What Muslim Scientific Achievements?

HUMAN EVENTS 15 July 2010
By Andrea Billups

One headline writer in Washington proclaimed the notion "Lost in Space.” That’s how many reacted to NASA Administrator Charles Bolden’s comments that he’s been directed by President Obama to reach


Blonde meets sharia law: when the tourist becomes the attraction

Despite covering up, Courtney Trenwith finds herself the centre of attention in Indonesia's only province that applies sharia law. An hour after arriving in the capital of Indonesia's only


Anti-Semitic Alliance: The Shared Extremism of Neo-Nazis and Migrant Youth

Spiegel Online 15 July 2010
By Sven Röbel

Following an anti-Semitic attack in Hanover, German authorities have identified a new source of anti-Semitic hatred in Germany: young migrants from Muslim families. The ideological alliance has


Honor Killings Awareness Campaign

Right Side News 15 July 2010
By Jamie Glazov

Frontpage Interview's guest today is Pamela Geller, founder, editor and publisher of the popular and award-winning weblog AtlasShrugs.com. She has won acclaim for her interviews with


Woman accused of stabbing MP refuses to recognise court

Telegraph.co.uk 15 July 2010
By Duncan Gardham

Roshonara Choudhry, 21, is charged with attempted murder after allegedly stabbing Stephen Timms twice in the stomach. Miss Choudhry is also charged with two counts of possessing offensive weapons,


Palestinian Arab leaders reject Obama's call for talks. World media silent.

the elder of ziyon 15 July 2010

In another slap to the face of the Obama administration, two additional major Palestinian leaders have forcefully said that they will not enter into direct negotiations with


Calls grow for burka ban in Britain as French outlaw Islamic 'walking coffins'

Mail Online 15 July 2010
By Peter Allen

Britain faced growing calls to ban the burka today after French MPs voted overwhelmingly to outlaw full-face veils in public. Politicians in France united yesterday to ban Islamic veils that cover


EU backs Turkish constitutional reforms, seeks to strengthen cooperation

Deutsche Welle 15 July 2010

EU foreign affairs chief Catherine Ashton held talks in Istanbul on the country's stalled membership bid and Turkey's growing regional diplomatic role. The visit is seen as a first step in a new


Terrorizing Muslim Women

FrontPage Magazine 14 July 2010
By Nonie Darwish

There is an article floating all over the Internet, "Joys of Muslim Women,” which discusses the horrific truth about how Islam legally treats women. The article claims to have been written by me, but


Germany's Anonymous Mosque Watchers

Spiegel Online 14 July 2010
By Hauke Goos

Reinhard Werner doesn't trust Islam. The 70-year-old German is part of a group which keeps tabs on mosques across Germany, monitoring them for what he calls an "intolerant Islam of terror." Over the


The Taliban War on Women Continues

The Wall Street Journal 14 July 2010

Beware Taliban revisionism. You're going to hear much more of it in the coming months as policy makers from Kabul to Washington seeking to reintegrate Taliban fighters try to explain why the enemy


The Path to Modernity

Gates of Vienna 14 July 2010
By Srdja Trifkovic

The following book review by Srdja Trifkovic, which appeared originally in the print edition of Chronicles, is republished here with the author’s kind permission:


Most Brits says burqa ban is not anti-Muslim

Sify  14 July 2010

A majority of people in Britain have welcomed the French decision to ban the wearing of the burqa in public, and said it is not an anti-Muslim act. The Daily Star quoted teaching assistant Diana


Rwandan Yussuf Munyakazi Sentenced to 25 Years for Genocide

Bloomberg 14 July 2010
By Sarah McGregor

The tribunal prosecuting suspects in Rwanda’s 1994 genocide sentenced a former Rwandan businessman to 25 years in jail after ruling he was directly responsible for the deaths of more than 5,000


Ministers dismantle £60m programme to prevent violent extremism

The Guardian  14 July 2010
By Alan Travis

Credibility of project damaged by widespread belief in Muslim communities that it was used to gather intelligence. Theresa May Theresa May, the home secretary, has outlined an 'urgent' review of


Man charged after attacks in Slough

Maidenhead Advertiser 14 July 2010
By Laura Enfield

A 22-year-old man has been charged after a series of attacks on a woman and three schoolgirls. Mushtaq Javed from Slough has been charged with grievous bodily harm and three counts of false


Renegade Afghan soldier kills Gurkhas

ABC News 14 July 2010

A renegade Afghan soldier killed three British army Gurkha soldiers during a joint patrol on Tuesday in southern Helmand province, officials said. The man responsible for killing the troops was


Limited justice for women Sharia judges

Sydney Morning Herald 14 July 2010

Malaysia's two newly-appointed women Sharia judges will not be allowed to rule on criminal or divorce cases, a top official says, while denying the religious courts are biased. The government


Farrakhan Tells Jews He Wants Reparations

NewsMax.com 14 July 2010
By Jim Meyers

Nation of Islam head Louis Farrakhan has sent a three-page letter to the heads of 16 Jewish organizations seeking reparations from Jews in what a National Review writer terms "an unsubtle attempt at


Islamophobia: Is the rejection of radical Islam "anti-Muslim"?

Forbes 13 July 2010
By Abigail R. Esman

Recently the producer of a radio program dedicated to hosting authors declined to feature my latest book, Radical State, on her show. Without reading more than a couple of random pages, she


Self-Censorship: Et Tu, Penn Jillette?

Islamist Watch Blog 13 July 2010
By David J. Rusin

The path to self-censorship now runs through Las Vegas. Last month, a magazine named Penn Jillette — half of Penn and Teller, the duo known for their hybrid magic-comedy act and their sacred-cow-goring


AJC Applauds German Ban on Pro-Hamas Organization

PR-CANADA.net 13 July 2010

AJC applauded the decision of the German Interior Minister, Thomas de Maiziere, to ban the Frankfurt-based International Humanitarian Aid Organization (IHH) because of its financial support for the


Germany bans IHH for Hamas links

The Jerusalem Post 13 July 2010

BERLIN – Germany has banned the Frankfurt-based Foundation for Human Rights and Freedoms and Humanitarian Relief (IHH) because it "fights against Israel’s right to exist.” "Organizations that


Armand de Decker: EU is disappointed with Turkey

PanARMENIAN.Net 13 July 2010

Belgian Senate President Armand de Decker said that setting of preconditions for the Armenian-Turkish normalization by Ankara has caused great disappointment of the European Union. During a


Rich Muslim vows to pay all French burka fines

First Post 13 July 2010
By Gavin Mortimer

Flamboyant Rachid Nekkaz pledges €1m to pay fines of French Muslim women caught wearing the full veil. On the eve of tomorrow's Bastille Day celebrations, there is more revolution

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