U.K. Bank Accused of Laundering $250 Billion for Iran

Radical Islam 15 August 2012

Standard Chartered, a bank in England, has been accused of laundering $250 billion for Iran over a six-year time span. Defying sanctions against doing business with Iran, Standard Chatered


Marseilles: Non-Muslim restaurant owner beaten for opening during Ramadan

Atlas Shrugs 14 August 2012
By Pamela Geller

25% of Marseilles is Muslim. Now sharia rules the city. Game over. A conservator Marseille was threatened and assaulted earlier this week, because he did not do Ramadan , officials said today a


London buses advertising terrorist group march

Israel Matzav 14 August 2012
By Carl

Buses in London are advertising an al-Quds day march by a group called the Islamic Human Rights Commission, a misnomer if there ever was one. The IHRC is an Iranian regime front group in the


Sweden: Muslim says calling women "whores" and throwing meat at them is normal male behavior

jihadwatch 14 August 2012
By Robert

Eurabia Update from Sweden, where they are much more worried about counter-jihadists than about the increasing assaults of Swedish women: "Sweden: Muslim immigrant youth justifies


Sharia4Holland spokesman fined for threatening Geert Wilders

DutchNews 14 August 2012

A member of fringe Muslim group Shariah4Holland has been fined €750 and sentenced to a one-month suspended jail sentence for threatening Geert Wilders, leader of the anti-Islam PVV.


Veiled French Muslim woman charged with inciting riot

Telegraph 14 August 2012
By Nargiza Ryskulova

When police tried to take her to the station, she allegedly grabbed hold of a vehicle and started kicking, punching and screaming, the source added. She allegedly tried to bite police and scratched


Italy: Moroccan severely beats daughter in mall for refusing veil

Modena, 10 Aug. (AKI) - Italian police have charged a Moroccan man for recently severely injuring his daughter when he beat her in a shopping mall in northern Italy for not wearing a veil. As a


Swedish Journalists’ Worst Nightmare: The Truth

Dispatch International 14 August 2012
By Patrik Nyberg

Tales of ritual murder most foul were circulated by Uppsala University but the media didn’t investigate

Sweden provides unique opportunities for people to scrutinize the authorities and their actions. The principle of public access gives citizens the right to inspect what the authorities do, and it is easier to check out court documents than in most other countries.

Despite this, Swedish media are remarkably unwilling to investigate the judiciary. It is very rare for journalists to try to get to the bottom of smoldering legal scandals. Instead they prefer silence.


Video: Why Romney Chose Ryan

Gates of Vienna 14 August 2012
By Dymphna

Not that running for President of the United States hasn’t become a full-time job for the current resident of the Oval Office…well, except for his other job, golf - or his third job, jabbing. But now that Romney has made his vice-presidential choice public, the real blood, sweat and tears will begin to flow. As Obama said, "bring a knife”…that’s the good old Chicago Way, especially if you’re agin guns and such.


The Danger of Istanbul Process

International Civil Liberties Alliance 14 August 2012
By Alexander del Valle

I want to thank the European Parliament and ICLA to welcome us here. And before making my own speech, I also want to transmit to you the apologies of Bat Yé’or, who cannot be here with you today because her husband, David Littman, recently passed away in Switzerland further to a long illness. I can testify how courageous and consistent David has been in defending democracies and fighting for freedom of expression at the Human Right Council of the United Nation of Geneva for 20 years, against red-brown-green dictatures. David gave a lesson of courage and dignity.


Video: Sacked for his political beliefs

International Civil Liberties Alliance 14 August 2012
By Michael Coren

Michael Coren interviews Chris Knowles, who has recently been sacked from Leeds City Council after 17 years of loyal service. Chris has been fired for "improper activities", and for having political views different from those of the city council. Michael Coren inquires how this can be possible in a supposedly free society under the Rule of Law, and asks if it has anything to do with the fact that Chris is critical of Islam and Sharia.


Video: Brussels 2012: Conny Axel Meier’s Speech

International Civil Liberties Alliance 14 August 2012
By Conny Axel Meier

Conny Axel Meier is a publicist living in Gemmingen (Southern Germany). He is the Chief Executive Manager of Bürgerbewegung Pax Europa (Citizens’ Movement Pax Europa, BPE), the foremost Human Rights organization in Germany, which fights against the rising threats being imposed by the Islamization of Europe.


Salafists Abandon Germany for Egypt

Spiegel Online 14 August 2012

Salafist Muslims influenced by a controversial preacher are leaving Germany to move to Egypt in search of the "true" Islam. German intelligence officials, who have been


Video: U.K. Bank Accused of Laundering $250 Billion for Iran

radicalislam.org 14 August 2012

Standard Chartered, a bank in England, has been accused of laundering $250 billion for Iran over a six-year time span. Defying sanctions against doing business with Iran, Standard Chatered joins HSBC, Barclay’s, Lloyd’s, Credit Swiss and still others in a summer of scandals that have seen officials uncover a vast system of profit-making for doing business with the supposedly isolated Iranian regime.



Olympic Silence: The Anti-Semitic Past of the IOC

Gatestone Institute 14 August 2012
By Peter Martino

During the opening ceremony of the London Olympics, Count Jacques Rogge, the Belgian who is the President of the International Olympic Committee (IOC), refused to hold a minute of silence for the eleven Israeli Olympic athletes murdered forty years ago at Munich. Instead, a week before the official opening of the Games, the Belgian aristocrat held a minute of silence during a minor ceremony in the Olympic village.


French Post Office Stops Delivering to Paris District

Islam versus Europe 14 August 2012

For safety reasons, the Post Office is no longer distributing packages in the Saint-Louis de Carrieres-sous-Poissy (Paris) district. The inhabitants are forced to go to the


Belgian Muslim politician: Jews in Antwerp harass women

The Times of Israel 14 August 2012

THE HAGUE — A female Belgian politician of Moroccan origin accused Jewish men in Antwerp of harassing females and "behaving like machos.” "In Brussels, women get


Video: Brussels 2012: Christian Jung’s Speech

Gates of Vienna 14 August 2012

Christian Jung is a German writer and editor for blu-News. In his capacity as a municipal employee for the city of Munich, he was harassed by his superiors for having unacceptable political views — a situation that is drearily familiar now to regular readers of Gates of Vienna.


Schoolboy 'kidnapped' by Qatari relatives accuses David Cameron of abandoning him

Telegraph 14 August 2012
By Andrew Hough

Adam Jones, 13, is said to be depressed and "desperate to come home” after being taken by a wealthy Qatari uncle while visiting his Arab relatives in the Gulf state three


AFDI Pro-Israel bus campaign: Hamas-CAIR's sharia petition to stop the ads in accordance with the blasphemy laws

Atlas Shrugs 14 August 2012
By Pamela Geller

More media blowback on the bus ads. Muslim Brotherhood groups are weighing in as well. First they were calling on followers to vandalize our bus ads; now genocidal


Obama again spreads false claim that Thomas Jefferson hosted first Ramadan iftar dinner at White House

Jihad Watch 14 August 2012

Obama said during his iftar at the White House on August 10: "As I’ve noted before, Thomas Jefferson once held a sunset dinner here with an envoy from Tunisia -- perhaps


The Disturbing Facts About Female Circumcision

Medical Daily 14 August 2012
By Nikki Tucker

In Africa nearly 92 million adolescent girls, 10-years-old and above, underwent female genital mutilation. For many young girls female genital mutilation leads to prolonged bleeding, infections, infertility and even death. UNICEF describes female genital mutilation as "one of the worst violations of the convention on the rights of the child."

Prisca Korein, a 62-year-old traditional surgeon, displays razor blades she uses to perform female genital mutilation on teenage girls from the Sebei tribe in Bukwa district.


The Muslim Brotherhood’s Palace Coup

FrontPage Magazine 14 August 2012
By Arnold Ahlert

In less than a week, the Muslim Brotherhood has made great strides towards consolidating its power in Egypt. Last Wednesday, newly elected president Mohammed Morsi fired his


Khamenei's Sacred Word: Destroy Israel

Clifford May 14 August 2012

There's nothing wrong with negotiating with your enemies. There is something wrong if you don't know that those sitting across the table from you are your enemies. Too many


Turkey's Misguided Foreign Policy

International Business Times 14 August 2012
By Micah N. Levinson

A century ago, President Theodore Roosevelt's "speak softly and carry a big stick" foreign policy enhanced American power and prestige around the world. Today, Turkish Prime


Organization for Islamic Cooperation moves to suspend member Syria: officials

GlobalPost 14 August 2012
By Kristin Deasy

Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) officials told Reuters today that foreign ministers rallied around a recommendation suspending Syria's membership from the group over


Hizballah: Our rockets can hit all of Israel

Jihad Watch 14 August 2012

They boast in their capacity for bloodshed and murder, and the world continues to shower opprobrium not upon them, but upon the target of their jihad: Israel. "Hezbollah


Wanted: Women-friendly mosques in Turkey

Hurriyet Daily News 14 August 2012

A dear friend from Cairo who is currently visiting Istanbul emailed me recently. She said they – her sister, mother and two nieces – attempted to join the Salat-ul Jum’a


What's it mean that an Islamist rules Egypt

Christian Science Monitor 14 August 2012
By Kristen Chick

Over the weekend Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi from the Muslim Brotherhood sacked most of Egypt's senior military leaders, setting off a flurry of speculation about the


Rights groups detail rape in Syria's civil war

Deutsche Welle 14 August 2012

The stories are multiplying in crowded refugee camps that dot the Syrian borders with Turkey, Lebanon and Jordan: that women and girls are being raped and sexually assaulted

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