Quran and Libel Tourism: The ongoing ”Jihad of Apologies”

Eticha 24 March 2010
By Hans Erling Jensen

A new chapter opens in the ongoing ”Jihad of Apologies”, where 94,000 descendants of Muhammad sue a series of Danish newspapers (who's next?) for having 'offended' their great idol and forefather Muhammad ibn 'Abd Allah al-Hashimi al-Qurashi (a Muslim prophet) by reprinting the Kurt Westergaard cartoon of their forefather with a bomb in the turban.


Fox Turns On Wilders

FrontPage Magazine 24 March 2010
By Rich Trzupek

If there is one major news outlet that would be expected to leap to the defense of free speech when that vital linchpin of liberty is under attack, one would expect that Fox News would be the one


Wilders pulls out, film premiere scrapped

DutchNews.nl 24 March 2010

Geert Wilders has pulled out of attending the premiere of an American film about his anti-islam campaign because of anti-gay comments made by one of the film's backers. Martin Mawyer, founder of


Holland is scared

Geertwilders.nl 24 March 2010
By Haaretz.com

Holland used to be all tulips and wooden clogs, windmills and bicycles, flatlands and dikes; quite idyllic, except for the drugs and red-light district, and children having to stick their fingers into those dikes to save the country from flooding.

Today, however, Holland is homosexuals who are afraid to go out for fear of being beaten up by Muslim gangs, women threatened in the street for not dressing modestly or not covering their heads, and Theo van Gogh, the filmmaker whose throat was cut by a Muslim fanatic.


Video: Threatening Dutch Values

vladtepesblogdotcom 24 March 2010

A very interesting melange of clips showing Islamic intolerance of Dutch values, freedoms, and journalistic traditions. The Dutch are now living in, or well on the way to, a sharia state.


Cartoon Taqiyya in The Press

Jawa Report 24 March 2010

Note the headline: Spain seeking 18-month jail terms for 2 over cartoons deemed as praising terrorism. Kinda gives you the impression that the cartoons are the main issue here. As if just a


Spain tries 2 over 'praising terrorism' Web cartoons

China Post  24 March 2010

MADRID - Spanish prosecutors are seeking 18-month jail terms for a Spanish cartoonist and a Moroccan colleague charged with praising Islamic terrorism in writings, drawings and videos posted on the


Main Muslim organization to boycott German gov't talks

TwoCircles.net 24 March 2010

Berlin - One of Germany's four major Islamic organizations announced it would boycott talks with the German government this week because another Islamic group has been barred from


Genoa Vehemently Rejects Mosque Construction

Technorati 24 March 2010
By Ariel Pilotto

Italians have never been racist people, probably due to their strong Christian roots. The religion says that men are all created equal, but nonetheless nowadays it seems that Italians have forgotten


France probes fake passports used in Hamas commander's killing

Channel News Asia 24 March 2010

PARIS - France has opened an investigation after four fake French passports were used by suspects involved in the killing of a Hamas commander in Dubai, the Paris prosecutor said Tuesday. Dubai


Democracy and Universalism

Brussels Journal 24 March 2010
By Fjordman

Authors James E. McClellan and Harold Dorn in their book Science and Technology in World History claim that Newtonian philosophy was a major force behind the European Enlightenment which followed it.

"Ironically, with his mystical speculations largely hidden until the twentieth century, Newton may be fairly said to be a founding father of the Enlightenment, that campaign of reason against superstition and irrationality that arose in France and then spread across eighteenth-century Europe and America.”


IHEU Statement on "Restrictions on and defamation of religion"

International Humanist and Ethical Union 24 March 2010

Speaking at the United Nations today, 23 March 2010, IHEU representative Roy Brown called on the UN Human Rights Council to "reject the resolution 'combating defamation of religions' as both unjustifiable and unnecessary".

He also highlighted a new report showing that many of the countries who are most vocal in calling for restrictions on the "defamation of religion" actually have some of the highest levels of restrictions on freedom of religion. The resolution "combating defamation of religions" is scheduled to be voted on this Friday, 26 March 2010.


MP investigated by police after criticising Muslim veils in Parliament

Mirror.co.uk  24 March 2010
By Martin Beckford

Philip Hollobone had described the face coverings worn by some devout Muslim women as the "religious equivalent of going around with a paper bag over your head with two holes for the eyes”. He


The Enslavement Of The Sharia: A Speech At The English Defence League Demonstration In Bolton on 20 March 2010

The International Civil Liberties Alliance 24 March 2010
Written by Kinana & delivered by a member of the EDL to the rally in Bolton on Sat. 20 Mar. 2010

English Defence League Bolton Speech 20 March 2010

Our fight is with those Muslims, and their allies, who would harm our society and exchange our current freedoms of democracy and liberties for the enslavement of the Sharia.

Our allies in this fight are all those who cherish freedom of speech, democracy, the right of assembly and the right to protest and bring grievances to the government of the day.


Chaplains can help fight against Muslim extremism, says Shahid Malik

Mirror.co.uk  24 March 2010
By Martin Beckford

Shahid Malik, a junior communities minister, said staff who provide spiritual care can help guide those who have a "distorted view of religion or society”. It comes amid growing concern about the


Terrorists get £70m of taxpayers' money to spend on lawyers

Mirror.co.uk  24 March 2010
By Jon Clements

Terrorists have received at least £70million of taxpayers' money to spend on lawyers, a Mirror investigation has found. Suicide bombers, hate preachers and al-Qaeda fanatics claimed the money in


Counter-terror officials name the 20 most influential Islamic blogs

spectator.co.uk 24 March 2010
By Heidi Blake

The list, compiled by the Government’s counter-terrorism communications unit, appears in a report on the scale and influence of Islamic bloggers in Britain. The tracking exercise found that a


Hamas hails British expulsion of Israeli diplomat

Times LIVE  24 March 2010

"We in Hamas welcome the British position and the decision to expel the Mossad official in the Zionist embassy for his role in the criminal assassination," senior Hamas leader Salah al-Bardawil said


OIC depigination

vladtepesblogdotcom 24 March 2010

The OIC posts a cartoon of Mohamed as a pig on its report of 'Islamaphobia' then removes it when it is pointed out that they tend to burn down buildings and murder people when others pubish similar images.

Here is an explanation of why. I suggest getting the original OIC PDF from here, and reading the whole Gates of Vienna explanation here


Platform supports Turkish minister who called homosexuality a 'disease'

Today.Az 24 March 2010

Representatives of A Call to Life Platform sent a support letter to Turkish State Minister Selma Aliye Kavaf, who reportedly defined homosexuality as a "sickness,” on Monday. Asiye Dilipak, a


Two convicted for carrying banner in Turkey

Two persons have been sentenced to long terms of imprisonment – 10 months and six years respectively — for carrying banners in support of Abdullah Öcalan, the leader of Kurdistan Workers’


Chaos breaks out in Turkish courtroom during Ergenekon trial

Hurriyet Daily News 24 March 2010

The 139th hearing of the first Ergenekon case saw a tense start on Tuesday as Alparslan Arslan, who previously confessed to attacking the Council of State and daily Cumhuriyet, interrupted another


Turkey promises "OIC support" to Philippines

Worldbulletin.net 24 March 2010

Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu said on Tuesday that Turkey continued to support efforts to establish peace in the Philippines. Davutoglu told a joint press conference with Filipino


Turkish couples could face jail time for using sperm bank

Sofia Echo  24 March 2010

Couples in Turkey unable to conceive naturally face possible jail if they go abroad for artificial insemination treatment. That's according to a new regulation introduced by the country's ministry


Strains Emerging on "Defamation of Religion” Ahead of Important Vote

UN Watch 24 March 2010

Ahead of two important votes later this week, the Ad Hoc Committee met to discuss the resolution tabled by Nigeria on the "Elaboration of Complementary Standards to the International Convention

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