Video: Tommy Robinson Speaks Candidly About Events At The Blackburn Demo And Reiterates The EDL’s Anti Nazi Stance

Liberties Alliance 6 April 2011

Tommy speaks candidly and with great humility about the disruption that took place at the Blackburn demonstration on 2 April 2011. He goes on the reiterate and underline the EDL’s anti-Nazi stance.


Theologian slams ‘the tolerant Dutch'

Radio Netherlands  6 April 2011

The Netherlands is the world leader in dismantling religion and religious values. At least according to Dutch theologian Marcel Poorthuis. He says the "de-institutionalising" of religion


Qaddafi’s Revenge

Gates of Vienna 6 April 2011

Col. Muamar Gheddafi, the Man of Many Spellings, has always played the extortionist with Europe concerning immigration. He repeatedly warned the Europeans over the years that if they didn’t provide


Wilders’ Mohammed: rapist killer or compassionate activist?

Radio Netherlands  6 April 2011
By Klaas den Tek and Myrtille van Bommel

The murderous Mohammed The cruel leader of a band of plundering, murderous, rapist robbers from Medina - that’s how Dutch MP Geert Wilders says he wants to depict the prophet in his new film, due in


Obama envoy: Islam is the Solution not the Problem

American Thinker  6 April 2011
By Richard Butrick

Somehow I prefer the Mafia version of peace. Under the protection of the Mafia you coughed up a percentage of your earnings and you could live in peace. But at least you didn't have to believe a


French interior minister facing legal action over Muslim comments  6 April 2011
By Henry Samuel

"It's true that the increase in the number of faithful in (Islam), a certain number of behaviours, poses a problem," he said on Monday. Singling out the "problem" of Muslims praying in the street,


Nihad Awad of CAIR Unplugged: Portrait of an Anti-Semite

Family Security Matters  6 April 2011
By Steve Emerson

In the past few years,Nihad Awad, head of the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) and other top CAIR leaders have been feted to a dizzying array of non-Muslim defenders in the media,


Dutch girl to appeal against headscarf ban

Expatica Netherlands 6 April 2011

A 15-year-old schoolgirl is going to appeal against a Dutch court ruling that her secondary school can ban her from wearing an Islamic headscarf. On Monday, the said the Don Bosco College in


Analysis: The man behind the Hamas military industry

Jerusalem Post  6 April 2011

Israel has Rafael, Elbit Systems and Israel Aerospace Industries. Hamas has Dirar Abu Sisi, the so-called "Rocket Godfather” of the Gaza Strip. In 2005, Hamas’s Kassam rockets


Russian Orthodox Church fears Islamists' arrival in Arab world

interfax-religion 6 April 2011

The Moscow Patriarchate has expressed fears that religious extremists may seize power in North Africa and in the Middle East. "Changes in political regimes and a collision of interests of


Saudi Arabia: Christian Man Jailed, Faces Death Penalty For Sharing His Faith With Muslims

Weasel Zippers 6 April 2011

An Eritrean Christian is facing the death penalty in Saudi Arabia after being arrested for sharing his faith with Muslims. Mussie Eyob was detained by the authorities at a mosque in Saudi’s second


Brotherhood incompatible with democracy 6 April 2011

WASHINGTON -- One person, one vote, one time doesn't make a country democratic. If the Muslim Brotherhood wins the election promised for later this year, one election may be all Egyptians ever


Is multiculturalism dead?

The Voice of Russia  6 April 2011
By Jacob Mchangama

Interview with Jacob Mchangama, Director of Legal Affairs at the Center for Political Studies and independent Danish think tank, Copenhagen. Many across Europe now believe that


Islamist Group Promotes KKK Conspiracies

The Propagandist 6 April 2011

Their featured video on their home page is called Mubarak And The Fall Of The Zionist Running Dogs! -- which includes an insightful presentation by former KKK Grand Wizard David Duke. So much for


Egypt Watch: Military To Fight Rising Threat of Radical Islamists

Canada Free Press 6 April 2011
By Trevor Westra

Egypt’s ruling military leaders are feeling the same pressures that faced former president Hosni Mubarek during his decades-long battle with Islamic radicalism. Only days after more extremist groups


Preventing Homegrown Islamic Radicalization

theepochtimes 6 April 2011
By Gary Feuerberg

WASHINGTON—Terrorist attacks in the United States are becoming a more serious threat as individuals either born here or raised in the West join Islamist movements. In the


UK: Ahmadiyya in new anti-Islamophobia campaign

Islam in Europe 6 April 2011

Last year the Ahmadiyya campaign slogan was "Love for all, hatred for none". Via the BBC: An advertising campaign to tackle Islamophobia has been unveiled on buses across the UK.


Teacher probed over anti-Islam comments

Emirates 24/7 6 April 2011

A Saudi university is investigating a female professor after receiving complaints from students that she made anti-Islam comments when she said a woman’s face veil is not compulsory in the religion,


Sharia Law vs: Alaska Law

SitNews 6 April 2011
By A. M. Johnson

Editor Sitnews, In today's Ketchikan Daily News 4/4/11 editorial column the subject of Rep. Carl Gatto's bill to establish that all judicial actions within the State of Alaska will be conducted


While the World Sleeps, The Global Grand Jihad Marches

Right Side News 5 April 2011
By Vin Ienco

A baneful milestone came and went this week, largely unnoticed. The people who maintain the website have been keeping a tally of Jihad attacks worldwide since 9-11.


Richard Goldstone and Palestinian statehood

Canada Free Press 5 April 2011
By Caroline Glick

Richard Goldstone’s repudiation of the eponymous blood libel he authored in 2009 provides a number of lessons about the nature of the political war against the Jewish state and


Muslims and Moral Handicaps

Canada Free Press  5 April 2011
By Daniel Greenfield

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid wants an investigation into Koran burning. Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer suggested that this form of free speech could be banned. Senator Lindsey Graham is


An Anti-Blasphemy Measure Laid to Rest

AINA (press release) 5 April 2011
By Nina Shea

A long-term campaign by the U.N.'s large Muslim bloc to impose worldwide blasphemy strictures -- like those in Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, and Iran -- was given a quiet burial last week in the Human


"Uncontrollable” Muslim Violence: The Latest Excuse

Canada Free Press  5 April 2011
By Joseph A. Klein

On March 31, 2011, Pakistan’s United Nations ambassador, Abdullah Hussain Haroon, spoke to reporters at UN headquarters on behalf of the 56 member state Organization


Muslim group threatens to disrupt William's wedding

Calcutta Tube 5 April 2011

A group of extremist Muslims has allegedly threatened to disrupt the wedding of Prince William, saying ‘the day the nation has been dreaming of will become a nightmare’. William, 28, will marry


7-year-old 'tied and beaten' by teacher at religious school in Malaysia

Metro 5 April 2011

The 26-year-old was said to have tied the boy to a window and battered and strangled him. Police in the northern Malaysia state of Perlis said Saiful Syazani Saiful Sopfidee slipped into a coma


A war of extremes over Quran burning

Christian Science Monitor 5 April 2011
By John Yemma

While Florida preacher Terry Jones knew from past experience that burning a Quran would outrage the Muslim world, sources of outrage are never in short supply. Because Muslims hold their holy book


The Koran-burning pastor is a moron, but not a murderer

National Post 5 April 2011
By Lorne Gunter

Okay, let’s get all the appropriate declarations out of the way first: Terry Jones is, as one of my colleagues on the National Post’s editorial board put it so eloquently this weekend, a "moron.”


Video: Tommy Robinson Sends Anti Nazi Message At Blackburn Demo – ‘Nazis Jog On!’

Liberties Alliance 5 April 2011

The following is dramatic footage from the EDL Blackburn demonstration shows scenes of trouble makers being ejected from the event. Tommy makes it clear that the EDL is a multiethnic, multicultural organisation and that those who differentiate between people on the basis of race will not be tolerated within the EDL.


Koran burning may be reprehensible, but it's still free speech

Washington Post 5 April 2011
By Adam Serwer

Last week, a publicity seeking pastor from Florida held a ritual Qu’ran burning. The first time he threatened to do this, Secretary of Defense Robert Gates and General David Petraeus implored him not

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