Glenn Beck remembers 9/11: a tragic day in American history 12 September 2011

With the 10th anniversary of 9/11 on Sunday, Glenn once again continues the tradition of playing the bone chilling audio of the day’s events. It’s hard to hear – but it’s necessary to help us remain


Sharia law rampant in Germany, Britain

ACT! for America 12 September 2011

Become a $19 a month Patriot Partner—Help us continue our successful fight against sharia law so the same thing doesn’t happen here! Over two years ago, a UK Daily Mail article reported that


Ten Years Later, Radical Islam Still a Taboo Subject

The Algemainer 12 September 2011
By Steven Emerson

That sounds like a prosecutor explaining a terrorist’s motive. But, in fact, it is defense attorney Kenneth Troccoli explaining in April why Farooque Ahmed eagerly agreed to scout D.C. Metrorail


AFDI/SIOA 9/11 Freedom Rally Welcomes Clergy, First Responders, 9/11 Family Members Banned From Official Ceremonies

Jihad Watch 12 September 2011

NEW YORK, -- The human rights organization American Freedom Defense Initiative (AFDI) will be hosting its second annual 9/11 Freedom Rally on September 11 at 3pm at Park Place and West Broadway.



Infidel Bloggers Alliance 12 September 2011
By Jason Pappas

We often hear "everything changed after 9/11." What's changed in the last 10 years? In today's mainstream culture it is nearly impossible to express apprehensions about the religion of Islam.


Slovak Rail ends first half with 2 billion crown loss

The Slovak Spectator 12 September 2011

Železnice Slovenskej Republiky (ŽSR-Slovak Rail) reported on August 5 that it had ended the first half of the year with losses of 2.04 billion crowns ($49 million), an 847 million crown improvement


Video: Muslim Protesters Burn American Flag in Front of London US Embassy During 9/11 Moment of Silence

Amil Imani 12 September 2011

About 100 Muslim demonstrators burned an American flag outside the U.S. embassy in London Sunday during a moment of silence to mark the 10th anniversary of the Sept. 11 terror attacks. Shouting "USA — terrorist state!” protesters carried anti-American signs and made speeches denouncing the United States, the London Telegraph reported.


Free speech "under pressure from various sources”: Lars Hedegaard

European Son 12 September 2011

President of the Copenhagen-based International Free Press Society Lars Hedegaard has said that free speech is ”under pressure from various sources,” including national Governments, the European


Dutch MP launches anti-fatwa campaign

Radio Netherlands 12 September 2011

Coinciding with the tenth anniversary of the 9/11 attacks in the US, Dutch Green Left MP Tofik Dibi is launching an internet awareness campaign aimed at making Muslims think for


9/11 Truthers Get Into Screaming Match With Koran-Burning Pastor Terry Jones Near Ground Zero

Weasel Zippers 12 September 2011

One block from the silence and solemnity of the 9/11 anniversary, a screaming match erupted between World Trade Center "truthers” and a pal of Koran-burning pastor Terry Jones. No blows were


Europe commemorates 9/11

Deutsche Welle 12 September 2011
By Stuart Braun

On Sunday, official commemorations were held in several cities in Europe on the tenth anniversary of the September 11 terrorist attacks, illustrating the significant impact they had on Europe. As


Two Terror Suspects Arrested in Berlin

Spiegel Online 12 September 2011

Police in Berlin arrested two terror suspects on Thursday, raiding their apartments and a Muslim cultural center. The two men allegedly amassed chemicals that could be used to make bombs. Just


Swedish police arrest 4 terror suspects on 9/11 anniversary

3News NZ  12 September 2011

Swedish police arrested four people on suspicion of preparing a terror attack and evacuated an arts centre in the country's second largest city, security officials said Sunday. The four were


'Murder in the Name of God' debate scheduled for European Parliament

God Discussion 12 September 2011

A debate on September 20 entitled 'Murder in the Name of God' will focus on the ideology that is feeding religious extremism, intolerance and violence in Europe and abroad. As leaders reflect on the


Berlin terror suspects had ties to Afghanistan

Pakistan Daily Times 12 September 2011

BERLIN: Two alleged militants arrested in Berlin last week on suspicion of plotting a bomb attack had links to extremist groups in Afghanistan, German news magazine Der Spiegel reported. The report,


Germany commemorates victims of 9/11 attacks

The 12 September 2011

German President Christian Wulff commemorated the victims of September 11, 2001 at an ecumenical service in Berlin, the first of a series of events to mark the 10th anniversary of the attacks. He and


Briton killed by pirates at Kenya resort named, search continues for wife

Herald Sun 12 September 2011

UPDATE 1.11pm: POLICE continue the hunt for suspects after a British tourist was murdered and his wife kidnapped in a raid by suspected pirates on an exclusive beach resort in Kenya. David


From Sydney to Paris, world leaders, citizens mark 9/11 a decade later with reflection, grief

Newser 12 September 2011

An American expatriate in Paris cries over an indelible memory of sadness. Taps echoes from Brussels to Bagram, Afghanistan. An Israeli retiree remembers her daughter: "My world was destroyed. For


Prayers and protests as victims of terror attacks are remembered

Herald Scotland 12 September 2011
By Rebecca McQuillan

PEOPLE of all faiths and none united yesterday at services of remembrance across the UK for victims of the September 11 attacks. Prince Charles, the Duchess of Cornwall and Prime Minister David


Muslim Extremists Noisy Protest At 9/11 Commemoration - London

Demotix 12 September 2011

Muslims Against Crusades came to Grosvenor Square to protest noisily near the US embassy throughout the afternoon during the 10th anniversary of 9/11. The EDL and other groups turned up to show their


Protesters Burn American Flag Outside US Embassy In London

Huffington Post UK 12 September 2011

Protesters outside the US Embassy in London have burnt an American flag during the one minutes silence held to mark the ten year anniversary of the September 11 attacks. According to the BBC


Video: Tongue-Tied

Gates of Vienna 12 September 2011

Former Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld discusses America’s failure to name the enemy:


New York Fashion Week cancels show by Uzbek president's daughter 12 September 2011
By James Kilner

Rights groups say Mr Karimov, 73, has ruled the Central Asian state since independence from the Soviet Union in 1991as a dictatorship, arresting and torturing opponents and allowing the use of child


Iranian Hacker: I Did It on My Own

Dutch News 12 September 2011

THE HAGUE - The Iranian hacker that hacked into IT security firm Diginotar says he acted alone in giving false security certificates to "certain people in Iran." He also says that the


Video: Support for Tommy Robinson Outside Bedford Prison

English Defence League Blog 12 September 2011

EDL supporters held a demonstration outside Bedford prison on Wednesday to show their support for Tommy Robinson. Tommy was arrested last Sunday for breaking his bail conditions by attending the EDL demonstration in Tower Hamlets.


ICNA Still Promotes Radical Texts

IPT 12 September 2011

Teaching hate and sponsoring back-to-school giveaways may seem like two very different campaigns, but both are components of one of America's largest mainstream Muslim organizations. The Islamic


Militant Islamic Awareness Week Begins on 9/11

American Thinker 12 September 2011
By William A. Levinson

Islamic Awareness Week is an ongoing project of the Muslim Student Association (MSA), which has chapters at many universities. One web site quotes an organizer as saying, "Islamophobia is causing


Pakistan: Flooded with AK-47 Rifles After 9/11

The International News Magazine  12 September 2011
By Ashfaq Yusufzai

PESHAWAR - The United States-led war-on terror, unleashed on Afghanistan in the wake of the 9/11 attacks, has utterly destabilised the neighbouring Pashtun-dominated tribal areas of


Mahathir: 9/11 not work of Muslims

Free Malaysia Today  12 September 2011

KUALA LUMPUR: The long-serving former premier Dr Mahathir Mohamad says Arab Muslims are incapable of carrying out the 9/11 attacks on the United States that killed nearly 3,000 people. The ageing


Islamic Sharia Law Proliferates in Germany

Hudson New York 9 September 2011
By Soeren Kern

The spread of Islamic Sharia law in Germany is far more advanced than previously thought, and German authorities are "powerless" to do anything about it, according to a new book about the Muslim shadow justice system in Germany.

The 236-page book titled "Judges Without Law: Islamic Parallel Justice Endangers Our Constitutional State," which was authored by Joachim Wagner, a German legal expert and former investigative journalist for ARD German public television, says Islamic Sharia courts are now operating in all of Germany's big cities.

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