Video: Obama - The Anti-Israel President

youtube 28 December 2011
By David Horowitz Freedom Center


Top 12 Threats to Watch in 2012

Family Security Matters 28 December 2011
By Ryan Mauro

12. The Ron Paul Effect No, I’m not calling Ron Paul anti-American, but his views on national security and naive belief in the reasonableness of the Iranian regime do threaten our national


Happening Silently: Islam Aggressive Invasion of America

Right Side News 28 December 2011
By Eliana Benador

When Historians will look back to these times in the History of Contemporary America, they will certainly wonder, how come the Superpower of the World was conquered without a drop of blood running in


Video: Burning Museums and Beating up Young Girls

Gates of Vienna 28 December 2011

Those seem to be the favorite pastimes of military police and Salafist mobs in downtown Cairo these days.

Many thanks to Bear for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood: Hamas is "role model"

Jihad Watch 28 December 2011

Hamas' own charter describes itself as "one of the wings of the Muslim Brotherhood in Palestine." And Hamas is committed to the destruction of Israel. Some "role model" for the "moderate" and


Sharia in Action

Gates of Vienna 28 December 2011

This story from Britain is not brand new. It was published last Thursday, but between the attack on Tommy Robinson and the intervention of Christmas Winterval, I wasn’t able to give it the attention


Why Hamas Wants To Join the PLO

Hudson New York 28 December 2011
By Khaled Abu Toameh

Hamas's decision to join the PLO is seen by some Western analysts and governments as a sign that the Islamist movement is headed toward "moderation" and "pragmatism." But in 2012, if the agreement


Shock Horror: Saudi Textbooks Teach Islam!

FrontPage Magazine 28 December 2011
By Robert Spencer

Catherine Herridge of Fox News reported last week that "despite Saudi Arabia’s promises to clean up textbooks in the kingdom, recent editions continue to raise alarms in the West over jihadist


All-American Muslim?

FrontPage Magazine 28 December 2011
By Bruce Bawer

The other day I took note here of a recent New York Times feature in which several prominent figures from the worlds of law and religion were invited to answer the question: Is religious freedom in


Even Austrian Darkness Cannot Overcome the Light Pray. Think. Act. 28 December 2011
By Dr. Jeff Mirus

In February of this year, an Austrian teacher, Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff, was found guilty of "denigration of religious beliefs of a legally recognized religion” because, during a seminar course on Islam, she stated that "Muhammed had a thing for little girls.” Sabaditsch-Wolff’s conviction was appealed, but it was upheld earlier this month.


"A Black Day for Austria"

Hudson New York 27 December 2011
By Soeren Kern

An Austrian appellate court has upheld the conviction of Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff, a Viennese housewife and anti-Jihad activist, for "denigrating religious beliefs" after giving a series of


Iran: Negotiating with the Devil

American Thinker 27 December 2011
By Amil Imani

Iran's mullahs have repeatedly indicated their willingness and ability to help restore order in Iraq, on the condition that the United States pack up and leave the region. And now that U.S. forces


Video: Islamists Bomb Nigerian Churches on Christmas Day - At Least 25 Dead

Human Events 27 December 2011
By Jim Hoft

Witnesses say at least 25 dead bodies removed from St. Theresa Church outside the Nigerian capital Abuja. There were four other attacks reported.


Egypt: Salafist party forms constitutional committee, says Sharia's "provisions," not just "principles" will be present in...

Jihad Watch 27 December 2011

Not that a constitution which is said to be merely inspired by Sharia's supremacist and authoritarian principles would be good news. But the Salafists, that supposed Tiny Minority of Extremists that


Muslim Terror for Christmas

FrontPage Magazine 27 December 2011
By Daniel Greenfield

Two years ago as two-hundred eighty-nine people sat on a Christmas Day flight from Amsterdam to Detroit studying their watches, flipping through their Kindles and hoping they would make it home in


Diplomatic Supping With Jihadist Devils

FrontPage Magazine 27 December 2011
By Bruce Thornton

While Western diplomats wring their hands over trivial insults to Islam, a slow-motion genocide of Christians has been unfolding in the Muslim world. The latest attack occurred on Christmas day in


• Denigrating Religious Stupidity

EuropeNews 25 Dec 2011
By Henrik R. Clausen

While I was working on a polite essay ”What is 'denigration', really?”, events overtook the intended polite and analytical approach. At an Austrian court, Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff had her conviction for ”Denigrating the teachings of a recognized religion” upheld. The court deemed that her uttering ”an excess of opinion” about Muhammad having sex with minors, and that doing so was subject to a fine of 480 euros, alternatively 60 days in jail.


Why we need to start discriminating again

The Telegraph Dec 23 2011
By Ed West

The European Court of Justice has ruled that Britain and Ireland cannot return asylum seekers to Greece because their human rights would be jeopardised.


Video: ESW - The Michael Coren Interview

Gates of Vienna 23 December 2011

Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff appeared on Michael Coren’s program tonight to discuss the recent verdict against her by the appeals court.


The ECB's bazooka?

Open Europe Blog Dec 21 2011
By Open Europe blog team

This morning saw the first allotment of the new unlimited three year ECB loans - the much hyped mechanism that some hope will solve the eurozone crisis by actually providing cash to struggling eurozone banks with which they can then use to buy Portuguese, Italian, Irish, Greek and Spanish debt, giving these countries some breathing space.


• Victims of the Apostasy law in Islam

EuropeNews December 21 2011

Interview with Kamal Fahmi, director of Set My People Free (10th of December 2011, Stockholm).

What is the purpose of today’s event?
Today, actually is the international day of human rights. This is one of the reasons we chose this day, and the second one also, that it is that we give the Nobel prize, so there is a lot of media attention, and what we want to bring the attention of the people to is the apostasy law in Islam, which not many people know about. Islam is a one way religion. If you are a Muslim you can not change your belief. And this is very sad that this is happening in the 21st century.


• Liveblogging Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff's appeal

Tundra Tabloids 20 December 2011

The Tundra Tabloids will be live blogging the hearing today, December 20, 2011, 9-11 am,(local Viennese time, 10-12am Finnish time). Elisabeth is appealing her sentence in February of denigration of religious teachings to an unconditional penalty of 480 €. The charge of incitement was acquitted. Both Attorney Michael Rami and the prosecutor had lodged appeals.


• Turkish Airlines instructor watched porn movies during examinations

EuropeNews 19 December 2011
By Nicolai Sennels

Recently, the Danish newspaper Politiken disclosed that flying Turkish Airlines is unsafe ("Pilots: Do not fly Turkish Airlines"). More uncomforbable news about Turkish Airlines:


Siege of Mecca and Juhayman al-Otaibi: CIA and GIGN operatives converted to Islam

Modern Tokyo Times 19 December 2011
By Lee Jay Walker

Juhayman ibn Muhammad ibn Sayf al-Otaibi believed that an Islamic uprising was needed in order to create a more fundamentalist Sunni Islamic state. From an outside point of view this may appear


The International Day of Human Rights in Sweden

EuropeNews 19 December 2011

The International Day of Human Rights took place in Stockholm on the 10 December this year. The main purpose of the event was to commemorate the victims of the Apostasy Law in Islam. Former


Coddling the ‘Islamophobia’ Police

Right Side News 16 December 2011
By Ryan Mauro

From December 12 to 14, the State Department is hosting the Organization of the Islamic Conference, a body of 57 Muslim countries that presents itself as a representative of all Muslims. Its top objective is eliminating "Islamophobia” by promoting legislation to punish those who criticize the religion or uses language is deems offensive.


The Muslim Brotherhood in Libya, and Supporting Hamas

Family Security Matters 16 December 2011
By The Global Muslim Brotherhood Daily Report

The website of Global Muslim Brotherhood leader Youssef Qaradawi is reporting that a delegation of Qaradawi’s International Union of Muslim Scholars (IUMS), headed by Qaradawi himself, was on a four-day visit to Libya at the invitation of the Transitional Council. According to a Google translation of the Arabic language report:


The fantasies of Iraq hawks

WND 16 December 2011
By Diana West

I wish I could find the perfect label for the depths of denial and the heights of delusion manifested in Frederick and Kimberly Kagan's latest declarations on Iraq, published this week in the Washington Post as "opinion."

"Fantasy," is more like it. The premise of these two military advisers closely associated with the "surge" strategy in Iraq is that Western-style nation-building there failed not because the policy was an exercise in hothouse academic utopianism (leftist cant) that withered in the real-world conditions of the Islamic Republic of Iraq, but because the exercise didn't go on long enough.


Why the West Is Best: A Muslim Apostate’s Defense of Liberal Democracy

PJ Media 16 December 2011
By Phyllis Chesler

The legendary Ibn Warraq is my dear friend. I decided to review his new and very excellent book Why the West is Best: A Muslim Apostate’s Defense of Liberal Democracy and to interview him here as well.

But let’s be clear from the outset. I am reviewing his book not because he is my friend. Rather, he is my friend because he writes great and important books. He is someone with whom I can share serious and witty conversations; he may very well be the best-read man I know. His familiarity with a vast array of fields is truly astounding and a great consolation (at least to me) in our world of apps and pads and short attention spans. He is supremely knowledgeable about philosophy, Islamic and Western art, music, theater, architecture, and literature, both sacred and secular.

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