Turkey's Erdogan: "Islamophobia" should be recognized as a crime against humanity

Jihad Watch 18 September 2012

The West should be filled this week with politicians speaking up in defense of the freedom of speech. No such luck. Its days are numbered. "PM Erdogan: Islamophobia should be


Stoning the Police in Holmlia

Gates of Vienna 18 September 2012

Our Norwegian correspondent The Observer has translated an article about the latest outbreak of youthfulness in Oslo. He includes this note: This article concerns the


The Freedom to be Silenced

FrontPage Magazine 18 September 2012
By Daniel Greenfield

In March 1937, the State Department apologized on behalf of the United States to Adolf Hitler for comments made about him by the Mayor of New York City, Fiorello LaGuardia.

"In this country the right of freedom of speech is guaranteed by the constitution to every citizen and is cherished as a part of the national heritage,” James C. Dunn of the State Department said.


All 13 people charged with spreading radical Islam turn up in courtroom with their lawyers

Focus News 18 September 2012

The court turned down the request the lawyer of four of the people made to not proceed with the case. The court proceeded with the case. The 13 defendants are Said Mutlu, an


Turkish, Azeri groups of Europe set to protest in Paris

Panorama.am 18 September 2012

Several Turkish and Azeri groups announced they are set to demonstrate in front of the Armenian embassy in Paris on September 17 at 4:00 pm GMT, independent French journalist


Support for benefit system at lowest level for three decades

Telegraph.co.uk 18 September 2012
By John Bingham

The number of people who believe that unemployment benefits are too high has jumped sharply in the past year, with the majority thinking that generous welfare payments prevent


Muslim Rage & The Last Gasp of Islamic Hate

The Daily Beast 18 September 2012
By Ayaan Hirsi Ali

Once again the streets of the Arab world are burning with false outrage. But we must hold our heads up high. Ayaan Hirsi Ali on how she survived Muslim rage—and how we can end it.

It is a strange and bitter coincidence that the latest eruption of violent Islamic indignation takes place just as Salman Rushdie publishes his new book, Joseph Anton: A Memoir, about his life under the fatwa.

In 23 years not much has changed.


Germany Cracks Down on Terry Jones and Innocence of Muslims

American Thinker 18 September 2012
By Andrew E. Harrod

Germany's Interior Ministry Sunday banned the entry into the country of internationally-known Koran burner Terry Jones upon the invitation of the "fringe right-wing party"


Swedish Artist Laughs in the Face of Islamist Death Threats

Right Side News 18 September 2012
By Cliff Kincaid

Lars Vilks, the Swedish artist who drew Islam’s prophet Muhammad with the body of a dog and lives under a constant death threat, was in New York City on 9/11, as


5 Questions with Geert Wilders

British Freedom 18 September 2012

Geert Wilders has been a member of the Dutch Parliament for 14 years and is the founder and head of Holland’s Party for Freedom (PVV). He is known across Europe for his staunch


Muslims clash with police in Europe

Salon.com 18 September 2012
By Paul Ames

The rage over a US-made anti-Islamic video spread to Europe over the weekend, when clashes took place between protesters and police in several cities even as mainstream Muslim


Germany Bars US Pastor Terry Jones

Spiegel Online 18 September 2012

The German government has barred US pastor Terry Jones from entering the country. Jones, a notorious extremist who gained global attention in 2010 by threatening to burn the


Italy: Embassies 'secure from protests over anti-Islam film'

Adnkronos Security 18 September 2012

Rome - Italy's embassies and consulates worldwide are safe and are being protected with "maximum vigilance" amid an eruption of Muslim anger over an anti-Islam


The Louvre inaugurates Islamic Arts building

ANSAmed 18 September 2012
By Mario Bellini and Rudy Ricciotti

PARIS - 20 years after the opening of the Pyramid at Paris' Louvre museum, French President Francois Hollande will inaugurate a second building in the museum dedicated


German Muslims split over film's screening

Deutsche Welle 18 September 2012

Opinion among Muslims groups in Germany is divided over whether public screenings of a US-made anti-Islam film should be prohibited. "The Innocence of Muslims" is at the


U.K. reviews Islamic charity for Boko Haram ties

Money Jihad 18 September 2012

Britain’s charity regulator is looking into whether the London-based Al Muntada Trust is the same entity that Nigerian authorities say is funding the radical Islamic terrorist


Hyndburn mosque plans hit land hitch

Blackburn Citizen 18 September 2012
By Emma Cruces

TALKS on a major new mosque have hit a stalemate over the ownership of land. Plans for landscaped gardens surrouding a mosque along the gateway into Accrington initially


Imam Says Young Girls Can Be Married According to Sharia Law

Bulletin of the Oppression of Women 18 September 2012
By Asma Marwan

Yes, what the imam said is true. Actually under Islamic sharia law, six year old girls can be married. Mohammed married Aisha when she was six and consummated the marriage


Video: Muslim Fury: 'Mohammed movie not the problem, but Islam'

youtube 18 September 2012
By RussiaToday

Hurling Molotov cocktails and chanting for death, thousands of protesters skirmished with police in both Afghanistan, and Indonesia.


Video: Muslim Cleric Tears Bible At Protest Outside the US Embassy in Cairo

AINA 18 September 2012

During the demonstration which was held in front of the American Embassy in Cairo on Tuesday, 9/11, a Muslim cleric named Abu Islam tore and burned the Holy Bible in front of thousands of Muslims. His action was met with applause and anti-Christian cheers from the demonstrators. Before leaving the demonstration and getting into his car, he told the crowds "next time I will urinate on it."


High Treason: Obama's State Department Considering Talks to Release WTC Bombing mastermind ‘Blind Sheikh’ to Egypt

Atlas Shrugs 18 September 2012
By Pamela Geller

This is too monstrous for words. I posted previously here and here that the real impetus for the violent Muslim riots was to demand the release of the blind sheikh,


Drawing a ‘Red Line’ to Protect Free Speech

FrontPage Magazine 18 September 2012
By Mark Tapson

Even as Islamic violence against American embassies swells around the world, and evidence emerges of its coordination and premeditation, our own government and media continue


President Obama's Muslim Outreach appeasement failure

Examiner.com 18 September 2012
By Joseph Gilbert

The attacks on the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi, Libya and Cairo Egypt on the eleventh anniversary of 9/11 has now spread to at least twenty-seven countries. There is now turmoil


Al Qaeda calls death of U.S. ambassador a 'gift'

CNN 18 September 2012
By Ed Payne

As the fallout from an online film that mocks Islam's holy prophet continued Tuesday, al Qaeda's affiliate in North Africa urged Muslims in the region to kill U.S. government


FBI investigating mosque graffiti in Harrisonburg

Richmond Times Dispatch 18 September 2012

HARRISONBURG - The FBI is investigating vandalism at a mosque that was spray-painted with obscene graffiti that included a misspelled reference to Iraqis and the phrase,


Nato chief: Afghan insurgents will use anti-Islam film as excuse to target British troops

Telegraph.co.uk 18 September 2012
By Ben Bryant

Asked whether the situation in Afghanistan was being made more volatile by the US-made internet film Innocence of Muslims, Anders Fogh Rasmussen, the Secretary General of Nato


Video: Iran to target makers of anti-Islamic film

Telegraph.co.uk 18 September 2012

Iran vowed to track down and punish the makers of a video mocking the Prophet Mohammad in the first state-sponsored threat to the people behind the inflamatory footage.


Muslim Protests Show Limits of Free Speech

Spiegel Online 18 September 2012

The casting call appeared on a Hollywood audition website called mooncasting.com. A director calling himself Alan Roberts wrote that he was looking for actors to perform in a


Auckland’s Muslim youth groups condemn anti-Islamic film, and violence

Scoop.co.nz 18 September 2012

Auckland Muslim Youth Groups On behalf of our New Zealand based Muslim members, Al Hikmah Trust (Muslim Charity), Massey University Muslims Students Association, Auckland

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