Turkey says could annex north if Cyprus stays split

Cyprus Mail 5 March 2012

TURKEY would consider annexing northern Cyprus if talks between Greek and Turkish Cypriots failed to reach a deal on reunification of the island, Turkey's European Affairs Minister Egemen Bagis told


Dutch headscarf design convinces FIFA

Radio Netherlands 5 March 2012

From July, Muslim women will be able to wear headscarves during football matches. FIFA has decided to drop its 2007 ban on the hijab or headscarf. The ban was introduced because traditional


Minister under fire for 'halal' comment on immigrant vote

FRANCE 24 5 March 2012

French Interior Minister Claude Gueant, a hardliner close to President Nicolas Sarkozy, came under fire again Saturday for the second time in a month for comments deemed racist by liberals. At a


Islamist mob desecrates British war graves in Libya's Benghazi

Middle East Online 5 March 2012

LONDON - Libyan authorities have been "extremely apologetic" over the desecration of Commonwealth graves in the eastern city of Benghazi, a British Foreign Office minister said Sunday. Jeremy


Muslims launch campaign to 'understand' Shariah

The Christian Century 5 March 2012

Against a backdrop of heartland fears that U.S. Muslims seek to impose Islamic law on American courts, a leading Muslim group will launch a campaign on Monday (March 5) to dispel what it called


Islamists Want €30m to Free Hostages

RadioVop 5 March 2012

Gao, Mali - An al-Qaeda splinter group wants €30 million (about R 300 million) to free three European aid workers kidnapped in Algeria in October, a Malian source close to the


Lockerbie bomber 'wanted sex'

Courier Mail 5 March 2012

THE Libyan behind the Lockerbie bombing said he went to Malta to visit his mistress, not to plant explosives. Abdel Baset al Megrahi was convicted of the 1988 bombing of the New York bound Pan Am


Obama’s Indonesian Transgender Ex-Nanny Outcast

The Jakarta Globe 5 March 2012
By Niniek Karmini

Once, long ago, Evie looked after "Barry” Obama, the kid who would grow up to become the most powerful man on earth. Now, his transgender former nanny has given up her tight, flowery dresses, her


Australia: Common sense to become law

Examiner.com 5 March 2012
By Timothy Whiteman

Common sense dictates there's no better form of positive identification as actually showing your face. Signing official documents, obtaining a driver's license, or for those who require a


Council will not pursue costs of mosque dispute

Daily Echo 5 March 2012

CASH-strapped council chiefs in Southampton have failed to recover 50,000 of taxpayers’ money spent settling a bitter dispute over the city’s largest mosque, the Daily Echo can reveal. As the


Rally Held To Support NYPD Surveillance Of Muslims

CBS Local 5 March 2012

NEW YORK - The narrator of "The Third Jihad,” a controversial documentary that uses dramatic footage to warn against the dangers of radical Islam, is among those attending a rally


Grave of Canadian war hero desecrated in Libya

Globe and Mail 5 March 2012
By Oliver Moore

The young Canadian pilot died fighting in the North African campaign, was buried with military honours in Libya and lay undisturbed for seven decades. Along with hundreds of other graves honouring


Imam rapes his student

Daily Times Nigeria 5 March 2012
By Jewel Stephen

A 15-year-old Junior Secondary School Student of Educational Legacy College, Ibadan, has been raped by a teacher because she had poor grades. Isiaka Salimonu, 43, who teaches Arabic, allegedly


Al Qaeda Blamed for Attack in Yemen

Wall Street Journal 5 March 2012

ADEN, Yemen—At least 35 Yemeni soldiers were killed Sunday in an attack by al Qaeda-linked fighters that began with twin suicide bombings, medical officials said, continuing a wave of attacks


Olympic mega-mosque opposition campaign relaunched in West Ham

MegaMosque no Thanks 5 March 2012

Opposition to 9,500 capacity mosque and Islamic enclave of homes, shops and business units unveiled at recent site exhibition This morning sees the launch of a new campaign against the proposed 9,500 capacity mega-mosque at West Ham, close to the site of the Olympic Stadium and Park.


The World’s Greatest Scam

Gates of Vienna 4 March 2012
By Peter Warren

Hedge fund manager Peter Warren questions the celebrated rescue package given to European banks and governments. "The entire thing is a giant scam.”

This week the European Centra Bank (ECB) handed out a staggering €530 billion in virtually free loans to 800 banks. The rescue package, called LTRO, is the second dose of a medicine which was first administered in December last year.


Transforming Britain Into Lebanon

Gates of Vienna 3 March 2012
By Paul Weston, British Freedom Party

What I really want to talk about tonight is to warn America not to go down the same Islamic road that Europe finds itself on, particularly so Britain, which is almost on the point of no return — or perhaps no peaceful return. Samuel Huntingdon was not necessarily writing about Britain when he penned his prescient book "The Clash of Civilisations”, but one particular theme he raised very much applies to my poor old country where he refers to the dying of civilisations and the lack of concern amongst their native people, due to what he terms the "Illusion of Permanency.”


Regime bulldozers pave space for Eurovision

EUobserver 1 March 2012
By Nikolaj Nielsen and Andrew Rettman

Serious human rights violations in Azerbaijan have harmed the image of Europe's yearly festival of camp pop - Eurovision. If Irish twins Jedward or French singer Anggun make finals in Baku in May


The 1,500 Year Old 'Bible' and Muslim Propaganda

AINA (press release) 1 March 2012
By Peter BetBasoo and Ashur Giwargis

Much has been made of the recent discovery in Turkey of a Bible purported to be written in the Aramaic language, 1,500 years ago. The Muslim media, as well as Western media outlets, quickly pounced on this, claiming this Bible contains verses attributed to Jesus Christ, in which Christ predicts the coming of Muhammad. No media outlet has published a facsimile of these verses.


Video: EDL documentary I – My Hometown Fanatics (Stacey Dooley Investigates)

Vlad Tepes 1 March 2012

February saw the broadcast in the UK of two separate in-depth documentaries taking the English Defence League (EDL) as their theme. Long overdue, these programs both shared two particular characteristics. First, an almost allergic unwillingness to square up to or cite the easily-verifiable realities of Islamic doctrine, in any way. Second, an attempt by the respective filmmakers to use both editorializing and film-editing to present a slanted picture often at considerabe odds with the facts.


What Is Right About Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer

FrontPage Magazine 1 March 2012
By Eric Allen Bell

[Editor's note: The article below is written by Eric Allen Bell, a filmmaker who was recently banned from blogging at  the "Daily Kos” because he wrote three articles that ran afoul of the mindset there, specifically naming "Loonwatch.com” as a "terrorist spin control network.” Don't miss Eric Bell on Frontpage's television program, The Glazov Gang.]

I write this mainly for the benefit of so many of my Liberal friends.  I know you have good hearts, but have been badly deceived by your peers and leaders when it comes to the threat of Jihad, and the character of those few brave individuals, who have had the courage to risk everything, to stand up for liberty and human rights…


Norway professor imposes niqab veto

The Foreigner 1 March 2012
By Michael Sandelson and John Price

Speaking to NRK recently, he quoted a parliamentary decision "that says a teacher may request to see the face of those who are taught. This is to do with covering the face, not hats or religious


RS ignores Bosnian Independence Day

B92 1 March 2012

In the country's second entity, the Serb Republic (RS), today is an ordinary working day. The Federation celebrates March 1, 1992, when 64 of the republic's population voted in favor of separating


Many German Muslims 'refuse to integrate'

The Local 1 March 2012

Nearly every fourth non-German Muslim rejects integration, questions western values and tends to accept violence, according to a study commissioned by the German Interior Ministry and released late


Without nationalism there can be no democracy

Citizen Times 1 March 2012
By Felix Strüning

Jeroen Zandberg is part of the leadership of the UNPO, an organization representing the ethnic groups that are not organized in the United Nations, such as Tibetans. Last year, Zandberg wrote the book The Politics of Freedom, in which he outlined the foundations of our democracy and our striving for freedom in an unconventional way. It is mainly due to the uninhibited view of the Dutchman that he unmasked many concepts, we take for granted, and highlights their true meaning. Citizen Timeseditor in chief Felix Strüning spoke with the author about nationalism, patriotism, multiculturalism, tolerance and its significance for the free society (German version at blu-News).


US mosques grow by 74 percent, survey finds

Bradenton Herald 1 March 2012

WALNUT CREEK, Calif. — The number of mosques in the United States grew by 74 percent in the past decade, and mosques are increasingly found in the suburbs, according to a national survey by a


BBC Chief: Christianity Is Treated With Less Sensitivity Than Other Religions

Mediaite 1 March 2012
By Meenal Vamburkar

Religion is a touchy topic, and more so in the media realm — especially recently. From a New York Times columnist joking about Mitt Romney‘s Mormon faith to Rev. Franklin Graham questioning President


Five Questions for the Mainstream Media on Islam and Jihad

CBN News 1 March 2012
By Erick Stakelbeck

I'm currently wrapping up a report that will air on tomorrow's "700 Club" program about the recent string of successful pressure campaigns orchestrated by the notorious Council on American-Islamic


No Apologies

AINA (press release) 1 March 2012
By Newt Gingrich

President Obama's apologies keep getting more outrageous and more destructive.

They started in the summer of 2008, before he was even elected president. Then-Senator Obama travelled to Berlin to introduce himself as "a citizen of the world,” and said "I know my country has not perfected itself…We've made our share of mistakes, and there are times when our actions around the world have not lived up to our best intentions.”


Egypt: Grand Imam Criticizes EU Negative Attitude

allAfrica.com 1 March 2012

The Grand Imam of al-Azhar Dr. Ahmed al-Tayyeb met on Tuesday 28/2/2012 with a delegation representing the forewing affairs committee of the British House of Commons. During the meeting, the Grand

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