Swiss MPs ban nuclear power and the burka

The Australian 30 September 2011

SWITZERLAND has approved two wide-reaching bans - one on the burka and the other on nuclear power, which is to be phased out over 20 years. The Swiss upper house yesterday backed an exit from


Video: NY Law School Symposium "Sharia in America" Umar F. Moghul (Day 2)

youtube 30 September 2011
By pakayhall

Part 8 of 10 - Aug 26, 2011 (Day 2) Introduction by Professor Sadiq Reza. Speaker is Professor Umar F. Moghult on Sharia Finance. He speaks for approximately 20 minutes. His Q and A was about 25 minutes


Six Irish-trained medics among 20 jailed in Bahrain

Irish Times 30 September 2011

BAHRAIN JAILED 20 doctors yesterday, including six associated with the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland (RCSI), on charges relating to unrest in the Gulf kingdom earlier this year. The doctors


Iranian envoy handed protest at German chancellor's office

Monsters and 30 September 2011

Berlin - Iran's envoy to Berlin was handed a protest at Chancellor Angela Merkel's office Thursday against plans to hang an Iranian Protestant minister for apostasy and other offences. Germany


IDF delivers 5,087 truckloads of goods to Gaza in August 30 September 2011

Goods include clothing, food, construction materials, electric products, and agricultural inputs In August, 5,087 truckloads of goods (138,029 tons) entered the Gaza Strip via the Kerem Shalom


Met Police chief Ali Dizaei is reinstated as Scotland Yard commander - despite still facing corruption re-trial

Daily Mail 30 September 2011
By James White

A former police chief facing trial for corruption has been reinstated as a commander at Scotland Yard following an appeal against his dismissal, he said today. Ali Dizaei claimed a police appeal


Stakelbeck Featured in GBTV Special on Sharia Threat to America

Christian Broadcasting Network 30 September 2011
By Erick Stakelbeck

Regular viewers of Stakelbeck on Terror know that I've been sounding the alarm about the growing threat to the West posed by Islamic sharia law and the challenge it poses to the U.S. constitution and


Mayor Bloomberg’s Jihad TV Partnership

FrontPage Magazine 30 September 2011
By Ryan Mauro

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s news company is teaming up with Saudi Prince Alwaleed? bin Talal to launch "Alarab” next year, a 24/7 news network that is sure to reflect Alwaleed’s


Turkish religious representatives for Austria seen off in Ankara

ISRIA 30 September 2011

The Austrian Embassy in Ankara gave a reception on September 20th to say farewell to nine religious representatives of "Diyanet”, the Turkish religious affairs authority, on the eve of their


Evangelical Christians Targets of Religious Persecution

AINA (press release) 30 September 2011

Iranian authorities should immediately free pastor Yousef Nadarkhani and drop all charges against him, Human Rights Watch said today. Nadarkhani, who has been charged with apostasy and is in Rasht


Video: Latest details on D.C. drone bomb plot

CBS News 30 September 2011

A 26-year-old Massachusetts man charged with planning aerial bombings of the Pentagon and the U.S. Capitol using remote-controlled airplanes filled with explosives Ferdaus said he wanted to deal a psychological blow to the "enemies of Allah," according to a federal affidavit.


Switzerland May Ban Burqas as Lawmakers Vote ‘Down With Masks’

BusinessWeek  30 September 2011
By Leigh Baldwin

Switzerland may ban facial veils, including the burqa worn by some Muslim women, after the country’s lower chamber of parliament backed a resolution called ’Down With the Masks!’ Today’s approval


Turkey 'offered Syria support' if Islamists given posts

AFP 30 September 2011
By Sammy Ketz

DAMASCUS — Ankara asked Damascus to offer the Muslim Brotherhood government posts in exchange for Turkey's support in ending rallies in Syria, an offer rejected by Bashar al-Assad, officials and


France: Lack of doctors, banlieue schools appeal to UN

ANSAmed 30 September 2011

PARIS - There are not enough doctors willing to work in the schools of Paris's banlieues, and therefore teachers and parents have launched an appeal to the UN for humanitarian aid to be


Video: Fatwa Alert: Hollywood Titan Frank Miller Releases 9/11 Comic "Holy Terror”

Weasel Zippers 30 September 2011

Frank Miller doesn’t do things halfway. One of the true comic-book greats, he’s created several of the most extraordinary stories ever to grace the art form. So perhaps it’s fitting that now he’s produced one of the most appalling, offensive and vindictive comics of all time.


Another Moammar Kadafi son on Interpol most wanted list 30 September 2011
By Patrick J. McDonnell

The international police agency, Interpol, on Thursday placed Moammar Kadafi's son Saadi on its most wanted list, where he joins his father, an elder brother and an uncle as hunted men. Unlike the


Life for Saudi women is a constant state of contradiction

The Guardian 30 September 2011
By Eman Al Nafjan

What's it like being a Saudi woman? A common question I've come to expect from outsiders – even fellow Arabs. The restrictiveness of the guardianship system, gender segregation and a persistently


Syria: US Ambassador pelted with stones and tomatoes

ANSAmed 30 September 2011

BEIRUT - The American Ambassador to Syria, Robert Ford, was attacked this morning in Damascus by a group of loyalists who threw stones and tomatoes at the U.S. official immediately


Terrorists investing in Indian stock market

Times of Assam  30 September 2011

A few days ago, there were reports on ULFA Supremo Paresh Baruah investing millions of reports inBangladesh. Though the outfit was quick to thrash such claims and even Bangladesh intelligence sources


The British Muslim men who love 'both their wives'

BBC News 30 September 2011
By Perminder Khatkar

The number of polygamous relationships among British Muslims is increasing, according to British Muslim groups. So what is it like to have two wives or be married to a man and share him with someone


Arab Spring poet and blogger tipped for Nobel Prize nominations

The National 30 September 2011

STOCKHOLM // In a year dominated by the Arab Spring, speculation is rife that a Syrian poet and a Tunisian blogger could take home the prestigious prizes for literature and peace when the 2011 Nobel


Swiss Islamic Council deeply concerned over ban of Niqab in country

Kuwait News Agency 30 September 2011
By Tamer Aboalenin

GENEVA -- The Islamic Central Council of Switzerland (ICCS) Thursday expressed its deep concern about the accord reached by the Swiss Federal Parliament on a ban of the Niqab by a


Egyptian Christian Girl Banned From School For Not Wearing a Veil

AINA (press release) 30 September 2011
By Mary Abdelmassih

A Christian girl was prevented for over a week from entering her school in Beni Mazar, Minya province, because she refused to wear a veil. "The school management described her as 'flaunt' for not


Imam says Muslims have no excuse to condone homosexuality

GNA 30 September 2011

Koforidua - Alhaji Yusif Hamdani Sulemana, the Eastern Regional Chief Imam, has described homosexuality as an abomination and said Muslims in Ghana had no excuse to condone and indulge


Bahrain jails 20 doctors after democracy protests

Reuters 30 September 2011
By Andrew Hammond

Bahrain jailed 20 doctors on Thursday for between five and 15 years on theft and other charges, the state news agency said, in what critics claimed was reprisal for treating protesters during unrest


Fatah official describes the PLO's real goals

Elder of Ziyon 30 September 2011

Abbas Zaki: The settlement should be based upon the borders of June 4, 1967. When we say that the settlement should be based upon these borders, President [Abbas] understands, we understand, and


State of Endless War

FrontPage Magazine 29 September 2011
By Daniel Greenfield

In his UN speech, Mahmoud Abbas of the Palestinian Authority used the word "peace” twenty-eight times. "We believe in peace,” he said. But what sort of peace he believes in is another matter.

Abbas began his statehood campaign with the "Mother of Martyrs,” a mother of seven imprisoned terrorists, four of them murderers, two of whom were involved in suicide bombings, one of whom was a member of Hamas.


The Trash of Islam

Sultan Knish  29 September 2011
By Daniel Greenfield

Two years ago the Egyptian city of Cairo, the largest city in the Arab world and the "timeless city" of Obama's Cairo speech, the heart of the Arab Spring, was suffering from a garbage crisis. The crisis had a very simple cause, the pigs that used to eat the garbage were killed to prevent the spread of Swine Flu.

The pigs living in "Garbage City" had served as both organic garbage disposals and food sources for the Zabaleen, families of marginalized Christian Copts who made a living by collecting the garbage, reselling the inorganic garbage and feeding the organic garbage to pigs. The system worked fine so long as there were pigs, but without the pigs, Cairo's streets are filled with giant mounds of rotting garbage.


UK Police Trying to Locate Video Proof of Their Violence?

Gates of Vienna 29 September 2011

This post is from Tundra Tabloids today:

[We have] just learned from Martin Brennan, a former leader of the Australian EDL, is being sought after by the British police for some unknown reason.

According to Brennan, he has participated in the Tower Hamlets demonstration, as well as the wreath laying ceremony at the American embassy in downtown London on 9/11. He also attended with the EDL Anjem Choudary’s disgraceful gathering for the purpose of burning the US flag on the same day.


Man hits Belgian cop controlling his veiled wife

Expatica 29 September 2011

A man struck a policeman in Brussels after the officer asked for the identity papers of his wife, who was wearing a full Islamic veil banned in Belgium, police said Wednesday. Police said the man,

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