Belarus jails Prophet Mohammad cartoon publisher

Reuters January 18 2008

BELARUS - Belarus jailed on Friday for three years an editor of an independent newspaper who reproduced cartoons of the Prophet Mohammad which first appeared in Denmark in 2005 and caused mass demonstrations across the Muslim world.

The 12 cartoons portraying the founder of Islam, including one showing Prophet Mohammad with a bomb in his turban, outraged Muslims who saw them as blasphemous. More than 50 people died in protests across the world the following year.

Belarussian authorities shut down the "Zgoda" (Consensus) paper in March 2006, around the time when other European journals began reprinting the cartoons. The security service, still known by its Soviet-era name, the KGB, began an investigation after Muslims in the ex-Soviet state complained.

Editor Alexander Sdvizhkov was sentenced to three years in jail in a closed session of the court for incitement of religious and national hatred.

"May God and the holy cross be with us," Sdvizhkov said afterwards. His lawyer said she would appeal.

Muslims constitute about two or three percent of the 10 million residents of the country wedged between Russia and three members of the European Union. The Muslim community had called for (...)



Culturism   01/19/2008 - 05:51

Cultural Respect

Culturism teaches that majority cultures have a right to define, protect and promote themselves. In America, when the 10 commandments must be removed because one individual might be offended it is the same thing. Individual rights trumping cultural rights. The Western notion of individualism can only survive with a sense of culturism.

Yes a Muslim might be offended by a cartoon. But free speech is a core Western value. That majority cultural attribute deserves respect and special protection. 2 - 3 % of the population automatically overrule the ability to define, protect and promote Western Civ?!?@!?#?! Their values aren't the majority values. We need to be culturist.