West on Rupert Murdoch's Ikhwannabe TV

Andrew G. Bostom 11 January 2013

The perspicacious and intellectually courageous journalist and writer Diana West has just published an exposé which unveils the breathtaking hypocrisy of the various News Corp


Chicago: Man threatened to blow up city bus in ‘jihad’

Creeping Sharia 11 January 2013

A man threatened to blow up a CTA bus and told police he was "jihad against the white devil” this week, causing evening rush hour passengers to flee in fear for their lives,


Hijab design contest encounters critics Chicago human rights attorney forges on

Islamist Watch 11 January 2013

Hijab is as American as bluejeans for Chicago human rights attorney Shaz Kaiseruddin. Born and raised in Wilmette, she wore a head scarf as naturally as jeans from the age


Turkish union launches campaign to end public ban on headscarf

worldbulletin.net 11 January 2013

The Civil Servants' Trade Union (Memur-Sen) has launched an online petition campaign seeking to collect at least 10 million signatures to push for the removal of a ban on the


Institute of Islamic Studies slams Turkish President’s interference with the ICT

E Bangladesh 11 January 2013

In a letter dated 10 January 2013, Institute of Islamic Studies, one of the largest and most prominent group of Islamic scholars, slammed Turkish President Mr Abdullah Gul’s


"Some of My Best Friends are Antisemites”: Obama Nominates Hagel

Algemeiner 11 January 2013

"Europe’s leaders—and all leaders—should strongly oppose antisemitism, which poisons public debates over the future of the Middle East.” –President George W. Bush, speaking at


The Blind Sheik and Our Mute President

FamilySecurityMatters 11 January 2013

Egypt's terror-coddling President Mohamed Morsi has repeated his arrogant demand that America free convicted 1993 World Trade Center mastermind Omar Abdel-Rahman.

I'd like to


Muslim panchayat bans use of cellphones by girls

Times of India 11 January 2013

After the khaps in Haryana and Uttar Pradesh, a Muslim community panchayat in Rajasthan on Thursday banned girls from using cellphones and also from dancing and singing at


Your tax money pays to expand Shariah economies

WND.com 11 January 2013
By Rachel Ehrenfeld

Under Obama’s administration, the U.S. Agency for International Development, or USAID, bears little resemblance to the international aid agency that President John F. Kennedy initiated on Nov. 3, 1961.

USAID’s stated goal was to further "America’s foreign policy interests in expanding democracy and free markets while also extending a helping hand to people struggling to make a better life, recover from a disaster or striving to live in a free and democratic country.”


Further evidence of Islamic influence in the U.S.

Washington Times 11 January 2013
By Bob Taylor

Two more examples of Islamic infringement into American society have again gone virtually unreported by mainstream media. On January 7, President Obama nominated John


#savage #myjihad: Twin Suicide Bombings kill 115 people in Pakistan

atlasshrugs 11 January 2013

"There is one treatment for Shiites — it is called jihad." Like helping them with their taxes and dropping off their kids at school? ...Shiites are "the greatest infidels on


Abbas Commemorates 'Martyrs' from Fatah and Hamas

Arutz Sheva 11 January 2013
By Elad Benari

Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas, often touted by the left as a "partner for peace" with Israel, is continuing to glorify terrorists. In a speech he gave last


Egypt says Fatah, Hamas agree to enact unity deal

Trend.az 11 January 2013

An Egyptian official said the leaders of Hamas and Fatah factions had agreed at talks in Cairo on Wednesday to implement a long-delayed reconciliation pact, although it was


Egypt Signals Qatar Loan Already Spent

Voice of America 11 January 2013

Egypt's central bank said on Thursday that a $2 billion loan from Qatar arrived in December, implying that the money had already been eaten up defending the currency before the


Terrorists Restocking Arsenal to Pre-Operation "Pillar of Defense” Levels, Officials Say

Algemeiner 11 January 2013
By Zach Pontz

Despite the relative calm in Israel since the end of Operation "Pillar of Defense” ended in November, officials in Israel believe that attempts by Hamas in Gaza to restock its


Libya was safer under Gaddafi

sheikyermami 11 January 2013

An indication of just who is in the driver’s seat in the new Libya. "Reprisal fears cloud Libya probe into US consulate attack,” from AFP, January 6 (thanks to JW): AFP –


Egyptian Preacher Suggests Christian Women Wear Veils to Avoid Rape

Christian Post 11 January 2013
By Katherine Weber

A radical Salafist preacher who is a proponent of anti-vice police recently shocked Egyptians when he appeared on primetime television to urge women to wear headscarves to


Thailand to deport 400 Rohingya migrants after raid

FRANCE 24 11 January 2013

Around 400 Rohingya migrants discovered in a raid on a camp hidden in a remote rubber plantation in southern Thailand will be deported back to Myanmar, Thai police said on


• Video: Sabatina James Christmas Interview

EuropeNews 10 January 2013

Sabatina James, an ex-Muslim of Pakistani origin, explains the dire situation for those in Pakistan and elsewhere who do not accept Islam as their religion, but are finding that Christianity is a more humanitarian religion and are putting their faith in Jesus. A human rights disaster usually ignored by our governments.

Christmas interview with Sabatina James from EuropeNews TV on Vimeo.


Turkish Mavi Marmara IHH Terrorists Released in Syrian Prisoner Exchange

FrontPage Magazine 10 January 2013
By Daniel Greenfield

Those wacky IHH Islamist "humanitarians” who tried to run the blockade to Hamas and murder Israeli soldiers are back with more shenanigans, this time in Syria, the latest front


How We Win

Gates of Vienna 10 January 2013

Gavin Boby of Law and Freedom has scored another victory. He sent out an email earlier today describing his recent success against the Brent mosque, and looking ahead to the coming challenges in Leeds and other locations in the UK

How We Win
by Gavin Boby

We’ve won 16 out of 17 mosque cases that we’ve fought — a 94.11% success rate.

Fist and MinaretsThat could be beginner’s luck, right? Maybe we just keep stumbling on four-leafed clovers.

So I thought I’d drill down into one of our recent wins where the evidence is online.

Please see the Brent case, here, our last win but one. Our brief write up is here.

We hit the ground with this application on 20th October 2012. Please see the Council’s comments page, here: 298 comments in total, and all but 10 of them were objections. Pretty strongly worded, too.


On-Base Muslim Imam Murders British Soldier

AINA (press release) 10 January 2013

A member of the Afghan army who acted as a prayer leader for troops has shot dead a British soldier in the year's first insider attack, according to officials in the


Dutch lawyer opens Saudi art gallery in Amsterdam

Al Arabiya News 10 January 2013

On the sixth floor of an office building in the center of the Dutch capital, Amsterdam is a small gallery dedicated to Saudi art. Greenbox has one million followers on


Exposé: Islamic Apartheid in Europe

Arutz Sheva 10 January 2013
By Giulio Meotti

The same Europe which falsely charges Israel of imposing apartheid on Route 60 in Judea and Samaria has established Islamic segregation in its own midst.


'Swedish prayer call debate treats Islam like a static religion'

The Local 10 January 2013

Ignorant politicians have allowed a vocal minority of the Swedish Muslims who don’t want to adapt to life in a secular and democratic state to dominate the debate about calls


Iraqi 'benefit cheat refused to declare £36,000 in savings from father claiming it would have broken Sharia Law'

Daly Mail 10 January 2013
By Hugo Gye

An Iraqi immigrant who wrongly claimed £35,000 in benefits claims he did it in order to follow Islamic law. Majid Hussain received income support, housing benefit and a


Sharia money trail: British website pushes halal

Money Jihad 10 January 2013

Meat trade news service calls for harsher halal slaughter methods Elements of the British meat industry appear to have gotten in bed with sharia zealots. Why? They see a


Racist Muslims in Bolton Get Soft Sentence For Hate Crime Hammer Attack

kafircrusaders 10 January 2013

Yet again British courts have failed to fully punish Muslims for their crimes in another apparent instance of 2 tier justice. How can anybody be expected to have faith in the


"Asian” sex attacker loose in Chadderton

The Rape Jihad 10 January 2013

The victim was walking her dog in Chadderton Hall Park when she was approached by a teenager who asked her to shine a torch on his cycle so he could ‘fix the chain’. She


The Palestinian Authority's Inconvenient Truths

Gatestone Institute 10 January 2013
By Khaled Abu Toameh

Western journalists, funders and decision-makers need to know that there are many truths being hidden from their eyes and ears. The truth sometimes hurts; that is why

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