Twin murder: Case against Indian Union Muslim League MLA

The Times of India 12 June 2012

MALAPPURAM: Eranad MLA P K Basheer was among the 11 people against whom police registered cases for their alleged involvement in Sunday's twin murder of Kolakkadan brothers, Azad (37) and


Buddhist-Muslim violence rocks Myanmar

People of Shambhala 12 June 2012

Tensions have been high in Myanmar's western state of Rakhine over the last week, following utbreaks of inter-communal violence. The rape and murder of a Buddhist woman, allegedly by a


Tunisia: Islamic supremacists destroy un-Islamic artwork

Jihad Watch 12 June 2012

More flowering of Western-style pluralism in "Arab Spring" Tunisia. "Protesters damage ‘offensive’ artwork in Tunisia," from AFP, June 11 (thanks to Benedict): Protesters have


Iran steps up crackdown on Christians

Jerusalem Post 12 June 2012

BERLIN – Iran’s stepped up its crackdown on the country struggling Christian community by closing a church in Tehran, prompting an Iranian human rights group and religious freedom experts


Islamists Turn Mali into Home Base for Global Jihad

Dallas Blog 12 June 2012
By Tom McGregor

French President Francois Hollande is warning that the African country of Mali is transforming into the base of terrorist training camps for a new wave of global jihad. The BBC News


Islamists offer camels for Obama, hens for Clinton

B92 12 June 2012

LONDON -- Somalia's Islamist Al-Qaeda-allied Al Shebab group has offered camels as bounty in exchange for information about the U.S. president and the secretary of state. Anyone offering


State of emergency declared in Myanmar

Times LIVE 12 June 2012

Myanmar's president has declared a state of emergency in a western state where sectarian tensions between Buddhists and Muslims have unleashed deadly violence. He warned that if the


Al Qaeda Says Tunisia's Constitution Violates Quran 12 June 2012

Tunisia's ruling Islamist party has "violated" the Quran by accepting a constitution that is not based solely on Islamic law, Al Qaeda chief Ayman al-Zawahiri has said in a new


Salafi Islamists, police clash in Tunis: witnesses

Chicago Tribune 12 June 2012
By Tarek Amara and Mohammed Argouby

TUNIS - Hundreds of conservative Salafi Islamists, angered by an art exhibition they believe humiliates Muslims, clashed with police in Tunis early on Tuesday, raising religious


Call for federal dress-code law in the UAE

The National 12 June 2012
By Ola Salem

ABU DHABI // A member of the FNC has appealed for a federal law banning tourists and residents from wearing revealing clothes in public. At today's meeting, Hamad Al Rahoumi (Dubai)


Terrorist Momin Khawaja sideswiped by legal jockeying, lawyer tells Supreme Court 12 June 2012
By Ian MacLeod

OTTAWA - Ottawa terrorist Momin Khawaja deserves a new trial as he is the victim of a misguided and controversial new criminal law unfairly used against him, his lawyer told the Supreme


Al-Qaida In Yemen Seeks Western Recruits

KMGH Denver 12 June 2012
By Paul Cruickshank

Al-Qaida's Yemeni affiliate has posted several messages on jihadist forums in a recruitment campaign directed at supporters already living in the West. It's a further sign of what has


Nina Shea: Open Letter to the Washington Post

Hudson Institute 11 June 2012
By Nina Shea

Recieved from Nina Shea for publication:

To the Editor of the Washington Post:

I am requesting that the Washington Post issue a correction of a serious factual error involving a misquotation of court documents. Michelle Boorstein’s post on the Washington Post blog site, on June 8, 2012, falsely attributes to me a quotation that is the plaintiff’s, as is clear in the court documents from the lawsuit of Safiya Ghori-Ahmad against the US Commission on International Religious Freedom.


Suspected Islamist Stabs Two Policemen in Brussels Metro

Naharnet 11 June 2012

A suspected Islamist stabbed two policemen Friday at an underground station in a Brussels neighborhood where scuffles broke out a week earlier, local media reported. The two victims, a


German prosecutors look into 'rug scandal'

DW.DE 11 June 2012

Prosecutors will look into allegations the German development minister broke the law when he didn't declare an Afghan rug to customs before it was flown home on a government


Video: London-based Islamic cleric: "Once Anus Is Penetrated A Worm Starts Growing Inside...

Atlas Shrugs 11 June 2012
By Pamela Geller

It's times like these that my heart goes out to the translators and research analysts over at MEMRI. Imagine, these learned men and women translating the grotesque evil "sacred texts" of "religious" holy men in Islam.


Say No To German Patriotism

Gates of Vienna 11 June 2012

German leftists object to any display of patriotic feeling by their fellow Germans during the European football championship, and vandalize cars to make their point.

Many thanks to Hermes for translating this article from SOS-Österreich:

European football championship: The left says no to the German flag

Unfortunately the red-white-red flags are lacking on cars at the European football championship currently underway. The reason for this is not the lack of patriotism, for we (Austrians) are condemned to just watch it on TV.


Parents of ‘terrorist’ plead: ‘dear son, please surrender’

The Observer 11 June 2012
By Emma Mutaizibwa

Dear Andreas, if you are really in Uganda, we ask you to come forward. It is not too late. We are certain there is a way for you to proceed so that you can achieve what you want for


The Breivik's of the leftist media: The Guardian praises Hamas

Tundra Tabloids 11 June 2012

he Guardian has published a piece by Nader Elkhuzundar this evening. Elkhuzundar writes: Hamas has always been the spike in Israel’s throat. The latter took advantage of this and


"Don't Buy From Jews"

Gatestone Institute 11 June 2012
By Soeren Kern

A prominent Roman Catholic NGO in Germany has called for a wide-ranging boycott of Israeli products. The petition represents an expansion of the boycott, disinvestment and sanction (BDS)


Video: Tommy Robinson in Rochdale

Vlad Tepes 11 June 2012


Muslim Teacher Recited Koran Instead of Calling Ambulance When Pupil Had Fit

Islam versus Europe 11 June 2012

More on the enrichment of Belgium: A teacher of Islamic religion at the Athénée royal Uccle school [Brussels] was sacked on Friday because he had started to recite verses from the


Mosque near Olympics site in ‘terror link’ investigation

London Evening Standard 11 June 2012
By Tom Harper

A London mosque is under investigation over alleged links to terrorism. The Charity Commission has launched a probe into Masjid-al-Tawhid — next to the Olympics site — amid concerns that


TRIAL: Six Brierfield men accused of sex offences

Burnley Express 11 June 2012

SIX men from Brierfield are due to stand trial next week charged with sex offences against a teenage girl. Mohammed Imran Amjad (25), of Halifax Road; Haroon Mahmood (21), of John


Thoughts On Threats

Jihad Watch 11 June 2012
By D. C. Watson

Another round of threats from the devout followers of Muhammad is in the books.

Right here at Jihad Watch, another enthusiastic Muslim has demonstrated to the world why Islam is mockingly referred to as the "Religion of Peace.”

This time, an "Australian man” on Twitter going by the tag "Abdulhakim” chimed in.

Staying on course, he accused Jihad Watch director Robert Spencer and Pamela Geller, director of the Atlas Shrugs website, of lying about Islam and its founder.


Diary of a Badman: 'I'm not a model Muslim, but I make people think'

The Guardian 11 June 2012
By Omar Shahid

Humza Arshad is an unlikely internet star: a self-styled "troubled young man with the mentality of a seven-year-old", whose webcam monologues and sketches touch on issues from arranged


London to probe Warsi's Pakistan visit

LONDON: British Prime Minister David Cameron ordered an inquiry Monday into whether the head of his Conservative party broke rules by taking a business partner on an official visit to


In Turkey the right to free speech is being lost

The Guardian 11 June 2012
By Mehdi Hasan

Which country in the world currently imprisons more journalists than any other? The People's Republic of China? Nope. Iran? Wrong again. The rather depressing answer is the Republic of


Turkish ruling Islamists' zeal worries EU diplomats

AFP 11 June 2012
By Michel Sailhan

ISTANBUL — European Union diplomats are expressing growing concern at what they see as the increasingly militant stance taken by Turkey's ruling Islamists. They accuse Ankara of using


'Bread and Freedom': young Turkish Islamists turn Left

The National 11 June 2012
By Thomas Seibert

ISTANBUL // Young Turkish Islamists have a warning for those who regard Turkey's blend of a free-market democracy with a Muslim identity as a model for a better future after the Arab

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