Worse Than a Powder Keg

Family Security Matters 21 March 2012
By Andrew C. McCarthy

We have met the enemy and we are they. That is certainly the message the Obama administration has conveyed to the United States Marine Corps in Afghanistan this week.

Our troops have been the target of serial sneak attacks by the Afghans with whom they are forced to "partner.” Nevertheless, our Marines were ordered to disarm before being admitted into the presence of Obama’s defense secretary, Leon Panetta. Yes, you read that correctly: Our Marines were stripped of their arms.


German terrorism suspect tells court he went to Afghanistan to fight jihad there

Greenfield Daily Reporter 21 March 2012

KOBLENZ, Germany — A German-Afghan man whose information prompted terrorism warnings across Europe in 2010 told a court Tuesday he traveled to the Afghan border region with the intention of fighting


'Sexual abuse of 15-year-old girl by gang of six men was filmed on mobile phone'

Daily Mail 21 March 2012
By Emma Reynolds

A drunken 15-year-old girl was filmed naked and pleading as a gang of six men sexually abused her throughout the night, a court heard. Harrowing footage from one of the defendant’s mobile phones


One in five young British muslims support 'honour' violence

Christian Concern 21 March 2012

Research undertaken by ComRes for the BBC has found that nearly one in five – 18 per cent – of young British Asians support acts of violence against those who had shamed their families. The


"Destroy all the Churches”

Canada Free Press 21 March 2012
By Alan Caruba

"Four people, including three children, have been killed after a man opened fire outside a Jewish school in the French city of Toulouse Monday. Police say the bullets came from the same gun that was


Subverting America’s Legal System

FrontPage Magazine 21 March 2012
By Mark Tapson

Scholar of Islam Andrew Bostom, interviewed recently about Islamic anti-Semitism here and here at FrontPage, has brought to our attention a revealing, 47-page Arabic-language document discovered by the Center for Security Policy and translated into English by his colleague at Translating Jihad. The paper was published by the Assembly of Muslim Jurists of America (AMJA) in 2007, and presented at their 2008 careers conference in Houston. The document makes it clear that AMJA’s ultimate goal, as Bostom puts it, "is nothing less than the eventual subversion of the American legal system” to sharia law.


Poll shows many Canadians do not trust Muslims

thestarphoenix.com 21 March 2012
By Randy Boswell

More than half of all Canadians believe Muslims can't be trusted and nearly as many believe discrimination against Muslims is "mainly their fault," according to the results of a new national survey


Muslim Persecution of Christians: February 2012

FrontPage Magazine 21 March 2012
By Raymond Ibrahim

Half of Iraq’s indigenous Christians are gone due to the unleashed forces of jihad, many of them fleeing to nearby Syria; yet, as the Assad regime comes under attack by al-Qaeda and others, the jihad


Dewsbury men 'filmed schoolgirl sex attack'

BBC News 21 March 2012

Six men filmed themselves as they raped and sexually assaulted a drunk 15-year-old schoolgirl, a jury was told. The girl was taken to three different houses in Dewsbury, West Yorkshire, during the


Islamic Center of Fort Collins to break ground

The Coloradoan 21 March 2012
By Pat Ferrier

A plan about 20 years in the making is finally coming to fruition for Northern Colorado's Muslim population. The Islamic Center of Fort Collins, currently cramped in a small building on Peterson


Video: Pamela Geller Discusses Honor Killings on Michael Coren Show

Atlas Shrugs 21 March 2012

Here is my appearance with Michael Coren this evening on SUN TV. Among other things, we talk about honor killings, Jessica Mokdad and the activists conference in her memory coming April 29 in Dearborn.


Reporter Threatened Over Female Circumcision Story in Liberia

PRI's The World 21 March 2012
By Jina Moore

I came to Liberia to work with a newspaper reporter named Mae Azango, in the capital city, Monrovia. We were going to do a story about midwives, but our plans got seriously disrupted. Just before


Muslim extremists seize Philippine health worker

MSN Philippines News 21 March 2012

Gunmen believed to be members of the Abu Sayyaf group stopped a van carrying six village health workers in the island of Jolo on Monday and abducted a 54-year-old village midwife, said the regional


Muslim group seeks to educate Houstonians on Islamic law

Houston Chronicle 21 March 2012
By Lomi Kriel

The way supporters of the conservative group Texas Eagle Forum see it, a growing number of U.S. Muslims are practicing "stealthy jihad," secretly trying to impose their religious doctrine on


Egyptian family hacks off mum’s lover's body part

Emirates 24/7 21 March 2012

A family was arrested in Cairo for chopping off a man’s penis, reported an Egyptian daily. The 46-year old mother, identified as NZB, was in an illicit relationship with a man identified as MMA


Islamists Massacre More Nigerian Christians

The New American 21 March 2012
By James Heiser

The conflict in Nigeria between the government and Islamic terrorists has claimed its latest victims, with at least 10 people dead and five wounded. The growing problem of Islamic terrorism in


Video: "Tell the truth about Islam”

British Freedom 20 March 2012
By Pat Condell

"The Islamophobia industry is quick to whine and complain at every opportunity, as everybody knows, and lately they’ve been whining and complaining about what they call negative coverage of Islam in the British media, by which they mean truthful coverage…”


Former churches find new life as mosques

expressandstar.com 20 March 2012

Hundreds of worshippers and special guests gathered for the openings of two new mosques at former churches in the Black Country. Followers from the Ahmadiyya Islamic Community saw the movement’s


What George Clooney Doesn’t Get about Islam’s Genocidal War in South Sudan

Canada Free Press 20 March 2012
By Fred Dardick

I don’t mean to belittle George Clooney’s good work on bringing attention to the plight of Africans in South Sudan. Traveling to a region of the world where at any moment a bomb could fall out of the


Freedom of expression under attack

Canadian Lawyer Magazine 20 March 2012
By Damian J. Penny

Britain’s plaintiff-friendly libel laws are so infamous, they’ve even inspired a gag on South Park. In the notorious "Trapped in the closet” episode, young Stan Marsh — thought to be the


Muslim Bosnian Neo-Nazi Group: Most Of the World's Problems Result From a Plot Aimed at "Letting the 'Chosen People' Control...

MEMRI 20 March 2012
By A. Ceresnjes and Y. Carmon


The Bosanski Pokret Nacionalnog Ponosa (Bosnian National Pride Movement), founded about two years ago, describes itself as a National Socialist (Nazi) movement championing white supremacy and Bosnian national revival. What differentiates the BPNP from other European neo-Nazi groups is that it was founded by, and is intended for, Muslim Bosnians – as evident from its spheres of operation, which are listed on its website. [1] Indeed, the site states that 95% of the group's members are Muslim (though this is not a mandatory requirement for membership).


Kosovo Continues Fight Against Wahhabi Infiltration

The Weekly Standard 20 March 2012

The great majority of Kosovar Albanians take pride in their reputation as the most pro-American Muslims in the world. Their Sunni Islam is conventional and moderate, and spiritual Sufism is a


Video: Ken Livingstone: I will make London a beacon of Islam

Telegraph Blogs 20 March 2012
By Andrew Gilligan

Here is the full version of a story which appears in the print edition of today's Daily Telegraph: Ken Livingstone has promised to turn London into a "beacon” for the words of the Prophet Mohammed in a sermon at one of the capital’s most controversial mosques.


Bulgaria to Launch Construction of Its Largest Mosque

Novinite.com 20 March 2012

The construction of a huge mosque is set to be launched in Bulgaria's southern city of Kardzhali, home of a large ethnic Turkish and Muslim community. The Muslim prayer temple, with two minarets,


Forcing Women to Marry Their Rapists

AINA (press release) 20 March 2012
By Arnold Ahlert

While American progressives remain in high dudgeon over a woman's "right" to "free" government-provided contraception, a genuine woman's rights issue has been unfolding in Morocco. In Larache, near the city of Tangiers, 16-year-old Amina Filali committed suicide after she was forced by a judge to marry. Whom did the judge force her to marry? Her rapist. "The prosecutor advised my daughter to marry, he said 'go and make the marriage contract,'" said Lahcen Filali, the girl's father. Thus, once again the wonders of Sharia-based jurisprudence are revealed.


Islam: interest in 'halal' finance growing in Italy

ANSAmed 20 March 2012

MILAN - Islamic finance has existed in Europe for more than forty years, with the United Kingdom one of the world's leading countries in the field, and others, such as Malta and Luxembourg,


Daily Mail: Murder of Briton Might Have Been Honor Killing

The New American 20 March 2012
By R. Cort Kirkwood

The 20-year-old victim of a murder perpetrated in October, 2010 might have been the first white British native to suffer Islam’s ultimate penalty — an "honor" killing — London’s Daily Mail reported


Polygamous Muslim unions on the rise in Britain

An "unprecedented” number of Muslim women are inquiring about polygamy, the Islamic Sharia Council in Britain has said. Newspaper reports suggest that thousands of Muslim women in Britain are


Tariq Ramadan Calls a Hudna on Hudud

Gates of Vienna 20 March 2012

The Counterjihad owes a debt of gratitude to the numerous Salafist luminaries who live in the West and appear from time to time in our newspapers and on our TV screens. This cohort of fundamentalist firebrands includes Anjem Choudary (UK), Najmuddin Faraj Ahmad (better known as Mullah Krekar, Norway), Taj El-Din Hamid "Catsmeat” Hilaly (Australia), and Abdul Wahid Pedersen (Denmark).

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