East Lancs Muslims’ shock at flu ‘pig vaccine’

Lancashire Telegraph 11 November 2014
By Lawrence Dunhill

PUBLIC health bosses have been slammed for failing to offer a 'suitable' vaccine to Muslim children as part of a major new flu immunisation programme. Thousands of East


Northern Ireland man charged with Syria terrorism says he fought against Islamic State group

Times Colonist 11 November 2014

A Northern Ireland man who says he fought against the Islamic State group in Syria appeared in court Saturday charged with terrorism offences. Eamon Bradley of Londonderry


Christians in Muslim Countries Cited as Most Hated Minority Group: 'Know Your Place or We're Going to Kill You'

Gospel Herald 11 November 2014
By Shawn Schuster

Author Raymond Ibrahim reveals in a new video what he sees as an under-addressed phenomenon: the persecution of Christians worldwide. For those Christians living in


Pakistan schools' association observe 'I am not Malala' Day

Hindustan Times 11 November 2014

A network of private schools in Pakistan on Monday observed 'I am not Malala' day to condemn Nobel laureate and teenage girls rights activist for her alleged support for


Israeli Muslim Brotherhood Leader Predicts Jerusalem Will Soon Be Capital Of "Global Caliphate”

Israeli Muslim Brotherhood leader Raed Salah has apparently joined the competition to declare the latest Islamic Caliphate. In a sermon delivered in Nazareth on Friday, Salah


Israel: Islamic jihadist stabs woman to death, injures two other people after trying to run them over at a bus stop

Jihad Watch 11 November 2014

"Palestinians” have been encouraged recently to use their cars for jihad attacks. Maher Hamdi al-Hashalmoun tried to do so, but failed, and had to resort to his knife. Over at


Netanyahu: We won’t tolerate Hamas or ISIS flags at protests in Israel

The Jerusalem Post 11 November 2014

Premier spoke in the aftermath of Saturday’s violent riots by Israeli Arabs in the Lower Galilee near the village of Kafr Kana. Israel won’t tolerate violent rallies


Why's Al Qaeda So Strong? Washington Has (Literally) No idea

Daily Beast 11 November 2014
By Bruce Riedel

In the years since Bin Laden declared war on the West, we’ve learned how to kill his followers, but not how to defeat his ideology.


Jihadist Incitement in America

Right Side News 11 November 2014
By Rachel Ehrenfeld

Samuel Huntington predicted the growing cultural and religious conflicts that we are witnessing daily. His dubiousness regarding the ability of the West to understand


Hamas Forms “Popular Army” in Preparation for War with Israel

Breaking Israel News 11 November 2014
By Ahuva Balofsky

Hamas announced Friday that it has gathered 2,500 new recruits for the creation of a “popular army” in Gaza, in preparation for any future conflict with Israel


IDF Thinks Hamas Is Planning 'a Very Large Attack'

Arutz Sheva 11 November 2014

Large IDF and police forces are fanning out in Israel's large cities to head off “a very large terror attack” that the genocidal Islamist Hamas organization is believed


Hamas Praises Jerusalem Terror Attack

ABC News 11 november 2014

BEIRUT -- One Israeli police officer was killed and at least 13 others were wounded Wednesday morning when a Palestinian man plowed a white van into a crowd of pedestrians


New Palestinian Hit Song: "Run Over the Two-Month-Old Baby"

FrontPage Magazine 11 November 2014
By Daniel Greenfield

A new song has been released and is gaining popularity in the Middle East. The song is called “Car Intifada.” It encourages Palestinian Arabs to run over “settlers,”


California parent who withdrew his child from Islamic classes in public school tells story

Creeping Sharia 11 November 2014
By Pamela Geller

Millions of parents should be speaking out, loudly. via EXCLUSIVE: California parent who withdrew his child from Islamic classes in public school tells his story


Child marriage and FGM in Tanzania

Mail & Guardian Online 11 November 2014

HRW calls on Tanzania to set the minimum age for marriage at 18, following an investigation into high levels of child marriage and FGM in the country.


Wing and a prayer: ISIS terrorists neck truck loads of RED BULL to help them during battles

The Mirror 11 November 2014
By Ian Sparks

Hundreds of cans of the high-caffeine energy drink are being taken across the border by Turkish lorries to keep extremists alert in war-torn Syria.


Ex-judge sent to jail for Hizb-ut link

Bangladesh News 24 hours 10 November 2014

A former assistant judge of Feni court, identified as a leader of banned outfit Hizb-ut Tahrir, has been sent to jail after he surrendered. Sheikh Omar Sharif, who was allegedly


150 million Christians persecuted by Islam

Israel National News 10 November 2014
By Giulio Meotti

"The number of persecuted Christians in the world is 150 million." There are many other figures, terrifying and dramatic, in the pages of the "Black book of the plight of Christians in the world", a unique initiative of French scholars and coordinated by journalist Samuel Lieven. Snapshots of a global and amorphous war.


New "Bulgarian" connection in the global jihad II. - The Tatar link

Standart News 10 November 2014

It is a little known fact that in the ranks of the Taliban, the jihadists set up "Jamaat Bulgar" in honor of the medieval Muslim state Volga Bulgaria. They later were joined by


France: Muslims Firebomb Kosher Restaurant After Calling Diners "Dirty Jews”

Th Eyes Hiva World 10 November 2014

As diners were enjoying themselves alongside their families at a nearby Mehadrin restaurant,a loud ‘explosion like’ noise shook the attendees while creating havoc


Four Muslims Arrested for Plotting to Behead Queen Elizabeth

Frontpage Mag 10 November 2014
By Daniel Greenfield

In 2007, David Cameron, now prime minister, wrote, "It is mainstream Britain which needs to integrate more with the British Asian way of life, not the other way


Islamophobia as a Muslim Problem

The Huffington Post 10 November 2014
By Ali Hashem

Islamophobia has been for years the main complaint by Muslims around the world; the feeling of being discriminated for what you believe, practice or look like prompted many Muslims in Europe and America to raise the voice and seek changing the image by drawing a clear line between Islam and extremism


Video: Britain's cultural problem

youtube 10 November 2014
By Pat Condell


British national named first foreign fighter to carry out suicide attack for IS

The Times of India 10 November 2014
By Kounteya Sinha

A British national named Kabir Ahmed has been named as the first foreign fighter who has carried out a suicide bombing mission for Islamic State (IS). Ahmed, also known as


Former Britain First Member, Matthew Lester, Denounces Group And Visits Mosque To Apologise

The Huffington Post 10 November 2014
By Chris York

A former member of Britain First has denounced the organisation and visited a mosque to apologise to the Muslim community he says they demonise. Matthew Lester, 25, joined


Muslims across America, Europe face renewed 9/11-style scorn amid ISIS' violent campaign

New York Daily News 10 November 2014
By Corinne Lestch

When Zainab Chaudry left a grocery store Wednesday in her native Baltimore, a man loitering outside followed the 32-year-old to her car. "‘Are you one of those people who


The Muslim Feminist vs. Islam, Part Two: Theresa Corbin Rewrites the History of the Battle of Badr

Answearing Muslims 10 November 2014

Self-proclaimed "Muslim feminist" Theresa Corbin has given us her list of the "Most Misinterpreted Verses" of the Qur'an. Today we'll take a look at Corbin's attempt to rewrite


The West's Dangerous Enchantment with Islam

The Gatestone Institute 10 November 2014
By Uzay Bulut

There are no women's rights in Islam; there are no women's rights in most Muslim countries. And there is no freedom of expression in these countries; people have become


Blair's deal with Saudis leads to questions over former PM's lucrative contract

The Daily Mail 10 November 2014
By John Stevens

Tony Blair has amassed a personal fortune since standing down as prime minister – often acting as an adviser to controversial businesses and regimes. But yesterday the hefty


Danish politician: ‘Muslims in Europe picked up where Hitler left off.’

The Muslimim Issue 10 November 2014

Not all socialists are nutters apparently. Some are actually awake and grasp the reality. This one, a leader of the People’s Party which generally tend to be extreme socialist

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