A Draw Mohammed Contest in the UK?

Sharia Watch UK 20 May 2015

This is the cartoon which won the $12,500 prize at the recent Draw Mohammed contest in Garland Texas. On the day that the entries were exhibited, two jihadis attempted


Helsinki Cancels 'Freedom of Expression' Event...

Tundra Tabloids 20 May 2015

This is also the same event that banned the Finnish branch of the Israeli JNF NGO from attending, after they have been present for two years running. According to private


Ayaan Hirsi Ali: Let’s have a complete overhaul of Islam

The Globe and Mail 20 May 2015
By Elizabeth Renzetti

Ayaan Hirsi Ali has a message for Western governments – Canada’s included – that think they will curb extremist terrorism by tightening legal limits on expression: You are only


Stressed A-level student 'joined ISIS after falling out with his father on trip to Turkey'

Daily Mail 20 May 2015
By Ollie Gillman

Zakariya Ashiq allegedly tried to join ISIS while on a trip with his father Student, 20, told police that he fell out with his father when in Turkey 'Stressed'


Anti-Islam film ban lifted for Google

BBC News 20 May 2015

An appeals court in San Francisco has ruled that a US-produced film called Innocence of Muslims, which sparked global riots after its release in 2012, should not be banned from


Indonesia: Military Chief Says Virginity Testing Of Female Recruits A Good Thing

The commander of Indonesia’s armed forces believes that invasive virginity tests for female recruits are a good thing and the only way to gauge the women’s morality. Asked


Obama’s ISIS Policy

American Center for Democracy 20 May 2015
By Rachel Ehrenfeld

While cache of computers, cell phones, and documents that was captured during the raid will provide important information about ISIS financial operations in Iraq and Syria and


Watch VIDEO: Who is going to Iraq and Syria to Fight the Islamic State? Not Muslims

pamelageller.com 20 May 2015

The question is, with thousands of Muslims from the UK, US, Europe, Canada, Australia, etc. flocking to fight alongside the Islamic State, why is it that we don’t hear about


Australian PM closes doors to Muslims who join Islamic State

pamelageller.com 20 May 2015

This is how you fight back. For months I have said that any Muslims who leave the US, Europe, Canada, etc., to fight alongside the Islamic State should lose their citizenship.


US: 1.6 Million Green Cards issued to Muslims since 9/11

muslimstatistics 20 May 2015

How many people in this country are aware of the fact that immigration from Islamic countries has doubled since 9/11? According to data Conservative Review collated from the


Women’s rights overlooked in the name of racial "tolerance”

The Daily Telegraph 20 May 2015
By Sarrah Le Marquand

If shouting the word "fire” is the most effective way to silence a room, then uttering the word "bigot” is the most effective way to silence a university lecture hall.


Muslim Children Parade The Heads Of Their Victims, While A Crowd Of Muslim Adults Praise Them

Faithfreedom 20 May 2015

The Islamic State social networking site has a photo showing a child holding a severed head amid a gathering of other children, which was tweeted and went viral with an


US State Department Says No to Iraqi Christians

Writing in April in USA Today about the murder of 12 Christian migrants thrown into the sea by Muslims for praying to Jesus instead of Allah, columnist Kirsten Powers stated


Jihad suspect threatened attack on Wilders

NL Times 19 May 2015
By Janene Van Jaarsveldt

UPDATE: The Public Prosecutor has demanded a 4 years prison sentence against suspected jihadist Mohamed A. Suspected jihadist Mohamed A. discussed plans for an attack on


Police: Yes, there ARE No-Go Zones in Sweden


The issue of whether there are No-Go Zones in Europe or not has been somewhat controversial, mainly because the term has not had a clear-cut definition when applied to civilian


Why we must defend Freedom of Speech – by Geert Wilders

Geert Wilders Weblog 19 May 2015
By Geert Wilders

Earlier this month, I was in Garland, Texas, where I gave the keynote speech at a contest of Muhammad cartoons. The contest was held in a conference center, where after the


FGM: students and survivors team up for pioneering billboard campaign

Inspire Magazine 19 May 2015

The UK’s first ever billboard campaign against female genital mutilation (FGM) has been launched to raise awareness that FGM is an issue in the UK and to help those affected


EU Funds Palestinian Radicalism

FrontPage Magazine 19 May 2015
By Joseph Puder

The Guardian newspaper reported (May 13, 2015) that, "A high profile group of former European leaders and diplomats has called for the urgent reassessment of EU policy on the


Legitimizing the Groups that Hate You - Is the Anne Frank Trust too Trusting?

Gatestone Institute 19 May 2015
By Samuel Westrop

In 2014, the Council of Ex-Muslims of Britain published a report on the iERA. The report concluded that the iERA should be classified as a "hate group."


Turkey guts cash screening at customs

Money Jihad 19 May 2015

Turkey has revised its customs regulations to the point where one Turkish headline described it as "Unlimited cash entry into Turkey now legalized.” Turkey said the regulations


Free Speech Village Nixed At Helsinki Multicultural Event Featuring Pics Of Mohamed, ”SECURITY Reasons” Cited

Tundra Tabloids 19 May 2015

This is also the same event that banned the Finnish branch of the Israeli JNF NGO from attending, after they have been present for two years running. According to private


Plans Emerge Of Gigantic Mosque To Be Built In Budapest

hungarytoday 19 May 2015

An entry dated 22 April on the Islamic website Iszlám.com includes a video of a gigantic building which is claimed to depict a mosque planned by the Turkish ministry of


Girl who was 'victim of Asian abuse gang had sex with 60 men after first being approached in Woolworths aged just 12'

Daily Mail 19 May 2015
By Lucy Crossley

A schoolgirl victim of an Asian abuse gang was used for sex by 60 men after she was approached by a middle-aged father in a branch of Woolworths when she was just 12, a court


Liberty Dk. write up of today’s ‘For Freedom’ march in Copenhagen

Vlad Tepes 19 May 2015

The "For Freedom” (Pegida) demonstration went very well this evening in Copenhagen. We had been promised extra police and they delivered. Riot-gear, dogs (which, however, I


Danish jihadists cashed in on welfare benefits

The Local 19 May 2015

According to an Employment Ministry document obtained by Radio24syv, the Danish Security and Intelligence Service (PET) told the Danish Agency for Labour Market and

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