Morsy’s Christian Problem

Daily News Egypt 9 April 2013

"Any attack on Egypt’s Christians is an attack on me personally,” said President Mohamed Morsi during his 100th day as president speech last September, a statement which he


One Killed, 66 Injured as Egyptian Muslims Attack Mourning Christians after Funeral Service

answeringmuslims 9 April 2013

I don't see how this can end well. Now that the Muslim Brotherhood is in power, it's open season on the Copts. But the Copts are trying to defend themselves, and every act of


Qatar opens Darfur aid conference with $500 million pledge

The Washington Post 9 April 2013

Qatar pledged $500 million Monday to help rebuild Sudan’s war-battered region of Darfur as part of an international conference seeking ways to boost stability after a decade of


Survivor speaks out at genital mutilation summit

SBS 9 April 2013

For Khadija Gbla going on "a holiday" was the euphemism her mother used before she was taken away and subjected to female genital mutilation. She has vivid memories of the


Development Aid: International donors pledge $3.6 billion to rebuild Darfur

Deutsche Welle 9 April 2013

Donor countries have pledged $3.6 billion (2.77 billion euros) to finance the development of war-torn Darfur at a fundraising conference in Qatar. The hosts were among the


Two members of Hezbollah killed in Syria: source

The Daily Star 9 April 2013

BAALBEK, Lebanon: Two Hezbollah members fighting alongside Syrian government forces in the Qusayr area near the border with Lebanon were killed on Monday, a source close to the


Bahrain Government include Hezbollah party in the list of terrorist organizations

Focus News 9 April 2013

Bahraini government discussed and approved the adoption in late March proposal by parliament to declare the Lebanese Shiite party Hezbollah terrorist organization, online


A Florida Megachurch Pastor’s Islamist Associations

By Ryan Mauro

Pastor Joel C. Hunter of Florida’s Northland Church is under fire for his stance against the state’s proposed legislation based on American Laws for American Courts. He chose a


Report: Apology won’t change Turkey, ‘weakens Israel’s deterrence’

World Tribune 9 April 2013

Israel’s apology to Turkey for the bloody interception of a flotilla to the Gaza Strip harms the deterrence of the Jewish state, a report said. The report, titled "Israel’s Apology to Turkey: A Mistake,” asserted


Uncle Sam and the Saudi Crescent

FamilySecurityMatters 9 April 2013

"World Must Unite Against US-Saudi-Israeli Proxy War in Syria" is the headline over a piece at Infowars by Tony Cartalucci, a reporter whose work on Uncle Sam's entanglement in jihad I've read with interest before.

The piece makes a moral argument against the war on Assad that I find rather less transfixing than the ghastly spectacle of what he further describes as the US-UK-Saudi-Qatari alliance fighting this war. Call me ethno-centric, but I keep going back to the basic question: What is Uncle Sam doing running around with sharia allies remaking the Middle East into sharia-terror states?


Anti-Semitism spreads among Russian Muslims - report

Interfax-Religion 9 April 2013

Authors of a research on the level of anti-Semitism in Russia in 2011-2012 concluded that animosity toward Jewish people in the country is fairly uncommon, although they


McCain Thanks Tunisia’s Islamist Thug Who Freed Benghazi Attacker

By Daniel Greenfield

Tunisia, like Egypt, fell to Islamists in the wake of the Arab Spring. It’s now overrun with Salafist thugs trying to enforce Islamic law, with the reported collaboration


Egyptian minister quotes Koran verse on killing Jews

Times of Israel 9 April 2013

Egypt’s minister of religious endowments in an interview quoted a verse from the Koran about killing Jews. The interview with Talaat Mohamed Afifi Salem was aired last month


Amina: Topless Tunisian Feminist Threatened

Eagle Radio 9 April 2013

A Tunisian activist says she fears for her life after courting controversy by posting topless pictures of herself online in support of Arab women's rights last


Egypt court turns down Islamist lawsuit against TV satirist 9 April 2013

CAIRO: An Egyptian court on Saturday threw out a lawsuit calling for a popular television satirist to be banned for insulting the president and Islam, but he still faces a


Saudi man detained for molesting woman in China

Zee News 9 April 2013

Beijing: A Saudi Arabian man has been detained for molesting a woman in a canteen in central China's Hunan province, Xinhua reported Sunday. The 22-year-old man allegedly


Egypt: Deadly Clashes After Coptic Funeral

Eagle Radio 9 April 2013

One person has died and more than 60 others have been injured in clashes outside Cairo's Coptic cathedral following a funeral. The memorial service at the cathedral, in the


Presbyterian Author Omits Crucial Information on Islamic College’s Founders

Creeping Sharia 9 April 2013

It’s all very public information so the question is why is he hiding it? via Presbyterian Author Omits Crucial Information About College’s Founders. Rev. Ben DanAiel is a


Kidnappers target Christians in Egyptian south

Ezzat Kromer's resistance to his kidnappers did not last long. One of the masked gunmen fired a round between his feet as he sat behind the wheel of his car and said with


Syria: Christians flee rebel areas as fatwa authorises rape of non-Sunni women

The conquest of the Cheikh Maksoud district in Aleppo, by the anti-Assad militia, could mark a turning point in the battle for the city, a priest has reported. Father David


Islamist bigots in Bangladesh

For Islamists, there is no such thing as freedom of speech, expression or thought. The most recent example of this occurred in Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh, on 6 April


Hamas-linked cell busted for Temple Mount attacks

JPOST.COM 9 April 2013

The Shin Bet (Israel Security Agency, in collaboration with Jerusalem police, arrested a Hamas-associated terror cell for a series of attacks on the Temple Mount after Friday


Hamas Shaves Heads of Gaza Youths With Long Hair

ABC News 9 April 2013

Police in Hamas-ruled Gaza have started grabbing young men with long or gel-styled spiky hair off the streets, bundling them into jeeps, mocking them and shaving their heads,


Bombs explode before Dhaka Central Jail

Four crude bombs exploded in front of the gate of Dhaka Central Jail on Sunday night after several vehicles were vandalised and torched in the capital since the


Video: Pat Condell " I'm offended by Islam "

youtube 4 April 2013
By Pat Condell

In so many ways.


Anti-Dhimmitude: Likud MK Feiglin Demands Turkish Apology for 1942 Struma Slaughter

americanthinker. 4 April 2013
By Andrew Bostom

On the heels on Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's ill-advised, dhimmi-like apology to Turkey's traditionalist Islamic Jew-hating, Sharia supremacist Prime Minister "Mas-Kom-Ya" Erdogan (under morally repugnant pressure from US President Obama), comes this refreshing  display of anti-dhimmitude by Likud MK Moshe Feiglin.


Predictable: EU-mediated talks over the status of Serb-dominated northern Kosovo fail to reach a deal

sheikyermami 4 April 2013

EU-mediated talks over the status of Serb-dominated northern Kosovo fail to reach a deal. (al Jizz) Leaders from Serbia and Kosovo have failed to come to agreement on the


German Muslims want official Muslim holidays in Germany

Pravda 4 April 2013

The Central Council of Muslims in Germany proposed that federal authorities formalize two Islamic holidays as official holidays. This is not shocking news, as in some areas


UK Considers Going Fully into Shariah Compliance with Sukuk Issuance

Shariah Finance Watch 4 April 2013

For some time London officials and UK finance community executives have expressed the intention of making London the capital of Shariah-compliant finance in the West. Now

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