Politically Correct Report into Group Sex Abuse of Children Minimises the Muslim Factor

Islam versus Europe 22 November 2012

This is truly shocking. The scandal arose in the first place because Muslim rapists were not being prosecuted by the authorities because of fears of being accused of, or stirring up, racism.

Now the report says the exact opposite: that Muslims are being disproportionately targeted for prosecution because of media pressure. Shameful.

The children’s watchdog has been asked to give evidence to MPs about her report on organised child sex abuse that has become mired in controversy for playing down the role of Asian gangs.

Keith Vaz, MP, chairman of the Home Affairs Committee, said that the police response to sex gangs was still inadequate and that vulnerable young people were being let down.

"The Home Affairs Committee will continue its inquiry into this important issue, and we have called [Sue] Berelowitz before us to tell us what more can be done to tackle it,” Mr Vaz said this morning. (continue reading...)