The Islamist Way

Gatestone Institute 16 March 2015
By Burak Bekdil

Islamists often do not hide it: They love head-count democracy in lands where they make a majority; and hate it in lands where they are in the minority. They would crush other


LIVE: Salafist, PEGIDA demos take to the streets of Wuppertal

youtube 16 March 2015
By RuptlyTV

Around 400 Salafists are expected to rally in Wuppertal on Saturday, March 14, in an action called by German Salafist preachers Sven Lau and Ibrahim Abou-Nagie. A group of at


UK Unveils New Law in Wake of Child Sex Abuse Gangs

FrontPage Magazine 16 March 2015
By Mark Tapson

The UK’s Daily Mail reported last week that the British government is introducing a new criminal offence for teachers, social workers and counsellors who turn


Luvvies line up to star in Jihadi John apologist film

Blazing Cat Fur 16 March 2015

Two of Britain’s most distinguished actors are set to star in a L6million film ‘co-written’ by a leading figure of the Jihadi John apologist campaign group, Cage. Sir Ben


Sweden's Middle East Policy in Ruins

Gatestone Institute 16 March 2015
By Ingrid Carlqvist and Lars Hedegaard

The Swedish government, parliament and mainstream media seem to have no inkling of what Islamic sharia law implies. In their hearts, they evidently believe that we all


‘We Took You by Surprise’: Islamic State Lists Exactly Which American and European Landmarks It Plans to Blow Up 16 March 2015
By Sharona Schwartz

An Islamic State group spokesman says the jihadist group aims to "blow up” the White House, Big Ben and the Eiffel Tower on its way to conquering Paris, Rome, Portugal and


ISIS Spokesman: ‘We Want Paris Before Rome’

Breitbart 16 March 2015
By John Hayward

The latest communique from the Islamic State, alleged to contain the voice of spokesman Abu Mohammad al-Adnani, specifically mentioned attacks on Paris would come before the


Lib Dems BLOCK new law banning hate preachers from universities

Daily Express 16 March 2015
By John Twomey

Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg was said to have personally vetoed the plan during private talks with David Cameron. Radical preachers are feared to have targeted student


ISIS Muslim child executioner: French schoolchildren in shock after recognizing classmate

Atlas Shrugs 16 March 2015
By Pamela Geller

His French schoolmates are in shock. Not for long. They had better get used to it. They ain’t seen nothing yet. This little "lone jihadi” was the son of another "lone


Dutch Intelligence Service: 180 Dutch Jihadis in Syria

Recent figures obtained from the Dutch intelligence service, AIVD, show that at least 180 Dutchmen have left for Syria. The prosecution has started investigating 92 suspected


School teachers facing probe for ‘insulting president’ during protest

Today's Zaman 16 March 2015

Some 29 people, including school teachers and officials of an education personnel union, are facing investigation on charges of insulting President Recep Tayyip Erdogan with


Abusiveness, arrogance, incivility dominate Erdogan’s rhetoric

Today's Zaman 16 March 2015

A look at the nearly 13-year political leadership of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan -- who served as prime minister until his election to the top post last August --


Muslim Brotherhood: Government report concludes they should not be classified as a terrorist organisation

The Independent 16 March 2015
By Nigel Morris and Ian Johnston

David Cameron is braced for a diplomatic row with Saudi Arabia and Egypt when the Government today publishes a long-awaited review into the Muslim Brotherhood which is set


NHS Doctor Turned Taliban Fighter Killed By Pakistani Intelligence

Breitbart 16 March 2015
By Donna Rachel Edmunds

A former NHS doctor turned extremist fighter has been killed in Afghanistan alongside three other jihadists by Pakistani intelligence officers working under cover. The


ISIS Terrorists: The US Creates them, Turkey Trains them, Qatar Finances them

Global Research 16 March 2015
By Dr. Mohamed Elmasry

We used to believe it is a crime to organize, support and give political cover to terrorist organizations. Things have changed. "If the (American) Joint Chiefs are liable to


MPs criticise 'chasm' between FGM prosecutions and reports

BBC 16 March 2015

MPs have criticised the "chasm" between the number of reported cases of female genital mutilation (FGM) in the UK and the number of prosecutions. The UK has a "lamentable"


Why Christian Massacres Get Too Little News Coverage

Citizen Warrior 16 March 2015

I don't read or watch mainstream news very often, but I'm always curious about which stories are being covered. So a few days ago I asked a friend of mine (I know he watches


Video: Denmark: Imam preaches that interfaith dialog a "malignant idea”

Creeping Sharia 16 March 2015

Hajj Saeed, Imam of the Al-Faruq Mosque in Copenhagen, Denmark, rejected interfaith dialogue in a Friday sermon delivered on February 13, one day before the Copenhagen terror


French police go on trial 10 years after fierce riots

The Local 16 March 2015

Nearly a decade after three weeks of nightly rioting raged across disaffected French housing projects, two police officers go on trial on Monday over the deaths of two youths


Brussels Conference on Islamic Ethics Opens 16 March 2015
By Tarek M. T. Ezzat

BRUSSELS - The third Annual International Conference on Islam and Contemporary Ethical Dilemmas was inaugurated in the Belgium capital, Brussels, on Saturday, March 14,


Belgium to separate prisoners who may radicalize others

i24news 16 March 2015

'Prisons are a massive incubator for (Islamist) radicalization,' EU anti-terror chief warns Belgian authorities said Saturday they plan to separate prisoners deemed at risk


Bosnia arrests five for planning 'terrorist act' in Scandinavia

Four Bosnians and a Swede of Arab origin were arrested in Bosnia after being found with an explosive device to be used for "a terrorist act" in a Scandinavian country, police


Designer vaginas: Under 18s should be banned from having the surgery, MPs say

The Independent 16 March 2015
By Cahal Milmo

A blanket ban should be introduced on so-called designer vagina surgery on under-18s to meet concerns that the law which prohibits female genital mutilation is ambiguous


Libertarians: "Terrorism Poses No Existential Threat to America”

The Objective Standard 16 March 2015
By Craig Biddle

In an article posted on the website of the Cato Institute, John Mueller (a senior fellow at Cato) and Mark G. Stewart (a professor at the University of Newcastle) claim that


Obama’s Counterterrorism Messaging Promotes Islamic Takeover of UK

FrontPage Magazine 16 March 2015
By Daniel Greenfield

Under its new boss Rashad Hussein, Obama’s Counterterrorism Communications, mainly consisting of its Think Again Turn Away Twitter account has gotten really, really bad.

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