"Friends" rape boy in Mina Abdullah desert

Kuwait Times 6 December 2012

A group of young men allegedly sexually assaulted a friend of theirs inside their camp in the Mina Abdullah desert. In his statements later to the local police, the teenage boy


Saudi Arabian prince accused of smuggling in Russia

RAPSI 6 December 2012

Saudi Arabian Prince Sultan Bin Mohammed Bin Saud Al Kabeer has been accused of smuggling 49 eagles into Russia for hunting, including 16 rare species, Kommersant reported on


All Football Matches Scrapped after Linesman's Violent Death

The Dutch football association KNVB yesterday cancelled all this weekend's amateur football matches in a protest against the violent death of a linesman. A linesman who was


Internet Hate and Double Standards

FrontPage Magazine 5 December 2012
By Fjordman

Geir Lippestad was the primary defense lawyer for the mass murderer Anders Behring Breivik. After the trial ended, he apparently couldn’t resist the urge to act like a Social Democratic politician for the Labor Party — which is exactly what he is.

Lippestad claimed that the Internet alone was responsible for creating Breivik, and wanted children to be warned against "Internet hate” in school, by which he seemingly meant all those who oppose Islamization. He admitted that there are "great tensions” in Europe at the moment, but linked these exclusively to unemployment.


Turkey's Press Freedom Crisis: The Dark Days of Jailing Journalists and Criminalizing Dissent.

pro-europa.eu 5 December 2012

The Committee to Protect Journalists Special Report: The government of Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan has waged one of the world’s biggest crackdowns on press freedom in recent history.

Authorities have imprisoned journalists on a mass scale on terrorism or anti-state charges, launched thousands of other criminal prosecutions on charges such as denigrating Turkishness or influencing court proceedings, and used pressure tactics to sow self-censorship.


Guess how many Islamic terror attacks since 9/11? Astonishing rampage in name of 'religion of peace'

WND.com 5 December 2012
By Bob Unruh

A little less than every five hours, somewhere around the world a Muslim is carrying out a fatal jihadist attack.

These are not the regular beatings and vandalism against Christians, Hindus and Buddhists but religion-oriented attacks in which someone dies at the hand of a member of the”religion of peace.” A website called "The Religion of Peace” has listed more than 20,000 such fatal attacks since Sept. 11, 2001.


Germany mulls new tank deal with Saudis

Deutsche Welle 5 December 2012

A news magazine has provided new insight into the secret committee, chaired by Angela Merkel, that approves Germany's weapons exports. Germany is selling more arms to the


Swedish lady targeted by Punjabi Taliban

The News International 5 December 2012
By Amir Mir

The December 3 assassination attempt against Bargeeta Almby, a 72-year-old female Christian charity worker from Sweden, was in all probability, made by the al-Qaeda-linked


10 Lies About the Israel-Hamas Conflict

Algemeiner 5 December 2012
By Steven Emerson

A ceasefire between Israel and Hamas may have been reached on paper, but evidence already indicates that it is unlikely to hold. A top Palestinian Islamic Jihad leader has


Video: Belgium Begins The Transition From Democracy To Sharia

Liberties Alliance 5 December 2012

Yesterday two successful candidates in municipal elections were sworn into office in Belgium. What makes this noteworthy is that they come from the Islam Party. This party


Paris Trial Begins Of 10 Alleged Fundraisers For IMU

Ten defendants have gone on trial in the French capital on charges that they helped finance the Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan (IMU), an extremist group accused of links to


Row over halal meat in Lancashire schools

ITV News 5 December 2012

A row has broken out in Lancashire over the kind of meat being served to Muslim children in the county's schools. The county council has approved the serving of halal meat


Belgian Christians Protest Muslim-Friendly Tree of Lights

Christian Post 5 December 2012
By Stoyan Zaimov

Citizens of Brussels, Belgium have signed an online petition demanding the removal of an 82-foot abstract tree of lights that has replaced the traditional Christmas tree at the


Video: 70% of maids abused, 20% sexually assaulted in Lebanon

Muslim Statistics 5 December 2012

This documentary chronicles the life of migrant women workers in Lebanon: their joys, pains, expectations, struggles and finally their humanity. "Maid in Lebanon II: Voices


Video: Morsi flees as angry crowd storms palace in Cairo, battles riot police

youtube 5 December 2012
By RussiaToday

Egypt's President, Mohammed Morsi, has been forced to flee his Cairo residence by a wild mob demanding an end to his rule. Riot police have struggled to keep crowds from


Riverside resident caught in terrorist plot

Highlander Newspaper 5 December 2012
By Dean Mayorga & Michael Rios

A Riverside resident was one of four men charged with conspiracy to provide material support to Al-Qai’da and the Taliban in order to target American troops in Afghanistan on


Paris gay-friendly mosque denounced by Islamic leaders

PinkNews.co.uk 5 December 2012
By Scott Roberts

Islamic leaders in Paris are condemning the opening of what’s been described as Europe’s first gay-friendly mosque. Dalil Boubakeur, rector of the Grande Mosqueé in Paris,


7 of Top 10 ‘World’s Most Influential Muslims’ Are Islamists

The Counter Jihad Report 5 December 2012
By Ryan Mauro

The Royal Islamic Strategic Studies Centre has released this year’s list of the 500 "world’s most influential Muslims” and of the top 10, seven are Islamists. The unfortunate reality is that Islamism is indeed mainstream thought in the Muslim world and non-Muslims have a lot of ground to make up in the struggle over the direction of the Muslim world.


PCHR sort-of admits Hamas uses kids as human shields

the elder of ziyon - 5 December 2012

A nice find by Henrik, from PCHR last February: At approximately 00:30 (Feb. 19), an IOF [sic] warplane fired a missile at a training site used by Izz Addin al-Qassam


Al Jazeera Owner has Poet Jailed for Life for Insulting Him

FrontPage Magazine 5 December 2012
By Daniel Greenfield

Obama: "I locked up a guy who made a movie about Mohammed.” Emir: "That’s nothing, I locked up a poet who insulted me.”

Remember this the next time Tom Friedman or some other media talking head praises Al Jazeera and its tyrannical owner, the Emir of Qatar, Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa al-Thani, for their commitment to openness or freedom of speech.


Morsi Flees, But Muslim Brotherhood Lives On

FrontPage Magazine 5 December 2012
By Robert Spencer

Thousands of pro-freedom protesters surrounded the presidential palace in Cairo Tuesday. Reuters reported Tuesday that "officers fired teargas at up to 10,000 demonstrators,” and that Muslim Brotherhood President Mohammed Morsi actually fled the palace.

However, although the demonstrators chanted that "the people want the downfall of the regime,” they are unlikely to get it. Hussein Abdel Ghany, a spokesman for the secularists and Leftist opponents of Sharia who demonstrated on Tuesday, declared:


100,000 protest at Egypt’s presidential palace

Royal Oak Daily Tribune 5 December 2012
By Hamza Hendawi and Aya Batrawy

More than 100,000 Egyptians protested outside the presidential palace in Cairo on Tuesday, fueling tensions over Islamist leader Mohammed Morsi’s seizure of nearly unrestricted


Saudi Arabia grants Jordan $787 million to finance development projects

Al-Shorfa 5 December 2012
By Ali al-Rawashdah in Amman

Jordanian economists welcomed Prime Minister Dr. Abdullah Ensour's recent announcement that Saudi Arabia would grant Jordan as much as $787 million to fund development


Saudi provides $230m of loans to Egypt

Construction Week Online 5 December 2012

Egypt's Prime Minister has signed a deal with Saudi Arabia's ambassador to borrow three soft loans worth $230m with a view to supporting the Egyptian economy. The loans are


Qatar's QFIB buys stake in Turkish retailer

Trend.az 5 December 2012

Qatar First Investment Bank (QFIB), has announced the acquisition of a 40 percent stake in Turkish retailer English Home Arabianbusiness reported. The acquisition marks


What a ‘Truce’ Means to Hamas

FrontPage Magazine 5 December 2012
By Joseph Puder

Disparate reflections on the recently concluded ceasefire agreement between Israel and Hamas, which followed eight days of fighting, were revealed in a November 23, 2012 New


ACTION ALERT! Terror-linked CAIR plans to infiltrate the GOP now

barenakedislam 5 December 2012

The Council on Anti-American Islamic Relations (CAIR) appears to be attempting to capitalize on the Republican Party establishment’s desire to have a bigger tent when it comes


Sharia in action in Yemen: Amputations, beheadings, and a crucifixion

JIhad Watch 5 December 2012

Don't they know Sharia is benign and completely compatible with Western values, as Imam Rauf told us? Well, no. They've been reading the Qur'an: "This is the recompense of


Tony Blair on MSNBC: "To be Frank You Can’t be Sure” of What Hamas Wants

Algemeiner 5 December 2012

Former UK Prime Minster Tony Blair, who is currently the official Envoy of the Quartet on the Middle East, appeared on MSNBC’s "Morning Joe” Tuesday to talk about Israel and

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