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Islamophobia is a Myth

Under the bottom line: It's the Muslims who suffer from Islamophobia!

We just have to understand that Muslims are afraid of Islam.

Worldwide Muslims are suffering from Islamophobia when it comes to the point where they have to confront themselves with the results of the Islamic Ideology in their own personal responsibility.  
(pathologic or irrational fears/aversions caused by the Ideology of Islam)

Offender - Victim Permutation

Usage of the term Islamophobia is a sign of fear having to answer questions about the sad facts of Islamic actions.

Holger Danske

Video: Pat Condell “We Want A Clear Categorical Rejection of the Islamic Doctrine of Armed Jihad”

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Dr. Andrew Bostom speaks on Capitol Hill about his new book, Sharia Versus Freedom: The Legacy of Islamic Totalitarianism.

Sam Solomon: ex-Muslim and former professor of Sharia law Revealing The Truth About islam

Video: Why We Are Afraid, A 1400 Year Secret By Dr Bill Warner

The history of Islam in Europe and how it effects us to this day. This is a history based on numbers and facts that you may not see anywhere else and explains why we may be afraid to see Islam for what it is based on its own doctrine and practice. Dr. Bill Warner lays out the history of Islam, from fact, not propaganda, nor political spin, nor ideological bent – just the facts.

The English transcript is available here / Subtitled versions : English / Hungarian / Spanish / French / Polish / Swedish / German / Portuguese /

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Biography of Bill Warner

Great thinkers of the world and their warnings about Islamic violence

Are you an Islamophobe? Here is a simple test.
Lorna Saltzman’s Test

    Do you favor equal rights and treatment of women and men?

    Do you oppose stoning of women accused of adultery?

    Do you favor mandatory education of girls everywhere?

    Do you oppose slavery and child prostitution?

    Do you support complete freedom of expression and the press?

    Do you support the right of an individual to worship in her chosen religion?

    Do you oppose government- and mosque-supported anti-Semitic publications, radio, TV and textbooks?

    Do you oppose the wearing of burqas in public places, schools and courts?

    Do you oppose segregation of the sexes in public places and houses of worship?

    Do you oppose the death penalty for non-Muslims and Muslims who convert to another religion?

    Do you oppose “honor” killings?

    Do you oppose female genital mutilation?

    Do you oppose forced sexual relations?

    Do you oppose discrimination against homosexuals?

    Do you support the right to criticize religion?

    Do you oppose polygamy?

    Do you oppose child marriage, forced or otherwise?

    Do you oppose the quranic mandate to kill non-Muslims and apostates?

    Do you oppose the addition of sharia courts to your country’s legal system?

    Do you disagree with the quran which asserts the superiority of Islam to all other religions?

If you answered most or all of these affirmatively, you are a vile Islamophobe and deserve to be beheaded as the quran instructs.

If you answered one third or more of them affirmatively, you are a borderline Islamophobe and need to receive brainwashing to become a full-fledged dhimmi.

If you answered a quarter or fewer affirmatively, you need a few private lessons in dhimmitude to scrub yourself clean of those remnants of Islamophobia.

If you answered affirmatively to NONE of these, Congratulations! You are a worthy observant (radical–PC addition) Muslim and have a bright future vilifying Jews, torturing women or, inshallah, becoming a suicide bomber.”

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What Educated Non-Muslims Don't Like About Islam in a Nutshell

The History of Political Correctness

Distinction Between Criticism of Islam and Xenophobia is Necessary

Criticism of religion is not blasphemy

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Islamic Law vs Human Rights

Universal Human Rights and "Human Rights in Islam"

Universal Declaration of Human Rights

Cairo Declaration on Human Rights in Islam - Diverges from the Universal Declaration of Human Rights in key respects

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The Legacy of Islamic Antisemitism

1948, Israel, and the Palestinians - The True Story

The Illegal-Settlements Myth

The Hamas Charter - The Covenant of the Hamas 1988

Turkey's Erdogan: "The Minarets Are Our Swords"

Human Rights Council refuses to address the abuse of women in Muslim countries under Sharia

No to Islamic Law

What exactly "Reforming Islam" means remains open

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Petition for defence of individual rights at the UN Human Rights Council

Islam and Democracy: The theory - and the practice...

ALGERIA: Political killings, Censorship, Harassment & Intimidation
BAHRAIN: Executions, Abuses of detainees & Censorship

EGYPT: Censorship, Limited Judicial Independence & Police Tortures
IRAN: Torture, Repressed Minorities, Discriminated Women, Unfair Trials, Censorship & Executions

LYBIA: Censorship, Killings of Demonstrators & Prisoners
MOROCCO: Discriminated Women, Abused Prisoners, Migrants & Refugees

OMAN: Discriminated Migrants, Abused Woman & Domestic Workers, Trafficking in Human Beings
IRAQ: Violence against women, Thousands of killed Civilians & Executions

KUWAIT: Torture, Abuse of Migrant Workers & Executions
QUATAR: Violence against Women, Human Trafficking, Torture & ill-Treatment

TUNISIA: Censorship, Limited Judicial Independence, Torture & ill-Treatment
SAUDI ARABIA: Violence against Women, Migrant worker Abuse, Torture, Unfair Trials, Censorship & Executions

SYRIA: Censorship, Torture, Arbitrary Detention, Discrimination of Woman & Minorities
UNITED ARAB EMIRATES: Stoning, Flogging, Death Penalties & Cruel Judicial Punishments

YEMEN: Executions, Censorship, Political Prisoners & Unfair Trials
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