YWC still stands against Sharia law

The Towerlight 9 February 2012
By Matthew Heimbach

People may say a great deal about Youth for Western Civilization, but I was surprised to read that the newest slur against us, in Monday’s editorial "Towson students should be more respectful,”


N.C. Muslims rally around suspects in beheading plot

Washington Post 9 February 2012

WILMINGTON, N.C. — As a Muslim woman waits in jail for word on a possible indictment in her alleged involvement in a murder-for-hire beheading plot, her friends and family are using social media to


Milestone At University Of Michigan: Muslim Chaplain

Boise State Public Radio 9 February 2012

Mohammed Tayssir Safi began as the Muslim chaplain at the University of Michigan this semester. His position is the first endowed Muslim chaplaincy at a public university. February 8,


30m girls await knife in Sudan

monitor.co.ug 9 February 2012
By Reem Abbas

UNICEF has stated that an estimated three million girls will be subjected to female circumcision in Sudan. The treasurer of the National Council for Child Welfare, Mr Gamar Habbani, called it a


Of Mosques and Men

Right Side News 9 February 2012

There are times when an unfortunate name can come back to haunt someone even when he or she had nothing to do with the original moniker. Think ofRick Perry's ranch, or a Florida mosque named for a


Video: Diplomatic Crisis Deepens over Charged Americans

CBN News 9 February 2012
By John Jessup

WASHINGTON -- Critics say last year's Arab Spring should be called instead the "Arab Nightmare." Egypt is just one example. The long-time U.S. ally now appears to be playing a hostile game of chicken, with American pro-democracy workers caught in the middle.


Who Are the ‘Syrian People’?

FrontPage Magazine 9 February 2012
By Yedidya Atlas

Speaking at the UN Security Council last week Secretary of State Hillary Clinton declared, "It is time for the international community to put aside our own differences and send a clear message of


Video: Homegrown Muslim Terrorism Plots Decreased Again In 2011

Huffington Post 9 February 2012
By Andrea Stone

WASHINGTON -- A new study of homegrown terrorism involving Muslim Americans suggests that the alarm bells set off by Republicans in Congress over sleeper cells of Islamic extremists may be much too loud.


Indonesia jails Islamists for bombing

The Australian 9 February 2012

AN Indonesian court has jailed three Muslim extremists to between seven and nine years over a suicide bomb attack on a police mosque last April. The three men were convicted under anti-terrorism


Saudi set to reject woman’s plea to drive car

Emirates 24/7 9 February 2012

A Saudi judge indicated on Thursday he would reject a plea by a local female activist demanding that women in the conservative Muslim Gulf kingdom are allowed to drive a car despite a long-standing


Syria: Fatwa urges military to desert, die rather than kill civilians

Adnkronos Security 9 February 2012

Damascus - More than 100 Muslim intellectuals from around the globe have are calling on Syrian security force to disobey orders to fire on unarmed civilians, calling it un-Islamic,


Islamic extremists behead another convert in Somalia

christiantoday.com 9 February 2012
By Simba Tian

Islamic extremists from the rebel al Shabaab militia in Somalia beheaded a Christian on the outskirts of Mogadishu last month, sources said. The militants fighting the transitional government in


Who Defames the Prophet?

FrontPage Magazine 9 February 2012
By Raymond Ibrahim

Editor’s note: Raymond Ibrahim provided the translation and introduction to the article below, originally published by the Stonegate Institute. The following op-ed, written by Ahmed El Aswany,


Maldives: Muslim hardliners smashes Buddhist statues in national museum

People of Shambhala 9 February 2012

On the same day as the Maldives President resigned, after a coup by police, Islamic hardliners burst into the national museum and smashed Buddhist statues. Police spokesman Ahmed Shiyam told


The necessity of Israel annihilation in Imam Khomeini’s view

alef.ir 8 February 2012

Today, the first Qibla of the Muslims has been occupied by Israel, a cancerous tumor for the Middle East. Today, Israel is causing division using all evil means. Every Muslim is obliged to equip


The rest of the world must shake its head and laugh as we bend over backwards to make allowances for terrorists

Daily Mail 8 February 2012
By James Slack

Mind how you go if out in London next week. You might just find yourself bumping into one of the world’s most wanted terror suspects on the school run. Such is the farcical state of affairs we


Video: A five minute lesson in the history of the modern jihad

Vlad Tepes 8 February 2012

It sounds a lot like the narrator is Bill Whittle. Someone who deserves a major national award if in fact the West survives.


Czech prosecutors warned of visit by radical Islamic cleric from UK

Czech Position 8 February 2012
By Tom Jones

London-based radical Muslim cleric Haitham Al-Haddad — who sits on the UK’s Islamic Sharia Council, advocates a ban on music, refers to Christians and Jews as "accursed nations,” and calls for Jihad


Video: Al Qaeda is trying to recruit British women suicide bombers

Digital Journal 8 February 2012
By JohnThomas Didymus

London - British MPs have warned that Al Qaeda is using extremist websites to recruit women to carry out suicide bombings in the U.K. According to the Commons home affairs committee, the terrorist organization is "specifically targeting women for violent acts."


Ayaan Hirsi Ali Breaks the Media Silence on Anti-Christian Persecution

National Review Online 8 February 2012
By Nina Shea

Best-selling author, film director, women’s-rights advocate, former Dutch parliamentarian, Islamist death-threat survivor, refugee from a Somalian forced marriage, and a fierce champion of individual


Meanwhile, Back in France ...

Family Security Matters 8 February 2012
By Diana West

Silvio Berlusconi's finest 1/2 hour came shortly after 9/11 when he became the first and only Western leader to point out the duh-obvious distinctions between Western civilization and Islam -- essentially, one culture enshrines liberty, one does not -- and made the rather modest call for us to be aware of the distinction. For this he was pilloried, excoriated, heaped with scorn the world over, and beat a retreat rapido. (I discuss the episode at some length in The Death of the Grown-Up.)


Turkish minister probed over Armenia remarks

The Local 8 February 2012

Swiss prosecutors have launched a probe into alleged remarks by Turkey's EU affairs minister denying the Armenian genocide, a crime under Swiss anti-racism laws, ATS news agency said on


BBC tells its staff: don’t call Qatada extremist

Telegraph.co.uk 8 February 2012
By Neil Midgley and James Kirkup

In order to avoid making a "value judgment”, the corporation’s managers have ruled that he can only be described as "radical”. Journalists were also cautioned against using images suggesting the


Was this boy beaten senseless because he's white? Teenager fighting for his sight after 'hate attack' by Asian gang

Daily Mail 8 February 2012
By Jaya Narain

A teenager was left for dead after being chased and savagely beaten by a gang of Asians in a suspected racist attack. Daniel Stringer, 17, was pursued through a busy town centre by up to eight men


9 in 10 Kenyan Muslims practice Female Genetal mutilation

Africa Science News 8 February 2012
By Morara Kebaso

A study in North Eastern Kenya and released in Nairobi Monday by Mothers’ Lap Foundation (MLF), a rights group, paints a grim picture in the fight against Female Genital Mutilation (FGM). The results of the report come out even as the practice among Somali Muslims rise beyond 90 per cent.


OSCE calls for Muslim umbrella organisation

swissinfo 8 February 2012

Experts from the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE) have recommended the establishment of an umbrella organisation for all Swiss Muslims. In their report, seen by the


German Bank Offers ‘Islam-Compliant’ Investment

The Weekly Standard 8 February 2012

Last month, German bank WestLB rolled out a new "Islam-compliant” investment product named the Islamic Strategy Index Certificate. The value of the certificate is based on the value of the WestLB


Video: Londonistan Lives: Brits Release Terror Cleric Abu Qatada on Bail

CBN News 8 February 2012
By Erick Stakelbeck

For years, I've documented Great Britain's descent into PC-addled, post-Christian, Islamist madness. In 2010, I received a first-hand taste of it during a week-long stay in London in which I interviewed Anjem Choudary and other notorious Islamists, some Al Qaeda-linked (see the video I've embedded below), who are walking the streets of the British capital as free men--and in many cases, collecting generous welfare benefits from the state.


Ruth Dudley Edwards: Twisted concept of honour shames any civilised society

Independent.ie 8 February 2012

You probably saw last week the terrible story of the Shafias. Mohammad Shafia was an Afghani, who -- after making money in property in Dubai -- emigrated to Canada.

With him he brought two wives. Rona Amir Mohammad, his first, had been unable to bear children and he had taken a second, Tooba (Muslims are permitted four), by whom he had seven children. Rona, who was passed off as a cousin, helped to rear the family.


Syria's first lady has a UK passport – that doesn't make her good

The Guardian 8 February 2012
By Nesrine Malik

Asma al-Assad, or her office, seems to have unfortunate timing. As the death toll rose in Homs yesterday, due to aerial bombardment, Asma declared that she was fully behind her husband. In addition,

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