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The final death of Lawrence of Arabia

Winds of Jihad 8 January 2014
By Reuven Berko

Peter O’Toole was a great actor, but the movie "Lawrence of Arabia” was nothing more than a Hollywood fantasy.


Kohistan 'honour' killing: Pakistani woman Rukhsana Bibi relives horror

BBC News 8 January 2014
By M Ilyas Khan

On a hot and humid night in late August, a small group quietly scales the wall of a mud-brick house in a village near Pakistan's north-western town of Akora Khatak.


10 Truths Mainstream Comic Books Evade to Promote ‘Muslim Superheroes’

PJ Media 8 January 2014
By Bosch Fawstin

The Muslim terrorist is a cliché. But only in real life. And in post-9/11 comic books, "Muslim superheroes” are becoming a cliché. As a cartoonist and as a recovered Muslim working on an anti-jihad graphic novel called The Infidel, featuring Pigman, I’ve identified certain truths that Marvel and DC Comics have to evade in order to shove their "Muslim superheroes” down the throats of their readers.


Blacks Calling Themselves Muslims Should Be Ashamed

Islam Watch 7 January 2014

Slavery is one of the vilest institutions ever created by man. Islam institutionalized slavery. Allah, the Islamic God, created ETERNAL LAWS allowing Muslims to own and rape their slaves. Muslims can enslave kafirs and keep the female captives as sex-slaves.


Palestinian Terror Education: Funded by U.S. Taxpayers

FrontPage Magazine 7 January 2014
By David Bedein

UNRWA, the United Nations Relief and Works Agency, shapes the mindset of a new generation of Palestinian youth, educating 492,000 students in 699 schools.


Video: A knighthood for Andy Choudary

youtube 6 January 2014
By Pat Condell

It's time to recognise a true British hero. #AndyChoudary


Video: Celebrating diversity

youtube 6 January 2014
By Pat Condell

It's all about difference.


The islamization of Sweden: 80,000 sexual crimes, 87,100 reported violent assaults per year

Islam versus Europe 6 January 2014
By Nicolai Sennels

If 17,000 sexual offenses are reported, and the police estimate that only 23% are reported, the actual number of sexual offences is around 80,000:


Muslims will be majorities in some European cities within 25 years. Interesting times ahead?

Snouts in the Trough 6 January 2014
By David Craig

Currently Europe’s (excluding Turkey) 50 million Muslims only make up about 7% of the total population. However, as Muslim communities tend to be found in the main cities, here the percentage of the population that are Muslim is much higher than in the general population.


Double Standards and False Tolerance

Answering Muslims 6 January 2014
By David Wood

When a redneck says something politically incorrect, it's international news. But when Muhammad calls for the violent subjugation of unbelievers and the death of apostates, somehow he's beyond criticism.


Video: Swiss parliamentarian Oskar Freysinger on Islam: it gnaws at the pillar of our civilization...

Tundra Tabloids 19 December 2013

Oskar Freysinger, a member of the Swiss Parliament gave a passionate speech filled with truth that no politician in Washington, DC has yet to give from the floor of Congress. He calls out Islam for what it is: A dogma that is gnawing away at the pillars of our system of laws, wherever it is granted the space to do so.


Video: Reza Aslan Caught Lying about Age of Aisha

Answering Muslims 19 December 2013

In No God but God, Reza Aslan assures his readers that Aisha was merely betrothed to Muhammad when she was nine years old, but that no sex took place until after she had reached puberty.


Islamists Take Lawfare to Europe Creating 'Spiral of Silence'

Clarion Project 18 December 2013
By Soeren Kern

A discussion paper (German and English) published by the Germany-based Gustav Stresemann Foundation—a think tank dedicated to the preservation and advancement of liberal democracy in Europe—warns that national and international Islamic organizations are increasingly putting pressure on Western politicians gradually to criminalize any critique of Islam.


Study: Widespread Islamic Fundamentalism in Europe

FrontPage Magazine 16 December 2013
By Andrew Harrod

"Religious fundamentalism is not a marginal phenomenon in Western Europe,” concluded a December 9, 2013, press release of the Berlin Social Science Center (Wissenschaftszentrum Berlin für Sozialforschung or WZB) with respect to European Muslims in particular.


The OIC "Organizes" for Censorship

Family Security Matters 16 December 2013

I begin this column with a quotation from Soren Kern's Gatestone article of December 11th, "OIC Blames Free Speech for 'Islamophobia' in West":


Sweden: In 1990 there were 3 ghettos. In 2006 156 ghettoes. Since then they stopped counting.

Islam versus Europe 16 December 2013
By Nicolai Sennels

Against all rules among the politically correct. the major Swedish newspaper Dagens Nyheter prints an ad for the book ("The Immigration cover up"). Dagens Nyheter usually does not do stuff like that. And the two authors have to undergo a month of negotiations with editor Peter Wolodarski before the ad is accepted . ...


Dutch parliament urges Palestinian Authority to stop rewarding terrorists

Money Jihad 16 December 2013

About 40 percent of European Union aid to the Palestinian Authority is diverted as stipends to convicted Palestinian terrorists and their families. Countries including Norway and the Netherlands are getting a bit tired of this state of affairs.



Free Speech Europe EN 16 December 2013

It’s Christmas time! Will also soon be New Year!

Delight your friends with this year's hottest Christmas Gift - at the same time supporting the freedom of expression in every corner of the world.


Do You Think The Wrong Thing?!

Gatestone Institute 13 December 2013
By Douglas Murray

Western democracies have a great and serious problem: larger and larger swaths of people, when asked their opinion on certain matters, keep coming back with the wrong opinion. Surely, something must be done about this!


A personal warning over women in Islamic countries

The Commentator 13 December 2013
By Michael Curtis

In her new book, Phyllis Chesler argues that honor-related violence against women and gender apartheid cannot be justified in the name of cultural relativism or religious custom, or political correctness. Western "progressives" should take note