How Supporters of Palestinian Terrorism Are Murdered and Raped by Their Palestinian Sponsors

FrontPage Magazine 19 April 2011
By Steven Plaut

The media and the cyber-world are all abuzz this week over the Palestinian-perpetrated murder of an Italian communist and cheerleader for terrorism. An accomplice to Islamist


Attention: Are You a New Subscriber to Gates of Vienna?

Gates of Vienna 19 April 2011

Within the last three days, one of our new donors registered with PayPal for a monthly subscription to Gates of Vienna. I’d dearly like to let the person know we received the first installment.


France says open to talks with democratic Islamists

Expatica 19 April 2011

French Foreign Minister Alain Juppe said Saturday that talks should be held with Islamist movements in the Arab world if they embraced democracy and renounced violence. A diplomatic source said


"Extremist” preacher not as troublesome as expected

The Copenhagen Post 19 April 2011

Yesterday’s conference featuring controversial Muslim preacher Bilal Philips drew a standing room only crowd, as well as hundreds of protesters. The speaker’s "extremist” message, however, never


Russian Muslim leader calls for crescent as part of national emblem 19 April 2011

A Muslim crescent should be part of Russia's national emblem along with Orthodox crosses, Chief Mufti of Russia Talgat Tadzhuddin said on Friday in an interview with Moskovskiye Novosti


We're Coming Down The Road to Blackpool! - Saturday 28th May

English Defence League 19 April 2011

Tommy has asked for word to get back through to all EDL members regarding the attitude of Lancashire police and our forthcoming demo in Blackpool. Tommy was out at 5am this morning travelling from


Video: Uprising by African Youth on Lampedusa

pi-news 19 April 2011

On the Italian island of Lampsedusa, the gateway for North African revolutionary refugees and fortune seekers, there was an uprising by Arab "youth.” They demolished the "House of Fraternity” that Caritas had made available to them. (...)


Australian City Faces Attacks for Supporting BDS

vladtepesblog 19 April 2011

This is great. Thanks Cockney Doll. From the look of the website, its very pro-Islam and anti Israel etc. But you wouldn’t know it from reading this article. It appears to be an unwitting admission


Justice Served in an American-Islamic Honor Killing

Right Side News 19 April 2011
By Phyllis Chesler

Arizona Judge Roland Steinle has just sentenced Faleh Almaleki to 341 years in prison. According to live reporting from the courtroom, the judge noted that Almaleki showed no remorse after the


Iran announces new 'halal' Islamic internet

Jihad Watch 19 April 2011

Great idea! Now how about a Muslims-only airline -- strictly for the "best of people" (Qur'an 3:110)? "Iran: Tehran announces new 'halal' Islamic internet," from AKI, April 15 (thanks to


Wakefield Electrician And Former Soldier Faces Disciplinary Action For Displaying A Christian Cross

English Defence League 19 April 2011

According to an article on the Telegraph website, a man from Wakefield, England, faces a disciplinary hearing for displaying a Christian cross on the dashboard of his work vehicle.


'London Taliban' target women, homosexuals 19 April 2011

Women who do not wear headscarves are being threatened with violence and even death by Islamic extremist group Taliban, in a bid to impose Sharia Law in Britain. According to police investigations


The Assyrian Genocide: a Product of Ottoman Jihad

AINA (press release) 19 April 2011
By Sabri Atman

Ed. Note: The following poignant lecture-article has been edited with correction of basic English syntax and spelling, but not to polish or remove its heartfelt cry and only partially to remove its


The Death of a Jihad Lackey

FrontPage Magazine 19 April 2011
By P. David Hornik

Apparently on Wednesday, Vittorio Arrigoni, a 36-year-old Italian activist with the International Solidarity Movement who had been living in Gaza since 2008, was kidnapped.


Head of Islamic Movement released from police custody

Ynetnews  19 April 2011

The Jerusalem Magistrate's Court has ordered the release of Sheikh Raed Salah, head of the Islamic Movement, who was arrested Thursday for assaulting police officers and interrupting


Suspected suicide bomber called father infidel

Jakarta Post 19 April 2011

Abdul Gafur, father of suspected suicide bomber Muchammad Syarif, said Monday his son had labeled him an infidel. "When I gave him advice he called me infidel. I told him to pray more, but he said


Phyllis Chesler The Battle That Dare Not Speak Its Name: 48 Hours in the Life of an Anti-Islamist

David Horowitz's NewsReal Blog 15 April 2011
By Phyllis Chesler

The information is in and I don’t like it one bit. On the other hand, if one remains flexible, realistic, and calm and persists in telling the truth, one may also prevail. I am talking about the


Jordan to try Danish artist over Mohammed cartoon

France24 15 April 2011

A Jordanian court will begin this month the trial of Danish cartoonist Kurt Westergaard over a controversial caricature of the Muslim Prophet Mohammed, but it was unclear if he will


Secret plot to let 50million African workers into EU  15 April 2011
By Nick Fagge

MORE than 50 million African workers are to be invited to Europe in a far-reaching secretive migration deal, the Daily Express can reveal today. A controversial taxpayer-funded "job centre”


Britain Makes Pilgrimage to MB HQ; Kisses Ring

Diana West 15 April 2011
By Diana West

From the Global Muslim Brotherhood Daily Report via Family Security Matters: The Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood website is reporting that a delegation from the British Foreign


Afghanistan Qur'an-burning protesters burned more Qur'ans than Terry Jones ever did

Jihad Watch 15 April 2011

Will they burn themselves in effigy and demand that they be prosecuted? "Afghan mullahs push peaceful protest in wake of Quran-burning violence," by Tom A. Peter for the Christian


To Ban or Not To Ban: Is Not The Most Important Question

English Defence League 15 April 2011

Writing in today's Telegraph, Allison Pearson seems to have started to understand the nature of the 7th century Islam that has taken hold in our towns and cities. How did we end up with a school in


Sufi Abdul Hamid, the Black Hitler of Harlem

Canada Free Press 15 April 2011
By Daniel Greenfield

The Black Hitler was a Chicago community organizer who moved to New York. Somewhere along the way he picked up a gold lined cape, a purple turban and a stepladder which he used to give speeches


British Officials Hold Meeting With Muslim Brotherhood Leaders

The Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood website is reporting that a delegation from the British Foreign Office visited the Brotherhood’s headquarters in Alexandria. According to the report: A delegation


Video: Islamists and their supporters in the West

English Defence League 15 April 2011

Islamists and their supporters in the West have decided to call for a third Intifada against Israel, on Sunday May 15th 2011. In English Intifada means "Resistance”, "Rebellion”, or "Uprising”.


Free Speech, State Censorship, and the Prosecution of Dutch Politician Wilders

The New American  15 April 2011
By Bruce Walker

Most Americans — blessed with an inimitable Constitution written by men of great character and wisdom who understood the profound importance of human liberty — take freedom


Video: Men buy women for sheep and kill them at will. Afghanistan. Today. Cause of Islam.

vladtepesblog 15 April 2011

I look forward to the defenders of the mission to Afghanistan justifying this one. This isn’t the Taliban doing this. It’s regular Muslims.

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