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New Report: Evangelising Hate – Islamic Education and Research Academy (iERA)

Council of Ex-Muslims in Britain 20 May 2014

A new report from the Council of Ex-Muslims of Britain "Evangelising Hate” exposes the Islamic Education and Research Academy (iERA) as a Hate Group. You can read the report here.


Poll: Two-thirds of Czechs afraid of Islam

Prague Post 19 May 2014

About two-thirds of Czechs who have used the European election calculator EUvox consider Islam a threat to Czech society, according to an analysis of the results carried out by


On The Arrogance and Backwardness of Islam!

GhanaWeb 19 May 2014

Pardon me, but… I have no antipathy towards anyone or group of people. I think myself too grand a man for malice or hatred. This write-up is a critique of a set of ideas – the


How Muslim Immigration Affects Our Schools

Cherson and Molschky 19 May 2014
By Rachel Molschky

Muslim immigration is transforming Western society. Our native cultures are dismissed as irrelevant and our religions unimportant. Values like "freedom of religion” are taken


The Ongoing Islamization of Europe

Right Side Publications 19 May 2014
By Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff

A brief post on the events in Orlando the past day or so. More to come shortly, but in the meantime, here is the text of Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff’s speech and some photos


Video: Devout Muslim Thrill Killers

blazingcatfur 19 May 2014
Warning Graphic, Psychopathic Mohammedans ahead

"The psychopaths of Isis are killing without mercy in Iraqi roads. A Horrific video shows their latest murders in Iraq. In the end of the video, a poor fellow guy runned to


Its EU dream thwarted, Turkey rejects 90 million-euro Cyprus fine

The Christian Science Monitor 15 May 2014
By Alexander Christie-Miller,

A record-breaking judgment against Turkey for its 1974 invasion of Cyprus is likely to damage further its frayed relationship with Europe. Turkish officials


Germany: Islamists Infiltrating Schools in Hamburg

Gatestone Institute 15 May 2014
By Soeren Kern

    The document warns that increasing numbers of students in Hamburg are being influenced by Islamist propaganda and are embracing radical Islam and idolizing jihadist fighters in Syria.

The problems in Hamburg are drawing renewed attention to the alarming growth of Salafism in Germany. Salafists openly state that they want to replace democracy in Germany


Video Paul Weston: Mass Immigration Has Been a Disaster for the Working Men and Women of Britain

youtube 15 May 2014
By Liberty GB

Paul Weston speaking at Euro Election hustings at the University of Surrey on 6 May 2014.


Taking the Islamic Challenge Seriously

Assyrian International News Agency 15 May 2014
By William Kilpatrick

When Muslims commit acts of terror, it is standard operating procedure for some authority or other to assure the populace that "this has nothing to do with Islam." This is said


Bill Warner on Demonstrations and persecution of Christians by islam

youtube 14 May 2014
By Ban Koran


The Islamisation of England, One Town at a Time

Cherson and Molschky 14 May 2014
By Paul Wilkinson

Islam has successfully elbowed its way into British society. As a resident of a multicultural area in Nottingham, I have witnessed firsthand the impact Muslims have in


France Submits to Islam

Gatestone Institute 14 May 2014
By Guy Millière

Polls show that more than 70% of the French... expect that France will become a country under submission to Islam.

Last month, between April 18-21, the Union of Islamic Organizations of France [UOIF], the French branch of the European Council for Fatwa and Research (presided over by Yusuf


Abu Hamza trial: Injured hostage gives evidence

BBC News 9 May 2014

The trial of radical Muslim cleric Abu Hamza has heard evidence from a woman who was among 16 westerners taken hostage in Yemen in 1998. Margaret Thompson told


The Hypocrisy of Anti-Blasphemy Laws

Cherson and Molschky 9 May 2014
By Rachel Molschky

Saudi Arabia is calling for anti-blasphemy laws in Norway, where "too little has been done to counter criticism against the prophet” and Muslim citizens have been victims of "hate crimes,” according to the nation of Muhammad’s birthplace. It has asked for the UN to review the situation.


The Muslim Brotherhood and Terrorist Organizations

Gatestone Institute 9 May 2014
By Valentina Colombo

A new terror group, Ansar Bayt al-Maqdis [ABM], just officially entered the scene. Both the U.S. State Department and the British government included it, at the beginning of April, in their list of proscribed terrorist organizations.


Video: Far-Right Dutch MP Seeks Tie-In With UKIP

Sky News 8 May 2014
By Robert Nisbet

A Dutch MP who leads a far-right party in the Netherlands has said he hopes to join forces with UKIP and Marine Le Pen's Front National in the European Parliament.


The Islamization of Europe: Multiculturalism Meets Reality

The Tribune Papers 8 May 2014
By Mike Scruggs

Several years ago, the late Milton Friedman, American champion of economic freedom, remarked that combining high levels of social-welfare payments and open-door immigration policies would inevitably lead to national bankruptcy.


Hedegaard Reflects on Danish Resistance to Nazi Totalitarianism & Acquiescence to Totalitarian Islam 8 May 2014

Lars Hedegaard, the intrepid Danish historian and journalist, who was nearly assassinated last year by a jihadist (who was just recently apprehended), gave an impassioned speech yesterday (5/4/14), commemorating Denmark’s Day of Liberation from the World War II-era Nazi occupation.


Video: Bill Warner Islamophobe

youtube 6 May 2014
By Ban Koran