The Muslim Brotherhood in Libya, and Supporting Hamas

Family Security Matters 16 December 2011
By The Global Muslim Brotherhood Daily Report

The website of Global Muslim Brotherhood leader Youssef Qaradawi is reporting that a delegation of Qaradawi’s International Union of Muslim Scholars (IUMS), headed by Qaradawi himself, was on a four-day visit to Libya at the invitation of the Transitional Council. According to a Google translation of the Arabic language report:


The fantasies of Iraq hawks

WND 16 December 2011
By Diana West

I wish I could find the perfect label for the depths of denial and the heights of delusion manifested in Frederick and Kimberly Kagan's latest declarations on Iraq, published this week in the Washington Post as "opinion."

"Fantasy," is more like it. The premise of these two military advisers closely associated with the "surge" strategy in Iraq is that Western-style nation-building there failed not because the policy was an exercise in hothouse academic utopianism (leftist cant) that withered in the real-world conditions of the Islamic Republic of Iraq, but because the exercise didn't go on long enough.


Why the West Is Best: A Muslim Apostate’s Defense of Liberal Democracy

PJ Media 16 December 2011
By Phyllis Chesler

The legendary Ibn Warraq is my dear friend. I decided to review his new and very excellent book Why the West is Best: A Muslim Apostate’s Defense of Liberal Democracy and to interview him here as well.

But let’s be clear from the outset. I am reviewing his book not because he is my friend. Rather, he is my friend because he writes great and important books. He is someone with whom I can share serious and witty conversations; he may very well be the best-read man I know. His familiarity with a vast array of fields is truly astounding and a great consolation (at least to me) in our world of apps and pads and short attention spans. He is supremely knowledgeable about philosophy, Islamic and Western art, music, theater, architecture, and literature, both sacred and secular.


Almost Half of Young Viennese Think There Are Too Many Turks in the Country

Islam versus Europe 16 December 2011
By Cheradenine Zakalwe

Almost half of young Viennese (43.6%) think that "there are already too many Turks living in this country". For 18.2% "As before, Jews have too much influence on the world economy". And more than


Jewish groups protest promotion of intolerance

Prague Monitor 16 December 2011

Prague - The Jewish Federations' Community, the Prague Jewish Community and the Jewish Museum yesterday protested against what they called fomenting of intolerance in the Czech Republic


Video: Shariah4Ever

Gates of Vienna 16 December 2011

This MEMRI clip features a lecture by Sheik Abu Imran, the leader of Shariah4Belgium, about the coming abolition of "idolatry” in Belgium. He says that all "idols” — including the famous Atomium monument — will be destroyed when Belgium comes under Islamic control.


Finland Police Called in to Settle Quran Interpretation

Tundra Tabloids 16 December 2011

The teacher supposedly wasn’t teaching it according to the Koran, children have no right to choose what religion to follow, or not to follow. One has to wonder why the police would have to involve


Saudi prince's yacht in hot water over rape claims

Tundra Tabloids 16 December 2011

Once again a Saudi in the spotlight for criminal behavior. It’s a pattern of course, the Saudis are evil.


U.S. Congress Tells Turkey To Safeguard Christian Heritage 16 December 2011

In a resolution hailed by Armenian-American groups but criticized by Ankara, the U.S. House of Representatives urged Turkey late on Tuesday to respect religious freedom and return Armenian and other


Sharia Adherence Mosque Survey: Correlations between Sharia Adherence and Violent Dogma in U.S. Mosques

Perspectives on Terrorism 16 December 2011
By Mordechai Kedar, David Yerushalmi

A random survey of 100 representative mosques in the U.S. was conducted to measure the correlation between Sharia adherence and dogma calling for violence against non-believers. Of the 100 mosques


Two Faces of the East London Mosque

British Freedom 16 December 2011

At the East London Mosque open weekend in November I spent several hours inside that vast building, where I was treated most courteously by the young guides, offered tea and cakes and given a free


Lockwood hairdresser who sexually-assaulted teen is a "dirty middle-aged man" with a "dinosaur-like" attitude to women

Examiner 16 December 2011
By Graham Brown

THE former owner of hairdressing salon who sexually assaulted a teenage student at his Lockwood premises has been branded a dirty middle-aged man. Javid Akhtar's behaviour towards the vulnerable


Egypt: Country Summoned Ambassador Over Wilders 16 December 2011

Earlier today, the German Press Agency DPA reported that Dutch ambassador Susan Blankhart was summoned by the Egyptian Foreign Minister in November to explain anti-Islamic comments by the


Egypt summoned ambassador over Wilders

Radio Netherlands Worldwide 16 December 2011

Egypt is concerned about a book Freedom Party leader Geert Wilders plans to publish in the spring. Earlier today, the German Press Agency DPA reported that Dutch ambassador Susan Blankhart was


Extremists jailed for 'evil' terror plot

Sydney Morning Herald 16 December 2011
By Daniel Fogarty and Steve Lillebuen

They are Islamic extremists who see the people of Australia as infidels and planned to become martyrs by shooting up a Sydney army base. Wissam Mahmoud Fattal, 35, Saney Edow Aweys, 28, and Nayef


Terrorists' favourite bookseller guilty 16 December 2011
By Duncan Gardham

Material produced and distributed by Ahmed Faraz ended up in the hands of almost every major terrorist in Britain. His customers included Mohammed Sidique Khan, the leader of the July 7 bomb plot,


18 years' jail for army terror-attack plan

Sydney Morning Herald 16 December 2011
By Andrea Petrie

Three Muslim extremists convicted of conspiring to plan an Australian terrorist attack have been sentenced to each serve 18 years' jail. The men were part of an Islamic terrorist cell who were


Imam says Muslims being persecuted like Jews

Toronto Sun 16 December 2011
By Mark Dunn

OTTAWA – A Calgary-based Imam says Muslims are being attacked in the same way Jews were before Hitler ordered their extermination. Syed Soharwardy, founder of the Islamic Supreme Council of


Honour killings 'reprehensible': Imam

London Free Press 16 December 2011
By Joe Warmington

KINGSTON, Ont. -- The young imam here knows those alleged to have been part of the horrible Rideau Canal "honour" murders have nothing to do with Muslim life in Canada's original capital city. But he


Same-sex marriage blocked by Scottish evangelicals and Muslims

TNT Magazine 16 December 2011

Religious groups in Scotland are mounting a campaign to block the Scottish government's proposals to introduce same-sex marriage. A letter signed by more than 70 of Scotland's largest evangelical


Video: The Islamists Within

FrontPage Magazine 16 December 2011

The panel discussion below recently took place at David Horowitz?’s Restoration Weekend in West Palm Beach, Florida (Nov. 17-20, 2011).


Neighborhood in heavily Muslim China region tries to ban wearing veils, long beards

Washington Post 16 December 2011

BEIJING — A city district in heavily Muslim western China is trying to tamp down religious fervor by prohibiting people from wearing veils, traditional Arab dress or growing long beards. A


German Court Bans Muslim Prayers in Schools

Hudson New York 16 December 2011
By Soeren Kern

Germany's top administrative court has ruled that a Muslim student is not entitled to perform prayers at his school because the act has the potential to create "very severe conflicts." Germany's


US adds Abdullah Azzam Brigades commander to terrorist list

Long War Journal 16 December 2011
By Bill Roggio

Today under Executive Order 13224, the US State Department added Saleh al Qarawi, a top leader of the Lebanon-based, al Qaeda-linked Abdullah Azzam Brigades, to the list of specially designated


The Rise of Islam Threatens Christians in the Middle East

Right Side News 16 December 2011
By Roni Drukan

This has been a victory year for political Islam. Earlier this year the revolutions sweeping through the region seemed encouragingly modern and secular. But where courageous people stood up for


Is this house the key to seizing Gaddafi assets in the UK?

BBC News 16 December 2011
By Mark Bosworth

Seven Winnington Close may sound like any suburban address, but this house in London's Millionaire's Row may be the first Gaddafi family asset in the UK to be returned to the Libyan government - and


Kerry Courts the Muslim Brotherhood

FrontPage Magazine 16 December 2011
By Jacob Laksin

As the head of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, John Kerry might be expected to be wary of bestowing legitimacy on Islamic extremists. But no such caution was in evidence last Friday, when the


New swearing-in rule upsets local Muslims

Waterloo Record 16 December 2011
By Liz Monteiro

WATERLOO REGION — Huda Hasan and her sister-in-law Amena Faysal had every intention of becoming Canadian citizens. The Waterloo women aren’t so sure now. Both of them wear the niqab, a facial


What al-Qaida group al-Shabab is doing on Twitter

Times of India 16 December 2011

NAIROBI: Think of it as the Battle of the Tweets. Somalia's powerful Islamist insurgents, al-Shabab, best known for chopping off hands and starving its own people, just opened a Twitter account,

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