Radical Muslim convert and former Met police support officer held in terror raids near Olympic park

Evening Standard 6 July 2012
By Justin Davenport Mark Blunden and Tony Bonnici

A former Met police support officer and a radical Muslim convert were seized today in terror raids next to the Olympic park. Counter-terrorism police swooped on six


French Officials Detail "Big Coup" Bust of Key Al-Qaeda Enabler

AINA (press release) 6 July 2012
By Bruce Crumley

One email confirmed receipt of money used to buy Kalashnikov machine guns. Another message expressed thanks for funds that went to the purchase rocket launchers. Still other


Italy: Muslim Accosts Christian Worshippers During Corpus Christi Procession

Islam versus Europe 6 July 2012

During a procession to celebrate the festival of Corpus Christi in Italy, Christian worshippers were accosted by a 19-year-old Moroccan student who harangued and insulted them.


It’s time to stop using the term ‘Islamophobia’

independent.co.uk 6 July 2012
By James Bloodworth

Anyone who has ever had dealings with a marketing or PR department will probably have experienced at the time feelings similar to when they first encountered a foreign language. "Our new line of streamlined products will enhance our client-focused approach”, was how it was put to me a few days ago by a particularly polished "blue skies thinking” sort of person. What was being conveyed to me I have no idea; but I do know that impenetrable phrases were unloaded on me like machine gun fire with the intention of bamboozling me into parting with either my cash or my judgement. Fortunately I managed to excuse myself before the scheduled afternoon session on "thinking outside the matrix” began. But it was a close call.


Terrorism powers watchdog warns police ahead of London Olympics

The Guardian 6 July 2012
By Vikram Dodd

The government's terrorism powers watchdog has warned the police that they must have "reasonable suspicion" before making arrests in the runup to the London Olympics. David


Jewish youth attacked on French train

Eyewitness News 9 6 July 2012

PARIS -- The French Interior Ministry says a 17-year-old student who attends a Jewish school targeted in a recent shooting rampage was attacked on a train. The


Alleged letter campaign against Gungahlin mosque

brisbanetimes.com.au 6 July 2012
By Jacqueline Williams

A group opposed to the construction of a mosque in Gungahlin allegedly gave residents a detailed document instructing them how to successfully lodge objections to the proposed


Anal Sex Approved by Allah and Prophet Muhammad

Sex in Islam 6 July 2012
By Amar Khan

In Pakistan, the mullahs are notorious for child abuse and molestation. Every day, we hear news about a mullah sodomizing his beardless student. It is very common in Pakistan. Almost every one knows what happens in madrassas. Even one of my friends narrowly escaped from being sodomized by his Quranic teacher when he was taking the Quran memorizing lessons.


Racist egg throwers in Golders Green ordered to pay victims compensation

Harrow Times 6 July 2012
By Chris Hewett

Four men who pelted eggs at young Jewish people during racially motivated attacks in Golders Green have been ordered to pay compensation to their victims. Mohammed Khalifa,


White Muslim one of six arrested over ‘terror plot'

The Telegraph 6 July 2012
By Tom Whitehead

Richard Dart, who was radicalised by the cleric Anjem Choudary, was held following police raids in east and west London. A former PCSO and two of his brothers, who were


Asian Muslim brothers groomed teenage girls for sex

NY Daily News 6 July 2012

London, — Two Muslim brothers of Asian origin have been charged with grooming a pair of teenage girls for sex and persuading them to work as prostitutes for workers at


Turkey warms to France as genocide law abandoned

Reuters 6 July 2012
By Nicholas Vinocur

Turkey's foreign minister hailed the opening of a warmer phase in relations with France on Thursday as a French law on the mass killing of Armenians in 1915 was abandoned, but


I offered my friend to my husband, babbles conservative but disgusting TV host and Islamist showgirl Üresin

Conservative TV host Sibel Üresin an Islamist showgirl has claimed that she offered her best friend to her husband for intercourse if he would like to have her according to


Turkey: Istanbul mosque will have world's highest minarets

ANSAmed 6 July 2012

ANKARA - The new mega mosque that Islamist nationalist Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan has promised the people of Istanbul will have the world's highest minarets,


Egypt conducts 1st sex-slave marriage

WND.com 6 July 2012

Egypt’s "first sex-slave marriage” took place mere days after the Muslim Brotherhood’s Muhammad Morsi was made president. Last Monday, on the Egyptian TV show Al Haqiqa


Islamist MP in car-sex case

Scotsman 6 July 2012

An Egyptian Islamist politician faces trial on public indecency charges after being caught in a sexual act with a veiled woman in a parked car, Ali Wanees is a member of the


Libya's National Transitional Council: Sharia should be "main source" of legislation

Jihad Watch 6 July 2012

This is what Obama enabled in Libya. "The Libyan people are attached to Islam, as a religion and legislation...And this should not be subject to a referendum." If you don't


Turks ‘disturbed’ by Israel, Cyprus natural gas ties

Jerusalem Post 6 July 2012

Israel’s decision to become an active partner with Cyprus on issues of natural gas – despite the island nation’s unsolved political disputes with Turkey – has left Ankara


Children Being Used as Suicide Bombers by Taliban

radicalislam.org 6 July 2012

The New York Daily News reports that two children and a teenager were recently arrested in Afghanistan for carrying improvised bombs and remote-controlled devices. The


Mob lynches Pakistani man for burning Quran in public

GlobalPost 6 July 2012

A mob reportedly dragged a Pakistani man accused of desecrating a Quran in public from a police station, beat him to death and then burnt his body. The Associated Press


FIFA panel approves Islamic headscarves for women

statesman.com 6 July 2012

ZURICH — Soccer's rules-making panel approved headscarves for female Muslim players on Thursday, reversing a ban on the Islamic hijab that's been enforced in FIFA competitions


Libya elections: Muslim Brotherhood set to lead government

The Telegraph 6 July 2012
By Jamie Dettmer

While the elections for a 200-member National Congress is unlikely to grant a majority to any one faction, the Muslim Brotherhood and its Islamist allies are confident they can


Defiant Mali Islamists pursue wrecking of Timbuktu

swissinfo.ch 6 July 2012

BAMAKO - Al Qaeda-linked Islamists in Timbuktu broke down the door to a 15th century mosque on Monday that locals believed had to stay shut until the end of the


Police arrest six in London raids over connection to possible Islamist extremists terror plot

SIX people have been arrested over a possible terror plot involving Islamist extremists with potential targets in the UK, it is understood. The threat was not thought to be


Telford brothers took us to have sex, says teenager

Shropshire Star 5 July 2012
By Arthur Mills

A 19-year-old woman has told a jury how she and another teenage girl were taken by two Telford brothers to have sex with workers at a local restaurant. The teenager alleged


Virgins? What virgins?

Sex in Islam 5 July 2012
By Ibn Warraq

In August, 2001, the American television channel CBS aired an interview with a Hamas activist Muhammad Abu Wardeh, who recruited terrorists for suicide bombings in Israel. Abu Wardeh was quoted as saying: "I described to him how God would compensate the martyr for sacrificing his life for his land. If you become a martyr, God will give you 70 virgins, 70 wives and everlasting happiness." Wardeh was in fact shortchanging his recruits since the rewards in Paradise for martyrs was 72 virgins. But I am running ahead of things.


Arab Spring encourages fundamentalism in Britain

The Telegraph 5 July 2012
By Ghaffar Hussain

The Arab Spring was seen by many in the West as an opportunity for the people of the Middle East to overthrow entrenched authoritarian political orders and replace them with


Report: People don't want disabled neighbors

Today's Zaman 5 July 2012

A recent survey jointly conducted by the Sabanci Foundation, the Association of Visually Impaired People (GÖZDER) and the Muscular Dystrophy Association of Turkey (KASDER)


Muslim pilot linked to suspected terrorists loses case against BA

The Independent 5 July 2012
By Katie Hodge

A Muslim airline pilot sacked after he was linked to two suspected terrorists has lost his case against British Airways. Samir Jamaluddin, a senior first officer who

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