More from Brazilian media: Murderer linked to islamist groups

vladtepesblog 13 April 2011

Thanks very much to Julio Lins for sending me this article and his translation of it from Portuguese. Murderer linked to Islamist groups Correio da Manha A scrapbook found at


Islamist Apparel Banned in France

National Review Online 13 April 2011
By Daniel Pipes

With a new law, the French salvaged an aspect of Western civilization. The law prohibits "concealment of the face in public, especially by wearing a full body covering”


France's burqa ban: 5 ways Europe is targeting Islam

Christian Science Monitor 13 April 2011
By Ariel Zirulnick

France issued its first ticket to a woman wearing an Islamic veil on Monday, the day a national ban on face coverings in public took effect. The new law is among a number of legal and political moves


Video: Donald Trump: Koran has ‘very negative vibe’

Washington Post 13 April 2011
By Elizabeth Tenety

Working overtime to convince the public of his social conservative credentials, potential 2012 GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump is appearing on Christian Broadcasting Network’s 700 Club this week to discuss everything from his religious beliefs, to his new found anti-abortion stance, to his view of the Koran as a scripture with a "very negative vibe.”


Eight stand trial for translating al-Qaeda propaganda into German

Munich - Seven men and a woman went on trial in Munich on Tuesday on charges of supporting foreign terrorist organizations by translating al-Qaeda propaganda into German


HMS Nursemaid: Shame as Navy seizes 17 armed Somalis, gives them halal meat and nicotine patches... then sets them free!

Daily Mail 13 April 2011
By Tom Kelly and Paul Revoir

When a Royal Navy warship captured a crew of Somali pirates, it seemed like a rare chance to strike back at the ruthless sea gangsters. The 17 outlaws were armed with an


Turkey may consider hosting Taliban office: Diplomat

Gulf Today  13 April 2011

ANKARA: Turkey may agree to hosting a Taliban office to help reconciliation efforts in conflict-torn Afghanistan, a senior Turkish diplomat said on Tuesday. "We have always said that Turkey is


Anti-Sharia law dead in Oklahoma Senate

FavStocks  13 April 2011

71% of Oklahomans voted for an anti-Sharia law last November, but a clueless judge did the bidding of Hamas-linked CAIR and struck it down. Hamas-linked CAIR convinced the judge, Vicki


ISAF Policy: Catch-and-Release IED-Bombers

Diana West 13 April 2011
By Diana West

Recon Marine Cpl. Todd Love (above) got a hero's welcome in his hometown of Acworth, Georgia this week. Love lost both legs and his left arm in an IED explosion in Afghanistan a few months ago. The


Canada among countries debating niqab bans

Global Montreal 13 April 2011

TORONTO - On Monday, France became the first country to enact a ban on full-face veils in public spaces. France’s President Nicolas Sarkozy initiated the ban two years ago, equating the veils as


Belarusian KGB '100 percent' sure foreign Islamists behind bombing

Foreign Policy 13 April 2011
By Joshua Keating

The response of Belarus' KGB (yep, it's still called that) to yesterday's subway bombing in Minsk, which killed 12 people, doesn't exactly fill one with confidence that the


D.C. Metro Bomb Plotter Pleads Guilty

Right Side News 13 April 2011

A northern Virginia man was sentenced to 23 years in prison Monday after pleading guilty to two counts of trying to provide material support to al-Qaida. Farooque Ahmed scouted subway stops along


Video: Nigeria: 1,000 Muslims attack Christian village and almost every home in the village was destroyed, with some elderly...

FavStocks  13 April 2011

Armed with machetes and guns, 1,000 militants attacked the village of Bar Arewa in the northern Nigerian state of Bauchi on April 7. "Almost every home in the village was destroyed, and some elderly people were reported to have been burnt to death in their homes,” according to Christian Solidarity Worldwide.


Halal award a boon for NZ meat

Manawatu Standard  13 April 2011

The New Zealand meat industry is expected to grow significantly after the Agriculture and Forestry Ministry won the award for best service provider at the World Halal Forum in Malaysia last


American Muslims Must Stand Up and Denounce Radical Islam

U.S. News & World Report  13 April 2011
By Bradley A. Blakeman

During the rise of Nazi Germany, America faced the German-American Bund, also known as German-American Foundation. The goal of this movement, established in the 1930s, was to


'Make jihad with me': The all-American high school class president who went from sweet home Alabama to rapping for Al Qaeda

Daily Mail 13 April 2011

Six weeks ago there were claims he was dead. Now an American jihadist climbing the ranks in Somalia's deadliest militant group appears to have resurfaced. And he's released


Banned Hizb-ut-Tahrir to hold exhibition, rallies in Lahore

The News International 13 April 2011
By Mazhar Tufail

ISLAMABAD: Hizb-ut-Tahrir, a banned organisation, is planning a string of activities from Wednesday, including an exhibition titled ‘The Systems of Khilafah’, which is described by it as an


Turkey: Ruling party criticized over headscarves

Fox News 13 April 2011

Turkish activists pushing for more women in public office who wear headscarves criticized the ruling party Tuesday for only nominating one such candidate for June elections. Turkey's secular rules


Senegal plans $200m sovereign Islamic bond

13 April 2011

Senegal will likely launch a debut sovereign Islamic bond in 2011 of around $200 million, said the chief operating officer at the Islamic Corporation for the Development of the Private Sector


26/11 Rana names ISI, Pak govt - US court dismisses defence, trial to begin on May 16

Calcutta Telegraph 13 April 2011

Chicago: Tahawwur Hussain Rana, the Pakistani-origin Canadian accused in the 26/11 Mumbai attack case, has reportedly said in his defence documents that he helped the Mumbai


Mauritanian Islamist’s Killing of Pastor Yet to be Verified

allvoices 13 April 2011
By Success Kanayo Uchime

The earlier report that made rounds that one Mauritanian Pastor, Ahmadou Abu Bakr was killed by Islamists in Oulata, Mauritania is still unverifiable. This indication is contained in a report by


Dissident prince with Islamists seeks to challenge Morocco's king

worldtribune 13 April 2011

WASHINGTON — The Foreign Policy Research Institute reported that Morocco's King Mohammed could be threatened by a dissident prince who lives in the United States. The


The Cypriot revolt

New Europe 12 April 2011
By Robert Ellis

Twelve years ago former Turkish prime minister Mesut Yilmaz declared that Turkey’s road to Europe went through Diyarbakir, the capital of south-east Turkey. Since 2005 it would be more correct to claim that it goes through Nicosia, the divided capital of Cyprus.


40.000 Turkish Cypriots protesting against Turkey

Ekathimerini 12 April 2011
By Robert Ellis

On January 28, a mass rally with around 40,000 demonstrators took place in Inonu Square, in the Turkish Cypriot zone of Nicosia, the capital of the divided island. The protests were against cuts in public spending, which the National Unity Party (UBP) that administers northern Cyprus had agreed with the Turkish government, and which means cuts of up to 40 percent in civil servants’ salaries.


Breaking stereotypes in Brussels

New Europe 12 April 2011
By Morten Messerschmidt and Robert Ellis

At the end of March the Friends of Turkey, a group of 76 MEPs, together with TUSKON, a Turkish business confederation, held a seminar in the European Parliament with the aim of breaking stereotypes and building bridges between Turkey and the EU. Earlier the same afternoon, the Turkey Assessment Group, an open forum for MEPs and their assistants, held its fifth meeting, addressed by Professor Binnaz Toprak on “Being different in Turkey”. Oddly enough, both meetings confirmed the stereotypes and demolished the bridges that the Friends of Turkey intended to build.


The burka is an alien, cultural monstrosity.... and it CAN be banned in Britain

Daily Mail 12 April 2011
By Dr Taj Hargey

The decision by the French government to outlaw all forms of public face-masking, including the burka and niqab, is welcomed by all thinking Muslims around the world. The Muslim Educational Centre


Controversial Muslim preacher causes great unrest in parliament

The Copenhagen Post 12 April 2011

This coming Sunday the youth department of the Danish Islamic Community will host a conference with controversial preacher Bilal Philips as one of the main speakers. Philips has previously been


Sharia is Already Here

Gates of Vienna 12 April 2011

Geert Wilders’ political party, the PVV, has exposed the fact that sharia is currently being followed in the Netherlands, not in special sharia courts, as in the UK, but in the Dutch civil courts


France’s burka ban is a victory for tolerance 12 April 2011
By William Langley

Despite some high-profile protests, France’s banning of the burka is enormously popular with the public. Unfortunately, as in Britain, almost anything politicians do that the voters approve of tends

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