No Hebrew, Please — This Is Europe

FrontpageMagazin 7 January 2013
By Bruce Bawer

I wrote about it here recently: Israel’s ambassador to Denmark and the head of Copenhagen’s Jewish community have both warned Jews in that city that if they don’t want to be


Turkey joining EU 'not a given': Bildt

The Local 7 January 2013

Turkey's prospect of joining the European Union at the end of a lengthy process is not a certainty, Sweden's Foreign Minister Carl Bildt told AFP Sunday, saying efforts would


Mali crisis may lead to attacks on France

News24 7 January 2013

Paris - The insurgency that has seized the north of Mali is paving the way for attacks on France as more French Muslims of African origin are finding a cause in the conflict,


Muslim Parents To Fight Hijab Ban For Nine-Year-Old At Croydon's St Cyprian's Greek Orthodox Primary

Huffington Post UK 7 January 2013

A Muslim family is to sue a Greek Orthodox School in Croydon after it refused to allow their nine-year-old daughter to wear a headscarf - arguing that she had now reached


Only 37% of Moroccan-Origin, 28% of Turkish-Origin Dutch Citizens Feel Attached to Holland

Islam versus Europe 7 January 2013

The general phenomenon of the secularisation of society doe not affect the Muslim community of the Netherlands, whose youngest members, by contrast, are turning back towards


Interfaith Dialogue Based On Ethics Not Politics

Liberties Alliance 7 January 2013
By Aeneas

In item 9 of the ICLA Mission Statement we make a commitment to engage in interfaith dialogue. In the spirit of this commitment we are now engaging with a new organisation


Video: Morsi in 2010 "No to Negotiations with the Blood-Sucking, Warmongering "Descendants of Apes and Pigs"; Calls to Boycott U

youtube 7 January 2013


Al Jazeera as Voice of Qatar (as Voice of Muslim Brotherhood) 7 January 2013
By Diana West

Before we heard that Al Gore's Current TV had rejected Glenn Beck's The Blaze TV as a buyer for, as Beck put it, "legacy" reasons and selected Al Jazeera as its white knight instead, Fjordman passed along this December 25 Deutche Welle interview with Aktham Suliman, Al Jazeera's former Berlin correspondent.

Suliman argues that Al Jazeera's coverage is a policy instrument of its owners the Qataris, who, as he puts it, "tend toward the Muslim Brotherhood." Saudi-investor-funded Al Arabiya TV, on the other hand, is more Salafist. Big difference? Hah -- not when it comes to extending sharia. "Generally speaking, the Arab media landscape is very uniform," Suliman adds.


Another Muslim paedophile gang in Canada

The Rape Jihad 7 January 2013

Three men are facing human trafficking and pimping charges after teen girls were lured into Edmonton’s prostitution underground in two separate cases. Police say one man


PC Insantiy Cripples U.S. Military

The Counter Jihad Report 7 January 2013
By Arnold Ahlert

A proposed new handbook for soldiers serving in the Middle East reveals an alarming level of political correctness that infests the military chain of command. The 75-page


Obama senior lawyer says "military pursuit of al-Qaida" should end soon

Jihad Watch 7 January 2013

Because, you see, they are so severely damaged that we will soon reach a "tipping point" after which military action against them will no longer be necessary, and local police


Video: Jamie Glazov on Obama Doing the Bidding of the Muslim Brotherhood

FrontpageMagazin 7 January 2013

To order Jamie Glazov’s new book, High Noon For America: The Coming Showdown, click here. Frontpage’s editor Jamie Glazov recently joined CBN’s "Stakelbeck on Terror,” with


Terror-linked CAIR lobby Washington state politicians to pass sharia resolution

creepingsharia 7 January 2013

In past years, they’ve hijacked MLK Jr. day to intimidate elected officials in the state of Washington. This year they’ve changed the date and their objective is no longer


Abbas orders official use of "State of Palestine"

NOW News 7 January 2013

Palestinian president Mahmud Abbas gave orders Sunday for work to begin on new passports, ID cards, drivers' licenses and stamps reading "State of Palestine," official media


North Caucasus Christmas attacks planned, Russia says as 3 killed

Three suspected militants accused of planning attacks on churches during the Russian Orthodox Christmas were killed by security forces in the North Caucasus, news reports said


Hamas bans Israeli media in Gaza

Ynetnews 7 January 2013

Hamas has announced a ban on Israeli media from working inside the Gaza Strip, claiming that media outlets portray Palestinians in a negative way.


Terror TV pays Al Gore $100 million for U.S. media access

World Tribune 7 January 2013
By Cliff Kincaid

Al-Jazeera, once considered the voice of Osama bin-Laden and known for anti-American and anti-Semitic rhetoric, has announced the purchase of Al Gore’s low-rated cable channel,


Report: 5,000 Hezbollah operatives join Assad's forces

Ynetnews 7 January 2013

Some 50,000 Hezbollah members have recently crossed the border from Lebanon into Syria to join Bashar Assad forces in fighting Damascus rebels, the Alwatan Newspaper reported.


CAIR to Media: 'Stop Using the Term Islamist'

Radical Islam 7 January 2013
By Ryan Mauro

The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), identified by the U.S. government as an entity of the U.S. Muslim Brotherhood, is suggesting a New Year’s resolution for the


The Penalty For Creating Open Conversations is Death

Citizen Warrior 7 January 2013

Follow the link below and read and participate in an open conversation about a Saudi blogger facing the death penalty for trying to create open conversations: Saudi Blogger


Saudi Air Force Sergeant Mazen Alotaibi Charged with Raping Boy in Las Vegas 7 January 2013

Muslims often claim that the West needs Islam in order to rescue us from immorality. Yet Islam couldn't rescue this young boy from Saudi Air Force Sergeant Mazen Alotaibi.


Al-Jazeera's "Alternative Viewpoint" in Qatar's Paradise

Gatestone Institute 7 January 2013
By Amin Farouk

Al-Jazeera, which bought Current TV from Al Gore, is not a communications medium in the Western sense. It is a psychological warfare medium, a fundamentalist terrorist


Thailand pays for new Malay speaking tv-channel for Muslim insurgents to promote understanding… 7 January 2013

"Thailand’s government has launched the first Malay-language television channel geared toward the insurgency-plagued south’s Muslim-majority audience. Muslims in


The Real Mohamed Morsi

FrontpageMagazin 7 January 2013
By Arnold Ahlert

A video disseminated by the Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI) should blow a giant hole in the fantasy the Obama administration refers to as their Muslim "outreach”


How king of hawala funds Taliban’s terror

Money Jihad 7 January 2013

Haji Khairullah links heroin kingpins, jihadists, and hawala dealers in an "iron triangle” of terrorist financing according to U.S. and Afghan investigators quoted in a recent


Australia Targeted by Hizb Ut-Tahrir to Establish Caliphate and Shari'a Law

Right Side News 7 January 2013

Ismail Al-Wahwah, Spokesman Of Hizb Ut-Tahrir In Australia: We Will Establish The Caliphate, Instate The Shari'a, And Make Arabic The Official Language Following are


Islamic group practicing Jihad on San Francisco buses

Cal Coast News 7 January 2013

The Council on American-Islamic Relations is advertising Jihad on the sides of San Francisco buses. [Huffington Post] CAIR is attempting to reclaim the meaning of the


Egyptian mag affirms Brotherhood infiltration of White House 7 January 2013
By Art Moore

Effectively affirming the concerns of five much-maligned Republican House members and the evidence presented in an investigative book, an Egyptian magazine claims six American


First Christmas for Egypt Copts under Islamist rule

FRANCE 24 7 January 2013

Egypt's minority Coptic Christians celebrate on Monday their first Christmas under Islamist rule and amid a climate of fear and uncertainty for their future. "I do not


India and Pakistan in border clash

Irish Times 7 January 2013

A Pakistani soldier was killed and another injured in a gunfight between Indian and Pakistani troops in Kashmir today, a disputed incident that could heighten tensions between

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