A Briton in London: A Stranger in My Own Land

Islam Watch 11 April 2012

A British Christian couple, returning to their home in London after four years, find how Islam has changed it all... Their Muslim neighbours call them: "fucking white bastard".

I have just returned to London, where I have lived since I was 11. I have been away for four years, living as an ethnic minority in a monocultural part of the world, amassing a host of stories to tell to disbelieving friends. On the whole, I am glad to return.


An Introduction to Danish Culture

FrontPage Magazine 11 April 2012
By Jamie Glazov

Frontpage Interview’s guest today is Norman Berdichevsky, a contributing editor for New English Review and the author of more than 200 articles and book reviews that have appeared in a


French police probe 'racist' arson at Muslim prayer hall

French police said Monday they were probing a "racist" arson attack on a Muslim prayer hall in Ajaccio, the capital of the Mediterranean island of Corsica. The interior ministry said in


Christian clerics alarmed at growing threats, persecution in Turkey

Hurriyet Daily News 11 April 2012
By Vercihan Ziflioglu

Christian clerics in Turkey have expressed their anxiety regarding the growing threats they face in wake of an attack against Pastor Semih Serkek of the Protestant "Lütuf” ("Grace”) Church


Justin Raimondo Apologizes for Accusing Geller, Spencer, Horowitz of Murder, Reza Aslan Doubles Down

Atlas Shrugs 11 April 2012
By Pamela Geller

Over at Jihad Watch, Robert Spencer explains Justin Raimondo's libelous "apology" and the even worse reaction of the immature geek Reza Aslan to the exploding of the leftist/Islamic


Video: With the Islamists’ Rise to Power, Turkey Became the World’s Leading Hotspot of Honour Killings

Islam Watch 11 April 2012
By M. A. Khan

To educated Muslims, honor killing has nothing to do with Islam and Turkey is the only "role model" Islamic country, because in all other Muslim countries, honor killing occurs. Unfortunately, after the Islamists came to power in 2002 and opened the gates of gradual Islamization of Turkey, after 8 decades of strict secular rule, Turkey has risen to be the world's "number one honor killing country", with a killing rate 5 times higher than that of Pakistan, known to be notorious for honor killing.


Court rules Britain can send 5 to U.S. on terror charges

CBC News 11 April 2012

Europe's human rights court has ruled that Britain can send a radical Muslim cleric and four other suspects to the United States to face terrorism charges in a case that has been closely


"Inshallah There Won't Be Any Gays in Our Turkey"

Bianet 11 April 2012

An interesting conversation took place between TV celebrity Okan Bayülgen and Ankara Metropolitan Mayor Melih Gökçek, during a debate on social media aired at Habertürk TV. Noting that


New Leaflet: You Must Accept My Religion

Citizen Warrior 11 April 2012

ONE OF OUR allies in the UK designed and wrote two leaflets we can use to help educate our fellow non-Muslims. Read more about them and get links to the previously released leaflets here.

He has created a new leaflet. It's really good and different than the first two. It is entitled, "You Must Accept My Religion." This new one never mentions the words "Islam" or "Mohammad." Why not? Here's how the author explained it:


Al-Qaida warns Britain against deporting radical Islamist preacher

Washington Post 11 April 2012

CAIRO — Al-Qaida warned Britain on Tuesday not to deport to Jordan a radical Islamist preacher considered a leading figure in the terror network. A statement from the organization posted


Handshake Muslim loses court case

DutchNews.nl 11 April 2012

Rotterdam council was right not to offer lawyer Mohammed Enait the job of client manager after he refused to shake hands with women, a court in The Hague said on Tuesday afternoon. Enait


Mosque in gay-hate row opens a new fee-paying school where pupils will memorise the Koran and speak Arabic

Daily Mail 11 April 2012

A mosque where clerics were filmed allegedly preaching hate against homosexuals and non-Muslims is opening a fee-paying school. Pupils will be expected to memorise the Koran and wear


The Clash of Civilizations Has New Venues

Family Security Matters 11 April 2012
By Dr. Laina Farhat-Holzman

When historian Samuel Huntington wrote Clash of Civilizations in 1997, our already politically-correct culture found him over the top at best, and bigoted at worst. Academics around the


Video: Robert Spencer and Michael Coren discuss the Easter bombings

Vlad Tepes 11 April 2012

Islamic contribution to world culture: "Oh look mummy! It’s the Easter bomby!


Ban the burqa protest offends Sydneysiders

Yahoo!7 11 April 2012

A group of protesters wearing burqas gathered in various places in Sydney today to argue for Australia to ban the face veil. They say the wearing of the Islamic headwear donned by women,


"Bring a bag and the dog": Brits in Mali flee Qaeda

The Star 11 April 2012
By Laurent Prieur

NOUAKCHOTT - For British couple Neil Whitehead and Diane English, the ancient Malian city of Timbuktu meant good friends and big plans for the future. They named their hotel


Iran To Shut Down Internet Claim: 'Clean' National Intranet In Pipeline Denied

International Business Times 11 April 2012
By Jamie Lewis

Rumours that Iran plans to 'shut down the internet' and replace it with an entirely more controllable national intranet have been denied. The Agence France Presse [AFP] reported earlier


Muslim official killed in Moscow

vestnik kavkaza 11 April 2012

Metin Mekhtiyev, a Muslim public figure, was killed in Moscow on Tuesday night, Gazeta.ru reports. He was stabbed in the neck. According to preliminary data, Mekhtiyev - born in 1978 -


A Tale of Two Civil Wars

FrontPage Magazine 11 April 2012
By Alan W. Dowd

The Syrian civil war is now more than a year old. The Syrian army has killed some 10,000 people—and counting. Although Damascus has made promises about ceasefires and diplomatic


Female Genital Mutilation FGM common in Iraq's Kirkuk: Study shows

ekurd.net 11 April 2012

KIRKUK, Iraq's border with Kurdistan region, — WADI and the local women’s rights organization PANA have conducted an in-depth research about the existence and background of female genital


Harsh Treatment Of Muslim Women: Muslims In 21st Century America

OfficialWire 11 April 2012
By Frosty Wooldridge

Conundrum for multiculturalism in America: Muslim men treat their women with deadly force, clashing cultures of Middle East and West, silent-assertion’s ultimate dilemma, honor killings in


Why is Christian persecution in Saudi Arabia ignored?

Foster's Daily Democrat 11 April 2012
By John Meinhold

As I write, many Christians are observing Good Friday. Easter is the holiest season of the Christian faith. With CNN broadcasting the latest insignificant news about Kim Kardashian in the


Azam-Bukhari spat: Now, fatwa against Shahi Imam

Times of India 11 April 2012
By Ashish Tripathi

LUCKNOW: The ongoing spat between Samajwadi Party (SP) leader Azam Khan and Jama Maszid Shahi Imam Ahmed Bukhari has not only divided Muslim clerics and Muslims leaders within the party but


Islamists Inside the Gates

Wall Street Journal 11 April 2012

In one country after another, mass religious-inspired political movements have outmaneuvered weak liberal parties. Fledgling democracies have been snuffed out. Anti-Semitism and sectarian


Christians persecuted across the Muslim world

The Jakarta Post 11 April 2012
By Peter Bresciano

Robert Azzi's column, "Salvific stories inspire Truth and Beauty," is very beautiful and heartwarming, and yet would be looked upon by Christians throughout the Muslim world as being


Probe clears Modi over anti-Muslim riots

The Nation, Pakistan 11 April 2012

NEW DELHI - An investigation team appointed by India’s Supreme Court has found no evidence against Gujarat’s chief minister over deadly anti-Muslim riots in the state a decade ago, a court


Hindu girls' case: Supreme Court rejects pleas of father, husband

Business Recorder 11 April 2012

The Supreme Court on Tuesday rejected two similar petitions, filed by the father and husband of two Hindu girls, for meeting them. Both the girls had allegedly been forcibly converted to


Gross Violations Of Religious Freedom In Iran

voanews.com 11 April 2012

The conditions for religious freedom in Iran have regressed to a point not seen since the early days of the Islamic Revolution, according to a new report by the U.S. Commission on


• Politically Incorrect under attack! Well, sortof...

EuropeNews 10 April 2012
By Henrik R. Clausen

The popular German blog Politically Incorrect has come under a Denial of Service (DoS) attack, as announced on the anti-Zionist web site named Bundesblog.

The attackers have announced their intentions in a YouTube video, which can be viewed here:

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