Taliban tunnel breakout outwits Afghan jailers

The Guardian 26 April 2011
By Jon Boone

Afghan and Nato forces have launched a huge operation to try to recapture 475 prisoners, nearly all of them Taliban insurgents, who staged an extraordinary mass prison breakout using a


Video: Happy St George’s Day 2011 To All Our English Activists

Liberties Alliance 26 April 2011

There has been a worrying trend in England for the state to persecute the English, their culture, and their traditions. To send a clear message to the powers that be it is important for people to mark the day by celebrating their English culture.


Pakistani Christians celebrate Easter quietly: "If we celebrate it with a fanfare, we fear somebody might get annoyed and attack

Jihad Watch 26 April 2011

Dhimmis -- primarily Jews and Christians under the "protection" of the Islamic state -- are "forbidden to...recite the Torah or Evangel aloud, or make public display of their funerals and feastdays"


Elections: EU, BBC training to Egypt and Tunisia journalists

ANSAmed 26 April 2011

BRUSSELS, APRIL X - Twenty-four egyptian and tunisian journalists will attend a special training programme on the electoral process in the United Kingdom's Welsh National Assembly elections and


Happy Easter

Happy Easter to all our readers!
We will continue on Thuesday 26 April :)


EU wants to label ritually slaughtered meat 'slaughter without stunning'

Telegraph.co.uk 21 April 2011
By Bruno Waterfield

MEPs on the European Parliament's food safety committee have voted for the clear labels so consumers can see whether meat has been stunned or not before it has been slaughtered.


Save Colin Atkinson's Job

Facebook 21 April 2011

'Save Colin Atkinson's Job' - join this Facebook Group and spread the word


Camp of the Saints: Relocation

Gates of Vienna 21 April 2011

The island of Lampedusa, where most of the North African refugees arrive, is too small to hold more than a few thousand without grave overcrowding. The Italian government periodically empties the


White Al Qaeda in Kosovo. by Radical Islam Monitor in Southeast Europe.

Serbian terrorism expert, Darko Trifunovc, says that the Kosovo Albanian who killed 2 US soldiers in Germany is part of the "white” al-Qaeda being recruited in the Balkans with its center being in


Bosnia: Croats step up demands for autonomy and equality with Muslims

Bosnian Croats, the country’s third largest group, have have adopted a resolution demanding territorial autonomy and equality with Muslims and Serbs, local media reported on Wednesday.


Freedom of Speech or Freedom of Religion?

Gates of Vienna 21 April 2011
By H. Numan

Our Dutch correspondent H. Numan, who has been covering the Geert Wilders trial so lucidly for the last couple of weeks, contributes the following overview of the case and its larger


Muslim radicals plan royal wedding demo

Reuters 21 April 2011
By Michael Holden

London police said on Tuesday they had banned a radical Muslim group from holding a protest outside the church where Britain's Prince William will marry Kate Middleton next week. However, talks


Jihadists Worldwide Emboldened by Backdoor Sharia Successes in Britain and France

FavStocks  21 April 2011
By Christine Williams

Osama bin Laden has threatened terror attacks on France for banning of the face veil, while Islamic extremists in Britain are threatening to kill women who do not wear a head scarf. From the


A Former Judge Takes on Erdogan's Deep State

Spiegel Online 21 April 2011
By Daniel Steinvorth

Until recently, Emine Ülker Tarhan was a Supreme Court justice in Ankara. But now she has discarded her robes and is challenging Recep Tayyip Erdogan for the Turkish leadership.


Video: Stakelbeck on Terror: Middle East on Fire

Christian Broadcasting Network  21 April 2011
By Erick Stakelbeck

On this week's edition of Staklebeck on Terror, CBN News examines a chilling video produced by the Iranain regime claiming the Islamic Messiah, or Mahdi, will soon appear. Plus, bestselling author Ediwn Black warns of an imminent oil interruption that could be sparked by Middle East unrest.


Tommy on 3 Counties Radio: The Royal Wedding

English Defence League 21 April 2011

Earlier today Tommy Robinson made it clear why the EDL oppose the radical Islamic organisation MAC, or 'Muslims Against Crusades'. On the day of the Royal Wedding, EDL members will be busy


Turkey's EU membership talks deadlocked, FM Davutog(lu says

Hurriyet Daily News 21 April 2011

Turkey’s EU bid is at risk of grinding to a halt amid rows with Cyprus and strong objections to its membership by Germany and France, Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu told reporters Wednesday


Italy: 1,000 migrants evacuated from Lampedusa

One thousand migrants from North Africa set sail from Lampedusa island on Wednesday, headed for detention centres on nearby Sicily and the Italian mainland. Most of the migrants are asylum-seekers


Wearing the burqa in our streets is a hostile act: the French are right to ban it

Catholic Herald Online 21 April 2011
By William Oddie

Whatever one thinks of the French legislation, now in force, to ban the wearing of the burqa and the niqab in public places, it seems to be generally supposed that there is a very clear and


Afghans Held Over Koran Toilet Paper Claims

MyFox Philadelphia  21 April 2011

Three people were arrested as officials investigated claims that a paper mill in Afghanistan recycled copies of the Koran into toilet paper, the attorney general's office said Tuesday. Around


Muslims Demonstrate at Tennessee Capitol In Support of Sharia (Islamic Law) and Terror Funding

Atlas Shrugs 21 April 2011

They should be protesting against the sharia (Islamic law.) They came to America to get away from the oppressive and brutal system of governance, did they not? Or did they come to impose it?


Obama Justice Department Saves Brotherhood Fronts

FrontPage Magazine 21 April 2011
By Ryan Mauro

Investigative journalist Patrick Poole has broken a blockbuster story about how the Obama Administration’s Justice Department blocked plans to prosecute a co-founder of the


Pig's head buried under cross on Belgium mosque site

Expatica 21 April 2011

Opponents of plans to build a mosque in a southern Belgian city partially buried the head of a pig under a Christian cross bearing the inscription: "Here Lies Mohamed." Xavier Godefroid, (...)


Controversial Islamic centre director was in Toronto: sources

CBC.ca  21 April 2011

A director of a controversial Islamic centre in Minneapolis, Minn., was in Toronto at about the time an arraignment was held for a Toronto man facing terrorism charges, sources tell CBC


Video: "Time To Make A Stance”: Australian Defence League Promo Video For Melbourne Demo – Join The Counterjihad

Liberties Alliance 21 April 2011

The Australian Defence League (ADL) will be holding a demonstration in Melbourne on Sunday 15 May. People should assemble in Federation Square just across the road from Flinders Street Station from 10.30am.


Documents in Armenia’s Archives Prove Genocide

YEREVAN —Reliable documents indicating the Armenian Genocide took place during the Ottoman Empire in 1915 are preserved in the Armenian National Archive, the director of the archives,


Islamic banks’ assets grow to Rs477 billion in a year

KARACHI: The asset base of Islamic banking industry expanded by 30 percent to Rs477 billion in 2010 from Rs366 billion in 2009, State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) said in a report on Tuesday. Their


Israel alerted to several Hamas, Hezbollah kidnap plots abroad

Ha'aretz 21 April 2011
By Avi Issacharoff and Amos Harel

Counter-Terrorism Bureau issues travel warning to thousands of Israelis traveling abroad during Passover holiday, recommends to stay away from sites with high concentration of Israeli

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