Latest on attacs on Israel and Pillar of Defense

Tundra Tabloids 15 November 2012
By Lt.Col Avital Leibovich

The Tundra Tabloids participated in a phone briefing this evening, with the IDF’s spokesperson, Lt.Col Avital Leibovich


Islamic radicalism a real threat in Malaysia

Radio Australia 6 November 2012

Australia's Foreign Minister Bob Carr has announced an exchange programme between Australia and Malaysia, which he says aims to foster moderate Islam. Under the programme,


Video: A Low-level Cultural War

British Freedom 31 October 2012
By Paul Weston

An interview with Paul Weston, Chairman of British Freedom.


Is Jew Hatred Alive and Well?

FrontPage Magazin 31 October 2012
By Fern Sidman

For those who have ever pondered the eternal question of why Jew hatred has reared its ugly head in every generation since time immemorial, filmmaker Gloria Greenfield of Doc


Showdown With Islamists

FrontPage Magazine 29 October 2012
By Ryan Mauro

The following is’s National Security Analyst Ryan Mauro interview with Jamie Glazov: Ryan Mauro: Your book’s title states that there is a "coming showdown.”


Geert Wilders at the Swedish Free Press Society

GeertWilders Weblog 28 October 2012
By Geert Wilders

Dear friends, I am very happy to be in your midst today. Thank you, Ingrid, for inviting me to address the Swedish Free Press Society. No demonstrator will prevent me to speak in Sweden. I love Sweden and its people. One of my great heroes, Raoul Wallenberg, was a compatriot of yours. Wallenberg embodies all that is good and generous in the Swedish people. He defended the freedom and dignity of others. He protected those who had been marked for death by an evil ideology. And he gave his own life for it.


Putting An End to the Islamization of Switzerland

Gates of Vienna 26 October 2012

The following excerpts from an interview with Oskar Freysinger, one of the leaders of the Swiss People’s Party, were originally published at the Right World news site in a slightly different form.

Oskar Freysinger: it’s time for the legal state to confine Islam’s religious dogmas within the appropriate framework

Interview by the Modus Agendi editor-in-chief Ilya Goryachev with Oskar Freysinger, one of the Swiss People’s Party leaders.


Interview: Personal Journeys Toward Difficult Truths

Law anf freedom Foundation 18 October 2012

Our motto is "We win”. So it’s appropriate that, amid the bad news, we get a bit more good news: an online interview series with 20 people who are explaining Islam and the politically correct West.

Every third week of the September, October, November and December, five interviews will be presented, one a night from Monday to Friday.


Video: Islamic Terror in the Backyards of America

Gates of Vienna 11 October 2012

I began my investigations of Jamaat ul-Fuqra (a.k.a. "Muslims of America”) seven years ago today when I took a day trip down to Red House, Virginia. That little excursion changed my view of the beloved Virginia countryside forever — if Islamic terrorists can set up shop in Red House or Meherrin, then they can be anywhere — there is no escaping them.


Video: Bat Ye'or on the Collapse of Western Civilization

GalliaWatch 10 October 2012

Here's the first part of a two-part video featuring Bat Ye'or in conversation with Christine Tasin, a major contributor to Riposte Laique and founder of Résistance Républicaine.


Where the West Ends

FrontPage Magazine 8 October 2012
By Jamie Glazov

Frontpage Interview’s guest today is Michael J. Totten, a contributing editor at World Affairs and City Journal. The Middle East is his regular beat, and his book about Lebanon, The Road to Fatima Gate, won the Washington Institute Silver Book Prize last year. His new book is Where the West Ends: Stories from the Middle East, the Balkans, the Black Sea, and the Caucasus. Most of the book takes place in the post-communist world, along the fringe of Europe and just beyond, where Western civilization begins to merge with Russian and Islamic civilizations.


The Soviet-Jihad Connection: Interview with Pavel Stroilov 1 October 2012
By Ryan Mauro

Pavel Stroilov is a Russian historian who, in 2004, copied a top-secret Soviet archive of about 50,000 documents from the Gorbachev Foundation, where he was a researcher. He


Video: Bali bomber shows no remorse 10 years later

Sydney Morning Herald 1 October 2012

IDRIS was 12km away on a motorcycle with his fellow terrorist Ali Imron when he felt as much as heard the Bali bomb go off. "It's as if it came from underground,” he recalls.


Video: George Igler Talks To Erza Levant About Free Speech Under Siege In The UK

ICLA 27 September 2012

Anyone with a good sense of awareness who is even remotely familiar with modern Britain will testify that it is a country where the most basic of freedoms are under daily assault. Freedom of expression which is what guarantees all other freedoms, including freedom of religion, is a particular target for the would-be tyrants.


Video: Stakelbeck on Terror Show: The Truth About the Arab Spring

CBN News 26 September 2012

On this week's episode of the Stakelbeck on Terror show, we're joined by Middle East analyst Michael Widlanski to examine the real reasons behind the recent anti-American riots across the Muslim world. We also show how you can personally help Israel prepare for the threats gathering against it.


Video: Pamela Geller Censored About Hamas-CAIR on CNN’s @ErinBurnett

FrontPage Magazine 21 September 2012

On Thursday, September 20, 2012, Pamela Geller was interviewed by Erin Burnett on CNN. Taken to task by Burnett for her ads that stand up for Israel and against Jihad, Pamela powerfully exposed the hypocrisy and double standards of those who slander, oppose and defame counter-jihad activists while remaining completely silent about and indifferent to the savagery of Islamic jihad.


Time To Give Up Moral Relativism

Gates of Vienna 20 September 2012

In an interview published on Monday, Ayaan Hirsi Ali talked to Die Welt about the current upheavals in the Muslim world in reaction to the West’s "blasphemy” against Islam and its prophet.

Many thanks to Hermes for the translation:

"The West should finally defend its values”

She is threatened for having criticising Islam: the Somali-born Dutch publicist Ayaan Hirsi Ali speaks about the revolts in the Muslim world and the reactions to them.