Don't Tell Erdogan Jihadists Kill People

Gatestone Institute 6 November 2014
By Burak Bekdil

It was vintage Erdogan: There is no Islamic terror. ISIS is not an Islamic organization and its name is not even ISIS. Slightly more than a year ago, the world was


More hidden Armenians reveal their true identity in Turkey

Public Radio of Armenia 6 November 2014
By Aida Avetisyan

Armenians live in Turkey at the expense of violation of their identity and often have to hide it, Turkish Armenian Abdul Gafuri said in an interview with Public Radio of


Turkey and Qatar as the America’s ‘Mideast Misfits’

RIA Novosti 6 November 2014
By Andrew Korybko

Prior to the ‘Arab Spring’ events, the US had assembled a constellation of regional alliances to promote its Mideast vision. This was greatly enabled by the 2003 War in Iraq,


Footballer Deniz Naki flees Turkey for Germany after attack

BBC News 6 November 2014
By Selin Girit

A Turkish-German footballer targeted in an allegedly racist attack has left his club and flown out of Turkey. Striker Deniz Naki, who plays for Turkish Super League club


ICC drops "Mavi Marmara" case; IHH lies about it

the elder of ziyon - 6 November 2014

First came the lies: Turkey's Humanitarian Aid Foundation (IHH) issued a statement on Tuesday saying that the Office of the Prosecutor of the International Criminal


Turkey- Syria: Muslim Brother Misirli’s Reckoning

American Center for Democracy 5 November 2014
By J. Millard Burr

With the outbreak of civil war in Syria the government of Bashar al-Assad claimed that Syrian members of the international Muslim Brotherhood (Ikhwan al-Muslimun) had taken up


The rise of political Islam in Turkey: how the West got it wrong

National Secular Society 5 November 2014
By Safak Pavey

Political Islamism has undermined the Turkish Republic's secular social order, education and legal systems and Western pundits manifestly failed to see this coming, argues


In the doghouse: Turkey hits out at German caricature

Deutsche Welle 5 November 2014

Turkey has summoned Germany's ambassador to the capital of Ankara over a disputed cartoon, which they claim depicts Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan as a snarling dog.


Here’s How Much Turkey’s Lavish Presidential Palace Costs

TIME 5 November 2014
By Jack Linshi

Critics say President Erdogan's extravagance is a sign of his self-righteousness President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s presidential palace, over 30 times the size of the White


Monument to Armenian Genocide Begun at Fresno State

Breitbart 5 November 2014
By William Bigelow

Last weekend, Fresno State officially began construction of a new monument dedicated to the Armenian Genocide. The monument, the first marking the Armenian genocide on any


Turkish Leader, Using Conflicts, Cements Power

Assyrian International News Agency 4 November 2014
By Tim Arango

Sprawling over nearly 50 acres of forest land that was once the private estate of Turkey's founding father, Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, a new presidential compound has nearly 1,000


Biden Says He Never Apologized to Turkey

abcnews 4 November 2014

Did Vice President Joe Biden really apologize to Turkey's president? The White House says he did, but Biden says he did not. In early October, Biden placed phone calls to


President Erdogan reprimands smoker as ‘ill-mannered’

TODAY'S ZAMAN 4 November 2014

President Recep Tayyip Erdogan on Sunday reacted angrily to a man smoking a cigarette, yelling: "Where are your manners? He is still smoking despite the president having told


The rise of political Islam in Turkey: how the west got it wrong

Open Democracy 4 November 2014
By Safak Pavey

Only western pundits could have nurtured the hope that someone with strong loyalties to Sharia would also abide by secular law in Turkey. Turkish opposition MP, Safak Pavey,


Islamic banking gains ground in Turkey

Al Monitor 4 November 2014
By Mehmet Cetingulec

There are currently four private Islamic banks operating in Turkey: Albaraka Turk, Bank Asya, Kuveyt Turk and Turkiye Finans. According to the Banking Regulatory and


Facing History in Transition as Armenian Genocide Centennial Approaches

mirrorspectator 3 November 2014
By Aram Arkun

Facing History and Ourselves is a unique international organization which has done yeoman’s work in promoting understanding of genocide, including the Armenian and Jewish


Why Islam Attracts the Violent

Israel National News 2 November 2014
By Hugh Fitzgerald

Isn't that the question that ought to be asked all over the Western world? Not to try to say that the mentally ill, who just happen to be converts to Islam, kill people, but that those who are psychically off, if they convert to anything, nowadays will almost certainly to convert to Islam. So what is it about Islam


Normalization between Ankara and Jerusalem? Guess Again.

The Gatestone Institute 2 November 2014
By Burak Bekdil

Until Jerusalem is the capital of a Palestinian state and Israel is pushed back to its pre-1967 borders, it will be "halal" for Erdogan to blame Israel for global warming, the


Former Bosnian Grand Mufti Gets 4% Of Vote In Bosnian Presidential Elections

Various media were reporting earlier this month on the Bosnian elections held this month and in which the Mustafa Ceric, the former Bosnian Grand Mufti, was running as an


Erdogan's Book of Defeat

The Gatestone Institute 2 November 2014
By Burak Bekdil

In the entire Middle East, Turkey now has only two allies: Qatar, which looks more like a rich, family-owned gas station than a state; and Hamas, a terrorist