Swedish police drop charges against alleged JCC attackers

The Times of Israel 20 November 2012

JTA — Police in Malmo have no suspects in September’s attack on the Swedish city’s Jewish community center after dropping charges against two suspects. Anders Lindell, a


UK: Muslims to denounce Malala as apostate for standing up to Taliban

Jihad Watch 20 November 2012

This will put the threat of being murdered over her head for the rest of her life. "Islamic hardliners announce fatwa on Malala Yousafzai," by Rob Crilly in the Telegraph,


Italy and Qatar’s Sovereign Wealth Funds in joint venture

CPI Financial 20 November 2012

Fondo Strategico Italiano Spa (FSI) – the holding company controlled by the Cassa Depositi e Prestiti (CDP) – and Qatar Holding (QH) signed an agreement today (19 November) to


Italian PM Visits Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque

Oman News Agency 20 November 2012

Prof. Dr. Mario Monti, Prime Minister of the Republic of Italy today visited the Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque in the Wilayat of Bausher, within the framework of his current


Fjordman: The Norwegian Left’s KGB Romance

FrontPage Magazin 20 November 2012
By Fjordman

After Barack Hussein Obama was reelected as President of the United States in November 2012, the regular columnist Frithjof Jacobsen wrote in the Norwegian newspaper VG that the problem for Obama is that as a human being, he is so great that it becomes hard to live up to these expectations as a political leader. He claimed that the same was the case with another left-wing politician, Norway’s Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg.

Frithjof Jacobsen suggested that Stoltenberg is in a totally different league from all the other politicians in his country and has displayed exceptional "moral fiber.” If you believe this leading columnist in Norway’s largest national newspaper, "The public person Jens Stoltenberg has given the Übermensch a human face.”


Turkey cannot be model of democracy without a free press

Huffington Post 20 November 2012
By Kati Marton

More reporters are jailed in Turkey than in any other country in the world. According to CPJ’s recent survey, at least 61 are imprisoned directly for their work, representing


One holy warrior’s stormy road to beer and bacon

faithfreedom.org 20 November 2012

The closer one looks at the amazing story of the Danish Islam convert, Morten Storm, who volunteered for holy war in Somalia and later became a police agent and opponent of


Canadian Ambassador visits the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque

AME Info 20 November 2012

The Director of the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque Center, Mr. Yousif Al Obaidli welcomed the Canadian Ambassador for a visit to the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque and Sheikh Zayed bin


Video: Unholy War

vimeo 20 November 2012

Dispatches - Unholy War - British Muslims who want to Murder Christians from raskolnikov on Vimeo.

Dispatches investigates the violence and intimidation facing Muslims who convert to Christianity in Britain. Dispatches reporter Antony Barnett meets former Muslims who now live under the threat of reprisals from their former communities. Many are still living in fear. He interviews a family who have been driven out of their home and a convert whose brother was beaten close to death.


Paris Hilton sparks Muslim outrage with store launch in Saudi Arabia's holy city

Newstrack India 20 November 2012

Socialite and hotel heiress Paris Hilton has sparked outrage in the Middle East by opening a new store in Saudi Arabia's Holy city of Mecca. Saudis took to Twitter to say


Obama can't even say 'radical Islamic terrorist'

WND.com 20 November 2012

Lawmakers have just scratched the surface in their investigation of the terrorist attacks on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi, but Congress has made progress on getting to the


Sticks and stones! Push to reform notorious UK ‘insult’ law gains momentum

RT TV 20 November 2012

The British government’s increasingly obstinate stance on criminalizing insults seems to have finally offended the public. Now an official movement, the Reform Section 5


U.S. Muslim Brotherhood Springs into Action

FrontPage Magazin 20 November 2012
By Ryan Mauro

The U.S. Muslim Brotherhood and its non-Muslim allies have sprung into action. They are demanding that President Obama make Israel end its offensive against Hamas which, in


Paris Hilton slammed for 'insulting Mecca'

Windsor Star 20 November 2012

Tone deaf socialite and hotel heiress Paris Hilton has again sparked outrage in the Middle East by opening a new shop in the Saudi Arabian Holy city of Mecca, says the New York


California: Four Muslims charged in jihad plot to mass murder Americans

JihadWatch 20 November 2012

"Evidence in this case demonstrates that the defendants used the word ?jihad? to refer to armed combat." These guys must be greasy Islamophobes. Don't they know that jihad is


Turkish Prime Minister: ‘Israel Is A Terrorist State’

CBS 20 November 2012

A top Turkish official has claimed that Israel is committing acts of terrorism by bombing Hamas targets in Gaza. Turkish Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan told the Eurasian


Turkey must reassume its great role in Islamic world

dunyatimes 20 November 2012

Secretary General of Lebanon's Al-Jamaa Al-Islamiya movement, Ibrahim al-Masri said that Turkey must "reassume its great role in the Islamic world". BEIRUT In an exclusive


Our view: Latest warfare reflects Hamas' miscalculation

USA TODAY 20 November 2012

In military terms, Israel's week-old assault on Gaza seems certain to end as similar operations have in the past. Rocket launchers, the source of hundreds of attacks on Israel


Hackers target Israel with millions of attacks as Hamas rockets continue to fall

Fox News 20 November 2012

Even as Israel fends off relentless rocket attacks from Gaza, government and private websites are under siege from hackers, who have mounted 44 million cyberattacks in less


Hamas and the Two-State Solution Myth

Commentary Magazine 20 November 2012
By Jonathan S. Tobin

Since Hamas initiated the latest round of fighting in Gaza, Israel’s critics have been hard-pressed to criticize the country’s need to defend its people against a barrage of


Hamas' Tactic: Require Israel to Cause Civilian Casualties

Gatestone Institute 20 November 2012
By Alan M. Dershowitz

As the rockets continue to fall in Israel and Gaza, it is important to understand Hamas's tactic and how the international community and the media are encouraging it. Hamas's


Hamas will never achieve a Palestinian state while killing Israeli civilians

Sydney Morning Herald 20 November 2012
By Gerard Henderson

On Friday, Julia Gillard, the social democratic Prime Minister of Australia, said that her government ''condemns the repeated rocket and mortar attacks on Israel from the Gaza


Fatah, Hamas agree to unite over Gaza crisis as death toll soars

Al Arabiya News 20 November 2012

Rival Palestinian factions Fatah and Hamas said on Monday they have decided to end years of infighting in a show of solidarity over the Gaza crisis, AFP news agency


The Gates of Jerusalem

Right Side News 20 November 2012
By Daniel Greenfield

The endless wars with Israel are not really about the Jewish State. Nor are the wars about the Arabs living in the territories that Israel lost in 1948 to Jordan and Egypt and recaptured from them in 1967. The rest of the Muslim world cares no more about them than Hitler cared about the Sudeten Germans or Japan really believed in the rights of Chinese and Koreans.

Gates_of_Jerusalem1Israel is a sideline in a regional struggle by fractured populations, divided by ethnicity and religion, by language and natural resources, to unite into a single commonality. It is a natural target because its population consists of a people who are members of a different religious and ethnic group than the dominant religious and ethnic groups of the region.

Unlike the Persians and Turks, the Jews are not Muslims, not even Shiites, and unlike the Christian Arabs, the Jews are not even of the same ethnicity as the regional majority. Jews are neither Muslims nor Arabs and that makes them unique and alien in a region where every country is dominated by either an Arab or Muslim identity. Or both.


Qatar: Tourism authority, foreign women to dress modestly

ANSAmed 20 November 2012

Some Qatari women want foreign female visitors to respect local clothing traditions and the local penal code, and the Qatar tourist authority has decided to support them, Doha News reported on Monday.

DOHA - Called 'One of Us', the women's campaign wants to ban shorts, sleeveless shirts, and revealing dresses. ''Help us preserve Qatari values and culture. Please dress modestly in public spaces, covering knees and shoulders,'' reads the campaign flyer. ''We're not trying to impose the hijab (traditional Gulf-area long black tunic and veil), just a modest way of dressing that won't force us to see too many body parts when we're in public,'' said campaign organizer Najla Al-Mahmoud.


Hamas leader Khaled Meshaal 'proud of Gaza resistance'

BBC 20 November 2012

Khaled Meshaal, the political leader of the Islamist movement Hamas which controls Gaza, has said he is "proud of the Palestinian resistance". At least 26 people have


Qatar’s Amir calls for solid Arab stance to end Israeli aggression

Khaleej Times 20 November 2012

DOHA - The Amir of Qatar, His Highness Shaikh Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani, has underlined the importance of having an influential Arab stance internationally to stop bloodshed


Hezbollah linked with cartels in Latin America

NOW LEBANON 20 November 2012
By Ana Maria Luca

A new report submitted to the United States Congress links Lebanese Hezbollah to the drug cartels in Latin America. Besides warning of the usual terrorist threat posed by Iran


Rockets? What Hamas Rockets?

FamilySecurityMatters 20 November 2012

Violence between Israeli Defense Forces and Palestinian terrorist organizations in Gaza this week is prompting the usual outcry from Islamist groups in America and abroad.

Rallies are planned in major cities throughout the United States Friday. Twitter feeds teemed with righteous outrage at what Islamists describe as Israeli aggression.

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