British woman Lindsay Sandiford facing death penalty over Bali drugs haul...

London Evening Standard 30 May 2012
By Asher McShane

The son of a middle-aged housewife held in a major drugs sting on the island of Bali was jailed for six years over a spate of violent robberies in London. Lindsay June Sandiford's


Video: Robert Spencer on the Michael Coren Show: The truth about Islam makes Muslims look bad

Jihad Watch 30 May 2012
By Robert Spencer

Friday I appeared on the Michael Coren Show on Sun TV to discuss Mona Eltahawy's recent criticism of the treatment of women in Islamic culture, and the circle-the-wagons response from Islamic supremacists Leila Ahmed and Dalia Mogahed.


How to Attack the Critics of Islam: A Primer

FrontPage Magazine 30 May 2012
By Bruce Bawer

On Sunday, the story that was front and center on the main page of the website of Le Monde – France’s purported newspaper of record – was a nearly perfect example of how to go about attacking critics of Islam.  Headlined "Why Islamophobia is Gaining Ground,” the article, written by Frédéric Joignot, begins by noting that Marine Le Pen, the daughter and successor of the fascist anti-Semite Jean-Marie Le Pen, "came first or second in 116 constituencies out of 577, exceeding 25% in 59 of them.” 


Bristol's NHS launches anti-female genital mutilation campaign

BBC News 30 May 2012

The latest campaign against Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) in Bristol has been launched by the local NHS. Some 2,000 girls in the city are thought to be at risk of FGM, which can cause


Video: Nation of Islam's Louis Farrakhan Blasts Obama On Gay Marriage 30 May 2012

Louis Farrakhan, the leader of the Nation of Islam (NOI), has criticized President Barack Obama for endorsing gay marriage. The 79-year-old Farrakhan spoke at the San Diego Convention Center on Sunday.


Egypt's Islamists Bolstered by Win at Polls

Jakarta Globe 30 May 2012
By Andrew Raven

Cairo. Standing outside a small mosque in downtown Cairo, Abdullah Hassan says he believes that after decades of injustice and corruption, Egyptian politics is finally on the right


Judge's ruling stops construction of Tenn. mosque

Wall Street Journal 30 May 2012

NASHVILLE, Tenn. — Construction of a Tennessee mosque that has been strongly opposed by critics of Islam likely will be stopped after a judge ruled Tuesday that local officials didn't give


'Allah's enemy!' Radio host slash-attacked for anti-Islam rant on air

RT 30 May 2012

A radio host has been hospitalized after being cut 15 times by an unidentified criminal. Two weeks ago the journalist ventured to criticize the founder of Islam, the Prophet Mohammed, on


Woman allegedly raped twice at I.stanbul’s Taksim Police Station

Today's Zaman 30 May 2012

A woman was allegedly raped twice by a deputy police chief at a police station in Taksim in March, the Vatan daily reported on Monday. According the report, the woman, P.A., a


British Muslims launch new petition to oppose same sex marriage 30 May 2012
By Peter Saunders

The Muslim Council of Britain, the umbrella body representing Britain’s Muslims, has launched a petition opposing the government’s proposals to change the legal definition of


Turkey under pressure over missing persons

Cyprus Mail 30 May 2012
By Stefanos Evripidou

A BOOK narrating the memoirs of high-ranking Turkish officers during the 1974 invasion has piled further pressure on Turkey to divulge information on the whereabouts and fate of missing


Fresh FIFA hijab concerns shock Prince Ali

Saudi Gazette 30 May 2012
By Mike Collett

BUDAPEST — Evidence from FIFA’s medical experts on why the ban on Muslim women footballers wearing the headscarf or hijab should remain in place was deeply flawed and had no


Hizb-Ut-Tahrir Applies Again for License

Tunisia Live 30 May 2012
By Sana Ajmi

Hizb-Ut-Tahrir, a legally unrecognized Islamist party in Tunisia, filed for a license again on May 14, 2012. The Islamist party, which calls for the establishment of a Caliphate, or a


Counting Palestinians

Gatestone Institute 30 May 2012
By Shoshana Bryen

Senator Mark Kirk (R., Ill.) has offered an amendment to the FY 2013 funding bill for the State Department that would require the Department to provide two numbers to Congress: 1) the


Egyptian Women: Voting Themselves (Fully) Backward 30 May 2012
By Andrew Bostom

"A Trip to the Orient—The Story of a Mediterranean Cruise,” by Robert Urie Jacob, published in 1907, was "…written at the request of fellow-travelers who did not have time to take notes by


Muslims Against Islamists: Interview with Pakistani Activist Anila Ali 30 May 2012
By Ryan Mauro

Anila Ali was born in Karachi, Pakistan, and studied in London, where she became a volunteer in the All Pakistan Women’s Association. In 1996, she came to California. She is an active


Inside Britain's street movement: Interview with the leader of the English Defence League

Asian Tribune 30 May 2012
By Glen Jenvey

The British media and political leaders mainly from the left call the British street movement the English Defence League (EDL) racists. But having been invited by the EDL to meet its


Jihad and Sharia - What's the Connection? Women

Right Side News 29 May 2012
By Clare Lopez

A new dark age is descending across much of the Middle East as the forces of Sharia Islam, enabled by official U.S. government policy, again demand strict enforcement of Islamic law. Parliamentary elections in Egypt, Morocco and Tunisia already have brought the sharia-adherent Muslim Brotherhood (Ikhwan) to positions of unprecedented power in each legislature; elections in Libya, where an Al Qa’eda-led, NATO-assisted revolution toppled Muammar Gaddafi in 2011, have been "postponed.”


Sharia4Holland spokesman arrested over Wilders threat 29 May 2012

Amsterdam police have arrested the 29-year-old spokesman for radical Islamic group Sharia4Holland for making threats against MP Geert Wilders. In an impromptu press conference on Dam


Salafist police officer suspended in Germany

Jerusalem Post 29 May 2012

BERLIN – Authorities in the west German city of Duisburg suspended an officer who is a member of a growing radical movement of Islamists in the Federal Republic because he misused his


Video: Can I say this?

FOX News 29 May 2012
By Pat Condell


Al-Shabaab plotting attack in Netherlands

A former commander of the Somali al-Qaeda-linked organisation al-Shabaab says dormant cells in the Netherlands are secretly preparing terrorist attacks. The commander, who left


The Crackdown on the European Counterjihad

FrontPage Magazine 29 May 2012
By Fjordman

One of the experts on contemporary Islamophobia subpoenaed in the trial against Anders Behring Breivik is the Norwegian writer Oyvind Strommen. Prior to this case he was virtually unknown, but he has enjoyed a tremendous career boost thanks to Breivik’s evil acts, and is now hailed as a "leading expert” on the Counterjihad, a claim which triggers roars of laughter from those who actually know this movement. A lucky opportunist, Strommen sells his books by labeling me a dangerous "Fascist.” He says very little about real problems caused by mass immigration to Western countries, but a great deal about how evil any opposition to mass immigration is.


Bosnians celebrate mosque opening 29 May 2012

Asim Hodzic stands in a field behind the new Bosnian Islamic Center, listening with thousands of others as an imam blesses the place that local Bosnian refugees have been waiting


Muslim cleric suspected of terrorism loses bail appeal in London 29 May 2012
By Janet Stobart

LONDON -- A Muslim cleric imprisoned on suspicion of terrorism in Britain and convicted in absentia in Jordan on similar charges will remain in a British jail while awaiting a hearing on


European parliament chief slams Turkey over Cyprus boycott

The Daily Star 29 May 2012

ANKARA: The European Parliament's chief criticised Turkey Monday for threatening to freeze ties with the EU when the bloc's rotating presidency shifts to Cyprus, which Ankara does not


Why We Need the British Freedom Party

Gates of Vienna 29 May 2012
By Fjordman

Fjordman’s latest essay has been published at the British Freedom website. Some excerpts are below:

In the spring of 2012, the British Freedom Party officially began working together with the English Defence League (EDL) street protest movement. Two senior EDL leaders, Tommy Robinson and Kevin Carroll, joined the Executive Committee of British Freedom. The two organizations will cooperate, but nevertheless remain separate.


Italy: Moroccans in quake area return home

Adnkronos Security 29 May 2012

Rome - At least 100 Moroccans are returning home after the area in northern Italy where they were residing was struck by an earthquake five days ago. The immigrants were


Greece: Muslim politician revealed at his funeral to have secretly converted to Christianity

Jihad Watch 29 May 2012

Why did Abet Hasman think he had to keep his conversion secret? Could it be because of Islam's death penalty for apostasy that Muslim spokesmen in the West routinely deny exists? People who


Skopje: Muslims demonstrate, shouting "Allahu akbar," "jihad" and "death to the Christians"

Jihad Watch 29 May 2012

What? They haven't heard that the Qur'an preaches tolerance and respect for the People of the Book? Imam Rauf, call your office! "Skopje: Moslem Demo 'Death to the Christians,'" from PI

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