Light manifestation

Set My People Free To Worship Me 14 November 2012
Kamal Fahmi

On the 7th of November 2012 Set My People Free joined with the Swedish Evangelical Alliance, Open Doors, Light of the East and St Klara Church and a number of churches in Stockholm in a Manifestation. Set My People Free got the permission for the Manifestation from the police focusing on the persecution of Christians in countries that violate the UN Convention on human rights and freedom of religion, freedom of expression and freedom of conversion.

Around 300 joined the Manifestation. More than half of them were converts from Islam to Christianity, mostly from Iran and Afghanistan. With great emphasis on
the application of article 18 of the UN Universal Declaration on Human rights especially in the speeches in Sergels torg.

The day started by an event hosted in the Parliament by the parliamentarian Annelie Enochsson on Religious freedom and persecution of Christians. The following people participated in the Panel, Katherine Cash, Thomas Schirrmacher, Soheila Fors, Nasrin Sjögren, Gabriel Donner, Katarina Tracz. The report by the UN
Special Rapporteur on freedom of religion or belief Heiner Bielefeldt was handed out during that session. Read...

This was followed by the Light Manifestation, in which the participants carried banners saying: Give Muslims freedom to covert! Stop apostasy law!
Apply article 18 of the UN declaration of Human rights!
Stop torture!
Stop anti-conversion law!
Participants also carried photos of Muslim converts who are in prison or being persecuted for their faith in Christ or for their freedom of thought and conscience. Even pictures of some who were executed for apostasy or blasphemy laws.

The Manifestation was followed by a public meeting in Sergels torg. MC:ed by a former TV journalist, Siewert Oholm, where Annelie Enochson, Kamal Fahmi and
Roksan Parsan gave speeches. Kamal's speech: "We are here to remember the victims if Islam Apostasy and Blasphemy laws. We are here to see a change in their situation. We are here that they may have freedom. We are here that they may have equal rights... Read more

The day ended by a church service hosted by St:a Klara Church with the emphasis on Religious freedom. Keynote speakers were Fuad Rasho, Thomas Schirrmacher, Annahita Parsan and Stefan Attefall led by Wilgot Fritzon. The service ended by a time of prayer led by Nils LIdskog. See photos

Kamal Fahmi