Belgium police detain members of Islamist group over harassment in Antwerp

United News Network 5 January 2012

Brussels (UNN) Belgian police on Wednesday detained 15 members of a radical Salafist Islamic group after they harassed passers-by in the city of Antwerp and shouted anti-Western slogans, police


Video: Islamic 'Honor Violence' Rising in the West

CBN News 5 January 2012
By Dale Hurd

BARCELONA, LONDON, and PARIS -  As Muslims migrate to the West, and more Muslim young people adopt Western ways, honor violence is increasing.


Bosnia and Herzegovina is ranked as the most Halal Friendly Holiday Destination 5 January 2012

Crescentrating just announced its Top 10 Halal Friendly Holiday Destinations for 2012. This year's top 10 destinations were split into two categories; Top 10 among the Organisation of the Islamic


Video: Tommy Robinson’s New Year Message January 2012

Digital Journal 5 January 2012
By Richard Milnes

Luton - Tommy Robinson (real name Stephen Yaxley-Lennon), the leader of the EDL (English Defence League), has released a video diary message to clear up a few issues and communicate the organisation’s plans for the new year.


Hungary’s constitution: pro-life, but no recognition for Islam, ‘smaller Catholic orders’

Catholic Culture 5 January 2012

The new Hungarian constitution, which protects life from the moment of conception and bans same-sex marriage, will also have an impact upon religious freedom. Writing in The New York Times, Kim


Persecution hotspots in 2012

Christian Today 5 January 2012

There are no surprises in Release International’s list of predicted hotspots for persecution in 2012. If anything, the organisation fears the plight of Christians around the world may get worse.

The organisation has received reports from partners that Christians are coming under increasing suspicion in North Korea. Practising Christianity is banned in the closed-off communist country and anyone caught with a Bible faces torture, imprisonment and possibly death.


Another Sad Anniversary of Islamic Extremism

The Huffington Post 5 January 2012
By Farzana Hassan

A year ago today in Pakistan, the governor of Punjab -- Salman Taseer -- was assassinated by a member of his own elite guard for defending a Christian woman by the name of Asia Bibi for allegedly


NY Mosque Bombing not Anti-Muslim Crime, Says Suspect

Israel National News 5 January 2012
By Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu

A suspect arrested in the firebombing of a New York mosque says he acted out or personal revenge and not because of hate for Muslims. Ray Lazier Lengend, of Guyanese descent, was arrested by New


Islamist Terror Network Gains Strength in Africa

Spiegel Online 5 January 2012
By Horand Knaup

Shortly before 8 a.m. on Christmas Day, a gold-colored Toyota pulled up in front of St. Theresa's Catholic Church in Madalla, near the Nigerian capital Abuja, just as hundreds of worshippers were


Who are America’s allies in the Balkans?

Canada Free Press 5 January 2012
By Dr. Samuel J. Mikolaski

Believe it or not, Christmas Carols in the Washington Embassy of Romania which, once-upon-a-time, was the instrument of a strident Stalinist-style government that was overthrown in 1990! I say once-upon-a-time because, though not so long ago, it seemed to me like a fairy-tale.


Female-only swimming lessons launched in Ellesmere Port

Ellesmere Port Pioneer 5 January 2012
By Laurie Stocks-Moore

BODY-CONSCIOUS women in Ellesmere Port who find it impossible to swim in mixed sex pools have been thrown a lifeline. Public-interest company Brio has launched female-only modesty classes


Muslim worker alleges religious harassment 5 January 2012

A Muslim employee of Sacramento County alleges that he has suffered religious and racial discrimination since the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001. That's the same year Abdur-Rahim Wasi, who is


Kidnapped Aussie pleads for life

The Windsor Star 5 January 2012

An Australian kidnapped by suspected Muslim extremists in the Philippines says his captors are demanding US$2 million in ransom as he pleaded for his life in a video released Thursday. A


Lawmaker Urges Dutch to Apologize for WWII Jewish Deportations

Fox News 5 January 2012

THE HAGUE, Netherlands – Outspoken Dutch lawmaker Geert Wilders called on the government Wednesday to apologize for the country's "passive" response to the mass deportations of Jews by Nazi occupiers during World War II.

The move is likely to re-ignite debate about Dutch attitudes to the wartime persecution of the country's Jewish population.


Police arrest suspect in N.Y. fire bombings 4 January 2012

New York police arrested a suspect Tuesday in a series of fire bombings on the weekend that included an assault on an Islamic centre, which were being investigated as possible hate crimes. Police


Pigs in a Mosque: Religious, Ethnic Hatred Stirred up in Malaysia?

International Business Times 4 January 2012
By Palash R. Ghosh

Police in Malaysia have arrested four people who are suspected of placing pig’s heads at a mosque, thereby again rearing the ugly specter of ethnic and religious hatred in the polyglot Southeast


Gambia: FGM Campaign Gains Momentum in CRR 4 January 2012

The campaign to eradicate Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) has taken roots in The Gambia through raising awareness and building consciousness amongst the people. The Gambia Committee on Traditional


All-American Muslim’s Very Special Tribute to 9/11

FrontPage Magazine 4 January 2012
By Daniel Greenfield

Empathy is the essence of tragedy. To be able to mourn for others we have to feel their loss and make it our own. Most Americans never lost anyone on September 11. Most never knew anyone who died


China Muslims, officials clash after mosque razed 4 January 2012
By Barbara Demick

The government demolition of a newly refurbished mosque in a northern Chinese village has raised tensions with the Hui, a Muslim group that in the past has been granted more freedoms by the Chinese


Report on Biased Textbooks Goes to 500 Superintendents

FrontPage Magazine 4 January 2012
By Ryan Mauro

The Christian Action Network has sent 500 school superintendents a report showing that many textbooks are biased against Israel and the West while whitewashing radical Islam. The report, authored by


Is Lashkar training women for suicide bombings in India? News 4 January 2012
By Vicky Nanjappa

According to a military intelligence report, it appears that the Lashkar-e-Tayiba is readying itself to carry out an all-women attack in India. Vicky Nanjappa reports. The first time news


ADL: Fighting Yesterday's Battles

Family Security Matters 4 January 2012
By Charles Jacobs

The ADL is now caught flatfooted by its own paralysis. Republicans are all over national TV, arguing passionately over which (and whose) approaches - given the sorry state of American society -


A Taboo Subject: The Desperate Plight of Domestic Workers in Oman 4 January 2012
By Susan Al Shahri

There is a young Nepalese housemaid who works at a house down the street. Every morning she’s outside scrubbing the cars of the lazy young men who live in the house. At noon she’s outside hanging


Source: Toilet Denial, Then NY Islam Center Attack 4 January 2012
By Colleen Long and Samantha Gross

NEW YORK — A man hurled crude firebombs at an Islamic cultural center in part because he wasn’t allowed to use its bathrooms and targeted four other New York-area sites on New Year’s Day because


Islam’s Slave-Soldiers Return to Egypt

FrontPage Magazine 4 January 2012
By Raymond Ibrahim

This article is reprinted from Stonegate Institute. The myths of a "patriotic” or "altruistic” Egyptian military carefully protecting the "rights” of its citizenry—the narrative of the mainstream


Arrests after pig skulls at mosque

Courier Mail 4 January 2012

FOUR people have been arrested for allegedly leaving pig skulls and pork outside a Malaysian mosque. Mokhtar Mohammad Shariff, Southern Johor state police chief, said that the four had been


The New Egypt: We Will Never Recognize Israel

FrontPage Magazine 4 January 2012
By Joseph Klein

The Islamists, led by the Muslim Brotherhood, are poised to take control of the newly elected Egyptian parliament. As they consolidate their power internally, the Muslim Brotherhood-led Islamists


London 7/7 bombings: Family's lasting shock over attacks

BBC News 4 January 2012
By Sanjiv Buttoo

Thinking back to 12 July, 2005, Farida Patel says it was the day her life "fell apart". That was the day officers from Scotland Yard entered her family home and told her that her son-in-law,


Snubbed millionaire's brutal attack on girlfriend

Emirates 24/7 4 January 2012

A Norwegian girl was brutally attacked by her boyfriend as she refused to marry him. Twenty four year old Sulvy Leopreez Sakkur was severely beaten by her Egyptian millionaire boyfriend. The


Businessman launches fund to combat France's genocide bill

Today's Zaman 4 January 2012

A wealthy French businessman has launched a 1 million euro fund to pay the fine of anyone convicted in France for denying that the killing of Armenians by Turks almost a century ago was

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