A life dedicated to Turkish Cypriot cause

Hürriyet Daily News 14 January 2012
By Yusuf Kanli

Former Turkish Cypriot President Rauf Denktas died due to internal organ failure in Nicosia today. He was 88 years old. Denktas was first hospitalized in May 2011 following complaints stemming


European Parliament Calls On Turkey To Remove Troops From Cyprus

YourStory 14 January 2012
By Cyprus Expat

The European Parliament draft resolution on the 2011 Progress Report on Turkey calls on Turkey to begin withdrawing its military troops from Cyprus. It also calls on Turkey to fully implement the


Muhammad cartoon row: student atheist society claims victory

The Guardian 14 January 2012
By Alexandra Topping

A university atheist society which sparked a global debate over the publication of a cartoon depicting Jesus and Muhammad on a webpage has declared a victory for freedom of speech after its student


Progress in UCL atheist society's cartoon censorship dispute with student union

New Humanist 14 January 2012
By Paul Sims

Earlier this week, I reported on a dispute between the student union and the Atheist, Secularist and Humanist Society (ASHS) at University College London over the atheists' use of a frame from the cartoon strip Jesus & Mo on a Facebook page advertising their weekly drinks social.


• Book: The Misery of Islam

EuropeNews 11 January 2012
Cover of the German edition of Misery of IslamBy Jaya Gopal
Introduction by Ibn Warraq

It gives me great pleasure to introduce Mr. Jaya Gopal’s

To call Mr. Jaya Gopal’s book courageous is inadequate and in no way elucidates its real achievements which are not only many but very substantial and extremely important. This book must be read by everyone as an effective antidote to the many politically correct but historically and doctrinally incorrect apologies for Islam perpetrated by dogmatically Islamophile scholars such as John Esposito.


Forced Marriage In Germany: Turkey, Serbia, Kosovo Leading The List

eurasiareview.com 12 January 2012
By Muhamet Brajshori

According to a report by the German Federal Ministry of Family Affairs, forced marriage primarily affects young Muslim women. Of those forced into marriage 83.4% were Muslim, nearly a third were 17 or under, while 40% fell between the ages of 18 and 21.

German Federal Family Affairs Minister Kristina Schroeder put it succinctly when she remarked "Whoever marries children against their will … is doing them violence.”


Former Bad Boy Rapper Loon Remains Held in Belgium

This Beat Goes 12 January 2012
By Chelle Jones

Former Bad Boy Records rapper Loon, who now goes by Amir Junaid Muhadith, will remain behind bars in Belgium after a Grand Jury in Brussels reversed an earlier to decision to return the rapper to the


Sweden's teachers free to ban Islamic veils

The Local 12 January 2012

Teachers in Swedish schools can, in certain situations, prohibit students from wearing Islamic veils that reveal only their eyes, the country's school's agency has ruled.The ban covers clothing that


Germany charges Afghan of spreading terrorist propaganda

Central Asia Online 12 January 2012

BERLIN – Germany's federal prosecutor January 2 charged an Afghan citizen living in Germany of propagandising terrorism. Omid H., 22, was arrested in July, according to a January 10 statement on the


• Video: Protest against Apostasy Law in Islam

Set My People Free 11 January 2012

The International Day of Human Rights took place in Stockholm on the 10 December 2011. The main purpose of the event was to commemorate the victims of the Apostasy Law in Islam. Former Muslims who are imprisoned, being tortured or are in hiding. ‘Set My People Free’ which organized this event is a network of individuals, churches and organizations working for the freedom of converts from Islam.


In Europe, free speech ends where Islam begins

SFLuxe 12 January 2012
By Clifford D. May

It’s funny in an Orwellian way that in Europe there are now militant groups with such cutesy names as Sharia4Belgium and Sharia4Holland. Less funny, but perhaps more Orwellian: Last month, the European Foundation for Democracy (EFD) held an event in Amsterdam featuring two speakers who favor liberalizing Islam. More than 20 members of the pro-Sharia groups pushed their way in shouting "Allahu Akhbar!” They demanded the event be stopped, called the speakers apostates, spat on them, threw eggs at them and threatened to kill them.


Kosovo: Risk of radical Islam, says ambassador to Italy

EMG 12 January 2012
By Cristiana Missori

Four years on from its independence, Kosovo is attempting to reaffirm its native traditions and is calling on the West for help to avoid being swallowed by the slow advance of radical Islam, which is


Muslims Join Anti-Putin Movement

georgiandaily.com 12 January 2012
By Paul Goble

Staunton – Although Kremlin loyalists in the predominantly Muslim republics of the Russian Federation may by one means or another deliver high vote totals for Vladimir Putin in the


‘Gays must be burned to death’

IOL.co.za 12 January 2012

Five Muslims who distributed leaflets calling for gay people to be executed have appeared in court accused of inciting hatred. One leaflet said the death penalty had been passed against all


More than 800 000 children married in Iran

Tundra Tabloids 12 January 2012

The latest statistics on the marriage of Iranian children shows that under-aged girls are married more than under-aged boys.

[According to statistics] 24,506 married girls under the age of 14 and 5,519 boys married between the ages of 10 to 14, shows that more girls marry older men.

More here.


Award-winning French Journalist Gilles Jacquier Killed in Syria

International Business Times 12 January 2012
By Gianluca Mezzofiore

Well-known and award-winning French journalist Gilles Jacquier has been killed in Homs, Syria, the London-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights told the International Business Times


Sister retracts 'honour killing' allegations

The Local 12 January 2012

A 21-year-old woman from Gothenburg in western Sweden who had accused her brother of threatening to take her life in an "honour killing", retracted her allegations on the opening day of the trial on


Oklahoma Sharia Law Threatens Judicial Independence

Technorati Politics 12 January 2012
By Casey Dunivan

Thanks to a federal court ruling, the controversial law passed by Oklahoma voters barring judicial consideration of international or Sharia law in court cases has been stayed. The law would amend the state's constitution to explicitly require judges to only use state and federal law when deciding cases and expressly prohibits the use of Islamic Sharia law. But the law is misleading in several respects and is based largely on public anxiety over an isolated incident in New Jersey. In passing the initiative, Oklahoma ingrained in the state constitution that Islam vis a vis Islamic law is to be publicly and legally stigmatized.


Editorial: Shariah in America’s courts

Washington Times 12 January 2012

A panel of federal judges has ruled that states cannot protect their courts from jurists who base their decisions on international or Koranic law. America needs better judges. On Tuesday, the 10th


Terror in Tampa

Right Side News 12 January 2012
By Jacob Laksin

Earlier this week, the FBI announced the arrest of Sami Osmakac, a 25-year-old Muslim man from the former Yugoslavia. In the process, the agency thwarted what might have been a horrific terror spree


U.S. official meets with Muslim Brotherhood

CNN.com Blogs 12 January 2012
By Elise Labott

Deputy Secretary of State William Burns met Wednesday with Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood, the highest-level contact between the United States and the Egypt's largest Islamic group. The Brotherhood's


Compromise Impossible

FrontPage Magazine 12 January 2012
By Daniel Greenfield

The Western doctrine of non-violence depends on the willingness to compromise. To resolve any conflict by sitting down at a table, finding points of agreement and then working through the rest. The ruthless killing fields of the twentieth century have not shaken that eternal faith in a diplomatic solution, rather they have only strengthened it. But what happens when a compromise is genuinely impossible?


"All-American Muslim" Stars Busted for Marijuana Possession at Canadian Border

Answering Muslims 12 January 2012

Yes, two cast members of TLC's "All-American Muslim" were busted while crossing the Canadian border. The border officer caught the pair with nine grams of "the chronic" (a.k.a. "cannabis," "giggle


Convert feared kidnapped by Muslim hardliners

ninemsn.com.au 12 January 2012

The husband and friends of an Iranian refugee missing since last month fear she has been kidnapped by Islamic extremists because of her efforts to convert Muslims to Christianity. Melbourne woman


US gave grant to Pakistani Muslim group which demonstrated in favor of governor’s killer

Washington Post 12 January 2012

ISLAMABAD — The U.S. gave money to a Pakistani Muslim group that organized anti-Taliban rallies, but which later demonstrated in support of an extremist who killed a leading liberal politician, the


Hundreds of Muslims protest outside Buddhist school

People of Shambhala 12 January 2012

Hundreds of Muslims have protested outside a Buddhist school in Bangkok, Thailand. The organization named Muslims for Peace is upset at Wat Nonjok secondary school for its refusal to allow a Muslim student to wear the hijab.

The Muslim organization claims that several teachers have refused to teach the 18 year-old student or to allow her to enter the school building, because of her hijab.


Muslim student sues Conn. university, says she was harassed, falsely accused of terrorism

Washington Post 12 January 2012

NEW HAVEN, Conn. — A Muslim woman is suing the University of Bridgeport, alleging that the school failed to investigate her claims that a fellow student sexually harassed her and instead retaliated


Video: Muslim leader's classroom visit sparks controversy

wtsp.com 12 January 2012
By Isabel Mascarenas

Tampa, Florida - Hassan Shibly, the executive director of the Council on American Islamic Relations, says he has one goal when speaking before a group: "We hope by clearing up these misconceptions, we can build a healthier, safer community."


Genocide-Denial Bill Rocks Turkish-French Relations

The National Interest 12 January 2012
By Benny Morris

A while back, Turkish foreign minister Ahmet Davutoglu announced that his country had embarked on a foreign policy based on "zero problems with our neighbors." But it would seem that Turkey's


Good Grief: Charlie Brown, Jihadist

FrontPage Magazine 12 January 2012
By Mark Tapson

Over the Christmas holiday, comedian Denis Leary? – known for rapid-fire, politically incorrect standup rants – revived a several-years-old three-minute video from his production company by linking to it on the social network Twitter. The animated video, called "Merry F***ing Christmas,” is a parody of the long-running, annual Christmas special featuring Charlie Brown? and his "Peanuts” gang.  In the course of it, Leary makes a couple of jokes at Christianity’s expense and even takes a potshot at Scientologist actor Tom Cruise’s well-known contempt for the psychiatric profession. But the primary target of Leary’s Christmas satire is, unusually, Islam.

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