Swiss authorities 'shut down jihadist website'

The Local / Switzerland 13 November 2014

A website considered by terrorism experts to be one of the major francophone platforms for recruiting jihadists was recently closed by Swiss authorities, French-language


Teaching Islam without Is Like Storing Draino in a Sugar Bowl

islam-watch 13 November 2014
By Louis Palme

Parents across the nation are discovering that their children’s classes about Islam are infused with dangerous religious dogma. Specifically, students are being told that "the


Hamas got rich as Gaza was plunged into poverty

IsraelBehindTheNews 13 November 2014

While the fighting is only expected to worsen the distress of the residents of Gaza, the Strip’s economic outlook for the Strip was never good. The unemployment rate in Gaza


World Cup 2022: Confusion Surrounds Blatter Comments on Qatar

SPIEGEL 13 November 2014

Sources allege that FIFA President Joseph Blatter, at a dinner in Oslo, questioned whether Qatar would ultimately host the 2022 World Cup as planned. But did he?


Poll: Arab opinion strongly negative on Islamic State

The Christian Science Monitor 13 November 2014
By Howard LaFranchi

More than 8 in 10 participants in a rare poll conducted in seven Arab countries and among Syrian refugees say they have a negative view of IS, but only 6 in 10 support the


No need for Muslim primary teachers to wear full-face veil – Islamic scholar 13 November 2014
By John Bingham

Muslim primary school teachers should not be encouraged to wear the full-face veil in class, one of Britain's leading Islamic scholars has insisted. Dr Sheikh Hojjat Ramzy


Terror suspect Abu Rumaysah leaves UK despite ban

BBC News 13 November 2014

A terrorism suspect has skipped bail and is thought to be in Syria, despite being banned him from leaving the UK. BBC London has learnt that Siddhartha Dhar, a convert to


White widow terror mum 'shot dead'

Samantha Lewthwaite, a "bright and popular" British schoolgirl who went on to become one of the world’s most wanted terror suspects, has reportedly been shot dead by a Russian


ISIS Beheading Videos: German Rapper Cuspert Disclosed As The Kingpin While German Police Continue The Raid

International Business Times AU 13 November 2014
By Kalyan Kumar

An erstwhile German rap artist, Denis Cuspert, who had lucrative contacts with many music companies, is said to be the kingpin behind all the dreaded ISIS videos that showed


Love Jihad, Rape and Teen Sex: A Complicated Trio

The Huffington Post 13 November 2014
By Shahnaz Taplin-Chinoy

Read a heart rending story about vicious sex trafficking by Pakistani taxi drivers in Britain and many readers blame "primitive" religion -- in this case Islam. Watching Hindu


Anjem Choudary supporter and media darling Abu Rumaysah 'leaves Britain for Syria' – after police order him to hand in passport

The Independent 13 November 2014
By Adam Withnall

He has been described as one of Isis’s greatest assets in the UK, making TV appearances on the BBC, Channel 4 and international networks as a British Muslim who recognised


Backlash Against Anti-Homophobic Bullying Lessons in Primary School as Angry Parents Storm Meeting

Breitbart 13 November 2014
By Donna Rachel Edmunds

Police had to be called to a parents’ meeting in a Birmingham primary school after angry parents confronted the head teacher about a program designed to tackle homophobic


Taxi driver 'abducted drunk schoolteacher and delivered her to uncle and nephew to rape her on park bench'

Daily Mirror 13 November 2014
By Luke Traynor

A taxi driver, his uncle and nephew are accused of raping a drunk schoolteacher on a park bench after abducting her in his cab, a court heard. The unconscious woman is


Islamic State teen jihadi: "This is jihad that all of us must do”

Jihad Watch 13 November 2014

His father told him that the Islamic State was wrong, but how did he get the idea that they were right in the first place? Why was whatever training he had in Islam before he


Hamas' Qassam Brigades brag that their first murder was of a rabbi

the elder of ziyon - 13 November 2014

Hamas' Felesteen newspaper has a photo essay of their new "popular army" that is being trained by the Al Qassam Brigades. Some of the members are graduates of the high


Why Abbas Will Not Condemn Terror Attacks

Gatestone Institute 13 November 2014
By Khaled Abu Toameh

Secretary of State Kerry's "peace process" actually put Israelis and Palestinians on a new collision course. Not a single Palestinian Authority official has


U.S. Servicemen Attacked by Turkish Nationalists in Istanbul

youtube 13 November 2014

This video-clip shows footage of several U.S. servicemen being attacked by a group of Turkish nationalists in Istanbul on November 12, 2014. The group, chanting Yankees, go


Qaradawi Calls For Violence Over Al-Aqsa Conflict

Global Muslim Brotherhood leader Youssef Qaradawi appears to have called for violence in connection with the recent tension over the Al-Aqsa Mosque. In a sermon translated by


National Cathedral to Host First Muslim Prayer

NBC 13 November 2014

Washington National Cathedral is hosting a Muslim prayer service for the first time on Friday. Planners say they hope Friday's service at the historic cathedral


How Islamic State commanders milk their hostages for every penny

The Spectator 13 November 2014
By Paul Wood

It was Abouday’s heavy metal T-shirt that started the trouble. Two jihadis at a checkpoint said the fire-breathing dragon showed he was a devil worshipper. In fact, he


School Board Removes Names of Holidays to Appease Muslims; Muslims Still Angry (Predictably) 13 November 2014
By Debbie Schlussel

You’ve heard of "marriage equality.” Now meet the "Eid equality” movement. It’s a nice name for the extremism that pervades Islam in America (and everywhere else) and demands


Muslim convert in NYPD ax attack scoured Web for terror inspiration

New York Post 13 November 2014
By Shawn Cohen

The Muslim convert who hacked two cops with a hatchet obsessively scoured the Web for information on terror attacks in the month leading to his rampage


Barbaric execution of Christians in Pakistan lead to protests and call to prayer

ChristianToday 13 November 2014
By Carey Lodge

The brutal killing of a Pakistani Christian couple earlier this month has prompted leaders to begin a protest outside 10 Downing Street.


Pizza shop worker accused of funding terror 'no threat,' court hears

The Age 13 November 2014
By Mark Russell

A Melbourne man accused of sending money overseas to fund terrorist organisations worked in his family's pizza shop and was no threat or danger


Pakistan’s Blasphemy Impasse

Wall Street Journal 13 November 2014
By Sadanand Dhume

Pakistan can’t solve its blasphemy law problem without finding a way to talk about blasphemy itself. Even for a nation inured to brutality

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