French calls to defy ban on demos over anti-Islam film

Expatica the Netherlands 19 September 2012

Calls surfaced Tuesday on social networks for Muslims in France to defy an official ban and hold fresh protests over an anti-Islam film that has sparked violent reactions


Video: Geert Wilders: Banned from Oz?

Gates of Vienna 19 September 2012

Geert Wilders has been invited by the Q Society to speak in Australia, and he is scheduled to make two appearances there next month. But he has yet to be issued a visa to enter the country, which after three weeks is an unusual circumstance.


Video: Muslim Rage: Over 50 killed in 30-nation Islamic protest wave

youtube 19 September 2012
By RussiaToday

The number of dead over an amateur film deriding Islam is now more than 50 - one week since protests began. The latest victims were a dozen people in Kabul - killed instantly when an Afghan suicide bomber rammed a car full of explosives into their minibus.


Rushdie: Copenhagen was a threat

The Copengahen Post 19 September 2012
By Christian Wenande

Salman Rushdie’s new memoirs partially vindicate former PM Poul Nyrup Rasmussen’s decision to cancel his 1996 trip to Copenhagen due to a security threat In late 1996,


Video: Jihad on the Champs-Elysées

GalliaWatch 19 September 2012

Two days ago I posted an article on Saturday's demonstration by Muslims near the American Embassy in Paris. There was a short video at the end that provided a glimpse of the event. The newspaper source was Le Figaro. It did not seem to be a major story.


Hollande slams 'unfathomable stupidity' at Timbuktu

Radio Netherlands Worldwide 19 September 2012

French President Francois Hollande on Tuesday denounced the "unfathomable stupidity" of Islamist radicals who destroyed Muslim shrines at Timbuktu in northern


Islamic newspaper produced in Spain’s Granada advocates a new financial system

Al-Arabiya 19 September 2012

Granada is best known as the home of the medieval Alhambra palace, but the city also boasts one of the most beautiful new mosques in the region. Viewed from the "mirador” or


Video: Movie Jihad? Muslims call for 'holy war' as film fury spreads to Europe

youtube 19 September 2012
By RussiaToday

The Anti-American rallies started exactly a week ago and have rapidly spread to countries and continents - including Europe, where some Muslims are calling for holy war.


Now police probe Allah Ditta Worcester Muslim cemetery dispute

Worcester News 19 September 2012
By Tom Edwards

POLICE are now investigating a former Worcester mayor who threatened to "dig up” a dead man’s body during a graveyard dispute. West Mercia Police has confirmed they are


Anti-Muslim video: What Muslim teachings say about retribution for blasphemy

Christian Science Monitor 19 September 2012
By Christa Case Bryant

The recent protests across the Middle East have revived a debate about blasphemy in Islam – how it is defined, and how devout Muslims should respond. While some Muslims cite


Germany Cracks Down on Terry Jones and Innocence of Muslims

American Thinker 19 September 2012
By Andrew E. Harrod

Germany's Interior Ministry Sunday banned the entry into the country of internationally-known Koran burner Terry Jones upon the invitation of the "fringe right-wing party"


The anti-Muslim MP not allowed to visit Australia

Sydney Morning Herald 19 September 2012
By Paul Sheehan

My hands are tied. This, in essence, is the response that Chris Bowen, the Minister for Immigration, has given to questions in Parliament this week about why he granted a visa


Satanic Verses 'would not be published now'

Asian Image 19 September 2012

The Satanic Verses author Sir Salman Rushdie said it would be "difficult” to publish the book now because of the "climate of fear” that exists. The writer, whose latest


Muslim response to idiotic film

ynetnews 19 September 2012

The anti-Muslim film that has set much of the Muslim world ablaze is truly a mean spirited and offensive portrayal of the Prophet Mohammed. If someone created a video


Muslim Influence in Pentagon Prevails

Right Side News 19 September 2012

ANN ARBOR, MI – The Thomas More Law Center announced today that it is representing U.S. Army Lieutenant Colonel Matthew Dooley, a 1994 Graduate of the U. S. Military Academy at


Top Muslim cleric in Saudi Arabia calls for a ban on free speech (insulting religious leaders)

beaufortobserver 19 September 2012

Giving us a taste of what it would be like if the radical Islamists have their way, and a caliphate is established in America, the grand mufti of Saudi Arabia this past weekend


YouTube Blocked in Saudi to Stop Anti-Islam Film

ABC News 19 September 2012

YouTube said Tuesday that it was stopping users in Saudi Arabia from viewing an anti-Islam video that has sparked protests across the Muslim world, after the kingdom's press


Arab leaders should condemn recent Muslim riots over anti-Islam film 19 September 2012

SIR – An absurd amateur YouTube video about the Prophet Mohammed is used by extremists to whip up a storm in the Muslim world against Christians and Westerners (report,


Indonesia protesters want filmmaker punished in US

MyFox Los Angeles 19 September 2012

MEDAN, Indonesia - Indonesians are calling for the producer of an anti-Islam film to be punished by the United States. About 200 protesters torched an American flag and


Father hacks daughter to death 19 September 2012
By Mohammad Asghar

Police said Allah Ditta, the accused, was arrested and confessed to the crime. A blood-stained axe he was believed to have used to kill his 32-year-old daughter Shagufta, was


Tunisian Christians Worship Amid Death Threats

BosNewsLife 19 September 2012

TUNIS, TUNISIA (BosNewsLife)-- Some 1,500 devoted Tunisian Christian, most of them former Muslims, worship in church buildings or in house churches despite death threats and


Tunisia: Salafist leader avoids arrest

Medafrica Times 19 September 2012
By Geraldine Boechat

The salafist leader in Tunisia, Saif-Allah Benahssine, has escaped arrest from security forces after the mosque was surrounded. They wanted to take him into custody for his


Egyptian Copt jailed for 'insulting Islam, Morsi' on Facebook

Ahram Online 19 September 2012
By Ekram Ibrahim

A Coptic Christian schoolteacher, Bishoy Kamel, has been sentenced to six years in prison for posting cartoons on Facebook deemed defamatory to Islam and the Prophet Mohamed,


Syria Says Turkey Allows al-Qaida to Cross its Borders

Asbarez Armenian News 19 September 2012

DAMASCUS, Syria —Syria accused Turkey Sunday of allowing thousands of Muslim extremists to cross into its territory, as the government and opposition said an


Muslims Rally Against 'Radical Islam' Trial in Bulgaria 18 September 2012

Several hundred Bulgarian Muslims have gathered in the Southern town of Pazardzhik to protest over a trial against 13 people accused of preaching radical Islam. The


Finnish Muslims condemn both anti-Muhammed movie and the violence it has spawned

Helsingin Sanomat 18 September 2012

On Friday, the Finnish Muslim community also took a stand on the American-made anti-Muhammed film and on the riots sparked by it. In their common statement, the Finnish


Hamas court convicts 4 in Italian activist death

Ct Post 18 September 2012

GAZA CITY, Gaza Strip — A Hamas court convicted four men on Monday of last year's kidnapping and killing of a pro-Palestinian Italian activist in Gaza, sentencing two of


Is Islamic Ideology Totalitarian?

Gatestone Institute 18 September 2012
By Michael Curtis

Even though it did not lead to peace throughout Europe, the Peace of Westphalia, a series of treaties signed in 1648, ended the Thirty Years' War in the Holy Roman Empire, as well as other destructive wars plaguing Europe. The Treaty was also important for leading to international agreement on, and acceptance of, the idea of the sovereignty of nation-states. Sovereignty, the supreme power in a given area, was to be embodied in a state which could exercise authority within its own borders, and prevail over challenges from religious dignitaries and other forms of influence.


German Mayor Tells Brutal Truth About the Multicult Fantasy

Islam versus Europe 18 September 2012

These astonishing extracts are from a new book by Heinz Buschkowsky, the Socialist mayor of Neukölln, one of the most Muslim-colonised parts of Berlin and Germany. The title of

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