Almost half French oppose publishing Mohammed cartoons: poll

Swiss News 19 January 2015

Almost half of French oppose publication of cartoons depicting Islam's Prophet Mohammed, according to a poll Sunday, as global debate deepened on the limits of free speech in


Obama Administration Undermines Muslim Reformers with Excuses

Breitbart 19 January 2015
By Ben Shapiro

On Tuesday, White House press secretary Josh Earnest explained that the Obama administration would not be using the phrase "radical Islam” to describe the ideology motivating


Video: White House: Obama Will Fight Media To Stop Anti-Jihad Articles

Daily Caller 19 January 2015
By Neil Munro

In a January 13 interview with the Lebanese Murr TV channel, British Islamist Anjem Choudary said that according to Islamic law, whoever insults the Prophet Muhammad should


The 13 sitting senators who used to support disclosure of Saudi funding of 9/11 hijackers

Money Jihad 19 January 2015

Saudi Arabia provided some financial and logistical support to the 9/11 hijackers through interlocutors in San Diego and Sarasota prior to the attacks of 2001. Congress


Radical Islam in Europe: No One to Blame But Us

The Gatestone Institute 19 January 2015
By Vijeta Uniyal

Most of all, we failed to extend our hand of solidarity to those brave Muslim men and women who dared to defy the radical elements within their own communities. The Western


Confronting Islam’s ideological poison

The Times News 19 January 2015
By Trudy Rubin

On Friday, the day French police killed the terrorists who attacked Charlie Hebdo, the liberal Saudi blogger Raif Badawi was publicly flogged in Jeddah for insulting


Czechs Grapple With Islam and Syria Refugees

The Czech Republic, for example, has a tiny Muslim population, yet it's seen a sharp rise in anti-Islam sentiments in recent months. There's already been a debate over whether


Maher: The real threat to our civil liberties comes from our protectors, not the terrorists

Leader Post 19 January 2015
By Stephen Maher

All the Winston Churchills who write newspaper columns can relax. The terrorists are not going to force us into silence, OK? Our civil liberties are not under threat from


Amersfoort: Synagogue Halts Guided Tours Because of Tensions

The synagogue in the town of Amersfoort has temporarily halted guided tours in view of the tense situation created by the Paris killings and the Belgian shooting of jihadist


Video: Sweden Welcomes Terrorists to Avoid 'False Sense of Security'

Tundra Tabloids 19 January 2015

It really has to be a mind numbing experience to not only live in Sweden, but to be a politician addressing the lunacy of those in power and be labelled as a provocateur for your troubles.


Greek police reportedly detain 4 alleged extremists, possibly including Belgium suspect

mashable 19 January 2015

Greek police on Saturday detained four suspected extremists, including man believed to be the ringleader of a Belgian jihadi cell. A Greek police official said the four were


Quiet Belgian town shocked by Islamist battle

Swiss News 19 January 2015

As police swooped on a suspected Islamist cell in Belgium, the quiet streets of the town of Verviers were transformed into a war zone complete with gunshots and


Irish jihadis at 'mosque' under Garda surveillance 19 January 2015
By Jim Cusack and Philip Ryan

Gardai are monitoring the activities of a group of radical young Muslims in Dublin, the Sunday Independent has learned. SHARE GO TO The group has no official links to any


Twitter complies with Turkey's 'national security' blackout demand – BLOCKS newspaper's tweets

The Register 19 January 2015
By Kelly Fiveash

Turkey has once again browbeat Twitter into censoring some of the content posted on the micro-blogging site, after being threatened with an outright ban in the country. The


France is Selling the Jews to buy Quiet from Islam

Israel National News 19 January 2015
By Giulio Meotti

We now know that France’s President Francois Hollande didn’t want to see Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu at the mass rally in Paris against terrorism. Those Israeli


Why is tiny Belgium Europe’s jihad-recruiting hub?

The Washington Post 19 January 2015
By Michael Birnbaum

The Belgian teenager was determined to join the jihadist fight in Syria — so much so that, after his nation’s authorities rolled up an alleged militant cell Friday, he was


British women being used by IS to incite terror in UK

The Times of India 19 January 2015

A group of 30 British women who travelled to Syria to join Islamic State have been encouraging other women in the UK to carry out terror attacks back home, overturning the


Turkish magazine gives the answer Charlie Hebdo deserves

abna24 19 January 2015

Turkish satirical magazine Cafcaf, the only publication in Turkey which places emphasis on Islamic values, has hit back to the Charlie Hebdo arrogance with a unique cover.


‘Straw Dolls’: A Film about the Armenian Genocide

Armenian Weekly 19 January 2015

New Jersey native and filmmaker Jon Milano is honoring his connection to the Armenian community with "Straw Dolls,” a film that focuses on the Armenian Genocide of


Deadly anti-Charlie Hebdo riots as France defends free speech

Yeahoo News 19 January 2015
By Anne Chaon with Boureima Hama

Five people were killed and churches set on fire in Niger in fresh protests against the French weekly Charlie Hebdo's cartoon of Mohammed, as France condemned the violence and


Obama Doesn't Get Islamic Terrorism

Real Clear Politics 19 January 2015
By Jack Kelly

When 44 world leaders joined 1.6 million Parisians to condemn Islamist terror last Sunday, President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden were watching football. Secretary


Islamic State Throws Gays Off Buildings in Iraq

The Clarion Project 19 January 2015

The Islamic State social media accounts posted gruesome pictures of the group’s execution of a two men in Mosul, Iraq accused of being gay. The pictures show the men being


Israeli helicopters targeted 6 Hizballah and Iranian officers as warning that Golan is out of bounds

DEBKA file 19 January 2015

Lebanese and Western intelligence watchers of the Syrian conflict reveal that the two missiles fired Sunday, Jan. 18, by Israeli helicopters at an armed military convoy on the

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