Radical Islam Finds a Home at UC Berkeley Law School

Weasel Zippers 9 May 2011

The leftist love affair with Islamism continues. Via American Thinker: The exploitation of the University of California’s Bay Area law schools as a platform for Arab and Islamist propaganda


Jonathan Kay: Geert Wilders’ problem with Islam

National Post 9 May 2011
By Jonathan Kay

As an editor at the National Post, I often rely on three letters to protect my columnists from human-rights tribunals: I-S-M — these being the difference between spelling Islam and Islamism. The


Group: 2 Muslim men pulled from plane bound for North Carolina

10 Connects 9 May 2011
By Rick Martin, Craig Bell and Maria Ebrahimji

Two Muslim men were removed from a plane headed to North Carolina because passengers were uncomfortable, the Council on American-Islamic Relations said. The incident occurred


A Picture of Dualism

Political Islam 6 May 2011
By Bill Warner

The most difficult thing to understand about Islam is discerning the mixed message we keep hearing. The government, media and professors talk about a wonderful Islam that is a blessing to humanity and America, in particular. This Islam is so wonderful that anyone who resists it is a bigot, a hater, an Islamophobe. But there is another Islam that lurks in the background—violence, rape, lies, deception, and ever increasing Muslim immigration.


The Ethnic Cleansing of Norwegians

Gates of Vienna 6 May 2011

At Gates of Vienna we often discuss a phenomenon which is described here sardonically as "cultural enrichment”. The term is an ironic euphemism, employed partially as camouflage, since the phrase is overwhelmingly used in the media as a positive descriptor of the mixing of ethnicities driven by the ideological imperatives of Multiculturalism.


Human rights violations cost Turkey 25 million euros last year

Brussels - Breaches of the European Convention on Human Rights last year cost Turkey just under 25 million euros (37 million dollars), officials from Europe's top human rights watchdog said on


A Month in the Life of Islam in Europe

Hudson New York  6 May 2011
By Soeren Kern

The controversial Egyptian Islamic scholar Yusuf al-Qaradawi is moving to Norway to help Muslims in the polar regions of the country establish their prayer times. Qaradawi, who has been banned from


Killing the Bin Laden Within

Right Side News 6 May 2011
By Daniel Greenfield

A group of Navy SEALS may have stormed a Pakistani garrison town and taken off the top of Bin Laden's head, but he still lives on in the heads of the political establishment. The big Bin Laden has


Ruler opens Sharjah Cultural Fest in Spain

Granada -- UAE Supreme Council Member and Ruler of Sharjah HH Sheikh Dr. Sultan Bin Mohammed Al Qasimi opened on Wednesday the Sharjah Cultural Fest in the Spanish city of


Radical Muslim gang 'used stall at Longsight market to recruit young British men for Jihad in Afghanistan', court told

Manchester Evening News 6 May 2011
By John Scheerhout

Undercover police infiltrated a gang of radical Muslims, which recruited young men to fight, kill and die in Afghanistan, a court heard. They used religious stalls at Longsight market, known as


Geert Wilders Comes to Nashville

Gates of Vienna 6 May 2011

The Canadian chapter of the International Free Press Society is bringing Geert Wilders to North America next week. After visiting three Canadian cities


Al Qaeda's Russian Affiliate: Well-known British journalist says Obama lies

Jawa Report  6 May 2011

Lot's of denial over OBL's killing, but this takes the cake A well-known British broadcaster and journalist Yvonne Ridley, who a few years ago converted to Islam, after she was released from


Islamist terror suspect pleads guilty in German trial

Expatica 6 May 2011

A 25-year-old German-Syrian dual national pleaded guilty here Thursday to charges of belonging to an Al-Qaeda-linked terror cell which trained him in Pakistan. Rami Makenesi, on his first day in


Tajikistan urges UN to try to stop republication of Muhammad cartoons

Interfax-Religion 6 May 2011

Dushanbe - Tajikistan has urged the United Nations to take measures to stop a Norwegian firm from republishing a book containing cartoons satirizing the Muslim prophet Muhammad that


Inquest judge to rule on London transit bombings

The Canadian Press 6 May 2011

LONDON — David Gardner was brushing up on his Shakespeare. Martine Wright was reading a newspaper on her morning commute. They and others remember a pop, a flash,


Turkey: Women Left Unprotected From Violence

(Istanbul) - Turkey's flawed family violence protection system leaves women and girls across the country unprotected against domestic abuse, Human Rights Watch said


Radical Islam at UC Berkeley Law

American Thinker 6 May 2011
By Stephen Schwartz

The exploitation of the University of California's law schools as platforms for Arab and Islamist propaganda continues. A convocation on "Litigating Palestine," replete with extreme


Prosecutor: Ex-Taliban fighter recruited in UK

msnbc.com  6 May 2011

LONDON — A former Taliban fighter manned an Islamic bookstall while trying to drum up recruits for jihad in Afghanistan, a British prosecutor alleged Thursday. Andrew Edis said Pakistani-born


Islamist Terror Since 2001

Spiegel Online 6 May 2011

Even years after the Sept. 11 attacks, neither al-Qaida nor international Islamist terrorism have disappeared. To the contrary: Lone terrorists and small groups, inspired by bin Laden's network, continue to strike.


Indonesian group holds memorial for Bin Laden

Channel 6 News 6 May 2011

JAKARTA, INDONESIA -- Indonesia's Islamic Defenders Front (FPI) on Wednesday evening held a memorial to pay tribute to slain al-Qaida leader Osama bin Laden, the Jakarta Post


Three Arrested In Morocco Over Marrakesh Cafe Bombing

RTT News  6 May 2011

Police in Morocco have arrested three suspects in connection with the bombing of a cafe in the tourist city of Marrakesh last month, news reports quoting officials said Thursday. The three


Suspected al Qaeda terrorist pleads guilty in Frankfurt

Deutsche Welle 6 May 2011
By Chuck Penfold, Mark Hallam

A German-Syrian man has pleaded guilty to the charge of belonging to al Qaeda in the opening day of his trial. He is believed to have provided information that led to an increased terror alert level


NRI candidate in UK row over anti-Islamic diatribe

Expressindia.com 6 May 2011

London Abhijit Pandya, the Indian-origin candidate for Leicester South by-election, and a leading local newspaper have clashed in the open after he was criticised in an editorial for calling Islam


Czechs Arrest Suspected Caucasus Militants

The Moscow Times  6 May 2011

PRAGUE — Four Russians and two Bulgarians suspected of supporting a militant group operating in Dagestan have been arrested in the Czech Republic, police said Tuesday.


Spain denies recognising Libyan rebel council

Expatica 6 May 2011

Spain on Thursday denied claims by Libyan rebels that it had recognised their National Transitional Council (NTC). "There has been no change in (our) position," a foreign ministry spokeswoman


British Muslim recounts 'violent police assault' to court

The Guardian 6 May 2011
By Matthew Taylor

A British Muslim accused of raising funds for terrorist organisations has told a court how he was beaten up and mocked by specialist police officers during an early morning raid at his home. Babar


Don't be fooled: Radical Muslims are in America

Mansfield News Journal  6 May 2011
By Fern Anderson

Julia Shearson and her friends are living in a state of cognitive dissonance. Doesn't she realize that the radical Islams are practicing these techniques: soft jihad, dimi, divide and conquer.


Britain stands by for terrorist acts

The Voice of Russia  6 May 2011
By Sergei Sayenko

The risk of terrorist acts in the UK after US special missions units killed world’s No.1 terrorist Osama Bin Laden is extremely high and an attack can happen at any moment without warning, believes


'Fight, kill and die': Four Muslims tried to recruit undercover police as part of holy war, court hears

Daily Mail 6 May 2011

A former Taliban fighter tried to recruit undercover police officers to 'fight, kill and die' in a holy war in Afghanistan, a court heard today. Pakistani-born Munir Farooqi, 54, had been an


Dead Bin Laden: The Ultimate Danish Motoon

Diana West 5 May 2011
By Diana West

Separated at birth?


I've had a sneaking suspicion that the Obama White House would ultimately nix the release of Dead Bin Laden, and here it comes, the prepatory rumblings: Gates and Hillary, ABC's Jake Tapper reports (via Drudge) are arguing against release. This tagteam pushback, Tapper writes with soothing gentility, is due to "concerns at the Pentagon and State Department that releasing a photograph could prompt a backlash against the US for killing bin Laden where one does not seem to currently exist."

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