New York man arrested in bomb plot

Monsters and Critics 21 November 2011

Washington - A New York man was arrested on charges of plotting to bomb police cars and post offices as well as US soldiers returning from Iraq and Afghanistan. Mayor Michael Bloomberg on Sunday


Durban III promotes what it claims to be fighting

JPost 21 November 2011

In yet another effort to demonize Israel on the political battlefield, the UN General Assembly—which can bear a striking resemblance to the game of Whac-A-Mole—will adopt a new resolution this week


a Simple Dry Bones plan

The Dry Bones Blog 21 November 2011

The idea of declaring Judea and Samaria as an independent Palestinian state has not worked. So we are proud to present our simple and obvious plan.


Video: ‘Sharia Law – potential outcome of Cairo revolution’

RT 21 November 2011

There’s growing belief among some commentators that the Muslim Brotherhood may be behind the new protests in Cairo. Jerusalem Post author and correspondent Yaakov Lappin says that there is a chance that Islamists could eventually take power in Egypt.


Video: Nude female Egyptian blogger could get 80 lashes for ‘defaming’ Islam

Bare Naked Islam 21 November 2011

Wearing nothing but a pair of stockings, red ribbon in her hair and pair of flat red shoes, the black and white shot would not look out of place in a nude photography book. But this is no ordinary art project. It is the work of a feminist Egyptian activist, Alia el-Mahdy, who is making a bold and potentially dangerous statement. The picture shows el-Mahdy completely naked and uncensored, angering many Egyptians.


Muslims to NYPD: 'Respect us, we will respect you' 21 November 2011

NEW YORK — Hundreds of Muslims prayed in a lower Manhattan park and marched to New York Police headquarters Friday to protest a decade of police infiltrating mosques and spying on Muslim


Muslim accused of killing 3 daughters: "They betrayed Islam,” would kill them 100 times

Creeping Sharia 21 November 2011

KINGSTON, Ont. – A Montreal man charged with killing his three daughters cursed them as "treacherous” for having boyfriends and said even if they came back to life 100 times he would "do the same


Man who blew himself up in Karachi had US passport

PakTribune 21 November 2011

KARACHI: A suspected militant who blew himself up in southern Pakistan during a raid by security forces was carrying a US and a Pakistani passport, authorities said on Saturday. According to a


Video: Criminal Proceedings Launched Into Attack Against Prominent Azerbaijani Journalist

Radio Free Europe 21 November 2011

BAKU -- Azerbaijan's authorities have launched criminal proceedings into the attack against prominent writer and journalist Rafiq Tagi. RFE/RL's Azerbaijani Service reported that Tagi remained in the hospital after being knifed on his way home late on November 19 in Baku.


'I don't have to fear insulting people …

Sydney Morning Herald 21 November 2011

Andrew Bolt's recent run-in with the federal court is just the latest controversy in a long and tempestuous career. John van Tiggelen meets the man regarded as Australia's most influential


Syria Tortures Children

Hudson New York 21 November 2011
By Anna Mahjar-Barducci

The Syrian regime is not even sparing the lives of innocent children. T the Saudi-owned newspaper, Asharq Al-Awsat, reported in October that 186 children have been killed since the outbreak of the


Gaddafi's son showed fear, bravado after capture 21 November 2011
By Francois Murphy and Mahmoud al-Farjani

TRIPOLI/ZINTAN - Saif al-Islam Gaddafi flitted between fear of being lynched and bravado at the prospect of meeting the same fate as his father when his Libyan captors flew him to their


New York: Jihad bomb suspect spoke of changing his name to "Osama Hussein"

Jihad Watch 21 November 2011

To whom did he speak about this? Didn't anyone take him aside and explain to him that all true Muslims abhorred Osama bin Laden and everything he stood for -- all, that is, except for a Tiny Minority


Egypt’s Pre-Election Chaos

FrontPage Magazine 21 November 2011
By Ryan Mauro

At least 11 Egyptians died over the weekend in violence ahead of the scheduled November 28 election. The country is shaking as protesters demand that the ruling military council set a date to hand


Imam says he was beaten, strangled in Saudi Arabia

CTV News 21 November 2011

A Canadian imam who was arrested during a pilgrimage to Saudi Arabia three weeks ago says he was beaten and strangled during his 36 hours in confinement. Usama Al-Atar, a well-known Shia spiritual


Yemenis tire of al-Qaeda

Bikya Masr 21 November 2011
By Chiara Onassis

SANA’A: As Yemen’s southern provinces continue to be under the control of armed militants belonging to an offshoot of al-Qaeda, "Ansar al-Sharia”, a group which claim to want to base its judiciary


BINNED: Anti-litter poster that was an 'insult to Muslims'

Mail Online 21 November 2011
By Glen Owen

A Labour council was at the centre of a race row last night after printing a leaflet targeted at Muslims that invoked the name of Allah in urging them to stop littering the streets. Bradford


Militants kill mosque cleric for resisting 'terrorist value' preaching

The Express Tribune 21 November 2011
By Iftikhar Firdous

NOWSHERA: A mosque cleric was shot dead by militants in Nowshera District, after resisting their attempts to preach terrorism in his mosque Police said. Obaidullah Ustad, imam of the Shaidu


Aspiring beauties advised

New Straits Times 21 November 2011

The Sarawak Islamic Affairs Department (Jais) has asked five Muslim contestants in the ongoing Miss Borneo Beautiful 2011 to pull out from the pageant finals. The advice was given in a


Muslim Persecution of Christians: October, 2011

Hudson New York 19 November 2011
By Raymond Ibrahim

Egypt's Maspero massacre—where the military killed dozens of Christians protesting the destruction of their churches—dominates October's persecution headlines. Facts and details concerning the military's "crimes against humanity" are documented in this report, and include videos of armored-vehicles running over civilians, a catalog of lies and deceitful tactics employed by Egypt's rulers and state media, and other matters overlooked by the West.


Netherlands Sliding into the Abyss

FrontPage Magazine 19 November 2011
By Bruce Bawer

In a new interview in the Dutch magazine Panorama, Geert Wilders? talks about a variety of things, including his forthcoming book about Islam, which will be published in the U.S. in April.  In it, he says, he’ll document the fact that "Islam is a dangerous ideology” and that "Muhammed really is one of the big bad guys” of history, whose negative influence continues to be felt today.  Yes, Wilders acknowledges, there are genuinely moderate people who call themselves Muslims, and if they want to call themselves Muslims that’s fine with him – but there is no such thing as a moderate Islam.


Facing the Truth About Islam

FrontPage Magazine 19 November 2011
By Bruce Bawer

A few years back I was invited to give the keynote address at a one-day conference in Washington – or, actually, in Arlington – about the future of Europe.  I am still baffled as to why I was invited.  Pretty much all the other people there – the audience members as well as the conference speakers – were seasoned diplomats and sundry high-level government types, some of them Americans, the rest from various European countries.


Islam and the Greco-Roman Cultural Heritage

Gates of Vienna 19 November 2011
By Peder Jensen, a.k.a. Fjordman

The following essay by Fjordman was refused publication at the Norwegian newspaper VG. Many thanks to Cecilie for the English translation.

The original Norwegian version, which has also appeared at Snaphanen, is at the bottom of this post.

Islam and the Greco-Roman cultural heritage

Researcher Vidar Enebakk from the University of Oslo wrote an essay for VG this autumn regarding the articles I have published on the Internet about the history of science, from astronomy and geology to quantum physics. According to him, the range of my writings is impressive, their contents "frighteningly good.” This is of course nice to hear.


The ALAC petition: How’s your state doing?

Act! for America 18 November 2011

Thus far, approximately 33,000 people have added their names to the pledge of support to protect their state from sharia law. A good start, but we've got a ways to go.


The Dhimmi is Forbidden to Read the Koran

Political Islam 18 November 2011
By Bill Warner

If you are a student of Islam, then you might have gathered that Islam has a doctrine of eternal hatred of Kafirs and their civilization. A student of Islam might also gather that after a 1400 year history of hostilities, murder, rape and enslavement that Islam was at war with us. But, the White House, the Department of Justice, Homeland Security, FBI and CIA have informed us that
this is not the case.


Muslim perpetrated rapes continue to be near daily occurrence in England

TheOPINIONATOR 18 November 2011

Even after the hiatus I've taken from this blog - a quick review of the current news finds rapes committed by muslim men continue to be a near everyday occurrence in England. Apparently the


The modern slave trade: Taken on holiday and forced to wed a stranger

Daily Mail 18 November 2011
By Sue Reid

When 13-year-old Sameem Ali was offered a reward for doing household chores — a holiday with her extended family on the other side of the world — she was overjoyed. Still a child, Sameem imagined


Norway terror suspect rejects al-Qaida link

CBS News 18 November 2011

OSLO, Norway — The accused ringleader of a terror plot in Norway has rejected charges that he conspired with al-Qaida to attack a Danish newspaper, saying he was planning a solo raid against the


Complaint against Wilders goes to UN

Radio Netherlands 18 November 2011

Three members of the Dutch-Moroccan community have made an official complaint to the United Nations Human Rights Committee against anti-Islam Freedom Party leader Geert Wilders. They accuse him of


Brighton sex attacker jailed after five-year hunt

The Argus 18 November 2011

A sex attacker has finally been jailed, five years after assaulting a 14-year-old girl. Sayed Noor, 30, assaulted his victim in Surrenden Road, Brighton, in 2006. The day after the assault his

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