Brotherhood Leader: "Democracy is Heresy"

Family Security Matters 20 September 2011

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Suspicions Raised About Nationalist Demonstration on 8th October…And Neo-Nazi Named and Shamed

English Defence League 20 September 2011

We have recently learned that a ‘Nationalist Demonstration’ is to be held on 8th October in the North of England. Unfortunately, we have also learned that many far Right groups, including the


Six men and a woman held as police 'smash terror plot to bomb Britain'

Daily Mail 20 September 2011
By Andy Dolan and James Slack

Men detained following raids in Birmingham's Moseley, Sparkbrook, Sparkhill, Ward End and Balsall Heath Woman, 22, arrested in Saltley on suspicion of failing to disclose information


Senior Gadhafi General Captured In South - Official

Wall Street Journal  20 September 2011

-A senior general loyal to Moammar Gadhafi has been captured in the southern Libya, an official from the country's new regime said Tuesday, as the hunt for the toppled dictator


Ground Zero Islamic Center Opens This Week

New York's PIX11 / WPIX-TV  20 September 2011
By Mary Murphy

The co-founder of the controversial Islamic center Park 51, located just two blocks from Ground Zero, told PIX 11 he's ready to open its doors this week, with a special, photographic exhibit.


Turkey: Erdogan's Gamble In The Middle East Puzzle

Spero News 20 September 2011

The travels in the countries of the Middle East and of the Arab spring, along with tensions with Israel, are part of the renovation of Turkish politics, which is abandoning the Kemalist ideology for


FBI Under Fire For Teaching the Truth

FrontPage Magazine 20 September 2011
By Robert Spencer

The FBI came under fire again Wednesday from hard-Left journalist Spencer Ackerman in Wired, who has been conducting a campaign for some time to get the bureau to purge its terrorism training


Why does the Mufti not speak English?

Herald Sun 20 September 2011
By Andrew Bolt

If Muslims want to reassure Australians that their faith fits in well with Australian culture, it would help if their chief spokesman fitted in so well himself that he at least spoke English after


US Universities to Teach Journalists Even More Islamic Favoritism

Human Events 20 September 2011
By Robert Spencer

The International Islamic News Agency (IINA) reported Sunday that "in a bid to run correct news reporting about Muslims, two American universities have launched a project


The End of Palestine

Sultan Knish 20 September 2011
By Daniel Greenfield

In the spring of 1964, while the Vietnam War was underway, the space program had brought close up photos of the moon, and the Beatles were topping the charts; the Arab League convened to try and find a way to complete the ethnic cleansing of Jews from Israel

They had tried it once before in 1948, with incomplete results. Back then, the Arab forces had managed to capture and ethnically cleanse the eastern half of Jerusalem, as well as seizing and annexing the West Bank and Gaza. But for 16 years, Israel had managed to frustrate their designs by stubbornly continuing to exist.


Islamic Extremists Threaten Cheryl Cole and Her Safety

Fallen Scoop  20 September 2011

After Cheryl Cole‘s recent trip to visit the British troops in Afghanistan, it suddenly seems the young star may now be at risk from terrorist groups in the UK after showing her support to our


Burka-wearing raiders with pram target jewellers in Duckworth Lane

Bradford Telegraph and Argus 20 September 2011
By Hannah Baker

Detectives are investigating an attempted robbery at a Bradford jewellery shop in which a pram containing a wooden bat and a hammer was uncovered. Two suspects wearing burkas, believed to be men,


Poll: 63% Support GOP Rep. Peter King’s Hearings On Radical Islam In America, Only 20% Opposed…

Weasel Zippers  20 September 2011

Suck it, CAIR. (TheDC) — While New York Republican Rep. Peter King’s recent hearings on radicalization have sparked controversy among interest groups and in the media, a recent poll shows that


Marrakesh bomb trial to resume

Expatica 20 September 2011

The trial in Morocco of nine suspects in a bomb attack in April that killed 17 people, mainly European tourists, is set to resume on Thursday with bereaved relatives in attendance. The main


SWU to Counter Anti-Israel Posters in New York Subway System

haOlam 20 September 2011

On Sept.26th, StandWithUs is launching an ad campaign in the NY subway system to tell the public that "Israel Needs a Partner for Peace.” The ads are designed to counter current anti-Israel ads in NY


Turkey will be fine if its bid for EU fails, says Gül

Hurriyet Daily News 20 September 2011

Turkey would respect an eventual decision by EU countries to deny Turkey full membership after the completion of accession talks, President Abdullah Gül said Monday, but urged EU politicians not to


Birmingham terror arrests: home of man convicted of plot to behead British soldier raided

The Telegraph 20 September 2011

Security sources believe that the men, from Birmingham, are part of a potential al-Qaeda suicide bomb plot which was under guidance from Pakistan. The group had been under MI5 surveillance for


Hizb ut-Tahrir: Concern as radical Muslim group organises seminar

J-Wire 20 September 2011

The Melbourne Jewish community has expressed its concern over a planned seminar in the city of radical Muslim group Hizb ut-Tahrir. John Searle The group is virulently anti-Israel and the West,


'The 99' aspires to teach Muslim principles

USA Today  20 September 2011
By Brian Truitt

Superman has been espousing the virtues of truth, justice and the American way for decades. It's 99 virtues and a global way, however, that power the Muslim-inspired superheroes of The 99.


Bangladeshi Islamists, Police Clash in Dhaka Protest, 50 Injured

The Voice of America 20 September 2011

Supporters of Bangladesh's main Islamic party have fought with police during a violent protest in Dhaka to demand the release of jailed Islamist leaders. The activists belonging to the


Time line: The History of Islam in Ukraine

EuropeNews 19 September 2011
By Stepan Bandera

The first steps towards building a mosque on the territory of Ukraine were made in 1897. Muslims of that time were able to open a house of worship in Kiev on 5, Mirnaya Str.

At the beginning of the 20th century the meeting house was moved to 4, Mirnaya Str., as recorded in the address book "All the Kiev" in 1909. The house of worship was a temporary option, since the idea was to build a mosque for 800 believers.


Video: Don't Be Misled - Israel Wants Peace

YouTube 19 September 2011

Is the media misleading you on Middle East peace? Don't follow the herd - watch this video to find out why Israel is not the obstacle to Middle East peace and see HonestReporting's resources page for more information.


Muslim 'Moderation' = Patient Strategy

Citizen Warrior 19 September 2011

The following was originally posted on The English Defence League Extra, and is reprinted here with permission.

Muslim Groups/Individuals Within a Non-Muslim State

Much is made of how ‘moderate’ Muslims are in the UK and how many moderate Muslims there actually are.

Muslims constitute a minority in the UK. The population of the UK is around 60 million, about three million or more of whom are Muslims. (The estimates vary because accurate stats aren't really kept on religious groupings, only ethnic ones. One maximum has been estimated at as much as five million Muslims.)


The Last of the Pork-Gobblers

Gates of Vienna 19 September 2011

In certain culturally-enriched urban neighborhoods in Germany, ethnic Germans are not only in the minority, but the younger generation has all but disappeared.

The most significant thing about the article below — which describes a primary school with almost no German children in it — is the following statement by a Green Party member of the local council:


Cowardice: Norway Ejects Danish Cartoonist, Welcomes Jihadist

Pajamas Media 19 September 2011
By Bruce Bawer

If you’ve seen the now-iconic image of Muhammed with a bomb in his turban, then you’ve experienced the work of Kurt Westergaard, the most famous of the Danish cartoonists whose 2005 drawings of the Muslim prophet for the newspaper Jyllands-Posten led to worldwide mayhem.

That one drawing changed Westergaard’s life. After Danish police arrested three Muslims in 2008 for plotting to kill him in retaliation for the cartoon, he was put under surveillance and a panic room was installed in his house. That room saved his life on New Year’s Day 2010, when another Muslim broke into his home wielding an axe and screaming about revenge.


Soft sentencing blamed for riot rampage as it is revealed two thirds had criminal past

Daily Mail  19 September 2011
By Jack Doyle

Soft sentencing was last night blamed for allowing hardened criminals to go on the rampage during last month’s riots. Official figures showed two thirds of rioters with criminal histories have


London rioters had average 15 previous offences, figures show 19 September 2011
By Tom Whitehead

But only a third had ever been in prison before fueling fears that the criminal justice system is soft on repeat offenders. Three in four of those who appeared before the courts across the country


English city riots involved 'hardcore' of repeat offenders, first analysis shows

The Guardian 19 September 2011
By Alan Travis, James Ball and Fiona Bawdon

The riots that swept through English cities last month involved a hardcore of repeat offenders but also drew in others, particularly youngsters, who had no criminal history at all, the first official


Turkish president urges integration, respect for Turks in Germany

The 19 September 2011

Ahead of a visit to Germany on Monday, Turkish President Abdullah Gül has said Turks in Germany deserve more respect, but should also work harder to integrate. In a joint interview with the weekly


Immigrants want removal of cross from Swiss national flag

Tundra Tabloids 19 September 2011

The Swiss cross should be abolished. The demands of the immigrant second generation immigrants Plus Association. ”The Swiss flag is no longer today’s multicultural Switzerland,” says Petrusic. The

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