Why Is the U.S. Apologizing for Scorched Qurans

Townhall Conservative 24 February 2012
By Diana West

I've got it.

We've come a long way since the days of the Global War on Terror. Frankly, the GWOT -- whatever that was supposed to mean (how do you fight against a tactic?) -- is so 10 years ago. "Terror," meanwhile, has morphed into "extremism," but that's only made things more unclear. We still don't know what it's all supposed to be about.


Sweden braces for family immigration boom

The Local 24 February 2012

The number of people seeking permanent residency in Sweden as relatives of immigrants already in the country will increase with 45 percent to 59,500 in 2012, a number comparable to 41,000 last year


France: "Ministry of Suburb" created from the bottom

ANSAMed.it 24 February 2012

PARIS - The "Ministry of the crisis of the suburbs" has been created in France. Two months ahead of the first round of presidential elections in April and May, a collective of residents from the


The London-based campaign to hang a Pakistani Christian

Harry's Place 24 February 2012

Choudhry is a former Ahmadi, who left the movement in order to become a counter-Ahmadi spokesperson, working with Khatam-e-Nabuwwat, based in Forest Gate in East London. Channel 4 confronted


Qur’an Burning Rage in Afghanistan

FrontPage Magazine 24 February 2012
By Arnold Ahlert

The United States embassy in Kabul, Afghanistan is on lockdown and violent protests are spreading throughout the nation. The impetus for the unrest was the burning of Muslim holy books at a NATO military base on Monday. The books, including Qur’ans, had been removed from a detention center library adjoining Bagram air base, 40 miles north of Kabul, because they were being used by Afghan detainees to disseminate "extremist” messages. While that fact is being left largely untold by the Obama administration and our mainstream media, Washington is now offering repeated apologies.


Newark Muslims hold protest rally over NYPD spy operation

CSMonitor.com 24 February 2012
By Adam Goldman and Matt Apuzzo

New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg says a secret 2007 New York Police Department operation monitoring Muslims was "legal," ''appropriate" and "constitutional." Bloomberg addressed the issue at length


Somalia 'destination of choice' for Britain's would-be terrorists

London Evening Standard 24 February 2012
By Martin Bentham

Britons from around the world are travelling to Somalia to train as terrorists amid mounting concern that the country has become the "destination of choice" for extremists. Official sources say


Man allegedly attacked students out of ‘unrequited love’

Today's Zaman 24 February 2012

Two high school students were killed in an armed attack by a man who opened fire on a school bus with a pump rifle in the Kadirli district of the Osmaniye province on Wednesday. Sinan Yaman, 23,


Fake Muslim "Freedom Fighter’s” Latest Crime: Extorting a Prime Minister

Crethi Plethi 24 February 2012
By Brenda West

This article was originally published in the FamilySecurityMatters.org, but was taken down when a firm — handling foreign investment for countries in the Caribbean and Africa — called the article "libelous” and demanded it be withdrawn. Apparently, the firm expected the article could hurt Dominica’s ability to attract foreign investment money. But as the author of the article explains "this is rather far fetched, considering that the focus of wrongdoing in the article is Choudhury and not Dominica or the Prime Minister.” The article is republished in a slightly different form at CrethiPlethi.com with permission from the author.


Father whipped family, daughter tells murder trial

ABC Sydney 24 February 2012

A daughter of a man who is on trial for murdering his wife at the Adelaide Convention Centre has told the Supreme Court she saw her father being pulled off her mother with a knife in his


Nigeria: Girl, 17 Flees Home Over Forced Circumcision

allAfrica.com 24 February 2012

17-year-old girl, Miss Patricia Youmgbo, has been declared missing by family members after she reportedly fled home to avoid circumcision. It was learnt that the girl's decision to run away from


Groundbreaking documentary exposes century-old Iranian taboo

Iran Press Watch 24 February 2012

LOS ANGELES — A feature-length film that examines the persecution of Iran’s Baha’is opens here this week, ahead of a program of screenings throughout the United States and in other countries. Iranian


Security forces clash with radical Islamists in Tunisian town

Al Arabiya News 24 February 2012

Police in a Tunisian town used tear gas on Thursday to break up a crowd of about 200 hardline Islamists, armed with sticks, swords and petrol bombs, who set fire to a police station, witnesses told


Bengali Film Title Changed at Censor Board's Prodding

news.outlookindia.com 24 February 2012

Days before its release in the first week of March Macho Mustafa, stated to be the most expensive Bengali film till date, has been renamed as Macho Mastana following prodding by the Censor


Video: Hamza Kashgari - Lech Walesa - Panorama TVP2

youtube 24 February 2012
By wwweuroislampl

Will Lech Walesa intercede with the King of Saudi Arabia in defence of Hamza Kashgari awaiting in custody for blasphemy trial?


A New Strategic Role for Cyprus

International Affairs Review 23 February 2012
By Robert Ellis

The discovery of massive gas reserves off the coast of Cyprus threatens to destabilize the entire region.

The island of Cyprus in the eastern Mediterranean has for centuries been the cat’s paw of foreign powers, including the United States. But now, with the discovery of vast deposits of natural gas, the tables have turned. The strategic balance of power has shifted and is a threat to stability in the region.


Tunisia: Nation Recognizes Controversial Islamist Organization

allAfrica.com 23 February 2012
By Asma Ghribi

The Commission for the Promotion of Virtue and the Prevention of Vice, a civil society organization striving for the implementation of sharia in Tunisian society, changed its name to the Moderate


Mega Islamic bank may be launched in 2012

Emirates 24/7 23 February 2012

A long-awaited mega Islamic bank to be headquartered in Bahrain may be launched this year and $600 million of its $one billion capital will be contributed by Islamic banks in the Arab region, a


Delhi HC asks police chief to submit status report on ‘Islamist’ website

daily.bhaskar.com 23 February 2012

New Delhi: The Delhi High Court on Wednesday directed the Delhi Police commissioner to submit a status report on an "Islamist” website (www.shariah4hind.com) within a week.

A bench of Acting Chief Justice A.K. Sikri and Justice Rajiv Shah Endlaw was hearing a public interest litigation (PIL) filed by Tajinder Pal Singh Bagga, president of the Bhagat Singh Kranti Sena. The PIL has sought a ban on the website as it has allegedly threatened communal harmony in India.


'Hezbollah's powerbase in w. Africa growing'

Ynetnews 23 February 2012
By Yitzhak Benhorin

WASHINGTON – Israel's Ambassador to the UN Ron Prosor warned the UN Security Council Tuesday that Hezbollah's powerbase in western Africa is growing. UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon also


US apologizes for Quran burnings in Afghanistan

seattlepi.com 23 February 2012

KABUL, Afghanistan — The U.S. apologized Tuesday for the burning of Muslim holy books that had been pulled from the shelves of a detention center library adjoining a major base in eastern


Malaysia: Islamic Councils Want More Guidelines On How Conduct In Non-Muslim Celebrations – OpEd

eurasiareview.com 23 February 2012
By Yong Yen Nie

Malaysia’s Islamic council has proposed that the government should draw up a guideline to regulate interaction between Muslims and non-Muslims, to avoid confusion between the two groups on conduct


NYPD under fire for monitoring Muslim students

CBS News 23 February 2012

NEW HAVEN, Conn. - Yale University is objecting to the monitoring of Muslim student association websites by the New York Police Department, while Muslim leaders call for investigations and student groups at Rutgers University express outrage.

The Associated Press reported Saturday that an NYPD intelligence unit visited websites, blogs and forums of Muslim student associations at Yale and other universities.


Turkish officials ignored Dink murder plot

Emirates 24/7 23 February 2012

Turkish state officials failed to protect prominent Turkish-Armenian journalist Hrant Dink, murdered in 2007, despite knowing of the plot to kill him, a report commissioned by the president has


Underwear Bomber Disproves Conventional Wisdom About Terrorism

AINA.org 23 February 2012
By Robert Spencer

Bravo for life's little ironies. Last Monday, Bill Clinton attributed the recent jihad violence in Nigeria to poverty. Referring obliquely to the attacks that the jihadist group Boko Haram (A group


Canadian doctors issue policy statement on female genital cutting/mutilation

Global Toronto 23 February 2012
By Anne-Marie Tobin

TORONTO - The Society of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists of Canada says information about treating patients who have had female genital cutting or mutilation should be integrated into the curriculum


Video: Stakelbeck on Terror Show: Fighting Sharia in the Courtroom

CBN News 23 February 2012
By Erick Stakelbeck

On this week’s edition of the Stakelbeck on Terror show, CBN News sits down with two leading legal experts to discuss their new organization, the American Freedom Law Center, and its fight against creeping Sharia and stealth jihad in the United States.


Protesters throw eggs at Swedish Muhammad cartoonist during lecture

Washington Post 23 February 2012

STOCKHOLM — A Swedish artist who angered Muslims by depicting the Prophet Muhammad as a dog was pelted with eggs during a university lecture when he presented another drawing of Islam’s revered


Malaysia bans British sex education book

AFP 23 February 2012

KUALA LUMPUR — Predominantly Muslim Malaysia on Wednesday banned the sale of a children's sex education book written by a British author, saying its contents "could threaten moral values". It had


Islam: UAE, Italy promoting halal food certification

ANSAmed 23 February 2012

DUBAI - The visit to the United Arab Emirates by a delegation from the Ministry for Economic Development and Invitalia, the government agency for the attraction of investments, has also

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