Women are Aroused by Cucumbers and Carrots According to an Islamic Cleric

Green Prophet 7 December 2011
By Tafline Laylin

A Muslim Cleric in Europe has stated that cucumbers and carrots prompt women to have seedy sexual thoughts and that they should therefore be banned from touching them. Women should be banned from


Canada bankruptcy may hurt Islamic finance in North America

Reuters 7 December 2011
By Shaheen Pasha and Cameron French

DUBAI/TORONTO - The insolvency of an Islamic mortgage lender in Canada may hinder the growth of sharia-compliant finance in North America, where the industry has struggled to gain traction


We'll allow a Coptic president when Israel allows a Muslim one: Salafist leader

Ahram Online 7 December 2011

One of Egypt's most prominent Salafist leaders has said he would only accept a Coptic Christian president of Egypt if the US, Britain and Israel accepted a Muslim president of their


Salafists Surge in Egypt

FrontPage Magazine 7 December 2011
By Ryan Mauro

The West has long feared the advent of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, but the first round’s election results released Sunday night show an even worse group of Islamists surging: The Salafists.


Catholic fears after success of extremists in Egyptian elections

SCO News 7 December 2011

Bishops react after the hard-line Muslim Brotherhood’s Freedom and Justice party polled 45 percent and the Nour Party polled 21 percent Catholic leaders in Egypt have expressed alarm after


Analysis: Clinton welcomes Saudi-based group pushing 'defamation of Islam' bans

Babtist Press 7 December 2011
By Nina Shea & Paul Marshall

WASHINGTON -- Last July in Istanbul, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton co-chaired a "High-Level Meeting on Combating Religious Intolerance" with the Saudi-based Organization of Islamic


Veena Malik FHM India Cover: ‘Shame for All Muslims,’ Father Has ‘Disowned Her’

International Business Times 7 December 2011
By Roberta Anderson

Veena Malik continues to remain at the center of the storm of controversy surrounding her naked FHM India cover, featuring a photograph of the Pakistani actress wearing nothing but the letters "ISI"


Pakistani minister thanks Taliban for not bombing

trib.com 7 December 2011

Pakistan's interior minister thanked the country's Taliban militant movement Tuesday for not staging attacks during this year's Shiite ritual of Ashoura, a remark likely to draw criticism as the


Lahore, false accusation of blasphemy against a Christian. Fears for his life

Asia News 7 December 2011
By Jibran Khan

Lahore - A Christian of 25 was yesterday accused of blasphemy in the district of Qazi, Shahdra, Lahore. Construction worker Khurram Masih, married for two months, was working at the


Central Java, Islamic extremists against Christians: five churches at risk demolition

Asia News 7 December 2011
By Mathias Hariyadi

Jakarta - An Islamic extremist group in Pracimantoro, a town in the district of Wonogiri, in central Java, has appealed to local government for the demolition of five Protestant churches


Pakistan: 95 percent of blasphemy charges are false

Aid to the Church in Need 7 December 2011
By Eva-Maria Kolmann and John Pontifex

NINETY-FIVE PERCENT of prosecutions in Pakistan for insulting the Prophet Mohammed or the Qur?an are false, according to a high-profile Muslim lawyer in the country. According to the legal expert,


Fatwa Permits Mujahideen to Kidnap, Imprison, and Have Sexual Intercourse with Infidel Women

MEMRI 6 December 2011

On October 28, 2011, the jihadi forum Minbar Al-Tawhid Wal-Jihad published a fatwa by Sheikh Abu Humam Al-Athari, a member of its shari'a council, in which he unequivocally permits mujahideen to capture the infidels' women and have sexual intercourse with them, even those who are married, on the claim that their marriage bonds to infidels are dissolved as soon as they are taken captive.


Genocide warning for the Mideast

Act for America 6 December 2011

Most people aren’t aware that since we toppled the regime of Saddam Hussein, over a half million Christians have been forced to flee Iraq due to persecution by Iraqi Muslims. Now, the so-called


The arab spring and the treason of intellectuals

Tundra Tabloids 6 December 2011
By Dr. Andrew Bostom

I can never get enough of (my pal) Dr.Andrew Bostom’s research and insight on understanding the contemporary Islamic world through the eyes of his historical research, whether it’s (in this case)


Britain: Muslim 'Honor Crimes' Skyrocketing

Hudson New York 6 December 2011
By Soeren Kern

More than 2,800 so-called honor attacks -- punishments for bringing shame on the family -- were recorded by British police last year, according to the first-ever national estimate of the


Virgin stores respond to Mein Kampf issue - with lies (updated)

Elder of Ziyon 6 December 2011

Yesterday, I reported that Virgin Megastores in both Qatar and Bahrain had featured an Arabic version of Mein Kampf as "recommended" books to read for their customers. The UAE-based National


Tackling the Islamists

New Statesman 6 December 2011
By Bob Lambert and Maajid Nawaz

Several British groups stand accused of acting as fronts for the Muslim Brotherhood. Should the state be willing to work with them? Yes, says Bob Lambert, a former senior Met officer Britain can


Video: Burka Bandits and Bullies

Gates of Vienna 6 December 2011

Ezra Levant talks to Kathy Shaidle about recent crimes committed by Canadian Muslim men wearing burkas. The two also discuss the PC-based fear that inhibits people from dealing with the problem:


Muslim Brotherhood: Subverting Free Societies from Within

Hudson New York 6 December 2011
By Raymond Ibrahim

The online version of the long-running Arabic journal Ruz al-Yusif carries an exclusive interview with Sheikh Osama al-Qusi entitled, "Former Salafi: Salafis Have Distorted Islam." In the interview,


Muslim Ladies Complain They Can't Keep Fit In Hounslow

Brentford & Isleworth 6 December 2011
By Lima Curtis

A GROUP of Muslim women claim that Hounslow Council is not doing enough for their exercise needs. They say that due to religious constraints they can not exercise when there is a man about, even


Everything You Need to Know about Muslim Brotherhood

Israel National News 6 December 2011
By Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu

A former Muslim Brotherhood leader spells out its ideology: Muslims "are masters of the world” and Jihad should be waged against the "thieving gangs of Zion,” according to a Palestinian Media Watch


Profile of homegrown jihadis elusive

Fierce Homeland Security 6 December 2011
By David Perera

Despite an apparent spike in homegrown jihadist plots or attacks since May 2009, no workable general profile of domestic terrorists inspired by extremist Islam exists, says the Congressional Research


Bombs targeting pilgrims kill 22 in Iraq's Hilla

Emirates 24/7 6 December 2011

Three bombs tore through crowds of Shi'ite pilgrims celebrating a major ritual in Iraq's Hilla city on Monday, killing least 22 - mostly women and children - and wounding 60 more, local police and


Islamic scholar seeks death penalty for homosexuals

Daily Times Nigeria 6 December 2011
By Emmanuel Okubenji

Malam Abdulkadir Apaokagi, an Abuja-based Islamic scholar, on Sunday called for the imposition of the death penalty on homosexuals in Nigeria. Apaokagi, in a sermon preached at the weekly prayer


Hamas Gaza Budget $769 Million

Israel National News 6 December 2011

Hamas's proposed 2012 budget for Gaza stands at $769 million. Interviewed by the Hamas Gaza newspaper Al-Rai on Monday, Deputy Finance Minister Ismail Mahfouz, said the figure represents a $139


Muslims more religious than others, survey says

clickondetroit.com 6 December 2011
By Richard Allen Greene

Every religion has its true believers and its doubters, its pious and its pragmatists, but new evidence suggests that Muslims tend to be more committed to their faith than other believers


Thousands of 'honor' attacks in Great Britain last year

American Thinker 5 December 2011
By Rick Moran

Can this really happen in a modern nation state? Better believe it:

Nearly 3,000 so-called honour attacks were recorded by police in Britain last year, new research has revealed. According to figures obtained by the Iranian and Kurdish Women's Rights Organisation (Ikwro), at least 2,823 incidents of 'honour-based' violence took place, with the highest number recorded in London.


Surviving Islamism ... And Right/Left Politics: Churchill's Principle - Part III: Breivik v. Hitler

The Brussels Journal 5 December 2011
By Peter Carl

In this, the third in his series of six essays, Peter Carl peers into the troubling mind and beliefs of the Oslo terrorist, Anders Behring Breivik, both from the point of view of religion and politics. Breivik’s disturbing ideas are held up for comparison against the likes of those of Friedrich Nietzsche, Alexander Tille, Adolf Hitler, and Hanns Kerrl.


Forced Marriages and Honor Killings in Germany

Politically Incorrect 5 December 2011
By Michael Stürzenberger

Welt Online published a highly interesting article yesterday (26 Nov.) with the enlightening headline "Slitting the Throat in the Name of Honor". We are interested to see sometime in the distant future when it won’t be politically incorrect among just us to say "in the name of Islam” – but, of course, violence against women, forced marriages and murders of (honor) shame have nothing to do with the most Peaceful of all Religions™. Certainly, the fact that this very thing is prescribed and commanded in the Quran and the Hadiths can be traced back to banal errors in translation and interpretation.


Alarming rise of Muslim 'honour attacks' in the UK as police reveal thousands were carried out last year

Mail Online 5 December 2011

Nearly 3,000 so-called honour attacks were recorded by police in Britain last year, new research has revealed.

According to figures obtained by the Iranian and Kurdish Women's Rights Organisation (Ikwro), at least 2,823 incidents of 'honour-based' violence took place, with the highest number recorded in London.

The charity said the statistics fail to provide the full picture of the levels of 'honour' violence in the UK , but are the best national estimate so far.

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