Does Turkey Threaten European Security?

Gates of Vienna 13 October 2011

Wim Kortenoeven is a member of parliament for the Party for Freedom in the Netherlands. Mr. Kortenoeven gave a speech last Sunday at the at the meeting of the OCSE (Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe) in Dubrovnik about the Turkish threat to European security.

A translation of the speech has been posted at Vlad Tepes. Many thanks to Tundra Tabloids for putting this out:


Arab Spring Falls on Egypt's Coptic Christians

Global Politician 13 October 2011
By Walid Phares, Ph.D.

The credibility of the Arab Spring took a bloody hit today (Sunday October 9th) when Egyptian Army forces shot dead more than thirty Christian Copts and wounded scores of them.

In addition, the action by the Army was paralleled by armed men, described as Salafi Jihadists by Coptic sources, seen also shooting and hitting demonstrators with knives. At a few weeks from the legislative elections in Egypt, this violence impacts the debate about the Spring of Egypt but also challenges US and European policies towards the current and perhaps the forthcoming Government. Can the West support - and fund - a regime that kills members of the weakest community in Egypt, months after the fall of Mubarak?


Forced marriage is ok in UK - Supreme court

UP Pompeii 13 October 2011

The Supreme court of the UK has just overturned a government bill which stopped foreign spouses entering the UK, this Bill was designed to stop forced marriages in the UK. We all know that forced


"Honor killings" target Turkey's LGBT community

CBS News 13 October 2011
By Jodi Hilton

ISTANBUL - On the walls of buildings and along the back alleys of the trendy Tunel neighborhood here in an old part of the city, graffiti art of a ruggedly handsome man with a beard and gentle eyes


Europeanisation of the Balkans? 13 October 2011
By Behlul Ozkan

Leon Trotsky, the most prominent figure of the Russian Revolution of 1917 after Lenin, was sent to cover the Balkan War as a war correspondent by the Russian newspaper Kievskaya Misl. In the Fall of


Austrian varsity prof told to pay alimony to estranged wife

Daily Pioneer 13 October 2011

An Indian professor teaching at a European University has been ordered by a city court to cough up Rs 1.5 lakh every month as maintenance fee for his estranged wife who lives in South Delhi.


Saud to ink accord for dialogue center with Austria, Spain

Arab News 13 October 2011

RIYADH: A tripartite accord between Saudi Arabia, Austria and Spain will be signed in Vienna on Thursday to formally establish a premier Saudi-funded organization for inter-religious


Muslim immigrants want Switzerland to change national flag

Pravda  13 October 2011
By Vadim Trukhachev?

A group of Muslim immigrants wants to force Switzerland to abandon the current flag - a white cross on the red background. They say that it violates the rights of the representatives of non-Christian


Bosnia Deports ‘National Security Threat’ to Tunisia

ISA  13 October 2011
By Anes Alic

After nearly a decade of delays, naturalized Bosnian citizen Karray Kamel Bin Ali was extradited to his home country of Tunisia on Monday, after having exhausted all legal avenues for remaining in


Serbia wins qualified EU invite, Turkey criticized

Reuters 13 October 2011
By Justyna Pawlak

The European Commission recommended on Wednesday that Serbia become a candidate to join the European Union as a reward for democratic reforms and the capture of war crimes fugitives, but expressed


Muslim Persecution of Christians: September, 2011

Hudson New York 13 October 2011
By Raymond Ibrahim

An especially busy month in the persecution of Christians in the Muslim world, September also witnessed Secretary of State Hillary Clinton release the Annual Report on International Religious


Saudis, U.S. trade charges with Iran over plot 13 October 2011
By Mark Hosenball and Parisa Hafezi

WASHINGTON/TEHRAN - Saudi Arabia and the United States traded charges with Iran on Wednesday over an alleged plot to kill the Saudi ambassador to Washington, deepening divisions and


Video: Pallywood - Palestinian staged manipulation of Mass Media

youtube 13 October 2011
By JerusalemPulseRadio

Watch how "Palestinians" go to painstaking trouble to create an atmosphere that does not even truly exist in Israel. Stop buying their deceitful propaganda, Time to realize Israel is up against an enemy that does not want peace.


Video: The Iranian Plot Against the Saudi Embassy

Gates of Vienna 13 October 2011

Yesterday the U.S. government announced that it had foiled an attempt by Iran to assassinate the Saudi ambassador in Washington D.C. and bomb both the Saudi and Israeli embassies. According to reports, the Iranians coordinated with Latin American drug cartels in their efforts to stage the attack, but were prevented from carrying out their plans after making contact with an undercover federal agent.

Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for uploading this video report from SUN TV:


Underpants bomber Abdulmutallab pleads guilty pledging 'You laugh at us now, we will laugh at you later' 13 October 2011
By Duncan Gardham

Umar Farouq Abdulmutallab, a former student at University College London, read from a statement, declaring: "If you laugh at us now, we will laugh at you later.” He changed his pleas to guilty on


Turkish minister chides EU for Greek Cyprus condition

Hurriyet Daily News 13 October 2011
By Çagla Pinar Tunçel

Turkey should normalize relations with Greek Cyprus, according to the European Union’s annual progress report released announced yesterday, but Turkey’s EU minister said linking Turkey’s membership to


Christmas Balls Jihadi: "Participation in jihad against the United States...

Atlas Shrugs 13 October 2011
By Pamela Geller

"The United States should be warned, if the United States continues the blasphemy of Muhammad and the prophets and continues to support those who kill innocent Muslims, it should await a great


State training for Finland's imams?

YLE News  13 October 2011

The time is ripe for considering imam training in Finland, says Archbishop Kari Mäkinen. Home-grown imams could help Finland's Muslims feel more at home, according to the head of the country’s


German rail struck in third day of arson attacks

Expatica 13 October 2011
By Darren Mara, Wilhelmina Lyffyt

German federal police have increased patrols of the rail network around Berlin after a third day of foiled arson attacks near the main train station. Left-wing extremists were believed to have


Hamas official: Schalit won't be last solider we kidnap

Jerusalem Post 13 October 2011

Group spokesman says releasing those left in Israeli prisons after exchange is "top priority"; Mashaal reportedly in Cairo to finalize deal. Hamas on Wednesday warned that Gilad Schalit will


Who is Poisoning Dogs in Spain?

Christian Broadcasting Network 13 October 2011
By Dale Hurd

Spanish police are investigating the poisoning deaths of more than a dozen dogs in Lerida, Spain. Local residents believe they are being killed by Muslims. Soeren Kern of the Hudson Institute, and


Turkish Hypocrisy Knows No Bounds 13 October 2011
By Michael Rubin

Breaking news out of Turkey is the Turkish parliament—dominated by Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s Justice and Development Party (AKP)—has given the go-ahead to a cross border incursion into


Turkey: Full EU Membership or Nothing 13 October 2011

Turkey has made it clear that it won't accept anything less than full membership to the European Union even though the bloc's executive offered the country an alternative to its deadlocked accession


IDF, Egyptian military complete joint probe into border terror attack 13 October 2011

Inquiry analyzed details of the attack and the necessary lessons to prevent attacks and improve border security In accordance with an agreement reached between Defense Minister Ehud Barak and


Turkey must work to guarantee human rights - Brussels

Sofia Echo 13 October 2011

Turkey has made progress in meeting EU membership criteria; however, further results are needed as regards fundamental rights, in particular to assure freedom of expression in practice, the European


An Ahmadi Muslim's Plea: Be My Voice

Huffington Post  13 October 2011
By Kashif N. Chaudhry

Religious freedom (or the lack thereof) in Pakistan cannot be emphasized enough. Due to the preposterous demeanor of Pakistan's self-righteous right-wing, many in the world today are aware of


Al-Qaida Leader Urges Algerian Overthrow; Calls for an Islamic Libya

Voice of Africa 13 October 2011

Al-Qaida's leader has called for Algerians to follow the example of others in the Middle East and overthrow their government, and urged Libyans to establish an Islamic state. In a video message


Michael Waldron: Sharia law suitable for the United States?

Daily Mail  13 October 2011

The title of Eliyahu Stern’s 2 Sep 2011 column in New York Times, "Don’t Fear Islamic Law in America,” caught my eye so I swallowed hard and read a New York Times opinion piece. I’ve lived twice in


Christian girl, 12, kidnapped, beaten and raped for eight months until she converted to Islam

Daily Mail  13 October 2011
By Wil Longbottom

A 12-year-old Christian girl was kidnapped and repeatedly raped for eight months in Pakistan by a man who then falsified marriage documents with her, it was claimed today. The girl was lured on a


Egypt generals on defensive over Copt deaths

FRANCE 24 13 October 2011

Egypt's military insisted on Wednesday that soldiers did not kill protesters during a weekend clash that killed 25 people, most of them Coptic Christians, in the deadliest sectarian violence in

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