British, Sikh, and Proud Member of the EDL

Liberties Alliance 11 April 2011

The following article is from the EDL website. It illustrates of another case of the political left trying to bully people who do not share its views into silence. Is it any wonder that Communism


Chechnya, where stability comes at the price of secularism

Deutsche Welle 11 April 2011
By Christina Nagel

In the Russian republic of Chechnya, the clock is being turned back as Islamic law creeps into public life. The state's leader, Ramzan Kadyrov, is pursuing policies that promote polygamy and


The Nazi-Inspired Jew-Hate of the Muslim Brotherhood

FrontPage Magazine 8 April 2011
By Seth Mandel

The revolutions in the Arab world that began earlier this year were noticeably low on anti-Jewish propaganda, leading many scholars to express the hope that the West had less to lose from the


7 Popular Myths about the Revolution

Sandmonkey 8 April 2011

There are a number of myths that seem to dominate the discourse in Egypt’s upper and middle-class, and subsequently national and international media.


"Wouldn't it be Better to Support the Peaceful Muslims (than to Criticize the Violent Ones)?"

Citizen Warrior 8 April 2011

EVEN IF the number of Muslims who believe in the basic political objective of Islam and are willing to vote in that direction (and take other actions) are as small a minority as people hope they are


Organization of the Islamic Conference vs. Freedom of Expression

AINA (press release) 8 April 2011
By Jacob Mchangama

On March 24, the U.N. Human Rights Council adopted a resolution aimed at combating "negative stereotyping" and "intolerance" against persons based on religion or belief. For the first time since


Culture Check 2011

Family Security Matters  8 April 2011
By Diana West

What happens when Everyguy Icon Bill O'Reilly pushes the calamitous absurdity that Pastor Terry Jones "has blood on his hands," and Hezbollah puts a $2.4 million bounty on Jones' head? We don't


Ban on Kosher and Halal ritual slaughter a step nearer 8 April 2011

A majority of MPs is now opposed to Jewish and Muslim ways of killing animals following the Labour party’s decision to support a ban. Both religions demand that slaughter is carried out with a


France says will not accept 'wave of Tunisian migration'

Expatica Netherlands 8 April 2011

France warned that it would not tolerate a "wave of Tunisian immigration" after Italy on Thursday granted humanitarian permits to thousands of Tunisians allowing them to travel around


French interior minister calls for less immigration

France24 8 April 2011
By Joseph BAMAT

French Interior Minister Claude Guéant says the government intends to reduce the number of immigrants allowed to enter the country legally, in statements evoking a divisive and little-understood


Geert Wilders, Islam and freedom of speech: a whole other kind of Dutch courage

Mail Online 8 April 2011

Nobody gets up the noses of the multicultural classes quite like Geert Wilders, the increasingly-influential Dutch politician who refuses to back down in his criticism of the


In a Democracy, Some Decisions Are Agonizing

Family Security Matters  8 April 2011
By Dr. Laina Farhat-Holzman

For most of human existence, leaders and priests made decisions and ordinary people either obeyed or suffered the consequences. For almost everyone, tradition left a very small range of independent


Wilders kept up to date on cabinet financial setbacks 8 April 2011

Geert Wilders, leader of the anti-Islam PVV is being kept closely informed about the cabinet’s plans to absorb new financial setbacks, the Volkskrant reports on Friday, quoting political sources in


Iranian who set himself on fire in Amsterdam dies

Boston Globe  8 April 2011

AMSTERDAM—Police say an Iranian immigrant who doused himself in gasoline and then set himself on fire in central Amsterdam has died of his injuries.A police statement says the


Islam: Good Hate, Bad Love

Canada Free Press 8 April 2011
By Amil Imani

"Love” is thought as virtue, while "hate” is considered vice. But not all forms of love are good and not all hates are bad. If you love to set buildings on fire, molest children, or steal, these are


Counterjihad Demonstration Approved For Melbourne Australia On Sunday 15 May 2011

Liberties Alliance 8 April 2011

Our Liberties Alliance agents in Australia inform us of positive developments down under as the Australians begin to wake up to Islamisation and sharia evil. A Counterjihad march


Four reporters captured as Kadhafi expels 26 more

Expatica Netherlands 8 April 2011

An American reporter for The Atlantic and three other journalists have been captured in Libya by forces loyal to Libyan leader Muammar Kadhafi, The Atlantic said Thursday.


Journalist Finds Village Called 'Finland' in Somaliland 8 April 2011

Somaliland, a de facto independent country located within what is internationally recognized as Somalia, is the subject of much Finnish influence. Many returnees from Finland have risen to prominent


Police deport dozens of Iraqis

Expatica Netherlands 8 April 2011

The Netherlands has repatriated 38 Iraqis, including 17 children and nine parents, according to an interior ministry spokesperson. They were flown to the Iraqi capital Baghdad accompanied by


Police 'hid' abuse of 60 girls by Asian takeaway workers linked to murder of 14-year-old

Daily Mail 8 April 2011
By James Tozer

At least 60 schoolgirls were groomed for sex by workers at seedy takeaways linked to the murder of a 14-year-old girl. Children as young as 11 were targeted by mainly Asian staff at fast food



ANSAmed 8 April 2011

The member States have the right, in general, to issue temporary permits to immigrants, as stated in the directive in question, ''but giving out a permit does not implicate that these people have an


Mosque opens doors to let Weekends in

ABC Online  8 April 2011

Islam is much talked about but not always well understood, so a chance to see inside the state's main centre for the world's second-largest religion is welcome. Weekends with Simon Marnie visit


France protests as Italy grants permits to Tunisian migrants

Expatica Netherlands 8 April 2011

Italy granted temporary residence permits to thousands of Tunisian migrants Thursday on grounds of "humanitarian protection" putting it on collision course with the rest of Europe, France in


German Justice Through the Eyes of a Somali Pirate

Spiegel Online 8 April 2011
By Beate Lakotta

A courtroom in Hamburg is the scene of a head-on collision between two worlds as the German justice system tries 10 Somali pirates who hijacked a cargo ship. The pirates, some of whom are under 18,


Malaysia: Non-Muslims who quote Qur'an can be arrested

Jihad Watch 8 April 2011

This is Sharia: non-Muslims are forbidden to speak negatively about Islam or the Qur'an, on pain of death. This is the impetus behind the Organization of the Islamic Conference's attempts to compel


Palestinians attack Israeli school bus, pound southern Israel

israel today 8 April 2011
By Ryan Jones

Palestinian terrorists operating out of the Gaza Strip on Thursday afternoon launched a barrage of no fewer than 45 missiles, rockets and mortar shells at communities in southern Israel. In one


Video: First, Shariah-Compliant Financing, Then, Shariah Law

The New American  8 April 2011
By Raven Clabough

Is there a Shariah threat to America? Some believe so and on Friday’s episode of the Glenn Beck program, guests discussed the threat of Shariah law to the United States and the manipulation of the American public into accepting Shariah through the imposition of Shariah-compliant financing.


CAIR Caught in Gaddafi $ Web

Fox News 8 April 2011
By Ben Evansky

A letter from the executive director of the Council on American-Islamic Relations, or CAIR, to Libyan leader Muammar al-Qaddafi has added fuel to criticisms of the controversial group and what its


Mueller Talks Budget Challenges, Reaffirms CAIR Ban

Family Security Matters  8 April 2011
By Steve Emerson

The FBI should shut down web sites carrying al-Qaida propaganda on American-based servers, including its English-language magazine, if it has the ability and legal


Qur’an Burnings and Muslim Murders

FrontPage Magazine 7 April 2011
By Robert Spencer

Everyone is angry with Terry Jones, the Qur’an-burning Florida pastor. Barack Obama issued a written statement saying that "the desecration of any holy text, including the Qur’an, is an act of

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