A Muslim Leader Reflects On The Holocaust After Visiting Auschwitz

The Huffington Post 28 January 2014
By Rabbi Jack Bemporad and Marshall J. Breger

Muhamed Jusic was quiet throughout much of our journey and we only learned afterwards why. He had his own story to tell. From the Kenyan mall massacre


Sarajevo, the disputed cross 27 January 2014
By Rodolfo Toe

On the Zlatište hills above Sarajevo, from where citizens were bombed on a daily basis by the Bosnian Serb Army during the war of the nineties, a 26-meter high cross should


Europe loses population faster than Russia 27 January 2014

Post-communist countries within the EU are losing population faster than Russia, Mark Adomanis, a Forbes blogger argued in his article. American economist Lyndon LaRouche


Gothenburg police nab Balkan gun shipment

The Local 24 January 2014

Prosecutors are set to charge four people with ties to the illegal import of weapons, believed to hail from the Balkans, following a raid on a delivery van in Gothenburg


Balkan countries create deterrent for citizens fighting in Syria 23 January 2014
By Miki Trajkovski

Serbia, Macedonia and Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) are creating a legal framework to sanction citizens that participate in foreign wars, such as the one in Syria, intending to


Serb officials' Kosovo war crimes sentences shortened on appeal 23 January 2014
By Thomas Escritt

AMSTERDAM - Appeals judges have shortened the sentences of three former Serbian officials jailed for war crimes committed during the Kosovo conflict, overturning


Kosovo Political Leaders Challenge Islamists

The Weekly Standard 23 January 2014

The young state of Kosovo—with an Albanian majority of more than 90 percent, of whom 80 percent are Muslim—declared its independence in 2008, but now faces a "risk from


Bulgaria District Court to hold sitting on radical Islam trial

FOCUS 17 January 2014

Pazardzhik. Bulgaria District Court in the town of Pazardzhik is to hold a new sitting on the radical Islam trial at 9.30 a.m. It is expected the court will hear testimony


43 years in prison for the murder of 16 Serbs in Kotor Varos?

InSerbia News 15 January 2014

SARAJEVO – The Court of Bosnia-Herzegovina (BiH) sentenced to 43 years in prison four people accused of a war crime which claimed the lives of 16 Serb civilians in the area of


Tougher laws for recruiting to extremist Islamic group

B92 13 January 2014

BELGRADE -- Draft amendments to the Criminal Code envisage five years in prison for recruiting "adolescents" for military campaigns of the extremist Wahhabi movement. Those


Serb Republic marks 22 years since it was founded

B92 10 January 2014

He called on Serbs in Bosnia-Herzegovina "to remain faithful to God and their religion." Following a liturgy he served to mark RS Day and Feast of St. Stephen (Stefan), its


Prayers for Erdogan to Be Held across Bosnia 6 January 2014

Prayers in support of embattled Turkish PM Recep Tayyip Erdogan are planned for Friday across Bosnia and Herzegovina, according to the Anatolian Agency. According to the


The European crusade against Christianity

The Voice of Russia 16 December 2013
By Milena Faustova

The Christian civilization is in great danger. Today about 100 million followers of the teachings of Jesus Christ are being persecuted. People are suffering or sometimes even


No Al Waqf Al Islami donations in Bulgaria: Grand Mufti

FOCUS 16 December 2013

District Court in the Bulgarian town of Pazardzhik heard one of the witnesses and a conclusion of an expert’s analyses in connection with the trial on radical Islam in


Bulgaria District Court to hold new sitting on radical Islam trial in January

FOCUS 16 December 2013

Pazardzhik District Court will hold a new sitting on radical Islam trial in, Radio FOCUS - Pazardzhik informed. The court took into consideration today written evidence in the



Free Speech Europe EN 16 December 2013

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Turkish PM says territories of Balkan countries belong to Turkey

Focus News 13 December 2013

Skopje. Greece rose to its feet as it reacted to comments made by Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan that the Turkish territory included the Greek part of Thrace,


Minister reacts to threats from Wahhabis

B92 13 December 2013

BELGRADE -- Minister of Trade Rasim Ljajiæ has reacted to the threats voiced by a Novi Pazar-based member of the Islamic Wahhabi movement, Mirza Ganiæ. Ljajiæ told the


Islamic fundamentalism is widely spread

WZB 12 December 2013

WZB study shows significantly high numbers amongst Europe’s Muslims. Religious fundamentalism is not a marginal phenomenon in Western Europe.

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