Dissident prince with Islamists seeks to challenge Morocco's king

worldtribune 13 April 2011

WASHINGTON — The Foreign Policy Research Institute reported that Morocco's King Mohammed could be threatened by a dissident prince who lives in the United States. The


The Cypriot revolt

New Europe 12 April 2011
By Robert Ellis

Twelve years ago former Turkish prime minister Mesut Yilmaz declared that Turkey’s road to Europe went through Diyarbakir, the capital of south-east Turkey. Since 2005 it would be more correct to claim that it goes through Nicosia, the divided capital of Cyprus.


40.000 Turkish Cypriots protesting against Turkey

Ekathimerini 12 April 2011
By Robert Ellis

On January 28, a mass rally with around 40,000 demonstrators took place in Inonu Square, in the Turkish Cypriot zone of Nicosia, the capital of the divided island. The protests were against cuts in public spending, which the National Unity Party (UBP) that administers northern Cyprus had agreed with the Turkish government, and which means cuts of up to 40 percent in civil servants’ salaries.


Breaking stereotypes in Brussels

New Europe 12 April 2011
By Morten Messerschmidt and Robert Ellis

At the end of March the Friends of Turkey, a group of 76 MEPs, together with TUSKON, a Turkish business confederation, held a seminar in the European Parliament with the aim of breaking stereotypes and building bridges between Turkey and the EU. Earlier the same afternoon, the Turkey Assessment Group, an open forum for MEPs and their assistants, held its fifth meeting, addressed by Professor Binnaz Toprak on “Being different in Turkey”. Oddly enough, both meetings confirmed the stereotypes and demolished the bridges that the Friends of Turkey intended to build.


The burka is an alien, cultural monstrosity.... and it CAN be banned in Britain

Daily Mail 12 April 2011
By Dr Taj Hargey

The decision by the French government to outlaw all forms of public face-masking, including the burka and niqab, is welcomed by all thinking Muslims around the world. The Muslim Educational Centre


Controversial Muslim preacher causes great unrest in parliament

The Copenhagen Post 12 April 2011

This coming Sunday the youth department of the Danish Islamic Community will host a conference with controversial preacher Bilal Philips as one of the main speakers. Philips has previously been


Sharia is Already Here

Gates of Vienna 12 April 2011

Geert Wilders’ political party, the PVV, has exposed the fact that sharia is currently being followed in the Netherlands, not in special sharia courts, as in the UK, but in the Dutch civil courts


France’s burka ban is a victory for tolerance

Telegraph.co.uk 12 April 2011
By William Langley

Despite some high-profile protests, France’s banning of the burka is enormously popular with the public. Unfortunately, as in Britain, almost anything politicians do that the voters approve of tends


'Italy Using Dirty Trick to Force EU to Help With Refugees'

Spiegel Online 12 April 2011
By David Crossland

Italy has angered its EU neighbors by planning to issue visas to thousands of North African refugees in a move that would allow them to travel freely around large parts of Europe.


Jordan's Islamists say French veil ban heralds battle

Expatica Netherlands 12 April 2011

The Muslim Brotherhood of Jordan on Monday slammed a French ban on women wearing full face-face veils in public, calling the measure the "beginning of a dangerous battle". Hammad Said, head of the


German Army Criticized For Failing to Protect UN Workers

Spiegel Online 12 April 2011
By Ulrike Demmer, Susanne Koelbl and Enayat Najafizada

Although the German ISAF troops stationed in northern Afghanistan were promptly informed of an April 1 attack on a UN mission, they didn't deploy. Critical questions have been raised about the


Misunderstander of Islam pleads guilty to attempting to blow up DC Metro stations for Allah

Jihad Watch 12 April 2011

"Ahmed told the court that he was 'sorry.'" And I'm sure he is "sorry." More on this story. "Guilty plea entered in attempt to blow up Metro stations," from CNN, April 11 (thanks to all who sent


Laws on Muslim veils and headscarves in different countries

The Canadian Press 12 April 2011

Here is a look at legislation and debate about face-covering Muslim veils and Muslim headscarves in various countries: — FRANCE: France on Monday became the


Islam in Europe - a real problem

presseurop 12 April 2011
By Marek Magierowski

The debate about secularism organised in France by the ruling right-wing UMP party has been decried by the Muslim community as a brutal attack on Islam, while the Left has seen it as a disguised


Dutch minister slams Italian migrant move

Expatica Netherlands 12 April 2011

Immigration Minister Gerd Leers says he’s "extremely angry” at Italy for planning to give humanitarian visas to thousands of Tunisian economic migrants. The visas would


Video: Minsk explosion

youtube 12 April 2011

April 11 explosion in Minsk kills many people


Sesame partner with Islamic Bank of Britain

myintroducer 12 April 2011

Sesame partner with Islamic Bank of Britain for Islamic mortgage alternative. Sesame Network members will have access to the full range of IBB’s Sharia compliant mortgage alternative, the Home


Outlawed Muslim Brotherhood supports Syrian revolt

IB Times 12 April 2011

The Muslim Brotherhood organization, which is officially banned in Syria, said it supports the anti-governments demonstrations against President Bashar al-Assad. The leader of the Brotherhood,


"Moderate" Imam Gunned Down by Jihadists

FavStocks  12 April 2011
By Atlas Shrugs

And so it goes. This is the patttern all through Isalmic history – any and all voices of "reform" are snuffed out as mandated by the quran. Reform and/or reinterpretation is unislamic.


Anti-porn supporter caught viewing porn, quits

Stuff.co.nz 12 April 2011

An Indonesian lawmaker who helped pass a tough anti-pornography law has resigned after he was caught watching sexually explicit videos on his computer during a parliamentary debate.


Two arrested in France as burka ban comes in

Peter Allen 12 April 2011
By Peter Allen

Kenza Drider, a 32-year-old, travelled to Paris from her home in Provence to force a confrontation with police, and was one of those arrested. There were minor scuffles as officers apprehended her


Over 11,000 lectures on Islam held in 3 months

khaleejtimes 12 April 2011
By Ahmed Shaaban

DUBAI — The Department of Islamic Affairs and Charitable Activities in Dubai organised over 11,000 lectures in the first quarter of the year in a bid to develop people’s


Turkey's Roma woes flow from legacy of prejudices

Hurriyet Daily News 11 April 2011

Prejudice and discrimination are the two biggest problems for Turkey’s Roma people. From these two issues stem many other obstacles to improving the quality of life for Roma,


Muslim population in Western Europe rising

IB Times 11 April 2011

The population of Muslims in Western Europe has been steadily rising in recent decades, largely due to immigration from the Middle East, South Asia and North Africa. In Southeastern Europe, much


Lessons from the Ivory Coast

FrontPage Magazine 11 April 2011
By Steven Plaut

The crisis in the Ivory Coast has important lessons for Europe, Israel and the United States. And none of these lessons is being conveyed by the Western media. The most


Ex-KKK leader featured on Muslim group's website

National Post 11 April 2011
By Stewart Bell

A Canadian Muslim group is making no apologies for its Internet site, which features a video address by former Ku Klux Klan leader David Duke. In the 12-minute video on the Canadian


Video: Belgian Jihadi Threatens to Nuke France

Jawa Report  11 April 2011

Above is the screen grab of the vital moment with Abu Imran, of the Sharia4Belgium group, threatens France with nuclear annihilation. And why does France deserve to be nuked? Apparently Imran


Norwegian Defence League Hold Demonstration In Oslo – 9 April 2011

Liberties Alliance 11 April 2011

Today the Norwegian Defence League (NDL) held its first demonstration at the Kontraskjaret Park in Oslo. 15 people are reported to have been in present. The Norwegians should not

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