Scotland: Muslim "pillar of the community" tries to mow down his daughter after boyfriend proposed to her

Jihad Watch 17 April 2012

Be sure to register for our Jessica Mokdad Human Rights Conference on honor killings on April 29th in Dearborn, Michigan. Register here. There will be more and more honor killings in the


New Website on Armenian, Assyrian, Greek Genocides Launched

AINA (press release) 17 April 2012 is a new information site dedicated to the 1915 Genocide in Ottoman Turkey, which engulfed Armenians, Assyrians [also known as Chaldeans and Syriacs) and Anatolian and Pontic Greeks.

While there are number of excellent information sites on the Armenian Genocide, the new aims to explain the genocide to the general public by answering the most frequently asked questions about the events during WWI, their background, the denial policy, the recognition process and gathering other information and material such as images, videos etc. in one place.


Leicestershire councillor facing probe over message criticising Muslims

This is Leicestershire 17 April 2012

A Leicestershire county councillor is being investigated after distributing a leaflet which criticised Muslims. Earlier this year, Graham Partner – who quit the BNP to sit as an


Hamas War on Israel: 1,100 Missiles a Year

Israel National News 17 April 2012
By Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu

Hamas’ missile and rocket war on southern Israel is 11 years old today (Tuesday), 12,500 rockets later. More than 40 people have been killed, thousands have been wounded and property damage


Muslim taxi driver dumps family out of his cab after spotting an unopened bottle of wine saying it was against his religion

Daily Mail 17 April 2012
By Martin Robinson

A Muslim cab driver has been fired after he threw out a family carrying an unopened bottle of wine because he said 'it's against my religion.' Adrian Cartwright, 46, had hired the taxi


Islamic terrorists issue threat against Jedward ahead of Eurovision 17 April 2012
By Brian O'Reilly

TERRORISTS have threatened to target Jedward and other Eurovision participants at the annual music competition in May. The Azeri terrorists, an Islamic group, have said they will target


"Diversity": They Drive Us Out, We Invite Them In

Gatestone Institute 17 April 2012
By Peter Martino

Islam. the elephant in the room of European politicians on both the Left and the Right, recently became a concern again when French President Nicolas Sarkozy angered the family of Abel Chennouf -- a 25-year old corporal of the French army, who murdered by the terrorist Mohammed Merah because he was wearing a French army uniform -- by suggesting that Chennouf, a Catholic, was murdered because he "appeared to be a Muslim."


British Muslim faces war crimes charges in Bangladesh 17 April 2012

London : A top Muslim activist in Britain -- a former Bangladeshi citizen -- has been accused of involvement in the abduction and murder of intellectuals during Bangladesh's struggle for


Two men protest on roof of Bahrain embassy in London

Reuters 17 April 2012

Two protesters scaled the roof of Bahrain's embassy in London on Monday and unfurled a banner in support of two Shi'ite Muslim activists jailed in the Gulf Arab country that has been hit by


Norwich Reformed Church banned for Islam 'hate' leaflet

BBC News 17 April 2012

A church has been banned from holding a weekly bookstall in Norwich following a complaint it was producing "hate-motivated" literature against Islam. The Norwich Reformed Church held the


Swiss woman abducted in Mali: local official

The Local 17 April 2012

A Swiss woman has been abducted in the rebel-held northern Malian city of Timbuktu, now controlled by Islamist fighters, a local official and a resident of the town told AFP on


Would-be shoe bomber agrees to testify for cut in sentence

The Independent 17 April 2012
By Nina Lakhani

A would-be shoe bomber has become the first British terrorist to have his sentence cut after co-operating with prosecutors and agreeing to give evidence against a terror suspect in a US


The Honor Killing That Never Happened: A Cautionary Tale

PJ Media 17 April 2012
By Phyllis Chesler

Like many others who were carefully selected, I, too, recently received a very shocking email from one Arsalan Akhtar ( He accused a rather distinguished


Saajid Badat: 'walking angel' who became a terrorist 17 April 2012

A bright, well-educated man from a deeply religious family and an active member of his community, he seemed like the model citizen. But unknown to those closest to him, Badat hid a dark


All-Russian Union of Muslim women might be created in April

vestnik kavkaza 17 April 2012

A public organization "Russian Union of Muslim Women" might be created in the near future. The organization is expected to help Muslim women address issues of employment and support them in


Islam’s Cartoon Missionaries

National Review Online 17 April 2012
By Daniel Pipes

Comic books as a method of missionizing for Islam (da’wa)? Yes. One year ago, Harvard University hosted a workshop to teach comic-book artists how to address Americans’ "unease with


Letter: What is Turkey playing at in Cyprus

Famagusta Gazette 17 April 2012

If true, the name change of the illegal state in the north will be seen internationally as a further step in the slow but steady progress toward the hardening of the de facto partition of


Bengali New Year, Muslims desecrate Hindu temple with severed cow's head

People of Shambhala 17 April 2012

"We are taught communal harmony," Moumita Dawn, a local Hindu girl, remarked after yet another attack on a temple of her faith. "How far can we maintain this?" she asks, "Are only the


Islamic Movement leader returns to Israel after 10 months in UK

Ynetnews 17 April 2012
By Hassan Shaalan

Raed Salah, leader of the northern branch of the Islamic Movement in Israel, returned to Israel Monday evening after 10 months in the UK, during which he was arrested for entering the


Arab Spring democracy on the march: Hugging and kissing banned from Egyptian public TV

Jihad Watch 17 April 2012

"A clear indication of the ground which the Islamic parties have been gaining in post- Mubarak Egypt." I tried to tell you. "Intimate scenes to be banned from Egyptian public TV," from AGI,


Islamic Woman Told to Remove Religious Headscarf at St. Louis County Jail

CBS Local 17 April 2012

ST. LOUIS - An Islamic leader in St. Louis thinks St. Louis County jailers went to far when they ordered an Islamic woman to remove her religious headscarf. "The officer said take


Muslims on Wall Street: New Breed Integrates Into Traditional Financial Culture

The Ledger 17 April 2012

NEW YORK - Naiel Iqbal's co-workers couldn't figure him out. He'd just started at a Midtown Manhattan hedge fund — the kind of elite enclave where overachievers in button-downs go to


Jordanian TV: 'Shatter Might of Israel,' Conquer Jerusalem

Israel National News 17 April 2012
By Rachel Hirshfeld

Jordanian state television aired a sermon by cleric Ghaleb Rabab’a, in which he declares that the Arabs will conquer Jerusalem and "shatter the might of Israel,” The Middle East Media


Islamist group in north Mali tries to win recruits

Albany Times Union 17 April 2012

BAMAKO, Mali — An Islamist group that is competing with Tuareg nationalists for control of northern Mali is stepping up efforts to provide law and order as it tries to gain recruits


• "HOPE not hate” Publicizes the Counterjihad Network

EuropeNews 15 April 2012
By Henrik R. Clausen

In a major undertaking, the British organisation HOPE not hate has produced a mapping of the so-called "Counterjihad Movement", a common denominator for a loosely connected network of activists, writers and bloggers opposed to the Islamization of Western societies.

The complete report can be read as a well organized web site here:
Counter-Jihad Report

It is probably no coincidence that the report is issued just as the court case against Anders Behring Breivik is to open in Oslo, Norway. Quite appropriately, the signature picture of the page has ABB pointing a rifle towards a selection of top Counterjihad persons.

The massive crime committed by ABB has catapulted the Counterjihad movement into public attention, and as the image seems to indicate, much blame has been heaped upon various Counterjihad luminaries. More on that later.


Fjordman: The Breivik Trial Begins

EuropeNews 16 April 2012
By Fjordman

The trial against the confessed mass murderer Anders Behring Breivik has started in Oslo and will last until June 22, with a verdict expected at some point in July.

Professor Ole Gjems-Onstad is concerned that the mass murderer, who craves personal attention above else, has become a money machine and formed a symbiosis of sorts with newspapers, lawyers, publishing houses and others who make good money from his atrocities while turning him into the mega-celebrity he always wanted to be, instead of ridiculing him as the pathetic creature he is. He thinks the extensive list of ideological witnesses should have been cut, and that "The attempt to turn evil into politics is a diversion."


Poland: Poster apologizing for anti-Saudi sentiments

Islam in Europe 16 April 2012

A poster in the town of Olsztyn, put up after anti-Arab posters were posted on the homes of Saudi students (see here and here)


In Parts of England, Half of Social Housing Goes to Foreigners

British Freedom 16 April 2012

If you’ve ever wondered why it is that so many areas of English towns and cities have emptied of English people in just a couple of generations, you need look no further than the local


West's liberals fail to help, says Hirsi Ali

The Age 16 April 2012
By Barney Zwartz

WESTERN liberals, crippled by political correctness, guilt and a romanticised view of Islam, are leaving atheists and Christians bereft in the ''Arab winter'', human rights activist Ayaan Hirsi Ali says.

Ms Hirsi Ali, no stranger to controversy, told an audience of several thousand at the Global Atheist Convention in Melbourne, that it was Christians and conservatives who led the way in defending free speech and rights. ''Why is it that secular liberals in the West fail to help? Are they so insecure about the morals they live by and by which they raise their children?''


French Muslims feel stigmatised in vote debate

France 24 16 April 2012

When police kicked in Mohamed Asbol's door at dawn and hauled away his son on suspicion of being an Islamist radical, he saw it as further proof that he was not considered fully

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