Anti-Islamic pamphlets an 'unlikely' breach of the law

The Canberra Times 18 April 2012
By Larissa Nicholson

The people who anonymously distributed anti-Islamic pamphlets to Canberra and Queanbeyan homes over the Christmas holidays are unlikely to have breached ACT law, the Human Rights


Afghan schoolgirls poisoned by insurgents

allvoices 18 April 2012
By Stephen Manual

Hundreds of Afghan schoolgirls have fallen ill after drinking contaminated water at their high school. As many as 150 students are still stated to be in critical condition. A number of


Moroccan parliament debates controversial marriage law after rape victim's suicide 18 April 2012
By David R Arnott

Morocco's parliament has been debating a controversial law that allows rapists to marry their underage victims after the suicide of a teenage girl last month raised doubts about the


Response to Charges of Hate Speech

Gatestone Institute 17 April 2012
By Lars Hedegaard

Honourable Supreme Court,

My attorney has presented juridical arguments to the effect that I must be acquitted and I shall refrain from elaborating.

However, allow me to express my quiet bafflement that somebody can claim that it has been my intention to accuse every last Muslim father in the world of abusing his children – particularly in light of the fact that I have carefully explained that it was never my intention to disseminate such an absurd contention.


Radical Islamists tried in Brussels

The Voice of Russia 17 April 2012

Court hearings of the case of seven radical Islamists have begun in Brussels. They are suspected of belonging to the Belgian branch of the al-Qaeda international terrorist network, local


Uproar in Germany Over Salafi Drive to Hand Out Millions of Qurans

AINA (press release) 17 April 2012

German officials raised serious concerns Thursday about an ultra-conservative Islamic group's drive to hand out 25 million copies of the Quran, calling it an abuse of the holy text. Amid


Britain’s first Muslim peer puts a bounty on Presidents Obama and Bush

Human Events 17 April 2012
By John Hayward

On Monday, the British Labour Party suspended Lord Nazir Ahmed, who hails from the Kashmir region of Pakistan. Ahmed is the first Muslim life peer, having received the title in 1998 from


Wilders in top 10 Dutch influential Twitterers

A recently published list of the Netherlands' ten most politically influential twitterers includes four journalists and six politicians. D66 party leader Alexander Pechtold, Freedom


Witness for the Defense

AINA (press release) 17 April 2012
By Bruce Bawer

In 2009, the Danish writer and historian Lars Hedegaard, who is the founder and president of the Danish Free Press Society, made remarks in his home about the treatment of women in Muslim communities. His observations, while expressed in broad generalizations, were based in fact, although when they were made public and resulted in widespread criticism he apologized for the way he had expressed himself. This was not good enough for the Danish courts. He was charged with violating Denmark’s racism law, and went to trial in January 2011. He was acquitted, but was tried again on the same charges three months later. This time he was found guilty. Last Friday Hedegaard initiated an appeal of his conviction before the Danish Supreme Court.


Merah wannabee pulls gun on Paris Metro

RFI 17 April 2012

Police in Paris on Friday arrested a man who took out a pistol and threatened commuters on one of the capital’s busiest Metro lines, ligne 13. The 30-year-old unidentified man of Moroccan


Full transcript of Paul Weston’s London speech

British Freedom 17 April 2012

Hello all. Thank you so much for coming down here tonight. I know some of you have come down [from] as far as Scotland, so it’s a great honour to have you here. Now, a lot of people have


Mayor for Muslims or the rich

The Spectator 17 April 2012
By Sebastian Payne

Does Boris not care for poor Londoners? A new question in today's Evening Standard polling reveals that 40 per cent of voters believe that Boris is the candidate to aid rich Londoners. Ken


Scotland: Muslim "pillar of the community" tries to mow down his daughter after boyfriend proposed to her

Jihad Watch 17 April 2012

Be sure to register for our Jessica Mokdad Human Rights Conference on honor killings on April 29th in Dearborn, Michigan. Register here. There will be more and more honor killings in the


New Website on Armenian, Assyrian, Greek Genocides Launched

AINA (press release) 17 April 2012 is a new information site dedicated to the 1915 Genocide in Ottoman Turkey, which engulfed Armenians, Assyrians [also known as Chaldeans and Syriacs) and Anatolian and Pontic Greeks.

While there are number of excellent information sites on the Armenian Genocide, the new aims to explain the genocide to the general public by answering the most frequently asked questions about the events during WWI, their background, the denial policy, the recognition process and gathering other information and material such as images, videos etc. in one place.


Leicestershire councillor facing probe over message criticising Muslims

This is Leicestershire 17 April 2012

A Leicestershire county councillor is being investigated after distributing a leaflet which criticised Muslims. Earlier this year, Graham Partner – who quit the BNP to sit as an


Hamas War on Israel: 1,100 Missiles a Year

Israel National News 17 April 2012
By Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu

Hamas’ missile and rocket war on southern Israel is 11 years old today (Tuesday), 12,500 rockets later. More than 40 people have been killed, thousands have been wounded and property damage


Muslim taxi driver dumps family out of his cab after spotting an unopened bottle of wine saying it was against his religion

Daily Mail 17 April 2012
By Martin Robinson

A Muslim cab driver has been fired after he threw out a family carrying an unopened bottle of wine because he said 'it's against my religion.' Adrian Cartwright, 46, had hired the taxi


Islamic terrorists issue threat against Jedward ahead of Eurovision 17 April 2012
By Brian O'Reilly

TERRORISTS have threatened to target Jedward and other Eurovision participants at the annual music competition in May. The Azeri terrorists, an Islamic group, have said they will target


"Diversity": They Drive Us Out, We Invite Them In

Gatestone Institute 17 April 2012
By Peter Martino

Islam. the elephant in the room of European politicians on both the Left and the Right, recently became a concern again when French President Nicolas Sarkozy angered the family of Abel Chennouf -- a 25-year old corporal of the French army, who murdered by the terrorist Mohammed Merah because he was wearing a French army uniform -- by suggesting that Chennouf, a Catholic, was murdered because he "appeared to be a Muslim."


British Muslim faces war crimes charges in Bangladesh 17 April 2012

London : A top Muslim activist in Britain -- a former Bangladeshi citizen -- has been accused of involvement in the abduction and murder of intellectuals during Bangladesh's struggle for


Two men protest on roof of Bahrain embassy in London

Reuters 17 April 2012

Two protesters scaled the roof of Bahrain's embassy in London on Monday and unfurled a banner in support of two Shi'ite Muslim activists jailed in the Gulf Arab country that has been hit by


Norwich Reformed Church banned for Islam 'hate' leaflet

BBC News 17 April 2012

A church has been banned from holding a weekly bookstall in Norwich following a complaint it was producing "hate-motivated" literature against Islam. The Norwich Reformed Church held the


Swiss woman abducted in Mali: local official

The Local 17 April 2012

A Swiss woman has been abducted in the rebel-held northern Malian city of Timbuktu, now controlled by Islamist fighters, a local official and a resident of the town told AFP on


Would-be shoe bomber agrees to testify for cut in sentence

The Independent 17 April 2012
By Nina Lakhani

A would-be shoe bomber has become the first British terrorist to have his sentence cut after co-operating with prosecutors and agreeing to give evidence against a terror suspect in a US


The Honor Killing That Never Happened: A Cautionary Tale

PJ Media 17 April 2012
By Phyllis Chesler

Like many others who were carefully selected, I, too, recently received a very shocking email from one Arsalan Akhtar ( He accused a rather distinguished


Saajid Badat: 'walking angel' who became a terrorist 17 April 2012

A bright, well-educated man from a deeply religious family and an active member of his community, he seemed like the model citizen. But unknown to those closest to him, Badat hid a dark


All-Russian Union of Muslim women might be created in April

vestnik kavkaza 17 April 2012

A public organization "Russian Union of Muslim Women" might be created in the near future. The organization is expected to help Muslim women address issues of employment and support them in


Islam’s Cartoon Missionaries

National Review Online 17 April 2012
By Daniel Pipes

Comic books as a method of missionizing for Islam (da’wa)? Yes. One year ago, Harvard University hosted a workshop to teach comic-book artists how to address Americans’ "unease with


Letter: What is Turkey playing at in Cyprus

Famagusta Gazette 17 April 2012

If true, the name change of the illegal state in the north will be seen internationally as a further step in the slow but steady progress toward the hardening of the de facto partition of

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