednesday that he and two friends were determined to "weaken America" by strapping on suicide bombs and attacking New York City


Muslims angered by hijab removal

A Muslim woman has had her head scarf removed in the US after being arrested, sparking controversy and prompting talks about safety and religious tolerance. The hijab or head scarf is


India’s first lifestyle magazine for Muslims to be launched

Hindustan Times 19 April 2012
By Reetika Subramanian

This May, city-based media house, Maxim Media Pvt. Ltd will launch the country's first lifestyle magazine for Muslims, 'Muallim'. The 48-page English magazine has sections on women,


Condescending Arrogance Combined With Ignorance

Citizen Warrior 19 April 2012

IN AN ARTICLE in the Huffington Post, Nancy Graham Holm wrote one of the most idiotic articles I've seen in awhile, and she did it with an appalling degree of arrogance. The article is entitled, Three Questions to Ask Geert Wilders About Anti-Islam Hate Speech. Her point is that when Geert Wilders talks about Islam, he only causes problems and doesn't help anything.


Video: Mosque moving in to Norwalk neighborhood

WTNH 19 April 2012

NORWALK, Conn. -- A meeting was held Wednesday night to discuss a mosque that may be headed to one Norwalk neighborhood. Folks who live nearby oppose it, but say it has nothing to do with religion.

Mosque moving in to Norwalk neighborhood?:

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