US officials thank Australia for helping kill 6000 Islamic State fighters including half its commanders 23 January 2015
By Charles Miranda

IN TOWNS, desert camps and cyber space, Islamic State will be wiped-out, a core coalition of nations vowed yesterday as they revealed half the terror group’s top command have


Female Genital Mutilation a Growing Problem in Iran

The Weekly Standard 23 January 2015

The hideous practice of female genital mutilation (FGM) is neither an exclusively Muslim nor a principally Middle Eastern phenomenon. It exists among non-Muslims through wide


Fact #1: Jews have been living in Israel continuously for over 3,000 years

10 Facts About the Arab-Israeli Conflict 22 January 2015
By Charles Krauthammer

The Jewish people have maintained a well-documented, unbroken presence in Israel for well over 3,000 years, beginning in the 2nd millennium B.C.E., continuing under a long


The Religion of Peace – Belligerent Reality

American Center for Democracy 22 January 2015
By Rachel Ehrenfeld

"Sunni and Shiite believers of the fictional "religion of peace” could not have chosen a better time to expand their jihad against the infidels. The misleading portrait of the


Denmark's "Open Door" and its Limitless Beneficiaries

Gatestone Institute 22 January 2015
By Ingrid Carlqvist and Lars Hedegaard

As Amir Taheri said: If you want to integrate newcomers, you have to get rid of people who make a living out of integrating them. Whether or not the majority if


Bill Warner "The Muslim as Dhimmi"

Center for the Study of Political Islam 22 January 2015
By Bill Warner

I would like to speak with you today about the Muslim as a Dhimmi. (Dhimmis are Christians, Jews and other non-Muslims (defined by Muslims as Kafirs) living in Islamic


'It's not Islam!' they say -- but it is

American Thinker 22 January 2015
By Barry Shaw

French President Hollande said the murderous Paris terror attacks were "an insult to Islam.” His prime minister, Manuel Valls, said, "We are at war with terrorism and


UK: Islamic child-sex grooming up by 32% in a year and spread to every town and city

muslim statistics 22 January 2015

The number of child sex grooming cases uncovered by police has soared by a third in just a year, ministers have admitted amid warnings abuse is happening in every town in the


Lack of Integration of Europe's Muslims Is Great Danger: Obama

the Clarion Project 22 January 2015
By Ryan Mauro

President Obama is right, but he missed a critical element that almost every country has acknowledged except America: The Islamist ideology


Some clips from the press conference in lieu of the march that the government of Paris shut down

Vlad Tepes 22 January 2015
By Eeyore

An anti-terorist rally had been planned for Paris on Jan. 18 2015 after the Charlie Hebdo slaughter. The paris police chief, Boucault, saw fit to ban the march on Jan. 16


Jihad in Belgium: Gunfire, Deaths In Anti-Terror Raid 22 January 2015

Remember, the weapons used in the Paris jihad attacks were acquired in Belgium. The jihadists were French- born Muslims, their imam was American, they got their paramilitary


Video: Are there ‘no-go zones’ in France or not?

ezralevant 22 January 2015
By Ezra Levant

Does France really have "no-go zones”? Fox News has come under fire for reporting on these alleged zones. In this special edition of The Source, Ezra digs in to a collection of videos to expose the truth.


Pakistani Firm Slams Czech Rugby For 'Desecrating Allah'

Although it's a country with a small and dedicated playing community, rugby is not a sport that regularly makes the headlines in the Czech Republic. Now, however, the


Suppose Islam Had a Holocaust and No One Noticed

the Sultan Knish blog 22 January 2015
By Daniel Greenfield

While Western newspapers were debating whether or not to reprint the Mohammed cartoons, in Nigeria as many as 2,000 people were massacred by the Islamic State in Nigeria, also


Ex-MI6 Boss Warns West Not To Insult Islam

Sky News 22 January 2015
By Alistair Bunkall

Those who insult Islam should expect to be attacked, suggests ex-MI6 boss as he agrees with the Pope's Charlie Hebdo comments.


Pegida leader's Hitler Facebook photo emerges

The Local Germany 22 January 2015

New ire has come from the leader of anti-Islam movement Pegida after newspapers revealed on Wednesday that he once posted a picture of himself dressed as Adolf Hitler


Report: Islamic State May Soon Have A Bigger Army Than Britain As Government Considers Cutting Number Of Soldiers To Just 60,000

weaselzippers 22 January 2015

A Whitehall row has erupted after a former defence minister said officials were secretly looking at dramatically cutting the British Army to as few as 60,000 soldiers. Sir


Swiss magazine hacked and needs guards after posting article calling the Quran the "core of the problem” 22 January 2015

When politians and Muslims defend Islam or says that Islamic State has nothing to do with Islam and the Quran, they never back their claims with proofs. That is because there


UK: Hamas-linked Interpal Enjoys Mainstream Support

Gatestone Institute 22 January 2015
By Samuel Westrop

Peter Oborne's claim, that "it is almost impossible not to deal with Hamas... if you're a charity working [in the Gaza Strip]," is demonstrably untrue. First, scores of


Swedish Artist, Critic of Islam, Still Defiant

The Wall Street Journal 22 January 2015
By Anna Molin

STOCKHOLM—Swedish artist Lars Vilks was comparing notes a few months ago with the editor-in-chief of the French satirical newspaper Charlie Hebdo. Both had faced death threats


Muslim-Run 'No-Go' Areas of England, France, and Sweden Are Real, Experts Argue

Gospel Herald 22 January 2015
By Shawn Schuster

When Steve Emerson, the founder of the Investigative Project on Terrorism, was forced to apologize for saying that Birmingham, England is an "all-Muslim" city where non-Muslims


French security forces to get better weapons to fight terror

The Seattle Times 22 January 2015

French security forces will get better weapons and protection to fight terror and the country will hire 2,600 new counter-terrorism officers, the prime minister announced


No No-Go Zones? Really?

FrontPage Mag 22 January 2015
By Robert Spencer

The Leftist media and Islamic supremacist groups have been doing a victory dance ever since Saturday night, when Fox News issued an apology for statements made on the air by


Spain Bans Anti-Islam Demonstrations

Morocco World News 22 January 2015

The autonomous governments of Madrid and Valencia have banned anti-Islam protests in front of two of the largest mosques in the country. A group using the name of German


Muslim Screaming "Allahu Akbar, All You Christians Will Die!" Arrested in Spain

AINA 22 January 2015

Catalonia, Spain -- To screams of "Allahu Akbar!" and "You will all die!"--an unruly and violent young Moroccan man resisted arrest and tried to steal a police officer's

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