World Muslim Film Festival Starts In Kazan

The International Festival of Muslim Cinema has opened in the capital of Russia's Republic of Tatarstan, RFE/RL's Tatar-Bashkir and Russian Services report. Organizers say that although the Kazan


2 Killed and Many Injured in Muslim riots during Ganesh festival in Madhya Pradesh 7 September 2011

There were Hindu – Muslim riots on the issue of installation of Ganesh idol at Ujjain. Two persons were killed and many got injured during these riots. Curfew has been imposed in the jurisdiction of


Robert Ellis: Crisis in the Mediterranean

New Europe 6 September 2011
By Robert Ellis

The island of Cyprus has always played an important strategic role, not least today. This was made clear a thousand years ago by the Arab geographer al-Muqaddasi, who stated: “The island of Qubrus is in the power of whichever nation is overlord in these seas”.


Israel is Sorry – An Apology to Turkey 6 September 2011
By Rabbi Kaufman

Shalom, Salaam, blessings be upon our friends the Turkish people.

We in Israel are sorry for what occurred in regard to the episode of the Free Gaza Flotilla.

We are sorry that lives were lost because militants on board attacked the Israeli soldiers whom they knew would board and whom they meticulously planned to attack.


Tommy Robinson: A Patriot and a Martyr

Gates of Vienna 6 September 2011

The English Defence League has just issued the following statement about the imprisonment of their leader, Tommy Robinson:

Tommy Robinson: A Patriot and a Martyr

A martyr is someone who suffers for a cause. And Tommy is most definitely someone who has suffered for his.


Clone These Men!

Gates of Vienna 6 September 2011
By Paul Weston

Our British correspondent Paul Weston was one of those invited to the Freiheit rally in Berlin on Saturday. Below is his brief account of the day’s events.

Clone These Men!
by Paul Weston

A year after the launch of René Stadtkewitz’s Freedom Party, Berlin found itself again hosting the potential saviour of Germany as he prepared for the elections to the Berlin Senate on September 18.


'We Shall Never Forget'--a 9/11 Coloring Book--Commits Thoughtcrime

Human Events 6 September 2011
By Robert Spencer

The St. Louis-based children’s publisher Really Big Coloring Books is in hot water this week. The Hamas-linked Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) and other Islamic supremacist groups are enraged, and Really Big Coloring Books is even receiving threats from enraged Muslims—all because of We Shall Never Forget, a coloring book that dares to portray the Islamic jihadists who attacked us on 9/11 as ... Islamic jihadists.

With no sense of irony whatsoever, CAIR’s Dawud Walid thundered: "This publisher is doing a disservice to innocent young minds by showing this type of nonsense. Every single reference to Muslims in [the book] has to do with radical extremists and depictions of people being terrorists.”


How to Cure Islamophobia with Islamo-Fear

Political Islam 6 September 2011
By Bill Warner

There is a sudden rash of Islamophobia according to many so-called civil rights organizations. has a new report out called, Fear, Inc. In it they define Islamophobia as an


Saudi ambassador opens $11m mosque in Sweden

Saudi Gazette 6 September 2011

RIYADH — Dr. Abdulrahman Bin Mohammed Al-Jedie, Saudi Ambassador to Sweden, this week opened Great Gothenburg Mosque in Sweden. President of Islamic Endowment in Sweden commended the efforts of King


Austrian president warns against discrimination against Muslims

vestnik kavkaza 6 September 2011

Austrian President Heinz Fischer has urged his compatriots to avoid discrimination against Muslims. The speech was made at the Eid al-Fitr feast held at the largest mosque in Austria. The


Friedrich: 1,000 potential terrorists in Germany

The 6 September 2011

Around 1,000 potential Islamist terrorists live in Germany, 128 of whom could be classed as capable of carrying out attacks, Interior Minister Hans-Peter Friedrich said Monday."We have almost 1,000


Spain region bans Muslim call to prayer

Press TV  6 September 2011

A northeastern Spain municipality with a 40-percent Muslim population has reportedly banned the Muslim call to prayer also known as Azan. Salt's mayor Jaume Torramade has asserted that the


Geert Wilders coming to Australia

ABC Online  6 September 2011
By Eric Campbell

Controversial Dutch politician Geert Wilders is coming to Australia with the support of senior Liberal senator Cory Bernardi. Mr Wilders, who controls the balance of power in the Netherlands'


The jihad is against the Bible

Galesburg Register-Mail  6 September 2011
By Diana West

Beyond the 10th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks looms another signal date in the annals of global jihad. That date is Sept. 20, when the Palestinian Authority's Mahmoud Abbas is expected to petition


Malmö police to learn 'polite' Arabic

The 6 September 2011

Share Tweet Police who patrol Malmö's Rosengård district are being offered a special Arabic language class to help them better understand and communicate with local residents in the predominantly


How the NYPD Gets Jihad Right

Family Security Matters 6 September 2011
By Andrew McCarthy

‘Every conspiracy against Islam and scheming against Islam and the Muslims — its source is America.” "Jihad is Jihad. There is no such thing as commerce, industry, and science in jihad. This is


Turkey tells Israeli diplomats to leave  6 September 2011

Turkey deepened its rift with Israel on Monday by vowing to work for the recognition of a Palestinian state at the United Nations and by saying it has notified high-level Israeli diplomats they have


Wikileaks: Private Saudi Donations Fund Jihad in Philippines

Shariah Finance Watch 6 September 2011

US diplomats openly acknowledged in the secret cables leaked by Wikileaks the role Saudi Arabia was playing in funding the Islamic groups in the Philippines and declared that it must be stopped.


EDL leader ‘on hunger strike’ in custody

Luton Today 6 September 2011

THE leader of the English Defence League, Stephen Lennon, is on hunger strike and is claiming to be a "political prisoner of the state”, following his arrest after a protest in London on


Investigators Warn Terror Support Comes From Inside U.S. 6 September 2011
By Michael Carl

Mosques in the United States that follow the Shi'a Islamic philosophy of Iran's Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini are lending more than moral support to the case of the radical Islam; they are sending


3 Boston Islamic charity leaders convicted for support of jihad

Shariah Finance Watch 6 September 2011

A federal appeals court on Thursday overturned the acquittal of a Libyan man and two associates who were accused of conspiring to dupe the U.S. government into granting tax-exempt status to a


Peter Tatchell suffered homophobic hostility from Muslims at anti-EDL demo 6 September 2011
By Telsha Arora

Human rights campaigner Peter Tatchell experienced homophobic hostility from some members of East London's Muslim community, while heading an anti-EDL protest, last weekend. As reported on


Abject Journalistic Villainy: The Guardian UK Draws A Parallel Between EDL, Tommy Robinson And Norwegian Killer Breivik

Here's The Right Side Of It 6 September 2011
By John L. Work

In an abominably shameful piece of poisonous slanted journalism, the Guardian UK has placed the English Defense League and Tommy Robinson alongside Norway’s mass murderer Anders Breivik in the same


Al-Qaeda Affiliate, not Famine, is Responsible for Somalian Genocide

Town Hall 6 September 2011
By Rachel Alexander

Somalia is in the midst of a famine, suffering from the worst drought in 60 years. 29,000 Somali children have died within the past three months, and 100,000 Somalis are expected to die in the next


The problem with tolerance

The Guardian 6 September 2011
By Madeleine Bunting

For a secular godless age, there is one virtue we promulgate about ourselves at almost all opportunities: tolerance. Among the British values often celebrated by politicians is our capacity for


S.E. Idaho Muslims look to build a new mosque

Deseret News 6 September 2011

Southeastern Idaho's Muslim population has swelled beyond numbers that can be accommodated in the current mosque, a small home near downtown Pocatello. As a result, religious leaders from the


Islamic Center remembers 9/11 with ice cream social

Indiana Daily Student 6 September 2011
By Kelsey Holder

Chabane Maidi sat in French class at Bloomington High School South when he heard the news Sept. 11, 2001. As weeks passed, Maidi’s teenage life took a heartbreaking spiral. Raised a Methodist on


The trouble with multiculturalism

Ottawa Citizen 6 September 2011
By Robert Sibley

When legislation was passed making multiculturalism an "official” characteristic of Canada, the hope was that it would entice immigrants to celebrate their native cultures while adopting the liberal

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