Huma Abedin and the Brotherhood: Bachmann vs. McCain

Islamist Watch 20 July 2012
By Robert Spencer

Congresswoman Michele Bachmann (R-MN) is at the center of a firestorm over her request that the State, Homeland Security, Defense and Justice Departments, investigate potential


Sex With Daughters-in-Law: Divinely Ordained in Islam

Sex in Islam 20 July 2012
By Ayesha Ahmed

Sex with daughters in law is a very pious and sacred
relationship which is promoted by Quran and was practiced by 'insan-e-kamil,'”
our prophet, the perfect man.

Our prophet had a beautiful daughter in law Zainab, wife of his adopted son known as Zaid Bin Mohammed. One morning he walked into her room looking for his son and ran into her while she was just
waking up and was still in her birthday suit. He liked what he saw. To make a long story short , she was in his bed within a few days.


Deputy shoots suspect in SeaTac mosque beating, robbery

The Seattle Times 20 July 2012
By Jennifer Sullivan

A man was shot and wounded by a King County sheriff's deputy on Thursday morning after he allegedly beat and robbed a man inside a SeaTac mosque, then tried to run over


Outing the Muslim Brotherhood

Diana West 20 July 2012
By Diana West

This week's syndicated column: Be alarmed: The U.S. government continues to be "advised by organizations and individuals that the U.S. government itself has identified in


Accused Texas base shooter asked Muslim cleric for advice

Chicago Tribune 20 July 2012
By David Ingram

WASHINGTON - A U.S. Army psychiatrist sought advice from a militant Muslim cleric on whether killing American soldiers would bring him glory, in emails months before


Video: Bachmann: Ellison Has "Long Record” Of Association With Muslim Brotherhood

CBS Minessota 20 July 2012

MINNEAPOLIS – A controversy surrounding Minnesota Congresswoman Michele Bachmann got even bigger Thursday. During an interview with Glenn Beck, the Republican congresswoman said fellow Minnesota lawmaker Keith Ellison has "a long record of being associated…with the Muslim Brotherhood.”


Nine jailed for 'female genital mutilation'

Times LIVE 20 July 2012

Nine women have been sentenced to jail terms for the female circumcision of around 30 young girls, in what the UN said was the first criminal prosecution of its kind in Ivory


The Saudi Indoctrination of Children

Family Security Matters 20 July 2012

The Muslim community of believers is the best in the eyes of God, and we must make it the same in the eyes of men by force... We must fight the unbelievers. When I grow up, I intend to carry out jihad in every possible way.

- Nine-year-old madrasa student, Northwest Pakistan

When the Soviet Red Army captured Berlin in May 1945, the last Germans to surrender were the Hitler Youth. Most of these young boys chose to fight to the death. For their entire cognizant existence, all they had known was Aryan supremacy, hatred of inferiors, and subservient allegiance to the Führer. The Nazis were not the first to use children in combat, nor have they been the last. Excluding North America, to this day the depraved practice of child soldiery has continued on every inhabited continent.


Christianity's Death Rattle in Gaza

AINA (press release) 20 July 2012
By Andrew G. Bostom

A report today (7/17/12) in Haaretz highlights the ongoing plight of Gaza's tiny, fragile Christian minority. Their miniscule numbers have shrunk from a mere 3,500 to about


Islamic Ideological Council recommends ban on women boxing

The News Tribe 20 July 2012
By Hamza Khan

Islamabad: Expressing concerns over growing trend of women boxing in Pakistan, Islamic Ideological Council (IIC), the state body to regulate laws, recommends banning it as ‘it


Video: Muslim leaders targeted in twin attacks in Russia's Tartarstan

RT 20 July 2012

A top Muslim leader has been injured when his car exploded shortly after his deputy was shot dead in a spate of attacks in Russia’s Republic of Tatarstan. Deputy Mufti Valiulla Yakupov was assassinated at the door of his home on Thursday morning, as his driver was waiting for him in his car nearby.


Terrorist attack rocks Tatarstan's religious community

As a result of a terrorist attack in Kazan, Tatarstan Mufti Ildus Faizov was seriously injured, and his deputy Valiulla Yakupov was killed. This accident has shaken Russia's


'End of the Assad Regime Is Coming'

Spiegel Online 20 July 2012
By Charles Hawley

Wednesday's attack on leading government officials could mark a turning point in the battle to overthrow the Assad regime in Syria. That, at least, is what the country's


Hamas movement leader meets Egypt’s president, hails "new era”

PanARMENIAN.Net 20 July 2012

The leader of Hamas, the Palestinian Islamist movement which rules the Gaza Strip, met new Egyptian President Mohamed Mursi on Thursday, July 19 and hailed Mursi's election as


Muslim men in Egypt demand to wear beards 20 July 2012

The morning shave used to feel less soothing than sinful to Ahmed Hamdy, an observant Muslim police lieutenant in southern Egypt. Letting his whiskers grow was a duty to God,


The ghosts of Cyprus

New Europe 19 July 2012
By Robert Ellis

Believers in a multi-cultural society are bound to be disappointed when they come to Cyprus. Apart from Ireland, Cyprus is the only EU state with a dividing line between people of a different religious background. And for that matter, the only EU state occupied by two foreign powers, Turkey and Britain, which together sit on 40 percent of the island.


Facebook campaign "Hands Off My Willy!"

Islam versus Europe 19 July 2012

Religious circumcision is unjust and should be stopped immediately!

This graphic comes from a Facebook campaign run by the Austrian group "Ex-Muslims" in support of the German court's ruling that circumcision of children constituted unlawful wounding.


Paul Weston to Speak at SION World Freedom Congress

British Freedom 19 July 2012

SION is to hold an international congress and media workshop to address the Islamic supremacist war against free speech. British Freedom Chairman Paul Weston has been invited to address the congress, which will be held in New York City on September 11, 2012.


Terrorist Attack Kills Israeli Tourists on Bus in Bulgaria

haOlam 19 July 2012

Seven killed, at least 20 injured / Israeli PM blames Iran, calling it a "global Iranian terror onslaught” / Attack comes on anniversary of Argentine Jewish Center bombing

A terrorist attack on a bus carrying Israeli tourists in Burgas, Bulgaria Wednesday killed seven people on board and injured at least 20 more, several critically, according to the Bulgarian Foreign Ministry and Israeli Police.


Video: Bus Bombing in Bulgaria

Gates of Vienna 19 July 2012

Terrorists blew up a bus of Israel tourists in Bulgaria today, killing at least seven people. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu immediately identified Iran as the most likely state sponsor of the attack, and announced that Israel would respond vigorously to the targeting of its citizens.


Islamic Infiltration to be Countered by the Brussels Process

Right Side News 19 July 2012

........the OIC, or Organization of Islamic Cooperation, seeks to institute a global blasphemy law that would ban freedom of expression under Sharia Law worldwide..."."

On 9 July, the International Civil Liberties Alliance presented an International Human Rights and Freedom of Speech Conference in the European Parliament in Brussels. Over 100 people from numerous, countries, cultures, and backgrounds took part in this milestone event at which Lars Hedegaard of the Danish Free Press Society received the "Defender of Freedom” award.


Suicide bomber blamed for attack on Israelis in Bulgaria

Channel NewsAsia Singapore 19 July 2012

BURGAS, Bulgaria: A suicide bomber was behind the blast against Israeli tourists in Bulgaria, officials said Thursday, as they


The Guardian, Islam and the Paradox of Tolerance

British Freedom 19 July 2012
By Freedom Scribe

On the 8th of July, Mehdi Hasan, a British Muslim journalist, wrote a piece in The Guardian’s comments section about the negative stereotyping of Muslims and the verbal abuse that he and other Muslims in the UK have to endure. Over 1500 comments were posted in response and various follow-on articles have since been published in The Guardian.


Germany Security Report: Rising Threat From Militant Islamists, Far-Right Groups

Huffington Post 19 July 2012

Germany faces a growing threat from militant Islamists and far-right fringe groups, including small extremist cells and lone wolf operators, top security officials said


Video: Brussels 2012: Alexandre del Valle’s Speech

Gates of Vienna 19 July 2012

Alexandre del Valle is an Italo-French lecturer on geopolitics and a researcher for Università Europea di Roma, Institut Choiseul and Daedalos Institute of Cyprus. He specializes in radical Islam, terrorism, and relations between the West and the Rest.


UK Police Accuse 3 of Pakistan Terror Training

abcnews 19 July 2012

Three British Muslims, including a convert who was featured in a documentary about radical Islam and a former London police support officer, have been charged with traveling to


Stakelbeck on Terror Show: 'Losing Our Sons' to Jihad

Stakelbeck on Terror 19 July 2012
By Erick Stakelbeck

On this week's edition of the Stakelbeck on Terror show, we highlight a new documentary, called "Losing Our Sons," that examines the deadly impact of radical Islam on


BNP leader Nick Griffin launches protest against halal meat in Sunderland sandwich shops

Sunderland Echo 19 July 2012

BNP leader Nick Griffin is due to lead a demonstration in Sunderland tomorrow. Mr Griffin and members of his party are planning to take part in a demonstration against the

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