Germany in the Eurozone

the Dry Bones Blog 5 October 2011

If Germany left the Eurozone, then Greece, Italy, Spain, Portugal and the others would be in balance, the Euro would fall to its real value and the German Mark would be re-established as a stronger currency alongside the British Pound.

Or is there something that I don't understand?


Bosnian grand mufti praises Turkey’s regional power

Today's Zaman 5 October 2011

The grand mufti of Bosnia and Herzegovina on Monday said Turkey’s success in a number of areas is a source of pride and assurance for Bosnian Muslims. Visiting Turkey’s Religious Affairs


Islamic (Sharia) Law in Germany, Holland and Britain 5 October 2011

San Francisco, CA - - "Their courtrooms are mosques, their law is the Sharia: Islamic peace judges undermine the rule of law," the influential German weekly Der Spiegel reported last


Shariah Finance Sets Sights on Turkey

Shariah Finance Watch 5 October 2011

One of the few overwhelmingly Islamic nations that has so far not embraced Shariah-Compliant Finance is Turkey. Despite efforts by Islamist elements in the country, only 5% of banking assets in


Conservatives in Manchester 2011: Former muslim extremist tells of shock when friends carried out Glasgow Airport attack 5 October 2011
By Yakub Qureshi

An expert in religious extremism told of his shock after learning two former friends had carried out the 2007 attack on Glasgow Airport. Shiraz Maher, an ex-member of Hizb-ut-Tahrir turned


New Danish government rolls back border controls

EUobserver 5 October 2011
By Valentina Pop

On its first day at work, the new centre-left Danish government agreed to roll back a controversial enhanced border checks policy introduced by the previous executive.


Iran: Christian pastor charged with rape, not apostasy

Jerusalem Post 5 October 2011

BERLIN – The charge of apostasy from Islam lodged against Iranian Christian cleric Youcef Nadarkhani has been amended to allegations of rape, extortion and national security, CNN reported on


Obama's Turkey Policy Is Proving to Be a Turkey

American Thinker 5 October 2011
By Shoshana Bryen

President Obama has held Turkey up as a model of a moderate, democratic Muslim country. He even made Ankara his first stop in the Muslim world after taking office. The State Department welcomed


Jihadi book says killing infidel civilians permitted in Islam

Jihad Watch 5 October 2011

How did Sheikh Abu Al-Hassan Al-Azdi come to misunderstand the Religion of Peace™ so spectacularly? Would any of the vaunted moderates of the Islamic establishment in the West care to explain? Honest


Turkey to conduct military exercise near Syria 5 October 2011

ANKARA — Turkey's military will conduct an exercise in the southern province of Hatay, where more than 7,000 Syrians have taken refuge from Syrian President Bashar al-Assad's security forces. The


Video: Detroit Airline Bomb Suspect Claims al-Awlaki Is 'Alive'

Fox News 5 October 2011

DETROIT – A Nigerian man accused of trying to bring down an international jetliner with a bomb in his underwear walked into the start of his federal trial Tuesday and declared that a radical Islamic cleric killed by the U.S. military is alive.


Woman Sues Over Headscarf Removal

Newsweek  5 October 2011

A Muslim woman is suing prison officials from Orange County, California, for forcing her to take off her headscarf in a holding cell. The U.S. Supreme Court has allowed Souhair Khatib to proceed with


The Olive Tree Initiative and Terror

FrontPage Magazine 5 October 2011
By Frank Crimi

The danger of sending American college students on Olive Tree Initiative trips to the West Bank was underscored by the recent discovery of 13 Hamas terror cells and a foiled suicide bombing plot in


Indonesia: Radical Islam infiltrating top universities says counter-terror agency

Jakarta - Radicalism has found its way into several of Indonesia's top universities, according to the national counter-terrorism Agency (BNPT) .says. "We are seeing a


Detroit underwear jihadist: "The mujahadeen will wipe out the U.S. -- the cancer U.S."

Jihad Watch 5 October 2011

He is clearly a convinced Islamic jihadist. He believes that the Qur'an teaches that Muslims should wage war against unbelievers, and that Muhammad engaged in that warfare in a way that Muslims


Over 1,000 Hizb ut-Tahrir members on Kyrgyz police record

Interfax-Religion 5 October 2011

A total of 1,315 people in Kyrgyzstan are on a police record on suspicion of membership in extremist and terrorist organizations, head of the Interior Ministry's Main Directorate for Countering


Amnesty: Syrians abroad are "systematically harassed"

Monsters and 5 October 2011

London - Syrians living in exile from Sweden to Chile are being closely monitored and 'systematically harassed' by Syrian embassy officials who retaliate against anti-government activism by targeting


Ohio Muslim inmates sue over meal preparation

Yahoo! News 5 October 2011

COLUMBUS, Ohio — A Muslim death row inmate says the Ohio prison system is denying him meals prepared according to Islamic law while at the same time providing kosher meals to Jewish prisoners,


Turkey police detain 150 on terror-related charges

Radio Netherlands 5 October 2011

Turkish police have detained over 140 people with suspected links to Kurdish rebels in three main cities, media reports said. Police early Tuesday morning arrested 90 people in Istanbul after


Victory for a Moroccan Christian Convert

The Moral Liberal 5 October 2011

We are glad to inform you that our client, a former Muslim from Morocco, has been granted asylum in the United States. Our client, Z, whose name has been kept confidential for security reasons, is a


Ahmadi schoolteacher shot dead in Sheikhupura

The Express Tribune 5 October 2011
By Rana Tanveer

LAHORE: As his students watched, a recent convert to the Ahmadi faith, Dilawar Hussain, 42, was shot dead at a government primary school in a village in Sheikhupura on Saturday. According to the


First Islamic share fund to launch

A Muslim wealth manager has begun the process of opening Australia to Islamic investment with the launch of the first Shariah compliant equity fund in Australia. The goal of Crescent Wealth,


Suicide bomb kills at least 70 as Islamic terrorists target Somalia

Independent 5 October 2011
By Daniel Howden

Mogadishu was shaken by the worst suicide bombing in its history yesterday, signalling a new phase in the war for control of the Somali capital. At least 70 people died when a massive blast ripped


European Commission working to circumvent UK veto on financial transaction tax

Open Europe 4 October 2011
OpenEurope Staff

Open Europe yesterday hosted a panel debate at the 2011 Conservative Party Conference in Manchester, discussing the coalition Government’s record on EU policy. Speaking at the event, Dr Kay Swinburne MEP warned of the climate of "hostility” towards the UK in Brussels, arguing that the Government should focus its efforts on increasing the number of British civil servants in the European Commission, which is in charge of drafting EU legislation. She also suggested that the Government should have "killed off” plans for an EU-wide financial transactions tax earlier, noting that EU Tax Commissioner Algirdas Semeta had "already started work” on presenting the FTT as a valued added tax (VAT) – which could be imposed without a unanimous vote and therefore strip Britain of its right to veto.


Islam's History of Forced Conversions

Middle East Forum 4 October 2011
By Raymond Ibrahim

Finding and connecting similar patterns of behavior throughout Islamic history is one of the most objective ways of determining whether something is or is not part of Muslim civilization.

Consider the issue of forced conversion in Islam, a phenomenon that has a long history with ample precedents. Indeed, from its inception, most of those who embraced Islam did so under duress, beginning with the Ridda wars and during the age of conquests, and to escape dhimmi status. This is a simple fact.


Webcast: The Global Threat of the Muslim Brotherhood

Citizen Warrior 4 October 2011

Join Hillsdale College online, Friday, October 7, for a free webcast featuring Andrew McCarthy speaking about the global threat of the Muslim Brotherhood. Click here to register.

Members of the Muslim Brotherhood operate on a global scale and seek through the primacy of sharia law the supremacy of the Islamic State. McCarthy will discuss how it has shown itself to be successful in the West and how it can be combated.


The Trouble With Turkey

American Enterprise Institute 4 October 2011
By Michael Rubin

The following article appears in the October 17 issue of National Review.

"We stand together on the major issues that divide the world," Pres. Dwight D. Eisenhower declared in Ankara while preparing to depart Turkey, on a cold and windy day in December 1959. "And I can see no reason whatsoever that we shouldn't be two of the sturdiest partners standing together always for freedom, security, and the pursuit of peace."


German Multiculturalists Declare War on Critics of Islam

Hudson New York 4 October 2011
By Soeren Kern

The German government is debating whether to increase surveillance of German citizens who are trying to prevent the spread of radical Islam in Germany.

The move comes in reaction to a three-week-long smear campaign by members of the German mainstream media, who have been relentless in their efforts to discredit the so-called counter-jihad movement in Germany.


Islamic (Sharia) Law in Germany, Holland and Britain 4 October 2011

San Francisco, CA - "Their courtrooms are mosques, their law is the Sharia: Islamic peace judges undermine the rule of law," the influential German weekly Der Spiegel reported last August. "The legal authorities do not know how to defend themselves against it." European crime statistics show a proportionally higher crime rate amongst populations of non-Western origin. (Drug smuggling, migrant trafficking, document forgery, violent robberies, rape, prostitution, honor crimes, etc.)


Islamist refugee fears extradition

Radio Netherlands 4 October 2011
By Michel Hoebink & Mohamed Amezian

The Netherlands granted Moroccan Islamist Hassan Bakir political asylum in 2007. He was arrested in Spain in July and fears that he will be extradited back to Morocco, where he faces the death

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