Video: Hundreds join Moscow anti-Muslim rally

The Canadian Press 28 April 2011

MOSCOW — Hundreds of Russian nationalists staged a racism-tinged rally in central Moscow on Saturday to demand an end to social payments for Muslim republics of the volatile North Caucasus region.


Dubai to increase Islamic finance products to Germany

CPI Financial 28 April 2011

Dubai Exports, an agency of the Dubai Department of Economic Development (DED), Government of Dubai, has led an Islamic Financial Services Trade Mission to Germany. The mission was


UK: Former Foreign Office minister admits that political correctness led Britain to shelter jihadis

Jihad Watch 28 April 2011

And there is no indication that this isn't still going on. "Being too PC led us to shelter terrorists, says ex-minister," by Martin Bentham in the London Evening Standard, April 27 (thanks to


How Al-Qaida Planned to Bomb Heathrow

Spiegel Online 28 April 2011
By Britta Sandberg and Holger Stark

Minutes of the secret interrogations of Ramzi Binalshibh and Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, the alleged masterminds of the Sept. 11 attacks, show the men continued to energetically forge new attack plans


Italy: Berlusconi, Sarkozy call for changes to Schengen

Italian prime minister Silvio Berlusconi and French president Nicolas Sarkozy together called for a revision of the Schengen treaty which removes border controls among the 25 European members."We


Pentagon lists Qaeda recruiting mosques

Arab Times 28 April 2011

Al-Qaeda recruited and trained militants at mosques and Islamic centers in cities around the world from Montreal to Karachi, according to a Pentagon list leaked Tuesday.


An Outlook of Radical Islamism in Bosnia

Pakistan Christian Post 28 April 2011
By Ioannis Michaletos

Radical Islam is growing in Bosnia Information available to experts on international terrorism indicate that Bosnia Herzegovina is presently one of the epicenters of extremist Islamic circles in


Success of Wilders tilts mainstream politics sharp right

The Irish Times 28 April 2011

The Dutch Freedom Party has shattered the politics of consensus with its blunt, populist anti-Islamic goals IT COULD turn out to be one of the great ironies of Dutch politics that the very love of


University campuses are 'hotbeds of Islamic extremism' 28 April 2011
By Duncan Gardham

Islamic fundamentalism is being allowed to flourish at universities, endangering national security, MPs and peers said yesterday. Academics are turning a blind eye to radicals because they do not


Video: Italy now has demonstrations of Islamic primacy.

vladtepesblog 28 April 2011

We see it spreading from France to Greece and now Italy. Maxime Lépante for Riposte Laique was kind enough to send me his original footage that he took of this event to edit into an English version.


Video: Michigan Jury Turns Qur’an-Burner Into Free Speech Martyr 28 April 2011

You may be familiar with Florida preacherman Terry Jones. He's some kind of Christian enthusiast who made headlines last year by threatening to burn a copy of the Qur'an. At some point in the last


YouTube and Vlad Tepes

Gates of Vienna 28 April 2011

ohn Work has this feature on the latest shut-down of Vlad Tepes’ You Tube account: I’ve frequently featured or linked to the Vlad Tepes counter-jihad website here on my blog. I go to Vlad’s


Sarrazin pardon sparks fierce SPD backlash

The  28 April 2011

There was mounting resentment Tuesday among centre-left Social Democrats against the party’s decision not to expel Thilo Sarrazin over his incendiary statements on immigration.Prominent Social


Jordan radical Islamists demonstrate in support of Syrian protests

Amman - Hundreds of Jordanian Islamist fundamentalists demonstrated Wednesday outside the Syrian embassy in Amman to express backing for pro-democracy protesters inside Syria. Almost all


Video: 'Mahdi Video' Exposure Rattles Iranian Regime

Christian Broadcasting Network  28 April 2011
By Erick Stakelbeck

The recent exposure by CBN News of an Iranian propaganda film has caused friction within the Iranian regime. According to the video, titled "The Coming Is Near," the current unrest in the Middle East is a divine signal that Iran will soon help usher in the end of days and the return of their messiah, also known as the Twelfth Imam or Mahdi.


Europe without borders: goodbye to the myth?

The Voice of Russia  28 April 2011
By Yevgeny Kryshkin

France and Italy will work to achieve the reform of the Schengen Agreement, abolishing the passport-visa control on the borders of a number of states of the European Union (EU).


Indonesian president warns Islamic radicalism rising

Channel News Asia 28 April 2011

JAKARTA: Indonesia's president on Thursday warned that the world's most populous Muslim-majority country was confronting a rising tide of Islamic radicalism, after a spate of hate crimes and


Intelligent Muslim: Only Support Dhimmi Candidates Who Agree To Make It "A Hate Crime To Associate Islam To Terrorism"

Blzaing Cat Fur 28 April 2011

The following voting advice appears in the latest issue of the Canadian Islamic Congress' Friday Magazine. The author Ayub Hamid "is a past member of the CIC Board of Directors


Clarifying Some Misconstruings

Citizen Warrior 28 April 2011

ON THE ARTICLE, The Ground Zero Mosque, someone asked some questions and I answered them like this: Question: You sure about this? If Islam is really about world domination and the article is


Video: Radical Muslim cleric plans demonstration outside Royal Wedding 28 April 2011

LONDON -- A radical Muslim cleric has vowed to lead a demonstration outside Westminster Abbey during the Royal Wedding. With Prince William and Kate Middleton’s wedding just two days away, preparations are in full swing in London.


Salafis in Alexandria protest murder of convert to Islam

Egypt News 28 April 2011
By Nabil Abu Shal

Thousands of Salafis in Alexandria on Sunday protested against the killing of a Christian woman named Salwa Adel who converted to Islam eight years ago and married a Muslim called Khaled


Qabbani wants Islamist inmates freed until trial

Zawya 28 April 2011

BEIRUT: The grand mufti urged Wednesday the release of Islamist prisoners whose trials have been delayed as they await the construction of a courtroom large enough to


Hasina wants Islam as Bangladesh state religion

Zee News  28 April 2011

Dhaka: Bangladesh's ruling Awami League would like to retain Islam as the state religion but wants all religions to enjoy equal rights, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has said. In a reversal of a


• Book essay: The Bloody Truth about Cyprus

EuropeNews 28 April 2011
Bloody truth, Nicosia, March 2009. ISBN 9789963962204
By Henrik R. Clausen

The apparently endless stalemate on Cyprus is getting a thorough treatment in the publication by the organization “Freedom and Justice for Cyprus”.

While the documentation of what went down through the 1960's and 1970's is shocking and brutal, the real coup of the book is that it goes back to the 1950's, once and for all settling the question of who originally created the conflict in Cyprus: It wasn't the 'Turkish' Cypriots. Nor was it Turkey. It was, documentably, Great Britain.


Radical Islamic Threat Grips Denmark

CBN News 28 April 2011

On Mohammed's birthday, Denmark's Muslims marched to the city square under a banner that said "Islam is peace and love."

But elements of Denmark's Muslim community have radicalized.


Video: Why Palestinians Want This Video Removed

YouTube 27 April 2011
By Redemption1948

The Arabs who occupy the land of Israel want this video to be removed . Feel free to copy this video and help spread the truth the palestinians seek to deny.


Sadly, I've been proved right. Britain IS a centre of terror. Tragically, our rulers can't see the truth

Daily Mail 27 April 2011
By Melanie Phillips

So now we are all finally able to see just why Britain’s capital came to be known contemptuously as ‘Londonistan’. Some five years ago, I wrote a book by that name which laid out the extent to


Sharia Silliness

Political Islam 27 April 2011

Now that Sharia law is getting more attention, Islam is rolling out its defenses to defuse and confuse the thinking and the not-so-thinking public. If you are a watcher or connoisseur of Islamic


Radical Islamic Threat Grips Denmark

Christian Broadcasting Network  27 April 2011
By Dale Hurd

COPENHAGEN, Denmark - On Mohammed's birthday, Denmark's Muslims marched to the city square under a banner that said "Islam is peace and love." But elements of


Jordan begins trial of Danish Mohammed cartoonist

The Canadian Press 27 April 2011

AMMAN — A Jordanian court on Monday put on trial in absentia Danish artist Kurt Westergaard who is being sued in the kingdom for blasphemy over a controversial cartoon of the Prophet

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