Dexia Bank's Collapse and the European Financial Crisis

STRATFOR 6 October 2011
By Peter Zeihan

The Franco-Belgian bank Dexia started collapsing Oct. 4, ushering the latest chapter of the nearly 2-year-old European financial crisis. Considering that Dexia is on the list of the top 50 global financial institutions, it is worth examining what happens during a bank bailout and shutdown process and applying that to the Dexia situation.


Turkey's House of Cards

Family Security Matters 6 October 2011
By Caroline Glick

To the naked eye, Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan seems to be moving from strength to strength. Erdogan was welcomed as a hero on his recent trip to Egypt, Tunisia and Libya. The Arabs embraced him as the new face of the war against Israel.

The Obama administration celebrates Turkey as a paragon of Islamic democracy. The Obama administration cannot thank Erdogan enough for his recent decision to permit NATO to station the US X-Band missile shield on its territory. The US is following Turkey's lead in contending with Syrian President Bashar Assad's massacre of his people.


Missing: The Face Of The Age

The Brussels Journal 6 October 2011
By Diana West

Having passed the 10th anniversary of 9/11, I can now say with certainty that something major was missing from all of the ceremonies, the symbolism and the media coverage. It was something that not only captures the meaning of the attacks themselves, but better defines our response to them than any other single thing. It is the face of the age itself, and it is not Osama bin Laden's.


Fred Grandy: Exposing and Countering the Activities of Radical Islam

Gates of Vienna 6 October 2011

Earlier this year we reported on the ouster of radio talk show host Fred Grandy from his longtime slot on a program in the Washington D.C. area. Mr. Grandy was an outspoken critic of Islam on the program, and his wife — who sometimes appeared with him on the show — was even more so.

It was too much for the station, and the management gave him an ultimatum: tone it down on Islam, or we’ll cancel your show. He refused to change his content, and was fired, making WMAL "the first sharia-compliant radio station in America”.


French feel strangers in Paris suburbs, Islam dominates

ANSAmed 6 October 2011

PARIS - In the suburbs just a few dozen kilometres from Paris which seem as though they were a thousand miles away from the French capital, amid traffic, high-rise buildings and neglect,


EDL Jewish division leader interview: British values are my values

European Son 6 October 2011

The former leader of the English Defence League’s Jewish Division, Roberta Moore, publicly resigned, citing anti-Semitism among its membership. In September, James Cohen, who resides


The political coma of Bosnia

Pravda  6 October 2011
By Vadim Trukhachev

It has been a year since the elections in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH), but the republic of former Yugoslavia is still living without a government. This has to do with the inability of the three


Teaching Journalists How to Report on Jihad

FrontPage Magazine 6 October 2011
By Mark Tapson

Muslim-American advocacy groups with ties to the Muslim Brotherhood, like the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) and the Muslim Public Affairs Council (MPAC), are on a mission to combat


No ties yet with Israel: Turkey

Independent Online  6 October 2011

Turkey will not resume ties with Israel unless it apologises for last year's Gaza flotilla raid, Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan said on Wednesday. Speaking in Pretoria at a public


Gun evidence examined in Frankfurt shooter trial

Stripes 6 October 2011
By Nancy Montgomery

FRANKFURT, Germany — The bullets that killed two U.S. airmen and injured two others in an airport shooting spree last March at Frankfurt Airport came from all over the world: the U.S., Brazil, the


"Are Christian Copts 'Dhimmis' or 'Infidels'?" That's the Question in Post-Revolutionary Egypt

PRNewswire 6 October 2011

Coptic Solidarity warned today against the escalation of ugly hate speech and barbaric violence targeting the Copts of Egypt. The indifference of the ruling Junta and the current government is


An Egyptian Jew in Exile: An Interview with Bat Ye’or

New English Review 6 October 2011
By Jerry Gordon

I first encountered Gisèle Littman, better known as "Bat Ye’or," through her book, The Dhimmi: Jews and Christians under Islam while browsing through a Judaica section of a Barnes & Noble book store in Westport, Connecticut in 1985.  Reading it opened my mind to the historical evidence of the subjugated treatment of Jews, Christians and other non-Muslims under shari’a in the wake of Islamic Jihad over conquered lands.


FBI anti Jihad training material - we can use this

UP Pompeii 6 October 2011

I cannot post the actual PDF file so unfortunately you will need to follow the links, this is excellent anti Jihad material and could be used as a slideshow presentation on any computer Danger


UK toughens migration policy

The Voice of Russia 6 October 2011
By Sergei Sayenko

The British government intends to toughen the national migration law, so as to simplify the procedure of the deportation of foreigners suspected of links with terrorists or of exposed criminals. This


The whopper of a lie gets even bigger

Elder of Ziyon 6 October 2011

In the summer of 2009, the Addameer organization testified before the Goldstone commission that some 750,000 Palestinian Arabs had been arrested since 1967. As I showed at the time, this is a


Belgium: 40% of partner-migrants come from Morocco, Turkey

Islam in Europe 6 October 2011

There were 30,000 registered partner migrations in Flanders and Brussels between 2008 and mid-2011. Partner migrations are people from outside Europe who marry or live together with a resident of


2 Algerian Islamists call for bars to close

CBS News 6 October 2011

ALGIERS, Algeria — Two former ranking members of a banned Islamist party called on Algerians on Wednesday to demand that all bars and stores where alcoholic beverages are sold be shut down. The


Last call in Algeria: Islamic supremacists demand shutdown of bars, say "alcohol is perverting our youth and destroying our ...

Jihad Watch 6 October 2011

As always, the Islamic supremacists aren't just talking. "A bistro in the Ruisseau neighborhood of greater Algiers barely escaped an arson attack by a group of men after evening prayers." "2


Muslim woman sues Southwest Airlines after being taken off flight

Los Angeles Times  6 October 2011
By Tony Perry

A Muslim woman from San Diego is suing Southwest Airlines after being taken off a flight in March when crew members deemed her behavior suspicious. Irum Abbasi, who was wearing a hijab, the


Ohio bans pork for all prisoners after Muslim inmate sues to get halal food

Jihad Watch 6 October 2011

Here yet again we see dhimmi authorities responding to Islamic supremacist demands by effectively imposing Sharia restrictions upon non-Muslims. An update on this story. "Ohio's response to Muslim


Turkey extends mandate for Iraq strikes on Kurd rebels

AFP 6 October 2011

ANKARA — Turkey's parliament on Wednesday extended the government's mandate to order military strikes against Kurdish rebels holed up in neighbouring Iraq. The vote comes as increasing attacks by


Video: Spreading the word

The West Australian  6 October 2011

Darebin Council in Melbourne's north is doing the hiring, using a grant from the Federal Attorney General Rober McClelland's Counter Violent Extremism Fund. The successful applicant will be paid $66,000 a year.


Senior Haqqani commander ‘dead’: NATO

Independent Online  6 October 2011

Kabul - NATO-led forces fighting in Afghanistan said on Wednesday that an airstrike had killed a senior commander of the Taliban-linked Haqqani network and two of his associates in eastern Khost


Jihadist Commander Syed Salahuddin: 'It is by The Grace of Allah that the Movement in Kashmir...

MEMRI 6 October 2011

In a recent interview, Pakistan-based Kashmiri jihadist commander Syed Salahuddin criticized former Pakistani president General Pervez Musharraf for adopting a policy of retreat on Pakistan's support


Jailed Bahrain medics to be retried in civilian courts

Toronto Star  6 October 2011

Bahrain is to retry in a civilian court 20 medical staff found guilty in a military trial after a crackdown on pro-democracy unrest earlier this year, the government said on Wednesday, after the


Palestine state quest wins first victory in UNESCO vote

Expatica 6 October 2011

Palestine won a first diplomatic victory in its quest for statehood on Wednesday when the UNESCO executive committee backed its bid to become a member of the cultural body with the rights of a


Due Process With A Bullet – OpEd

Eurasia Review 5 October 2011
By Daniel Greenfield

A GI in the hills of France takes aim through a rifle scope at a German soldier. Snow cakes the ground and a few bare trees cling to the ground like bony fingers. At the last moment, the German soldier sees his attacker. "Wait,” he cries out in a passable accent, "Ich bin an American citizen.”

The scenario isn’t a particularly implausible one. Any number of Germans did leave to fight on behalf of their country in the first and second world wars. And there was no question of due process on the battlefield. Members of enemy forces who fought against the United States were killed and any precedent set in that regard was set long ago.


The global influence of al-Awlaki’s money jihad

Money Jihad 5 October 2011

Before he died, Anwar al-Awlaki influenced the 9/11 hijackers and the Ft. Hood jihadist to perpetrate their attacks on America.  Al-Awlaki had maintained or gained sway throughout the Arab world from his hideout in Yemen and his English-language jihadist magazine, Inspire.

In addition to his traditional jihadist message, al-Awlaki, like Osama bin Laden before him, had specifically been a key proponent of the jihad bi-al-mal, the money jihad, against the West.  He encouraged theft, trickery, and whatever means are necessary for Muslims in the West to financially sap their hosts and fund the mujahideen in the process.


No More Harems: The Hidden History of Muslim and Ex-Muslim Feminism

The Phyllis Chesler Organization 5 October 2011

I love Muslim and ex-Muslim feminist women. They are so earthy, womanly, passionate, knowledgeable, beautiful, and eloquent — so emotionally present, so incredibly brave. Smitten? I guess I am, I always have been — ever since I began moving in Muslim circles 50 years ago.

Take Tunisia's minister for women's affairs. Amidst the mayhem and madness, Lilia Labidi just up and walked out of the United Nations meeting. Unlike Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, who was "waxing enthusiastic about the success of the Arab uprisings," Labidi's "giddy exposure to the UN rapidly dissipated. Her own appeal to the gathering (of powerful women presidents and secretary of states) for help in consolidating gains for women in Tunisia elicited little reaction."


A history of religious violence 5 October 2011

The killing of 13 Shia Muslims in Quetta today is a grim reminder of how intolerant Pakistan has become when it comes to religious freedom. According to the Human Rights Commission of Pakistan’s

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