Baroness causes outrage with claim Nigerian men all have four wives because they are lazy

Daily Mail  27 September 2011
By David Wilkes

Controversial peer Baroness Flather caused outrage yesterday with a claim that Nigerian men marry four wives because they are lazy. Speaking on a radio phone-in debate on polygamy, she said: ‘Most


Surprise! Al Jazeera reporter was a Hamas member

Elder of Ziyon 27 September 2011

Samer Allawi, Al Jazeera’s former Afghanistan bureau chief, reached a deal with the Israel State state prosecutors office on Sunday under which he will receive a suspended sentence of three years


Pakistan 'sex kitten' causing controversy

StandardNet 27 September 2011
By Mark Magnier

KARACHI, Pakistan -- Raunchy. An inspiration. A sex kitten. Pakistan's Paris Hilton. TV host Mathira Mohammed has been called all that and more. Love her or hate her, she's making waves, as


Emboldened Turkey embraces Mideast but domestic worries loom

Deutsche Welle 27 September 2011
By Eve Bower

The Middle East is more important to Turkey's economic and security interests than Europe is, says a new study. But analysts say Turkey's approach to domestic challenges could undermine the recent


Terror suspects arrested in Birmingham last week accused of involvement in plotting mass murder in UK  27 September 2011
By Tom Pettifor

SIX terror suspects appeared in court yesterday accused of involvement in plotting mass murder in the UK. The charges the alleged fanatics are facing include planning and training in Pakistan for


Al-Qaeda Severs Boy's Hand

According to residents in the southern Yemeni province of Abyan, alleged al-Qaeda militants would have severed the hands of 2 people, including that of a 15-year old boy. Eye witnesses told the


The True Story of Moderate Islam

American Thinker 26 September 2011
By Robert Small

Ten years after 9/11, our government and most of the media understand as little about Islam as they did before the attack that shook the world. It's clear from the partners they've chosen that "moderate" has been defined as any Muslim group or individual perceived as being remotely helpful in keeping us safe from terrorism.

So eager to start a fresh chapter in U.S.-Muslim relations, they firmly clasped the first Muslim hands extended and forged partnerships out of convenience and fear. What they should have done is seek out partners who believe in our conviction that a nation can be united under God without being governed by a national church or mosque.


Indonesian Islam and Nahdlatul Ulama without Camouflage

American Thinker 26 September 2011
By Andrew Bostom

Robert Small's AT essay on the Nahdlatul Ulama (NU) and Indonesian Islam reads more like a "Just So Story" than a "True Story."

As per article 2 of the founding NU Statutes of 1926, the goal of this association was:

To uphold one of the schools of (Islamic) law of the four Imams Imam Muhammad bin Idris As-Shafi, Imam Malik bin Anas, Imam Abu Hanifa or Imam Ahmad bin Hanbal -- and to do everything beneficial to Islam.


The Durban Perversion

FrontPage Magazine  26 September 2011
By Joseph Klein

The United Nations hosted a full-day celebration on September 22nd commemorating the tenth anniversary of one of its greatest embarrassments since its founding: the adoption of the so-called Durban I Declaration and Programme of Action. This Declaration was the final outcome document of the 2001 anti-Semitic, anti-Western hatefest known formally as the UN World Conference Against Racism, Racial Discrimination, Xenophobia and Related Intolerance. It singled out the Palestinians as the victims of alleged Israeli racism. And the Holocaust deniers who were running Durban I refused to include any reference to the twentieth century’s most vile example of racism, genocide and crimes against humanity.


Muslim Harems in the UK - we pay for it all

UP Pompeii 26 September 2011

I want some tax relief, I along with many millions of other British taxpayers have been given , or should I say burdened, with many dependants, I therefore think that it is only right that I have


Wilders' website hacked 26 September 2011

nti-Islam PVV party leader Geert Wilders said on Friday that his website has been hacked. The hacker called himself a 'Turkish Muslim Hacker' and left a photo of Turkish prime minister Recep Tayyip


Turkey's Moralpolitik: World Leader in Imprisoning Journalists

Hudson New York 26 September 2011
By Anna Mahjar-Barducci

Some analysts, under the impression that Turkey is severing relations with Israel because Turkey claims that it is its duty is to champion "human rights" in the Middle East, have written that Turkey


Turkey to deploy warships over gas dispute with Cyprus

Ha'aretz 26 September 2011
By Anshel Pfeffer

Turkey is set to begin natural gas exploration in the coming days in the Eastern Mediterranean, north of Cyprus. According to reports in the Turkish media, the exploration will be accompanied by a


Dutch Doctors Want to Stop Male Circumcision

Empowered News 26 September 2011

Amsterdam – Dutch doctors has urged human rights groups along with politicians in Netherlands to stop and discourage the male circumcision practice in the country as it is very harmful, painful


Dudley Mosque Defeat

English Defence League Blog 26 September 2011

Today saw a massive victory for the ordinary people of Dudley and for the people of England. Gavin Boby and his organization, ‘Mosquebusters’ dealt a heavy blow to the usual government-Islamic


French Muslim protesters defy ban; threaten to take "up arms soon”

European Son 26 September 2011

Coming only weeks after the riots in Britain, which destroyed $300 million in property, scenes of Muslims storming through the streets of Paris are a troubling reminder of how the states of Western


Muslim chaplains connect communities to public bodies

Islamophobia Watch 26 September 2011

Muslim chaplains in Britain play a key role linking their communities with public organisations, research by Cardiff University has found. It found a rapidly growing number of Muslims in a sphere


Terrorist we can't kick out: Released after half his sentence but still 'a risk to the public'... the suicide bomb fanatic who's

Daily Mail  26 September 2011
By Chris Greenwood

A fanatical terrorist has escaped being thrown out of the UK because it would breach his human rights. Hate-filled Siraj Yassin Abdullah Ali, graded the highest possible risk to the public, was


Nashville, November 11: The Constitution or Sharia: Preserving Freedom Conference

Jihad Watch 26 September 2011

What better way to spend Armistice Day than in the company of fellow freedom fighters? I have already received word from one Muslim saying he was going to meet me at this conference in Nashville and


Football: Barcelona approves Qatar shirt sponsorship deal

Expatica 26 September 2011

Barcelona has approved a contested shirt sponsorship deal with the non-profit Qatar Foundation worth 171 million euros at a general assembly by a wide margin. The club signed the five-and-a-half


Palestinians Depict Obama as Monkey in Statehood Demos 26 September 2011

Americans, Europeans – still happy about those billions of taxpayer L$€ your leaders shower into ‘Palestine’? Take a look at what the recipients think of you (and their neighbours, of course) Hat


Fury over 'community spitting' Muslim only free school in UK

Newstrack India  26 September 2011

London: British government's decision to open a free school for Muslim pupils in the country has been slammed by some critics claiming it would deprive state schools of funds and would


Six charged with terrorism offences

West Midlands Police 26 September 2011

Four men have this evening been charged with preparing for an act of terrorism in the UK, and two more with failing to disclose information. One has additionally been charged with terrorist


For the 10,000th time, Hamas confirms its dedication to jihad

Elder of Ziyon 26 September 2011

Every once in a while some credulous Western journalist, or politician, or UN special rapporteur, breathlessly reports that they spoke to a Hamas leader who assured them that the group is ready to


France: Two fined for inciting antisemitism in McDonald's

Islam in Europe 26 September 2011

Two members of the radical Islamic group "Forsane Alizza" were convicted of "inciting racial hatred' by a court in Limoges for organizing an invasion into a McDonald's branch in 2010, and haranguing


Israel: How the IDF disperses riots 26 September 2011

The IDF uses non-lethal riot dispersal means only if riots become violent and in accordance with Western countires When dispersing riots, Israeli law enforcement heavily relies on several


Tell the FBI to ‘STOP APOLOGIZING TO MUSLIMS’ for teaching the truth about Islam

Bare Naked Islam 26 September 2011

Lefties join IslamoFacists in their continuing condemnation of the FBI’s counter terrorism training techniques. It’s time they heard from us that we want them to continue teaching their agents the


Condo manager at centre of scandal seen in Bangladesh

Toronto Star  26 September 2011
By Diana Zlomislic and Raveena Aulakh

A Toronto property manager on the run after allegedly defrauding condos of millions of dollars was last seen a week ago in his ancestral village in Bangladesh where he recently built a mansion and an


How Afghan contracts line Taliban pockets

Money Jihad 26 September 2011

In its August report, the U.S. Commission on Wartime Contracting provided nuts & bolts descriptions of how American taxpayer dollars have ended up in Taliban hands. One piece of visual evidence


Islamic Sharia Law Court Opens in Belgium

Hudson New York 26 September 2011
By Soeren Kern

An Islamic Sharia law court has been established in Antwerp, the second-largest city in Belgium. The Sharia court is the initiative of a radical Muslim group called Sharia4Belgium. Leaders of the

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