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Leftist Press Frets: Jihad Truth-Tellers ‘Still Popular’

FrontPage Magazine 18 March 2014
By Robert Spencer

A smear campaign of the Hamas - linked Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) recently failed to get former FBI agent John Guandolo’s training course for law enforcement officers canceled in Culpeper County, Virginia.


The Double-Edged Sword of Jihad

FrontPage Magazine 13 March 2014
By Raymond Ibrahim

Islamic nations are again learning that the jihad is a volatile instrument of war that can easily backfire on those who preach it;


The Left’s Fantasies of Cultural Ghettos

FrontPage Magazine 13 March 2014
By Daniel Greenfield

American diners eternally immersed in the 50s where Elvis is always on the jukebox dot the world from London to Tokyo. Rockabilly is bigger in Japan and Germany than it is in America.


From Radical to Terrorist

The Gatestone Institute 13 March 2014
By Samuel Westrop

The individuals attached to the radicalization of the Woolwich killers were not unabashed advocates of terrorism, but so-called "soft Islamists" – afforded money and responsibility by the government in the vain hope that "non-violent" extremists would temper the more visible consequences of violent extremists. In truth, "moderate" Islamism seems to act as a "conveyor belt" to violent Islamism.


Non-Stop Nonsense: Hollywood and Islamic Terrorism

Crisis Magazine 13 March 2014
By William Kilpatrick

The Sum of All Fears is a 2002 thriller based on the Tom Clancy novel of the same name. In the book, Islamic terrorists detonate a nuclear bomb in Denver at the Super Bowl


China’s Jihadists

ACDemocracy 11 March 2014
By Rachel Ehrenfeld

On March 2, 2014, a train station in Kunming, in western China’s Yunnan province, witnessed a horrific slashing attack by black-clad Uighurs wielding large knives and machetes. The attack left 29 dead and 143 wounded.


Islam's Inadvertent Patterns

Middle East Forum 11 March 2014

How does Islam shape the way Muslims live? The religion's formal requirements are the narrow base for a far wider structure of patterns that extend the formal rules of Islam, stretching them in unexpected and unplanned ways.


Chime For Change, Fight For Freedom

Citizen Warrior 11 March 2014

In a previous article, we mentioned that Chime For Change is helping to marginalize, discredit, and disempower orthodox Islam without attacking Islam directly. It's an organization


Second Genocide against the Christians in Middle East in less than a century

EuropeNews 11 March 2014
By Suleyman Gultekin

The situation of Middle East Christians is deteriorating to such an extent that they face existential threat and are forced to flee their homeland Mesopotamia, which is the Cradle of Civilization and Christianity.


The Rise and Fall of Turkey's Prime Minister Erdogan in Three Acts

AINA 11 March 2014
By Turan Kayaoglu

Like a figure in a Greek tragedy, Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan has fallen from a Jefferson-could-be into a Putin-wannabe


Human Rights Lawyers: UK Failed Duty of Care on FGM

The Clarion Project 11 March 2014
By Elliot Friedland

FGM victims in England may soon be able to sue the government for negligence in failing to prevent FGM


Five Countries Where Sharia Law Has Led to Violence

International Business Times 11 March 2014
By Ludovica Iaccino

Sharia, also known as Islami Qaqun, represents the moral code and religious law of a prophetic religion and is the expression of Allah's command for Muslim societies.


Iraqi Cabinet OKs Law Allowing Child Marriage, Marital Rape

Clarion Project 10 March 2014

    The new legislation, which institutes sharia law in family matters, will be sent to the legislature for approval

Women in Iraq took to the streets on International Women’s Day to protest the recent decision by the cabinet to approve draft legislation to institute sharia law in Iraq based


Video: Iranian arms vessel bound for Hamas captured by IDF, 40 long range missiles, 181 mortars, 400K bullets found on arms ship 10 March 2014

    EXCLUSIVE FOOTAGE: IDF soldiers board the Klos-C

At the Geneva summit, President Obama gave the world’s largest state sponsor of terror, the Islamic state of Iran, the sanction of the United States of America, reversing our


Video: Iranian Military Receives New Ballistic Missiles, Official Threatens the US

youtube 10 March 2014


Women Rise Up on Int'l Women's Day in the MENA Region

Clarion Project 10 March 2014

    Women throughout the region protested for gender equality on March 8 to mark International Women's Day

On March 8 the world celebrated International Women's Day. The achievements towards women's rights have been substantive since the first such day just over 100 years


Video: Saudi Internet Celebrity Returning from Syria Jihad: The Factions Fight One Another, Not the Regime

youtube 10 March 2014


Islamic Jihad and the Doctrine of Abrogation

FrontPage Magazine 8 March 2014
By Raymond Ibrahim

While other scriptures contain contradictions, the Koran is the only holy book whose commentators have evolved a doctrine to account for the very visible shifts which occur from one injunction to another.


Comprehensive Report on the Grooming Gangs

Law anf freedom Foundation 8 March 2014

Please click the image below for a link to the comprehensive report on the grooming gangs: ‘"Easy Meat” – Multiculturalism, Islam and Child Sex Slavery’


Radical Islam's Intimidation in Kosovo

Gatestone Institute 5 March 2014
By Stephen Suleyman Schwartz

The name of Alma Lama, a feminist political leader in the Balkan republic of Kosovo, is unknown to Americans and Western Europeans. That is unfortunate, because Lama has taken a necessary, strong stand in favor of women's rights. Although Kosovo is under U.S. protection, the legacy of Yugoslav Communism and recent radical Islamist infiltration have merged to foster incidents of aggression against dissenters.