Fjordman: The Breivik Trial Begins

EuropeNews 16 April 2012
By Fjordman

The trial against the confessed mass murderer Anders Behring Breivik has started in Oslo and will last until June 22, with a verdict expected at some point in July.

Professor Ole Gjems-Onstad is concerned that the mass murderer, who craves personal attention above else, has become a money machine and formed a symbiosis of sorts with newspapers, lawyers, publishing houses and others who make good money from his atrocities while turning him into the mega-celebrity he always wanted to be, instead of ridiculing him as the pathetic creature he is. He thinks the extensive list of ideological witnesses should have been cut, and that "The attempt to turn evil into politics is a diversion."


Poland: Poster apologizing for anti-Saudi sentiments

Islam in Europe 16 April 2012

A poster in the town of Olsztyn, put up after anti-Arab posters were posted on the homes of Saudi students (see here and here)


In Parts of England, Half of Social Housing Goes to Foreigners

British Freedom 16 April 2012

If you’ve ever wondered why it is that so many areas of English towns and cities have emptied of English people in just a couple of generations, you need look no further than the local


West's liberals fail to help, says Hirsi Ali

The Age 16 April 2012
By Barney Zwartz

WESTERN liberals, crippled by political correctness, guilt and a romanticised view of Islam, are leaving atheists and Christians bereft in the ''Arab winter'', human rights activist Ayaan Hirsi Ali says.

Ms Hirsi Ali, no stranger to controversy, told an audience of several thousand at the Global Atheist Convention in Melbourne, that it was Christians and conservatives who led the way in defending free speech and rights. ''Why is it that secular liberals in the West fail to help? Are they so insecure about the morals they live by and by which they raise their children?''


French Muslims feel stigmatised in vote debate

France 24 16 April 2012

When police kicked in Mohamed Asbol's door at dawn and hauled away his son on suspicion of being an Islamist radical, he saw it as further proof that he was not considered fully


Swiss woman abducted in Mali: local official

The Local 16 April 2012

A Swiss woman has been abducted in the rebel-held northern Malian city of Timbuktu, now controlled by Islamist fighters, a local official and a resident of the town told AFP on


Britain's Lord Nazir Ahmed Offers 10 Million Bounty for Obama, Bush

MEMRI 16 April 2012

During a recent visit to Pakistan, Lord Nazir Ahmed, a member of the British House of Lords who originally hails from Pakistani Kashmir, announced he was putting up a bounty of 10 million


Leading British Muslim leader faces war crimes charges in Bangladesh 16 April 2012
By Andrew Gilligan

Chowdhury Mueen-Uddin, director of Muslim spiritual care provision in the NHS, a trustee of the major British charity Muslim Aid and a central figure in setting up the Muslim Council of


Misinformation from U.S. Dept Of Health And Human Services About Islam And Female Genital Mutilation

Family Security Matters 16 April 2012
By Christopher Holton

Female Genital Mutilation (FGM), sometimes referred to euphemistically as Female Genital Cutting (FGC) or Female Circumcision, is one of the most barbaric practices in the world today. It is prohibited by law in the USA and many Western countries. Moreover, several US states have outlawed FGM, while legislation is pending in some others.


Koran distributors may face more scrutiny

The Local 16 April 2012

German politicians are urging security services to take stronger action against a fundamentalist Muslim group distributing free copies of the Koran, it was reported Sunday.The group should


Official: French hostages seized in Mali are alive 16 April 2012

OUAGADOUGOU, Burkina Faso - A top official in Burkina Faso says an Islamist group has sent security forces a video to prove that the two French hostages they seized in Mali are still


Video: The Nation of Islam: Reaching Out Dangerous Tenacles 16 April 2012

The Nation of Islam maintains a staggering 50,000 active members, which means that tens of thousands of people with a militant-bend are being indoctrinated with a barrage of race-fueled venom. In his special on the Nation of Islam, Glenn Beck exposes the organization's history of violence, its ties to the left and its engagement in a rabid strain of anti-Semitism and anti-Americanism.


Rogge hopes Saudis will send women to London 16 April 2012

MOSCOW -- The International Olympic Committee is still talking to Saudi Arabia about sending women to the London Games, despite a report that the conservative Muslim country's national


Sharia in the UK: Church banned from using public market stall after distributing leaflet criticizing Islam

Jihad Watch 16 April 2012

Do you think a group distributing a leaflet entitled "Why Not Christianity?" would have been banned? No, I don't think so, either. "Norwich church banned from using market stall after


Muslim Persecution of Christians and Media Whitewashing

FrontPage Magazine 16 April 2012
By Raymond Ibrahim

When it comes to Muslim persecution of Christians, the mainstream media (MSM) have a long paper trail of obfuscating; while they eventually do state the bare-bone facts—if they ever report on the story in the first place, which is rare—they do so after creating and sustaining an aura of moral relativism that minimizes the Muslim role.


First Dutch Reformed Church now Muslim

Sowetan 16 April 2012

The conversion of the first Dutch Reformed Church in Johannesburg into a Muslim school has caused an uproar among Langlaagte residents. City Press reported that the church was "the


Hundreds Attend Anti-Islam Rally in Waukesha 16 April 2012
By Rory Linnane

With the big-name draw of Walid Shoebat, more than 200 people gathered at the Waukesha Expo Center Saturday night to hear the message that Islam is a growing threat to law and peace in the


Wahhabi Hate-Mongers' Sham "Peace Convention"

Gatestone Institute 16 April 2012
By Irfan Al-Alawi

In one of the most absurd recent exercises in self-deceptive propaganda by radical Islamists, an "International Peace Convention" has been announced for April 12 at the Dubai World Trade


Islam’s War on Women – 8 Miles from the White House

PJ Media 16 April 2012

A book by a senior Indian Islamic scholar that recently prompted international outrage for directing Muslim husbands on how to properly beat and control their wives is on sale at the largest Islamic bookstore in the Washington D.C. area, just a twenty minute drive from the White House, all while the Obama campaign proclaims that Republicans are waging a "war on women” by promoting pro-life, pro-family policies, and as DCCC media strategist Hilary Rosen continues to attack Ann Romney for her decision to stay at home and raise her five sons.


'Burka' bandit denied bail

Toronto Sun 16 April 2012
By Tom Godfrey

One of Toronto’s "Burka Bandits” whose members wore Islamic dress as disguises to rob a Brampton jewelry store has been denied bail as he tries to have his appeal heard in


Official Palestinian Authority daily: Parents should teach children that it's their destiny to destroy Israel

Jihad Watch 16 April 2012

"Palestinian" "moderates" Instilling genocidal dreams from early youth: "PA cartoons: Teach children to seek world without Israel," by Itamar Marcus and Nan Jacques Zilberdik for


Marriage laws test Islamist government in Morocco

Washington Post 16 April 2012
By Abdeljalil Bounhar

Zohra el-Filali — the mother of Amina el-Filali, who committed suicide — shows a picture of her daughter at their family house in Khmis Sahel near Larache northern Morocco. Amina el-Filali


Pizza Hate

Austrian Times 16 April 2012

A pizza delivery boy who left racist notes inside boxes he took to customers he thought were immigrants is facing three years in jail, say prosecutors in Olsztyn, Poland. Lukasz


Immigrants Flee Families to Find Themselves

Spiegel Online 16 April 2012
By Antje Windmann

Hundreds of young female immigrants are hiding from their families in Germany after fleeing oppression, physical violence and even death threats. Charities and social workers help the women


Muslim Cabbie Kicks Out Family for Carrying Wine

Islamist Watch 16 April 2012
By Paul Broster

A Muslim taxi driver has been sacked after refusing to let a family take an unopened bottle of wine into his car because it went against his religion. Adrian Cartwright, 46, booked the


• Ignorance of Europe, how long can it take?

EuropeNews 15 April 2012
By Weronika

"We are in danger. We are afraid of Islamists!"

Interview with the former Muslims Maher al-Gohary (60) and his daughter Dina (17) who escaped from Egypt because of death penalty for conversion to Christianity.


Salafists to distribute 25 million Korans in Germany

Ynetnews 13 April 2012

The Salafist Muslim movement in Germany has launched a campaign to distribute 25 million Korans in the European country, the BBC reported Wednesday. The initiative is monitored by a


Free Koran Distributions Have Germany Concerned

Spiegel Online 13 April 2012

Salafist Muslims have been handing out free Korans across Germany in recent weeks. But the group's radicalism has many politicians concerned -- as does a recent video posted on YouTube that


Muhammad cartoon revenge plot trial opens in Denmark

BBC News 13 April 2012

Four men accused of planning an attack on a Danish newspaper that printed cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad have gone on trial in Denmark. Three Swedish citizens and a Tunisian are


Circus Breivik

Gates of Vienna 13 April 2012

To understand the context of the image above, first pay a visit to Steen’s place. He has posted the promotional photos of Anders Behring Breivik’s legal defense team.

It’s for real. The original, that is. A breathtaking social cluelessness that must be labeled Only In Norway. (Or perhaps North Korea?) Could the gleam of avarice and opportunism show through the heavy-handed "Nordic Law and Order” grotesquerie any more clearly than it does in those pictures?

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