Qatar Awareness Campaign: Georgetown School of Foreign Service

Right Side News 9 October 2014

Dear Dr. DeGioia: This letter is being sent to you on behalf of the Qatar Awareness Campaign Coalition. The purpose is to inform you and the public of the activities of Qatar,


Mohammed Hamzah Khan, American Muslim Teenager, Arrested for Attempting to Join ISIS

Answering Muslims 9 October 2014
By David Wood

Mohammed Hamzah Khan was terrified of paying taxes to the U.S. government, because tax money is used to support the military, and the military is dropping bombs on ISIS


UK leader: British hostage's killers must be found

News Telegram 6 October 2014
By Jon Gambrell and Shawn Pogatchnik

The Islamic State extremists who have beheaded another Western hostage are deaf to reason and must be destroyed, British Prime Minister David Cameron said Saturday as Muslims


Judeo-Christian Sources of the Koran

Breaking Israel News 6 October 2014
By Phyllis Chesler

An exclusive interview with Ibn Warraq, author of the new book "Christmas in the Koran: Luxenberg, Syriac, and the Near Eastern and Judeo-Christian Background of Islam”


Pakistani Taliban declare allegiance to Islamic State and global jihad

Israel National News 6 October 2014

The Pakistani Taliban declared allegiance to Islamic State on Saturday and ordered militants across the region to help the Middle Eastern jihadist group in its campaign to set


This Tiny Country Produces Five Times as Many Islamic State Fighters Per Capita as Turkey

Palestinian Media Watch 6 October 2014
By Zach Noble

As 46 members of the radical Islamic group "Sharia4Belgium” went on trial Monday, accused of recruiting Belgian fighters for the Islamic State’s war in Syria and Iraq, a simple


Dar al Sweden

Diana West 6 October 2014
By Diana West

Fjordman writes in today, calling attention to "the face of Eurabia" -- the Islamic Europe identified and explicated by the great historian of dhimmitude Bat Ye'or, and which


Islam is at War with the Oldest Religions

Israel National News 6 October 2014
By Giulio Meotti

It was 1929 when British archaeologist Leonard Woolley made a sensational discovery in Nineveh, Iraq's province. He commanded an Arab worker to dig a pit to test the


Religion of Peace? Hell No!

American Thinker 6 October 2014
By Lauri B. Regan

Within hours of the Boston Marathon bombing, I sent an email to my newsletter distribution list with speculation about the perpetrators being of Muslim descent. One


Muslim Shock and Awe in Europe

Frontpage Mag 6 October 2014
By Daniel Greenfield

At Steyn Online, Mark Steyn discusses the muted response to the inevitable Islamization of Birmingham. The other day, for example, The Daily Mail reported that Birmingham,


Video: Watch Ben Affleck and Bill Maher fight about radical Islam

Lightly Buzzed 6 October 2014
By Dan Zinski

Noted anti-religion nut Bill Mayer and good Catholic boy Ben Affleck really went at it last night on Maher’s as-yet-uncancelled HBO show "Steal Time.


Will the West Be Able to Drive the Islamic Jinn Back into the Bottle?

Cherson and Molschky 6 October 2014
By Y.K. Cherson

The epoch of the Crescent Moon that started in the Balkans in the 90s, where Muslim expansion supported by NATO resulted in the creation of the criminal Muslim den in Kosovo on


Islam: The Awful Truth

American Thinker 6 October 2014
By Justin O. Smith

Islam is violent and repressive, and its sacred texts are the heart of darkness at the center of the Islamic State's inspiration and motivation, despite Barack Obama's


Free Speech: A Motorway Pile-Up of Moral Confusion

The Gatestone Institute 6 October 2014
By Douglas Murray

If Ayaan Hirsi Ali is not qualified to speak about Islam, then who is? The answer is that the only figure they might accept is someone who does not make any criticisms of


Release of British hostage David Bolam could fuel terrorism if ransom was paid

The Telegraph 6 October 2014
By Sarah Knapton

The family of British hostage David Bolam have denied that he had been freed through a ransom payment as the Foreign Office warned that any such pay-off would fuel the cycle of


The seller of 'Sweden's most dangerous art'

The Local 6 October 2014

As The Local reported on Wednesday, the artwork that landed Swedish artist Dan Park in jail on racism charges is being both sold and publicly displayed in Denmark. The


Europe grapples with whether to ban Muslim burqas and niqabs

The Sydney Morning Herald 6 October 2014
By Nick Miller

After France banned veils in 2011, a French woman in her early 20s decided to fight for her niqab. Backed by a group of Birmingham lawyers, the Pakistan-born university


Ben Affleck Furiously Defends Islam on Bill Maher Show

Yahoo News 6 October 2014
By Tom Porter

Film star Ben Affleck engaged in a furious debate with author Sam Harris and TV host Bill Maher, accusing his opponents of racism after Harris called Islam 'the motherload of


Prime Minister: Brit's killing hardens need to defeat Islamic State

Eagle Tribune 6 October 2014

The Islamic State extremists who have beheaded another Western hostage are deaf to reason and must be destroyed, British Prime Minister David Cameron said Saturday as Muslims


Islamic State group beheads British hostage

News Telegram 6 October 2014
By Jon Gambrell and Jill Lawless

An Internet video released Friday purports to show an Islamic State group fighter beheading British hostage Alan Henning, the fourth such killing carried out by the extremist


Sweden breaks EU ranks to recognise Palestine

EU Observer 6 October 2014
By Andrew Rettman

The new left-wing government in Sweden has promised to recognise Palestine, amid EU criticism of Israel’s latest settlement expansion. The Swedish PM, Stefan Lofven, made


French supermarket apologises over ‘Islamophobic’ toy machinegun

France 24 6 October 2014

French supermarket chain Auchan has apologised after its sales brochure featured a black plastic toy gun, resembling an AK47 assault rifle and featuring a crescent moon and


'Cash For Crash' Top 20 Hotspots Almost All Muslim Areas

Kafir Crusaders 6 October 2014

Despite the majority of Muslims in the UK being regarded as a little bit backwards due to generations of inbreeding and work shy. Preferring to sponge off the state in the


"Youth" of Middle Eastern appearance beats up soldiers with fists and glass bottles 6 October 2014

"Friday, two young soldiers aged 20 and 21 were attacked around four o'clock in Krammergade in Varde. The two soldiers were on their way back to Varde Barracks, when they were


‘Extremism prevention’: Austria to amend century-old law on Islam

RT 6 October 2014

Fear of extremism has led to Austria having drafted amendments to a 102-year-old law on Islam. Muslim organizations are to be banned from being financed from abroad, while the


Balkan jihadists part of a global menace

Today's Zaman 6 October 2014

The spectacular anti-terrorist police operation that took place at the beginning of September in Sarajevo and 12 other towns of Bosnia and Herzegovina, as well as the state


Jihadism 'has become a German phenomenon'

DW 6 October 2014

Mr. Steinberg, you are an expert on jihadism, Iraq and Syria and have just written a book on this topic. How deeply rooted do you think the jihad movement is in German


Dutch School Cancels Trip to Paris Out of Fear of Terrorism

The increasing fear of the terror group, ISIS has led to the cancellation of a school trip to Paris of 400 graduating high school students from Etten-Leur. This is because


Belgium Proves Vital Jihadist Recruiting Hub

Big News Network 6 October 2014

This week, the trial of dozens of Sharia4Belgium members began in the Belgian city of Antwerp, ground zero of a very successful effort to recruit jihadists. The extremist


43 Islamists on trial for Euro-terror plot

WND 6 October 2014
By Michael Carl

Under the banner of multiculturalism, European countries have supported Muslims through immigration provisions, allowances for Islamic law and special advocacy for mosques and

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