Shariah Abolished for Greek Muslims

Greek Reporter  22 August 2011
By Lia Pavlou

According to an article of the Greek newspaper "Eleftherotypia”, under the scope of reforms in the Greek Family Law, the Shariah will be abolished for Greek Muslims. This Muslim law establishes


Video: Black From Islam: African American Muslim Defectors

Blazing Cat Fur 22 August 2011

Atlas Shrugs has more on the film and its maker, well worth the read. Black From Islam: African American Muslim Defectors (Jalila) A Film by Layla Merritt Throughout Pro-Black movement of the 1960's and 70's, black Americans converted in droves to Islam.


How a Single Muslim Mole Perverts Freedom of Speech in Canada

Winds of Jihad 22 August 2011
By Sheikyermami

Meet Hanni Hassan, a resident of London, Ontario, has dedicated over 40 years of his life to voluntary service. Recently he was named to the Order of Canada. He wears a suit, he shaves and he


Fort Morgan meatpacking plant strives, struggles to accommodate Muslim workforce

The Denver Post 22 August 2011
By Eric Gorski

FORT MORGAN — One afternoon this summer, Asha Abuukar said, she approached her supervisor at the Cargill Meat Solutions plant and got permission to go on break. She washed in accordance with


Gaddafi tanks emerge after rebels sweep into Tripoli 22 August 2011
By Missy Ryan

TRIPOLI - Libyan government tanks shelled parts of central Tripoli on Monday after rebels swept into the heart of the city and crowds took to the streets to celebrate what they saw as the


Iran confirms jail term for US "spies"

World Bulletin 22 August 2011

Tehran's chief prosecutor confirmed on Sunday eight-year jail sentences for two Americans arrested more than two years ago on spying charges, the ISNA news agency reported. Prosecutor-General


Madressah reforms must for de-radicalisation 22 August 2011

ACCORDING to press reports, the meeting of the defence committee of the cabinet, which chiefs of armed forces attended, decided to start a de-radicalisation programme to combat rising fundamentalism


Video: Hamas Official: Gaza Militants Agree to Cease-Fire With Israel

Fox News 22 August 2011

JERUSALEM – Gaza militants agreed to a cease-fire with Israel to stop spiking violence, a Hamas official said Sunday, after a deadly attack across the Egyptian border on Israeli vehicles set off a


Terror Attacks Show Stark Contrasts in Judaism and Islam

Christian Broadcasting Network 22 August 2011
By Tzippe Barrow

JERUSALEM, Israel -- On Friday morning, Israelis buried family members who were killed in Thursday morning's terror attacks. Some were shot dead by Palestinian Arab terrorists; others died


Man questions prayer call in McDonald's 22 August 2011
By Karen W Lim

A man who raised a question on why a McDonald's outlet was playing prayer calls for Muslims to break fast has been slammed by netizens on Facebook. Alex Chang posted a comment on the McDonald's


The Terrorist Attack on Southern Israel: Under the Authority of Hamas, Using the Tactics of Al-Qaeda

Jerusalem Center Blog 22 August 2011
By Jonathan D. Halevi

The terrorist attack in southern Israel on August 18 in which eight Israelis were killed – six civilians and two from the security forces – was initiated and executed by the Palestinian terrorist


Gadhafi Son Seif al-Islam is captured

Ya Libnan  22 August 2011

Sunday’s capture of Seif al-Islam Gadhafi by rebels appears to bring to a close the diplomatic career of a man widely seen as destined to succeed his father as leader of Libya and its vast oil


Capture of Gadhafi Son Seif al-Islam Ends a Highly Unusual Diplomatic Career

Wall Street Journal 22 August 2011

Sunday's capture of Seif al-Islam Gadhafi by rebels appears to bring to a close the diplomatic career of a man widely seen as destined to succeed his father as leader of Libya and its vast oil


Syrian president dismisses calls for him to step down as 'worthless' 22 August 2011
By Ben Farmer

Syria’s embattled president shrugged off international calls for him to step down on Sunday as he claimed he was "not worried” about unrest sweeping the country. Bashar al-Assad also revealed he


Pakistani Veterans Beef Up Bahrain Security Forces

Voice of Africa 22 August 2011
By Gary Thomas

Pakistan’s president, Asif Ali Zardari, made a one-day visit to the Middle East kingdom of Bahrain this week. Substantive details of his meetings with King Hamad bin Isa al-Khalifa were not made


Pakistan's military operations in Kashmir 22 August 2011
By Hamid Hussain

Kashmir has been the major source of conflict between India and Pakistan since the departure of the British from the region in 1947. Both countries have fought open and covert wars on this thorny


Mainstream American Muslim Jurisprudence on Dogs

American Thinker 19 August 2011
By Andrew G. Bostom

In follow-up to the wrenching story related yesterday about Wiley, a cruelly brutalized Afghan mutt -- treated in accord with doctrinal and historical Islamic attitudes towards dogs -- I discovered the fatwas (reproduced below) on dogs and dog ownership, from the mainstream American Muslim font of Islamic "jurisprudence," the Assembly of Muslim Jurists of America (AMJA).


Left-Wing Media Bias in Norway

Gates of Vienna 19 August 2011

This is the first in a series of three essays by our Norwegian correspondent The Observer. In these articles he will examine Norwegian media bias, the AUF, and their support for certain terrorist groups. He will also discuss the Muslim community in Norway and their undemocratic nature.

Left-Wing Media Bias in Norway
by The Observe

I’ve decided to write this essay in order to try and shed some light on the media response in the wake of the terrorist attack in Oslo. I will compare this response to that following similar terrorist attacks carried out by radical Muslims, and will try to highlight the disparity in the way the media are reporting these incidents. Many individuals in the conservative community in Norway have claimed that they have been treated unfairly by the media in the aftermath of these attacks, and unfortunately they have a valid point.


Islam Overtaking Catholicism in France

Hudson New York 19 August 2011
By Soeren Kern

Islamic mosques are being built more often in France than Roman Catholic churches, and there now are more practising Muslims in the country than practising Catholics.

Nearly 150 new mosques currently are under construction in France, home to the biggest Muslim community in Europe. The mosque-building projects are at various stages of completion, according to Mohammed Moussaoui, the president of the Muslim Council of France (CFCM), who provided the data in an August 2 interview with the French radio station RTL


A Slut Named Putz

Winds of Jihad 19 August 2011
By Sheikyermami

Mein Leben als Ausländer  (My Life as a Foreigner)

Die verlorene Ehre der Ulrike P.  from PI (the lost honor of U. Putz)

German SPIEGEL Moonbat Ulike Putz, a typically progressive "Israel-critical” reporterette,  decided to have her out-of wedlock baby in a Lebanese hospital.  Everything went well, her parents came for a visit, she got a passport for the child from the pesky German embassy officials, and then….  came the day she wanted to leave Lebanon.


20,000 turn out to mourn three Asian men mown down in Birmingham riots  19 August 2011
By Mark Ellis

HEADS bowed in silent prayer, around 20,000 people yesterday paid their last respects to three young Asian men who died protecting their community from looters. Husbands and fathers choked back


Suicide blasts target British Council in Kabul

Expatica 19 August 2011

At least three people were killed as a wave of suicide explosions rocked a British cultural centre in Kabul Friday, a public holiday marking Afghanistan's independence from Britain in 1919. Four


Sharia Courts in Britain

Ottawa Citizen Blogs 19 August 2011
By Aisha Sherazi

The Citizen ran an article recently, republished from the Telegraph about Sharia Law in Britain. I don’t blame people for wondering, what is Sharia Law anyway? Everyone seems to talk about it


Cork city councillor calls for ban on burkas and hoodies 19 August 2011
By Sean O’Riordan

COUNCILLORS in Cork city will be urged to support a motion calling on the Justice Minister to ban burkas and give gardaí the power to order youths to remove their hoodies. The controversial


The Netherlands condemns attacks in Israel

Expatica 19 August 2011

Dutch Foreign Minister Uri Rosenthal has condemned the attacks in Israel "in the strongest terms”. He said it was important "to maintain calm and determine all the facts”. Militants, thought to be


ElBaradei to exchange ideas with expats on Germany trip

Al-Masry Al-Youm 19 August 2011

Egyptian presidential hopeful and former International Atomic Energy Agency Director Mohamed ElBaradei left Cairo Thursday for a two-day visit to Munich, Germany. State-owned Al-Ahram's website

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