Video: An American Jihadist in Somalia Claims His Colleagues Want to Kill Him

New York Times 20 March 2012

Omar Shafik Hammami, an Alabama native who traveled to Somalia in 2006 to join a radical Islamist group, has apparently come to regret his choices.


Petrol-bomb attack on religious group

Sydney Morning Herald 20 March 2012
By Adam Cooper

A petrol-bomb attack on a community centre has prompted fears among Melbourne’s Alevi population they could be targeted with more violence on religious grounds. Glass bottles containing petrol and


Muslim doctors denounce anti-vaccination drive

Mail & Guardian Online 20 March 2012

A pamphlet circulating within the Jo'burg Muslim community that warns of the dangers of vaccination has been slammed by doctors and paediatricians, who say not vaccinating children puts them and the


Sharia Victory in Florida Threatens Human Rights

American Thinker 20 March 2012
By JanSuzanne Krasner

A controversy over the defeat of Florida legislation that would have restricted state courts from considering foreign laws as part of legal decisions has intensified. This is after a Tampa judge ruled that two opposing Muslim parties have their dispute settled under Islamic sharia law "pursuant to the Quran" in spite of the fact that one Muslim group did not want to do this...and the Florida Appellate Court denied the petition to appeal the judge's ruling.


From Hitler to Hamas: The goal has never changed

Dear Editor, We Jews have a very long memory, but a very short attention span. How many of us are aware that the emotional phrase, "NEVER AGAIN!!” has been updated?? Not many I’ll bet. Now, in the


Video: Egyptian Muslim cleric: Muhammad foretold the Islamic conquest of Rome

Jihad Watch 20 March 2012

Even the prophet of Islam misunderstands its peaceful teachings. "Egyptian Cleric Salem Abu Al-Futouh: The Prophet Muhammad Foretold the Islamic Conquest of Rome," from MEMRI, December 30, 2011:


Muslim juror who refused to take veil off is ordered to stand down by judge because he wouldn't be able to see her facial expres

Daily Mail 20 March 2012
By Rebecca Camber

A Muslim woman was barred from serving on a jury yesterday because she refused to remove her veil. In an extraordinary ruling, a judge said she could not sit on an attempted murder trial because


An Ex-Muslim’s Open Letter to Muslims of the World

Islam Watch 20 March 2012

Dear Muslim Brothers and Sisters

Greetings in the name of Allah, the beneficent and the Merciful!

Today we are fortunate to watch what is happening in the world on TV from our living rooms – whether it is tsunami, floods, earthquakes, plane crashes, refugee camps, the wars in Iraq or Afghanistan etc. In this panorama of world events, we also watch our Muslim brothers continually involve in unending fights in Palestine, Kashmir, Southern Thailand, Mindanao (Philippines), Nigeria, Chechnya, Burma, Xinxiang province in China etc. We also watch Muslims killing Muslims, or Sunnies fighting against Shiites Ahamadias, Bahais, often attacking their Mosques using suicide bombers.


US report criticizes Turkey on religious rights 20 March 2012
By Desmond Butler

An annual U.S. government report is adding U.S. ally Turkey as well as Tajikistan to a list of the worst violators of religious rights. The report to be released Tuesday by the U.S. Commission on


New York man charged in fire-bombing of mosque

Reuters 20 March 2012
By Daniel Trotta

Federal and state grand juries have indicted a New York man on suspicion of hate crimes in connection with five New Year's Day Molotov cocktail attacks, including one against a mosque and another on


Police officer posing in ‘souvenir’ photo with Dink's killer promoted

Today's Zaman 20 March 2012

A police officer who appeared in a highly controversial a photograph with the killer of Armenian-Turkish journalist Hrant Dink has been promoted, Turkish media reported on Monday. The photograph,


Hamas terrorist was a guest of South African radicals

Canada Free Press 20 March 2012
By Barry Shaw

A Hamas terrorist, involved in the murder of several Israelis in a suicide attack on Cafe Hillel in Jerusalem, was recently in South Africa to help with the "Israel Apartheid Week” propaganda


Controversial Egyptian Muslim Cleric Sued for Cursing Dead Coptic Pope

Christian News 20 March 2012
By Luiza Oleszczuk

While Egypt's Coptic Christians are mourning the death of Pope Shenouda III, head of the Coptic Orthodox Church of Alexandria, a controversial Muslim cleric and scholar, known for his negative


More Than 2/3 of Young British Muslims Believe 'Honour' Violence is Acceptable

AINA (press release) 19 March 2012
By Leon Watson

Most young British Muslims support violence against women who 'dishonour' their families, a Panorama investigation will claim today. The hard-hitting BBC documentary reveals more than two thirds


Slavery's Last Stronghold

CNN 19 March 2012
John D. Sutter

Moulkheir Mint Yarba returned from a day of tending her master’s goats out on the Sahara Desert to find something unimaginable: Her baby girl, barely old enough to crawl, had been left outdoors to die.

The usually stoic mother — whose jet-black eyes and cardboard hands carry decades of sadness — wept when she saw her child’s lifeless face, eyes open and covered in ants, resting in the orange sands of the Mauritanian desert. The master who raped Moulkheir to produce the child wanted to punish his slave. He told her she would work faster without the child on her back.


Danish Tax Authorities: Massive tax evasion in (Muslim) ghettos

Vlad Tepes 19 March 2012
By Nicolai Sennels

They donate money to their mosques, use islamic havala banking, demand interest free Islamic loans and threaten non-Muslims in Western ghettos to pay Islamic jizya. But they do not follow the


Bat-wielding Muslim kills man in French mosque

Bradenton Herald 19 March 2012

PARIS — A Muslim worshipper said to have psychological troubles entered a mosque in northern France and repeatedly beat two elderly men with a bat Friday, killing one and badly injuring the other, a


Man suspected of planning Milan synagogue attack arrested 19 March 2012

Milan - Police arrested a suspected terrorist in the northern city of Brescia early on Thursday who they believe may have been planning an attack on Milan's synagogue. Jarmoune Mohamed,


Angry Turk's Message for Europe: "We are Coming"

Hudson New York 19 March 2012
By Soeren Kern

A second-generation Muslim immigrant in Austria has authored a provocative new book in which he argues that Europe's future is Turkish, whether Europeans like it or not.

The book's short, sharp and confrontational title says it all: "We are Coming."


French official wants wall at Greek-Turkish border

EurActiv 19 March 2012

The top French official responsible for immigration said the EU should build a wall along the 130-kilometre Greek-Turkish border, comparing it to the one between the USA and Mexico. Arno


Time to Get Out of Afghanistan

American Thinker 19 March 2012
By Robert Spencer

The Afghan mission is imploding, and the Obama administration is covering for Islamic jihadists. Last week, Marine officials revealed that a Marine killed on February 1 in what the Pentagon called "combat operations" at the time was actually murdered by a jihadist in the Afghan army. The cover-up of this latest jihad attack from a supposed ally is emblematic of a failed mission. It is long past time to end the mission in Afghanistan.


French mosque attacker kills one

BBC News 19 March 2012

A man armed with a baseball bat has attacked worshippers at a mosque in France, killing one person and seriously wounding another, police say. A suspect was detained after the incident in the


Syrian in Berlin Channels Aid to Embattled Countrymen

Spiegel Online 19 March 2012
By Wiebke Hollersen

A Syrian expat in Berlin has teamed up with Germans to launch a donation drive similar to long-distance "adoption" programs for children in poor countries. Though they fear the wrath of Syrian


Oslo mayor welcomes immigrant boom

The Local 19 March 2012

Oslo’s mayor Fabian Stang has said he is unconcerned by statistics showing that immigrants will make up half of Oslo’s population three decades from now. His reaction stood in stark contrast to


Tolerance, Auschwitz, and Recep Tayyip Erdogan

Gates of Vienna 19 March 2012
By Ralph Giordano

The two articles below overlap in their discussion of the accolades bestowed by the German government on Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan. Many thanks to JLH for the translations.

The translator includes this introductory note:


Saudi Grand Mufti Calls for ‘Destruction of All Churches in Region’

FrontPage Magazine 19 March 2012
By Raymond Ibrahim

According to several Arabic news sources, last Monday, Sheikh Abdul Aziz bin Abdullah, the Grand Mufti of Saudi Arabia, declared that it is "necessary to destroy all the churches of the


Protestors Decry Presentation on "Islamophobia" at JCC

The Phyllis Chesler Organization 19 March 2012
By Phyllis Chesler and Fern Sidman

On Wednesday evening, March 14th ,over 30 protestors representing both Jewish and human rights organizations gathered in front of the Jewish Community Center on Manhattan’s upper west side to express


Gilani ready to resign if it resolves Swiss letter issue

Pakistan Observer 19 March 2012
By Salim Ahmed

Lahore—Prime Minister Syed Yusuf Raza Gilani has said that he was ready to resign if the issue of writing letter to Swiss authorities resolved. Talking to media in Lahore on Sunday, the prime


The Vasarahammer report: All in the name of human rights

Tundra Tabloids 19 March 2012

Sometimes reading the so called Counter-jihad blogs you get the impression that the Western elites are appeasing Islam because they are afraid of Islamic terror and death threats. That may be true but it is hardly the full story.

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