Italy: Appeal clears ex-spymaster and former secret agent over Egyptian cleric's abduction

Milan - A Milan appeals court on Wednesday acquitted Italy's former spymaster Nicolo Pollari and former secret agent Marco Mancini over the 2003 kidnapping of an Egyptian cleric by CIA


1000 detained in Moscow to prevent ethnic clashes

Newsday  16 December 2010

MOSCOW — Fearing more clashes between racist hooligans and mostly Muslim ethnic minorities, police detained more than 1,000 people in Moscow and several other Russian cities


Anti-Christian violence continues to cause exodus of Mideast Christians

Catholic Sentinel 16 December 2010

WASHINGTON — Violence continued to feed the flow of Christians leaving the Middle East, with church leaders generally agreeing that only peace would solve the problem. A shocking coda to the


Bosnia: Wartime attacks on Sarajevo market weren't staged claim witnesses

The Hague – A prosecution witness in the trial of wartime Bosnian Serb leader Radovan Karadzic told the United Nations Yugslav war crimes tribunal in the Hague on Wednesday the attacks at


Nazism and Islam: Two peas in a pod

Israel Today 16 December 2010
By Ryan Jones

Nazism and Islam share common values and, more importantly, a common enemy in the Jews, World War II-era Palestinian Arab leader Haj Amin al-Husseini is cited as telling his


Swedish report assesses terrorist threat

CNN International 16 December 2010
By Michael Martinez

Swedish Security Police have identified almost 200 individuals, mostly young males, as Islamic extremists who advocate violence, but there's no indication their number is growing, a new report


Police: Sweden has 200 radical Islamists

The Associated Press 16 December 2010

STOCKHOLM — A report by Sweden's security service says that about 200 people in the country are involved in radical Islamist networks that embrace violence, but they pose only a limited


Head Mufti of Kabardino-Balkaria assassinated

The Voice of Russia 16 December 2010

Russian President Dmitry Medvedev condemned the assassination of the chief Mufti of Kabardino-Balkaria. He called the crime dastardly and said the murderers of the Mufti must be brought to justice (...)


Muslims must do more to root out fanatics, warns security minister 16 December 2010
By James Lyons

TWO white British al-Qaeda members have been killed in a drone attack in Pakistan. The Muslim converts are said to have died alongside two other fighters in a Hellfire missile strike by


Fears of Extremism Widen to Scandinavia

Wall Street Journal  16 December 2010

Sweden's recent suicide bombing underscores a growing reality in the terror world: The threat of attacks is spreading beyond locations traditionally considered targets for Islamic


British PM: We have not done enough to stop Islamic extremism in the UK

Ha'aretz  16 December 2010

Britain admitted lapses in its attempts to tackle Islamist militancy on Wednesday after an attack in Sweden by a U.K.-educated bomber revived old charges the country is overly tolerant of the


British al Qaida members 'killed'

The Press Association 16 December 2010

The Foreign Office is investigating reports that two white British al Qaida members have been killed in a drone attack in Pakistan. The Muslim converts are said to have died in a Hellfire missile strike


Israel is a victim of Turkey's transformation

Ha'aretz 16 December 2010
By Michael Herzog

Let's not fool ourselves. The Turkish firefighting planes did not douse the flames that continue to scorch Turkish-Israeli relations. Even if a formula is found that would satisfy Turkey's demand


Pakistan: Christian girl raped by Muslims fears retribution

EnerPub  16 December 2010

The foetus suffers from a severe form of hydrocephalus; no higher or lower limbs are present. It is destined for certain death due to miscarriage, or, should it come to light, in the first moments


US tried to recruit Bollywood to stop British Muslims being radicalised  16 December 2010
By Dean Nelson

Washington dispatched two senior diplomats to London in October 2007 amid growing concern about the rise of militantcy among Muslim youths in Britain and the number of attacks involving


Worldwide terror: Stockholm bombs show global reach of militant Islam

New York Daily News  16 December 2010
By S.E. Cupp

In the days since wanna-be jihadist Taymour al-Abdaly killed himself trying to set off a bomb in Stockholm, investigators and the media have been scrambling to uncover everything they can


Fundamentalist Islam in Action; Woman Receives “53 Lashes” for Undisclosed Crime (Video)

Yes, But, However! 16 December 2010
By John Romano

Below is video of a woman being lashed publicly in northern Sudan for an undisclosed crime. Someone keeps shouting that she should receive “53 lashes” for whatever she did. The instruments of


A picture of Islamofascism

Telegraph 16 December 2010
By Toby Young

In 1984, George Orwell wrote: “If you want a picture of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face – forever.” We in the West managed to avoid this fate by defeating first Nazi Germany and then Soviet Russia, but fascism is alive and well in the Arab world.


Islamist groups raided in three German cities

The Local 15 December 2010

German authorities on Tuesday mounted raids against two Islamist groups suspected of seeking to overthrow the government and establish a religious state, the Interior Ministry


Stockholm bomber's terrorist group threatens Ikea and Volvo  15 December 2010
By Duncan Gardham and Richard Spencer

Shumukh al-Islam, a web forum connected to al-Qaeda, produced the first photographs of the bomber along with a copy of his will in Arabic, calling him “our brother.” Alongside the will, they


'Nazism, Islam shared values, enemies, above all, the Jews'

Jerusalem Post 15 December 2010

NEW YORK – A newly released report by the US National Archives details the close collaborative relationship between Nazi leaders and the grand mufti of Jerusalem, Haj Amin al-Husseini,


Man Charged in Facebook Threat to Bomb DC Metro

Investigative Project 15 December 2010

Authorities have unsealed a criminal complaint against a Virginia man who threatened to bomb the D.C.-area Metro subway system in postings on Facebook. Awais Younis, also known by his


Jesper Langballe admits defamation after Muslim rape comments

IceNews  15 December 2010

Right-wing Danish MP Jesper Langballe has pleaded guilty to defamation after writing in a newspaper article about rape and honour killings in Muslim families. Langballe of the Danish


Cartoons, threats preceded Sweden bombing

CNN International  15 December 2010
By Paul Cruickshank

The people of Sweden are coming to terms with the first suicide bombing on their soil, an attack which stunned the nation and in the words of the country's foreign minister could have


Islam: France, few chaplains for muslim convicts

ANSAmed 15 December 2010

PARIS - There are only 150 Muslim chaplains in the French prisons, a number that is absolutely insufficient to meet the needs of the people in prison who, even though religious statistics

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