Video "We Have Always Been Aware That This is a Dangerous Project” 8 February 2013

The following interview with Ingrid Carlqvist of Dispatch International was a broadcast by Danish TV Avisen yesterday, the day after a would-be assassin attempted to kill Lars Hedegaard.

Many thanks to Henrik Ræder Clausen for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


00:00 The latest news about the motive for the assault on Lars Hedegaard.
00:13 This woman is the close colleague and confidante of Lars Hedegaard.
00:17 She was the first he spoke to
00:19 after the attempted murder to which he was subject yesterday.
00:22 On this evening, she stays at a secret location in Sweden.
00:25 But she tells us that she has a clear idea
00:28 about the reason someone would want to kill Lars Hedegaard.
00:32 We are not exactly stupid, neither Lars nor myself,
00:34 and have been aware all along that this is a dangerous project.
00:41 Good evening. The assassination attempt against the journalist and
00:43 author Lars Hedegaard led us today to Sweden.
00:46 Here Lars Hedegaard, in cooperation with the Swedish woman,
00:49 publishes a new and very Islam-critical newspaper.
00:52 It is this newspaper; this issue will be out tomorrow.
00:55 And that might well be the background for the murder attempt.
01:00 At a secret location in Sweden sits the editor and
01:03 chairman of the Swedish Free Press Society, Ingrid Carlqvist.
01:07 She got a phone call yesterday from the Danish chairman and debater Lars Hedegaard,
01:11 after a man disguised as a postman had attempted
01:14 to gun him down at his home in Frederiksberg, Copenhagen.
01:17 I was completely shocked.
01:19 One thinks ‘This has to be a joke’, but this is not the stuff for joking.
01:24 I asked him what had happened, and he told me the complete story.
01:28 This evening Danish police searched the home of Lars Hedegaard,
01:32 where during the day they had looked for clues from the perpetrator.
01:35 Danish police have not yet been able to identify the gunman.
01:38 We have some pictures of a man running,
01:40 but nothing we can really use for much.
01:43 We can merely see a dark-haired man wearing a red coat.
01:46 The two closely cooperating partners Ingrid Carlqvist and Lars Hedegaard
01:50 were to finish up yesterday with the editing the latest issue of
01:52 their brand-new newspaper ‘Dispatch International’,
01:55 but Hedegaard obviously had to cancel.
01:58 We have always been aware that this is a dangerous project,
02:02 but it is important, which is why we do it.
02:05 The new newspaper is strongly right-wing,
02:07 and critical about immigration as well.
02:10 Ingrid Carlqvist is convinced that their new newspaper,
02:13 rather than earlier statements by Lars Hedegaard
02:16 in his role as chairman of the Danish Free Press Society,
02:18 is the reason for the assassination attempt.
02:20 What’s new is that the newspaper is now published on a weekly basis,
02:26 filled with revealing, investigative articles about Islam and Islamization.
02:33 The first issue of Dispatch International was published on January 3rd,
02:36 and the internet edition has suffered several hacker attacks.
02:39 The vice-chairman of the Danish Free Press Society,
02:42 Katrine Winkel-Holm, a close friend of Lars Hedegaard,
02:45 also believes that the newspaper can be the cause for the assassination attempt.
02:49 The fact that Lars Hedegaard continues his criticism of Islam,
02:52 loudly, systematically and to great effect in Sweden,
02:55 may be the reason for the attack we have witnessed.
02:59 Lars Hedegaard has penned several editorials in the newspaper,
03:02 and there are indications that Lars Hedegaard thought
03:05 that his words could be provocative.
03:07 In an editorial in the trial issue he wrote:
03:10 ‘In this newspaper we will tell the truth – come what may.’
03:15 And Lars Hedegaard held fast to that,
03:17 when after the shooting he said this to the news:
03:21 I shall continue to write and speak the truth as I see it,
03:24 and will not allow myself to be intimidated into silence.
03:28 For Ingrid Carlqvist, the attempted murder has personal consequences.
03:33 I was not permitted to stay at home last night; I had to go to a hotel.
03:37 For the coming week, at least, I will be staying somewhere else.
03:43 Claus Buhr, you are standing at the home of Lars Hedegaard,
03:46 where the Danish police were at work earlier this evening.
03:49 Is this Swedish connection a trail taken seriously by the police?
03:55 This is one theory taken into consideration by the large investigative team.
04:00 It is one of several theories, but certainly one of the most plausible.
04:07 But it is important to keep in mind that
04:09 other options do exist, and according to my information,
04:11 the police are also working with other theories.
04:15 This remains a good theory, but one among several.
04:17 Do we know where Lars Hedegaard will be staying tonight?
04:20 I assume that he, just as his colleague from Sweden,
04:23 would be under some form of protection?
04:27 That is true, and he certainly is not here at his home.
04:31 He is at a secure location, a so-called ‘safe house’,
04:34 where he is protected by the Danish police.
04:37 According to the Swedish editor with whom I spoke earlier today,
04:40 he no longer has direct access to his mobile phone or his computer,
04:45 that means that contact to him is somewhat complicated.
04:48 But she says that when she has been in touch with him,
04:51 he appears to be in good spirits, she even told me
04:53 it appears that the shock he should have suffered yesterday
04:56 has not quite materialized in him yet.
04:59 Our home page has extensive coverage of the case.
05:01 It can be found, as usual, at
05:03 Portrait: Lars Hedegaard is a fighter.

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