British worker faces jail in Abu Dhabi for 'insulting Islam' with angry comment made in meeting

Daily Mail 16 January 2012
By Paul Milligan

A British engineer is facing a month in jail after he told colleagues in a meeting, 'When will we finish with the damn mosques?' The worker, who has not been named, told an appeals court yesterday


Turkish Justice: Gulen’s Recent Response to Uludere Massacre

Kurdish Aspect 16 January 2012
By Dr. Aland Mizell

Almost two weeks ago, the Turkish Armed Forces (TSK) killed 35 Kurdish civilians from Uludere village in an operation along the Iraqi border. The official statement argues that these 35 villagers


The Butchers Of Nigeria

The Daily Beast 16 January 2012

Over the past year, Nigeria’s homegrown terror group Boko Haram has escalated its deadly attacks against Christian and government targets, with the aim of establishing a Sharia state in the country’s north.

Nearly 30 years ago, in the largely Christian heartland of a multireligious Nigerian nation, and at that nation’s pioneer institution—the University of Ibadan—a minister of education summoned the vice chancellor and ordered him to remove a cross from a site dedicated to religious worship.


Hamas Calls for More Net Hacking Against Israel

Bloomberg 16 January 2012
By Saud Abu Ramadan and Jonathan Ferziger

The Palestinian Hamas movement called for an escalation of Internet hacking against Israel, saluting Arab programmers who have managed to infiltrate Israeli computer systems. "Penetrating Israeli


Foreign Policy's emotional and biased journalism on Turkey

Today's Zaman 16 January 2012
By Ihsan Yilmaz

On Jan. 11, 2012, Foreign Policy magazine published a piece titled "Behind the Bars in the Deep State” by Justin Vela. The piece is neither objective nor accurate. It is one-sided and biased. It


How Israel's National Security Deals with Continuing Terror Threats

American Thinker 16 January 2012
By Jared Feldschreiber

In recent decades, Israel has found itself confronted with two main threats to its national security: namely, suicide bombings and surface-to-surface missiles from terrorist groups Hezb'allah and


Obama and the Will of Allah

American Thinker 16 January 2012
By Jesse Weed

Much of the reasoning that Neville Chamberlain used to arrive at his policy for dealing with the Third Reich is eerily similar to the Obama administration's reasoning about Islamism.

No, Islamism is not Nazism. Islamism is the belief in the religious and cultural superiority of Islam, and Nazism is the belief in the racial and cultural superiority of Aryans. Both believe in the right of domination.


Yemenis return to area run by Islamic militants

Times of India 16 January 2012

SANAA: At least 2,000 displaced Yemenis have returned home to a restive area in the country's south that has been under the control of al-Qaida-linked militants for more than seven months. Their


Islamic Banking gaining ground in Pakistan

Pakistan Today 16 January 2012

LAHORE - Takaful, the Islamic mode of insurance, for being very transparent, is emerging globally as a very viable model and being used successfully as engine of growth in a number of Muslim


Iranian pastor refused to be released by professing Islamic faith 16 January 2012

Christian Solidarity Worldwide (CSW) has been informed that Pastor Yusuf Nadarkhani recently refused an offer to secure his own release by agreeing to state that the Muslim prophet Mohammed was a


Jesus, Mo and the famous pint

Jesus and Mo 14 January 2012

Hopefully they’ll have come to their senses by next week. If you haven’t heard about the spot of bother that the University College London’s Atheist, Secularist and Humanist Society is having with the Student’s Union over a J&M image they used on their FaceBook page, you can read about it here. There is also a petition you can sign.

There is a great deal to say about this subject, but I just want to express my admiration and gratitude to the students of UCLASHS for standing firm on this issue, and for doing so for all the right reasons. You are an example to us all. (...)


Antisemitic and Anti-Israel Articles on Muslim Brotherhood Website

MEMRI 14 January 2012
By B. Chernitsky

The website of the Muslim Brotherhood (MB) in Egypt,, contains articles with antisemitic motifs, including Holocaust denial and descriptions of the "Jewish character" as covetous,


Turkey Heavily Penalised in Greek-Cypriot Human Rights Case

Cyprus News Report 14 January 2012

The European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) has awarded heavy damages to Constantinos G. Lordos and others in their claim that their human rights were violated because of the loss of use of their property after the Turkish invasion in 1974 and the continuing occupation of north Cyprus.


Beginning of ‘Long Friendship’ Between Cyprus and Israel 14 January 2012

It is the beginning of a long friendship between Israel and Cyprus, said Defence Minister Demetris Eliades after signing agreements on aspects of common defence and exchange of intelligence with his counterpart Ehud Barak in Israel.

Cyprus and Israel share common principles and want peace with neighboring states, said Eliades, who has invited Barak to visit the island in the first half of 2012.


US agency drops bombshell on EU anti-crisis plan

EUobserver 14 January 2012
By Andrew Rettman

US-based ratings agency Standard & Poor's (S&P) has cut France's triple-A rating and trashed the EU's new fiscal treaty. S&P: 'A reform process based on a pillar of fiscal austerity alone


Iraq: Bomb kills 30 Shiite pilgrims in south

A bomb killed at least 30 Shiite pilgrims near the southern port city of Basra on Saturday, Iraqi officials said. It was the latest in a series of attacks during Shiite religious commemorations that


Somali Convert from Islam Whipped in Public

CompassDirect 14 January 2012

A Somali convert from Islam was paraded before a cheering crowd last month and publicly flogged as a punishment for embracing a "foreign religion,” sources said. Sofia Osman, a 28-year-old


Muslim Extremists Strike at Christians on East African Isles

CompassDirect 14 January 2012

Far from the world media’s gaze in remote islands off the eastern coast of Africa, church buildings are razed and Christians are ostracized and imprisoned for their faith – leaving one with a skin


Palestinians to press UN bid despite Quartet talks push

The Daily Star 14 January 2012

Palestinian president Mahmud Abbas said he will press on with a campaign for full state membership at the United Nations despite ongoing "exploratory" talks with Israel. Palestinian officials have


Crackdown on Christian "Apostates” in Iran

Mission Free Iran 14 January 2012
By Missionfreeiran

Many of the asylum-seekers Mission Free Iran supports have fled persecution in Iran due to their Christian faith. To support their applications for asylum, we gather reports demonstrating the


A life dedicated to Turkish Cypriot cause

Hürriyet Daily News 14 January 2012
By Yusuf Kanli

Former Turkish Cypriot President Rauf Denktas died due to internal organ failure in Nicosia today. He was 88 years old. Denktas was first hospitalized in May 2011 following complaints stemming


European Parliament Calls On Turkey To Remove Troops From Cyprus

YourStory 14 January 2012
By Cyprus Expat

The European Parliament draft resolution on the 2011 Progress Report on Turkey calls on Turkey to begin withdrawing its military troops from Cyprus. It also calls on Turkey to fully implement the


Muhammad cartoon row: student atheist society claims victory

The Guardian 14 January 2012
By Alexandra Topping

A university atheist society which sparked a global debate over the publication of a cartoon depicting Jesus and Muhammad on a webpage has declared a victory for freedom of speech after its student


Progress in UCL atheist society's cartoon censorship dispute with student union

New Humanist 14 January 2012
By Paul Sims

Earlier this week, I reported on a dispute between the student union and the Atheist, Secularist and Humanist Society (ASHS) at University College London over the atheists' use of a frame from the cartoon strip Jesus & Mo on a Facebook page advertising their weekly drinks social.


• Book: The Misery of Islam

EuropeNews 11 January 2012
Cover of the German edition of Misery of IslamBy Jaya Gopal
Introduction by Ibn Warraq

It gives me great pleasure to introduce Mr. Jaya Gopal’s

To call Mr. Jaya Gopal’s book courageous is inadequate and in no way elucidates its real achievements which are not only many but very substantial and extremely important. This book must be read by everyone as an effective antidote to the many politically correct but historically and doctrinally incorrect apologies for Islam perpetrated by dogmatically Islamophile scholars such as John Esposito.


Forced Marriage In Germany: Turkey, Serbia, Kosovo Leading The List 12 January 2012
By Muhamet Brajshori

According to a report by the German Federal Ministry of Family Affairs, forced marriage primarily affects young Muslim women. Of those forced into marriage 83.4% were Muslim, nearly a third were 17 or under, while 40% fell between the ages of 18 and 21.

German Federal Family Affairs Minister Kristina Schroeder put it succinctly when she remarked "Whoever marries children against their will … is doing them violence.”


Former Bad Boy Rapper Loon Remains Held in Belgium

This Beat Goes 12 January 2012
By Chelle Jones

Former Bad Boy Records rapper Loon, who now goes by Amir Junaid Muhadith, will remain behind bars in Belgium after a Grand Jury in Brussels reversed an earlier to decision to return the rapper to the


Sweden's teachers free to ban Islamic veils

The Local 12 January 2012

Teachers in Swedish schools can, in certain situations, prohibit students from wearing Islamic veils that reveal only their eyes, the country's school's agency has ruled.The ban covers clothing that


Germany charges Afghan of spreading terrorist propaganda

Central Asia Online 12 January 2012

BERLIN – Germany's federal prosecutor January 2 charged an Afghan citizen living in Germany of propagandising terrorism. Omid H., 22, was arrested in July, according to a January 10 statement on the


• Video: Protest against Apostasy Law in Islam

Set My People Free 11 January 2012

The International Day of Human Rights took place in Stockholm on the 10 December 2011. The main purpose of the event was to commemorate the victims of the Apostasy Law in Islam. Former Muslims who are imprisoned, being tortured or are in hiding. ‘Set My People Free’ which organized this event is a network of individuals, churches and organizations working for the freedom of converts from Islam.

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