Frigid Atmosphere in Wilders Court Case

NIS News Bulletin 14 April 2011

The court case against MP Geert Wilders resumed yesterday in a frigid atmosphere. Central to the session was the dinner at which judge Tom Schalken allegedly tried to convince Islam expert Hans


Berlin to appoint imams to teach Islam in schools

Ennahar 14 April 2011

BERLIN - The German Minister of Education Annette Schavan wants imams teach courses in Islamic religions in schools, in an interview with the weekly Die Zeit to be published Thursday. * *


We too should ban the burka 14 April 2011
By Allison Pearson

There is a mosque in the East Midlands, an impressive building, exuding a sort of muscular serenity. Almost next door, is a private girls’ secondary school, an offshoot of the mosque, where, from the


Los Angeles Deputy Police Chief sees growing threat of Mumbai-style jihad attack

Jihad Watch 14 April 2011

For the Los Angeles Police Department, the top priority is countering violent, ideological extremism from several Muslim communities in the region made up of diaspora from Yemen, Libya, Egypt,


Robert Spencer and his book

Energy Publisher 14 April 2011
By Robert Spencer

Cyrus McGoldrick, Civil Rights Manager of the New York chapter of the Hamas-linked Council on American-Islamic Relations, submitted a written statement to the New York State Senate's Standing


Spain sees tourism jump due to Arab revolts

Expatica 14 April 2011

Activity in Spain's tourism sector jumped 2.4 percent in the first quarter of the year as sunseekers shunned rival resorts in Egypt and Tunisia because of anti-government uprisings there, a trade


Fears that university has been infiltrated by Islamist extremists 14 April 2011
By Duncan Gardham

Westminster University elected Tarik Mahri, 23, to the job of president of the union despite his links to the group Hizb ut-Tahrir which advocates the establishment of an Islamic state. His


Plan for mosque near army school raises home county hackles

Irish Times  14 April 2011

LONDON LETTER: Residents of leafy Sandhurst in Surrey are fighting to stop the construction of a mosque that would have 100ft minarets SANDHURST HAS produced officers for


Market Emerging for Islamic Finance

Expatica 14 April 2011
By Khristina Narizhnaya

Islamic finance may debut this year in the Tatarstan republic in the form of sukuk, or bonds that, in accordance with Islamic law, do not charge interest, experts said at a World Islamic Economic


Christians begin to flee Egypt

A growing number of Egypt’s 8-10 million Coptic Christians are looking for a way to get out as Islamists increasingly take advantage of the nationalist revolution that toppled long-standing dictator


Delegates at Qatar talks urge Gadafy to step down

Irish Times 14 April 2011

THE SO-CALLED international "contact group” on Libya yesterday called on Muammar Gadafy to relinquish power as fighting between his forces and rebel fighters continued to


Danish Muslims say French burka ban hurts democracy

The Copenhagen Post 14 April 2011

Muslim women in Denmark should be free to wear whatever they wish to wear, according to the Islamic Society in Denmark. The reaction comes after the French government on Monday implemented a law


Muslim Brotherhood Hakim Muhammad Ellison Smears Fellow Muslims that Speak Against Jihad

FavStocks  14 April 2011
By Atlas Shrugs

Here is but one of the methods of the Muslim Brotherhood uses to advance its steal jihad agenda when embedded/elected to Congress. Keith Ellison's Slurs ITP His emotional testimony,


Banned Hizb to hold exhibition, rallies in Lahore

The News International 14 April 2011
By Mazhar Tufail

Islamabad Hizb-ut-Tahrir, a banned organisation, is planning a string of activities from Wednesday including an exhibition titled ‘The Systems of Khilafah’, which is described by it as an


Former local Hizb ut-Tahrir leader held in Kyrgyzstan

Interfax-Religion 14 April 2011

Bishkek, Kyrgyz security forces have detained an official from the Naryn about 200 kilometers from Bishkek) regional administration, who led a local branch of the banned Hizb ut-Tahrir party. (...)


Iran May Ban "un-Islamic” Dogs From Public Places

Weasel Zippers 14 April 2011

Members of Iran’s parliament have sponsored a bill barring dogs from public places because they are "unclean” and keeping pets is an "un-Islamic” custom, according to Iran’s state news agency


Iran: Bill banning dogs from public places introduced in parliament

Members of Iran's parliament have sponsored a bill barring dogs from public places because they are "unclean" and keeping pets is an "un-Islamic" custom, according to Iran's state news agency Irna.


Islamist propaganda trial throws spotlight on internet extremists

Expatica 13 April 2011
By Sarah Harman

A trial of eight people accused of spreading Islamist propaganda over the Internet opened in Munich on Tuesday. Prosecutors say the defendents used Internet forums and blogs to call for a holy war.


Sweden Lags on Turkey Genocide Recognition

AINA (press release) 13 April 2011
By Rebecca Martin

Despite a request from the Riksdag last year, the Swedish government still hasn't recognized the genocide of Armenians and other ethnic groups in WWI. "It is the way the


Video: Berlin To EDL Blackburn – The Mobility And Geographical Range Of The Counterjihad

Liberties Alliance 13 April 2011

In April 2010 representatives from the English Defence League attended a Counterjihad demonstration in Berlin. On 2 April 2011 someone made the journey in reverse from Berlin to attend the EDL demonstration in Blackburn.


Lion's Den: Ankara’s ambitions must be checked

Jerusalem Post  13 April 2011

Turkey’s Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu grandly proclaimed a few days ago "If the world is on fire, Turkey is the firefighter. Turkey is assuming the leading role for stability in the Middle


Turkish Foreign Minister: Armenia Should Stop Taking Provocative Steps

History of Truth 13 April 2011

Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmed Davutoglu, who participated in PACE spring session as the head of CE Committee of Ministers, expressed his attitude to Armenia’s plans to


Video: Ann Barnhardt Albanian

youtube 13 April 2011
By vladtepesblogdotcom


New Spencer book coming: Did Muhammad Exist?

Jihad Watch 13 April 2011

Cyrus McGoldrick, Civil Rights Manager of the New York chapter of the Hamas-linked Council on American-Islamic Relations, submitted a written statement to the New York State Senate's Standing


Was it Geert? Or Jihad?

Gates of Vienna 13 April 2011

Last Saturday a deranged gunman killed six people at a shopping mall in the Netherlands, and then committed suicide. For more detail on the story, see this article from The Daily Mail. When


Muslims see French Anti-Burqa Law as Veiled Threat

Arutz Sheva  13 April 2011
By Amiel Ungar

The burqa ban on Muslim head covering that totally covers the face went into effect in France. Violators of the ban face a fine of €150 and a compulsory course reminiscent of courses for recidivist


Two students 'linked to extremists' are elected as college union leaders

Evening Standard 13 April 2011
By Tom Harper, Paddy Cooper and Laura Mackenzie

A leading London university student union has elected two senior officials with links to an extremist Islamist organisation. Westminster University union has elected


Media ignores Islamic Views of Brazilian Murderer

The New American  13 April 2011
By James Heiser

The horrific, premeditated massacre of nearly a dozen children at a school in Rio de Janeiro was the work of a Islamic extremist — but the English language press is either ignoring or concealing the


Lockerbie families' fury as Moussa Koussa leaves UK

Expatica 13 April 2011
By Bruno Waterfield

The former Libyan foreign minister and suspected architect of the terrorist attack, which left 270 people dead, walked out of his MI6 safe house less than two weeks after defecting from the Libyan


Hijab for girls in Christian schools? No thanks, says Dutch court

Spero News 13 April 2011

On April 11, France became the first European country to ban burkas or hijab: traditional modest clothing worn by many Muslim women in Europe and in Muslim-majority countries that frequently include

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