Christian teen arrested in Egypt for allegedly posting Muhammad cartoons on Facebook

The Daily Caller 3 January 2012
By David Martosko

15-year-old Coptic Christian boy must remain in custody for at least 15 days while an investigation is conducted into whether he posted cartoons on Facebook depicting the Prophet Muhammad. The


'Father Christmas' stabbed to death

Emirates 24/7 3 January 2012

Attackers brutally stabbed to death a man dressed up as Father Christmas in Tajikistan's capital Dushanbe, officials said on Monday. Dressed in the red robes of Father Frost -- the similarly-clad


Hezbollah warns Syria chaos could hit Lebanon

The Daily Star 3 January 2012

BEIRUT: A Hezbollah delegation warned after meeting Maronite Patriarch Beshara Rai Monday that the turmoil in Syria could spill over into Lebanon and called on rival Lebanese factions not to


Nude pictures land wife in jail... husband free

Emirates 24/7 3 January 2012

The Abu Dhabi Court of Appeal upheld the verdict of the Abu Dhabi Criminal Court which sentenced a woman to three months in jail for publishing indecent photos of herself on one of the websites,


Islamic preacher calls for ministry for 'promotion of virtue'

Al-Masry Al-Youm 3 January 2012

An Islamic preacher on Sunday called for the formation of a ministry to implement the teachings of Islam in schools, hospitals and in the street, similar to religious police in other


Dubai witchcraft and sorcery cases trebled in 2011

Emirates 24/7 3 January 2012
By Mohammed Al Sadafy

Witchcraft and sorcery cases in the emirate rose from two in 2010 to six in 2011, according to Lieutenant Colonel Salah Bu Aseebah, director of the Anti-Economic Crime Unit at the Criminal


What Non-Muslims Can Do About Islam

Citizen Warrior 2 January 2012

NOT ONLY ARE are some people killing non-Muslims in the name of Islam (in impressive numbers) but some are doing something less newsworthy but potentially more disconcerting: Demanding and gaining concessions from non-Muslims, and slowly encroaching on democratic freedoms with the end-goal of establishing Sharia law in Western democracies (and already succeeding). This must be stopped and your help is needed.


Finnish state broadcaster yanks episode on circumcision from children's program...

Tundra Tabloids 2 January 2012

It’s official, YLE says it’s the job of the state broadcaster to pummel kids’ minds with multiculturalism, even though its widely held as a miserable failure. They end up taking the segment in


Douchewriter Oyvind Strommen has book 'dark net' fisked by fellow Norwegian

Tundra Tabloids 2 January 2012

Oivind Ostberg filed the following review of Oyvind Strommen’s book, ‘The Dark Net’ at, published on 30.12.2011. Ostberg’s review exposes the shallowness and overt bias of the author’s


Political Correctness - Our Titanic

Family Security Matters 2 January 2012
By Leslie Sacks

Pandering will sink us, will weaken our foundations and our unique culture; a culture of tolerance yet of logic, of equality but also of independence. It is our behavior (and not our thoughts)


Europe's Inexorable March Towards Islam

Hudson New York 2 January 2012
By Soeren Kern

Post-Christian Europe became noticeably more Islamized during 2011. As the rapidly growing Muslim population makes its presence felt in towns and cities across the continent, Islam is transforming


Krauthammer, Huntington, Islam, and Jihad 2 January 2012
By Andrew Bostom

Last night (12/26/11) Charles Krauthammer was interviewed by Mark Steyn (guest hosting for Sean Hannity on Fox News) about the ongoing murderous jihad depredations against Christians in Islamdom. The


Is It Possible For Islam To Take Over The World?

Citizen Warrior 2 January 2012

SOMETIMES I TELL people Islam is a political doctrine and its purpose is to make every country on earth, including this one, follow Shari'a law. Of course, most people think, "Yeah right. Good


Islam and Idealism

Right Side News 2 January 2012
By Charles G. Mills

GLEN COVE, NY -- A streak of unrealistic idealism has tinged American policy ever since the New England Calvinists won their war of aggression against the Confederate States. It reached its apogee in


Video: Boycott Purveyors of Halal in 2012!

British Freedom 2 January 2012

A growing proportion of the meat sold in UK shops and supermarkets or served in restaurants, schools and hospitals is halal, meaning that the animals are ritually slaughtered with an Islamic declaration to Allah. Worse, much of this meat is unlabelled, so many people with religious or moral objections are consuming it unwittingly.


Postcard From Islamic London

FrontPage Magazine 2 January 2012
By Ben Shapiro

I’ve been spending my Christmas vacation with my wife in Rome and London. We arrived in London on Christmas Eve. It’s truly an amazing city – everywhere you look, there’s history, from the Tower of


Multiculturalism is the wrong concept

Lancaster Eagle Gazette 2 January 2012
By Richard Scamehorn

This is the first of a two-part series about inter-civilizational immigration There is a global migration, particularly from poorer nations to the wealthier -- usually to western countries -- that


Radical Islam Claims Another: Gregorius Nekschot, RIP

Forbes 2 January 2012
By Abigail R. Esman

Gregorius Nekschot, the controversial Dutch cartoonist, has had enough. January 1, he is putting away his pens for good, he told Dutch daily de Volkskrant today, and heading on to a new chapter in


Obama Recruits Qaradawi

Right Side News 2 January 2012
By Andrew C. McCarthy

The administration is working with a Muslim Brotherhood jurist. The surrender is complete now. The Hindu reports that the Obama administration has turned to Sheikh Yusuf al-Qaradawi, the Muslim


Turkey Jet Attack on Kurd Region 'a Massacre'

International Business Times 2 January 2012
By Gianluca Mezzofiore

Turkey's opposition parties have accused the government of responsibility for a massacre of 35 civilians killed near the village of Uludere in an air-strike. Pro-Kurdish Peace and Democracy Party


French suburbs turn away from state and towards Islam

Expatica the Netherlands 2 January 2012

Local communities in France's immigrant suburbs increasingly organise themselves on Islamic lines rather than following the values of the secular republic, according to a major new sociological


The Year We Lost Afghanistan, Iraq, Egypt, Turkey, Tunisia and Most of the Middle East

Canada Free Press 2 January 2012
By Daniel Greenfield

About the only people having a Happy New Year in the Muslim world aren’t the Christians who are huddling and waiting out the storm, but the Islamists who use a different calendar but are having the


France makes it harder to become French

Updated News 2 January 2012

France will be making it harder for foreigners to seek French citizenship as of January. Critics say the new requirements, which include tough language tests and allegiance to "French values”, are an


Netherlands: 117 attacks on mosques in 6 years

Islam in Europe 2 January 2012

There were 117 incidents of anti-Muslim attacks on mosques in the Netherlands in the years 2005-2010. There were 43 cases of graffiti and 37 cases of vandalism. Researcher Ineke van der Valk


Silencing the Muezzin

Jerusalem Post 2 January 2012

Before the dawn rolls in from the east, Muslim worshipers have already been summoned to prayer by the muezzin’s call. Echoing off the stone walls of houses and apartments in Jerusalem, the summons is


Cohen lashes out at Wilders

Labour Party (PvdA) leader Job Cohen says he will seek confrontation with Geert Wilders’ Freedom Party in the coming year. "The sooner this cabinet falls, the better,” Mr Cohen said in national


Religious tolerance and mutual respect is vital to civilised society. But gutless capitulation to other religions deserves...

Daily Mail 2 January 2012
By David Thomas

Two Scottish academics, Professor Malory Nye and his wife Isabel Campbell Nye are claiming unfair dismissal from their posts at the Al-Maktoum College of Higher Education in Dundee, Scotland. They


France a target for Turkish nationalists over Armenia law

The Australian 2 January 2012
By Matthew Campbell

DEATH threats against politicians and "cyber attacks" on Paris by Turkish nationalists have followed the introduction of a law by France's national assembly that would make it illegal to deny


Islamofascism And The War on Nigeria's Christians

Islamofascism: Scores of Christians attending Catholic mass in Nigerian churches were slaughtered in their pews by massive bomb blasts on Christmas Day. While decried as "un-Islamic," a frightening

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