John Cantlie: Isis prisoners are waterboarded for trying to escape, says British hostage in video

The Independent 27 October 2014
By Emma Finamore

Isis prisoners are waterboarded as punishment for trying to escape, British hostage John Cantlie has said in a video released by the terror group. The photojournalist, 43,


Turkey: No Longer a "Rock Star" on Arab Street

The Gatestone Institute 27 October 2014
By Burak Bekdil

Erdogan's Turkey is no longer an attraction for the Muslim street. Instead, it is, overtly or covertly, on hostile terms with Syria, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, the United


Burka-wearing Phones 4U Robbers Mohammed Sabek and Aneel Khan Jailed for 10 Years

International Business Times 27 October 2014
By Lewis Dean

Two men who disguised themselves by wearing burkas during a Phones 4U robbery have been jailed for ten years. Mohammed Sabek, 27, and Aneel Khan, 28, both from west London,


Socialists urge West to arm the PKK

Money Jihad 27 October 2014

Leading Marxist voices are calling on the EU and U.S. to ship weapons to the terrorist-designated Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK). Morning Star, the flagship newspaper of


How welcome do Muslims feel in Northern Ireland?

BBC News 27 October 2014

The Islamic community in Northern Ireland is growing, with more than 4,000 Muslims from 42 different countries living in the country. But how welcome do they feel in Belfast,


Choudary follower on sex charges

The Times 27 October 2014
By Sean O’Neill

A follower of the radical Islamist cleric Anjem Choudary has been charged with sex offences in connection with attempts to groom a teenage girl over the internet. Mansoor


Muslim Magomayev commemorated in Moscow

vestnik kavkaza 27 October 2014

Famous Soviet singer Muslim Magomayev has been commemorated in the Russian capital Moscow. An official ceremony was held at the Magomayev memorial in front of the Azerbaijani


Danish court frees 10 over Kurdish rebel funding charges

Global Post 27 October 2014

A Danish court on Wednesday freed 10 men charged with "terror funding" after raising up to 140 million kroner (18.8 million euros, $23.8 million) for Kurdish rebels. The


Turkish intelligence chief: ISIS is a reality and we are optimistic about the future

AWD News 27 October 2014

Hakan Fidan, the head of Turkey's National Intelligence Organization, known by the MIT acronym, has drawn a lot of attention and criticism lately for his controversial comments


Police, residents clash again over controversial mosque project

Today's Zaman 27 October 2014

Clashes between police and residents resumed on Saturday morning at the entrance to the Validebag Grove (Validebag Korusu) in Istanbul's Üsküdar district, with residents


At Least 20,000 Orphans (their parents were murdered by ISIS) are on the Turkish Borders of Iraq and Syria 27 October 2014
By Keith Davies

In conducting the investigation into the war orphan situation, our security team have gone to the Syrian and Iraqi border areas in Turkey and found there to be at least 20,000


Norway: Jew? 'A Common Curse'

Israel National News 27 October 2014
By Haim Lev and Cynthia Blank

Norwegians hold the most anti-Semitic beliefs of all citizens in Nordic countries - warns the president of the Jewish community in Norway, Irwin Cohen. According to him,


Emir of Qatar Under Pressure Due to Funding of Islamic State (ISIS, ISIL) basically Al-Qaeda!

Qatar Sucks 27 October 2014

David Cameron faces calls to use a meeting with the Emir of Qatar to call for an end to funding being handed to terrorists including ISIS. The Prime Minister is expected to


The Role of Hamas and Fatah in the Jerusalem Disturbances

Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs 27 October 2014
By Pinhas Inbari

The Muslim Brotherhood seeks to unite all of the region’s Islamic movements around the idea of the Muslim Caliphate with the Al-Aqsa Mosque as its hub. Hamas’ Khaled Mashal


Deputy Israeli Muslim Brotherhood Leader Says "Entire Earth” Wil Be Ruled By Islamic Caliphate

Sheik Kamal Khatib, the Deputy leader of the Israeli Muslim Brotherhood, has given an interview on the official Palestinian Authority TV channel in which he said that Jerusalem


American journalist working for Iranian tv killed days after exposing Turkey’s support for ISIS jihadists

Creeping Sharia 27 October 2014

The death of an American journalist who worked in the Middle East has come under suspicion because she had claimed days before her death that the Turkish intelligence services


Ottawa gunman prepared video

Sky News 27 October 2014

Canadian police say a gunman who shot and killed a soldier at the national war memorial and then stormed Parliament before he was gunned down had prepared a video recording of


The Left’s Worst Crime in the Middle East

Canada Free Press 27 October 2014
By Daniel Greenfield

The left’s worst crime in the Middle East has been its support for the region’s Arab-Muslim majority at the expense of its minorities. It has supported the majority’s


Homegrown Extremism in Canada Is Nothing New

Vice News 27 October 2014
By Raf Katigbak

Following the brazen attack on two soldiers in Quebec this past Monday, and the terrible events that unfolded at Canada's Parliament Hill Wednesday, the reaction in Canada and


Hamas Official Declares Intifada in Jerusalem

Israel National News 27 October 2014
By Tova Dvorin

Hamas official Mahmoud Zahar, declared the constant cycle of violence in Jerusalem an "intifada" on Saturday night, making rumors of a so-called "silent intifada" official


Hamas 5.4 Billion:Ebola 1 Billion

Tiimes of Israel 27 October 2014
By Diane Weber Bederman

Based on the amount of time, energy and money that we have put into Ebola and Hamas, it is clear that the United Nations is more concerned about propping up a terrorist


Indian Muslim Actor Saif Ali Khan's Article On Intermarriage And Religious Harmony In India 27 October 2014

Indian society has recently witnessed a national debate about "love jihad" and "love marriages," which describe when Hindus and Muslims marry across religious lines, after the


Man pleads guilty after 'marrying' 12yo 27 October 2014
By Lauren Farrow

A man charged with having sex with a 12-year-old girl whom he "married" in NSW is set to be sentenced next year. There was a long silence at Sydney's District Court on


Jihadi Didi

Bengal Spotlight 27 October 2014
By Subramanian Swamy

On the day of Gandhi Jayanti, 2 Indian Mujahideen Jihadis were killed and a third injured critically in West Bengal's Burdwan town. ? How ? They were making IEDs for their


Scholar Tariq Ramadan Warns of Secular-Islamist Split ahead of Tunisia's Polls

campus-watch 27 October 2014
By Karem Yehia

Prominent Islamic scholar Tariq Ramadan warned of "Islamist-secular polarisation" and "dependency on the West" in Tunisia, ahead of the country's legislative elections on

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