English Defence League to march through Plymouth

Plymouth Herald 8 July 2011

FAR-right street protest group the English Defence League is to march through Plymouth on Saturday as part of its campaign against what it calls the spread of Islamic extremism in Britain. A


Madame Rage - Marine Le Pen’s Far Right Populism for Regional French Peasantry

SanFranciscoSentinel.com 8 July 2011
By Mathieu von Rohr

When Marine Le Pen walks into a room, she dominates it physically. She is slim, wears tight jeans and blazers and has dyed blonde hair, and yet she seems as if she were walking into a ring, tense and


Britain Debates Muslim Forced Marriage

Hudson New York  8 July 2011
By Soeren Kern

After years of kowtowing to multicultural sensitivities, Britain is now debating whether or not to make the act of forcing someone into a marriage a specific criminal offense. Supporters of the


Denmark: "the populist temptation to close borders against undesirables” irks lefties…

Winds of Jihad 8 July 2011
By sheikyermami

EUrabia needs more undesirables to pay the pension for aging Euro-dhimmis who have failed to produce children, but Denmark disagrees, or something:D enmark’s tightened border


Herndon woman claims she was fired from Air France job for wearing Muslim head scarf

Fairfaxtimes.com 8 July 2011
By Gregg MacDonald

A 19-year-old Herndon woman has filed a complaint with the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission alleging she was fired from her Air France job at Dulles International


Iran threatens 'serious action' over BBC plans to screen documentary series on Muslim prophet Muhammad

Daily Mail 8 July 2011

The BBC is courting controversy with its plans to broadcast a documentary series about Muslim prophet Muhammad. Three-part series The Life of Muhammad has already been


Germany brings charges against Frankfurt Airport shooter

Deutsche Welle 8 July 2011
By Sarah Harman

Germany has brought charges against the man accused of murdering two US servicemen en route to Afghanistan in broad daylight at Frankfurt Airport in March. Prosecutors declined


Geller: Borderline Obama

Washington Times 8 July 2011
By Pamela Geller

As a federal judge gutted Arizona’s new immigration law on July 29, the Obama State Department announced that it was "encouraged” by signs that the Arab League would support, or at least not directly


Shariah Finance Hub Malaysia Uses Thinly Disguised Jizyah Tax on Non-Muslims to Fund Dawah

Malaysia is known as a bustling hub of Shariah Finance, but what many people do not realize is that they have implemented a system whereby non-Muslims pay higher tax rates to fund


Turkish comic shuts down after fine for being 'obscene'

Southeast European Times 8 July 2011
By Ozgur Ogret

Harakiri, a monthly comic, literature and caricature magazine in Turkey, shut itself down before releasing its third issue, stating that a government fine had made continued publication


"No God" film angers Tunisian Islamists

Kipp Report 8 July 2011

Six months after Tunisia’s uprising, religious tension is rising over the limits of freedom of expression, as Islamists challenge the dominance of liberals in what was once a citadel of Arab


Human rights farce: meet the serial criminal who cannot be deported

Telegraph.co.uk  8 July 2011
By Alastair Jamieson

Mr Sufi, 24, has at least 17 convictions for crimes including burglary, fraud and indecent exposure since he entered the UK illegally eight years ago. But an attempt by the


Rutgers told to crack down on anti-Semitic threats

WND.com 8 July 2011
By Alyssa Farah

The Zionist Organization of America is demanding that Rutgers University address an anti-Semitic atmosphere it has allowed on its campus, including threats by one person to "skin alive" a


Teenage girl 'lured two 16-year-olds into rape ordeal with three Asian men in their thirties'

Daily Mail 8 July 2011

A teenage girl lured two other youngsters into a terrifying rape ordeal after providing them for sex to three Asian men she referred to as ‘my boys,’ a court heard. Stephanie Knight, then 17,


Canada calls on Iran to respect human rights

canoe.ca 8 July 2011
By Kristy Kirkup

OTTAWA - Canada called on the Iranian judiciary to respect human rights Thursday after reports that a man may be sentenced to death for his religious beliefs. According to media reports, Yousef


A leader of Egypt's secularist and "liberal" party says Holocaust is a lie

amnation.com 8 July 2011

James P writes: Subject: Egyptian liberal democracy in action! A Holocaust denier and a 9/11 Truther--who could ask for a more benign political figure in the new, democratic Egypt?


Anti-Shariah heroes help me fight Muslim Mafia

WND.com 8 July 2011
By Joseph Farah

They say you're known by the company you keep. If that's true, I'm proud to keep company with three freedom fighters who have come to my aid in a time of challenge. One is a former terrorist


Hundreds protest against extremism in Tunis

Laredo Sun 8 July 2011
By Fethi Belaid

Hundreds of demonstrators took to the streets of Tunis Thursday to condemn extremism amid unease over last month's attack by Salafist Muslims on a cinema showing a film about secularism


The Audacity of Dopes Band brings you "Guns, Guns, Guns!"

LatmaTV 7 July 2011

After its international hit We Con the World, Latma, Israel's premier satire website brings you The Audacity of Dopes Band singing "Guns, Guns" Guns" in honor of this year's attempted flotilla to Hamastan in Gaza


Islamintern Denounces Islamo-realistic Free Speech in Holland (Updated)

American Thinker 7 July 2011
By Andrew G. Bostom

The Islamic world has shown again that it cannot tolerate free speech regarding Islam and its prophet. Bat Ye'or has appositely characterized Geert Wilder's recent acquittal as a "Copernican revolution," achieved by a solitary "unarmed man, constantly threatened by death and whose only defense was his courageous and unbending commitment to say the truth."


Terrorists in Drag: Bombs Beneath the Burqa

Right Side News 7 July 2011
By Phyllis Chesler

There they all stand, guilty as sin, Afghan Taliban terrorists disguised in women’s burqas—but exposed when they were captured by the Afghan Border Police. Their photo (or rather photos) were taken by an Afghan photographer somewhere near Jalalabad and have just been seen worldwide.


Research on Muslims in Danish schools: Extremely low intellectual skills, undisciplined, disrespectful, unambitious parents

Jihad Watch 7 July 2011
By Nicolai Sennels

I am currently working as a school psychologist, and below I will try to decipher the latest school report on immigrant students in Denmark. In Denmark, we use "bilingual" as a word for immigrant student -- and according to the report, by far most of these students are Turks, Pakistanis, Arabs and Serbs/Croatians. While Serbs and Croatians perform normally, the Muslim students perform very poorly. Below the chart are some of the salient facts.


Geert Wilders Slams OIC on Out-of-Bounds Criticism of Free Speech

Suite101.com 7 July 2011
By Jen L. Jones

Geert Wilders, leader of the Dutch Freedom Party, is calling on the government of the Netherlands to reject the Organization of Islamic Cooperation’s attempt to control free speech there. On July 6, 2011, Wilders prepared a list of seven questions for Parliament in response to the OICs recent statement urging the Dutch government to act to suppress Wilders speech because it is anti-Islamic.

Wilders was acquitted on June 23, 2011, on all charges of hate-speech and inciting discrimination against Muslims by a Dutch court. The decision was seen as a landmark decision supporting the right to freedom of speech.


Londonistan Calling

The American Spectator 7 July 2011
By Hal G.P. Colebatch

British police -- sarcastically described as the enforcement arm of the left-wing Guardian because of their zeal in prosecuting political incorrectness -- have been accused of suppressing information


Dutch Foreign Minister Stands up for Geert Wilders

Gates of Vienna 7 July 2011

As an immediate follow-up to my previous post, this is the latest word from the Netherlands. Many thanks to the PVV for the translation: Dutch government dissociates itself from OIC


Illegal migrants can enter UK without a passport

Expatica 7 July 2011
By Christopher Hope

Robert Halfon MP claimed that he had uncovered a way for people to enter the UK without their passports being checked. Immigration and special branch officers had complained that extremists were


Video: Should we allow our public schools to be turned into mosques?

Blzaing Cat Fur 7 July 2011

I'm sorry I missed the debate on the Toronto District School Board's insane and discriminatory decision allowing our public schools to be converted into mosques that was on AM 640's John Oakley show this morning, especially as it featured Toronto's own Rock Em Sock Em Mad Mullah "Imam Steve Rockwell".


Germany says Islamic terrorism still a threat

Monterey County Herald 7 July 2011

BERLIN—Germany's top security official said Friday that the terrorist threat to the country hasn't decreased and the number of radicals continues to grow, even with the death of Osama bin


Don’t apologize to Turkey

Ynetnews  7 July 2011
By Manfred Gerstenfeld

The new efforts by Israel to improve relations with Turkey come at a convenient time. The Turkish elections were Prime Minister Erdogan employed the whipping up of anti-Israeli feelings as a

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