Nigeria: Islamist group roasted Policemen like animals

Afrik-news 29 July 2010

Recent reports released by the Nigerian Police Force claims that 32 of its men were assassinated by members of Boko Haram- an Islamic sect who instigated a religious rebellion against the Nigerian


Hamas bans lingerie displays in Gaza Strip

BBC 29 July 2010

Scantily-clad mannequins and pictures of underwear models are to disappear from clothes shops in the Gaza Strip after officials announced new rules. The Palestinian Islamist group Hamas, which


Watch Stakelbeck on Terror

CBN News 28 July 2010

On this week's edition of Stakelbeck on Terror, we dip into the archives to highlight some of our greatest hits from the past few months.

First, we sit down with a former Palestinian Muslim sniper who used to work for terror master Yasser Arafat-but now works for Jesus. See how Tass Saada put down his gun and learned to love his greatest enemy: Israel.


Religious tolerance has put a fatwa on our moral nerve

The Sunday Times 28 July 2010
By Minette Marrin

Religious freedom has turned out to be a mixed blessing. The idea was once an article of faith with me, irreligious though I am. But my faith is beginning to weaken. Religion has turned out to be


Palestinians boycotting Israel boycot Palestinians 28 July 2010
By Walid Shoebat

Admitting error is rare when Anti-Israel media writes in English, but perusing the Arabic yields treasures beyond your wildest imagination, even confessions on how screwed up this anti-Israel campaign is that is being perpetrated against Israel to boycott anything made by that state.


Does the Prime Minister understand the 'Real Islam'?

Spectator 28 July 2010
By Rod Liddle

The Prime Minister has decided that Turkey should be a member of the EU in order to form some sort of bridge with the rest of the Muslim world. He has also made the same mistake that the last


Hey, UK! How do you reconcile these two facts?

ScienceBlogs 28 July 2010
By PZ Myers

This is a rather horrifying article about young girls reading Harry Potter one moment, and then dragged off to get their clitorises chopped off. It's got these nasty little details like, if you pay


The limits of multi-culturalism

The Independent 28 July 2010
By Christina Patterson

When I first moved to Stamford Hill, I didn't realise that goyim were about as welcome in Hasidic Jewish shops as Martin Luther King at a Klu Klux Klan convention ...


Germany insists Turkey's EU process is open-ended

Germany wants Turkey anchored in Europe but the country's ultimate EU membership is not guaranteed, German Foreign Minister Guido Westerwelle said here Wednesday. "Turkey's direction is Europe...


Why the Left Hates Conservatives

National Review 28 July 2010
By Dennis Prager

Liberals don’t just hate conservatism as an ideology; they hate conservatives as individuals. Of all the recent revelations to come out of JournoList, an e-mail list consisting of about 400


Denmark: More on Muslim antisemitism

Islam in Europe 28 July 2010

This past weekend Jyllands-Posten published an article about Jew-hatred in the Muslim community in Denmark. In response (BT), Pia Kjærsgaard, head of the Danish People's Party, demands that this


Three reasons to limit burqas

Daily Gleaner  28 July 2010

As I wrote in The Daily Gleaner not that long ago, columnist Gwynne Dyer opposes Western values. So it's not surprising that he would attack those countries seeking to ban Islamist burqas ("Burqa


Video: Aghet - Ein Völkermord’s retrospective screening in Yerevan

Armenia Diaspora 28 July 2010

The National Gallery of Armenia will host screening of the best movies of the 7th International Golden Apricot Film Festival, which took place in Yerevan:

A film Aghet - Ein Völkermord (Genocide, a Tragedy) by German film-maker Eric Friedler will be screened Tuesday, told media producer and author of the program at the National Gallery, Melik Karapetian.


Police shoot out tyres of English Defence League member as seven are arrested over mosque 'bomb plot'

Daily Mail 28 July 2010
By Luke Salkeld

The quaint streets of Corfe Castle are rarely disturbed by anything louder than the click of a photographer taking shots of the famous ruins. But the small amount of traffic that passes through


Austria gets tough on asylum seekers abusing benefits

Deutsche Welle 28 July 2010

Austrian police have been tasked with tracking down asylum seekers accused of claiming benefits they’re not entitled to. The move has been criticized by human rights groups and contradicts government


Bus firm rejects Muslim women's London bus ride refusal

BBC 28 July 2010

A bus firm has rejected allegations one of its drivers refused two Muslim women from travelling onboard because one had her face covered by a veil. The students, from Slough, Berkshire, boarded a


Church Plans Quran Burning on Sept. 11th

WOKV 28 July 2010
By Rich Jones

A blunt statement against Islam from a church in Gainesville. The Dove World Outreach Center is planning a Quran burning ceremony on September 11th. The church is known for campaigns against


Taliban Spokesman Says 3,000 Fighters Ready for Attacks in India, Notes: 'For Us, Whether They are Hindus or Jews, They All are

The complimentary full text of this report is made available from the MEMRI Jihad and Terrorism Threat Monitor (JTTM).


Indonesian Islamic body issues gossip show ban

Earthtimes 28 July 2010

Jakarta - Indonesia's Islamic clerical body has issued an edict declaring that television gossip shows exposing celebrities' dirty laundry are forbidden, its leader said Wednesday. The decision


U.S. Congress Passes Historic SPEECH Act

U.S. Congress Passes Historic SPEECH Act to Protect Americans First Amendment Rights from Foreign Courts

President Obama Poised to Sign the SPEECH Act into Law

Dr. Rachel Ehrenfeld, Founder of the Movement Against Libel Tourism, Applauds House Leadership and Rep. Steve Cohen for Passing Bipartisan HR 2765 (as amended by the Leahy-Sessions SPEECH Act) New York, NY- July 27, 2010:


Video: ISI - The Secret Government of Pakistan

KitmanTV 27 July 2010

Mark Corcoran investigates Pakistan's feared Inter Services Intelligence Agency (ISI), a maker and breaker of governments. As the Americans and their allies venture further into the quagmire of Afghanistan, they are dependant on the ISI to be their "eyes and ears" on the ground. The only problem is the ISI was until September 11, the Taliban's closest ally - in fact the agency was instrumental in bringing the Taliban to power.


'They had knives, they jumped me' - London teacher tells of attack by gang

This is London 27 July 2010
By Felix Allen

A teacher who was almost killed in a gang knife attack near his east London school vowed today to be back in his classroom in September despite suffering horrific injuries. Gary Smith's face was


Prison governor apologises for non-halal food

BBC News 27 July 2010
By Ushma Mistry

A prison governor has apologised to Muslim inmates after they were served non-halal burgers. A number of Muslim inmates at HMP Ford, an open prison in West Sussex, are claiming they were served


Pandering to Muslims at Taxpayer Expense

Islamist Watch Blog 27 July 2010
By David J. Rusin

Western governments may be swimming in red ink, but there has been no slowdown in public resources being devoted to placating Muslims and conducting comical exercises in multicultural outreach. A few recent lowlights spanning three countries:


Video: Three Things About Islam

TheWhiteR0ses 27 July 2010

Three surprising things you probably didn't know about Islam. This subject WILL affect you in the near future, so take the chance to inform yourself now - before it does ...

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