Sharia law about to enter the Spanish legislator – to assure Muslim adopted chilren "have not converted to Christianity”

themuslimissue 25 March 2013

The Spanish government will allow Moroccan religious authorities to take control of children up to 18 years of age to make sure they have not been converted to


What's this? A country opposing Shariah? 25 March 2013

STOCKHOLM, Sweden – In the wake of death threats against politicians and calls for a violent overthrow of government, German authorities are cracking down hard on Islamic


Too many people shy away from the truth of radical Islam

Monroe News Star 25 March 2013

President Barack Obama should listen to former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger, the "founder" of shuttle diplomacy. Kissinger told Bloomberg TV's Judy Woodruff recently


Rise of Islam fuels Christian persecution 25 March 2013
By Michael Carl

In the wake of the "Arab Spring” across northern Africa, Islam has been on the rise throughout the continent, and with it, violent persecution against Christians. Christians


The Meaning and Consequences of Israel’s Apology to Turkey

FrontPage Magazine 25 March 2013
By Caroline Glick

US President Barack Obama was on the line when Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu called Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan to apologize for the deaths of nine Turkish protesters aboard the Turkish ship Mavi Marmara on May 31, 2010

For those who don’t remember, the Mavi Marmara was a Turkish ship that set sail in a bid to break Israel’s lawful maritime blockade of Hamas-controlled Gaza’s coastline. When Israeli naval commandos boarded the ship to interdict it, passengers on deck attacked them – in breach of international maritime law. Soldiers were stabbed, bludgeoned and thrown overboard.


Liberman calls Turkey apology a ‘serious mistake’

Right Side News 25 March 2013
By Adiv Sterman

Former foreign minister Avigdor Liberman slammed Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Friday for his decision to apologize to his Turkish counterpart for the "operational


After $500M to ‘Palestine’, Obama vows $200M to Jordan, $500M to foreign readers

Creeping Sharia 25 March 2013

As air traffic is intentionally made more dangerous, veterans are denied healthcare and White House tours are shut down, the spigots of increasingly worthless fiat money are


Canadian Protester Arrested for Criticizing Islam’s Wife Beating Rules

A small group of protesters arrived outside the headquarters of the Liberal Party of Ontario whose Labour Minister had endorsed an Islamic guide book that included wife-beating


Palestinians: We Hate You, So Please Pay Us More

Khaled Abu Toameh 25 March 2013

Many Arabs and Muslims hate the U.S. because it stands in the way of fulfilling their dream of destroying Israel. The strong sentiments against Israel and the U.S. are the


Muslims in Russia's southern region migrating to save Hijab 25 March 2013

Moscow: A recent ban on the wearing of hijab in Russia’s southern region of Stavropol is squeezing the Muslim population in the area, forcing many to send their daughters to


Hamas funded by slave and organ trade

Money Jihad 25 March 2013

Sudanese and East African flesh peddlers aligned with Hamas terrorists are ransoming captives and engaging in the trade of human organs to buy weapons for jihad. This


Video: Saudi Prince Fahd Bin Sultan lashes his countrymen for money

themuslimissue. 25 March 2013

What a "friend” to have! Whipping in exchange for a donation. Here’s more with the same tribal bedouine: – Saudi prince to journalists: "If you’re not well-mannered enough,


New Syrian "Interim Prime Minister” Also ISNA Member

Local media is reporting that Ghassan Hitto, elected by the Syrian National Coalition (SNC) as head of an interim government in Syria, was a member of the Islamic Society of


Erdogan: No Quick Restoration of Ties With Israel

ABC News 25 March 2013

Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan suggested "normalization" of ties with Israel would take time, hinting that Turkey wanted to ensure the victims of a flotilla raid


Erdogan Orders Resumption Of Ties With Israel Following Apology

Empowered News 25 March 2013

Recep Tayyip Erdogan, the Turkish prime minister received a call from the prime minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu, who apologized for the death of Turkish citizens in


'Syria crisis necessitated Turkey apology'

JPOST.COM 25 March 2013

Israel has apologized to Turkey – for killing nine Turks on the Mavi Marmara three years ago – because of the volatile situation in Syria, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu


Is America ready to face Islamic radicals?

World Magazine 25 March 2013
By Cal Thomas

President Obama should listen to former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger, the "founder” of shuttle diplomacy. Kissinger told Bloomberg TV’s Judy Woodruff recently that he


Hamas Official says Abbas May Visit Gaza with Erdogan

The Jewish Press 25 March 2013
By Tzvi Ben-Gedalyahu

What will Israel get in return for Netanyahu’s apologizing to Turkey for IDF soldiers defending their lives? A former senior adviser to Hamas says Abbas may visit Gaza with


Saudi Arabia ‘threatens to ban’ Skype, WhatsApp, other instant messaging apps

RT 25 March 2013

The Saudi Arabian government has threatened to ban the use of instant messaging applications because of failure to control them, Saudi media reveal. It comes a month after the


Western Passports Aiding Hizballah Terror Plots

The IPT Blog 25 March 2013

Two stories this week show Hizballah's global reach as a terrorist organization. First, Hizballah is recruiting people with Canadian passports "because of its value, because


Mother accused of burning daughter in 'honor violence' incident

Waterbury Republican American 25 March 2013
By Ihosvani Rodriguez

A mother burned her teenage daughter with a hot knife to punish her for talking to a boy she met online, an act that defied her parents' wishes for her to marry a cousin,


Female circumcision not mutilation: Jakarta

The Japan Times 25 March 2013

Thrashing wildly, 5-year-old Reta wails as she is hoisted onto a bed during a circumcision ceremony in a school hall-turned-clinic on Indonesia’s island of Java. "No, no, no,”


Blood Libel Alive and Well in the Muslim World

israelnationalnews 25 March 2013
By David Lev

It may seem hallucinatory in this day and age, but unfortunately, the "matzah blood libel” is alive and well. In a discussion with Arutz Sheva, Professor Moshe Sharon of Hebrew


Afghan leader heads to Qatar to discuss peace with Taliban 25 March 2013
By Ron Popeski and Xavier Briand,

Afghan President Hamid Karzai will travel to Qatar within days to discuss peace negotiations with the Taliban, the Afghan Foreign Ministry said on Sunday, as efforts intensify


Social Media Jihad: Egyptian jihadist lionizes slain al Qaeda leader

The Long War Journal 25 March 2013
By Thomas Joscelyn

Two noteworthy statements by Ansar al Sharia Egypt's leader, Ahmed Ashush, have been posted on the Al Bayan Media Establishment's Facebook page this month. [For more on the


Top Saudi cleric says Twitter is for clowns 25 March 2013

Saudi Arabia's top religious cleric has criticised the microblogging website Twitter, calling it "a council for jokesters" and a place for unjust, incorrect messages. Grand


New wave of kidnappings hit Lebanon: security source

FRANCE 24 25 March 2013

A wave of tit-for-tat sectarian kidnappings took place in a sensitive area of northeast Lebanon on Sunday, a security official said. "Unidentified gunmen kidnapped Hussein


Sheikh Al-Bouti Dies By the Means He Promoted

FrontPage Magazine 25 March 2013
By Mark Durie

On March 21, Sheikh Dr Mohamed Said Ramadan Al-Bouti of Syria was killed, along with 40 others, by a suicide bomber at the Iman mosque in Damascus. A 2009 publication edited


Sultan of Brunei arrives in NZ

3News NZ 25 March 2013

His Majesty Hassanal Bolkiah, aged 66, touched down in his Royal Brunei 767-200 at Wellington Airport this morning. The aircraft is no longer operated by the airline despite


The Media Imperialists

Gatestone Institute 21 March 2013

If there is Western "imperialism" at all -- defined by many in the media as the harmful effects of Western hegemony -- it can be found in the Guardian and the New York Times, as their journalists impose their brand of "moderation" onto the people of the East

When the New York Times finally decided in January to report the anti-Semitic comments made by Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood President, Mohammed Morsi, almost two weeks after the Middle East Media Research Institute [MEMRI] broke the story, the report prompted further coverage in newspapers across the world, and even forced a statement from the White House in condemnation of the remarks.

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