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EuropeNews / 18 June 2015

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Denmark: 72-year-old lady homesless because state gives appartment to refugees

10 News 17 June 2015
By Nicolai Sennels

I have no doubt that the EU wants to use third world immigration as a tool to destroy national identity in order to make way for the non-existent “European identity” and thus


13th Palestinians in Europe Conference; Berlin Event Features More Of The Same

GMB Watch 17 June 2015

May 1, 2015 The annual 13th Palestinians in Europe Conference convened in Berlin, Germany on Saturday, 25 April 2015. The conference was convened under the title, ‘The


Video: Muslim Jihad troops in Bosnia

Right Side Publications 11 June 2015

Muslims destroyed Bosnia. It all started during the Ottoman invasions to expand Islam and millions of Slavic people taken into slavery. This is yet another country that never


Half-a-Million Libyans Headed for Europe Over the Summer

FrontPage Magazine 11 June 2015
By Daniel Greenfield

Obama’s illegal regime change operation in Libya is really working well. The capital is under the control of Al Qaeda and the Muslim Brotherhood. The country is in a state of


Bilderberg: What will Masters of the Universe discuss?

Telegraph 11 June 2015
By Harriet Alexander

It is a conference like no other. There is no desired outcome, no minutes are taken and no report is written. Furthermore, no resolutions are proposed, no votes are taken, and


Med migrant crossings to Europe top 100,000 in 2015

The Daily Star 11 June 2015

GENEVA: More than 100,000 migrants made the perilous crossing over the Mediterranean to Europe this year, the United Nations said Tuesday, reporting a huge spike in arrivals


Danish police attacked with Molotov cocktails inside Muslim ghetto 11 June 2015

One might wonder why only non-Islamic authorities are attacked in Muslim ghettos, while fundamentalist imams, patroling Muslim father groups and home made sharia courts are


Berlin borough town hall OKs Muslim headscarf

A young Muslim woman has been allowed to start a traineeship in the public sector in Berlin after local authorities considered rejecting her because she wore a headscarf.


Pope presented book on Armenian Genocide

ARMENPRESS 11 June 2015

The book "The Armenian Genocide: 100 years of silence: The extraordinary story of the last survivors”, published by the initiative of the Italian-Arab Assadakah Center, with


Denmark: Thousand Muslims join funeral of terrorist… 11 June 2015

The Grimhøj mosque is famous for sending more jihadis to Islamic State than any other Danish mosque. The US’ Federal Register on Abu Hamza: "Acting under the authority of and


Denmark: Man knifed on arms, back and stomach for "looking” 11 June 2015

This is the type of crime that I would call "dominance crime". The attacked happened in the infamous Muslim ghetto Nørrebro. Via Berlingske: "Tuesday night a young


Islamophobia: It's a growth industry

The Hill 11 June 2015
By The Hill

Taking time off from the crucifixions and decapitations to burn a Yazidi woman to death for refusing to perform a vile sex act, Islamic State's home-field hard jihad is alive


ISIS Aims New Recruitment Video at Balkan Muslims

kticradio 11 June 2015

ISIS launched a new push to reel in disaffected Muslims as fighters in Syria and Iraq with a new video posted online Thursday, offering them a "stronghold” there to worship


Moderate Bosnian Muslims called to join Islamic State

THE IRISH TIMES 11 June 2015
By Daniel McLaughlin in Sarajevo

Salafi members in Upper Maoca village, Brcko, in northeastern Bosnia, deny allegations they are connected with Islamic State. Upper Maoca is in the focus of the Bosnian public


The Fall of Sirte Makes ISIS in Libya a Mediterranean Power

commentarymagazine 11 June 2015
By Noah Rothman

While ISIS conducts wildly successful, multipronged assaults on targets in Syria and Iraq, it might be easy to forget that the fight against the Islamic State is raging across


Germany: Muslims Exempt from School Trips to Holocaust Sites?

Gatestone Institute 11 June 2015
By Soeren Kern

"Muslim children, too, need to come to terms with German history." — Günther Felbinger, MP with the Free Voters Party. "At a time of increasingly rampant anti-Semitism and


Italian firms look at halal, kosher opportunities at Expo

ANSAmed 11 June 2015

Italy's national food-and-drink-producers association Federalimentare held its third meeting at Milan Expo 2015 on Tuesday for Italian food and drink producers and


Denmark grants asylum to nine of ten refugees

The Local 11 June 2015

New statistics released by the Danish Immigration Service (Udlændingeservice) show that 90 percent of all asylum applications have been approved so far in 2015. This is in


France, Iran and the "Peace Process"

Gatestone Institute 11 June 2015
By Shoshana Bryen

The French draft corresponds with President Obama's own -- strongly held -- belief that Israel has to ascribe to the President's view, despite just having elected a Prime