Egypt: Muslim Brotherhood Sheikh to Run For President, Vows to Implement Sharia Law, Cancel Peace Treaty With Israel

Weasel Zippers 30 May 2011

Muslim Brotherhood Sheikh Hazem Abu Ismail announced his intention to run in Egypt’s upcoming presidential elections. He said that if elected he would implement Islamic sharia law


Bahraini female doctors recount detention 'horror'

France24 30 May 2011

Out of prison but in fear of being rearrested, Bahraini Shiite women doctors have spoken of abuse and torture by police after being accused of backing pro-democracy protests in the Sunni-ruled


Couple faces fine for forcing Muslim to handle pork

Taipei Times 30 May 2011

A couple in Chiayi City could face a fine and criminal responsibility for forcing their Indonesian worker, a Muslim, to cook pork and work long hours, an official said yesterday. The employer


MB Chairman: The Egyptian Army Is too Honorable to Make Political Deals with Any Political Force 30 May 2011
By Ahmed Saad Beheiri

In a rare interview with the official Egyptian media, Dr. Mohammed Badie, Chairman of the Muslim Brotherhood, was interviewed on Egyptian television broadcasted on Sunday evening.


Egypt sentences Copts over church scuffle

France24 30 May 2011

An Egyptian military court on Sunday sentenced two Coptic Christians to five years in jail for violence and trying to turn a factory into an unlicensed church, judicial sources said. The two men,


Our Muslim Troubles: Lessons from Northern Ireland 3/5

Gates of Vienna 29 May 2011
By El Inglés

VI. An Introduction to Amateur Bomb-Building

Rioting and mob violence are, as we have already argued, likely to trigger and be prevalent at the outset of the conflict, but will not be especially lethal and will probably subside as the two sides hunker down in their zones of dominance and do their best to keep each other out. It is surely not too bold a prediction to state that any serious, long-term violence directed by either of the two sides at the other will therefore consist substantially of either the use of explosives or the use of firearms. A consideration of the former allows us to make some intriguing predictions with respect to key strategic and tactical aspects of our Muslim Troubles.


Lean to the Left

NPR mike #2Gates of Vienna 28 May 2011
By Nicolai Sennels

The media’s greatest crime against democracy and public debate is that over the past forty years — slowly but surely — it has shifted the political scale. What was Left is now Center, and what was Center before has become Right. What was once Right has now turned into the “radical Right”. What was overly egalitarian and in some areas close to Communism is today Left.


Pro-Israel Leaders Launch TV Campaign

CBN News 28 May 2011

A pro-Israel coalition spoke out in Washington, D.C., Monday to support Israel and raise awareness of the possible attacks the country would face if a peace deal with Palestine was based on 1967 borders.

A Katyusha Rocket Postcard
The Strategic Value of Israel


Famagusta: A forgotten city

New Europe 27 May 2011
By Robert Ellis

Apart from being the setting of Shakespeare’s ”Othello”, the walled city of Famagusta was the scene of a signal act of treachery after the Ottoman siege in 1571. When the Venetian governor Marcantonio Bragadino finally surrendered after being promised  safe conduct by Lala Mustafa, he was flayed alive, his skin was stuffed with straw and paraded round the town.


Our Muslim Troubles: Lessons from Northern Ireland 2/5

Gates of Vienna 27 May 2011
By El Inglés

IV. The Focus on Terrorism

Before we launch into a discussion of the likely characteristics of our Muslim Troubles, we will take a minor detour to build on the previous chapter by further explaining why, though the likely severity of our Muslim Troubles can legitimately be debated, we consider some sort of violent conflict to be inevitable. Here, we will examine something that highlights just how hopeless the response of our political establishment has been to the problems that Islam and Muslims have created for us in Britain.


Egypt Comes Out for Hamas

Right Side News 27 May 2011
By Robert Spencer

In one of the clearest signs yet that the "Arab Spring” in post-Mubarak Egypt heralds a resurgent Islamic supremacism rather than a flowering of Western-style pluralism and democracy, Egyptian officials announced Wednesday that they were reopening the Rafah crossing this Saturday.


Video: The Religion of Rape

Gates of Vienna 27 May 2011

We reported last year on the fact that culture-enrichers seem to have a monopoly on rape in Oslo. The latest figures have come in, and the situation hasn’t changed — for the past five years, in every single case in which the perpetrator could be identified, the rapist was of non-Western origin.


Geert Wilders's Anti-Islam Show Trial "Must Go On"

Hudson New York  27 May 2011
By Soeren Kern

A court in Amsterdam has ordered the anti-Islam hate-speech trial of the Freedom Party MP Geert Wilders to resume after Dutch appeals judges on May 23 rejected his claim that the court is biased against him.


Video: Oslo: All Sexual Assaults involving Rape committed by Non-Westerners

vladtepesblog 27 May 2011

Transcription below the more:


The "Senseless" Cop-Out on Jihad

Diana West 27 May 2011
By Diana West

This week's syndicated column:

The Army honored a fallen hero of the Ft. Hood Jihad Massacre with a medal this week. Not, of course, that the Army describes the November 2009 attack in such meaningful terms. Army psychiatrist Maj. Nidal Hasan may have shouted "Allahu Akbar"; (Arabic for "Allah is great") as he killed 14 and wounded more than two dozen; may have been in contact with jihad cleric Anwar al-Awlaki and frequented jihadist websites;


Complicity in Propaganda

FrontPage Magazine 27 May 2011
By Mark Tapson

Last Monday, the UK branch of Amnesty International (AI) hosted a London event called "Complicity in Oppression: Does the Media Aid Israel?” Aid Israel? Considering the predominant bias of the world


The Jewish Conspiracy: A Strategic Weapon to Demonize Jews and Delegitimize Israel

Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs 27 May 2011
By Judge Hadassa Ben Itto

* We democratic countries see the masses gathered in the public square and are very sympathetic to the outcry against dictatorships and to the fight for freedom. But I am concerned with the


Video: Let's blame the Jews

youtube 27 May 2011
By patcondell


Who Can Beat Obama?

FrontPage Magazine 27 May 2011
By Phyllis Chesler

President Obama’s election is due, in part, to the desire among many American liberals and leftists to be seen as "atoning” for the sin of racism and the crimes of slavery. The fact that Obama is


A Tale of Two Friends

FrontPage Magazine 27 May 2011

Listening to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu speak to the House of Congress on May 24th made me wish we could share him with Israel—as our U.S. president—and


Imam convicted of plotting terror attacks at JFK Airport

Rediff business 27 May 2011
By Yoshita Singh

A United States federal jury has convicted an Imam of conspiring to carry out terror attacks at New York's John F Kennedy International Airport by exploding fuel tanks and fuel pipeline


Muslim dad loses appeal over daughter

A MUSLIM dad who fears his dual-heritage daughter’s "cultural and religious” needs are not being met by the white-British grandmother with whom she lives has failed to win the backing of Appeal Court


Terrorist network headed by Indian national smashed in France

ISLAMABAD: French counter terrorism authorities, acting on all intelligence tip-off provided by Pakistan, have smashed a terrorist network headed by an Indian national.The French Police


Plot to attack Danish newspaper described at terror trial

Bellingham Herald 27 May 2011

CHICAGO Admitted terrorist David Coleman Headley, armed with a video camera, captured the tony streets of one of Copenhagen's most fashionable districts as couples strolled,


Video: Witness links Mumbai terror suspect to Danish plot 27 May 2011
By Chuck Goudie

(CHICAGO) -- A Chicago businessman charged with aiding the terrorist attack on Mumbai, India called the deadly siege brilliant, according to court testimony Wednesday. In this Intelligence Report: Mumbai wasn't the only target.


Al-Qaeda has sleeper cells across west Africa: experts

Expatica 27 May 2011

Al-Qaeda makes use of sleeper cells in several West African countries, security experts said Thursday after a regional meeting on terrorism and trans-border crime in Gambia. "In countries like


Muslim gang jailed for attack on RE teacher 27 May 2011

A GANG of fanatics who attacked an RE teacher for the way he taught Muslim girls, were yesterday jailed. They claimed God "dictated” the assault on Gary Smith, who was hit with


Left-wing anti-Semitism triggers German gov't debate

Jerusalem Post  27 May 2011

BERLIN – The academic study titled "Anti-Semites as a Coalition Partner,” which sharply criticizes entrenched left-wing anti-Semitic and anti-Israel attitudes within the German Left Party, sparked a


Stakelbeck in Glenn Beck's Fusion magazine on the Iran Threat

Christian Broadcasting Network 27 May 2011
By Erick Stakelbeck

I published an article in this month's edition of Glenn Beck's Fusion magazine (subscription only), called "The Coming of the 12th Imam," about the Iranian threat to the United States.


Laurie Penny: Say it again: it's our right to choose

Independent  27 May 2011

Do you believe that a woman who finds herself pregnant against her will should be forced to carry that pregnancy to term? If you find the notion inhumane, you're not alone. Seventy-six per cent of

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