Hashtag trends, racists rant about siege

9news 15 December 2014

As the Sydney siege threatens to open up old prejudices, hashtag #illridewithyou has led a call for unity. Muslim leaders across Australia have rushed to condemn the Martin


Muslim 'wives' discover that they have no marriage rights

Family Law Week 15 December 2014

A report by Aurat:Supporting Women, a West Midlands charity which supports victims of honour-based violence, seeks to expose the vulnerability which, it says, Muslim women


Thousands of ticking Jihadi time bombs

y net news 15 December 2014
By Ronen Bergman

On September 21, US President Barack Obama appeared at the UN Security Council to head a special meeting of world leaders that focused on the fight against terror and, more


Three More Pakistani Christians Accused of Blasphemy Against Islam

Christian News 15 December 2014

Three more cases of blasphemy accusations have emerged in Pakistan, even after a Christian couple’s beating to death and burning in a brick kiln after allegations of blasphemy


ISIS beheads four men for blasphemy in Syria

Al Arabiya 15 December 2014

A self-declared police force loyal to the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria decapitated four men in western Syria after accusing them of blasphemy, a rights group monitoring the


Indian police arrest jihadi tweeter Mehdi

The Himalayan Times 15 December 2014

Indian police yesterday arrested a 24-year-old believed to be the handler of an influential Twitter account supporting the Islamic State group, officials said. Mehdi


Terrorists Disguised As Women: Al Qaeda Militants Attempt Border Crossing In Yemen Wearing Niqabs

International Business Times 15 December 2014
By Philip Ross

Several militants with suspected ties to Al Qaeda were shot dead at a border crossing Saturday by Yemeni soldiers. The militants were allegedly attempting to enter Saudi Arabia


Mehdi Masoor Biswas, the Bengal Jihadi is a man of Trinity liking ISIS, SIMI abd TMCP.

Bengal Spotlight 15 December 2014
By Sambuddha Gupta

Now it is too much publicized that a Muslim young techie suspected of running an influential Twitter account promoting Islamic State (IS) has been arrested in Bangalore in Karnataka


Dad rapes little daughter for 10 years

Emirates 24/7 15 December 2014

A Saudi father raped his little daughter for nearly 10 years before he was arrested by the police and the girl was taken to the social service centre. The unnamed father had first


Boko Haram Enlists Female Suicide Bombers To Kill 100,000; Violence Now Akin To ISIS

International Business Times 15 December 2014
By Morgan Winsor

The Islamist militant group Boko Haram has gained worldwide notoriety this year for intensifying carnage in Nigeria that has claimed more than 10,000 lives in just 12 months — a fatality


Female Saudi fan red-carded for entering men-only stadium

The Daily Star 15 December 2014

A female fan who disguised herself to infiltrate the male-only domain of a football stadium in Saudi Arabia has been red-carded, a police statement obtained on Sunday says. Men


The Man Behind the Most Infamous Cartoon of All Time

New Republic 12 December 2014
By Elizabeth Winkler

Flemming Rose has been called a Nazi, a Muslim-hater, and a Danish Satan. He has been simultaneously targeted with death threats and blamed for the deaths of 200 or more innocent people around the world.


Turkey "Improves" Education

Gatestone Institute 12 December 2014
By Burak Bekdil

Systematic Islamist indoctrination in Turkey is becoming less stealthy. Education is the new battlefield. Turkey's government is pushing to advance its declared policy goal of "raising devout (Muslim) generations."


Ayaan Hirsi Ali: Joe Biden Tried to Lecture Me on Islam

The Gateway Pundit 12 December 2014
By Jim Hoft

Human Rights activist Ayaan Hirsi Ali fled the Netherlands after years of threats from Muslim extremists. Hirsi Ali dared to speak out against radical Islam and the horrific


Revealed: Hate preacher terror 'mastermind' who recruited Austrian 'ISIS poster girls' sent 'another 160 to join jihad in Syria

Daily Mail Online 12 December 2014
By David Rogers

An alleged Islamic hate preacher has been arrested over claims he is the terror mastermind who recruited the two Austrian jihad 'poster girls' and more than 160 others who


Polygamy practised on mass scale among Muslims in UK: Study

Economic Times 12 December 2014

LONDON: Polygamy is being practised on an enormous scale among Britain's Muslims with a large number of women being denied basic legal rights, a new study in the UK claimed.


French Police Make 5 New Arrests in Brussels Jewish Museum Shooting

the Algemeiner 12 December 2014

The French police made five new arrests related to the shooting at the Jewish Museum of Belgium in Brussels this past May. Four people, including an Israeli couple, were killed


Opposing Islamization

Citizen Warrior 12 December 2014

To articulate our goal to someone who asks (and also among ourselves), I suggest we describe it this way: Our goal is to oppose the Islamization of the world. When talking


Video: VICE News Exclusive: The Architect of the CIA’s Enhanced Interrogation Program

The Counter Jihad Report 12 December 2014

The Senate Intelligence Committee has released a blistering, 500-page report on the CIA’s controversial detention and interrogation program, a document that committee


Swiss Ex-Jihadist Escapes Prison, Sentenced To 600 Hours Of Community Service

International Business Times 12 December 2014
By Avaneesh Pandey

A Swiss national who returned to the country after spending three months at an Islamic State group training camp in Syria will not be imprisoned, Swiss Attorney General Michael


Germany: Thousands join anti-Islam protest against European spread of Isis and al-Qaeda

International Business Times 12 December 2014
By Ludovica Iaccino

Several protests have been occurring throughout the country, starting with a rally held in Cologne in October. Counter-protests opposing the call to stop Islamisation in


German Eurosceptics embrace anti-Islam protests

Telegraph.co.uk 12 December 2014
By Justin Huggler

The wave of anti-Islam protests gripping the German city of Dresden have ignited a political row, after the leader of the country's rapidly growing Eurosceptic party publicly


Justice Minister Maas bashes anti-Islamization rallies

DW.DE 11 December 2014

Germany’s justice minister has condemned Monday's 10,000-strong protest against "Islamization" in Dresden. The demonstration against alleged growing Islamic influence over


Will Sweden Soon Reverse Recognition of Palestine as a State?

Gatestone Institue 11 December 2014
By Peter Martino

Last week, after having been in office for exactly two months and one day, Sweden's government collapsed. Apart from the Palestinians, hardly anyone will regret the fall of Prime Minister


Perfect stocking filler for a jihadist: T-shirt featuring quote from White Widow Samantha Lewthwaite goes on sale

Daily Mail Online 11 December 2014
By Corey Charlton

T-shirts bearing an ironic slogan from the notorious 'White Widow' Samantha Lewthwaite are being sold online in the run-up to Christmas. The t-shirts, currently available to buy on

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