British Future Report Says 25% of British Adults Want All Immigrants Repatriated

Liberty GB 11 December 2014
By Robert Henderson

The think-tank British Future has recently published the report How to talk about immigration based on research conducted by ICM, Ipsos MORI and YouGov.


Malala, Satyarthi accept Nobel Peace Prize

KPRC - Houston 10 December 2014
By Greg Botelho CNN

To thunderous and sustained applause, Pakistan's Malala Yousafzai and India's Kailash Satyarthi received the Nobel Peace Prize on Wednesday, an award that a Nobel official said


Promoting Girls’ Education Isn’t Enough: Malala Can Do More

thedailybeast. 10 December 2014

Spreading a one-size-fits-all model for girls' education could backfire. The Taliban asked for Malala by name, and then they shot her. Time was suspended as the world


"Swedes do not deserve to have it better than refugees” Claims Woman Who Says It’s Racist To Deport Rapists

blazingcatfur 10 December 2014

A Nation Commits Suicide Before Our Very Eyes NB – Google Translate Lisa Magnusson : "The Swedes have managed to carve out a more tolerable life than people in the Third


"Swedes do not deserve to have it better than refugees” Claims Woman Who Says It’s Racist To Deport Rapists

blazingcatfur 10 December 2014

A Nation Commits Suicide Before Our Very Eyes NB – Google Translate Lisa Magnusson : "The Swedes have managed to carve out a more tolerable life than people in the Third


ISIS Mass Beheading Video Took 6 Hours to Film and Multiple Takes

TIME 10 December 2014
By Naina Bajekal

Jihadi group has access to expensive equipment and professional film makers The Islamic State of Iraq and Greater Syria’s (ISIS) video of the beheading of 22 Syrian soldiers


Muslim World ‘Outraged’ With UK Court Decision

Sputnik 10 December 2014
By Juliet Spare

A leading counter terrorism expert told Sputnik UK in an exclusive interview that the 12 year jail sentence handed to a man in Britain whose mother informed police after he


Lord Mayor leaves Islamic charity lunch after his lady consort told she had to sit downstairs

Skeptical Science 10 December 2014
By Dave Gamble

Sometimes I never cease to be amazed at the weird behaviour of some religious people. So the story is that Labour councillor John Thomas (pictured), 70, the Lord Mayor of


Austria: Muslims ‘worried’ as Austrian government demand changes to the Quran

sheikyermami. 10 December 2014

Muslims ‘worried’ as Austrian government demand changes to the Quran This is an excellent idea. If it flies, it will be the end of Islam in Austria. The Koran will be left


Islamized Sweden: Police fire bombed in ambush in Muslim ghetto , "youths” attack police station 10 December 2014

Interesting raw video with English subtitles from the attack here. Translated from JP: "Saturday night Swedish police were in the defensive when a group of 20 to 30 young


Mass polygamy in UK Muslim community – claim 10 December 2014
By John Bingham

Polygamy is being practised on an "enormous” scale within the British Muslim community without any official attempt to stop it, it has been claimed. A new study of the


European Protests Call For Rejection of Militant Islam and Peace With Russia

Breitbart 10 December 2014
By Oliver Lane

Thousands of citizens have taken to the streets of Germany and Denmark over the past couple of days to protest the 'Islamisation' of Europe, to oppose Sharia law, and to call


MP proposes ethics classes replace religious instruction in Finnish schools

YLE News 10 December 2014

Chair of the parliamentary committee on constitutional law MP Johannes Koskinen says Finland should consider changing religious instruction in schools to more closely resemble


France’s National Front sacks Muslim convert councillor

FRANCE 24 10 December 2014

A local councillor for France’s far-right National Front (FN), who made headlines earlier this year after converting to Islam, has been sacked, the party said Tuesday.


Islam: Built on the Blood of 'Christian' Martyrs

Christian Post 10 December 2014
By Raymond Ibrahim

In a recent interview on CBN News, Andrew White, an Anglican priest known as the "Vicar of Baghdad," tried to recount the horrific atrocities Christians in Iraq are suffering


Polish court overturns ban on kosher slaughter

i24news 10 December 2014

Jewish leaders said the ban violated their constitutionally guaranteed religious freedom Poland's constitutional court on Wednesday has overturned a recent ban on Jewish


Poll: 80% of "Palestinians” support jihad terror attacks on Israeli civilians

Jihad Watch 10 December 2014

hey’re approving of hit-and-run attacks on Israeli civilians, and of stabbing whole families to death in the homes in the middle of the night. They’re glorifying and


I'd welcome Turkey into the EU, says PM: Cameron says it remains 'long-standing goal' for country to join despite his drive to r

Daily Mail 10 December 2014
By Tamara Cohen

David Cameron wants Turkey to join the European Union, despite his drive to reduce net migration to tens of thousands. The Prime Minister said yesterday that it remained a


Palestinian "witnesses" do what they do best - lie. The media plays its part. (update)

the elder of ziyon - 10 December 2014

Check out Ma'an's report of the incident in Turmsayya this morning: The head of the Palestinian Authority committee against the separation wall and settlements died


Hindu girl student set on fire for resisting 'Love Jihad' in TMC's Bengal

Bengal Spotlight 10 December 2014

Neha Choudhury (18 yrs) a girl student of 10+2 Standard, a Hindu Victim of Love Jihad. Jilted Mohammad Imtiaz, (26 yrs), a daily labour and habitual offender attacked Neha


Colombia: FARC using al-Qaeda for European drug trade

Fausta's Blog 10 December 2014

The EFE article (in Spanish, my translation) FARC Using al-Qaeda Networks to Bring in Cocaine in Sahel The FARC attempt to bring cocaine into Europe through the Sahel


CNN Report: Raqqa, Syria: ISLAMIC STATE Thugs Top – Civilians Flop

Vlad Tepes 10 December 2014

It is highly predictable that a thug state based on piracy will fail. Howsoever long that people are willing to submit to extortion though, the state can grow and even thrive.


Israeli Police: Palestinian Man Attempted to Kill President Obama By Recruiting anti-Muslim Texan

Shalom Life 10 December 2014
By Daniel Koren

Israeli police indicted a Texas-born American living illegally in Israel Tuesday, after they discovered he was planning on staging attacks on holy Muslim sites. The Texan,


Australia should engage with returning jihadists, says expert on terrorism

Sydney Morning Herald 10 December 2014
By Rachel Olding

Returning jihadists should be utilised in marketing campaigns and as motivational speakers for vulnerable Australian Muslims rather than being punished and locked up, according to a


ISIS Releases Chilling Checklist of How to Treat Thousands of Kidnapped 'Yazidi' Sex Slaves

International Business Times, India Edition 10 December 2014
By Johnlee Varghese

The Islamic State (ISIS) has released a chilling list of dos and don'ts instructing its followers on how to treat the thousands of Yazidi sex slaves held in the terror group's prison-brothels.

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