UK Muslims petition against "Jesus and Mo" cartoon

People of Shambhala 19 January 2012

Do you wish the West was just a little more like Victorian Britain? No? Then you might be surprised to know that some people do. The Atheist, Secularist & Humanist Society of the University College


Leamington Muslims protest against cartoon

Kenilworth Weekly News 19 January 2012

MEMBERS of the Leamington and Coventry branch of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Youth Association are inviting people to sign a petition in protest against cartoons created by students of the Prophet Muhammad


WikiLeaks: Bulgaria's Chief Mufti Is Credible Voice 19 January 2012

Bulgaria's Chief Mufti, Mustafa Hadzhi, who was exposed one day earlier as an agent of the former Communist State Security, DS, was seen by the American Embassy in Sofia as a "credible voice among


Orlando Imam Pleads Guilty to Felony Gun Charge

Family Security Matters 19 January 2012
By Alan Kornman

Orlando Imam Marcus Dwayne Robertson aka Abu Taubah pleaded guilty to, "...knowingly possess in and affecting interstate and foreign commerce a firearm (.45 caliber) and ammunition, and did knowingly receive a firearm and ammunition which had been shipped and transported in interstate and foreign commerce possession of a firearm by a previously convicted felon. Link here to the original Criminal Complaint.


Stand up for Salman Rushdie

The Hindu 19 January 2012

Salman Rushdie is one of the world's great novelists. It is a disgrace that an unlawful fatwa, issued by the seminary Darul Uloom Deoband, has created a haze of uncertainty over his participation in


Taqiyya vs. Our President

FrontPage Magazine 19 January 2012
By David Meir-Levi

In a previous essay, the present writer exposed the concept of "taqiyya” as a traditional Muslim form of deceit employed by Yasir Arafat?, Mahmoud Abbas?, and other leaders of the Arab terror war


Croydon mosque could become landmark in the borough

Croydon Guardian 19 January 2012
By Nick Hitchens

Plans to expand and transform a mosque into one of the landmarks of the borough are underway. Croydon Mosque and Islamic Centre on London Road, Thornton Heath could expand to include a four storey


May: Defense Department adviser offers confusing advice on Islam 19 January 2012

Director of National Intelligence James Clapper has described the Muslim Brotherhood as "secular." Vice President Joseph Biden recently said the Taliban "is not our enemy." According to John Brennan,


Newt’s Right on Sharia

National Review Online 19 January 2012
By Frank J. Gaffney Jr.

Republican presidential candidate Newt Gingrich was asked yesterday whether he would support a Muslim for president. His answer may have been one of the most important teaching moments of the long and difficult campaign season.

Speaker Gingrich responding by saying it depends on whether the candidate was "a modern person who happens to worship Allah.” Or "a person who belonged to any kind of belief in sharia, any kind of effort to impose that on the rest of us.” He rightly concluded by saying that the former would not be a threat while the latter would be a "mortal threat.”


Plans for Islamic Shopping Centre

Euro-Islam 19 January 2012

Noura A. , a Muslim business woman in Hamburg/ Harburg, is planning on opening the first "Islamic Shopping Center” in a vacant property that was previously used as a restaurant. She is already


‘I plan to change misconceptions’: Tunisian model is first ever Muslim face of Lancome

Daily Mail 19 January 2012
By Maysa Rawi

A Tunisian model has been signed as the first ever Muslim face of Lancome. Hanaa Ben Abdesslem is the latest ambassadress for the brand and features in the new campaign for Teint Idole Ultra 24h


Ending the Palestinian "Right of Return"

Family Security Matters 19 January 2012
By Daniel Pipes

Between 1967 and 1993, just a few hundred Palestinians from the West Bank or Gaza won the right to live in Israel by marrying Israeli Arabs (who constitute nearly one-fifth of Israel's population) and acquiring Israeli citizenship. Then the Oslo Accords offered a little-noted family-reunification provision that turned this trickle into a river: 137,000 residents of the Palestinian Authority (PA) moved to Israel in 1994-2002, some of them engaged in either sham or polygamous marriages.


Beware of The Islamization of Africa

Right Side News 19 January 2012
By Roni Drukan

2011 saw the rise of political Islam across Northern Africa. Arab Spring revolutions which were typically led by secular modern youth, gave way to veteran religious Islamic leaders which gained


'Hezbollah has long-range surface-to-air missiles'

Jerusalem Post 19 January 2012

The IDF has changed its operational assessment regarding the threat from Lebanon and is currently working under the assumption that Hezbollah has obtained sophisticated long-range surface-to-air


Turkey: NATO’s ‘Open Prison’

National Review Online 19 January 2012
By Alex Alexiev

With Egypt’s Islamists scoring a crushing electoral victory over their secular opponents, governments and pundits alike are considering the likely denouement of the vaunted Arab Spring in the region’s largest country, Turkey. It is therefore worth noting some very troubling recent developments in the country that the Muslim Brotherhood and many in the West consistently tout as a successful "Islamist democracy” worth emulating.


Video: Group blasts Gingrich for limiting hires to Muslims who renounce Shariah law

Fox News 19 January 2012
By Joy Lin

The largest Muslim civil liberties group in the United States on Wednesday condemned Newt Gingrich for saying he would only hire Muslims to his administration if they renounced the use of Islam's Shariah law as a tool for U.S. government.


Iranian women's activist shot dead in Houston

CBS News 19 January 2012

HOUSTON - A woman whom Houston police described as an activist on behalf of Iranian women's civil rights was found shot dead at the wheel of her car after it crashed into a Houston townhouse


Cow slaughtered inside Kerala temple compound 19 January 2012

Tension prevailed on Wednesday in Perumbavoor, a satellite town of Kochi city, and surrounding areas following the sacrilegious act of slaughtering a pregnant cow inside the compound of the famous


Is the Mass Murderer Anders Behring Breivik Insane? Part 1: The Nordic Mohammed

Gates of Vienna 18 January 2012
By Fjordman

Anders Behring Breivik in two different attacks on 22 July 2011 became the worst mass murderer in modern Scandinavian history. He killed a total of 77 people, 8 with a car bomb outside a government


Islamist stops university debate with threats of violence

National Secular Society 18 January 2012

A talk on sharia and human rights by NSS Council Member Anne Marie Waters' at Queen Mary University of London was cancelled at the last moment because of an Islamist who made serious threats against


"Are You a Hatemonger? I Don't Believe in Promoting Hatred"

Citizen Warrior 18 January 2012

This is another installation in our series, Answers to Objections. When you criticize Islam, you may very well be accused of being a "hater," as if telling people about basic Islamic doctrines means you advocate hatred toward Muslims as the solution. And nobody likes a hater, or wants to be one.

This objection is fairly easy to answer. Here are three possible ways to respond:


Increasing use of sharia courts in UK

Christian Concern 18 January 2012

Increasing numbers of muslims in Britain are making use of sharia courts to resolve family and financial disputes in line with Islamic principles, according to the BBC. ''Our cases have easily


European Court Rules Britain Cannot Deport Terrorism Suspect 18 January 2012

LONDON — The European Court of Human Rights ruled Tuesday that Abu Qatada, a radical Islamic preacher regarded as one of Al Qaeda’s main inspirational leaders in Europe, cannot be deported from


Tortuous ruling may fuel demands for secret trials

The Guardian 18 January 2012
By Eric Metcalfe

Would you believe the promise of a torturer not to torture someone? Unless you were an especially trusting person, probably not. In recent years, however, the UK government has struck a series of


A Thumbs-Up for Gender Apartheid in Sweden

FrontPage Magazine 18 January 2012
By Bruce Bawer

The other day I wrote about a young Muslim woman in Norway who wears a niqab – a veil that covers everything except the eyes – and who’s busy these days giving talks at Norwegian schools about her religion and her choice of outerwear.

Now, just across the border in Sweden, that country’s version of the Department of Education, which is called Skolverket (and which in English labels itself the Swedish National Agency for Education), has sent down a ruling about the role of niqab in Swedish schools.


Islamic Extremism Remains Norway's Biggest Threat

ABC News 18 January 2012

Islamic extremism remains Norway's biggest terror threat, but the danger of lone wolf attacks has also increased in the aftermath of a massacre by a homegrown anti-Muslim extremist, Norwegian


Video threatens Crown Prince, Stoltenberg with ‘painful revenge’ 18 January 2012
By Nina Berglund

A video published on the social media site Facebook threatens Norway’s Crown Prince Haakon, Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg and Foreign Minister Jonas Gahr Store with both "painful revenge” and


Extremists glorify Norway Crown Prince suffering

The Foreigner 18 January 2012
By Michael Sandelson

Using images of HRH and Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg, the faction says it hopes they "suffer painful revenge”, proclaiming "Oh, Allah, destroy them”. Threats have also been issued against Foreign


Are you an Islamophobe?

British Freedom 18 January 2012

Are you an Islamophobe? Take this simple test designed by Lorna Salzman.

Do you favor equal rights and treatment of women and men?
Do you oppose stoning of women accused of adultery?
Do you favor mandatory education of girls everywhere?


Israel: Land for Peace Fails

Canada Free Press 18 January 2012
By Douglas V. Gibbs

Czechoslovakia stood in the way of German expansion in 1938. Europe feared German aggression, and Britain opted for appeasement. Propaganda was used to convince Europe that the Germans in

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