The United Nations and Human Rights Abuse

Hudson New York 14 October 2011
By Wafa Sultan

When I emigrated to the United States of America from Syria, another Arab country that today is undergoing a turbulent political earthquake, never did I imagine that one day I would stand outside the United Nations to oppose its perverted conference, to defend against its malicious attempt to single out Israel -- a country that I was taught to hate.

But here I am today, proud to stand for light in the midst of darkness. This darkness brought about by the multiple Muslim countries and their international enablers, who have dishonored the initial objective of the United Nations, only to vilify, and eventually to destroy Israel - the one and the only free democratic country in the entire Middle East.


The Islamization of London: A Photo Tour

FrontPage Magazine 14 October 2011
By Ned May

When I arrived in London in September it had been more than forty years since I had last spent any time in the city. If I hadn’t kept up with recent events through my British contacts, the changes would have been startling indeed.


Fjordman: Thank You, Everyone

Gates of Vienna 14 October 2011
By Fjordman

I don’t usually ask for donations online since I generally make my essays available on the Internet for free, and there are so many good bloggers and others out there who could use a few bucks at least as much as I do. But I am amazed and frankly quite touched by how many people are willing to donate some of their hard-earned money when I do ask for a donation. The response has been nothing short of astonishing.


The Trouble With Muslim Democracy

FrontPage Magazine  14 October 2011
By Daniel Greenfield

The ultimate symbol of Muslim Democracy may not end up being the purple fingers of the Iraqi ballots but the smoke from burning churches and dead Coptic Christians in Egypt. While Iraq was tenuously balanced between Shiites and Sunnis, Arabs and Kurds, there is no such balance


Muslim Hijab Sparks New Islam-Related Controversy in Spain

Hudson New York 14 October 2011
By Soeren Kern

A Muslim schoolgirl in Spain has been suspended from a public school in Madrid after refusing to remove her Islamic headscarf during an exam.

The girl's parents have filed a lawsuit against the school and the incident has reignited a long-running debate in Spain over the use of head-covering hijabs, face-covering niqabs and body-covering burqas in public spaces.


Our First Concession to Sharia Law: Slavery

Right Side News 14 October 2011
By Bryan Fischer

Our next president must be a man who uses the resources at his disposal to resist, reject and prevent the implementation of Sharia law anywhere, at any time, under any circumstances in the United States. Sharia law is already making encroachments in American culture in large ways


Destruction of Copts is Islamically correct 14 October 2011
By Diana West

I am looking at a reproduction of an old engraving of Jerusalem's Church of the Holy Sepulcher. It is in Bat Ye'or's book "The Dhimmi," which collects primary documents from history to chronicle the impact of Islamic law on non-Muslims through the centuries.

What is notable about the image, which is based on an 1856 photograph, is that the church, said to be at the site of Jesus Christ's crucifixion and burial, has no cross and no belfry. Stripped of its Christian symbols, the church stood in compliance with the Islamic law and traditions of the Ottoman (Turkish) Empire, which ruled Jerusalem at the time.


Apostate from Islam shot at in Berlin for book on Mohamed…..?

Tundra Tabloids 14 October 2011

This is fresh off the wire. An Islam critic, J.Gehirn, attacked in Berlin, as in shot at. Details currently in German only. It involves a former Muslim who wrote a book about Mohammed. Will publish


"No more cash for asylum seekers" 14 October 2011

A commission of the Chamber of Representatives has decided to tighten up rules regarding the care and support that must be given to asylum seekers in Belgium. In future asylum seekers will only


ABC Speech Police: The Truth About Islam is "Derogatory”

Winds of Jihad 14 October 2011

THE ISLAMIC TERRORISTS WIN: A top Immigrations and Customs Enforcement official who sent an anti-Muslim email to a Muslim immigration attorney has been relieved of his supervisory duties, according


Video: Muslim Brotherhood Gaining Foothold in U.S. Gov't?

Christian Broadcasting Network 14 October 2011
By Erick Stakelbeck

WASHINGTON -- They were the first modern terrorists and the forerunner of al Qaeda. But these days, the Muslim Brotherhood is becoming mainstream not only in Egypt, but in Washington, D.C. While the final chapter of the so-called Arab Spring has yet to be written, it appears that radical Islamic forces could emerge as the big winners. None more so than the Muslim Brotherhood.


Florida: Another imam misunderstands Islam, gets arrested -- media ignores story

Jihad Watch 14 October 2011

The media yawned and turned away. Another imam with a firearm? Dime a dozen! But just imagine if it had been a rabbi or priest. "Another Florida Imam Arrested by the FBI, Media Ignores," from


La Umma Nostra - Islam and the Mafia

Infidel Bloggers Alliance 14 October 2011

(1) Once you're in either organization you can't leave voluntarily (apostasy). The only way out is death. (2) Members of the Mafia and Islam regard themselves as 'family' - even when


'Fez Fez' expelled from country

The Copenhagen Post  14 October 2011

Convicted drug dealer and gang member Mahmoud Khalil Salem, otherwise known as 'Fez Fez', has been expelled from Denmark by the Supreme Court. Earlier this year, in an evenly split decision, the


Ex- porn star awarded at Muslim Film Festival

RT 14 October 2011

The 7th Muslim Film Festival that took place in the Russian city of Kazan in September has ended in a sex scandal. The issue related to a former porn actress who was awarded at the


Two female Spanish aid workers kidnapped by Islamists in Kenya

The Australian 14 October 2011

SOMALI Islamist Shebab rebels have kidnapped two female Spanish aid workers from Kenya's Dadaab refugee camp, the third kidnapping of foreigners in just over a month, police said. "Two aid workers


Life-threatening injuries after headscarf caught in mixer

A woman almost got strangled when her headscarf got caught in a dough mixer. The 21-year-old woman worked a dough mixing machine in a tent at a party in Vienna's Krieau on Saturday night when her


Abusive yobs could avoid prosecution under proposals 14 October 2011
By Tom Whitehead

Thugs who swear at police officers or even use racist language could also avoid arrest under any changes to the law. However, in a separate move police are to be given the power to create "no-go


Islam's war on the cross in Egypt

Montreal Gazette 14 October 2011
By Con Coughlin

Christians in Egypt are used to persecution, but the latest attacks threaten the country's move to democracy, says Con Coughlin. In the 19 or so centuries since Christianity first took root in


Along the Heated Trail of the Man Who Created Muslim Superheroes 14 October 2011

The man behind these figures is Naif Al-Mutawa, a Kuwaiti psychologist whose quest to develop, publish and promote them is the subject of "Wham! Bam! Islam!,” the season premiere of PBS’s


Rep. Frank Wolf Calls Out Grover Norquist on Jihad Ties

Human Events 14 October 2011
By Robert Spencer

Last Tuesday on the House floor, Rep. Frank Wolf (R.-Va.) showed more courage than most of the members of his party have ever managed to summon: He called out influential Republican power broker and


Saudi-Backed Religious Tolerance Center Founded

Fox News 14 October 2011

VIENNA-- A Saudi-backed interfaith center was inaugurated Thursday in Vienna, igniting debate over the subject of religious tolerance. Backers hope the center will promote increased tolerance in


Women and the Sharia Law 14 October 2011
By Bob McMillan

The recent decision by Saudi King Abdullah to allow women to vote in Saudi Arabia’s 2015 national election caused me to reflect back to an earlier period in my life. Back in the 1980s, I was an


The Deal For Gilad Schalit

FrontPage Magazine 14 October 2011
By Steven M. Goldberg

In October of 1938, Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain triumphantly returned from Munich carrying an agreement with Adolph Hitler? that achieved "peace with honor.” Although the English people were


Nationalist Movement Party backs headscarf

Hurriyet Daily News 14 October 2011

The Nationalist Movement Party (MHP) has said it will support any future proposals opening the door for women to wear headscarves in Parliament. "The headscarf issue is very important right now.


ACLU and Islamists vs. the FBI...Yet Again

IPT 14 October 2011

The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) issued an open letter to FBI Director Robert Mueller last week calling for reform of Bureau training materials the ACLU claims are biased against Muslims.


Islamic superheroes: Role models or propaganda? 14 October 2011
By Rick Schindler

Jabbar the Powerful is a Saudi Arabian teen with superhuman strength. Jami the Assembler is a Hungarian prodigy who can instantly create gadgets and weapons. Sami the Listener, from Sudan, has


The myth of Hamas' victory

Ha'aretz 14 October 2011
By Akiva Eldar

In the spring of 1996, on the eve of the face-off between Shimon Peres and Benjamin Netanyahu for the premiership, the head of Military Intelligence said the Iranians wanted Netanyahu to win. The MI


British forces will continue mission in Libya says Hague

Independent 14 October 2011
By David Hughes and Elizabeth Barrett

British forces will continue operations in Libya for as long as necessary as "intense" fighting continued in the last strongholds of Colonel Muammar Gaddafi's regime, William Hague told MPs. In a


Egypt Elections to Begin November 28

FrontPage Magazine 14 October 2011
By Ryan Mauro

The first of three rounds of elections will begin in Egypt on November 28. Secularists are complaining that they were not given enough time to organize. The military regime has changed the election

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