Hizbullah trying to stop UNIFIL patrols

Jerusalem Post 5 July 2010

A number of recent clashes between United Nations soldiers in southern Lebanon and local villagers could lead to an escalation along the Israeli-Lebanese border as Hizbullah works to prevent


New York parole board releases cop killer and Muslim jihadist

Examiner 5 July 2010

In January 1973, Shuaib Raheem, aka Earl Robinson, and three others took over John & Al's Sporting Goods store in Williamsburg, Brooklyn in order to steal firearms to wage "a war on injustices


The evil ideology that fuels Hamas: The term 'Islamic fascism' is completely apt

NYDailyNews.com 1 July 2010
By Richard Cohen

It's a pity that Israel, while substantially loosening its grip on Gaza, will continue to enforce a blockade when, with just a little imagination, it could insist on a deal with the activists once


Europe's Long Road to the Mosque

The Wall Street Journal 1 July 2010

Justin Vaisse is not yet a household name but this young man may go far. Of North African background, he has taught at Sciences Po in Paris and been a speechwriter for the French Minister of Defence.


Egyptian veil martyr commemorated in Germany

Expatica 1 July 2010

A plaque commemorating a pregnant headscarved Egyptian woman whose murder in a German court shocked the Muslim world was unveiled Thursday in Dresden, in the east of the country. The memorial


Time for concrete EU action against female genital mutilation

EurActiv 1 July 2010

Female genital mutilation (FGM) continues throughout the world, including across Europe

The EU needs to act and the incoming Belgian Presidency must support the European Commission in developing a strong, comprehensive and rights-based strategy to combat FGM and protect women and girls affected by this practice, writes Dr. Christine Loudes, director of Amnesty International's 'END FGM European Campaign', in an exclusive commentary for EurActiv.


The European June: Riots, Stonings, and Brawls

Islamist Watch Blog 1 July 2010
By David J. Rusin

Islamists' long march through the West involves three interlocking campaigns, each of which can be advanced violently or nonviolently: provoking conflicts with authorities (governments, courts, police, etc.), intimidating the non-Muslim public, and bullying insufficiently radical Muslims. All three facets were on display in Europe over the past month, as tensions enabled by shortsighted policies erupted into physical altercations:


Government offers help after huge rise in men forced into unwanted marriages

This is London 1 July 2010
By Martin Bentham

Ministers today urged greater vigilance about British men being forced into marriage after a surge in reported cases over the past year. The number of contacts with the Government's Forced


Video: "Rape and Molest Israeli Girls" Egyptian Lawyer’s Advice for Arab "Freedom Fighters”

NewsReal Blog 1 July 2010
By David Kaplan

In most Arab nations, women and girls have very little protection from sex crimes. Because Arab men cannot be held accountable in such countries for committing such crimes, an Egyptian lawyer is advising Arabs to rape Israeli girls. No kidding:

Leave [Arab] land so we won’t rape you.


The Potemkin Economy

Gates of Vienna 1 July 2010
By Baron Bodissey

Intuition tells us that the European welfare state is more brittle than EU leaders would have us believe. Severe problems are out in the open in Greece and Spain, but each European country — not to mention the United States, Canada, and Australia — faces the same intractable dilemma: the state has committed itself to providing its citizens with future benefits that it cannot possibly afford without continuing to borrow ever greater quantities of money.

The result is a massive debt overhang whose collapse is inevitable. For the time being most governments can pretend everything is fine, and carry on with business as usual. Eventually, however, the house of cards must come crashing down, and when it arrives the collapse may be breathtakingly swift.


Failed States and Terrorism: Interesting Reading

Counterterrorism Blog 1 July 2010
By Douglas Farah

My favorite magazine edition of the year just came out: Foreign Policy's Failed State Index.. As always it is full of interesting data points that help one understand how and why state's fail. But this year there is also a ranking of the worst leaders in the world.

What is striking, from my perspective, is that only two Latin American leaders are named: Hugo Chávez, weighing at number 17 of the 23 worst listed, and Raúl Castro at number 21. What is also striking is that their three primary allies outside of Latin America are also among the world's worst: Mahmoud Ajmadinejad of Iran at number 8; Basher al-Assad of Syria (recently jointly bashing Israel and calling for an end to the empire, meaning the United States) at number 12; and China's Hu Jintao, busying buying up all the natural resources he can, at number 10.


Islam and the Left - Two Sides of the Same Coin

Canada Free Press 1 July 2010
By Daniel Greenfield

The Islamists and the Leftists have the same goal. Absolute power. Islam like Communism is a means to that end

On the surface of it they seem to have very little in common. The left claims to be progressive, embraces gay bars, abortions, feminism, worker’s rights civil rights, multiculturalism and obscene slogans. The Islamists throw acid in women’s faces, hang gays on every streetcorner and repress minorities and freedom of expression.

This seeming contrast baffles many who demand to know how for example the left can champion Islamic regimes which mandate the death penalty for homosexuality. The answer is very simple. The people asking the question have mistaken the facade for the reality.


UK: First Anniversary Of The Formation Of The English Defence League Celebrated Today

Liberties Alliance 1 July 2010

Visit EDL | English Defence League for additional information

It has been a year since the foundation of the EDL and so much has been achieved is so short a time

  The counter jihad now has a solid presence in England that cannot be ignored.  It seems highly likely that the years to come will be even more fruitful for the EDL as it builds on its achievements.  The following article is from the EDL website:


Man held over library rape

The Local 1 July 2010

A man has been detained on suspicion of raping a seven-year-old girl in a toilet at the municipal library in Södertälje near Stockholm on Tuesday afternoon, according to information on a police


Al-Quaeda launches English-language website and magazine

TG Daily 1 July 2010
By Jean Antonique

It's always helpful when making travel plans to know if anyone's planning to blow you up en route, so we're all very enthusiastic here at TG Daily about Al-Qaeda's plans for an English language


Islamically-correct 'Made in Italy' products

ANSAmed 1 July 2010

ROME - Islamically-correct 'Made in Italy' products that can be exported to Muslim countries and follow Italian gastronomic excellence - including tortelloni and lasagne - but also the most advanced


Video: Ayaan Hirsi Ali on the Middle East

American Thinker 1 July 2010
By Mladen Andrijasevic

A Conversation with Ayaan Hirsi Ali from AJC on Vimeo.

It is truly a pleasure to see clarity spoken by a known public figure about an issue where there has been none. In a few sentences Ayaan Hirsi Ali demonstrated that she knows more about the Middle East than all the pundits put together.


Arson attack against Vilk's art production in Finland

Tundra Tabloid 1 July 2010

Muslim intimidation in Finland. You can bet it was done by the hand of a disgruntled Muslim, who's stilled pissed off by Vilks wonderful drawing of Mohamed as a roundabout dog. Ii, is a tiny Finnish


Pakistan TV Debate on Concubines and Slavery in Islam

Right Side News 1 July 2010
By Memri

Speaking on "Point Blank with Luqman," a television program hosted by Pakistani television presenter Mubasher Luqman, prominent Pakistani clerics said that Islam permits Muslims to keep concubines.


Embarrassment for British security services after convicted Al Qaeda member allowed to appeal

Mail Online 1 July 2010
By Arthur Martin

British security services suffered huge embarrassment today after the first man to be convicted in Britain of directing terrorism won the right to appeal. Rangzieb Ahmed, whose fingernails were


UK Specialist unit reports more male forced marriages

BBC News 1 July 2010

The government unit dealing with forced marriages received 65% more calls about male victims last year than the previous year, figures show. In 2009 it received more than 220 emails and calls to


The two truths that we see from the new Pal/Lebanese rights movement

the elder of ziyon 1 July 2010

Thousands attended a rally in Beirut on Sunday demanding the government giving Lebanese Palestinians their civil rights. The arguments that Lebanese politicians are using to justify their endemic


A Rare Victory for Free Speech at UC Irvine

FrontPage Magazine 1 July 2010
By Sara Dogan

The incident occurred in February when Israeli ambassador Michael Oren spoke at UC Irvine. According to the disciplinary committee’s findings, members of the Muslim Student Union (MSU) disrupted the


Son of hate preacher Abu Hamza jailed for attacking police at London demonstration

Daily Mail 1 July 2010
By Rebecca Camber

The son of hate preacher Abu Hamza has been locked up for attacking police during anti-Israel riots in London. Yasser Kamel, 20, was caught on camera lobbing sticks at police and wielding a stolen


Afghanistan: US lawmakers block $4 bln in aid

Lawmakers in Washington voted to block about 4 billion dollars (3.27 billion euros) in aid to the Afghan government amid accusations that corrupt politicians are stealing the funds, smuggling the

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