Skopje: Radical Islamists Detained over 5 Gruesome Murders 2 May 2012

Twenty alleged radical Islamic militants have been arrested over the murder of five fishermen in Macedonia last month, the worst case of mass murder in the tiny Balkan country since it


Documents reveal al Qaeda's plans for seizing cruise ships, carnage in Europe

CNN International 2 May 2012
By Nic Robertson, Paul Cruickshank and Tim Lister

Editor's note: This story is based on internal al Qaeda documents, details of which were obtained by CNN. Hundreds of documents were discovered by German cryptologists embedded inside a


Jury Convicts Bosnia-Born Muslim in Plot to Bomb New York Subway

VOA 2 May 2012

A federal jury has convicted a Bosnian-born man of attempting to bomb New York City's subway in 2009 for al-Qaida. Adis Medunjanin faces life in prison when he is sentenced on September


Al-Qaida Offers to Trade UK Hostage for Cleric 2 May 2012

Al-Qaida's North African affiliate Monday offered to free a British hostage if London allows a radical cleric described as a leading figure in the terror group in Europe to leave Britain


Video: Paul Weston on being English

British Freedom 2 May 2012

Below is a video of Paul Weston speaking about England and what it means to be English. In this video he delivers passion and honesty, which comes from his heart as a patriot seeing his country and people destroyed by corrupt mainstream politicians.

Some people have already described it as Churchillian — what do you think?


One dead as illegal immigrants from south Asia clash

B92 2 May 2012

SUBOTICA -- A man was murdered in the early hours of Tuesday near Subotica in a fight that broke out between two groups of illegal immigrants from Afghanistan and


German police arrest 30 Salafists after clashes 2 May 2012

BERLIN — German police say 30 protesters of an ultra-conservative Muslim group were arrested after clashing with security officials. Police spokeswoman Anja Meis said a group of


German far-right group launches Muhammad cartoon contest

A German far-right group has announced that it was starting its own "Muhammad Cartoon Contest,” daily Hürriyet reported. The group, previously best known for opposing the construction of


Muslim Councillor Accuses UK Border Agency of Racism

Euro-Islam 2 May 2012

Britain’s Asian Muslim community has always been on the spot due to its distinct religio-cultural characteristics and fairly large proportion among the UK minority groups. Hence they have


Vote 2012: 'Alienated' Muslims urged to use right to vote

BBC News 2 May 2012
By Navtej Johal

A lot of Muslims "feel alienated from the political process", according to the Muslim Council of Britain (MCB). That has led some to opt not to vote in past elections. But now the


Islamic Terror Attacks: What is to Blame

Family Security Matters 2 May 2012

There are two ways to analyze the violent eruption of global terrorist attacks that have marked the past three decades: analyze the nature of the threat and the culture supporting it, or blame it all on the evils of Western colonialism and American militarism. The latter analysis is the choice of the "politically correct," who say that terrorism is as rampant in the West as it is in the Muslim world. A truth check, however, will tell us that for every Western terrorist (such as Timothy McVeigh), there are hundreds almost exclusively from the Muslim world.


Bosnia: first Muslim female condemned

ANSAmed 2 May 2012

SARAJEVO - A Bosnian court has for the first time found a woman guilty of war crimes, having found a Muslim woman to be guilty of the killing of Croatian civilians and service


Beheaded British aid worker Khalil Dale was 'gentle, kind and loving' say family 2 May 2012
By Rob Crilly

Mr Dale, 60, was kidnapped in the restive city south-western of Quetta in January. His cellophane-wrapped body was dumped at the roadside on Sunday. Police said he had been


New York: Muslim convicted of misunderstanding Islam, plotting jihad bombing of subway

Jihad Watch 2 May 2012

"The goal of this conspiracy was to kill as many people as possible." Will the Islamophobia never end? "NYC man convicted in thwarted subway bomb plot," by Tom Hays for the Associated


Berlin Worried About 'Muhammad Cartoon Contest'

Spiegel Online 2 May 2012

A far-right group in the German state of North Rhine-Westphalia is running a 'Muslim cartoon contest' and plans to display the works outside mosques. The move has alarmed authorities which


Video: Deconstructing the Cairo Speech

Gates of Vienna 2 May 2012

In this important video, Vlad Tepes draws on material from Geert Wilders’ book to illustrate the misinformation, misdirection, and outright falsehoods contained in President Barack Hussein Obama’s landmark or notorious (take your pick) speech in Cairo three years ago.


Ohio Colleges Partner with Hamas-Founded CAIR

Right Side News 2 May 2012
By Patrick Poole

A taxpayer-funded program seeks to foster "new perspectives" on the Middle East. A group of six Ohio colleges in the Cleveland area are working together to help provide "new


Saudi Grand Mufti: "Girls ready to marry at age 10"

Elder of Ziyon 2 May 2012

The Grand Mufti of Saudi Arabia has reportedly voiced his support for the marriage of under-age females in the kingdom, while condemning those who seek to raise the legal marriage


Graves of Muslim soldiers desecrated in France

CBS News 2 May 2012

PARIS — The graves of several Muslim soldiers in a cemetery in southeastern France were desecrated over the weekend, officials said Monday. The French president called the act "a slur" on


Chechen women in mortal fear as president backs Islamic honor killings

Washington Times 2 May 2012
By Diana Markosian

ACHXOY-MARTAN, Chechnya — Chechnya's government is openly approving of families that kill female relatives who violate their sense of honor, as this Russian republic embraces a


Turkey Seeks To Overhaul Constitution

International Business Times 2 May 2012
By Daniel Tovrov

Turkey has started work on a new constitution that will transition the nation from military to civilian rule. The new, multi-party Constitutional Reconciliation Commission met in the


Opposing honor killing is 'Islamophobia' 2 May 2012
By Pamela Geller

We held our AFDI/SIOA Jessica Mokdad Human Rights conference last Sunday in Dearborn, the first honor-killing conference of its kind. Hundreds converged upon the Hyatt to join Robert Spencer and me and a full roster of luminaries to educate, elucidate and shine a light on the ugly and brutal atrocities under the Shariah. As expected, the goons, thugs and Muslim supremacists were also out in force. It seems that Islamic supremacists support murder for "honor,” for these subversive groups energetically opposed our conference dedicated to exposing the plight of women under Islamic law on the first anniversary of the honor murder of a Muslim girl in Michigan, Jessica Mokdad.


Minorities will "force" Turkey to acknowledge genocide

President of World Yezidi Union, Aziz Tamoyan, has said that 500,000 Yezidis, as well as 1.5 million Armenians, were massacred by the Turks during 1915-1923. Although the Armenian


Macedonian police arrest 20 radical Islamists in deaths of fishermen

Washington Post 2 May 2012

SKOPJE, Macedonia — Police arrested 20 radical Islamists for the murder of five ethnic Macedonian fishermen in an early morning raid Tuesday, authorities said. The killing last month fueled


Forced marriage campaign targets mosques in Scotland

BBC News 2 May 2012
By Poonam Taneja

A Muslim scholar has launched a groundbreaking campaign against forced marriage in Scotland. Shaykh Amer Jamil says the practice has no place in Islam. During the next few weeks


Tarring Jihad's Opponents

AINA (press release) 2 May 2012
By Andrew E. Harrod

The British organization HOPE not Hate (HnH), a group formed in 2005 to oppose the "politics of hate" of the British National Party and the English Defense League in the service of the


Video: Stakelbeck on Terror Show: Whitewashing Islam in Public Schools

CBN News 2 May 2012
By Erick Stakelbeck

Guy Rodgers, executive director of Act! For America Education, joins us to discuss his group's groundbreaking new report on what America's public school textbooks are teaching about Islam.


The Eternal "War on Terror"

Huffington Post 2 May 2012
By Michael Brenner

We are into the second decade of the "war on terror." It now ranges from the mountains of Afghanistan to the jungles of Colombia. It has dominated our lives since 9/11. Yet there is no


4 plotted to blow up UK army base

Indian Express 2 May 2012

Four Britons, three of them of Pakistani-origin, were plotting to blow up a Territorial Army base in the UK by using a toy car loaded with explosives. They are accused of taking their lead


Al-Qa'ida opens a new front line

The Independent 2 May 2012
By Patrick Cockburn

It is a sight the world had got used to: a crater in the road where the suicide bomber detonated the explosives packed into his vehicle; the pools of blood and hunks of flesh of people

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