Toulouse shootings may force reassessment of French Islamist threat

The Guardian 22 March 2012
By Jason Burke

Over the last decade, despite the ongoing controversy centred on the veil and similar issues, France has been less obviously affected by the violence of the 9/11 wars and the broad phenomenon of


Qaeda group claims kidnap of German in Nigeria: report

The Daily Star 22 March 2012

NOUAKCHOTT: Al-Qaeda's north Africa branch said Wednesday it was holding a German engineer kidnapped in Nigeria two months ago, and that it wanted to swap him for a jailed Muslim woman, a private


When will we see an Islamic Enlightenment

Telegraph Blogs 22 March 2012
By Allan Massie

I’ve just read a review by Paul Berman in The New Republic of "Silenced: How Apostasy and Blasphemy Codes Are Choking Freedom Worldwide”, written by Paul Marshall and Nina Shea, and published by the Oxford University Press. It’s an examination of how fundamentalist Islam has come to dominate the Muslim world, and of how it is penetrating and infecting Europe and the USA. The authors apparently detail the spreading influence of narrow and bigoted intolerance, and the host of examples they provide, as quoted by the reviewer, must cause distress and anxiety to all who believe in freedom and liberal democracy.


Sharia Law - a threat to UK women & children

The Way 22 March 2012
By Amanda Hopkins

Baroness Cox told the Christian Broadcasting Council that British Muslim women were already suffering under Sharia. Rape victims were being denied justice, divorcees were losing custody of their


Hezbollah’s Propagandist Bloggers Defend Assad

Family Security Matters 22 March 2012
By Ali Abdallah

Hezbollah's propagandists will not relent in the ongoing war against American national security. The Iranian regime has attempted to strike U.S. targets more than once, including the


Suspect pleads not guilty to Thailand explosives charge

BBC News 22 March 2012

A man who Thai police suspect of having militant links has pleaded not guilty in court to possessing illegal explosives. Atris Hussein, a Swedish citizen of Lebanese origin, was arrested in


The Toulouse killer is a Muslim terrorist so the media narrative changes again

Edgar1981 22 March 2012
By Edgar Davidson

While all the media continued yesterday to assume (and indeed hope) that the Toulouse killer was a 'white racist' I questioned the rationality of the assumption, because it was clear to me that the attacks seemed more in keeping with Islamic terrorism.


Muslims asked to remove headscarves for new Garda card

Irish Times 22 March 2012

REPRESENTATIVES OF Ireland’s largest Sunni mosque have raised concerns over incidents in which a number of Muslim women were asked to remove their headscarves to comply with new identification


France shootings siege: Live Report

The Jakarta Globe 22 March 2012
By Ruth Holmes

1556 GMT: More details emerging about the gunman from French prosecutor Francois Molins. He tells reporters that the US army sent the gunman back to France after he was arrested in Afghanistan.


Video: Stakelbeck on Terror Show: Why Israel Must Fight

CBN News 22 March 2012
By Erick Stakelbeck

Watch this week's Stakelbeck on Terror show below. On this week's edition of the Stakelbeck on Terror show, we examine why Israel must always retain the right to its own self-defense in the face of threats of annihilation by enemies like Iran.


Reza Aslan and the French Jew-killing jihadist: on the same "team"

Jihad Watch 22 March 2012

The stealth Islamic supremacist Boy Reza Aslan was avid to blame me for the jihadist murders of Jews in France -- yet another one in a long series of Reza's howlingly wrong analyses. Yet somehow I


Muslim Council of Britain Against Gay Marriage 22 March 2012
By Steve Williams

The Muslim Council of Britain has issued a statement against the British government’s plans to introduce non-religious civil marriage for gay couples. Reports Pink News: Farooq Murad, Secretary


Urdu Magazine: 'The Prophet Muhammad Left No Legacy To the Ummah Except Weapons'...

MEMRI 22 March 2012

In two articles and an editorial in Nawa-i-Afghan Jihad, an Urdu-language jihadist magazine published in the Afghanistan-Pakistan region, pro-Taliban writers examine the economic crisis in the


In Sudan, more ethnic cleansing of Christians is alleged

BP News 22 March 2012
By Simba Tian

JUBA, South Sudan -- Alleged ethnic cleansing that Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir has undertaken against black Africans in the Nuba Mountains also is aimed at ridding the area of


Egypt’s Top Presidential Candidate: ‘Sharia Must be Applied’

Jihad Watch 22 March 2012

Yesterday at a conference, Dr. Abd al-Mun‘im Abu al-Futuh—the most popular presidential candidate in Egypt and a leading Muslim Brotherhood figure—declared that "Islam must be upheld and Sharia must


Parents, Islamic Extremists Beat Young Woman in India (blog) 22 March 2012

NEW DELHI — A young woman was thrown out of her home this month for daring to give thanks for healing in Christ’s name in a predominantly Muslim village in India’s West Bengal state,


Danish media on Toulouse jihadist: 'Hunting a French Breivik'

Jihad Watch 21 March 2012
By Nicolai Sennels

Among journalists it is seen as a scandal that the media at first glance believed a Muslim Jihadist group was behind the Norwegian mass murder on June 22, 2011.

Will they also consider it a scandal that they thought Nazis were behind the Toulouse serial killings and apologize for their rush to judgment? Anyway, I do not blame them for thinking that it could have been Nazis, since they have so much in common with the followers of the Quran. Both groups hate Jews and want to take over the world by violent means -- by any means necessary, actually.


"There was not a fear of a Neo-Nazi attack”

Citizen Times 21 March 2012

In the city of Toulouse in southern France special police forces besieges the house of the alleged murderer of seven people, including three Jewish students a Jewish teacher. After first speculations of a right-wing background, it turned out now that the 24-year-old Mohammed probably belonges to Islamist groups. Citizen Times Editor in Chief Felix Strüning spoke with Nancy Kobrin Hartevelt, who is a psychoanalyst and Arabist with a specialization on Islamic terrorism, based in Israel.


Toulouse shootings: police arrest man and corner suspect in raid

The Guardian 21 March 2012
By Angelique Chrisafis

A man has been arrested over the Toulouse shootings and another is engaged in an armed standoff with police. Three officers were injured in a shootout during the swoop on a house in the southern


Jihadists tally up their missile counts (updated)

Elder of Ziyon 21 March 2012

Every Gaza terror group loves to give out statistics on exactly how many rockets they shoot at Jews. Here are the totals through Monday: Islamic Jihad: (Al Quds Brigades) 91 Grads 31


Jihadists "Liberating" Spain for Islam

Hudson New York 21 March 2012
By Soeren Kern

Nine Islamists accused of planning terrorist attacks aimed at "liberating" Spain for Islam are standing trial in Madrid.

Spanish public prosecutors say the men -- Salafi-Jihadists who belonged to an Islamist cell known as the "Army of the Messiah" (Ansar al-Mahdi) -- sought to "free" the cities of Ceuta and Melilla, two Spanish enclaves in northern Africa, from Spanish rule and thus begin the Islamic re-conquest of Spain.


French police in gunfight with al Qaeda suspect in school killings

Yahoo!7 21 March 2012

TOULOUSE - Two police officers were injured in a shoot-out in Toulouse on Wednesday with a gunman claiming links to al Qaeda and who is believed to responsible for the killing of four


London mayoral candidate Livingstone calls Prophet Mohammed's ...

The Commentator 21 March 2012
By Robin Shepherd

All across western Europe, the continent’s growing Muslim populations are starting to have an increasing impact on the shape and tone of political and cultural life. There have been some spectacular


Suicidal Democracy

American Thinker 21 March 2012
By Eileen F. Toplansky

Islamic sharia law continues its subtle and menacing march into Europe as well as into the United States.

According to Soeren Kern of Stonegate, "[a] radical Islamic preacher in Spain has been arrested for calling on Muslims to use physical and psychological violence to 'discipline' errant wives who refuse to submit to Islamic Sharia law or obey their husbands."

In France, a "French television documentary has revealed that all of the slaughterhouses in the greater Paris metropolitan area are now producing all of their meat in accordance with Islamic Sharia law. In Italy, an estimated 60% of the mosques in Italy are controlled either directly or indirectly by the Muslim Brotherhood[.]"


Neukölln, Berlin: Muslims want revenge on German who killed Muslim in self-defence -- 'This is a separate universe with its own

Jihad Watch 21 March 2012

I recently reported about the 18-year-old Yusef Al-Abed, who was stabbed to death as he and twenty of his armed Turkish and Arab friends attacked a collapsed German man: "Berlin: 'tense armed calm'


How to Win an Election in London: Appeal to Islam 21 March 2012

Trying to pull ahead in a neck-and-neck race to become mayor of Britain’s capital city, former mayor and Labor Party candidate Ken Livingstone has adopted a surprising tactic: appealing to


Trial opens for 9 suspected militants in Spain

CNN 21 March 2012
By Al Goodman

Madrid -- Nine suspected Islamist militants went on trial in Madrid Tuesday, charged with plotting terrorist attacks in two Spanish enclaves on Morocco's north coast just across the


There Is No Free Speech in Sweden

FrontPage Magazine 21 March 2012
By Bruce Bawer

Earlier this month, under the headline "Words are not innocent,” the Swedish newspaper Dagbladet ran an opinion piece by its cultural editor, Kaj Schueler, which was, essentially, an attack on Sweden’s newly minted Free Press Society.  It was one of several such attacks directed at the organization in recent weeks by members of Sweden’s mainstream media, all of which made essentially the same arguments as Schueler – who, early in his article, summed up his position as follows: "According to the Free Press Society, we no longer have real freedom of speech in Sweden.  They are wrong – we have it.  But since words are not innocent, there are limits to free speech.”


Terror suspect went to Afghanistan to fight jihad

Huffington Post 21 March 2012

KOBLENZ, Germany — A German-Afghan man whose information prompted terrorism warnings across Europe in 2010 told a court Tuesday he traveled to the Afghan border region with the intention of fighting

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