Video: ‘We do not want veiled women in France,’ Sarkozy

Morocco World News 20 February 2015

In a lengthy interview on Europe 1 radio, during which he received questions from the public, Sarkozy, the head of centre-right opposition party UMP, was very aggressive on the


France to Begin New Prison Anti-Radicalisation Programme

Newsweek 20 February 2015
By Damien Sharkov

The French Ministry of Defence will test a new way of tackling the spread of jihadist ideology in the country’s prisons by setting aside designated facilities on their premises


Danish jails feared to be hotbed of radicalism

The Local 20 February 2015

Something happened in prison to Omar El-Hussein, the 22-year-old identified by police as the gunman who killed two people in a weekend shooting spree in Copenhagen. His


There’s a Muslim baby boom in the UK and it’s going to hit the ballot box

Quartz 20 February 2015
By Cassie Werber

A study of demographic changes (pdf) in Britain’s Muslim population should be required reading for Britain’s would-be leaders. In short, the existing policy of "non-engagement”


Brusthom Ziamani: Teenager guilty of plot to behead soldier

BBC News 20 February 2015

A teenager who was on his way to behead a British soldier with a 12in knife when he was arrested, has been found guilty of preparing a terrorist act. Brusthom Ziamani, 19,


Newcastle Football Fans Unite Against Pegida Anti-Islam March

The Huffington Post 20 February 2015
By Sara C. Nelson

Newcastle United football fans are rallying against a German anti-Islam movement, which will stage its first UK protest in the city next week. Pegida (Patriotic Europeans


Belgium charges Frenchman as accomplice in Jewish museum attack

Swiss News 20 February 2015

A Frenchman suspected of helping compatriot Medhi Nemmouche, held for killing four people at the Brussels Jewish Museum in May, has been formally charged, the federal


A Europe without blasphemy is back in the middle ages

The Guardian 20 February 2015
By Flemming Rose

Just over a week ago, I was standing in front of my friend George Wolinski’s grave in the Montparnasse cemetery in south Paris, thinking about the time we spent together in


Fake Facebook Account Is Window on Belgian Jihadi Flight

Bloomberg 20 February 2015
By Gaspard Sebag and Caroline Alexander

Within weeks of setting up a Facebook Inc. account and posing as a would-be Belgian jihadi, Pieter Van Ostaeyen amassed more than 1,000 "friends.” The 38-year-old Arabic


Interfaith March in London Against Muslim Terrorism

Israel National News 20 February 2015

Christians, Jews and Muslims from all walks of British life made a pilgrimage through central London on Thursday, in a show of unity against the hatred that drove recent


Radical recruiters are finding Muslim youth in unlikely places

PRI 20 February 2015
By Joyce Hackel

A life of violent jihad doesn't appeal to many people. But that hasn't stopped recruiters for Islamic extremist groups from reaching out to lure Muslims from all sorts of


Muslim Peer's Staffer Paid By Alleged Terror Group

Breitbart 20 February 2015
By Andre Walker

An alleged terror group that has been banned in the United Arab Emirates is paying the travel expenses of a member of staff at the House of Lords. Records show Mrs Toni


Bosnian police arrest Islamic State's alleged recruiters

International Business Times 20 February 2015
By Gianluca Mezzofiore

Bosnian authorities have arrested six men for alleged links with the Islamic State (Isis) including two at Sarajevo airport who were getting ready to flee the country and wage


Hizb ut-Tahrir insists it rejects violence following Abbott's 'desperate' accusation

The Guardian 20 February 2015
By Michael Safi

Hizb ut-Tahrir has made clear its opposition to violent political change and distanced itself from the militia group Islamic State in a public meeting ahead of an anticipated


Hizb ut-Tahrir won’t condemn Islamic State death cult

The Daily Telegraph 20 February 2015
By Ben McClellan

IT claims to be a peaceful organisation that does not support violent extremism but yet again radical Islamic group Hizb ut-Tahrir has failed to condemn the death cult Islamic


Video: School girls' opinion about sexual harassment in Egyptian streets

youtube 20 February 2015
By Dignity Without Borders

DWB visited a public girls' school in Cairo. Listen to the school girls speak their mindsets about sexual harassment in Egypt. Cairo, April 2014


Muslim Brotherhood Helps Cheater Repay Stolen Funds

Breitbart 20 February 2015
By Andre Walker

A former Labour peer who repaid L125,000 in wrongly claimed expenses, was given an interest free loan of L124,000 partly funded by a businessman accused of being a part of the


Chapel Hill Shooting Victims’ Mosque Preached Jihad, Hosted Pro-ISIS Cleric in 2013

CreepingSharia 20 February 2015

Yesterday we highlighted the fact that the Chapel Hill shooter wasn’t an anti-Muslim bigot at all, in fact he Defended the Ground Zero Mosque and Islam, and ridiculed those who


Islamist Mob Beats Prisoners to Death

The Daily Mail 20 February 2015
By John Hall

A sickening new video has emerged showing hundreds of savage supporters of the Islamic State kicking, punching and stamping three terrified Syrian soldiers to death before


Indian Muslim cleric calls Hindu deity Shiva the first prophet of Allah

A Muslim cleric in India has stirred up a controversy by referring to Hindu deity Shiva as the first of the many prophets of Allah. Mufti Mohammad Ilyas Qasmi, leader of


NYT: ISIS getting Arab Recruits who are Sexually Repressed

American Thinker 20 February 2015
By Pedro Gonzales

Life imitates art! Yesterday I wrote a piece describing how feminists were sexually attracted to Islamic radicals. A few hours later, the New York Times published a piece


Vandals set fire to Florida church, spray-paint ‘Allahu Akbar’

The Washington Times 20 February 2015
By Jessica Chasmar

A small fire was set to a Central Florida church and the Arabic phrase "Allahu Akbar” was spray-painted on one of its walls early Monday morning in what church members are


Abbas's Fatah Praises Japanese Terrorists

Israel National News 20 February 2015
By Ari Yashar

Palestinian Authority (PA) Chairman Mahmoud Abbas's Fatah faction has conducted terror attacks against Israel and praised terrorists for a very long time, but in a new twist


Female circumcision on the rise in Malaysia

The Express Tribune 20 February 2015

Female circumcision involves the surgical removal of all or part of a woman’s clitoris. The World Health Organisation (WHO) has classed this procedure as Female Genital


Passaic County Islamic Center members accuse imam of using $88K of group’s money for legal fees

North Jersey 20 February 2015
By Joe Malinconico

Four members of the Islamic Center of Passaic County have filed a lawsuit accusing the group’s imam of wrongly using $88,000 of the organization’s money to pay legal bills in

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