British Government Says Christians Are More Militant Than Muslims

Weasel Zippers 20 June 2011

Muslims are integrating into British society better than many Christians, according to the head of the Government’s equality watchdog. Trevor Phillips warned that "an old time religion


‘European fighters joining Afghan Taliban'

Zee News 20 June 2011

London: European fighters are joining the Taliban in Afghanistan to avenge the death of former Al Qaeda chief Osama bin Laden, a media report said Sunday. According to The Sun, an hour-long video


Shehrbano Taseer, her father murdered by an Islamic extremist, campaigns for tolerance

The National  20 June 2011

A day after her father was gunned down by an Islamist extremist, a grieving Shehrbano Taseer wrote on Twitter: "A light has gone out in our home today." It wasn't long before the 22-year-old realised


Netherlands Not Planning to Recognise Palestinian State

NIS News Bulletin 20 June 2011

THE HAGUE - The Netherlands is not planning for now to recognise a Palestinian state, Vice-Premier Maxime Verhagen said on public broadcaster NOS. In a few months, the Palestinians are


UK mosques, Muslim leaders on high alert

The Nation, Pakistan 20 June 2011
By Asif Mehmood

LONDON - Mosques and Muslim leaders across United Kingdom are on high alert after fake anthrax was posted to five mosques by suspected far-right extremists. Detectives from


Wilders receives death threat from Greeks

Expatica 20 June 2011

Freedom Party leader Geert Wilders says he has received a death threat following his call to expel Greece from the eurozone and stop financial aid to the debt-stricken country. MP Wilders


Afghan suicide attack targets German soldiers

Expatica 20 June 2011

A suicide bomber killed at least two people and injured others in an attack on a passing convoy of German soldiers in the northern Afghan city of Kunduz, but there were no troop casualties. The


Dagenham Demo 18 June 2011

You can silence one, but you won't silence us all. EDL return to Dagenham The following appears courtesy of Esmerelda Weatherwax of New English Review with additional reporting by members of the


Austria seized terror suspect, Germans say

NWAOnline 20 June 2011

Austrian authorities have arrested a purported Islamic extremist suspected of belonging to a terrorist group, German prosecutors said Saturday. (...)


Syrian Refugees Describe Horrors of Assad Crackdown

Spiegel Online 20 June 2011
By Hasnain Kazim

Syrian President Bashar Assad is driving away his own people, say refugees who have fled into Turkey. Eyewitnesses describe executions, random violence and bodies in the streets.


Britain, OIC agree to develop joint programs

vladtepesblog 20 June 2011

RIYADH: The British government has appointed Mohammed Shokat as the UK special envoy to the 57-member Organization of Islamic Conference (OIC) in a major bid to boost ties between the two.


Koran-burning pastor Terry Jones attacked in street on his way to Muslim festival

Daily Mail 20 June 2011

Koran-burning pastor Terry Jones was mobbed by protesters as he made his way to the Arab International Festival. Scuffles broke out and six people were arrested as Jones walk down the street


Pakistan: Jihad against blasphemous floor tiles

Jihad Watch 20 June 2011

The floor tile design was too similar to the Arabic script for the name of Allah. In a situation reminiscent of how rampages protesting the Florida Qur'an burning actually wound up burning untold


More than 100,000 in Spain anti-crisis protests

Expatica 20 June 2011

More than 100,000 protesters took to the streets in Spain on Sunday blaming bankers and politicians for causing a financial crisis that forced the country to adopt painful spending


Prevention Is The Best Cure.....Or Is It?

The following article was originally published early 2010 (on the old EDL website), but given the recent press coverage that has been devoted to criticising the previous government's 'Prevent'


Hijab-Wearing "Flash Mob” Led By Gay Bloggers Invade RightOnline Conference

Weasel Zippers 20 June 2011

MINNEAPOLIS — A group of around ten women in Muslim headscarves crashed the RightOnline conference for about ten minutes Saturday, protesting what they said was an incident


Train more halal slaughterers - Muslim group

Herald Sun  20 June 2011
By Matt Johnston

AUSTRALIA'S peak Muslim body wants a new taxpayer-funded halal training centre to prepare refugees for jobs slaughtering animals in rural areas. The Australian Federation of Islamic Councils says


Wahhabism in U.S. prisons: Fire and gasoline  20 June 2011
By Jim Kouri

The vast majority of federal and state prison administrators, corrections officers and penologists have acknowledged that U.S. prisons are less rehabilitational and more educational. A prisoner


Gadhafi calls for global jihad as NATO bombs Libyan civilians

Jihad Watch 20 June 2011

Unfortunately for him, however, it looks as if the global jihad has already opted to replace his regime. "Gadhafi calls for 'global jihad' as NATO bombs Libyan civilians," from the International


Video: Oz-tard, preaching, Australians mocking.

vladtepesblog 20 June 2011

I wouldn’t bother watching this whole thing its over 45 minutes. But its good to see Australians having the good sense to mock this guy’s highly mockable statements. I hope Canadians would be as critical.


Police probe far-Right links to 'poison packages' at mosques

Evening Standard 20 June 2011
By Tom Harper and Justin Davenport

MUSLIM leaders across London are on high alert after fake anthrax was posted to five mosques by suspected far-Right extremists. Detectives from Scotland Yard's Counter Terrorism Command are


Video: Halal Meat: The Facts

The following video presents the facts about halal meat. What it is, how much of it there is, why it's controversial, and why it's important that supermarkets label their halal produce. The video does not contain any distressing material.

For further details about halal and about our national campaign, please see here.


'Islam Online' Distorts Facts While Raising Alarm about Bulgarian Muslims  20 June 2011

In a report about recent incidents with Bulgarian Muslims,, a global website for Islamic news, society, and culture, has also published incorrect information,


Halal Meat: Campaign for Fair Labelling

The EDL call on supermarkets to label their ritually slaughtered meat and announce a national campaign to target Asda stores. Many people seem to forget where


Eton and The Ritz on al-Qaeda hit list  20 June 2011
By Ben Farmer

The high-profile targets were found on the body of Fazul Abdullah Mohammed, the network's commander in East Africa, after he was shot dead last week in Somalia. Discovery of the list prompted


Christians urged to pray during Islamic fasting month

20 June 2011

Against the background of a poster war between Muslims ("Jesus, prophet of Islam") and Christians ("Glad you want to talk about Jesus"), Christians are being urged to pray for their Muslim


Islamic reality TV show in Malaysia seeks best women preachers

Manila Bulletin 20 June 2011

KUALA LUMPUR - A forthcoming Islamic reality television show in Malaysia aims to find the best women preachers and change conservative mindsets on the role of women in Muslim


An unholy alliance of politicians and bankers vs. the people

Russia Today 18 June 2011

British MEP Nigel Farage does not think that another 10 billion euros should be used to bail out Greece a year after it was last done.


The Verdict From Camelot

Gates of Vienna 17 June 2011

It’s official: Geert Wilders is a racist.

How do we know? A Kennedy said so! No further proof is required.

Many thanks to the PVV for sending this report:

Robert F. Kennedy Jr., the son of American presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy, who was murdered in 1968, is currently in the Netherlands. He gave an interview to the left-wing television channel NCRV in which he said that Geert Wilders is a racist:


FACTSHEET-The world's most dangerous countries for women

TrustLaw  17 June 2011

LONDON - Afghanistan, Congo and Pakistan are the world's most dangerous countries for women due to a barrage of threats ranging from violence and rape to dismal healthcare and "honour killngs", a Thomson Reuters Foundation expert poll showed on Wednesday.

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