Blackpool Mosque: Busted!

Gates of Vienna 2 December 2011

Another victory for Mosquebusters: a planning application for a new mosque has been unanimously voted down in Blackpool, the same northern English town where a young girl was groomed, pimped, killed,


Actress 'banned Muslim handymen' over chihuahua worries

The Local 2 December 2011
By Matthew Warren

One of France's most well-known singers and actresses, Marie Laforet, will today appear in a Paris courtroom to defend herself against charges that a job advertisement she placed discriminated


Oxford Uni resisted Blair gov. pressure to accept Saif Gaddafi

Digital Journal 2 December 2011
By Katerina Nikolas

Oxford - Saif Gaddafi bought his way into the London School of Economics where he obtained a plagiarized doctorate. It has been revealed though, that prior to his sojourn at the LSE, the British


EU tightens sanctions against Iran

Expatica the Netherlands 2 December 2011

The European Union decided Thursday to tighten sanctions against Iran. In response to controversial nuclear activities in the country, the foreign ministers of the EU blacklisted 180 people and


Saudis fear there will be ‘no more virgins’ and people will turn gay if female drive ban is lifted

Mail Online 2 December 2011

Repealing a ban on women drivers in Saudi Arabia would result in ‘no more virgins’, the country’s religious council has warned. A ‘scientific’ report claims relaxing the ban would also see more


How to Make Sense of the European Union Disaster

British Freedom 2 December 2011
By T.S. Weidler

Everything you need to know to understand the European Union can be discovered by simply glancing at the location of its headquarters. Brussels is in Belgium, which is not a real country, does not


Egypt: Muslim Brotherhood rejoicing, in the lead with 40% 2 December 2011

CAIRO - Vote counting is slowly and laboriously continuing in Egypt, causing the announcement of the results for the first round of parliamentary elections to be postponed, but they are expected to


Economic Desintegration, Jews and Israel

Tundra Tabloids 2 December 2011
By Manfred Gerstenfeld

In November it became known that the British government is preparing contingency measures for a collapse of the Euro. This includes being ready for the possibility that British travelers can no


Aliaa Magda Elmahdy, Egypt's Nude Blogger, Hiding in Fear for Her Life

International Business Times 2 December 2011
By Gianluca Mezzofiore

Aliaa Magda Elmahdy, the Egyptian blogger who stirred a controversy last month by posting pictures of herself naked on Twitter in protest against Islamism, has dismissed rumours that she was beaten


Video: Report: Iran Preparing for Final Conflict with Enemies

CBN News 2 December 2011
By Chris Mitchell and Julie Stahl

JERUSALEM -- Iran is ramping up its rhetoric against the United States and Israel after the International Atomic Energy Agency released its report on the Islamic Republic's nuclear program. But Iran sees the report as an excuse for an attack.


Police investigate Muslim complaint

Act for America 2 December 2011

Sharia law begins changing a society well before it actually becomes the law of the land. A good example is the self-imposed censorship exercised by most of the American media when they refused to


Stop Iran's Mullahs and Support the Iranian People

Family Security Matters 2 December 2011
By Amil Imani

The illegitimate government of the Islamic Republic of Iran is a "quisling” entity that has betrayed its people, its traditions, its glorious pre-Islamic achievements, and is working against Iran’s


Al Qaeda confirms it is holding U.S. hostage in Pakistan and demands end of Israeli 'siege' of Gaza and release of prisoners

Mail Online 2 December 2011

Al Qaeda claimed responsibility on Thursday for the kidnapping of a 70-year-old American aid worker in Pakistan in August, and issued a series of demands for his release. In a video message posted


Refugee faces deportation after robbery conviction

Toronto Sun 2 December 2011
By Tom Godfrey

A Somali refugee who along with three others robbed a fellow Muslim at gunpoint outside a Toronto Internet bar has been jailed for 18 months and faces deportation from Canada. Removal plans are


Israel seeks new friends to counter Islamism

JPost 2 December 2011

Israel is actively looking for friends and allies further afield to counterbalance dramatic Islamic gains in the immediate neighborhood, a senior government official said this week as Islamists


JI, Hizb demonstrate against NATO

Pakistan Today 2 December 2011

Jamaat-e-Islami (JI) and banned Hizb-ut Tahrir on Sunday staged separate demonstrations against the NATO attack inside Pakistani territory, resulting in the martyrdom of 24 soldiers. JI Islamabad


Robert Spencer takes questions from Muslim callers on 2GB radio in Australia

Jihad Watch 2 December 2011

Chris Smith interviewed me on Sydney's 2GB radio shortly before my talk there Tuesday evening. Listen here. Omar and Muhammad call in toward the end of the segment.


'Salafists make Muslim Brotherhood look moderate'

JPost 2 December 2011

One of the biggest surprises in Egypt’s parliamentary ballot is expected to come from Salafists – members of a fundamentalist, puritanical stream of Islamism that makes the Muslim Brotherhood look


Somalia's officials: 4 Somali soldiers killed in suicide bomb attack

Taiwan News Online 2 December 2011
By Gobby Wang

According to AP, it reported, officials said that a suicide bomber dressed in a military uniform triggered his explosives at Somalia's army headquarters on Wednesday killing four soldiers. Gen.


Video: Kuwaiti TV preacher: Allah transformed Jews into apes and pigs

Elder of Ziyon 2 December 2011

Kuwait is one of those moderate Arab states. When moderate Arabs in moderate Kuwait sat to relax and watch their moderate TV stations last Friday, they got to watch this moderate cleric:


Qatar urges West to embrace Islamists in wake of Arab Spring

Haaretz Daily Newspaper 2 December 2011

Qatar's Prime Minister Sheikh Hamad bin Jassim al-Thani was quoted on Thursday as saying Islamists were likely to represent the next wave of political power in the Arab world and that the West should


‘Overcome with guilt’: Cleric stabs seven-year-old student

The Express Tribune 2 December 2011
By Rashid Yousufzai

TANDO ADAM: Five days after slaughtering a seven-year-old boy, the cleric of a mosque, situated in Joharabad, confessed to his horrific crime. Saying he was overcome with guilt, Manzoor Sheikh


The Political Persecution of Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff

FrontPage Magazine 1 December 2011
By Ned May

Editor’s note: The following is the first installment of a series of articles following activist Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff’s battle against her own government, as they proceed to prosecute her for disseminating the truth about Islam.

On February 15, 2011, the Austrian Counterjihad activist Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff was convicted of "hate speech” in a Vienna courtroom for what she said in a private seminar about Muhammad and Islam.


EU: Half of Europeans say Islam is a religion of intolerance

Islam in Europe 1 December 2011

The Friedrich-Ebert-Foundation published a study on intolerance and prejudice in Europe. The study "Intolerance, Prejudice and Discrimination" is available in German and English. I bring below the section relating to Muslims.

Via FES (h/t

After statistical testing, three statements were used to produce the anti-Muslim attitudes mean scale (Table 7, items 18 to 20). These cover the general impression that there are too many Muslims in the country, the charge that Muslims make too many demands, and broad-brush criticism of Islam as a religion of intolerance.


Another report on Robert Spencer in Australia: "I found the evening to be wonderfully refreshing"

Jihad Watch 1 December 2011

I am still in Australia, and have thus far spoken publicly in Melbourne, Perth, and Sydney, and have had several illuminating meetings with local activists. It was a magnificent evening and a packed house in Sydney -- alas, not videoed -- and it was encouraging to see so many knowledgeable, informed people determined to defend freedom. Here, courtesy the Right Wing Death Bogan blog, is another report on my talk in Melbourne, reproduced here with gratitude: "JihadWatch Comes To Town," by Nilk at rightwingdeathbogan, November 28:


Australia, a ‘Godforsaken’ country

Winds of Jihad 1 December 2011
By Sheikyermami

LEADERS of the global Islamist group Hizb ut-Tahrir have called on Australian Muslims to spurn secular democracy and Western notions of moderate Islam and join the struggle for a transnational Islamic state.


Because they are Muslims:

"What is causing Muslim asylum seekers parasites, who are flooding into Australia, to riot, burn buildings, attack police and terrorize the community…? (BNI)


School allowed to ban Muslim pupil's praying

The Local 1 December 2011

A German federal court on Wednesday backed banning a Muslim pupil from praying according to Islamic rites at a Berlin public school, ruling it could jeopardise its smooth operation.However, the


Mosque coming to Community of Sully 1 December 2011
By Seher Bhatti

If you've happened to have driven along Westfield's Blvd towards route 50, you would have most likey noticed the emerging building at the top of the hill on Walney Rd. That building is the new mosque


Apology for Massacre Sparks Debate in Turkey

Rudaw in English 1 December 2011

ERBIL, Iraqi Kurdistan -- Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s apology for the massacre in Dersim has created new tensions between Erdogen’s Justice and Development Party (AKP) and the main


Very Little to Debate at ‘Human Rights in Islam’ Discussion

PJ Media 1 December 2011
By Hege Storhaug

It is impossible for me to provide a complete account of the debate on "Human Rights in Islam: Just or Unjust?” that was held under the auspices of IslamNet, Norway’s largest Islamic organization, on

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